Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Plea Sans Adjudication In Court Today

Orlando, FL– By this afternoon, we could see Casey Marie Anthony convicted of up to 13 felony counts in the fraud trial scheduled for today at 1:30PM EST. Live Link


Over the last week, the legal wranglings, sentencing hypotheticals and LexisNexis databases where burning up the skype accounts of all the legal analysts in Or Lawn Do. I experienced it first-hand as I was in town last week:It was palpable.

According to sources speaking on the condition of anonymity to, the plea negotiations between the State and Jose Baez, defense counsel for Casey Anthony in this matter, broke down over the amount of felonies she would agree to plead to, and the matter of adjudication.  WFTV analyst Bill Schaeffer does a nice job discussing the importance from a legal perspective, here.

The afternoon face off between Linda Drane Burdick, Jeff Ashton and the defense team for Casey Anthony is expected to seek Judge Stan Strickland’s ruling on her sentencing and the issue of withholding adjudication which is the anticipated position of her defense.

Simply stated, there is no basis given the known facts of the case to argue that Casey’s actions constituted a necessity, agreement from the wronged party or victim, or any as yet unknown to us allegations such as needing cash for the nanny or kidnapping ransom.

While the defense does have a strong argument to be made that Ms. Anthony is a first time offender and Judge Strickland has already indicated that he will treat her accordingly, I have a suggestion for the State.


I submit aquiring tacky white sunglasses through fraudulent, felonies means, using said stolen property to perpetuate further fraudulent activity, followed by wearing them to your attorney’s office after you have been arrested for same, constitutes a spree.  Adjudicate at will.

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  1. Leslee S. says:

    Thank you so much, monkalicious, for your post to clear that subject up. I have to say, though, I’m a little disappointed…, very disappointed. But hey, maybe you are psychic!! LOL

  2. chica says:

    I agree let this be a lesson for us vulnerable gullable for tidbits of info to not buy into everything we hear but take it with a grain of salt. I have learned a valuable lesson! thanks Monalicious I will never never carry anything from a forum or any other place it doesnt contain a link with proof proof.
    westside your comment makes alot of sense the LE wouldnt allow anything to leak for fear of someone posting it falsely.

  3. chica says:

    now he is crying wahwahwah!! like I said he is still green behind the ears. Instead of taking constructive crticism he continues to think he knows it all. You cant compare a few years with many years in practice by others. to accuse the state of wanting to be seen by the cameras is terrible on his behalf !they (state) are there to do a job)but but geez he has continued to insult everyone like his cohert cindy. I take note that the state carry themselves with more proffesionalism why? because they have been doing this job alot longer and have the expertise and years of experience. He is starting off to a very bad start. In doing so he has lost the respect of other attorneys whom I am quite sure laugh at his antics. Its like this man is obcessed with filing motions and to top it off those motions are done sloppy. in short HE IS MAKING A FOOL OF HIMSELF.

  4. chica says:

    I would like to add that my comment about someone posting that they had info was not meant to hurt anyone feelings or insult anyone of you . I merely am saying lets be sure we know what we are posting to be true. I know I am guilty of cutting and pasteing stuff too. no offense please.were all guilty of poaching like blink said (toof unny blinks choice of words.) DONT WORRY BE HAPPY

    I am hiding my scissors and paste.
    until I have something valid :)

  5. Kleat says:

    Thinker, thanks!

    I wonder how not having direct ‘in person/intimidation’ and ability to really view look someone in the eye, will affect the ability for the state to be effective? Maybe the questions themselves, will suffice. They do have a wide range, including the witness’s agenda and criminal background.

  6. chica says:


    I seen that post from you on the forum. Wouldnt it be nice if it was true. One can only hope that it is.(wink wink) Only time will tell huh. I too am very disappointed! mainly because of the way baez and cindy have repeatedly spun their attacks on so many innocent folks, going to extremes to hack into peoples personal information . which has only resulted in the public loosing what little respect they had for cindy and her bazaar behaviours. You would think baez would come across with more professionalism . he has only been in practice shortly and thus far has managed to make him self sound and presenting like a blundering mess. he surely is not getting of off to a good start. I would think that his focus would be to perform his duties in a more ethical manner,to build his career on integrity but instead he is loosing cedibility very fast decline. I have gone to youtube to review case tapes, to refresh my mind. I took note that in all TV interviews with the exception of the ones she got paid for. Cindy has attacked anyone who didnt agree with her. I seen the geraldo tape where she was getting defense with geraldo and he said to her. I am your friend I am on your side and she spits back to him! well start acting like my friend. There are many interviews with others that she has attacked harshly. No one feels sorry for the anthonys maybe in the begining but after seeing her in action people especialy parents/grandparents cannot stomach her and that goes for baez tooo. Not good public opinion of them.

