Caylee/Casey Anthony Case:(Updated Podcast) Blink Discusses Discovery on Dana Pretzer Show



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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for that info Sal. I agree with you Kleat Casey picks her whole reality from others lives- I think she got the whole “Daddy”=God from reading “The Shack”

  2. Mariann says:

    I was checking out an article on a missing 11 yr old girl in Florida and ran across the blog at the bottom. Found it a bit amusing…,0,7776977.story

    OrlandoEAST at 10:18 AM April 10, 2010 Before they recruit a mob of untrained civilian searchers:
    These searchers need to be carefully organized – each and every searcher needs: (1) to be clearly identified; (2) pre-search training; (3) a backgroung investigation; and (4) an post search exit interview to collect all the data and evidence.
    Else you will have an untrained, unorganized, motley crew of buffoons galloping through the woods – overlooking and/or destroying evidence – possibly even planting evidence. Frankly, most of them could not find an African-American in Parramore.
    … and unfortunately, some people have turned these child searches into a profitable cottage industry – where they come to Orlando solely for the publicity and donations.

    Stef24 at 10:16 AM April 10, 2010 OE, STFU. This is NOT the time OR the place for you to attempt to convince people that Casey Anthony didn’t murder Caylee.

    Glosgirl at 10:08 AM April 10, 2010 Sorry to hear that the Anthony scammers showed up to talk to the parents. Why don’t they just STFU and stay home. What do they know about a missing child? All they know is murdered child..

  3. Kleat says:


    Yeah, that could be, Daddy = Papa. I don’t know what those chaplains teach in their one-on-one’s with Casey but Casey doesn’t ‘get it’, she twists it to her own use. (just like those cops twist everything– the ‘twisting’ part is real enough, it’s just Casey who does the twisting and ‘misconstrueing’).

  4. Thinker says:

    Mariann – did you notice that Cindy and George Anthony had to get their faces into the missing 11 year old girl in Winter Springs, FL event? Nadia Bloom. The Anthonys have NOTHING to contribute to a search for a “missing” child.

  5. Mariann says:

    Thinker- I saw that! They are only kidding themselves.

  6. Mariann says:

    Here is yet another one!,0,7776977.story

    Macie53 at 2:23 PM April 11, 2010 I wish people would stop being critical of the Anthony’s. My God, I wish it would stop!!!If they want to show up they have the right to. I wouldn’t want Ronald cummings there. I am sure he is still in jail.So,let’s just focus on little Nadia. She is really a sweet little girl. I have no problem with autism. That means they are gifted. She looks like a smart little girl.I hope and pray that they will find her soon.

    OrlandoEAST at 2:20 PM April 11, 2010 Talk about a lack of gratitude!
    The SS Caylee could search the Lake Jessup area of interest and find a sewing needle pronto.
    Have you people ever heard the expression – “don’t bite your nose off to spite your face?”
    I’m sorry Nadia.
    And I am so sorry that Orlando is no longer a safe place for children.  The city has been over run with criminal transients.  The Police need to crack down and start investigating – instead of just blaming the Parents.

  7. Kleat says:

    Worth reading– three (vs one) psychologists give some possible insight into the mind of Casey from her letters.

    “Psychologists: Jailhouse letters offer insight into Casey Anthony’s life behind bars”
    By Sarah Lundy, Orlando Sentinel, dated today.,0,2547677.story

  8. Kleat says:

    This is a quote from the OS article, but what the comment below does not consider, is that Casey could not know her child was dead unless she believed her ‘gut feeling’ and that means, as Casey often talked about for the jail cameras, that she had a strong mother to child bond. And if Casey had nothing to do with the child’s death, she could not possibly know the child was dead until the body was found– therefore, she could not be in denial triggered by the death of her daughter. (the psychologist does not use ‘mother whose child is missing’ as the traumatic event and we see that Casey states herself, in her own words, that she believes Caylee will be home soon, she is close, she is alive, she’s fine).

    What we can surmise, is that the defense’s psycholgist(s) have proposed these two scenarios, and the defense has already considered publicly, the ‘trauma’ idea in the ‘ugly coping’ media announcements of last year.

