Morgan Harrington Case: Body of Blonde Woman Found Near Charlottesville

Posted by BOC Staff | Dan Harrington,Gil Harrington,Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington | Tuesday 26 January 2010 1:32 pm




Abermarle Cty, VA-

On Anchorage Farm, Abermarle County, VA, the body of a partially skeletonized woman with long blonde hair has been found. Virginia State Police Forensics teams and The State Attorneys Office are onscene.



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  1. Chad says:

    Oh Blink! I’m afraid this is Morgan. The police said they had a clothing match. Dear god. Prayers to all!

  2. sandyeggo says:

    Not what I expected to find when I googled Morgan’s name this morning for possible updates. Seems plausible but still hopeful for Gil and Dan to get their beautiful daughter home alive. :( Either way, someone will know the fate of their daughter soon. Such a sad discovery…

  3. M. says:

    oh dear God.

  4. Harriet Showalter says:

    Hi Blink
    I live in Roanoke,Va our television stations are not reporting long blonde hair woman…neither is Charlottesville news.. only skeletal remains BUT a news conference at 3pm ….on if you want to see it.

  5. juliemooly says:

    I just got home and saw this on the noon news (I live in Charlottesville) and I have this horrible feeling that this is Morgan. I was out walking my dog along the Rivanna River before I got back home for lunch, and as I was walking through the woods I suddenly thought about Morgan, and about the search for her in November. I also thought about how frustrating it was to feel so close to a missing person that I’ve never met, yet so far from finding her.
    The newscaster (Henry Graff-I really like his professionalism) said that the county attorney was on scene, which never happens, so I have a feeling that the State Police think this is Morgan.

  6. acho says:


    Dan Harrington had just said he thought 29S was an area that should be searched.

  7. belika says:

    I pray it’s not Morgan.

  8. acho says:

    I just saw this in the comments section of the Hook article:
    Alison January 26th, 2010 | 12:48 pm
    Just a few months before this, my friend disappeared from the Dave Matthews concert in DC. She woke up on the side of a road later that night, with cuts and bruises. Her purse was found outside the concert venue. She has no memory of even leaving the concert. Thank God she’s ok, but her experience, coupled with Morgan’s disappearance, and one other concert disappearance I heard about this year in VA make me think someone is out there preying on women at concerts.

    My thoughts are with the Morgans.

  9. Moonchime says:

    This is just so devastating. I just read a post on the family website that was made by Kenny. He wrote that the Harrington’s are on their way there to Charlottesville now. My heart sure is with them. I can’t imagine how they feel right now. I’m crying as I type this. We all wanted her found–but we wanted her to still be alive.

    I realize that the VSP hasn’t officially stated that this is Morgan Harrington, but in my heart, I believe it is.

    Everyone, keep the Harrington family in your prayers. If this proves not to be Morgan, but another person’s loved one, keep that family in your prayers aw well.

    I read that there will be a press conference at 3PM. That will be noon, my time. I’m in Nevada. What a devastating day!!!! I know that each and every person here on BOC is feeling such heart break right now. Our collective minds and hearts are with the Harringtons. May God surround them with His Peace and Holy Angels. I cannot even imagine how they are feeling as they are going to the scene right now.~Moonchime~

  10. Danielle says:

    Prayers and thoughts for the Harrington family. Although most of us knew that this news would be coming eventually, I still feel speechless and heart broken with the possibility that this is our girl.

  11. lil Lucy says:

    May God hear your cries…My deepest condolences to your family. I pray for speed in finding the perpetrator/perpetrators. I know you will hear this for days to come, but they are truely sincere and with deep sadness.

  12. Liam Fahy says:

    God bless her and her family xXx

  13. Harriet Showalter says: is now reporting —–Police confirm that skeletal remains of a woman’s body has been found in Albemarle Co., outside Charlotesville. They’re currently searching the area for more evidence.
    local news conference at 3 pm … or
    my prayers go out to the Harrington family….

  14. notJMUfan says:

    chad – do you have a link for the clothing match report?

  15. Granmomma says:

    If this is Morgan just pray that there is enough evidence recovered to make an arrest so there can be justice for Morgan and her family. Geesh, what’s the world coming to?

  16. notJMUfan says:

    somebody better get their lawyer on the phone. . . .

