Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Funding For The Defense Hearing Today

While the web and blogosphere is clogged with the latest scandal to feature Tot Pop George Anthony and his nature walks of rivers and skies-

I would like to refocus efforts on a more pressing matter; the hearing on behalf of Casey Anthony regarding the indingency petition that has recently been approved through Orange County Clerk of Courts.

J to da A to da C

Justice Administrative Commission. The organization that is funded by Florida tax dollars has the biggest dog in this fight. While they do not pay for private attorney fees, they do cover investigative, administrative, travel, and expert witness costs for the defense. It is not unheard of for the JAC to fund such expenses for a murder trial, but I could not find a single comparable case where a defendant plays the indigent card 18 months into a case where they have received outside funds directly.

Note: this is an ammended petition, meaning the first petition which was filed the day of her arrest July 17th, 2008 where she stated she had an income of $1400 per month, $600 per month in expenses and $1200 in savings, is up for grabs.

My suggested aptly framed inquiry:

Miss Anthony– were you aware when you filled out your application for a handout that stealing cash from your Mother, embezzeling from the hospitalized-ederly and scamming cash from friends is not actually considered earning capacity or earned income? 


Are you like me?

Are we all thinking that Judge Strickland has done a fantastic job in this case so far?

Yes, he bends over backward and has endless patience for Mr. Baez et al and on occasion I grind my molars while remembering it is essential to avoid appellate issues.

I would like to implore him to stay that course. There is tremendous pressure on him to progress the due process of this case.

That said, I do NOT think the burden of this trial, and undoubtedly the second trial should be paid for by the good citizens of Florida while the defense team jets the globe on book tours or Geraldo.



According to Ms. Anthony, she was able to work her three hots and a cot fund to eek out enough cash to pay a combined $110,000 to Baez and Lyon.

Yes folks, the girl who has not been employed since 2006 has developed a penchant for earning a living.


You have got to be half crikey to believe this girl has only paid out $110K in fees. If that is accurate, then someone else is bankrolling an accused baby murderer and that will need to be disclosed. Mr. Baez got “by” by allegedly disclosing the source of his fee payments during the in camera portion of the States Motion regarding a potential conflict of interest on his behalf last March. 

Since then, one of Casey’s lawyers, Todd Macaluso, who had a seperate retainer agreement with her according to his own pro hac vice, has had to leave the team due to his issues of comingling client trust accounts.

Jose Baez is now asking for help with “costs” from the State.

I say, if you want the state to pay you, you need to disclose the amount of cash BOTH you and your client received from ALL sources of income, a review of your Quicken outlining specific expense allocations and billable hours and then answers to the following: 

If Casey, through affidavit, is stating she paid only two lawyers, in total, on this case in the last 18 months, how were the following legal resources outside of The Baez Law Firm compensated for their work to date? 

Terrence Lenemon

“I would venture to believe that they are going to require Jose to disclose what monies he’s received because that becomes an issue at hand,” Lenamon said.

“[Baez's] got a responsibility going into this case of making sure that he maximizes his money that’s being spent. If he didn’t do that, then the judge is going to hold him accountable to that.”


Mike Walsh

Michael Walsh, one of Anthony’s attorneys, told FOX News on Tuesday that she initially had not been forthcoming with the timeline of Caylee’s disappearance because the babysitter had made threats and Anthony feared for her daughter’s safety.


Jonathan Kasen

KASEN: We had filed a motion probably two months ago, a motion to either stay or defer the civil matter until the resolution of the criminal case. Judge Gonzalez, for whatever the reason, or it should be Judge Rodriguez I apologize — for whatever the reason denied the request and allowed the lawyers for Zenaida Gonzales to submit written questions in lieu of a deposition.


Linda Kenney Baden

“The person who seemed to be so guilty — it turns out he was innocent,” Linda Kenney Baden told NBC News in a report that aired Friday on TODAY.


Todd Macaluso

“There is substantial evidence … that the body or the remains of Caylee Anthony were placed there after Casey Anthony was locked up in the Orange County correctional facility. … And that proves her innocence.”


