Morgan Harrington Murder: Expert Panel Weighs In on Scared Monkeys Radio With Dana Pretzer

Posted by BOC Staff | Alex Harrington,Dan Harrington,Gil Harrington,Morgan Harrington,Murdered | Tuesday 2 February 2010 10:04 pm


Full Interview Panel Guests Here.

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  1. Amanda850 says:

    Blink – Listening!! ***a little late, but…*** Oh, and btw, thanks for the site changes (even if it is specifically your tech people). Much more user friendly and faster loading. :)

  2. S Jones says:

    Nice interview B.

    Ty. Dana does an excellent job.

  3. Mom3.0 says:

    I must have missed it Blink. Darn! Well, I am sure you were great.

    Lol, I requested a quick one tonight, I will post the podcast when available.

  4. fish says:

    Blink: Thank you for giving the unknown a name! Never heard such a sweet voice before.

    I do not know what else to say as I am overcome with the grief and dispair of Morgan’s situation. I do not know if I could ever participate in a search again. Dr. Harrington, had said that he did not know why one missing person gets more attention than others. I am going to give that my answer. It does not matter if the person is black, white, skinny, tall, pretty, plain, young, old, rich or poor.

    For some people, it is a connection of pain. Sheer pain.

    I believe the difference for me is that my two life-altering, catastrophic personal family losses were not held so much on the World Wide Web. Yes, it was around. Trying to keep a sense of humor. 1996 and 2000 to name the years. I think I know but yet, I do not know what the Harrington family is going through. We are all unique, like Mrs. Harrington so eloquently stated about Morgan. Yes, we are indeed.

    I also, do not think that there were as many games, secrecy, misquotes and actual false information in my cases. My family had two tragedies very different from each other but yet the outcome was the same.

    They were both dead.

    I am at a loss. Never was it my intention to be at a search for any missing person let alone one that would go missing, as young as Morgan or so close in moving my family to Virginia. That week rocked my world. I was afraid, confused and all sorts of memories came flooding back. I followed Morgan’s case every minute I could. In between my kids, husband and trying to start something so new. I was trying to accomplish things, trying to get the kids out from under their so-called fact that we ruined their lives by moving them from friends and family. It was difficult.
    So, when the time came that they announced a search for Morgan. I told no one. Not even my husband. I called my sister and said, “I am on the way to Charlottesville, Virginia to search for a missing girl named Morgan Harrington”.
    She was dazed but said “You go, do what you have to and I’ll pick up the kids”. As I drove to Cville, as I affectionally call it now, I was thinking…”Oh God, get me over this mountain and please, let my husband understand”. See, he is constantly aware of where his wife and children are. I am to be accounted for. Not in the “hair-pulling Caveman way”, just likes to know where I’m at.
    On my way home, thought I could beat him. He called like nothing was wrong. Never said he knew a thing. But, then I started my bawling and it didn’t stop the whole way home. He was steady but silent, just letting me blubber on. He had no clue, why I had gone, let alone, what I had just done. He just supported me. Thought I was a nut but he knows me and knew that I had to go. Plus, the little sister narked on me. He was only worried because it was huge for us to leave everyone and everything we knew behind. He wants me safe. By now you can I had a sister follow me to the great city of Harrisonburg.

    Yes, Blink and contributors, there are seven more just like me. Although, one of those is always looking down and watching over us.

