POI Arrest In the Murder of Somer Thompson: Jarred Harrell

Posted by BOC Staff | Jarred Harrell,Murdered,Somer Thompson | Thursday 11 February 2010 8:45 pm

Orange Park, FL– 24 year old Jarred Mitchell Harrell is in custody this evening on 29 counts of child pornography charges and has been named a person of interest in the murder of Somer Thompson.

Missing from her walk home from school on October 19th, 7 year old Somer was found in  a Georgia landfill on October 21st.


Harrell was arrested by Federal agents in Merdian , MS and is being held on a $1 Million dollar bond. Until recently, he lived in a home near Somer Thompson’s at 1152 Gano Avenue, which was also searched today.

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  1. melissa says:

    Sassy, if that is true and I do believe you then I think I’m gonna be sick. Here in FL we have after school daycare type programs (dep. on income it’s free for some)for children up to 11yrs.. Mom or someone could’ve left them there till after work or 6pm. This never had to happen. I also think more training is needed in LE. Smaller towns aren’t equipped to handle cases like these.

  2. trimmonthelake says:

    Blink,this is the article Sassy spoke of.
    Reply #1097 on: January 14, 2010, 07:35:11 AM »

    Thanks Trim

  3. lisah says:

    I too am a little peeved that the computer was given to police in august and nothing happened, even if they were looking into a ‘ring’ instead of ‘individual’ charge that’s really no excuse
    shouldn’t LE have had their ‘radar’ up on this guy since august? why in the world did it take so long for them to connect the dots? One would think that the search for Somer would have come to a conclusion sooner if they had only put these two facts together and then perhaps Somer could have been saved or at least laid to rest earler, not buried under tons of trash in a dump.
    There is a guy in our town, his employer found child porn on his cell phone he left at work, they charged him but nothing really happened to him, i saw this creep walking around the mall last month! He was ordered to stay away from his children, but he was up at the mall with his kids and his wife, unbelieveable, plus there was allegations that he had an innappropriate relationship with a young boy on the internet. That family also invited a older male whose a crossdresser to live with them to help them pay rent, (neither that mother or father can hold a job) and they let their young son SHARE a bedroom with this grown man! what worries me is this young boy has grown up around this dysfunction, what will become of him? if the cycle isn’t broken, it will just continue.

  4. mjh says:

    Hey Blink,

    I just re-read the article posted by Trimm….did you happen to notice the name of the Child and Family Services Spokesman? Probably means nothing, but just kind of weird.

    Yes :(

  5. Word Girl says:

    I didn’t see the social worker, John H. on Clay County Public School’s website.
    To be a social worker in that district you must have a FL teaching certification.
    More info on SWorkers here:


    Maybe someone wants to find out if this person is the father or other relation to Jarred?
    If so, ‘uge!

  6. mynamehere says:

    God bless Somer’s family. What a nightmare. We just need better training of law enforcement. This is a prime example of purely effing stupid ignorance. I am sure there are many LE there who are hanging their heads very low. Let us remember though that their acts were unintentional. They did not know. Maybe this sad and horrific reality will see that officers are better trained.

  7. bluewillow says:

    Iknow says:
    February 12, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    Blink, the parent of the girl who turned in the computer said in an interview today that the Perp’s Father is a convicted sex offender.

    This is why we need to put these people away for good after the first offense. It is increasing exponentially as they are allowed their freedom. They are like a virus in society, infecting as many others as they can.

    I just want to cry and throw up as I read the posts today. What is it going to take? HOW CAN WE CHANGE THINGS?

  8. Christen Allen Iman says:

    As I have said here on this forum and on other forums..

    Jarred Harrell is NOT the man responsible for the abduction and murder of this child..
    The so-called experts should have already determined this from a preliminary behavioral comparison of the (POI’s) suspect’s signature needs and that with the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death, they are going to appear very different..

    The media is presenting this man as if there were already evidence linking him to the crime..
    And the FBI and the CCSO need to make that very clear to everyone right now or they will come out looking quite inept in the end..

    Chris- I think they look inept as it is right now.

    What are the differences in the profile as you see it?


