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  1. Sister says:

    MQ, my prayers have been answered. Christine’s children know the truth. Justice sometimes takes a long time — but I am very confident it will prevail.
    Have heard no update on Mr. Forte. My prayers for his family.

  2. Ragdoll says:

    Thank you for the link Suz!

  3. suz says:

    Ragdoll, if you liked that, you’ll love this:

    Levi Hall gets a third DUI!

    Milton Police have arrested a 25-year old man for DUI after seeing him in a car swerving back and forth across lanes of traffic. Fidel Valasquez Perez of Milton faces several offenses including a charge for being a local fugitive.

    A field sobriety test administered on a man in Milton led to an arrest for DUI. Police stopped 27-year old Levi Hall of Milford after the truck he was driving was not staying in the travel lane. This is Hall’s 3rd offense for DUI. He was sent home on bond and faces a preliminary hearing in court.

    more here

    Also, the pocomoke tattler adds this:

    I guess getting his butt tossed out of the funeral last weekend where he and his mother were told they were not welcome, must have sent him into a tail spin and he must have had to drink his blues away.

    They need to toss his sorry ass in jail already, before he hurts anyone else.

  4. suz says:

    This seems to be a benefit to help Christine’s kids?

  5. christines mom says:

    Good morning all,
    Things are finally settling down. The kids are enjoying spring break and the weather has been beautiful. The case is still being investigated and I have full confidence in my super troopers. What a difference professionalism makes. I am blessed. Thank you all for coming this far with me. We have a long road to go, but we will get there.

  6. suz says:

    Hi, Lynn, glad to hear that. Easter is a time for renewal, and it sounds like that is finally beginning to happen. I hope you have a joyous Easter. I’m definitely still with ya’.

    Just noticed this snippet:

    Hadel indicted in Sheddy murder
    The man arrested for the murder of Christine Sheddy has been officially indicted on charges of first degree murder and other offenses. 19 year old Justin Hadel of Texas entered a not guilty plea last week. Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Farlow will try the case – currently Hadel is being represented by a public defender and has requested a speedy trial.


    Yes he has, and I do expect additional arrests in this case!

  7. suz says:

    Oh, Blink—-I am praying you are right.

  8. suz says:

    Sheddy Murder Trial – Latest News
    by – Amber Watson

    SNOW HILL, Md. – The State’s Attorneys Office in Worcester County is preparing for the trial of the man accused of killing Christine Sheddy.
    Justin Hadel was indicted by the Grand Jury last month. Authorities say Hadel killed Sheddy when they both stayed as a guest in a house on Byrd Road in Pocomoke in 2007. Almost two and a half years later since Sheddy went missing, police found her remains at the River House Inn, a bed and breakfast in Snow Hill.
    State’s Attorney Joel Todd says the trial could begin as soon as July.


    Murder Suspect Indicted

    SNOW HILL – The Texas man charged with the killing of Christine Marie Sheddy, a Delaware woman missing since November 2007 whose remains were discovered on the grounds of a Snow Hill bed and breakfast in February, was formally indicted last week on first-degree murder and other charges and this week entered a plea of not guilty.

    Last week, Justin Michael Hadel, 19, of College Station, Texas, was officially indicted on charges of first-degree murder, and first- and second-degree assault. On Tuesday, what will likely be a protracted trial nudged forward with other formalities. For example, Hadel on Tuesday formally pleaded not guilty to the charges and elected for and demanded a speedy trial. Also on Tuesday, Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Farlow was assigned to prosecute the case while Hadel, for the time being, is being represented by a public defender. In addition, the sealed and secret status of the case was removed on Tuesday, opening some elements of the case file for the first time. (NOTE FROM SUZ: WHERE CAN WE SEE IT?)

    Sheddy, then 27, of Bowers Beach, Del., was last seen on Nov. 13, 2007 in or near a residence at which she was a guest along with her two sons, ages two and four at the time. The couple with whom she was staying left that day to pick up their own children from school, but when they returned, Sheddy was missing. The case was treated as a missing persons case for over two years until county detectives, acting on a tip, uncovered what turned out to be her remains on the grounds of an inn in Snow Hill in February.

  9. christines mom says:

    It was the MSP homocide cold case unit that acted on the tip, not the worcester county detectives.

  10. Ragdoll says:

    4.suz says:
    March 27, 2010 at 8:07 am

    A little late with the response…..sorry Suz! Blink is right. How many times before his wrecklessnes is taken seriously? Who else has to die because these freaks have no conscience?