    I really had no clue where I was going. Didn’t look up directions, didn’t mapquest, google, bing or anything else. I just kept calling my sister. “Where do I go? Where do I go, now?” To this day, do not even know how I pulled off that exit and ended up at Fontaine Research Park. I was amazed, frightened and quietly, proud. I had done it. I had made it to find Morgan and like a big sister, I took all the credit.
    I pulled in and drove around, actually debating to myself, what am I doing here? I’ve got kids, work, laundry, dinner and the dreaded homework session. Plus, I am not afraid to admit to all of you…I was scared. I joined up with the first person who looked friendly, an older (like an older sister) woman and her husband. Although, I know that you may not believe this but if you meet me I am actually quite quiet at first but I warmed up to them right away. Stuck like glue to their sides, all day. When they left to go home, I was very worried but by then, I had gotten my sea legs and forged ahead. This time, I would take the older sister leadership roll to two young girls. The girl that I drove to the next search had a panic attack right there in my back seat. No joke. I gave her a water bottle and some M&M’s. She was a Metallica fan and wore everything she ever owned showing it.
    I thought “Good for her”, standin’ up for her girl, Morgan. Not gonna kid you though, it was rough and she sorta had me a wee bit frightened. A couple of times, I could see tears in her eyes. Nothing bad with her, truly a sensitive soul. Told me she came alone too. She was recently married and guess what? She didn’t tell her husband either. Was going to call him soon. What’s up with that? Maybe we are to busy worried about what others would think even those closest to us.
    Sometimes, people have called me obsessed, you’re nuts, you’re crazy, I know they are kidding and it is probably because they do not know what else to say.

    It is not exactly an opening for discussion…
    “Hey, how was your day?”
    “Well, I went and searched for a missing girl.”

    Yikes, people do not like pain, grief or God forbid to be afraid. This hits all three. You see, we searched and searched. I can, like so many, take you back to the exact spots I was at. Know them by heart, ask my kids. They too, know JPJA and the surrounding area by heart. I can also tell you, that everyone I came in contact with, was gracious, smart, kind and so full of hope.

    Not once, did I sense doom. I know exactly what doom feels like. The moment it hits you, you are overwhelmed and want to collapse. I thought, “Are those faces of Dr. and Mrs. Harrington, the same that my parents had?” Maybe, I did not sense it right away with my sister, as we lost her first. But I definitely, knew right away with my sister-in-law, something bad, bad, bad at happened. Flew right up and outta the house, that night to go get her. No luck, wasn’t till early morning that the beautiful men and women of Law Enforcement had found her, icy cold. Before you ask. No, technically not at the hands of a bad guy just greedy ones.

    Two families rocked yet again. How can this be? Someone asked, if I thought that God had deserted us. I truly do not know. Not that smart, people. I do not know what his path is for me or for us but one thing I do know, I just try to keep “Seeing the glass half full.” Maybe, some people would call this “ugly coping”. I just know that if I let myself get down as I did those years ago then, yes, the bad guys have won. They have taken my glass and poured it out completely. Add in the fact, that two children are left and they are depending upon me.
    Just like Alex is depending upon his parents. He needs them and they need him.

    I feel like I have had to explain part of my life story because of how absolutely harsh, I was earlier to Mr. Speaker. Sorry Frank, I will life-switch with you in a heartbeat. My kids need some grandparents, no matter how “ornery” you are. I’ll take ya. I do not want an e-spat either but nor will I say it isn’t what I felt.

    I just want the “Murderer” of Morgan Dana Harrington to be found and tried before a jury of his peers. Sickening, isn’t it? Jury of peers. I am not his peer but would love to be there looking into his spineless soul.
    See, I know that I shouldn’t say this but it doesn’t really matter to me, whether it will be criminal; accidental or intentional, COD, MOD, 1st degree, manslaughter, date-rape drug, gun shot, whatever or civil; wrongful death, the corporate law suits, judgements awarded.

    I want LE to make him “accounted” for. I want him to look into the Harrinton’s eyes and know what he did. It just makes you feel better.
    I want him to feel what it is like to be accounted for. Some friend upthread said this and it made me laugh.

    “Three hots and a cot”. That will be justice.

    I only know that he was and is a coward because he took something that was never his in the first place, to take. He took a young woman with her whole life in front of her and ended it. Whether by accident, please, spare me or intentionally, which was more like it. He should be made to face his judge, jury and executioner. Whomever and where ever they may be.