  9. Iknow says:

    To Sassy, The article says Diena Thompsonw was cleared of any neglect or wrong doing. Her children walked home with about 100 other kids. Why would you pick on her at this time? I don’t know if you have ever lived at a Military base but it is very safe and this area is very similar to a military base. When this crime happened the Sheriff said he was shocked because there hadn’t been a child abduction in the area for 22 years. Please, Lay off Diena Thompson.

    Here is what you over looked in the article.

    But a two-week probe by Children and Families concluded the allegation about the children getting lost and being found with a stranger had no basis. It also found Diena Thompson properly arranged for her children to be taken to and from school, about a mile away, and that it was acceptable for them to walk home when necessary. Day care was suggested to her as an option, but not a requirement.

    The case was closed without any findings of wrongdoing, according to the records provided to the Times-Union last week.

  10. MIKE says:

    Well you think that then take a look at this video at 1:16 mins. into this video where it shows them at the vigil you will see him there in a brown jacket looking around all suspicious and guilty and why was he at this vigil and i wonder if the police have caught this also… http://us.cnn.com/video/?/video/crime/2009/10/22/sot.girl.dead.mother.wjxt Also here is a link to his booking mug shots and check out the side view shot of him and compare it to the pic of him in the brown jacket in the vigil section of the video..This is the pathenic excuse of a human being without a doubt.. Why did this person take this sweet little girl..He even lived next to her and is arrested for child porn… Heres his mug shot link . And you tell me if this is him ..It sure is… http://www.news4jax.com/download/2010/0212/22538537.pdf

    That’s Him. For the record, I am very concerned that the child porn case was not acted upon immediately. Also, I do not think this guy would not have a million dollar bond without physical evidence tying him to Somer. I think they are amidst a Fed investigtion of a porn ring, and he is in custody.

  11. Iknow says:

    Blink, you need to read up on Christen Allen Iman. He has a habit of attacking and harassing people on the internet. By all means, check him out in Google. He posted on Somer Thompson’s web site for days acting like he was a FBI profiler and knew what happened to Somer.

    There was another case of a young woman who was killed and Christen harassed her Father on his daughter’s blog. He verbally attacked his father and if his words were a knife, he would have died. The guy is crazy Blink.
    Just so you know.

  12. Iknow says:

    I am sure you must know about this guy, he is all over google and the Father of that deceased girl I told you about threatened to call the FBI on him. I see where he has posted on your blogs for years.

    He is a convicted felon. I have read his attacks on people. He is a dangerous loose cannon. Is he welcomed here Blink?


    Those are some hefty allegations. Are you sure this is the same person? Link please.

  13. Iknow says:

    Oh it’s the guy alright. He had a white dog and Somer was seen stopping and petting the dog in his yard. The neighbors and students have told LE he was very strange and scary. He would sit on the front porch of the house and smoke cigs and wave at the children when they would pass by the house.

    His Mother found porn on his computer when he was 13 and said it was just a phase he was going through. This info came from NewsJax from Mr. Bucannan who turned his computer in, with the help of his daughter, who allowed him to stay at her apartment when he was homeless. Harrell’s Mother and Step Father are the God parents of the young lady who turned him in. It was a hard decision, but, she did the right thing to turn him in. She had a hunch ahout him and Somer. I trust her judgment.

    Not that I believe a word Christen say

  14. Iknow says:

    I am sure Blink. Do you personally know him?

    I have been reading his insane posts for years. It’s your blog, just wanted to make sure you knew what kind of person he is.

    The Father of the Murdered Girl threatened him with the FBI if he didn’t stop harassing him on his daughters blog.

    Good Luck. Just trying to warn you.

    I am only under a year old here, and no, I do not know him personally. If what your saying is true, and I mean no disrespect by that, that would be some one I would not welcome here.

  15. MIKE says:

    Can anyone give me feedback on my post about harrell in the video at the vigil ???

    I have. I agreed with you, you may need to set your RSS

  16. MarchmallowWI says:

    Blink, To me it looks like you left out the word “not” in your response to post at 10:55PM (#14). I appreciate all you do, and the amazing research of all the posters. I hardly ever post, but read here every day.