    This case and the individuals involved, including the ones who’ve come down on Lynn and Blink, ever push my buttons. Laws are put in place for a reason. Law enforcement ‘enforces’. So why do these morons get away with this crap continuously? If I was a citizen of Pokomoke or the county it resides in, I would high tail it out of there. It’s the epicentre of hell.

  11. Ragdoll says:

    Lynn, first, my prayers are with you and Christine’s children. You’ve realized a mother’s most horrific fear and pain. I pray that you find comfort and strength in the healing process. You are among friends and supporters here.

    Thank you for keeping us posted on Christine’s children. I am grateful to learn they are loved, protected and regaining another chance at childhood. It won’t be the same but the foundation you’re laying down for them is crucial. It will sustain them through many of life experiences.

    God keep you safe and abundantly blessed. Christine will not be forgotten. With much love >3

  12. ~M~ says:

    I was absolutly thrilled when I read this article this morning:

    That jerk should have been locked up a long time ago …

  13. christines mom says:

    Junior has been arrested for 1st, 3rd, and 4th degree burglary. Theft 500.00 plus value. His sorry butt is in worcester county jail. WooooHooooo. You give him enough rope and he will hang himself. God has not and will not forget me. I cant stop doing the happy dance.

    Lol, I was waiting for you to post that ma’am- Felt it was your right to do so..

    50,000 clams for bail for that offense? Hopefully this means they are done playing footsies with this creep.

  14. christines mom says:

    From my understanding he is looking at 30 years for these charges. I am so happy with the MSP. What a dedicated group. Scott Collier and John Branham (super troopers) have been the driving force in this investigation. I still cant stop smiling. I feel confident that ALL involved in Christine’s murder will be brought to justice. These two officers will make it happen. We have the best of the best, we cant lose.

  15. Gypsy DD says:

    Why the heck was JR’s bail lowered to $10,000? Does the judge even bother to read this guy’s record?

    I had hoped he was still on probation from the arsen in TN. If so, shouldn’t they just lock up his butt for breaking probabtion?

    I hope Tia is next. And a few others!

    SCHeeze, Right?

  16. Sister says:

    MQ, I read Greg Forte’s remains have been identified. My prayers to you and his family. Though it is not known how be died, this is a step I pray for some closure of sorts. Though I don’t know how closure really every comes.

  17. Sister says:

    This is copied from SM as posted there:
    This is an interesting article with some background on Tia & Jr.:

    The Saga of the Innocent

    This story begins 10 years ago.
    A minor child was born in 1999 to Ms. Tia Johnson and Mr. Shawn Weisenburg who were not married.
    Tia led Shawn and the entire Weisenburg family to believe that the minor child was Shawn’s son as evidenced by giving the boy the Weisenburg last name, and signing an affidavit of parentage stating that Shawn was the only possible father. Shawn saw Tia through the entire pregnancy and labor and delivery process. He was there when the child was born and the minor child was accepted by the entire Weisenburg family and represented as Shawn’s son and the entire family welcomed the minor child with open arms.

    Three months after their marriage Tia informed Shawn that she “fell out of love”.
    After separating Tia informed Shawn that he might not be the father of the minor child. However, Tia allowed Shawn to fulfill the role of the minor child’s father. When the minor child was 4-5 years old Shawn had a DNA test done after Tia and her mother attempted to coerce him into paying child support and sent a fraudulent letter to Dept. of Social Services.

    Prior to this Tia obtained money from Shawn to have a DNA test done with another man while they were still married. Tia did not have enough money to get the results of the test. When the test results came back from Shawn’s DNA test it was proven Shawn was not the biological father. However, Tia continued to allow Shawn to fulfill the relationship role of the minor child’s father.

    At this time Tia took the real father Jerry Davison to court for a paternity test and it was proven that Jerry was in fact the minor child’s biological father and Jerry was ordered to pay child support and provide medical coverage for the minor child.

    Jerry ended up having to have a bench warrant issued to force him to comply with the paternity test.
    During this ten year period Jerry even testified under oath in court that he had only interacted with the minor child 4-5 times in the 10 years. Jerry’s actions made this clear by having almost no involvement in the minor child‘s life.

    In 10 years not a single birthday card, not a single holiday spent with the child and not a single Christmas celebrated was celebrated with the minor child.