    I have lived my life since 1996, staying positive and seeking help. Trying to be a role-model, even if in my own head. But never, in my wildest dreams, would I come to know it on a crime website. Who woulda thunk it? Has done wonders for me, truly. I feel like I owe all of you and Blink some kind of paycheck for your services.

    Now, I must admit that maybe this is all too much for me but I realized something today that my husband said.
    “Fish, consider this, you are going through stages of grief. She meant something to you. You saw your own family situation and looked at it through the eyes of being a mother. You do know, it’s OK to grieve, whatever stage you’re in?”
    What, did he just say? Man, so much for all that therapy. Why didn’t I tell him in the first place where I was going? He is a healing man, you know.

    So, it is here, that I am going to say good night. Please, remember that we may all be in different stages of grief but we all matter.

    Morgan, you do matter and your mission to me mattered and still does. A smile for you and your family tonight.

    …”Beautiful people do not just happen”
    E. Kubler-Ross, M.D.

  5. awa says:

    bless you fish….wishing you peace

  6. Irish says:

    Beautiful people may not “just happen” but I believe beauty is within Fish. Thank you for sharing with us…

  7. lee says:

    Oh Fish, thank you for that beautiful post (Feb 3, 2:44 AM)…now I realize one of the reasons I am so obsessed with this case….my late husband disappeared in Dec 1993 and his whereabouts were unknown for 3 days…unfortunately he had commited suicide but was not found until 3 days later, elsewhere. I still remember the anguish in the NOT KNOWING where he was…but I will NEVER understand how he could have done such a thing leaving behind a wife and small daughter….life is so precious….I will never understand, but I do clearly believe that there is another “life” to which we return….but back to Morgan….the preciousness of life is what draws me to this case…and the so senseless act of taking it from another. ….on a lighter note, I am a Scorpio…hate to mess with the Acquarian vibe…maybe thats why I “observe” more than post…

  8. lee says:

    ….and we Scorpios want revenge……please let this fiend be arrested…..soon….or I may have to go after him myself!

  9. Judi says:

    Fish, beautiful post :-)

  10. juliemooly says:

    Fish, that was the most compelling and moving account I have read or heard from the day of the search. My search group had two young female members who drove down from Va Tech, and luckily we had no panic attacks, but they were so silent and focused, I felt really bad for them. I really admire your honesty, strength and determination after experiencing two horrible tragedies. You are so lucky to have found such a wonderful husband, too (***turns green***).

    Blink, I enjoyed the interview, and thought it was nice to place a voice with a name. I was expecting to get “Bad-Azz” from the sound of your voice, but instead I heard “Steel Magnolia without the accent”. I liked Dana, he did not rush interviews or seem to have preconceived notions of what answers the guests would give.

    LOL. TY Julie, I love that.

    I would like to go to the memorial for Morgan, but it looks like we might have another 12-20 or more inches of snow Friday/Saturday, so I don’t know.

    Let’s find a killer.

  11. PM1 says:

    Fish, I am so moved by your beautiful,touching post. May you and your family be blessed. It is amazing how this one event has moved and galvanized so many people, all different yet all so very much alike.

    Fish, I admire and thank you for so selflessly participating in the search. I have regretted often the fact I didn’t just get in the car and go, but circumstances didn’t allow it. However, I have been to UVA four times since October 17 to visit my daughter or to attend a sporting event. Each time, I walked the path Morgan took from JPJ stopping,listening-trying to hear her voice, trying to feel a connection and get an answer. As a child, I learned from a wonderful group of Native Americans that if you stood in a place quietly and reverently, you could hear the “voice” of that place. I have practiced it many times over the years when I needed support, and the answer was never actually audible, but it came just the same. This time the voice I heard kept me believing that Morgan would be found and justice would be served.

