Caylee/Casey Anthony Case Bombshell: TotPop George Anthony Gets a Paycheck

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Orlando, FL – It has happened. In my 18+ months of work on the Caylee Anthony case. It’s The Big One.

JoJo CAN make bring home the bacon, FROM his bacon.

Who Knew?

We Did.

Good Ole Excell. It is in all those spreadsheets, people. 

All that is left is whether it was incall, last call or outcall status.  

From Sister to Mister, I always say.

George has a serious Whorge fetish. He puts the SM in smarmy.

As reported exclusively on, George is no stranger to friends by appointment. However, how does he have them PAYING HIM?

Isn’t it too much to even calculate?

My attempt at an algabreic metaphor-

EEW+Never+Are You effing KIdding+Can you knock me out first= $$$$$$

Fetish* frenzied*Father and grandfather is able to turn cash from intimate visits, from a woman, following the arrest of his daughter for the murder of his granddaughter, Caylee Marie.

I am thrilled to learn of further selfless altruism in this case on the heels of their foreclosure, their daughter’s indigence and need of public funds for counsel.

They really do think of everything those scamdamnthonys.

Apples and Trees. 





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  1. Bees Knees says:

    I am NOT a fan, WSH and I can’t see one logical reason for that comment. I have seen some really great posts and comments on this issue from other bloggers that I respect though. And I find it reassuring to know that the majority of them are not interested in defending Baez and the Anthonys.

  2. Kleat says:

    Anyone can provide a tip to the Nat. Enquirer, and the photo on the tv last night, easy to take a copy of that. Others might have that photo too, afterall, someone at the vigil took the one on NG, we don’t know who ‘owned’ it.

  3. chica says:

    I am so sick of nancy grace’s double minded self! she has leonord on there stating he didnt know he was having an affair ! hell neither did his wife or anyone else. Nancy is kissing bootie to the anthonys maybe cux she may have gotten in trouble! I only watch to get some updates mostly she repeats her bombshell news and leashs the attorneys. blah blah blah

  4. chica says:

    how bout a new attitude adjustment. a new ink pen a new calling card

    most of all
    how about a new attorney!!!

  5. jameson says:

    How in tarnation did they have an affair without the media or fanatics noticing before now? I mean, the tabloids and others have been all over the place looking for stories. But River and George got away with a torrid affair for – - how long? A year or more? I don’t think so.
    Having a photo taken at the memorial doesn’t mean much. Neither dows having a photo taken standing next to George during one of his many public appearances.
    I think the woman is lying. Her timing is off, her info bad. (Much as I may agree with the theory she presents, mayhaps Casey just meant to knock Caylee out for a few hours and not eternity with that chloroform… I just don’t think this woman is telling the truth.)

    This woman had an affair with Whorge, I am convinced of that. That said, it may have zero relevance on the criminal case.

  6. jameson says:

    On Nancy Grace, I would like to see HER court case get a bit of public coverage. But I won’t hold my breath. She sure doesn’t want anyone covering HER dirty laundry. She can dish it out but doesn’t want anyone giving her the same treatment.

  7. Leslee S. says:

    Jameson: If a man wants to have an affair, it can happen!

  8. Leslee S. says:

    Nancy Grace read statements from the Enquirer that that Gal & her sister did not say to the media. that’s suspect. Also, as Nancy pointed out, usually a story will have several pics….the Enquirer only has the one that we’ve all seen. I smell a rat!

  9. C.J. says:

    The only Zenaida that has a rightful legal beef with Casey is the one the police went after and Cindy refused to say that she was NOT the nanny. All others henceforth are “chum” IMO.

  10. C.J. says:

    If George slept with this woman, I hope little George falls off.

  11. Leslee S. says:

    Well, clickorlando has posted a story that says these gals are lying. Interesting, but I’m sure that it was an investigation led by Conman. I’m ready to hear from LE, myself.

  12. justice23 says:

    Well, I was quite blown away by NG last night as I missed the one on Tues where she supposedly did the bombshell’s on George’s infidelities because back in 2008 I remember many of us bloggers talking about it back then but it never seemed to come out in the media and I always wondered what the deal was with the whole girlfriend thing and how CA didn’t seem to know (or care?) but I CAN say this.

    Back in the summer of 2008 when little Caylee 1st went “missing” and all this started, I followed this case daily with many bloggers from another site at the time. This was also back when the WebCam was there aimed at the Anthony home … sometime back in August 2008, but before (and possibly after as well, but definitely before) CA was bonded out of jail by LP. We pretty much knew minute to minute what was going on as someone was always paying attention to the WebCam and/or reporting on the blog updates on day-to-day things. I do remember back then that several of us noticed and commented on various occasions that George definitely was not at the Anthony home because he had left to go somewhere (and no one apparently followed him) but by late at night, he still wasn’t home. People used to make jokes about his “girlfriend” and a few people commented they saw him with some other woman and we all assumed he was naturally with her and IIRC I also believe it was stated that his alleged girlfriend lived in an apartment and ol’ George was there.

