Morgan Harrington Murder: Harringtons Debut Morgan Rocks

Posted by BOC Staff | Alex Harrington,Anchorage Farm,Dan Harrington,Gil Harrington,Morgan Harrington,Murdered | Wednesday 17 March 2010 12:28 pm

Charlottesville, VA- Continuing the crusade to memorialize their daughter Morgan and keep the public focused on the dangerous killer(s) still at large,  Dan and Gil Harrington will be meeting with media today at 1PM.

The meeting agenda will include the Harrington’s ongoing concerns for womens safety on and off campus, and their fears associated with the fact that there has not been an arrest in their daughters murder to date.


The Harringtons are also expected to announce MORGAN ROCKS.

In response to a hand-painted river rock, lovingly and generously created and delivered to the Copely bridge by contributor Skyler, containing the phrase “Rock On”; The Harringtons have decided to widen the trend.


We are starting a “gathering of rocks” at Morgan’s memorial on

Morgan’s Bridge at Copeley Road on the North Grounds of the University of Virginia. When you come to Charlottesville and to the bridge bring a rock and a prayer to add to the collection. Leave both at the bridge!

Morgan, Gil, Alex and I continue to need your support and prayers as we wait for Morgan’s murder(s) to be brought to justice. Your support in raising society’s awareness of the need to change the culture of acceptance of violence against women and in so doing change the laws that allow these crimes to go unpunished.

Skyler’s slate rock was the first. A beautiful painted slate rock with an image of Anchorage Farm, Tibetan prayer flags and an angel rising to the heavens. Morgan, Rock ON!!!

Dan Harrington


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  1. PM1 says:

    Mary, thank you for your comment. I agree I can not post on the new thread. Unfortunately, freedom of speech allows a myriad of often disruptive messages a conduit, however, freedom of speech is also coupled with “freedom to ignore”. I will exercise that “freedom” vigorously with regard to this group.

    It is easy to get distracted by the hateful, disruptive antics of fringe individuals or groups. The students at VT and the citizens of the area have the situation under control and are organizing a wonderful series of peaceful, productive, philanthropic events to dispel the hatred. I personally support their efforts completely. I understand that righting wrongs and standing to thwart the spread of evil is paramount in a civilized society, but, we bonded together for a specific cause and we need to get back to the real task at hand-finding Morgan’s killers and bringing them to justice. The Blinksters are clear in their dedication to the mission of J4M.

  2. J2K says:

    Tip-of-the-hat/*clink* of the goblet to the last few days of posts on this thread!

    And Mom3.0, Observer – I was knocked back in my chair by your elegant, beautifully articulated contributions on breaking the cycles of violence. It is clear that wisdom – crafted from experience – has made for powerful tools in your respective arsenals. (Not to diminish many other amazing posts I’ve just read here of late – the lofty level of thought flowing though these pages is to be commended.

    Also, shout-out to mah’ main editor-in-an-apron, the one and only Word Girl – thank you for the kind Words, my friend; they mean a great deal coming from you. *clink*

    Now onto you, dearest B – re: cheese plate

    Um, so is that Colby-Cheddar I detect on the dish of hors d’oeuvres you’ve brought out?
    If so, is it a Home-made cheese-blend produced semi-locally… say, in Richmond perhaps?

  3. Susan says:

    Good morning, Blinksters. Pretty yellow flowers are popping up all over my neighborhood. Time has no choice but to unfold Morgan’s mystery like it unfolds those lovely green shoots in my yard into deep yellows and purples. As long as we continue to cultivate, to prune, to fertilize, to do all we can and then be patient and listen, time will give us flowers. Blink, do you have any guidance for us regarding what we might do today to cultivate resolution of this case?

  4. ConcernedBystander says:

    J2k says: Now onto you, dearest B – re: cheese plate

    Um, so is that Colby-Cheddar I detect on the dish of hors d’oeuvres you’ve brought out?
    If so, is it a Home-made cheese-blend produced semi-locally… say, in Richmond perhaps?

    I’d be interested in knowing that as well. I asked about it yesterday but my comments are still awaiting moderation.

    lol, I need the source link for the second part of your comments, I have been researching it and I can’t find it, I did not want to post without it. Do you have that, for the recent ones?

  5. Saramom says:


    What a beautiful post. I have daffs of all sizes and shades of yellow popping open in my yard–such a welcome sight after such a long and cold winter.

    So many times I have wanted to ask Blink, outright, what can we do; what do you want us to do; how can we help; what do you need from us? Sad and frustrating because there are so many of us here who would do just about anything to ease the pain of the Harrington Family by finding these bad guy(s.)

    I don’t know how Blink maintains her composure and some semblance of a “normal” life. I want to “push the river,” even though I know better. Trust the process.

  6. joe guthrie says:

    Suz #46

    what a thoughtful and caring wish for Dr. Harrington…

    Peace, be with you.

  7. ConcernedBystander says:

    Concerned- I owe you a simultaneous thank you and apology.

    I asked you to source something, and you did, and now I am not going to post it, lol.

    I have a concern on the stability of that individual, and I was prompted to check it our further, and it reinforced my opinion. I am not posting it, but I sincerely appreciate your contribution, and I know you will know what I mean, so thanks again.

  8. ConcernedBystander says:

    Actually I just found this one:

    joe666434 Says: “i would have cried pretty hard but now after years of institutions and drugs and pain i rarely feel emotion, but that was very touching and im very sorry”

    Got it, I will post your other one as well. This fella is quite interesting, with alot of time on his hands.