    Over the last three months, I have done the same things everyone has done-read everything I could find daily, prayed constantly, driven around with Morgan’s photo on my car, driven my friends and family nuts with conversations, emails and updates, pumped my daughter for tidbits of info from C’Ville, bounced hundreds of ideas off my husband, neglected my daily routine, spent a number of sleepless nights, cried over the amazing strength and elequence of Gil and Dan, and tried endlessly to figure out “why”-but has it helped? If nothing else, I am changed. Through this forum and others dedicated to Morgan, I have learned social media can have a conscience and can provide a deep and tangible human connection. Through the words of people I do not know, have never and will most likely never meet, I have run the camut of emotions. I have been hopeful, encouraged, enlightened, amazed, inspired, baffled, confused, angry, impatient, devastated, heartbroken and resolved because of this group.

    I want only for the Harrington’s to feel comforted, Morgan to rest peacefully and the person/person’s responsible for all this pain to be swiftly and definitively punished.

    Such connection and caring- what a legacy for a 20 year old.

  12. playfulg says:

    I came here to see if anyone else was having problems listening to the interview…I keep getting a message from Windows Media that it can’t play it….but then I read Fish’s post, and it made me cry -hard.

    I am a very long ways away and could not participate in anything in person, but I’ve followed this case since she first went missing and though I haven’t had any difficult or unexpected deaths in my family, I too have been emotionally drawn to Morgan and the Harringtons. I so wanted her to be found and then when she was, felt horrible about it. Whenever I mention how I’m following the case (here) on a daily basis, my friends and family look at me like I’m loopy but don’t say so. How can I explain why I’m drawn? Now I don’t need to, because Fish said it all. This connects us, makes us human. I’m glad I feel this way about it, even though it causes me heartache.

    Thanks Fish, that is a beautiful post.

  13. Carol says:

    I missed the interview, but will check it out when I get home on-line. Would love to hear “Blink’s” voice!!

    FISH – God Bless You…you have me in tears. I think you are on the right path to healing though – you are seeing a way out to help others – to pay it forward. I’ve always thought you reap what you sow.

    Take care.

  14. TOY says:

    Blink, this is for you personally unless you just want to post it.

    I left a message over at Dana’s site but in case that is not checked often, you may want to contact him.

    I listen to Dana’s show all the time but seldom catch it live. I was especially interested in this last one. However, when I try to play it from his site, it is the day’s commentary rather than the show. Would you mind checking it out and possibly letting Dana know?

    It might be “fixable” if caught soon enough. Thanks!

    The podcast is now up on the radio site, if you dont catch it live, we have to wait for the podcast.

  15. luvblink says:

    Wow, your story has hit really close to home for me. I am fighting back the tears right now. My hubby and kids have no idea why I am so emotionally involved in this case either. They of course know that my father was a missing person in 1997 and later found killed. After that I watched every “true crime” show that has come on. A few years ago a friend from work was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, he killed her and her pregnant daughter. He was arrested and committed suicide in jail. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could have done something to prevent that.
    So Fish I am thankful there are other people in this world that can relate to what I am feeling even if those around me think I’m crazy. Morgan is the friend that I never met but I will forever remember.

  16. slowreader says:

    I am a long-time slow reader here.. I started back in the fall, and haven’t replied until now.
    I have a request: Many refer to OYE’s comments — about how they now make more sense. If someone has archived her messages, can you repost them, or provide a link to them? With the move to comments posted within frames on the BOC site, it’s a bit more difficult to search. (And definitely difficult to get good results).
    I appreciate the brain power here! I am in awe of the collective IQ!

  17. Moonchime says:

    Fish, you are a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  18. Judi says:

    For some reason, my PC won’t play the interview. Where do I get the codec?

    Hang in, I am about to post the youtube

  19. PM1 says:

    Fish…beautifu. Bless you and your family.

  20. PM1 says:

    Sorry Fish, it should say beautiful. Obviously my vision is blurred.

  21. Frank Speaker says:

    I reviewed Blinks previous U Tube segments today . Very inspirational motivation on her part in helping to find the missing .Folks should check them out ,she has a beautiful voice for sure . She is very sweet and tender. I envisioned her to be crusty , how wrong i wuz!!. But with the casts of characters she meets you never know .

