Morgan Harrington Murder: Dan and Gil Harrington Speak

Posted by BOC Staff | Alex Harrington,Dan Harrington,Gil Harrington,Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington,Murdered | Wednesday 27 January 2010 3:47 pm

Charlottesville, VA– One day following the discovery of their daughter Morgans’ remains on Anchorage Farm in Abermarle County, The Harrington’s held a press conference this afternoon in Charlottesville. 

Earlier today the Medical Examiner’s Office positively identified the remains found as that of Morgan Dana Harrington. According to Dr. Harrington, the ME office has already alerted them that it will not release her body before approximately 5–6 days.

Dr. and Mrs. Harrington spoke adamantly about preserving their daughter’s accomplishments as a young woman, and finding the person who murdered her.

They went on to say they were confident that Morgan was killed very quickly after disappearing from the John Paul Jones Arena after 9:30PM October 17th.

Check back to for updates to this developing story.


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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    Cooper,Welcome. Thank you for your insights much appreciated.

  2. NYMom says:

    If this BG is a killer in the worst sense–someone who enjoyed it on any level–the socio/psychopathy is hardwired. I’m just tonight able to do some catching up, and will hunt down more on the nearby fire. It reminded me of the McDonald Triad in psychology–three known childhood behaviors of psychopaths: bedwetting, cruelty to animals (becomes a hunter who hunts just to kill?), and arson (the fire).

  3. mary says:

    Cooper for God’s sake man what took you so long to get here? GREAT first post.

  4. bob-dog says:

    Many of you know about the case of little Aveion Lewis in Roanoke, who would have turned 3 yesterday. (His step-father claimed he had been abducted and an Amber Alert was issued.) His body was found today in a landfill.

    Here’s what a friend of mine posted on facebook:

    “so sad … one set of parents are mourning their child taken too soon, while another parent put his in the trash. I just don’t get it….”

    So true.

  5. mary says:

    Cooper: Do you feel this was this perp’s first foray into actual murder, escalated up from serial rape?

  6. mary says:


    Thanks for that info. I knew about the cruelty to animals but not the bedwetting, or arson. Would an offender have to exhibit all 3, or 2/3 for the McDonald’s Triad to be applied?

  7. mary says:

    Okay last post tonight, sorry. Bob-dog #54. That is so sad. That poor innocent baby. It hurts my heart.

  8. roageo says:

    *** B ***

    Note that Gil stated that Morgan “did not live through that concert”.

    How would anyone know that, unless the perp *returned* to the concert before it was over or maybe a party with witnesses of the time he arrived?

    Would the ex-boyfriend living in Roanoke be familiar with the Anchorage farm?

    B, will you please comment?

    I think Gil meant that she was killed quickly after her disappearance. I also think she was trying to give the friends a break, as in, she was already dead so them leaving would not have changed anything.



    Gil: “For the first time in 101 days, I am not thinking, ‘What is he doing to her?’ She did not live through that concert. She was not alive long enduring unspeakable things. That girl even had some lovely bones.”

  9. katesro says:

    #50 Thank you Joe

  10. chouva says:

    i dont buy the old boyfriend or jilted friend theory. those are easily indentified and vetted right after dissappearance. LE would have already been pressuring someone and that persons identify would have become public. LE would have most likely release the name off the record to increase the heat.

    she most likely left with someone she never knew until that night or got picked up by a stranger.

  11. juliemooly says:

    I have gotten chills before when I have read many posters’ theories about what happened to Morgan, but Mary I got tightness around my middle when I read your theory about the parking lot and the white guys Morgan was reportedly seen with after she left the arena. A lot of people have speculated that those lots were too well-lit, well-patroled, etc., for something bad to have happened in them, but I don’t agree. Metallica was coming onstage at this point, and I think everyone that actually came to JPJ to SEE METALLICA was in the arena, so Security got their only break for the evening (I’m just guessing at that because I don’t know what kind of shifts/breaks parking lot security gets for events, at JPJ or anywhere). Chi-town lady mentioned the rape that occurred in broad daylight in Ohio, which is the first thing that crossed my mind when I thought about Morgan meeting her demise in one of the parking lots near JPJ, especially the overflow/RV lot near Lannigan field. I believe Morgan could have been attacked by at least one of those guys there, or another guy (Registered Sex Offender?). It was dark and the back of that lot would not be noticed by anyone driving by. And, if there was more than one perp, it would have been much easier for them to carry Morgan to the remote place where she was found, by taking turns or sharing the load (it disgusts me to write about them “sharing the load”, as if dumping a person was some kind of burden for them/him). In addition, one of the guys providing ‘security’ could have been involved in some way.