    TY, got it :)

  17. chica says:

    I know
    sadly there are always creeps like him that post here and everywhere and make it a career of harassing and stalking people that have been victimized. If he is that creepy and it can be verified! rest assured that Blink will stop him in his tracks!! she runs a clean respectable room here. thank you for alerting her and us of such characters.
    Goodnight all

  18. Carol says:

    Okay – I also just re-read the article. If there is any relation in this, there should be double hell to pay. First with the spokesperson, and then with the authorities that blew it. I am incensed that this might be the guy that took Somer’s life and it quite possibly could of been avoided.

    And the FREAK was at her Vigil? Put a grenade in his pants!!

  19. Enquirer says:


    Not gonna happen, but thanks.

  20. Red Ranger says:

    While I am glad they found Somer, it has never seemed feasible to me that they just happened to go to the dump in Ga and sift through a half million pounds of garbage to do it. Their reasoning was that it is standard protocol.

    Now that I know he lived in Callahan, Fl. it makes more sense. The young lady turned him in August the 10th. He vacates to Callahan a few days before Somer vanishes. The same woman that turned him in for child porn sees his car at the old house a day or two after Somer vanished. She calls LE. LE tracks him to Callahan, on the way to the dump in GA. Makes sense now.

    Also, it is disgusting to see the Sheriff’s office and State Attorney’s office alternately pointing fingers at each other to see who is to blame for not arresting this oafish criminal. There is a paper trail that will prove who is responsible when Diena sues. Accusing each other only makes it worse.

    Mike, here is your feedback. Good find. There he is, bigger than life, looking like the cat that ate the canary. They must be made of brass for him to show up there. You done good.

  21. mjh says:

    Hey Mike,

    WOW. How did you find that? I had to look a few times and compare it to his mugshot. I only have the front facing picture to compare it to –couldn’t open the other link.

    I wasn’t positive at first — but he has two very unique u-shaped indents in his hairline. Clearly seen in both pictures. It is definitely him. Excellent find.

    At this point, there is no one who could convince me that this is not the guy who did this.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why they were not looking at him right away, given the information that they had. Also, they should have been monitoring the vigils.

    Was somebody protecting this guy?

    Blink, if I’m following this correctly, and I may not be….but, on street view, the house this guy was staying at is past the street where the crossguard would be. Somer would have had to cross that street to get to that house — but the crossguard, who knew her, said he/she never saw her, from what I’ve read.(??)

    I suspect Mike is an insider. I think he was at the park, personally.

  22. bluewillow says:

    Mike, sorry for not replying, that sure is him. I appreciate you finding and sharing that.

    I hope that guy gets what’s coming to him.

  23. Chad says:

    I just wanted to say that I will NEVER forget the press conference that showed Somers mom on TV when Somer ‘s body was found. It pained me so to see her face, and her eyes. Her words pierced me. Couldn’t sleep that night.
    Peace to Somers family her mother and father. Hope they can make sense and move forward from this terrible terrible tragedy.

  24. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Good afternoon, B.

    The Christen Iman that “Iknow” has informed you of is in fact me.

    There is only one individual in this country that I know of having this same name, and that would be me.
    My son’s name is a little different, it’s Chris Allen Iman, not Christen.
    Fortunately for me though, the information/allegations that Iknow is posting here and probably on other websites is not exactly accurate and they often try manipulating their audience by posting only excerpts of certain comments, emails, or information to present/manipulate the true picture.

    Recently I had an all-out with one of the administrators of a certain crime discussion forum that I need not name as any Google search of my name will most probably cite this site.
    Ok, what the heck.. It’s coldcaseinvestigations.com and the administrator was texasx (purportedly an ex-law enforcement officer of some kind living in Texas and who claims to know ex-FBI Special Agent and Criminal Profiler John Douglas personally)
    As you already know, I have been a member of Mr Douglas’ Mindhunter Forums for several years up untill just recently whehn I decided to leave the forums for good.
    This is when this moron at the coldcase forums posted a rather malicious post concerning my prior felony conviction back in 2002.

    The administrator has used several names in both, their email correspondence to me as well as on that website.
    So there’s no way for me to tell you what name they are now going by since they want to project the image that many people are concerned about who I am and what I do on the web.