    Aaw. Shucks. Lol. I am definitely crusty when I need to be, ask my team :)

  22. Matt says:

    Blink… thought your advice about having the conversation with your Nieces about their “call list” was spot on. This case prompted me to have the exact same conversation with both my daughters even though they are younger (Middle and High School).

    Awesome. Check their phones and code the entries #1 , #2, and #3.

  23. roageo says:

    Fish, thank you for sharing your heartfelt story. I was quite touched.

    Blink, your interview was very interesting and informative. Like the other posters here, it was good to put a voice with your written wit and wisdom.


  24. Elizabeth says:

    This weekend we are traveling to our sons home. The talk will be with our 16 year old granddaughter. I read her Facebook and almost fell off the chair. For the last two weeks, as far back as I cared to travel, I could have found her from her postings. I was so amazed at what kids post. Do they have any idea who could be reading this?

    When my daughters were old enough to be “let out of the house alone” we had an agreement. If anything at all, driver drinking, things not going well were to happen while they were out with their friends they were to call me and I would come and get them anywhere any time and bring them home safely. No questions asked. Twice I got calls and we both kept with our agreement. I never asked and they never told.
    But they were safe.

    Elizabeth- you made my day. Blinkette is younger than your gddr, but I can tell you her Mom Mom holds more weight than I in certain areas. USE your power!!

    So good news on the nieces. And Gods speed to me this weekend.
    I so enjoyed listening to the interview.

  25. hummingbird says:

    Dear Blink yes it was so lovely to hear your warm voice and heartfelt message.
    Thankyou again for the important work that you do I hold you in deep respect.
    Dear Fish you made me cry in the middle of cooking dinner and I overcooked my daughters chicken nuggets!! But I didn’t care and she didn’t either.
    You so eloquently put into words what I have clumsily been trying to articulate in my own brain and here on BOC.
    Thankyou so very much for sharing do deeply with all of us
    I for one really needed to read what you had to say.
    Peace and blessings.

    TY friend

  26. awa says:

    sweet blink… you honor morgan. and, i know it costs you. you are giving us an everlasting gift through morgan… love of life and believing in what is good and true…..
    and, figuring out how to educate the kids to come…. truly, bless you kindly for your hard work and dedication to morgan… you are the tide that binds us… xoxox

  27. Judi says:

    Blink, thanks for posting the youtube. I got to listen to the interview and it was excellent! And, it was so nice to hear your voice! God Bless.

  28. alexandra says:

    I am overly emotional to begin with but now I think I have become way too emotional for my own good. I have read everything from the beginning. I tried to write with you, but you are very hard to keep up with. So many smart people here. Fish, you made me cry. I too have neglected my daily routine in order to try to keep up. Morgan Harrington captured my heart. J2K you made me cry too, that’s when I realized I had better just back out. Blink, thank you for all the work you do for the victims.

  29. Judi says:

    I wanted to share a story with you all. When I was in high school, I had a friend who had got a job working at a restaurant to earn enough money to buy himself this leather jacket he had his eye on for a while. He worked hard and was able to buy it for himself right around Christmas. We went on Christman break. He was over a friends house one day during Christmas break and an argument broke out because all of a sudden, his “friend” wanted him to hand over his leather jacket. When he refused, my friend got shot in the stomach from less than a foot away with a 12 gauge shotgun while his friends parents were downstairs and a third friend was in the room and had witnessed everything. My friend died, his friend went to jail, the funeral was aweful (they could only show the upper part of the body and even that was extremely bloated). I am now an anti-gun person ever since, especially with childeen in the home. I was 16 1/2 years old when this happened to my friend. This is why I am so concerned with justice for victims of violent crimes.

    Now, the point of my story is that circumstances can change on the drop of a dime. No warning until it’s happening, especially shocking when it’s coming from a friend or someone who you though you could trust.

