Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Plea Sans Adjudication In Court Today

Orlando, FL– By this afternoon, we could see Casey Marie Anthony convicted of up to 13 felony counts in the fraud trial scheduled for today at 1:30PM EST. Live Link


Over the last week, the legal wranglings, sentencing hypotheticals and LexisNexis databases where burning up the skype accounts of all the legal analysts in Or Lawn Do. I experienced it first-hand as I was in town last week:It was palpable.

According to sources speaking on the condition of anonymity to, the plea negotiations between the State and Jose Baez, defense counsel for Casey Anthony in this matter, broke down over the amount of felonies she would agree to plead to, and the matter of adjudication.  WFTV analyst Bill Schaeffer does a nice job discussing the importance from a legal perspective, here.

The afternoon face off between Linda Drane Burdick, Jeff Ashton and the defense team for Casey Anthony is expected to seek Judge Stan Strickland’s ruling on her sentencing and the issue of withholding adjudication which is the anticipated position of her defense.

Simply stated, there is no basis given the known facts of the case to argue that Casey’s actions constituted a necessity, agreement from the wronged party or victim, or any as yet unknown to us allegations such as needing cash for the nanny or kidnapping ransom.

While the defense does have a strong argument to be made that Ms. Anthony is a first time offender and Judge Strickland has already indicated that he will treat her accordingly, I have a suggestion for the State.


I submit aquiring tacky white sunglasses through fraudulent, felonies means, using said stolen property to perpetuate further fraudulent activity, followed by wearing them to your attorney’s office after you have been arrested for same, constitutes a spree.  Adjudicate at will.

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  1. Sosad says:

    All the news outlets are reporting that there will be 2 or 3 more discs of discovery released tomorrow. No comment on what they contain.

  2. Paladin says:

    New Documents to be released in the Casey Anthony Case Tuesday.

    More evidence in the murder case against Casey Anthony will be made public on Tuesday morning.

    The State Attorney’s Office put media outlets on alert today that it will make available three CDs or DVDs of evidence in the case.,0,6246696.story

  3. KameronJ says:

    ChicagoJudy says:
    February 12, 2010 at 4:28 pm
    I’ve been listening to some old audio tapes of Casey’s interviews. Just noticed that when she says “Zenaida”,she does not pronounce the D as an American would, like hard D. She pronounces it as if she’s Hispanic — with her tongue between her teeth. I know it doesn’t mean anything, but just found it interesting that she pronounces Zenaida with somewhat of a Spanish accent.


    ChicagoJudy – yes, we had noticed that also the moment we heard the interview. It has always struck me odd that an American girl, such as Casey, would use an ethnic pronouciation to the name.

    To me it just seemed that it was more footprints in the pudding.

    She (casey) gave just way too much information when trying to tell her “story”. Maybe she thought that if she gave Zenaida’s name with a spanish flare it would add credence to her story, make her more believeable.

    but all it did was make it so that no one would believe her – especially if she wanted her people to back up the notion that they had heard the name before. None of her people (Cindy, George, Lee) ever said they heard the name before….and when Cindy tried to lie and say she did … she surely would have remembered Casey saying the name with the spanish flare.

    That is to say that if the name as Casey told the interviewers was correct…then she would have always pronounced it that way – so that even her people would have heard her say it that way. But no one ever heard the “Americanized” version or the spanish version of the name.

  4. Kleat says:

    Chica, one thought, how about Brad Conway, he’s already part of the joint defense, and that means his efforts for G and C can’t exactly be in conflict of interest for him joining the joint defense with the ‘dream’ defense. He already has substantial knowledge of the case, (well, except for the points of forensic materials like the number of pieces of duct tape, and the ‘hair’ episode). Who is to say he can’t cross the forensics experts? Especially if this never goes to trial.

    Baez has opened his kimono to further reveal that Kronk’s ex’s purpose is to impeach Kronk, not accuse him directly. This defense will all be about the forensics, and Kronk is the one whose fault that is, because he didn’t give up and returned to find the dump site, and he gives an August date for the body– that goes to forensics that follows. If Kronk can be discredited for his August sighting, then that is HUGE towards pushing the deposition of the body forward to the ultimate goal of reasonable doubt that the body was there before Casey went to Jail for the last time.

