Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: State Expert Witness 3 View Search Services Heading To Haiti

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Tot Mom | Saturday 23 January 2010 11:45 pm

3View Search Services Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with  World Peace One and Arts For Humanity Global at the 2010 Sun Dance Film Festival to aid humanitarian relief and search and recovery efforts in Haiti.

The breakthrough technology in aerial imaging developed by 3View founder Sean Henaday is critical for both human recovery and rebuilding initiatives in the devestated region.

Sean Henady, President and founder of 3View Search Services and co-founder and Vice President Mandy Albritton will be keynote speakers this evening at the Sun Dance Film Festival.


By invitation, they will also be meeting with ancillary organizations to create further alliances that will progress search efforts in Haiti.

These partnerships are structured to facilitate prompt responses for future humanitarian search efforts globally as well; when ever and where ever such services are needed.

3View Search Services is a non-profit 501C3 organization that offers industry-leading, remote aerial monitoring and surveying for the commercial, industrial and agricultural industries.

The tools and processes developed will provide a significant advantage to Law Enforcement in their recovery efforts with missing persons cases.

Most recently, 3View was tapped for aerial imagery analysis to locate Caylee Marie Anthony, missing 34 month old Orlando toddler. Sean Henady has been named as a witness for the State in the prosecution of her mother, Casey Anthony, for her murder.

The core units of 3VSS develop and deploy radio-controlled mini-helicopters and drones that carry a variety of sensors and high resolution imagery equipment.

These UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) feature onboard computers complete with stabilization and realtime image monitoring.

As stated by Sean Henady, President of 3View Search Services:

 ”With the remote-controlled equipment, you can cover so much territory in a little time and at a fraction of the cost of using a full-size plane or helicopter.

And it’s not like we’re just flying over an area, hoping to see something.

We’re capturing high-quality images that we can review from the ground and then study more in-depth later.”

The strategic alliances with such groups like World Peace One, Art for Humanity and others will greatly advance the response capabilities and expand the scope of searches for missing persons both domestically and internationally.

3View expects to deploy it’s assets to the Haitian relief and recovery efforts within the next week.

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  1. [...] recently, 3View was tapped for aerial imagery in efforts to locate Caylee Marie Anthony, missing 34 month old Orlando toddler. Sean Henady has been named as a witness for the State in the [...]

  2. suz says:

    Cool’ but what happened with the Christine Sheddy search? Did 3 View ever do it?

    Up until recently, they did not receive cooperation from LE. 3 View By-laws do not allow self-deployment.

    We expect 3View to collaborate with the MSP on Christine’s case in anyway they can asisst going forward.

  3. suz says:

    Shoot. Thanks for the update, even if it’s sad news.

  4. evrli says:

    My apologies blink…i LOVE your site here, but, i cannot stay on long because of the “blinking” ads, can you do anything about this? thank you~

  5. NGfromBoston says:

    Blink—Realize you may still be away on assignment—can you verify that the Hearing for Casey’s Fraud charges is still set to take place on Mon. 1/25?—Thanks

    Best of Luck to 3View and their current venture w/World Peace One & Arts 4 Humanity Global

    I can confirm there are 2 court dates, Monday and Tuesday. I cannot confirm the content of Monday.

  6. chitown Lady says:

    so much for casey/s lawyers screaming about “JUNK SCIENCE”

  7. chitown Lady says:

    so much for casey/s lawyers screaming about “JUNK SCIENCE”

  8. NGfromBoston says:

    #5- The outcome of this really is going to be huge in what it means for the Murder Trial as you have pointed out. Excellent and many Thanks, B. Can wait to read your next Furinstances on the 27th.


  9. Phyllis says:

    I love your site also, but the blinking lights are driving me crazy.

    Thank you.

    Guys, set your filters for a few more weeks please.

  10. martha says:

    Good job Mr Henady, it is wonderful to see people helping out in Haiti. Also, it is a shame that the Anthony family didnt and havent given their time. engery, expertise, and technology to help in bringing justice to Caylee. It is left to all the “strangers” that care about her finally resting in peace.

  11. Mom3.0 says:

    This is good to hear Blink. I hope they will be able to help. Such a tragedy. So many victims.

    I feel so bad for Christine Sheddy’s family. I hope 3view will be able to help in the future with her case. Her family and children deserve to have some peace.

  12. PAMELA says:

    can anyone see the trial today, I can’t get video on any channel

  13. Mom3.0 says:

    Pamela, you accidentally posted on the wrong thread. I can not get the CaseyAnthony trial either. You can watch it later on youtube. Here is the link to the new Casey thread with comments.

  14. christines mom says:

    I am excited about 3 view. They are still on board with helping us recover Christines remains. 3 view, along with Blink and her team, have never left us. I appreciate all that they have done for us and look forward to the next chapter in our fight for Christine. This is the team that I believe in. Thanks Blink and company!! To all the well wishers, thanks for your continued support.

    Imo, by the time we bring Christine home, her case will be the hope for families of the missing everywhere.
    You are force- woman.

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