    I find it so unlikely that in the short amount of time between when Morgan was last seen and when her phone went dead and she disappeared, that some random person pulled up and did this. I think that Morgan met up with someone she knew (pre-planned or only as a result of getting stuck outside the arena, who knows), this individual possibly tried to take advantage of her in her “buzzed” state but Morgan would have none of it and tried to fend him off and he got mad and then, well, we already know.

    I also HAVE to believe that LE is close to making an arrest. I will not allow my mind to go down the other path that LE is clueless and this individual is going to get away with this.

  30. SadieBlue says:

    Wow, Fish, your comments above were so beautifully written. I have to tell you, I have never experienced what you have, and I am so sorry for what you have been through, but I have experienced a tragedy of my own that hurts still so badly. And when you were talking of that moment that you know it is bad, I know that moment. We lost a beautiful child in our extended family a few years ago to a drowning accident, and I got the call from my husband as I was leaving work. I answered the phone and he said “I’ve got bad news, real bad news actually” and I knew it would be very bad, and it was. That moment was a hard hit to the chest of knowing. At that time she had just been rushed to the hospital, but she did not survive. She was only three. And I think for an entire year, every time I hit that same spot of the road leaving work, my husband’s voice filled my head as if he were there speaking to me, saying, “I’ve got bad news” and I would cry the whole way home from work. I know it is not the same as what you went through, but it seems similar. I’m still feeling it all of the time, it hits me at odd times. Life is fragile enough as it is, but for someone to take another’s just infuriates me so much. I don’t understand it, never will. I would never hurt anyone. I don’t tolerate those that do, it is so selfish. I check here every day for a resolution to this crime. I hope this person pays somehow, through this life’s justice or the next. I pray for peace for you. And I pray for the Harringtons also.

  31. Josie says:

    Thank you Blink for posting the video. I was not at all surprised that is was a top notch interview. I too, was glad to put a voice behind our fabulous BOC. Thanks for all you do to find and bring justice for these innocent victims. Thank you for being a voice for them and what a beautiful voice it is! From my heart to your heart.

  32. PM1 says:

    Blink, I just listened to the YouTube and your empathy, knowledge and true caring spirit resound in every word. The depth of your commitment has always been evident in your answers on the site, but to actually hear your voice and experience first-hand the dedication and emotion you exude is remarkable. Thank you yet again for all you do. I am in awe.


  33. Chad says:

    Blink: Just listened to the show. You are a true professional, and a dedicated voice to the victims, and their families.

    Fish: Very touching post, said with so much compassion and emotion. Thank you for sharing your story. So sorry for your tragic loss in your life fish. Your level of understanding what the Harringtons are going through can in no doubt be comforting to them.
    Cheers to you for attending the search.


  34. TheOtherD says:

    My daughter is 23 this year and there has been a quantum leap in her awareness and perception of the world around her in terms of her safety and security. That’s good, because she lives away from home now… with two really big dogs:-) At 20, she thought she was invulnerable. But even now, she could still be taken in by someone she knows. The world CAN change in an instant, and I am still mindful of that fact for her- she’ll be in Cancun next week (accompanied) and I am still telling her to be aware of her surroundings. I don’t even like to imagine what the Harringtons are experiencing… and I hope and pray I never have to know that pain on a first hand basis. Just the loss of family to natural causes is heartbreaking enough and my heart goes out to posters like fish, who have had loved ones killed by foul play.
    Young adults need SOME freedom in their college years to develop a worldview about life, and hopefully, if they have a solid foundation, they become wise and emotionally independent individuals. It’s such a liminal time though, and the world has become a much more dangerous place. Social networking sites make it very easy for a stalker to follow and communicate with a person incognito-

  35. Cooper says:

    Hi Blink, fellow posters and friends of Morgan!!!
    I was moving during snowstorms and had to shut down my computer to make the move. Interestingly I am in Virginia and have moved back to where I grew up in Fairfax Co/ Washington DC area. I passed by several exits to Charlottesville on my way up and oh the temptation…even in bad weather with a dog in tow…to turn off and see for myself what Anchorage Farm looks like!