  7. chica says:

    MJ #26
    ellejay~ the motion that you linked is hilarious.

    I ask do you have the link ? care to share?

  8. lily says:

    And just to be super clear – Lily Marie is not ME – just Lily! Suddenly there are a lot of Lily’s everywhere. Hope you all have a very nice Valentine’s Day!

  9. Thinker says:

    Anyone can use the screen name of “Lily_Marie” at any time. We have no idea if a legit person posted comments at one time, and then someone else could have hijacked that screen name and posted comments under that screen name that in no way are associated with a blogger who might have posted legit comments under that screen name.

    We have no idea who anyone is behind any screen name – especially on blogs where the blogger is not required to give their name and email address to be able to comment (as I believe is the case on the OS site). One comment by a “Lily_Marie” might be legit … while another comments signed with the same name might be a rip off intended to discredit the legit blogger.

    I always read EVERY comment that I see posted ANYWHERE by ANYONE, with an open mind, and if the topic interests me, I try to do a little research to find out if I can confirm the things written. I never automatically rely on anything written on a blog.

    Bottom line …. we all have to wait for something official to happen in order to confirm anything we read on any blog.

  10. Thinker says:

    We all comment on our opinion of different aspects of this case …. from the attorneys who have blogs ……. to bondsmen and bounty hunters …. to talk show hosts and their tv show guests …. to neighbors and former friends and relatives of key players ….. to wanna-be reporters …… to anyone around the world who is following this case. We comment on what we “think” might happen, and what we think certain events might mean.

    I did not read in any of the “Lily_Marie” comments that the author was claiming to state confirmed FACTS …. but rather was stating what they “heard” MIGHT happen …. through “my Orlando sources” …. “little birdies” …… “a very reliable source” …. “my Orlando colleagues” …… “LE contact” …….

    We read the blogs and choose for ourselves what we want to believe and what we want to disregard as complete rubbish. If what we read does not come directly from a court document or a confirmed news report, we have to assume it is just an “opinion” being stated.

  11. ellejay says:

    it was this one:

    23.ellejay says:
    February 12, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    “Casey’s attorney’s argued that, because their request for a private meeting with the judge was denied last year, the prosecution shouldn’t be allowed either.”

  12. chica says:

    thanks much appreciated :)

  13. westsidehudson says:

    monkalicious says:
    February 13, 2010 at 2:52 pm


    I hadn’t seen your post. I wasn’t inferring that you had anything to do with the OS post. I suspected that this poster had ‘lifted’ other posts- across the board. Sounds like they liked what you had to say. Take it as flattery.


  14. westsidehudson says:


    You are on top of everything. (lots of informative posts) I think that you have been fair, and try to hash things out.

  15. chica says:

    Thinker I agree with westside take it as a compliment. :)
    dont worry be happy.

  16. MJ says:

    Ellejay & Chica
    Sorry about the lack of link, I just got back in here to catch up. Been busy with family and work. Thought Baez was such a crybaby, his motion made me laugh.

  17. chica says:

    wow where is everyone hiding

  18. Sparkling says:

    Hello Chica……..Not to worry about making mistakes while cutting and pasting. I have the perfect solution for correcting mistakes. Whiteout……

    With each mistake I make I just paint a little line of white-out on the screen. When the screen becomes completely white I just go out and buy a new one ! ! !

    It’s a great cure-all. Oh! Did I mention I’m Polish ??

  19. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Blink, question regarding moderation. I posted a a comment from a news article the other day and that post of mine was in moderation before you published, I understand why, but now I noticed everytime I make a post it goes to moderation. I was wondering if I am on an automatic moderation list?

    Every post has always been moderated, it just now states so due to an upgrade.

  20. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Thank you Blink, I did not know that…Happy Valentines Day to you and the everyone of us posters. Today is my anniversary…woohoo

  21. Carol says:

    Lawyer On Casey Anthony Team Leaves Case
    Attorney Dealing With Disciplinary Action With Bar Association
    POSTED: 5:50 pm EST February 14, 2010
    UPDATED: 6:49 pm EST February 14, 2010

    ORLANDO, Fla. — A member of Casey Anthony’s defense team is stepping away from the case.

    Attorney Todd Macaluso is dealing with disciplinary action with the California Bar Association.

    “While I regret not being able to proceed in her case as her attorney, I know she is in good hands with her current defense team,” Macaluso said in a media statement.

    Last year, Macaluso told the court that the defense believed the remains of Anthony’s slain daughter, Caylee, were disposed of after their client was locked in the Orange County correctional facility, proving her innocence.

  22. lily says:

    Todd Macaluso has left the defense team per WESH

  23. Joan (Canada) says:

    This is from Mikka on Bill Shaeffer’s blog. I guess everyone knew this was coming.