    The issue of my stalking the father of a homicide victim, Heather Carpenter, is not in anyway true.
    I merely posted several comments on Heather’s website that her father as well as a few others took personally, that being she had been involved in some drug activities with certain questionable people, one being the young man who later raped and murdered her.
    Apparently, this comment was unaccepatable to her family who believed she was a good girl and that I was defaming her good name after she was deceased.
    That was not my intentions whatsoever.
    I met Heather a few days prior to her murder and this is the reason I became obsessed with finding the one responsible for her abduction and murder.
    I did.
    Mater of fact I followed him around and was actually considering killing him myself.
    Police already know this, I told them during the interview.
    This is, after all, what I do, or shall I say, used to do before retiring.

    Fact is, I spent some time investigating this case and in the end was found to be nearly completely accurate in my analysis as to who it was and where she was to be recovered.
    I camped out at the foot of the mountain where she would later be recovered for two weeks in my pickup truck so that I could attemnpt to loacate her burial spot.
    Police know this as well.
    There are a number of people in law enforcement, including the State of California Department of Justice and the three investigators of this jurisdiction as well as a former Assistant District Attorney who I can name who are very aware as to my being correct about this case.
    Investigators Bart langley, Eric Niver and Dwayne Morison-Redding Police Department Investigations Section as well as Superior Court Judge for the County of Shasta-Daniel Flynn.
    I have also been provided a compact disc copy of the several-hour videotaped interview with these investigators at the investigations section by the new Police Chief Peter T. Hansen, for inclusion in my book.
    I would not provide you with this information if it were not true and could not be verified easily.


    That’s about it.
    I can offer you more in details if you like..


    You have always been respectful to me, and to posters here. For that reason, and because allegations were made about you, I believe I owed you the right to defend yourself, with absolutely no verification from me as to what your saying, although I point out you provide the ability to do so.

    That said, I am NOT getting in the middle of this. That includes anyone that may or may not respect your opinion or work, and you perhaps feeling that way, reciprocally.

    This is a dead issue for me, and for those posting in the aforementioned.

    This piece is about Somer Thompson. Not ego, not individuals. It is for anyone that can contribute respectfully and intelligently to the discussion.

    It is my sincere hope that now that both sides have spoken, it can put the focus back onto this little lady that was brutally abused and murdered.

    Please respect my wishes, if y’all have issues, take it elsewhere.

    Respectfully submitted,

  25. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Chris- please see my last post. Not going there.

  26. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Yes, B., I could not agree more with what you have said.
    I have always tried respecting others here and I hope you do see this by review of my responses to others here.
    I didn’t ask for these people to use your website as a staging ground to defame or ridicule me or anyone else for that matter.

    But I did feel I deserved the opportunity to at least respond to such unnecessary and malicious attacks disguised as coming from “concerened members”.
    As you said, this is about Somer Thompson, not Christen Iman nor anyone else.

    I will apologize that I felt the need to respond but I’m only human like everyone else here and I hope you will understand the reason behind this.



  27. mjh says:

    Hey Chris,

    You have always been very respectful on this site, I agree. I have read your comments and replies with great interest, and have actually learned some things from you. To the point where I went back to your original profile on this case once this guy was named as a POI.

    What I don’t understand, though, is why you think this is not the guy. In my opinion, he is definitely the one. What makes you think otherwise? I am very curious to know.

  28. hk says:


    When you say Somer was “brutally abused” are you judging that based on the public facts or do you have some inside knowledge?

    Obviously being murdered and thrown into the trash qualifies. I’m just wondering if you know more than we do.

    Some inside, yes, but how she was found more than qualifies for me.

  29. hk says:

    If you know and can say, is this investigation something along the lines of Sandra Cantu?

    The amount of time passing, the COD not being released, the mother not being told more (I will withhold my thoughts on her)…It just doesn’t sit right with me.

  30. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Good morning, mjh.

    In response to your asking why I feel that Jarred Harrell is not the one responsible for Somer’s murder..

    I do realize that there are quite a few things that seem to point us in his direction:
    1. His prior involvement in child pornography depicting very young female children around and under Somer’s age.
    2. His parent’s home on Gano Avenue was in extreme proximity to the location where Somer was last seen alive and that she came within feet of it everyday while walking home, even often petting his parent’s white dog.
    3. The fact that the house was alleged to be vacant due to the couple moving out some time before, yet, Harrell was observed coming and going from this location after this fact and when questioned by police concerning where he was residing, gave false information indicating he was living elsewhere, is a red flag.. provided the opportunity for him to utilize this residence as a location to either lure or conceal Somer for the crime.
    4. That he was often observed coming out of this residence to smoke cigarettes ONLY when the children were walking home from school.
    5. That he does in fact fit many of the same profile points I had (and also expect the FBI profile had) indicated.