 Dr. Henry Lee

LEE: Not right now. My initial agreement was just to examine the car, to look at the car. So I don`t know any other evidence. And of course, a lot depends on the schedule and — to look at the hair or not. And I`m sure if it`s important — Larry — Dr. Kobilinsky is another excellent forensic scientist. I`m sure he can look at the hair, too.< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />


Dr. Lawrence Kobilinski

Let`s go to Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, famed forensic scientist out of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He is a consultant on the Casey Anthony defense team. You heard what Lee had to say about Oak Ridge Laboratories, the Body Farm. Do you agree or disagree?


Dr. Kathy Reichs

“Given that there’s no evidence as to the cause of death, … you could have an accidental death and a mother that panics,” she told King. “There are alternative explanations.”


Marti Mackenzie

“I am happy I could be of help in the months I worked as the media representative,” she said. “The most important thing is that we made a clean transition so that the coverage on this will have a point person on the defense team.”


On a lighter note, You will be glad to know The BAEZ LAW FIRM cut Casey a break on the fraud charge by not biling her.  Although, that makes no sense in itself because Mr. Baez paid $664.25  full restitution on Casey’s behalf via money order to Bank of America on July 15, 2009.. From what account? 

Watch Hearing at 11 AM EST here


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  1. PookyBear says:

    Blink: Isn’t Cheney Mason listed as Dominic Casey’s lawyer? Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest in the same way that Brad Conway stepped aside from representing him and the Anthony’s?

    No, he made a call for him, but never was retained.

  2. Sue says:

    I think Casey’s eyes were all lit up at court yesterday because CM has told her that she will be walking out of jail – acquitted of all charges, and returned to society as an innocent person. She believes him, and for the first time ever since her arrest for capitol murder, she sees that as a possiblity.

    Of course, I don’t believe that will happen, but she is definetely fantasizing about that scenaril.

  3. janetoo says:

    Is it possible Casey is lawyer shopping from jail? Perhaps mad at Jose for less visits? When she was almost giggling I just thought “she’s laughing at Baez”, he did look like a fool up there. Could Casey in someway contact a guy like Mason, make a deal and slaughter Baez in humiliation? She does like to think she’s in control and wants to be the focus of attention and wouldn’t blink an eye ratting out her attorneys in whatever fashion she chooses. I don’t know, it’s all so infuriating……..Blink, saw that you weren’t feeling well, hope you’re recovering more each day! Concussions are no fun!

  4. Sue says:

    In my opinion, the guards in court should not have allowed the “note” to be passed to Casey from her parents. Otherwise every family member would utilize this as a way to get money, or other contraband to the inmate instead of doing it through the formal way of going to the jail/prison system and having such put in the inmate’s property or commissary as intended. In this case, Cindy should have put this note in the mail. It was contraband that the guards passed to Casey. Should not have happened.

    Case scenario of what could have been on the piece of paper passed: LSD. Years ago LSD was put on the stamps of incoming mail to inmates. The inmate removed the stamp and would lick the LSD off and get high. I know this is a stretch and probably not the scenario in this case, but if this was allowed to happen everytime an inmate goes to court, there would be chaos in the courts. That is why this note is considered contaband – as innocent as it seems.

  5. martha says:

    Chica—-Soo funny, eyes like bingo balls with no numbers–that’s our Casey. If I lived in Fl, I would volunteer pro bono to smack that smirk right off her face. And Judge Judy would have been all over the defense and Casey. To come to hearing that has been scheduled in advance about finances and bring nothing with you (not even one out of the two financial books they have) is insulting to everyone too. I am glad that people here think C Mason is a freak. The whole thing was totally sad for Caylee. I kept looking over at the prosecution table and praying for them to get through all of this FUN and get justice for a defenseless child.

  6. More Q's than A's says:

    One thing that bothers me and I have not seen brought out is:

    If ABC licensed the “library of photos” from Casey and others in August of 2008 according to the charges against Casey weren’t they actually licensing photos and videos of a “kidnapped and missing” child? Correct me if I am wrong, but at that time I don’t think Casey had been charged with the murder of Caylee yet. She was charged with neglect of a child, making false official statements and obstruction of a criminal investigation.

    What Parent, Grandparent, or attorney would consider selling pictures? I would think they would want any and all pictures out in the media and not expect a payday for them (except they all knew what was coming down the pike). After all if anyone, child or adult, goes missing the first thing LE looks at is family members.

    And what news media outlet would purchase the photos, etc. of a missing child? I will not watch ABC any longer, other than to find the sponsors for ABC news and let them know I will no longer purchase their products due to ABC news involvement in this case.

