Christine Sheddy Murder: Sources To”It’s Her”



Snow Hill, MD– Although officially unconfirmed, sources inside the investigation tell that the female remains located on the rear property of the Riverside Inn Bed and Breakfast, are that of 26 year old missing Delaware woman Christine Sheddy.

Christine, Mother of 3, was last seen alive the evening of November 12, 2007 on the Byrd Rd farm property in Pocomoke City, MD.

Justice, Interrupted : A Mother’s Fight

chrisandkidscar1 was asked to investigate the disappearance of Christine Sheddy by Christine’s Mother, Lynn Dodenhoff, and members of her family and friends last Summer.

With the exception of a few outdated news articles and some good work by the folks at the Pocomoke Tattler,  we had to start from scratch. Yes, it is as hard as it sounds save for the fact that our initial primary source of information came from the one woman that vowed to bring her daughter home: her Mom.

This most tenacious woman did more investigative work on her daughter’s disappearance than the detectives tasked with finding her. In fact, one of the primary witnesses in this case was not interviewed until Fall of last year after I interviewed him twice and our series on Christine was on it’s fifth chapter.

At the request of the Maryland State Police and the Doddenhoff  and Sheddy families, the blinkoncrime team will be limiting coverage regarding the actual facts of the internal investigation of Christine’s case as it is continuing.

Joel Todd, Worcester State Attorney, disclosed that a tip led investigators to the scene as part of a “larger investigation.” Through the good work of a special investigator from Todds’ office and that of the Maryland State Police, who received Christine’s case less than a week ago, it seems that Christine and her family’s quest for answers surrounding her disappearance and murder will be forthcoming.

Courtesy of delmarva now Eric Doerzbach

Courtesy of delmarva now Eric Doerzbach

Pictured above are VanMuir- WCBI, Joel Todd- SA, Scott Brent- MSP,  Mike Fowler-ADA and Jim Seibert, WCBI.

Check back to for updates to this developing story.

Other Christine Sheddy coverage can be found here.

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  1. lily says:

    Debi – please read up on the stories and comments here so you can quickly catch up. Thanks

  2. sassy says:

    omg jr did work for the bed and breakfast at some point in the past please watch this video

  3. sassy says:

    from this video it looks like the remains were dug up in front of som air units, i have wondered why noone would notice something being dug but looks like there might have not been no grass there look and see what u think

  4. Ragdoll says:

    #34 Sister

    Thank you SISTER FRIEND! LOL ~hugs~

    Blink is humble that way! xo

  5. chitown lady says:

    Yeah know Blink, we hvae a huge problem in this Country regarding missing females. Why when a women goes missing….it isn’t taken seriously? Especially when family members who know these women tell these cops that she just didnt “walk away”. We have a case here in Chicago rihgt now, where a young lady just vanished into thin air, She was 17 yrs old. Despite evidence found at the family home….despite someone living in the building made advances towrad this young girl….she was listed as a RUNAWAY! She was a straight A honor student and very active in her church….her poor mom begged CPD that she didn’t run away.. Well, CPD finally admitted “they screwed up”….She til this day has NEVER been found and no person of interest sought. Tragic. how do you tell a grieving mother OOPS we screwed up. Here in Chicago, its a well know fact that black females (of any age) who go missing, get treated very differently then there white females counter-part. How sad is that….A missing women of any race creed or color is MISSING! how dare our Police deem who is and .is not important. Black females are more likely to be runaways?
    When are POLICE gonna start taking missing women SERIOUSLY? The case of Christine is another perfect example of the police dept not during what they are PAID TO DO….I have long said not all young women RUNAWAY! When you have the parents and other family members of these women coming forward with facts about these women. my God Blink!

    Perhaps when COPS learn…really learn to take all MISSING FEMALES SERIOUS…..To stop and listen to these womens family and friends..After all they do know them the best…Cases like Christine’s will just be wrote off is yet another “Oh, she just left” case…….take it or leave it.

    Blink, what you did for this mother is very commendable. For you and your group to really sit, listen, look, and dig rocks! To not be held back by LAZY COPS! Not to be held back by being told oh she ran away…Bless you! Bless you! Bless you! Highest praise to you for NOT backing down and asking the “real questions” the “real why’s and the “real who’s……..High 5 to you Blink for not stopping.

    Bless Christine’s mom and family. God will watch over her children. After all Blink, God is watching us all!

  6. NancyS says:

    I am wondering who, if anyone is going to search for little Haleigh now? Has anyone been approached about finding her? such a tragedy for that little one. Where is she? can we start looking for her now?