    All holiday’s and birthdays were spent with Shawn and the Weisenburg family.

    During this ten year period Tia consistently failed to provide any stability for the minor child having numerous sexual/romantic relationships with numerous men. Moving several times and thus forcing the child to change schools countless times.

    During this ten year period Shawn Weisenburg had to intervene with Social Services several times in different counties to protect the minor child and keep him safe, from the child‘s mother, and or her boyfriends.

    At some point Tia takes up with Clarence Jackson aka Jr. Jr. mistreats Tia by beating her, biting her and burning her with cigarettes as well as mistreating the minor child by calling him vulgar names and threatening the minor child to the point that the minor child is terrified of Jr.

    As reported, Jr and Tia were allegedly the last two people to see the murdered mother of three, Christine Sheddy alive at the Byrd Rd. farmhouse. Christine Sheddy’s remains just happened to be located at Jr. and Tia’s former place of employment in Snow Hill, MD.

    The Weisenburg family had serious and grave concerns about the welfare of the minor child and his younger sibling being in this environment and filed two complaints with DSS.
    DSS gave Tia an ultimatum.
    To remove Jr from the premises or the children would be removed.
    Tia chose to give up her two children rather than give up the abusive Jr.
    To add insult to injury, instead of Tia placing the minor child with Shawn Weisenburg who had been allowed by her and Jerry Davison to be the minor child’s father for over ten years. She instead elected to place the minor child with his biological father Jerry who was a virtual stranger for ten years to this child.

    Then, Tia even continued to allow Jr. to have contact with the minor children and, apparently Jr. thought the ‘no contact’ rule by DSS was a joke.
    Jr. had even so much as had shots fired at him with the younger sibling present in the front yard of Tia’s mother’s house according to Jr. Furthermore, Tia has alienated the minor child from Shawn Weisenburg and the entire Weisenburg family with no contact via phone or visits and Tia has even instructed Bio Dad Jerry Davison not to allow the minor child to have any contact with Shawn or the entire Weisenburg family. All of which has been emotionally and mentally damaging to the minor child after having a ten year relationship with the only real family the child has ever known.

    Shawn Weisenburg and his family love this child as their own and are also being emotionally and mentally damaged by Tia’s lack of concern for the relationship she allowed to develop over ten years between the minor child and the Wiesenberg family. Especially, after duping them into believing that this child was their own flesh and blood, but yet even after finding out he was not their love never wavered and they continued their loving supportive relationship with him.

    The minor child has stated numerous times that he would like to speak with a Judge to tell the Judge that he would like to live with Shawn whom the minor child refers to as his “father”.

    The Weisenburg family are the only ones who have ever really looked out for the minor child’s safety and welfare during his life.
    Over the ten year period since the birth of the child, Tia has withheld the minor child on numerous instances such as when DSS was called to protect the minor child’s welfare, which has always been viewed by the Weisenburgs as her using her son as pawn and a way to emotionally manipulate an entire family.

    Going Public was never the Weisenburg family’s intention.
    However, their desire to protect the children involved requires desperate measures since no one is listening!
    If this story can get the attention of even one person who can help protect the minor children involved it will have served its purpose.

    The Wiesenberg family have a life long history and loving supportive and family relationship with the minor child and are being alienated and have literally had the child ripped from their arms and hearts.


    Mr. Shawn Weisenburg and family

    I know this family.

    My heart aches for this child, and this family. They are truly the only good influence this child has ever been around. I am sick of people not getting the help they need in that community.

  18. Amy L. says:

    I followed this case closely from the time you picked it up and am so happy for the famly that she was found. I am wondering if you are planning any follow up pieces soon and If we will ever know the story of what happened to Christine and how exacatly and when she ended up where she did.

    This case is in the prosecution phase at the moment, which limits me on what I can update, but You have my word, the entire story will be told, when I am able.

  19. anon says:

    4.suz says:
    March 27, 2010 at 8:07 am

    A little late with the response…..sorry Suz! Blink is right. How many times before his wrecklessnes is taken seriously? Who else has to die because these freaks have no conscience?

    This case and the individuals involved, including the ones who’ve come down on Lynn and Blink, ever push my buttons. Laws are put in place for a reason. Law enforcement ‘enforces’. So why do these morons get away with this crap continuously? If I was a citizen of Pokomoke or the county it resides in, I would high tail it out of there. It’s the epicentre of hell.