    This case has captured my attention from the moment it hit the news. Morgan looks like such a sweet,loving girl and her photos are filled with life. She had an amazing future ahead that was stolen from her and her beautiful family. It tears at the heart. I am still sure that the police have clear paths that they are following right now and by process of elimination they will have one path left and it will lead directly to the person that did this. Again…they are one of a small group of people on the planet that had intimate knowledge of the existence of this site and the access to it.

    This interview was spectacular Blink! It’s taken me a day or two to catch up on all of the posts but I was trying to download the interview yesterday and was glad to see it posted this am. Really great stuff. I really loved the way you implored people to not let their friends become separated from you in large crowds and public places like that!!! These are, unfortunately, literally hunting grounds for predators! Watch out for each other…this is serious. JVM has some interesting guests on but she argues the fact that women shouldn’t have to watch what they do. I hate it when she STOPS people from giving ADVICE for women to take extra cautions when they are in risky environments!! JVM won’t let them speak because theoretically she doesn’t feel the responsibility should be on the woman’s shoulder. But there is a REALITY to deal with here. This is not JVM’s “dream world” that we live in. There ARE predators out there that prey on children and women…WE HAVE BEEN WARNED…time and time again. Thanks so much for making that point, Blink…to me it is mandatory that women watch out for themselves, their children and their friends whenever they are in public places but especially high risk situations.
    I also loved it when you brought up all of the OTHER missing people and children that don’t get as much attention as the Caylee Anthony’s and the Morgans. Somehow they become lost to us.
    I am literally heartbroken over what happened to poor little Neveah Buchanan, who was buried in the woods by a lake. They believe she was still ALIVE when her face was pushed into the dirt and quick-dry cement was poured over her beautiful, innocent little body. The killer /killers drank canned beer at the site and smoked cigarettes as they performed this disgusting act, according to the evidence that was found at the scene. I never have been satisfied with Neveah’s mother and her accounting! Her account of her last sighting of Nevah makes no sense and she was exposing her child to KNOWN sex offenders that she met in jail. The mother was a criminal herself and was in jail for a home invasion robbery. IMO her story never made any sense. The shear callousness of this act demands that whoever committed it be taken off the streets and away from our children…but Neveah is rapidly becoming forgotten with the others.
    Thank you so much for that.

    Just a few observations as to THIS case. The fact that Morgan’s death has now been ruled a homicide eliminates the possibility of a drug overdose IMO, as that could be accidental. They have now come out and stated publicly that this is, in fact a homicide. That leaves gunshot (not likely), blunt force trauma to the head or other parts of the body or strangulation (most likely.) JIMO.
    I would be extremely interested to find out if she had been sexually assaulted (which would be my first guess.) Would love to know what other evidence was found at the scene as I am positive that this killer did not ever think that Morgan’s body would be found…EVER. This suggests to me that there is a treasure trove of evidence that he did not concern himself with as he was confident it was not necessary.
    One can only hope that there is DNA, fingerprints, fibers, hairs and all kinds of supporting evidence that leads directly back to his doorstep. My guess is that at one time there was. The only factors now should be the elements and have they had a chance to destroy any of it? Surprisingly evidence, undisturbed, can last a very, very long time…years even.
    That leaves other questions. Did he return to this site? He had access to it. We know that.
    I sure hope he did.
    Was he documented on one of the cameras that Blink discovered? One hopes.
    JIMO a hunter would not place a body where he knew there were cameras and then leave it there for this length of time. IMO that eliminates the hunters that were aware of the cameras or that placed them there.
    The handful of people that had access to that site and knowledge of it specifically, gets smaller.