    Also, everytime I see Casey at a hearing I wonder what her friends (Amy, Ricardo, Anne, etc.) are thinking of her now….disgust, I hope like everyone else.

  7. Kleat says:

    Yeah More Q’s than A’s, the money then should go to the ‘find Caylee’ fund, not Casey’s defense team or their own pockets or to the ole’ slush canteen fund.

    And to Blink’s last article that noted “… Mr. Baez paid $664.25 full restitution on Casey’s behalf via money order to Bank of America on July 15, 2009.. From what account? ”

    Yeah… how was that money accounted for yesterday? How many accounts does Casey’s attorney(s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s no longer counting) have? Does the Bank of America have the right to know who paid them back for what Casey did?

  8. Kleat says:

    Oh yeah, Marti Mac was paid 10 grand, they didn’t include that in their affidavits either, did they? Maybe that’s a ‘cost’, like the ‘cost’ of the repayment of the fraud moneys.

    Since they are wanting costs from the state, and claim they aren’t including past costs, what about Amy H. putting in a bill for the additional 400 bucks Casey stole from her (won’t happen obviously) but why wouldn’t Casey treat her friend right by acknowledging that too, and then she can simply bill the state for that as a ‘cost’, if the Bank of America was paid back as a ‘cost’.

  9. Kleat says:

    Blink, if Toddy Macalotsaloot had a separate retainer with Casey, he would have needed also, to set up a trust account for any money’s that came in from or on behalf of her, even if from himself, right? So he would have had to pay that 70 grand out of his trust account held, if only momentarily, ‘for her’?

    Could it be that the 70 grand number was arrived at by a need to balance the 275,000 number, and that 70 grand had to be accounted for, so it was simple just to make it appear to come from Todd with the separate retainer? Someone paid funds into that retainer trust account as per his agreement with Casey?

    If so, WHO put the money in there for Casey, and was it one source, or several, was Macalotsaloot collecting money on behalf of Casey and using his retainer agreement to cover for that, arms length from Baez and his problems?

  10. Kleat says:

    WHO asked Mason to make a call for DC, could that have been Baez? Cheney has been shadowing this case from early on, if his pressers with Baez indicate anything.

  11. RubyRose says:

    I just watched Sheaffer talk about the fact that CM is looking for an out & out acquittal and CM feels there is enough reasonable doubt to obtain that acquittal. After watching KC’s mannerisms during the court appearance I can truly say SHE MAKES ME VIOLENTLY SICK. She believes this guy (Mason) is going to free her and then she will live the life of a movie star. She rubs her hands and smooth’s her hair, straightens her clothes with such a smirk on her face that I just want to reach out and slap my streaming computer upside the head!!! All eyes are on her and she loves it. If she is acquitted I wager to bet she could never reside in Florida, or live the movie star life without the fear of very angry people seeking her and wishing her harm. I only pray justice will be served and she will receive at the very least LWOP.

    Cindy appeared all smiles today so I guess the acquittal confidence train is steaming full speed.

    News Flash Casey . . . the people of Florida (jury) will see past all the BS and the main point of contingent will be . . . 31 days, really? Smell of decomp in your car, really? Decomp odor confirmed by Ma, Pa and bro. I wish you well in your life of hell!

    Sorry for the outburst but I am completely disgusted by her appearance. CM makes me nervous . . . I know he is good. Like Judge said to him in the beginning “ what kept you?”

    On the other hand, I was very impressed with Judge Strickland.

  12. Ragdoll says:

    #46 hogs4dogs

    Hate to admit it, but I’m on the same page as you. I can’t figure out any other reason why Mason would join the team. See just might get off. I also noticed G & C in small clips with big smiles on their faces. Can’t be about G’s road show brothel.

    For the first time, I have to admit, I’m afraid this murderer is gonna to see sunlight and freedom again.

    Anyone….please prove me wrong. xo

  13. Chica says:


    hellla goodpoint my friend

    who will give the victim impact statement
    how sad that there’s no one
    no voice for caylee that day
    hopefully the state can???
    Sad that no one. In that family cares for anyone but Casey
    even if it was accidental her demeanor should show grief

    means only that

    it was intentional

  14. Greg says:

    Anyone But Casey, network is owned by Disney-ABC Television Group.
    Just think every dollar you spend at Disney might have paid for Casey Anthony’s defense team. Why would Disney damage its brand by paying for Casey’s defense? ABC NEWS has stepped over the line. From reporting the news, to paying Casey Anthony $200,000 for pictures and a film? Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave.