    Say– it seems that media has dropped the ‘Skype’ word re: Jill K’s oath-full deposition. It appears that the prosecution may travel to Tennessee– that makes so much more sense. How would they even know who was in the room, what cue cards were taped to the walls in front of her, and ultimately, how can they evaluate JK’s ability to be deposed. (she is ill and on some powerful treatments apparently)

  5. Steadychick says:

    I think the reason for the hispanic pronunciation is as simple as the fact she was raised, went to school and associated with hispanics. When we lived in southern California we had a hispanic girl watch our kids occasionally, and she used to get a real kick out of the fact that my 7 yo son rolled his r’s. It was natural for him to do this because he heard it all the time at school, at the grocery story, at the playground, etc. There were a lot of hispanics there, and there are many in Florida also.

  6. chica says:

    I noticed the way andrea lyons was glaring at baez last court hearing. She looked like she was disgusted and embarassed to be there with him. I am sure she is the one that does most of the legalities on the case. dont think he has been thri lawyers need to act like they got brains 101 yet

  7. chica says:

    I loved the word murderized hahaha too funny she sure know the woman is a brain ! I am sure she is tired of his inept fumblings. I sure would like to know why heraldo is befriending him. Didnt he in the begining hallenge baez to answer questions.

    kleat whats your take of this friendship.

  8. chica says:

    Intractable human problems produce damaged people who then do violence to others,” Lyon says. “Somehow their actions must be addressed, and yet so often we fall short of doing so in a fair and compassionate way.”


  9. chica says:

    omg tell me its not true I just read that baez was hired by fox to be a legal commentator. what the hell is up.

  10. Leslee S. says:

    Kleat, the forensics will clear up any dispute on how long the body had been there, in my opinion. Also, it is my understanding that if they took Jill’s depo by skype, one of the prosecutors would travel & be present.

  11. Leslee S. says:

    Chica, didn’t Blink hint that Geraldo’s name would come up again in this case? I wonder if ole Geraldo has financed any of this defense.

  12. Leslee S. says:

    chica, where did you read that about Baez hired by Fox? Oh my, he complains now about not having enough time! LOL

  13. Kleat says:

    Leslee S., good point on Skype as an addition to personal questioning. Yes, the forensics will clear up a dispute of how long the body had been there, but the defense K-B, and her forensic specialist husband, will have figured ‘in theory’ how to raise reasonable doubt. They seem to be going after the labs, possible past problems in their procedures, personel, etc, to lay a foundation of doubt with whatever they can raise about poor techniques or practices.

  14. Kleat says:

    10% is the estimate that Jeff Ashton gave the court as to the total discovery yet undisclosed to the defense. I can’t remember the number of pages of discovery released so far, but does 10,000 pages sound about right, maybe a few hundred too low? That would mean, apples to apples, that there would be 1000+ printed pages to come. So will be interesting to see how much of that would/could be covered by the new 3 disks will contain of the remainder. Of course, there’s the ‘new’ information since that 10% number thrown out there. The final FBI latent (not lifts though) information be included? (my guess NOT)

  15. chica says:

    I read it at the scared monkeys forum. Seems that he was on the geraldo show talking about it.

  16. chica says:

    Rumor is that he is financing but it cant be confirmed. I think blink was right about gerlados name popping up again. It seems that he and baez are good buddies.

  17. chica says:

    I am glad that the prosecution decided not to do the skype thing. In person they can see her reactions and kinda put the fear of god in her lying arse*.

  18. chica says:

    Book review: Two volumnes on death row, by lawyers

    By STEVE WEINBERG / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News
    Steve Weinberg is a journalist who writes frequently about the criminal justice system. His blog, “In Justice,” can be found at

    Like all lawyers who represent clients who might be executed by the state, Andrea D. Lyon lives with job-related anxiety every day. Losing means more than a ruined life for a client; it might mean death.

    According to her memoir, Angel of Death Row, she has saved all 19 of her death row clients from being executed.

    Lyon has spent most of her career as a lawyer in Chicago, a locale historically prone to execute inmates, some of whom might have been innocent of the crime they had been charged with committing. Her passion for her clients as human beings (rather than mere death row inmates identified by prison number) This from the same woman who when the SA dared mentioned duct tape bound, murdered 2yr old Caylee, angrily and disgustedly replied, “Oh for G-d’s sake!”! and against state executions comes through clearly in every chapter. Where was her compassion, fairness, humanity, or sense of justice? Apparently, it only extends one way. Of course, her courtroom strategy is to “humanize” her clients and ignore the victim(s). She relies on being able to emotionally “sell” her client to juror, which is why she reacted so vehemently when Linda Drane Burke “humanized” Caylee. Linda correctly read Lyons hand raised the ante.