    Quote from the article:

    “Anthony doesn’t mention many details about her case. She rarely wrote about Caylee, and when she did it appears to be in a superficial, detached way, the psychologists said. But, they said, there could be two very different reasons for this.

    Anthony could be in denial that was triggered by some loss or emotional trauma, such as the death of her daughter. Another option could be there was never a bond between the mother and child.

    “In that case, if there was a weak attachment, there would be a weak response to loss,” Tressler said.

    Letters alone can’t determine that, the experts said.”

  9. Kleat says:

    Ok, weak bond, weak response to loss.

    Now we can see why, from expert’s point of view, that Cindy fought so hard to put the ‘great mom’, ‘mom of the year award winning mom’, photos endlessly in the media of Casey with Caylee. The defense must eliminate any idea of ‘Casey’s no bond, or weak bond with the child’ so that the other reason will stand– that she’s in some trauma caused denial.

  10. Sal says:

    Curious to know what your thoughts are on Kid Finders setting up the URL

    I think anything the kidfinders people touch is a scam. Anybody know if Milsteads bro ever got over his tongue rash?

  11. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for the links Kleat- Yes- there is more riding on everyone believing Casey was mother of the year- than Cindy’s bragging rights-

  12. Mariann says:

    FBI questioned last week by defense……..

  13. bluewillow says:

    I vote for the weak attachment idea, I think the only one Casey is strongly attached to is herself!

  14. MJ says:

    Hey, I didn’t know everybody was over here on this thread! can’t hide from me !
    Blink I just asked about Brother Milsteads ant poison escapade outcome somewhere else today,lol! It’s one thing to carry around a bug or a hair to throw in your food but it takes a pro to sprinkle on poison, gotta hand it to the Milsteads. They take it to the next level.

    They are parasites and have taught their students, the A’s the finer points of using the inordinate amount of missing child cases to their benefit. Rule no. one: always disregard the families wishes and snatch up the child’s name for a web site to be sure all internet traffic is directed to your bogus org. first.
    #2- take the boat out before checking with authorities to circumvent any pesky insinuations that you didn’t help, that way when they tell you to get lost you can honestly say “we looked for the child”
    #3- always keep your eye on the prize. Every donation counts.

    Where’s that sink hole? Why can’t it be like the cartoons, draw in the hole and buhbye forever?
    Seriously, these shysters all need to be exposed.

  15. Kleat says:

    Blink, it’s occurred to me that the 5000.00 that arrived in Casey’s pocket for her defense from some ‘ahh….errr….ahhhhh…. DONOR….uhm…. ‘ might have an obvious source. My guess is that Mark NeJame and Cindy, didn’t let Larry Garrison get away with the whole wad of 65 grand. Baez’s humming and hawing and thinking before getting out oh yeah, ‘donor’ in the indigency hearing, suggested that this wasn’t a regular donation/donor who dropped off some cash for Casey.

    6500.00 was paid by NBC for ‘photo licencing rights’ yet Larry Garrison clearly did not own any of those photographs of Caylee or the family, and instead of billing his clients he absconded, which is theft, clearly there was no intention of Garrison to be paid the full licencing fee.

    So, 20% would sound about right for his work, and that would take care of in round figures,1500 dollars, leaving 5 grand to be explained by the defense from a ‘donor’. Surely the Anthony’s would have contributed that to their daughter’s fund instead of letting Garrison get away with his theft.

    Conway got 1500 dollars from each of Cindy and George for their 20 grand from CBS, so Garrison would likely have been allowed to keep something for his ‘work’ to make him pay up then go away and avoid charges.

    That’s my theory. The whole 205 thousand came from the networks, plus 17 grand from a third network IF the A’s were generous enough to share with Casey. Oh yeah, plus People, unless that was covered under the photo licencing by ABC.

  16. Heidi says:

    knock, knock… who is Larry Garrison?

  17. Kleat says:

    Larry Garrison was the Anthony’s first spokesperson– he’s going to control the ‘spin and give the family their lives back’. He’s got Silver Creek Entertainment.

    Greta Van Susteren interviews Larry Garrison and calls him out.

    Then go to the ScaredMonkeys (pre Blink) story here:

    My friend and partner, Red, could also tell you a thing or two about him, he is slimey.
    Thanks for answering that Kleat.