    Some of this I’m sure was speculation but some of it I do actually believe. He did in fact leave at times (in the car) according to the news WebCam and would often be gone for hours at a time. I always wondered why no one ever tried to follow him considering everything going on at that time, but to my knowledge, no one ever did. But when people would ask if George had returned yet, the answer was “no” and his alleged girlfriend was in fact mentioned back then. I never knew how anyone “knew” he was with another woman or where, but it was often talked about, and it’s true that this was back in 2008 a couple mths after the story all broke and began to get really interesting. So what’s true and what’s not? I don’t know either, but unless we were seeing things back then, George did seem to leave the house at times and wouldn’t come back for hours, if at all at times and we all wondered where he was spending that time. And yes … there WERE news cameras at the house at that time, but I don’t believe the protestors outside the home had started yet … just news vans and the Webcam. All my opinion of course from what I remember, but I have no actual verification of any of it. I will say though that I can completely see it happening with what we now know about G and yes it’s true … if a man really wants to have an affair, he will climb mountains to figure out a way to do so. Not like he and C’s “marriage” wasn’t already crumbling even BEFORE poor little Caylee’s demise and G lies just like the rest of them … so good character? I think not.

  13. Susan says:


  14. Kleat says:

    BLINK WAS RIGHT– Cheney Mason is in the picture now!!! (still shot as the hearing is set to start)


  15. ChicagoJudy says:

    Mr. Mason is quite the comedian. I don’t care how well known he is, someone should tell him this is not funny — in any way, shape or form.

  16. Leslee S. says:

    Help, Blink!!! What’s going on?

  17. Carol says:

    I thought that Judge Strickland unsealed the prosecutions info , I’ve been looking for that info.
    Does anyone know if its been released yet?

  18. Bj says:

    Leslee S. says:
    March 17, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Jameson: If a man wants to have an affair, it can happen!

    Oh yeah.I’ve been married for almost 40 years and would like to say 100% my husband has NOT cheated but I would never put anything past any man. A hard **** has no conscience. :p

    Did you hear NG say to one of her guests (can’t remember who but was a female) (Paraphrasing here) “You’ve been married a short time” – if you think he’s going to the store, at work… you’re wrong. I don’t think NG husband has cheated on her but the look on her face when she said that seemed like she had been there.

  19. Bj says:

    Thanks Kleat for the reply. Too bad. I liked LP and trusted him in the beginning. Call me naive. I will say, I’ve never believed Caylee’s death was an accident. I believe Casey had plans to rid herself of what she thought of as an anchor then killed Caylee in a fit of rage and revenge against her mother. “The spiteful bitch”.

    It made me sick to my stomach to see her giggling at the hearing this morning. Caylee should be here giggling and her monster egg donor mother should be the cremated one. You betcha! I am in favor of the DP.


  20. Bj says:

    Leslee S. says:
    March 18, 2010 at 2:29 am

    River said LE came to her. She did not go to them. I would think she would have gone to the Enquirer with these pictures way before now. Sounds like she sure could have used the money. I believe the sisters but then again, I believed in ole Leonard Padilla. We shall see what happens…

  21. Carol says:

    kindly disregard post #18 , I found the answer on the Orlando Sentinel page, so evidently the big reveal was that Casey had been corresponding with an another female inmate and LE found the letters interesting but they weren’t a confession,so that solves the mystery of the once sealed but now unsealed prosecution doc.

  22. Ragdoll says:


    This woman had an affair with Whorge, I am convinced of that. That said, it may have zero relevance on the criminal case.


    Even if he’s taking money from her and Lord knows who else?

    I wish more would come forward!!!!

  23. Ragdoll says:

    Thanks all for links provided!!! xo

  24. chica says:

    It make me sick also to see her gigglying this morning. I am so sick of baez I cant even watch his wftv video being interviewed! PUKE!!
    I refuse to listen to that arrogant new member of the dufense. Another piece of poop.
    I bet that if she continues her giggling in her murder trail it will go against her.
    a bunch of arrogance. I felt like the new lawyer was mocking the State! did you all notice the arrogant look on baez and the new team members yuck!! I am so so sick of this when is Judge S gonna get on them for their remarks!!

  25. chica says:

    i dont ge tit
    is it just me?

  26. Claudia says:

    Blink. I think they would like to take back the whole hearing.

    I think after the closet meeting with J. Cheny they come out very
    cocky. Looking up, and oh I’ll stand here, and here, and here.
    Who comes to school without their homework. SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT DONE IT! The people of Florida were made to look the fool yesterday! These
    clowns ran the show, yep a 3 ring circus. That being said they crapped
    in there own shoes, using the money as TP.