    Seeing you know so much about Pocomoke lets try to spell it correctly next time…it being the epicenter of hell an all it should be an important place, important enough for you to know whow to spell before commenting on it. If you think Pocomoke is the epicenter of hell then may God bless your troubled soul because you are in for one hell of a rude awakening.

  20. Digger says:

    Thanks Blink for running the “Saga of the Innocent” and telling our story. Thanks for your support and kind words toward our family. Currently our grandson is with us after four and a half months of no contact except for two phone calls a week before he was due to come over. He will be with us for the entire summer and we are loving it and have a lot of catching up to do. Once we went public with our story “they ” started to bash our family and continue to do so. We did everything to protect our grandson while “they” put his name out there. Once again Blink thanks for everything that you have done it has been greatly appreciated by our family. May God bless you.

    I know it does not correct your sacrifice, but your family is his one true north.
    Love and Peace to you-

  21. Sister says:

    Weisenberg Family — have been praying your summer is wonderful, though of course very hot. May each day be savored for the gift it is — blessings to all of you.

  22. Sister says:
    Pocomoke mayor stripped of police powers
    Sheriff’s word awaited on 2009 gun probe; board backs restored authority
    By Jenny Hopkinson • Staff Writer • August 5, 2010

    SNOW HILL — Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Michael McDermott has been temporarily stripped of his police powers while the Sheriff’s Office investigated a September 2009 incident involving a service weapon, according to his lawyer. McDermott is the mayor of Pocomoke City and a Republican candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 38B.

    Worcester County Sheriff Charles T. Martin confirmed Wednesday that McDermott’s power to arrest was taken away July 22 and said the lieutenant is now on administrative office duty. An incident involving McDermott is being investigated, Martin said, but he declined to comment on the specifics of the case because it is a personnel matter.

    “Those powers remain suspended until they are reinstated by me or the case is adjudicated,” Martin said. “It’s something that is going to be adjudicated within the system, and he knows the system as well as I do.”

    The investigation has nothing to do with McDermott’s run for the legislature, Martin said. The sheriff, a Democrat, will step down at the end of his fourth term in November because of health reasons.

    According to Michael Davey, McDermott’s lawyer, the suspension stems from a 2009 incident concerning the location of a service weapon assigned to the lieutenant. The gun was in McDermott’s office, Davey said.

    “I’m guessing it should have been secured in a better location than his locked office,” Davey said, adding that the situation leading to the charges against his client are still unclear. “We are assuming that is the basis for his suspension.”

    On July 27, the emergency suspension board — comprised of members of the Sheriff’s Office — reviewed the charges and recommended that McDermott’s powers be reinstated, Davey said. However, their decision is not binding, and final say in the matter will come down to Martin.

    “At this point we are trying to get his police powers returned by the sheriff based on the recommendations of his own staff,” Davey said. “We are trying to determine what the basis of this suspension was because we just don’t know at this point.”

    410-213-9442, ext. 17

    Shocker the board voted to restore his “police powers”, I sincerely hope this clown is removed from office once and for all. His political career is over.

  23. Sister says:

    Blink, I am holding my breath waiting for said day. I believe in a day of reckoning and I believe his is coming soon. If this POS happens to win in the primary, which I doubt, my pen is readied to have at him in re: Christine. I remain enraged over his conduct and lack thereof.

  24. sandyeggo says:

    Just checking in to see how this case is progressing. I see Blink’s June comments about it being in the prosecution phase and that the entire story will be told once able. I cannot wait for that day. I still think of Christine and her family regularly and periodically do a google news search to see if there are any updates. There never are, but I know we will see it til the end, here at BOC.

    Sending love and peace to Christine’s mom, dad, sister and children, as well as to Shawn Weisenburg and family.

  25. christines mom says:

    Thought i would check in as it has been awhile. The kids will be going back to school on the 7th. Zeke is starting kindergarden. We met his teacher and she is wonderful. Haylie and Isaac will be riding the bus together…both are not happy with that idea. lol The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. cant believe summer is over. As for Christines case…Justin is still going to trial in December, Junior has his trial on sept. 14th for the stolen laptop(I will be there with bells on). I am also getting involved with politics in MD. I might not live there but my daughter died there and I have an interest as too what goes on. I will let you know how things go as we move forward. Thank you for not forgetting Christine.

    My dear Lady- I have been watching the children’s Summer activities via Facebook-

    They look magnificent, you and Steve are doing a tremendous job.