  9. Minnie Penney says:

    I’ve missed reading a few days – ugh – at H&R Block with my Tax Angel. I actually had two tax angels on overtime – they saved me a grand and I’ll actually get a little refund…whew !!!! But, I come back and read the West Bozo Baptist Church doing what …Please tell me they are not really going to show up….if they do let Thor release a few lightning bolts. If he aims just right it might cure their hemorrhiods which I’m sure contributes to their dispicable behavior.

  10. cosmo says:

    did MH have a boyfriend of any kind preceding the concert?
    someone known or unknown to parents, brother, and/or friends?
    if not RSO, if not BIBs, if not Security/LE, revisit someone with a personal attraction/obsession/stalker/etc. was there a boyfriend in high school who she was no longer seeing as she moved on to college?
    someone who could have jealousy issues with MH being free to go to concerts and hang with other boys socially? the concert was a big deal. it was known for 6 months she is going to the concert. opportunity presents itself to unknown stalker/assailant who didn’t indicate they would be there, but knew Morgan would be at the concert.
    i just can’t get it out of my head that this is someone she knew. it all seems so personal and emotional just by the small amount of “info” we outside of LE / investigative circle possess. was there ever any information or “gossip” that there might have been a boy who was interested or had shown interest in the past (6 months to 2 years) who could have been in the area / at the concert?

  11. cosmo says:

    after all this time, it just seems too obvious to be the RSO who lives right there. it is like, duh, if they ever DO find the body, the first person they will look at will be all RSOs etc in the area. and again, we all found that info inside of an hour (more or less) on the internet once the body was found. and i am inclined to think that when MH went missing, the same thing, didn’t RSOs in the area of the arena come under suspicion? … are toxicology reports / dna results back yet?

    Dna is not back yet.

  12. mary says:

    PM1, Minnie,

    Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, my shadow side took over and I ended up posting over there. But, I’m sufficiently stirred up enough now to get back in the ballgame. It’s only a matter of time. Justice will be done.

  13. Susan says:

    God rest the sould of precious little Aja Johnson, whose body was found with the body of her abductor, mom’s bf, Lester the man everyone (even his own family) knew was a violent son of a bitch.

    The heart is a lonely hunter.

  14. Minnie says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Morgan had an ex bf who they said was in a fuss the day before. He came on camera either on news or facebook. Pardon me cant remember. He claimed he passed her at the concert.

    They said he was a hunter.

    nope. I know who you are referring to and that is rumor.

  15. Minnie says:

    I thought of ex b/f the other day when watching one of those court shows when they interview the ex on an NBC station the other day. 48 hours or one of those. Anyway, there was a doctor who was convicted of murdering his wife. She found proof of a lot of cell phone messages from a striper. She approached him and he said he was helping her. It turns out he was not having an affair, but anyway the wife decided to divouce him anyway. I think because too much control issue. He went home on his lunch break because a patient was late. Any way it turned out his wife was pulled down to floor with neckties and stabbed repeatedly with an instrument and beat in head. He ran and got her jewels and put them in his underwear drawer hoping it would look like a robbery and he was to come back later and throw out. Anyway they arrested him before he had a chance. There was blood everywhere. I know they stated if I can’t have her, nobody else can, and he wanted “control.” He says he did not do it. He is in jail for murder with no chance for parole.

    I brought this up because it seems if it is a brutul stabbing many times, it is usually someone that has been rejected. Will not always, but in this day and time, this is what is happening. Wives sometimes won’t leave their husbands because they say they will kill them if they even try and no place to run. They can tract them down by credit cards and ss. no.s where they work.

  16. Minnie Penney says:

    Are they testing her clothing? Was there any tissure?

  17. suz says:

    Thanks, joe guthrie. Wishing peace unto you, too, my friend.

  18. adair says:

    suz #46, that was delicate and lovely, like Spring.

  19. lee says:

    Dr. Harrington, Gil and Alex, may you find some measure of peace this Easter weekend, remembering your shiny girl and knowing she is so very much still with you. I will be thinking of you all and saying prayers for Morgan and your family and praying for her killers to be found. We are here, holding you close, sure in the knowledge that justice will be served.

  20. suz says:

    ConcernedBystander, those joe comments are interesting—and gads, so was the vid of the woman with the split tongue and piercings (he thought she was hot)—but I didn’t pick up any dangerous vibes, despite references to past institutionalization(s). In fact, at one comment he decried the anti-Semitic comments others were making on a thread.

    I think he’s a music lover who seems quite knowledgeable about a particular genre, wanting to engage others in discussion. There was at least one angry comment, so perhaps you are thinking he could snap, and who knows, but FWIW, I’m not feelin’ it.

  21. suz says:

    I’ve continued ny research into brutal murders and I still can’t narrow it down. I’m still finding that it can be multiple perps or a loner; could be someone known or unknown to the victim. I’, not sure if brutal murders are ever planned; perhaps even if the murder is planned, the victim is random. I was reading one case where the dude meets the nice sunday school teacher at walmart, and 20 mins later he’s murdering her in front of her church (the police describe it as having taken r0 mins to hunt, stalk, &?4 ;@” $12). So these things can happen quite suddenly and out of the blue, which is still my scenario. I’m still not seeing a spurned advance by a BIB as much as a loner weirdo who snaps (due to drugs or insanity). The dude who killed the sunday school teacher claims to not remember it; kind of woke up in the shower covered with blood. Could be a similar scenario; but it could be almost any scenario.

  22. olderbutwiser says:

    I have followed Morgan’s case since Day 2, and know that BOC and all websites have strong politically correct, sensitive, controlled comments, but here is mine after all these long, long days. Post if you will, please.

    VSP and all LE: What, if anything, are you really doing to solve this crime?

  23. cosmo says:

    olderbutwiser … you read my mind.

  24. [...] of the $150,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. A collection of “Morgan rocks,” hand painted and etched stones created by those following the case around the world, now [...]

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