    I have never thought Morgan was hitch-hiking, either, and your theory about one or more of those guys calling in that “tip” to put the blame on someone driving by, and thereby diffuse inquiry at them, makes perfect sense to me. I really haven’t felt that this was a well-known BG to Morgan, unless she ever dated an accomplished criminal. I have felt that she met her demise at the hand (or hands) of predators who have had at least some practice in attacking females, and who also got very lucky, in the sense that evidence is so shortcoming. The only proble with this theory is that when a crime involves more than one perp, one of them usually shoots off their mouth about it to someone who gets appalled or feels guilty and calls Law Enforcement. I think back to my original theory that Morgan got to the Copely Road bridge, realized either that she was getting cold and wet and didn’t want to walk as far as she thought she did originally, or that she had dropped her purse, and headed back towards the arena. That’s when she met up with her attacker(s). Cooper, I just read your post about Anchorage Farm, and got the same tight-in-the-chest feeling.

    I think she probably had her cell phone battery in her pocket, because of her dad’s statement that it wasn’t unusual for it to be out of her phone. I think her purse just got away from her, and that the perps were careless and didn’t notice it. If they had actually touched it and discarded it, there would have been fingerprints on it. Of course, if the perps had never been printed, it wouldn’t matter.

    bob-dog, I did notice your posting of the statement by Morgan’s friend that “‘Some of us are taking it a lot harder than others,’ said Chelsea Helm, a Virginia Tech student. ‘We just all want to be together right now.’” I could interpret that in many ways, as a passive-aggressive jab at Sarah Snead and Amy Melvin, as an accusation of their complicity, or just as a general commentary that grief affects people in different ways. I don’t think Morgan’s friends were involved; I think they were just selfish little weasels who didn’t want to be bothered. Friends, huh?

  12. NYMom says:

    To mary re MacDonald triad–a good outline can be found here:

    As I understand it, the theory of the MacDonald Triad is in less favor now in some circles because of the bedwetting component–it’s too chicken-and-egg (is bedwetting beyond age 5 in combination with the other two behaviors a predictor of sociopathy or does a kid who wets beyond age 5 do so because s/he is part of a traumatizing family?)

  13. acho says:

    This is OT, but Mom3.0 and Fish, I hope you woke without headaches today. I’m sorry your empathy punishes you. (And sweet Hummingbird, too, did you say your head aches as well?)

    CONCERNEDMOM and Fish, hugs and love to you. Horribly saddened to read your stories and words fail me, but I love your drive.

    We’ve all said it. As I try to make sense of this world and keep my chin up for my girls, I am so heartened by you all, the beloved Blink crew. Not a Josh Groban fan, myself, but am hearing his voice sing “You Raise Me UP” right now. (Hurrying to set the Zeppelin on my iPod …)

  14. Cooper says:

    Good morning everyone and thank you for the warm welcome.
    Re: #55 Mary_ IMO there could be several things going on here. 1) A sex predator, living in the area and attracted to the concert because he knows there will be young girls drinking, getting locked out, looking for rides and generally walking about the parking lot. Since I believe the killer is local, maybe he has been to other concerts there and seen this first hand and possibly decided on this night to see if an opportunity presented itself. This person would go all out to create the impression that he was a nice, harmless person until some point after he got his victim away from the concert. If she needed a ride she provided him a perfect victim. 2) Morgan was hitch hiking by the bridge and presented a perfect opportunity to a predator.(note: I don’t believe it was Morgan that was hitch hiking. Long blonde hair and black clothes describe most of the females there and eye witnesses are notorious for making mistakes.) 3) Someone local that she knew or met though mutual friends was in the parking lot, struck up conversation with her and offered her a ride home. This would be someone that she trusted. Perhaps even to say ” Let’s go to my house and party and I’ll bring you back here after the concert is over, If we can’t find your friends, I’ll gladly give you a ride home.
    I would not be surprised if there was a residence or a place of business around the property that this killer had access to and he took her back there.
    Several points: I find it hard to believe that Morgan was hitch hiking. She doesn’t seem like the type of girl who would from what we know about her and I am disturbed by the purse and the cell phone found with no battery, being in the parking lot. This killer could have removed the battery in advance to keep her from calling 911. That indicates there could have been a struggle OR perhaps she had been drugged in the parking lot. She was drinking and it would have been easy for a predator to slip something in one of her drinks. Morgan was falling and hurting herself. That could indicate that she was given a date rape drug and that could explain her actions and the items in the parking lot.
    IMO if she was given a drug her predator would keep a close watch on her and step in when he thought it was the right time to get her away.
    The perfect place to be half-carrying someone across a parking lot would be an event such as this. No one would notice or think anything of it. In that instance all he would have to do is place her in the car and take her where he wanted her to be…and judging from where the body was disposed it would almost HAVE to be on one of the surrounding properties.

    My guess (at this early stage) would be that this person has killed before…but LE has to consider the fact that perhaps the date rape drug mixed with alcohol killed her and the predator just left her in the field rather than report it.
    Either way this person has raped or murdered before and for that the hunters that hunt on the property should be thoroughly investigated.