    You will have my support in any endeavor, and my friendship.

    God Bless

  26. Sister says:

    this is the eve of the elections. I have done everything I can do to make sure McDermott is not elected. I am now left to staying on my knees in prayer hoping people have good sense not to elect this POS . . . JMO.

  27. Sister says:

    Well, the POS won a seat. Unbelievable.
    Of course, I have voted for what turned out to be some idiots, but I was young(er) then. I just pray he trips over his own feet. God will take care of this, of that I am confident . . . in His time.

    More to lose, I always say-

  28. Sister says:
    Oglesby holds lead for prosecutor job
    By Charlene Sharpe • Staff Writer • November 4, 2010

    Print this page E-mail this article Share Facebook Digg Reddit Newsvine Buzz up!
    Twitter FarkIt Type Size A A A Next Page1| 2Previous PageSNOW HILL — In a tight race and before absentee ballots were counted, challenger Beau Oglesby had an edge over veteran prosecutor Joel Todd in the race for Worcester County State’s Attorney.

    Oglesby, who led Todd by 169 votes late Tuesday night, knows what a tight race feels like; he was narrowly defeated by Todd in 2006.

    “Four years ago we were down by one vote on election night and ended up losing by 14,” said Oglesby, a Republican. “We’re in a much better position now. We’re quietly optimistic this will hold but we’re unsure how many absentee ballots are outstanding.”

    According to election officials, 1,500 absentee ballots have been collected and will begin being counted Thursday, although the final results of that count will not be known until Nov. 22. In addition, late Tuesday night ballots from three voting machines — one each from Districts 1, 2 and 6 — were being counted manually because of machine errors.

    Although Oglesby led in the polls for much of the night, with 14 of 18 precincts reporting, Todd suddenly took the lead with 6,669 votes. Just after 11 p.m., however, when all 18 precincts’ votes were tallied, Oglesby had regained a slight advantage.

    Todd was joined at the polls Tuesday by Lynn Dodenhoff, the mother of a Pocomoke woman, Christine Sheddy, whose body was found in Snow Hill earlier this year after she had gone missing. Dodenhoff said Todd was the only man she trusted to prosecute Justin M. Hadel, the man charged in Sheddy’s death.

    “I believe this is the only man who could prosecute my daughter’s murderers,” she said. “He’s the only man that listened to me and stepped in, got the right people involved in her case.”

    Another key county office decided at the polls was sheriff, with current chief deputy for the office Reggie Mason coming out significantly ahead of Democratic challenger Bobby Brittingham. Mason received 12,083 votes while Brittingham received 6,709.

    In the Worcester County Commissioners races, incumbents came out ahead, with Commissioner Judy Boggs besting challenger John Bodnar in District 5 with 2,212 votes to his 1,301.

  29. Sister says:
    WORCESTER: Trial date set for Hadel in murder case
    Staff Report • November 3, 2010

    Print this page E-mail this article Share Facebook Digg Reddit Newsvine Buzz up!
    Twitter FarkIt Type Size A A A SNOW HILL — A three-day jury trial of the man accused of murdering Christine Sheddy, a missing woman whose remains were found last spring, is slated to begin Dec. 7.

    Justin M. Hadel of College Station, Texas, who turns 20 next week, is charged with first-degree murder and first- and second-degree assault. Prosecutors say they believe he killed Sheddy on Nov. 13, 2007. Her family didn’t know her fate until last February, when her body was found buried in a Snow Hill yard.

    In charging documents, police detectives said Hadel had been a guest at a home at 2911 Byrd Road, near Pocomoke, at the same time Sheddy was staying there, and that witnesses told police Hadel was responsible for her death. Court records show Hadel’s trial is expected to last three days, with closing arguments delivered Dec. 9.

    I sincerely hope there is an additional arrest in this case in the very near future.

  30. Ragdoll says:

    How sad Sister. How could anyone vote for someone so corrupt and deviant?

    I’m with you, God’s final judgement is the one that truly counts. That’s what keeps me sane!

    I pray Christine’s children are feeling their mother’s love, all the way from there. God bless Christine and her family <3

  31. Sister says:

    for goodness sakes, it has been postponed again.
    I pray this is because an new arrest will be made.

    A B S O L U T E L Y

  32. Lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Hello All,
    Three years today Christine was taken from us. We are all holding up well and we miss her so very much. Please pray for our family today as it will be harder today than most days. Thank you for remembering her.