    “Intractable human problems produce damaged people who then do violence to others,” Lyon says. “Somehow their actions must be addressed, and yet so often we fall short of doing so in a fair and compassionate way.” Oh, I get it now, Silly Justice system, being concerned with fairness and compassion for victims and their loved ones. It’s Andrea Lyons’ winning streak that we need to protect. She’s so concerned about being fair and compassionate to death penalty clients that she was willing to sacrifice the truth and knowingly let an innocent man spend years in jail on death row. After all, we all know it’s far more important to bear false witness by omission, than to speak the truth even if it means breaking attorney client confidentiality. Breaking confidentiality would end her career, after all. Apparently perpetuating a lie and destroying someone’s life doesn’t bother her as much as losing her law license. How sad. I think if I were the man in question, I’d sue Ms. Lyons and the other sorry excuses for lawyers for lying under oath/defamation of character/slander/monetary compensation for x-number of years lost revenue/etc.) because it’s well documented they knowingly withheld evidence of his innocence. All MOO


  19. chica says:

    not trying to plagerism here
    I posted and than realized that the original poster had added some comments to this post. So I hope she sees it and doesnt get offended but rather feels flattered that I felt it was interesting enough to post. Not trying to take credit for something I didnt do. :)

  20. ellejay says:

    44.chica says:
    February 15, 2010 at 3:03 pm
    good point who would replace malacusso and who in hell would want to work with baez with all his ineptness.

    ..i think a lot of attorneys would be vying for the position.
    (and NOT for the ‘pleasure’ of working alongside baez.)

    ..but —-prior to this case, who had ever HEARD of baez ? lyon ? macaluso?

  21. Greg the Mongoose says:

    Hi Blink,
    Todd Macaluso is gone. “The Madoff of Law” is getting off easy in California.
    A short suspension of his license?

  22. Greg the Mongoose says:

    PS, In the past I have seen Air MAC he lives near me. I have dealt with his associate. A mad dog who walks on both sides of the line.

  23. chica says:

    39 images (photos) released today in photobucket…………

  24. chica says:

    By Amy L. Edwards and Anika Myers Palm, Orlando Sentinel

    8:54 a.m. EST, February 16, 2010


    A person can die if too much of the chemical is inhaled. Chloroform also is the byproduct of the contact between chorine used in swimming pools and skin, sweat or urine. Commercially, it is used in refrigeration.

  25. chica says:

    hack on the zenaida Myspace – UPDATE!
    Posted on February 16th, 2010 by by Valhall

  26. chica says:

    Disciplinary and Related Actions
    4/26/2010—Ordered inactive—-Case #06-O-14552

    1/23/2009—Notice of Disc Charges Filed in SBCt—-Case #06-O-14552

    PDF: Initiating Document-Filed 1/23/09 Pgs 1-10

    PDF: Response- Filed 2/13/09 Pgs 1-9

    Copies of additional related documents in a case are available upon request.…13469&id=23365

    Information Found Here:….aspx?x=133009

  27. Sally says:

    Blink…do yo think the defense team is out of money? Now Martie Mackensie has resigned, too…interesting timing. Also, do you think the prosecution will tie the syringe to Casey?

  28. Paladin says:

    chica says:
    February 16, 2010 at 11:17 am

    By Amy L. Edwards and Anika Myers Palm, Orlando Sentinel

    8:54 a.m. EST, February 16, 2010


    A person can die if too much of the chemical is inhaled. Chloroform also is the byproduct of the contact between chorine used in swimming pools and skin, sweat or urine. Commercially, it is used in refrigeration.

    While the inhalation of Chloroform can be fatal, the rest of this comment is categorically false. Swimming pool chlorine and sweat or urine will NOT form chlorine when in contact with skin. Chloroform is a gas that is emitted during a stage of decomposition.

    Chlorine is no longer used in Commercial Refrigeration as Chlorofluorocarbons were banned by the Montreal Protocol in 1989 and were phased out in the ensuing 10 years. Non ozone depleting refrigerants have been developed and are now mandated. Chloroform in its pure form is now primarily used in some commercial cleaning products and is highly regulated.

  29. Paladin says:

    Edited my last comment to read,

    Swimming pool chlorine and sweat or urine will NOT form chloroform when in contact with skin.

  30. Lizanyx says:

    Who is A. Jay Fowinkle? He picked up documets RE the Morgan civil suit.

  31. chica says:

    there you have it! Glad someone challenged that post that I found . Thanks two heads are better than one. :)

  32. Ragdoll says:

    #25 chica

    ‘I smell a conspiraseh.’ <—- BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA

    Well, I guess Casey is innocent after all (not).

    I needed a laugh. I REALLY REALLY did.

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