    Caucasian, 25-35 years of age, lone operator, residing in or very near the abduction location, vehicle in good working condition, unskilled or semi-skilled/service-industry type employment, having a spoty work history and possibly unemployed at time of crime, pedophilic propensity and computer images of child pornography would be found on his computer-some even deleted, The perp would have some college education but not be a college graduate.
    Jarred apparently had attended a junior college for a time taking
    computer sciences classes, that the perp was angry.
    Apparently Jarred had anger issues that are just now coming to light.

    et cetera…

    The fact that five weeks prior to his arrest, FBI agents had made a visit to his biological father’s residence and requested a dna sample from him.
    That Jarred was arested one-week later by US Marshals on the child pornography charges.
    That Jarred initially refused to provide a dna sample to investigators, but was said to later do so.
    That he is fighting extradition to Florida.

    ALL seem to point to this man as being a very good Person Of Interest.


    I just have a gut feeling that this is not the one responsible for Somer’s murder.
    I go with my intuition, not the abundance of circumstantial evidence.

    I myself have been falsely accused in my life and if not for the grace of God or whatever it may have been behind it that didn’t allow me to be incarcerated for the rest of my life, I’d be there today.
    There was no evidence whatsoever against me not even the slightest of circumstantial evidence, yet I almost went to prison for the rest of my life for something I never did on one person’
    s accusations.

    Therefore I’m not so quick to judge others as well.


    I do not know if it was your goal or not, but you have solidified my thoughts that Harrell is the right guy, and that there is DNA evidence to prove it.

  31. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Hi B.

    I wanted to thank you for not being too upset over what had recently transpired with myself and another on your website.
    Thank You kindly for being so understanding..

    And as far as my goal solidifying your thoughts that Jarred Harrell is our man?


    I like how you went about wording what you said..
    You scare me sometimes because I feel like you are reading my mind and you know what I’m really thinking..

    Ever think about getting into behavioral analysis??
    ;) (eye blink)


    Chris, I don’t recall ever saying anything about you knowing what I am thinking- what did I miss?

    I am involved in profiling and investigative analysis in a different endeavor, thanks.

  32. Christen Allen Iman says:

    I think we may have had a slight misunderstanding, B.

    I was stating that YOU sometimes scare ME.
    Because you seem to know what I’m really thinking/saying behind my statements.
    It was in fact my purpose of presenting the profile similarities between Jarred and the UNSUB.


    I do in fcat believe 100-percent that Jarred Mitchell Harrell IS the right man although I have been stating otherwise on various websites including rememberingsomer.com.

    ok, got it.

    There’s no conflict here, just stratigic ploy at play.
    It was done for a particular reason that has since assisted me in my own endeavor of rooting out a certain annoying and malicious individual.


  33. hk says:


    With all due respect, your first post stated:

    “The so-called experts should have already determined this from a preliminary behavioral comparison of the (POI’s) suspect’s signature needs and that with the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death, they are going to appear very different…”

    And when asked to support that statement you say:

    “ALL seem to point to this man as being a very good Person Of Interest. BUT…I just have a gut feelin”

    So which is it?

  34. Christen Allen Iman says:

    You do realize that Jarred worked prior at a certain construction company in Green Cove Springs?

    That fact was part of the reason for my earlier forum post about the “SE location” where Somer’s body was placed into a dumpster according to the SMART geographical analysis recommended..


  35. Christen Allen Iman says:

    hello, hk..

    In response to your question as to if I believe Jared Harrell is or is not the responsible party..

    Go read my latest contribution to rememberingsomer.com.
    There had been a certain malicious individual who was following me around the forums and posting rather nasty comments about my analysis and so.. I had to utilize an indirect and cunning means of gaining my hoped-for end..
    I think that will set the record straight..




    Jarred IS the one…

  36. hk says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

  37. Christen Allen Iman says:

    You are very welcome, my friend.

    I want to apologize to you that I may have been somewhat flippant with you when I responded to your question earlier.