    Re: #52 Mary NY The McDonald triad or “Terrible Triad” is extremely important and places even more focus on the hunters that apparently rode their tractors up onto the property to hunt all the time. Not only do they all have access to the spot where Morgan was found but interesting that she was dumped where people hunt. Could be a symbolic gesture. The hunters most likely know more about what’s on that property than the Farmer does.

  15. lil Lucy says:

    Gob Bless the Harrington family…It is a terrible tragedy, and a tragedy that occurs more often on a daily basis. How as a mother of two young women do I protect them? Concerts are apart of our youth and my daughter’s save money to attend them. I pray they find the person or person’s responsible for this crime, but even after they do another one will pop up somewhere else.

    They want to take God out of our schools and government but I for one feel we need that love in order to assist raising children without consciences. Family structure isn’t what it should be, and no use to be that no. I am so sorry for these vicitms and many more, the criminal will have more choices than that sweet child did.

  16. Bob Loblaugh says:

    re: Lil Lucy…

    God does not belong in school. God belongs in the home and church.

  17. Heidi says:

    Bob- God belongs everywhere- and like it or not- she IS everywhere.

    Ok, let’s not go down that road please, where your Goddess, my God or whomevers “is” is a personal matter, imo.

  18. mary says:

    Thank you Cooper and NYMom for answering my questions. I hope both of you are checking and contributing on the other current threads here too. The information you’ve provided is fascinating and invaluable.

  19. cat says:

    Everyone, this could finally be some good news! If they do have anything on those cameras, what pyrric justice! Hopefully this works. Pray for Gil and Dan and Alex, and for everyone else who is affected by Morgan’s loss. Maybe a little good will come from this, and a serial killer will be netted.

  20. Mom3.0 says:

    Acho, thanks, I left a comment for you on the new Morgan thread about the hunting cameras.

    Cooper, thank you for you careful analysis based on your experiences. Most everyone has moved over to the hunting thread. I know they would welcome your insights over there.
    Everyone, the link to the new thread is:

    P.s Guys,shhhhh. It’s ok. God is in our deeds and in our hearts. No need to debate the issue. He?She is anywhere you choose to have Him/Her.
    I am positive though, He/She can not be found in the midst of arguments. PEACE

  21. Heidi says:

    and so is where he/ she belongs. Only responding to a previous comment. You’re right. It doesn’t belong here. Some people may have taken offense to the God doesn’t belong in school comment. I know I did.

  22. Jane says:

    Could that SO have known Morgan from when she lived in Charlottesville? Perhaps she was a past victim and had ID’d him and he waited for retaliation? Just throwing thoughts around…maybe really stretching it?

  23. Ragdoll says:

    Cooper, thank you for your contribution. It’s great having a decorated expert comment.

  24. wpgmouse says:


    Please expand on Morgan’s circumstances and passing.

  25. Mom3.0 says:

    Hello and welome to BOC. I can not answer for FB or for the other contributors here.
    I can say, if that turns out to be the case, I will be glad that Morgan did not suffer at the hands of some deranged person. Her death will however be just as untimely,undeserved and tragic.

    The lessons we can take from the events that led up to Morgan’s demise would still be as important. Care for another, look out for one another. Perhaps change the rules of all arenas/ venues. Allow a stamp that can be used to regain entry. Or have a separate room away from the concert where patrons can be safe and inside. Or when a person is at the arena, and is as you put it “tanked out” of their mind. Arrest them for their own safety and the safety of other concert goers, or call for medical treatment or drunk tank.

  26. ohiomom says:

    GJohn, in my mind it is an impossibility that Morgan could have traveled there by herself.

    Please explain yourself.

  27. Chad says:

    I’m showing 76 comments on this thread. where is Gjohn’s post?
    Momof3, Ohio, and mouse all commented on it. Am I missing something? Where is the post?
    Link anyone?

  28. ohiomom says:

    Chad, I’m guessing that Blink removed it because the content was objectionable. However, I imagine that Blink has GJohn’s contact info. It’s discouraging how these flamethrowers (GJohn, the other M.) come out of the wordwork to attack Morgan or her parents, then disappear. There are some very ugly people out there.

  29. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink, hope this is okay to post.

    Chad, comment was deleted. GJohn asked how we, here and at FB would all feel if it turns out Morgan just wandered into the field and perished do to alcohol poisoning. Although, he asked it in a not so nice manner.

    I have been praying for your father’s recovery Chad, Stay strong. xo

  30. Observer says:

    Chad, I’m with you: uh, lost in “thread-land”!

    I couldn’t find Gjohn’s post uptread.

    Can Momof3, Ohio, or mouse please fill us in on what Gjohn said, or direct us to the correct post/thread?


    My fault. I deleted it when Lizzy was kind enough to point it out.
    It was basically saying Morgan contributed to her own demise and nobody else is responsible, but derrogatory.

  31. Observer says:

    Understood; thanks, B.

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