  33. Sister says:

    When you find out the date of the trial, in case I miss it, please let me know. I am going to be there, God willing.

  34. Lynn Dodenhoff says:

    motions hearing december 9th. Trial set for February 8,9,&10. See you there sister.

  35. Ragdoll says:

    I’ll be there in spirit <3

  36. wymzie says:

    Just thought I would fill you in on the latest nonsense that is going on.

    O you cannot be serious.

  37. Sister says:

    It is utterly amazing and ever so sad. Another fine example of “____” (I don’t even know what to call it) is Frank White.
    Hope Christine’s justice is only a couple weeks away!

  38. Ragdoll says:

    37.wymzie says:
    January 27, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    When does it end? And to think this is the norm for many small town communities.

    As for Christine, I’m praying with you Sister! <3

  39. Wow says:

    Definitely thinking about Christine’s family today. I was keeping up with this story for over a year after it happened, and decided to google Christine’s name today, and viola!! It just happens to be the day of the trial of what appears to be at least one of her murderers. I didn’t even know her remains had been found. Thank God for her family and I pray this will be a short trial and everyone involved will get what they deserve. I can’t even begin to imagine how heart-wrenching this has been for Christine’s family. Bless you, Lynn and those children, and all your family!!

    Much love and hugs,

    It has been postponed until June, stay tuned.

  40. Sister says:

    I know for the family this is devastating, however, I take it to mean there will be more arrests . . . what say you Blnik?

    I say I look forward to E V E R Y O N E who is criminally responsible to be brought to justice in this case.

    Christine and her family have waited this long, I can tell you they can wait another 4 months to make sure the prosecutions in this case include ALL the correct individuals.


  41. Sister says:

    Thanks Blink for the assurance.
    Continued prayers for all.

  42. Lynn Dodenhoff says:

    She has been stealing from them for over 2 years, hopefully they have reconciled their firearm registrations as well.

  43. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Byrdie Johnson and her new husband arrested and charged with theft scheme. I guess Tia ratted her friends out, no surprise.

    What a crew of hucksters.

  44. Gypsy DD says:

    Good..slowly but surely getting these other people who were there when this happened to Christine. Once arrested this crew will start pointing fingers and rat each other out.

    At the very least they should all be charged with hindering a police investigation, not cooperating with LE..well the list goes on and on.

  45. Sister says:

    Any changes yet in those arrested and the date of the trial. I will be there at least one day. I continue to carry the pictures of these precious children in my Bible.

  46. Sister says:

    Understand Tia was arrested for stealing — isn’t that rich.
    Counting the days . . . had hoped for more arrests.

    Walmart theft ring, with some of her family members. Which, btw, they knew about when Christine disappeared because they confiscated 2 guns from the house that were unregistered they did not have receipts for, and the serials matched 2 stolen from Walmart.

    I am thankful to the man upstairs that at the very least, Christine’s children and family were able to know she did not leave them, and that they could lay her to rest properly.

    That said, I have my doubts she and her family will get the kind of justice they deserve in this case and I had to resolve myself to that possibility long ago, as you know.

    If I did not have faith that whether it is on Earth, or elsewhere, justice of some kind awaits all those deserving of it, I would have quit this work with her case alone. (I think a big thank you is owed to you in that regard, lol)

    I will never, ever forget standing on the dirt where Christine was murdered, and the vibe from that Hell hole.

    For anyone that is unfamiliar with her case:

    To all: If you know someone in an abusive relationship- pass this along.

  47. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Oh of little faith. Dont fold now, we’re just getting started. You will see. We didnt come this far just to throw our hands in the air and say screw it. I told you from the begining that we would find my daughter…we did. I also know that justice will be served on all levels in this case. I cant tell you how I know, I just know.

    O Lynn, I don’t think I qualify as having “little faith”, lol.

    As you know, I have never thrown my hands in the air, but Christine’s case was close, lol.

    We started together, we finish together, and God help those trying to get away with anything in this case.

  48. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    The view from the top is going to be AWESOME my friend.

  49. Sister says:

    Lynn, I will see you at the trial — it’s the least I can do. I will be the one with the Bible.
    Blink, I feel your frustration in wanting the whole group accountable. They are, in ways worse than anything that can be meted out on this earth.
    Have a relaxing and family-fun-filled weekend as we remember our veterans.

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