    ORLANDO, Fla. — A member of Casey Anthony’s defense team is stepping away from the case.

    Attorney Todd Macaluso is dealing with disciplinary action with the California Bar Association.

    “While I regret not being able to proceed in her case as her attorney, I know she is in good hands with her current defense team,” Macaluso said in a media statement.

    Last year, Macaluso told the court that the defense believed the remains of Anthony’s slain daughter, Caylee, were disposed of after their client was locked in the Orange County correctional facility, proving her innocence.

  24. Tawny W says:

    Todd Macaluso is stepping away from the case per Seems he has legal problems to deal with. I was just wondering if he will be the only one to step away?

  25. nt says:
    Lawyer On Casey Anthony Team Leaves Case
    Attorney Dealing With Disciplinary Action With Bar Association

  26. Gilly says:

    Macaluso is gone. I am going to assume that he may indeed becoming inactive in California as of April.

    You are correct. By agreement.
    A plea of sorts.

  27. Kleat says:

    (btw, cindeefromwisconsin– ‘ditto’ for me too– it’s all good on the moderation front)

    And we can remember when Blink told us so for the following story: (Casey finding it difficult to lose a family member??? Is that Toddy’s excuse– sorry, stand up mister, you ain’t the only one and not everyone has to dive into the drink to cope– go to Haiti with your multi-transport resources and do some good for yourself and others instead)

    Full story quote:

    Attorney Leaving Casey’s Defense Team

    I could gag.

    Somebody dig up my post where I say the only shot he has at keeping his license is to agree to put his credentials in escrow. He had no choice.

    Do NOT underestimate the hit to this already flim-flam defense.

    Posted: 9:42 pm EST February 14, 2010

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Eyewitness News has learned one of Casey Anthony’s attorneys is leaving the case. Todd Macaluso joined the defense team to help Casey’s attorneys cross examine expert witnesses.
    He notified Casey Anthony last week that he would no longer be able to represent her due to current issues with the California State Bar. Macaluso is under investigation for misappropriating client funds and misusing a client’s trust account.

    He joined Casey’s defense team in March 2009. Eyewitness News asked Macaluso about his issues in California at that time, and he said “It is pending, and it will be resolved.”

    Casey’s lead attorney, Jose Baez told Eyewitness News on Sunday night that Macaluso has entered the alternative disciplinary program with the California Bar, and wouldn’t be able to practice law at this time.

    WFTV Legal Analyst Bill Sheaffer says Macaluso has spent most of the past year, dealing with his problems in California. “He does not appear to have played such an integral part in the defense up the this point, that it should rise to the point of a devastating loss to the defense,” said Sheaffer.
    Macaluso sent out a statement on Sunday night, saying “I, like Casey, know how difficult it is to lose a family member. While I regret not being able to proceed in her case as her attorney, I know she is in good hands with her current defense team.”

    Jose Baez told Eyewitness News he will be looking for another attorney to take over Macaluso’s duties.

  28. GRANDMOTHER OF 4 says:

    A member of Casey Anthony’s defense team is stepping away from the case.

    Attorney Todd Macaluso is dealing with disciplinary action with the California Bar Association.

    “While I regret not being able to proceed in her case as her attorney, I know she is in good hands with her current defense team,” Macaluso said in a media statement.


    Hublot, say it ain’t so?

  29. Ragdoll says:

    Going back to Casey’s initial interviews, what creeps me out the most is her composure. He details of events, conversations almost too embellished. It sounds like she’s having a tea party with LE!!!!! If it were me, I’d be frantic, hysterical and most likely impossible to understand between sobs.

    “$250,000 dollars. Wow. That’s almost half my bail”.

    Caylee will have the last word.

  30. Ragdoll says:

    It should read ‘Her details of events and conversations are too embellished’…..and w/o time to rehearse. She pulled this chit out of a hat and in the moment.

  31. chica says:

    #17 Sparking
    lol too funny thanks I will take your advise into consideration.

  32. chica says:

    Goodnight everyone hope yall had a great valentines day.

  33. MJ says:

    So Mr. Mac is no longer available to conflabulate assistance to team kc, that was a stupid contrived statement about losing a family member. KC is such an already unsympathetic defendant, for him to play the party line for old times sake makes me all the more glad he’s gone. Yeah, she lost a family member , literally, on purpose and for good. So, i guess we’re to use the defense atty. credo that crimes against others committed while in a funk are understandable? He needs to key the following no. in his cell 1 800 BOO-HOOO ext. WAAH