  7. Sister says:

    NancyS, I hear what you are saying. Yet, just before reading your post I was wondering how Blink and team remain sane dealing with all these cases. I have been emotionally involved in just a couple of these cases, done a little research on them (Cantu, Foxwell, Sheddy) and I am exhausted. Sheddy’s case is far from over, just like Morgan’s and Caylee’s, etc. I just don’t know how many pokers one can have in the fire at the same time.
    Haleigh is important — part of me believes she is still alive. But I just don’t know Nancy . . . anyway, not meaning to diminish at all what you are saying, just praying for Blink and her team every day.

  8. Gypsy DD says:

    NancyS..we have a whole area here for Haleigh ..look to the left side column..her name is there. Click on it it will show you all the articles about her.

    Sassy thank you for that link to the video and article. Sure seems like the local news is already tying this to JR..and the BB owners confirming he worked there. Wonder if the other rmors are true about Tia and her Mom both working there at one time?

    All that coming and going on the property the afternoon of the 13th on the Bryd Rd we know where they were scurrying to and from. But question..wouldn’t have her body smelled pretty darn bad as it was decomposing? You would think the B&B owners would have noticed that odor.

  9. Chris Smith says:

    Let us all hope and pray that this truly is the begining of the healing for Lynn and her family and particularly Christine’s three beautiful children. While all of this is speculation, I feel the involvement of other LE agencies has propelled this investigation in the direction it has so desperately needed to go. This story, for whatever reason, touched me like no other ever has or probably ever will. For so long so many have attempted to highlight the injustice that was occuring in this case and now it appears that everyone will finaly listen. I can not express the the relief I will have when Christine is laid to rest, those responsible for her murder are held accountable and her family can beging the long road to closure. Again let us all pray for Christine, her family, friends and the LE agencies responsible for bring this case closer to resolution.

    Chris, you are to be commended. I first learned of Christine’s case through you, and you stayed with us to cover it.

  10. FairWitness says:

    Blink, is it possible that Levi Hall had a room at the bed and breakfast that night? He was supposedly coming to get her that night. Didn’t Christine tell her best friend, Q, that Levi was coming? And then Joyce and Levi showed up bright and early the next day to take custody of the 3 kids. Was Levi staying there at the Riverside Inn Bed and Breakfast?

    As much as it pains me to say- I do not think Levi had prior knowledge or planning in Christine’s fate.

    I think his activities were a definite catalyst, the actual reason Christine felt comfortable staying at Byrd Road, if you will.
    He abandoned Christine and their children repeatedly. I say that with absolute conviction.

  11. Fearful says:

    chitown, I completely agree with everything you wrote! You’re right in that missing females aren’t taken seriously. Neither are those crime victims who have been threatened that if they tell, they will pay with their life. I’ve been living the past year and a half in fear due to a man who assaulted and threatened me. I have no doubt that if I reported this, I’d be suffering a similar fate as Christine, Morgan, Brittannee, and so many others. I’ve tried to seek advice from law enforcement “anonymously”, needing assurance that I’d be safe and he’d be incarcerated. It’s not going to happen. My life has fallen apart in the last year and a half. I’ve quit working, rarely leave the house and have disconnected from my friends. I don’t understand what makes some people turn into these monsters.

  12. Sdb says:

    After all was said and done, Levi Hall lifted not one finger to find the mother of his children, the only person on God’s green earth who ever really cared for him. He deserved so little and was given so much. In the end, he did nothing to defend her honor, or that of his own two sons.
    God bless Christine. Her story needs to be shared with all the Christines we know and ever meet.

  13. khinson says:

    Finally, Lynn and Jen and Christine’s Dad & grandparents can lay her to rest. I’m sure that, although the pain will always be, it’s not quite so raw, especially knowing that those who perpetrated this act won’t be long in getting what they so deserve, too. All of my prayers remain with them, and other missing children & persons families. Now they can leave the rest of the fight to those who should have been fighting all along, but only recently did they (LE) begin to take her disappearance seriously, of course, not the same ones as in the beginning.
    On the findings at the site, the video said there were pants and shoes found with the remains….did anyone else think this meant separate from the body, like she wasn’t wearing them? Maybe she went to bed, after putting the boys to bed, and jr or justin or domo, or a combination of them came into her room and assaulted her? I hope we will know more when they give the autopsy report, and of course when they arrest HIM.

  14. khinson says:

    fairwitness….I think that is just what the BG(s) wanted people to think…”she’s buried at a B&B, well then it musta been a guest”. Wonder who thought of that plan? But we all know she didn’t get there on her own, she had to have been moved there from the farm sometime during/after the night of the 12-13th. And I just can’t see any of that crowd at a B&B!! Not as a guest anyway. On the video from WBOG, it says jr was the handyman there as late as 2008, how do we know he didn’t wait until nobody was watching and move her body there, to throw off potential investigators. He could have moved her much later. I hope they can tell if she was moved from another site, maybe with levels of the products of decomposition at the B&B site.
    fearful…..I’m sorry about what you’re going thru….there must be some way you can get out from under this person’s eye….are there any women’s shelters in your area you can call for advice?