  17. belika says:

    From the Hook…

    Interesting January 26th, 2010 | 2:03 pm

    They won’t “Officially” say who it is but Morgan Harrington is not listed as missing on the VSP Website.

  18. lee says:

    No words can express the emotions we all feel over this devastating news….regardless of the various opinions we all expressed here on BOC, we all share the shock, fear, rage and deep sadness for the Harrington family and all those who knew and loved her, including those of us here at BOC who have grown to know and love Morgan and her loving family. May the rage and sadness we all feel be channeled to whatever we must do to find who took Morgan from this life. Morgan rest in peace…you will forever live in so many hearts and prayers. God bless the Harrington family.

  19. belika says:

    sorry about the first mention. I am not right:
    Shannon January 26th, 2010 | 2:20 pm

    Interesting, she is listed on VSP’s missing person’s website, but incorrectly – she’s under the juvenile section.

  20. Chad says:


    Here’s the link if oyu are still interested:…26/2145409.php

    Subject: Re: Daily Progress reporting VSP invesitag. reports of female body in Albemarle
    Posted by: JLM-Hokie on Tue Jan 26 2010 12:24:16 PM
    State Police friend of mine said that they have a clothing match :-( Please say a prayer for her family

  21. Rob says:

    Good Afternoon Blink and All.

    I, like all, of you have followed Morgan’s story from the beginning and usually post in the SM Forum. I haven’t been posting for a few months, but I have been reading where-ever I can about Morgan. She is always near my heart and in my thoughts and prayers.

    I have never thought that Morgan’s disappearance would have a pleasant outcome. Sure, I hope, but I have been around these cases for too long to know what was really the most likely outcome. Keeping a captive alive takes resources and planning. Not many abductors are that caring nor are they that concerned about the health and welfare of the person they have abducted.

    There were several areas I noticed throughout the case that caught my attention.

    First, I always believed that Morgan made a very unfortunate decision. And that was hitch-hiking. But kids will be kids and they are known for making mistakes. We were all kids once and we all made similar mistakes. I don’t truly know if Morgan had been drinking and / or using drugs (I just don’t know and I was not there), I have never heard anyone state that was a fact, but kids do drink at concerts and maybe she was – maybe she wasn’t. I don’t know if that’s the most important and relevant portion of the case.

    The “Necklace”. This was a clue that the police kept guarded in the beginning of the case. The reason this was so guarded was in the event someone claimed to have spotted her – they would naturally mention the necklace. It would be nearly impossible to conceal and for a witness it miss. Therefore, the lady that saw the “Pant” shirt did not see Morgan or she would have seen the necklace. Also, the person who was delivering the morning news at roughly 3:30 am did not see Morgan either – and – likewise for the Woman? who said she saw her at a convenience store miles and miles from Charlottesville. I do not believe anyone saw Morgan after the bridge where she entered the car. And she was not at the UVA dorms or with the basketball players more than what was disclosed by the Authorities.

    I believe a tragic set of circumstances contributed to many of the events that have unfurled. The phone and it’s battery prevented Morgan from being triangulated and that hurt the case and finding Morgan terribly. The camera and it’s contents may have certainly helped but the police have their methods and protocols. I am sure they are operating with the best of intentions.

    I’m not sure if that lunatic from the furniture store is involved, but even if he’s not – I hope the business goes down the drain. He deserves that for the heartbreak he caused.

    My theory has always been that Morgan got into a car right near the Arena (at the end of the bridge) and was abducted. I have also believed that Morgan was deceased on the night she vanished. I have always believed that she would be found in the nearby areas, and that a local is responsible for her demise. Statistics usually help in a case like Morgan’s.

    I do not believe anyone set out to abduct Morgan or anyone else, but was more or less a random occurrence that ended in a very very horrible way. The chances that a serial killer was trolling near the arena and happened upon someone hitching is remote, but it could happen. I do not think that’s what happened in this case.

    I know, from what I have read, that her family is devastated and I think we can all related to the tremendous emotions and sorrow they feel not knowing where Morgan is or what her fate may be. The Harringtons are always in my prayers. To have such a lovely, beautiful and talented daughter is a blessing, and to have her ripped from you is a horror most of us will never know – thank God.

    I hate to say that the young lady discovered is Morgan, because I don’t know yet – but my heart is telling me this is her. I believe Morgan will be found and the person responsible will be caught. I feel it’s all just a matter of time – even though THAT time moves so slowly for those of us bound by Earth and God’s time.