  15. Joan says:

    The defense team is playing Strickland like a fiddle. The court scene yesterday was a fiasco, with laughing defense attorneys, a very overweight Cindy, conversing happily with all, Casey laughing one minute and giving smug glances at other times, Baez with his lame joking and perpetual grin on his fat face. They sincerely believe that Casey is going to walk. I pray to God that justice will be served for little Caylee. And, that Casey gets her just due, whether in prison or out on the streets. She will be stalked for the rest of her life. How sad it must be to be so hated by so many?

  16. jane says:

    Joan you said it all. I did not think Judge Strickland would let this happen, but it did and I am so bent on this now that that sloberring smirking Ba-ass is getting more money to defend this miserable wench and watch her mother and father skipping all the way to the bank.

    I hope and pray we get our justice for Caylee.

  17. lil Lucy says:

    I believe that the jury will have the same question everyone has, if you didn’t kill her KC, who did, and who put her in your trunk, who duct taped her little face, who put Winnie Pooh blanket with her, where were you for 31 days, what did you do to look for her, why is TL, AH, CA,GA, LA, LE and forensic scientists saying there is decomp in your trunk, and hair with death band that matches your daughter?? Who wanted this little girl dead KC? Your pictures and actions and those of your parents clearly shows us the jury that none of you f**k heads seemed to care that she is no longer here and we do, so yes, KC you and your family are the only one’s that did not want or care for her and so you are GUILTY, and you too deserve to die!

  18. Jeena says:

    J. Cheney Mason said this about Casey Anthony’s case December 2008:


    J. Cheney Mason said-

    “You can pretty well predict there’s going to be a life sentence, either a plea and get it over with or have a circus trial and then be convicted and get life,” Mason said.

    “The most important thing is how did she die?” Mason said. “It could have been an accidental death — and we’ve talked before — an improper disposal, it could have been a brutal homicide. We don’t know, and until the medical examiner is finished and renders a report, no one is going to know.”


    full story:

  19. Kleat says:

    Yes, the ‘A’ word– no surprise that it’s channel 6 that’s doing this weekend’s update on the River Cruz story and I think it’s putting the ‘Accident’ word out there. You’d think this is tactic, not to define a defense, but it’s good to get the jury pool used to the accident idea, that’s so much softer an idea, and if they want to repeat the idea at trial (IF), it’s better to have the concept heard of prior to trial.

    I really think there’s some purpose in this River and Skye timing, the defense could be making the best of a bad situation, covering all bases. Look how well NG covered the Accident concept– she hardly got it straight about the fact of when George allegedly said the ‘A’ word was when he was promoting a ‘live Caylee’.

    I think Cheney will like the results of the ME’s office, at least it’s better than an included cause of death, they can argue no cause of death, therefore no ties to ‘who’.

    There’s also the mental health issues, one by one he’ll attack everything and you can bet the accident will raise it’s head at trial. JMHO.

    Say, Blink, sorry if I misunderstood/mis-remembered the idea of you saying CM was going to resurface in the case– I was so sure, sorry!! I must have read someone else’s comment here, or dreamed it!! ;) Unless I can come across it, but I’ll take your word, sorry for misunderstanding!

    no Kleat- you were 100% correct.

  20. Kleat says:

    Greg, ironic isn’t it, that Casey contracted a Disney owned media company!! They were working for her!

  21. skeptic says:

    I see some major money laundering going on in this case. It reeks. So-and-so donated money to the defense which coincidentally is paid back to them for “expenses.”


  22. just me says:

    No way on thi seart in our lifetime will Casey walk free due to anything !! She jumped to her own Death the minute that she took Caylees Life. She partied ,lived her “beautiful life” as she saw beauty. Now, she will pay up in the form of solitare / big berthas for her guard that, will teach casey a few things about that new life of hers .. She even stamped it on her Bod for the walls to see lol lol lol

  23. Keefer says:

    Question: I get a speeding ticket, I pay the fine, PLUS ‘court costs’…soooo why is this not done with this trial coming up? I mean, money has been made off of this MURDER by these ghouls, so why not charge THEM instead of the taxpayers? I know, I am naive, simple minded, etc, but just curious, ya know? : )

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