    If I were a citizen of Florida I would be writing the JAC as well. To appear telephonically in such an important matter is outrageous. I have seen people required to be present for traffic infractions.

    It is my opinion that if the JAC had been present, that the defense would have been publicly thumped for their lack of preparation. Hard to do when the other party seemed the same way. Not cool.

  27. suep says:

    Just wanted to chime in here about the controversy of “Something found in the A backyard on July 3rd raising a concern that something was amiss with Caylees’ well being………..Stay tuned, it will be forthcoming soon………

    There is no controversy, I have submitted the concept since the release of Casey’s phone records in 2008.

  28. Ragdoll says:

    #27 Chica

    No, you’re not the only one my friend. What gets my goat is that Judge Strickland actually ‘enabled’ and ‘humoured’ the defense’s bad set of bed side manners. I would never have tolerated that kind of arrogance, or ignorance. I just know Strickland is a smart man and hoping that he’s got something for later that will slap the defense into humility and fearful respect. Oh and Santa, how about a jury that will give Casey her just reward……DEATH.

  29. Heidi says:

    Help! Did I really see what I saw? Did a 4 folded paper note get passed by AL to Casey? Did I not see the joy in faces of the Anthony’s and surrounding support team just as the note was passed over by a DC? Did I not read in JB that “it was against the rules to communicate to the guilty party” and he was mad! Did I not see KC take a big gulp of air, cover her mouth and had the look of “I don’t have anything to do with this”, “it was passed to me!. Did I not see JB turn his back to the camera and whisper into AL ear, most likely to read her the act and to remind her the cameras are on KC at all times.

    Come ON! These people know the rules of the court. What are they doing? This is just one of many tricks they will play to distract the jury. I hope and pray the judge takes control of these acts. Trust me, they have many a tricks to play once the cards are on the table. KC may walk… thus is true. Turning the mood to it being FUN at trial, is not funny to me. This new lawyer is not at all funny to me. He may win this case and I pray to god he doesn’t. I love Caylee and still think the world of her. She needs a good resting place and deserves the best this state can offer in proofing her mommy murdered her. I have no doubt. This trial will be the trial of the century and there will be pay-offs in the end. It’s gonna happen, and they will benefit in the end. I just hope and pray they all pay behind bars with their daughter who is now confident and cocky that she will get away with ‘MURDER”.

  30. Heidi says:

    Blink, is there any way to organize/link these comments to one another from past and future topics? It would require links that are tagged together within a folder of subject/interest? It might help in finding the answers we have pondered from time to time.

    Dunno, we are in the midst of upgrade planning for the site, I will submit that question, thanks.

  31. iris says:

    please, please, tell me who is the baby’s daddy? i can not believe with all the dna data banks that the police haven’t traced the daddy? all they have to do is run caylee’s dna thru ALL the dna banks…he has to be a local party goer, where else could casey have met him?
    did amy get repaid for her bank acct being sucked dry by casey? what happened in court over the check theft? did she get any time? does she have to pay restitution to amy?
    where are george and cindy getting all their money for gas in the cars, utilities, groceries, cell phones, the booze cruise? he hasn’t worked for several years, cindy is on ‘leave’, where does the money come from? a friend of mine, lost her great job, was one payment behind,bank of america, by month three she was forced out of her home/what is with bank of america letting them live free? and for all cindy and george’s insisting the cops find zani, well now the grandchild really is dead, why doesen’t casey ‘give up’ zani so casey can get out of jail? where is zani? did all the anthony’s pay income tax on ALL the monies they have been pocketing and spending? please let me know.

  32. shoozeyque says:

    I never believed any of that garbage of an affair with “Whorge” as someone so aptly posted above. After all this time, she comes up with this? They’re just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I wonder how much the NE paid them? Georgene isn’t one of my favorite grandfathers, which is putting it mildly, but when would he have had the time to do it without being caught by C$ndy or the media.

    NG as well as some of the body language experts said she was telling the truth. Are you kidding me? They had over a year to practice their deceit. I didn’t buy any of it just like I’m sure most here didn’t. Show me the real proof. Anyways, I don’t really care what Georgene does with himself. If it happened to be true and “if” he said what he said about it being an accident which snowballed, then that would be a different story, but it’s all nonsense to deflect our attention from the indingency matter. It sure as heck worked didn’t it?

    What a bunch of con-artists!

  33. Sparkling says:

    Hi All,

    Now, all of this notoriety got to be too much for River and she tried to commit suicide Thursday night. 3/25/ . Someone should tell her he’s not worth it. I was thinking something like this would happen sooner rather than later, but not by this particular person. Hmmmm….

    Is no-one safe that becomes even remotely involved with this clan ??? Here’s the link…..

    Be Well………..HAPPY FRIDAY……….

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