    Prayers for Morgan

  22. Edward says:

    Good to hear from you Rob.

  23. Chad G. says:

    While I agree with most of your assessment, the one thing I disagree with is the idea that a serial killer being the culprit as being remote. There have been many serial killers who targeted hitchhikers. A killer could very well drive around for hours and hours, even days, until finding a young woman. The (pardon the commonly used phrase) ‘dump site’ is so very remote that it is hard to believe it was not a preselected destination. I could be very wrong, but to me, logic would dictate that this was done by a person who went out with a premeditated agenda. It is hard for me to believe that someone goes through this much planning, with this kind of desire, just to ‘try it once’. Again, I could very well be wrong, and I hope that I am, but if the ‘unsub’ planned this all out in advance, it is hard for me to believe that the desire to kill will just leave this person forever. Unless this ‘ubsub’ is killed or caught I doubt that this will be the lsat of (presumably) his horror.

  24. ISpy says:

    Prayers to the the Harrigans and Morgan’s friends. Thinking of Morgan and her family specifically this morning around 10:30 prompted me to ask God to find all the missing people (none are missing to God, of course)…still wasn’t prepared to see this tonight. Praying for her family and friends.

  25. ISpy says:

    One more thought…

    I agree with Chad. Due to the location and it’s lack of accessibility, I vote premeditated. Also adding that I’d be looking at the neighbors really hard and friends of the neighbors. No offense to them, just sayin’, it’s a little off the beaten path and had to be known to someone very familiar with that specific area. Praying for the farmer too. It was close enough to JPJ, but remote enough to be hidden. Thank you God for all the recent rain and wind and a farmer out looking for damage. Thank you Holy Spirit for prompting the farmer to check that section of his 700 acres.

  26. M. says:

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. Poor girl :(

  27. NoseyRosey says:

    I didn’t realize how much this case has affected me until last night. While watching Nancy Grace last night I saw so many pictures of this beautiful girl and it made my heart sink. The Harrington’s are in my prayers today and although nothing will ever take this pain from them or bring their daughter back- I pray that the person responsible for this is brought to justice. God be with the Harrington’s today and each day after.

  28. Jackie says:

    I checked the Sexual offender’s registry for that area and there is a Violent Rapist that lives VERY close to the farm where she was found. His name is Eric Michael Howell. He is a nice looking guy who is about Morgan’s age.

  29. Amy says:

    Dear Jackie,
    I am with you on this. This guy Eric also works near where the concert was. He was a violent rapist and spent time in jail. That is where they learn to kill the next time so they have less chance of getting caught.

  30. P. Johnson says:

    I have been during some serious thinking, praying, etc. Things to me seems as if the property owner is not telling it all. I think and believe that someone/police.etc. need to talk to the owner a little more in detail. Everything is not being told as it should be. This is my opinion. I think, Mr. Bass should be talk to again. Some of the puzzle is missing and maybe he is not telling “ALL” that he knows. I definitely would go back to “Anchorage Farm” and do some more investigation and see what can be found toward who might have done this terrible act. It is all coming out in the wash as they say. Something is going to leak out, just keep on digging for more info. I may be wrong, but something is very fishy about this finding of “Morgan” on this farm(Anchorage Farm”). Waiting to see if I am right. Very Concerned Citizen.

    P. Johnson,

    welcome to Can I ask what you feel particularly suspicious about?

  31. C.J. says:

    This picture is my favorite. Morgan was truly a Monday’s child and fair of face.

  32. Jen says:

    I am very saddened at the news about Morgan. My prayers go out to her family as they grieve her loss. In relation to the perp…

    Has anyone else thought about the dissapearance and murder of Katie Worskie and many others in connection to GLEN BARKER? There were at least 6 other murders where he was involved and they could not hold him for lack of tactile evidence. Therefore,a serial Killer roams free, “hunting” his next victim. He knows Charlottesville and Va in general like the back of his hand. He grew up here and has been “hunting” here ever since.

    Why won’t the local authorites do anything about this? Bring him in for questioning, where was he that night Morgan disappeared? I have tried talking to local authorities about some things in regard to him and they turn a deaf ear. This man is so protected by evil. We need to break through his exterior and bring him down. If you can’t DO anything in the physical sense, you can at least PRAY with me.

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