    Wonder if Mizz Lyons is feeling just a little more freight train bearing down on her? They probably already knew this but with one less bona fide atty on board… which brings me to a question: Does anyone really think they are actually working up a defense? To me it seems improbable because they keep changing the direction, even if they are secretly sticking to the ZFG story but throwing red herrings around for fun, the time and effort that goes into the other possibles must be crazy time consuming. My opinion is that they are not even really preparing very hard for defending her and let’s be honest, I can’t see the esteemed Mr. Baez doing much, Lyons is busy, LKB is probably able to whip out the standard junk sci/police muff ups outta her wahzoo on a moments notice. It’s the same old song and dance, contamination, unproved theory, conjecture, police mishandling, yada yada
    I will drink a toast to this development, saving the good stuff for a JS clown smack on Baez. woot woot

    1 800 BOO-HOOO ext. WAAH

    That’s a keeper :)

  34. Kleat says:

    Don’t underestimate the loss– yeah, what now, of Casey’s best chance with this one gone? Who will join the team at this late time and will they do it if this will end up in a plea? Why join and spend all that time, money and effort, if Casey might turn indigent again, might end up dealing, when the replacement’s duty is only to prepare for examination of the experts in trial? That’s a big commitment, who will pay for this preparation for a trial that may never come? Who will accept Baez as lead council, who needs the press this badly? Who does Ms. Lyon know that can join for anti-dp sentiment reasons?

  35. Kleat says:

    and…. will this give rise to appeal, more time delays? And, is Mac’s problems in the past year, the reason there is no witness listing of experts for the defense?

  36. MsEnscene says:

    Will Casey’s team be getting a lawyer whom we all know?

  37. Joan (Canada) says:

    Well, is Todd Macaluso leaving or what? LoL.
    Maybe he knew this all along that’s why he made that outrageous remark in court! Wonder if Baez will be able to replace him. Who the heck would want to associate themselves with that group? MOO.

  38. Steadychick says:

    Was Todd going to be the one to depose expert witnesses? Could his “problems” be one of the reasons the defense has not released a witness list and why they have not begun depositions?

  39. Steadychick says:

    Blink — any thoughts on the relative silence of LKB? She certainly seems to be keeping a low profile lately. We weren’t seeing or hearing much from her even before the prosecution’s request for the private hearing with the judge.

    Nope, just nothing to talk about.

  40. Nauseated says:

    Legally – how long can this trial be put off without one side or the other crying foul ?

  41. Joan (Canada) says:

    #36 McEnscene, I hope it not the one that I’m thinking of. I doubt it because the egos would clash extensively.

  42. MJ says:

    Steadychick~ if you really get to thinking about it, with the crew of Baez,Lyons and LKB, the bulk of the huge task ahead is on Lyons because JB has shown that he is struggling with procedure, delivery. LKB has her area of expertise covered, imo the routine diatribe can be tweaked from one case to the next. the hue and cry of junk sci. and police misconduct is standard fare for her, so she’s prolly kickin back.
    Should get interesting in the time ahead. Sooner or later they’re going to HAVE to put up or shut up.

  43. chica says:

    It would seem to be that Lyons is doing most of the work and is probably tiring of baez. He appears to not be catching on to his duties ! not learning anything except to fight and make insults to the media and to the prosecution. His ignorance is showing biggtime. He realy should be embarassed. I just wonder how lyns will hang on with him.

  44. chica says:

    good point who would replace malacusso and who in hell would want to work with baez with all his ineptness.

  45. chica says:

    you made me toss my coffee lol with the extension wah comment lol

  46. chica says:

    does anyone one have the link for the heraldo rivera show. I heard tell that baez was on the show?

  47. Sosad says:

    Loved the 1-800-BOO-HOOO, that is definitely one to remember for that perfect occasion……

    I’m not getting that the issue with Macaluso has anything to do with the in camera meeting requested. Or, that he is even the attorney we’ve been speculating will have to leave as an outcome of the in camera meeting. As far as we can tell, the meeting hasn’t been held yet. So, is the Macaluso fallout simply just interesting, and co-incidential, timing to a much bigger problem coming down the pike for the defense? Just speculating…………

  48. Sister says:

    Blink, I just love it when I can say you told me so. You “knew” months ago Mac,Esquire would not be able to practice in Florida or anywhere else for a time. You had reviewed the complaint(s) down to the last comma. Quite frankly, I feel sorry for his clients and also the staff he has tried to flush down the toilet.
    Indeed, I heard it here first. Good job as usual!

    TY friend.
    There’s more on the “Mac”, he is not being entirely forthright about his departure.

  49. MJ says:

    So tired of Baez is right, I swear at the fraud trial Lyons looked like she wanted to murderize him!! FWIW I’m alternately amused and facinated by him and then I wish he’d just STHU.

    Blink why o why do you taunt us? Hmmm You’re going to make us dig to find out more about Mac, I’ve been watching the paper here in San Diego (not like a hawk though) and haven’t seen any blaring headlines but it’s probably hidden in there somewhere. Can you toss us a small crumb?

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