    I have been completely occupied with moving and reading the extraordinarily interesting posts on this site. Some fascinating theories out there and all of them viable IMO as long as somewhere in the scenario the killer/killers DOES or knows someone….
    “who had access to the property and knowledge of the site.”

    Incredible interview Blink.
    Best to all.

  36. Dar says:

    Fish you made me teary eyed. Thank you for your most heartfelt post and allowing us into alittle bit of your world. Your sister and siter in law are truly angels watching over you and now they have Morgan with them too.

    Blink it was so nice hearing your voice. Great interview by the way. Nice to have a voice to your posts. TY for that.

  37. marywhunt says:

    Blink, I finally got around to listening to your interview. Ditto the previous posts (great job in a nutshell), and I commend you for remarking on pervasive underage drinking and also for giving advice about personal security and how friends need to stick together.

  38. Kriddo says:

    Fish, wow. Your post really moved me.
    I wish you peace and courage.
    On second thought, your post surely proves you are not lacking any of the latter.
    So just peace it is, then.

  39. Word Girl says:

    Some days you just need to know you are not alone.

    All of you–Good Fish, you are a force for good–and give me comfort with your heartfelt words.

    alexandra, I’ve always been touched by your posts. I hope you keep expressing your heart.

    Coop. Glad you got moved in all that snow. I agree with you on COD as I had posted a week or so ago.
    You are so right, too: “We have been warned.” Can we ever be too careful or thoughtful? Imagine my chagrin when I checked my FB and found holes I hadn’t seen before…

    I agree that women need advice and information. We also need men to stand up more strongly and say,

  40. gifter3 says:

    Oh Fish,
    Thank you for opening your heart, and sharing your personal journey
    with all of us. You are so tender…yet so strong.

  41. Josie says:

    Yes Fish. Morgan matters. So do you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and a segment of your life with us. Healing comes in the most mysterious ways and sometimes we don’t even realize it at the moment. We all know this board is for Morgan Harrington, but it’s okay for friends to care and support one another. There’s a lot of good hearts right here, starting with Ms. Blink.

  42. SylV says:


    I just heard your interview with Dana, and I have to say that you are so professional but yet I can hear the compassion that you have for Morgan and all the other missing people that you have covered here on BOC. The many hours that you devote to this website, shows that you are a wonderful advocate for many victims that can no longer speak for themselves. I would like to thank you Blink for your hard work and keep it up. We need people like you in this world, so that we can see there are people that actually care about the person and not about trying to see who can get the scoop of the day and what bogus info they can release to the public.


  43. bottomline says:

    Yes Blinksters, you are all so right. Haven’t been around in awhile, but must comment on these posts about Blink. She is all you say and more; a very intelligent, witty, compassionate writer and speaker. I feel blessed just having her in my life. She exudes professionalism and empathy with great style!

    Ty, whoever you are, friend to BOC.

  44. bottomline says:

    Gee Whiz Blink, I haven’t been away THAT long………… =)

  45. A Texas Grandfather says:

    A Texas Grandfather
    This was a beautiful young woman that was taken advantage of by some ugly selfish person because she was in a state caused by alcohol, drugs, or both. Regardless of the fact that our society has given women the right to be their own person and to do things in public that older generations did not allow, the real facts remain that they are always at risk in public.
    An altered state of mind does not allow a person to correctly asses danger in time to prevent trouble.
    If indeed she did meet the boys from the basketball team, why didn’t one or two of them have the decency to see that she was safely reunited with her friends even if it they had to stand outside the arena until the concert was over. We are all our brothers keeper and when a young lady is in trouble, good men and women will do what is necessary to provide protection.
    It has been reported that the band Metallica contributed $50,000 towards her reward. My personal experience with rock bands is that they always attract pot and dope heads to their concerts. The police are forced to stand and watch this go on because to try and arrest some of the dopers will cause a riot.
    If I were in charge of a university, there would NOT be a concert of this type on my campus. In addition, any event would have an adequate number of real police, not campus police, to protect the students.

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