    I sometimes get this way after I have been put through a trying day online.
    I cop an attitude and my arrogance surfaces.

    I was just so ecstatic that I was finally able to determine just who this individual is that has been making my life miserable for the last week or so.
    This was the reason I decided to leave the Mindhunter forums and was not going to participate any longer on any crime forums, including this one.
    But I couldn’t just sit around and allow this person to do as they have, to continue to defame me.

    I do apologize to you, hk.
    I hope you will forgive me for this.

    And I am very happy that I no longer have to conceal how I really feel about Jarred Harrell.


    Chris, I am going to ask that we drop the ancillary issues from now on. It has been addressed, it is over, has nothing to do with Somer, and I would like to keep the focus on her.

    Respectfully, let’s please refrain from any more side discussion on it.

  38. bluewillow says:

    I was looking at the Eyes For Lies blog and it is interesting, there has been discussion there as to whether another man in another video could have been Harrell. The consensus seems to be that it may not be him, but the video is here if you want to see it http://eyesforlies.blogspot.com/search/label/diena%20thompson
    A man in white tshirt standing to the left behind Diena Thompson. I can’t tell if this person and the person in the above video are the same person?

  39. Christen Allen Iman says:

    OK, B.


  40. NYCDude says:

    Hey Chris,

    Wow, you sure seem to have a wealth of inside info on this case..Can I ask how you found all of this out?

  41. John says:

    The person in the video you mention is in fact a female. She is shown in another video with ponytail, tied back with purple ribbon. As she walks away, you can see she is female. She wears a bra.

  42. John says:

    Here is the Video. Mother of Florida girl speaks out. WRAL.com
    The woman is seen walking away at about 1:28. Befor that she is seen behind Deanna with white tee and looks down. You can see her pony tail.

  43. bluewillow says:

    John, thank you, this video is much more clear and it is easy to see that you are right. Thanks.

  44. Christen Allen Iman says:

    NYCDude had written on February 19, 2010 at 9:48 pm:

    “Hey Chris,

    Wow, you sure seem to have a wealth of inside info on this case..Can I ask how you found all of this out?”

    I’m not certain what you are referring to exactly, NYCDude.??
    My belief that Jarred Harrell is the one responsible, or the points I made in my psyche profile?

    I don’t have any “inside” information whatsoever pertaining to the actual investigation.
    I’ve only had a few local contacts that have given me some basic information to work with concerning things such as the local demographics.
    One is the mother of a child that attends Somer’s school and the other is a local reporter.

    Could you please be more specific?
    I could then possibly answer your question with more definitive answers.



  45. Christen Allen Iman says:

    John had written on Feb 20, 2010 at 12:22pm:

    The person in the video you mention is in fact a female. She is shown in another video with ponytail, tied back with purple ribbon. As she walks away, you can see she is female. She wears a bra.”

    Very excellent observation.
    I had not even bothered to compare the rest of the video image and was under the impression it was simply another male.
    You’re awesome!! :)


  46. NYCDude says:


    I was referring to the facts regarding the FBI contacting Harrell’s father for DNA. I hadn’t read that anywhere before you said it here. I have seen it in the press as well as pretty much everything else you said since then. This POI is actually a POS. He is now being charged with child molestaion and producing child porn, charges stemming form the ongoing investigation. They’re going to charge this guy with everything and anything to keep him incarcerated (which I’m pretty sure they have enough to keep him for awhile now), and will present an iron clad case for Somer. Those cops and that community took it personal. That case was never cold despite popular belief, it seems they were on this guy for awhile. They dropped the ball with Harrell and they KNOW it. I doubt they’ll screw the prosecution up. But they got the right guy, this is more than circumstantial.


  47. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Good evening, NYCDude.
    O.K., now I understand.
    Sorry you had to explain yourself to me but my mind is not what it used to be.. Old age is creeping up on me I suppose :)

    I believe you are correct that the auhorities got the right man here.
    And again..
    Your video observation was very keen.


  48. Sparkling says:


    Huge announcement on this case at noon Fri. 03/26. I sure hope they get this creap for this along with all of his porn charges. They should throw away the key.

    Hope link works……


    It is an indictment/arrest. Praise Be.

  49. NYCDude says:

    It’s about time we got some “good” news in one of these cases.
    (As good as can be under the circumstabnces)

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