  15. bosshogg says:

    The entire local community is awaiting the next “official statements” from State’s Attorney Joel Todd and local law enforcement.

    At this point in time the remains found are still “officially & unofficially” being classified as Jane Doe, not Christine Sheddy.

    There has been a lot of speculation and more than a little nastiness in the Blogosphere about the case.

    We have stayed at the River House in the past and it is simply a wonderful place. The owners are fine people who are trying to run a business and there is no way they were involved. Face the fact that nobody is going to run a background check on someone you hire to do maintenance and minimum wage yard work.

    The artist that was interviewed on WBOC has his studio adjacent to the B & B and you can tell he was mortified. We know many of the business owners and neighbors in the immediate area, freaked out might be a good way to describe their reaction.

    Why that location was chosen is only a matter of speculation at this point in time.

    imho it was the perps choice, not the owners of the property.

    My money is riding on her having been moved after the bad guys had time to “figure things out” and realizing that farm was not a safe place.

    Camera’s, security guards, fire investigations, police presence, there was a lot of heat on the location even if the initial investigation was bungled.

    SOOOOOOO many questions in this case, a lot probably never will be answered.

    The question I want to see answered is, who did this to Christine and when are they going to be in the Snow Hill lockup?

    We can all Monday morning quarterback the case about McDermott’s statements and mistakes.

    But now the focus needs to be on nailing the bad guys, all of them. Every last person who was involved with the murder, the transfer of the remains and if there was a cover up.

    Hmmmmm what will be the next solid evidence or news that will be released???

  16. FairWitness says:

    Well Blink, how terribly sad. I hope whoever murdered this young mother left incriminating evidence behind where he or they disposed of her remains. We already knew Christine was gone, we just didn’t know where her body was.

    I am praying for Christine’s children, her parents and her entire family. God bless them all and may they find strength to endure their loss.

    And may God help law enforcement find Christine’s killers, so they will be held accountable.

  17. R.L. Haley says:

    Dear Blink ,you really stayed on this story,when it seemed the media let it go cold If it was not for a strong mother ,plus you and your staff,who knows when justice and peace would have come ,Im so sorry for the outcome.

  18. Amy Y. says:

    Blink, I have followed this case since I first started reading your blog shortly after you started it. Thanks for your detailed investigation, and for not letting another case of a missing young mother fall by the wayside.

    Thank You.

  19. Slowroller says:

    this is interesting BS…this was written on 1-29-2010…

    i am not trying to pick at an old wound, but i would love to find out who the ball-less “anonymous” commenters are at the end of this “piece”(pun intended)

    Do not be surprised if they are all the same person, lol.

  20. MQ says:

    I think they have the killer already behind bars in Tenn and we are expecting a press release tomorrow to verify it is Christine. I think the end of this case is near. It’s a shame it couldn’t have a better ending for the children and family.

    I am unable to confirm the press conf. info so I would be interested in where you heard that.

  21. Amanda850 says:

    February 24, 2010 at 6:49 pm
    Do not be surprised if they are all the same person, lol.

    Yes, I noticed very similar writing styles in those comments. And I went back and read all your BOC posts on Christine to try to catch up. You and your team has done a remarkable job. I wish I could add more, but I need to be more familiar with everything. Because I subscribe to “the simple story is usually the right story” school-of-thought, I would have bet money that Levi did it. I see that you feel differently so its back to reading for me.

  22. MQ says:

    Hey bosshogg….that is exactly the kind of position you do a background check for. In MD it’s very simple…if you can get on the Web, you can check someones court history. I did on Clarence Jackson and found an extensive criminal history. Also, saw that he lived in Snow Hill for a short period of time. Finally, the owners will take some heat on this. You don’t casually bring this kind of element into a small town. There are three schools (an elementary, middle and high school) within a mile or so from where this guy worked. Not to mention the surrounding neighborhood and the guest at the B&B. We are lucky this animal didn’t continue the behavior he showed in Pocomoke.

  23. sassy says:

    anyone had trouble getting on pocomoke tatter today it says it not there when i try to get on

  24. MQ says:

    Not a press conference but a press release on the identity of the body. Now we are being told possibly tomorrow.

    Who is we?

  25. cece says:

    Friday, Feb 26–Authorities Await MDE Report On Human Remains

  26. MQ says:

    It has been confirmed…the body is that of Christine Sheddy. The cause of death has not been determined yet.

    The COD has been determined, it is not being released.

  27. The tenacious woman did more investigative work on her daughter’s disappearance than the detectives tasked with finding her.What will be the future of this family.Every family are conscious about their child but if the neighbor’s are also helpful then the child specially girl never missing anymore.

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