  18. Kleat says:

    You can also see the photos of emails and correspondence on the SM article that shows the scam this guy played.

  19. Randie says:

    Off the subject of Caylee for just a minute….

    I am very happy!! that Nadia has been found. However, I feel something is “off” as to HOW she was found.

    Does anyone else feel the same way???

  20. Heidi says:

    Thank you all. Wow! Has Larry been added to the Civil Depo List?

  21. Ragdoll says:

    #10 Kleat

    Brilliant analysis….and that makes so much sense! Cindy is working Casey’s juror of peers. The mom of the year statement seemed like a ‘cheesy’ statement to make.

  22. Mariann says:

    Thank God Nadia was found! I was praying she didn’t meet her fate with a hungry gator. That area is so infested with them!

  23. Ragdoll says:

    The Shaq did write a book called Poppa. God being referenced as Daddy, Father and Poppa isn’t new to me or most Christians. It’s new to Casey. (I almost think she’s the anti Christ. All that’s missing is the robe and starry crown). I wonder how Casey came up with it. No way she knows the bible let alone reads it. So, where or what is her source for spinning the born again Christian act?

  24. Kleat says:

    Welcome, Blink. Slimey, yeah, one look at the guy!

    Heidi, there’s no reason he would be questioned as a witness in the civil case.

  25. Kleat says:

    Misty has been taken from the St. John’s County jail and there’s a search on St. John’s river about 5 miles downriver from the Cumming’s home area. Live conference has turned into nothing yet, maybe a written statement vs news confernce from the sherriff later.

  26. Kleat says:

    Search is with divers between two docks along side of a boat ramp. Sherriff back on, he had ‘private’ conversations earlier today, that’s to remain private between family and himself for now. Will not comment on any presumed evidence, asks for patience for them to do their jobs to bring this to a logical conclusion– ‘as long as it takes’. Not yet called a ‘homicide’ case.

    Misty brought out, taken back.

    Thank God.

  27. Kleat says:

    Misty doesn’t drive, does she, because you can’t get 5 miles south to a boat ramp via road, without driving there or having some vehicle assistance.

    The photo here can be enlarged, there are about 25 people and looks like including at least 4 divers plus two others in the water with a plastic tub at the surface.

  28. elmosmommy says:

    Misty does drive I think, wasnt there something about the keys to the van were in a different place than she put them and vaguely remember something else that indicated the van had been driven by someone else. I never thought that Misty was involved in a death of Haleigh unless it was drug related, altho her failing all the lie detector tests made me confused, and always thought Ronald sounded convincing in the 911 calls so will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I am probably a total minority tho in not totally blaming them. Their lifestyle tho was begging for troubles.

  29. Heidi says:

    What? I can’t believe George hasn’t had another one on one interview with himself to claim his family’s innocents. Opps! that’s right no money, lost contacts, no respect. Must be hoarding his share of NBC blood money for future time spent in the slammer (I hope).

    Can’t wait for the next hearing to see if G & C attend. They probably will… since they must feel obligated to… after all… “It is their daughter”.

    What do you think?

  30. Kleat says:

    Heidi, I think you got NBC and ABC mixed up.

  31. Heidi says:

    Ooops! Thank You Kleat. You’re the best!

  32. Ragdoll says:

    Can we keep Haleigh’s search on her thread, seperate from Caylee’s?

  33. ChicagoJudy says:

    Anyone else find it interesting that yesterday on the Today Show, criminal profiler Pat Brown called Casey a psychopath. Most others who have been talking about her since July ’08 have called her a sociopath. I think psychopath fits much better, don’t you??

  34. Marine Mama says:

    Oh Lord… The defense is wanting the judge dismissed! Orlando Sentinel. Because the judge called Marinade Dave when he was sick!!

  35. Mariann says:

    The defense now wants Stickland to remove himself from the case for talking to someone who runs a blog! WHEW!!!!!!!

    1. I do not understand why Dave would agree to meet with the defense and be interviewed, as opposed to him doing the interviewing, at all.

    2. I look forward to seeing what the o/t break from transcripts portions are, as I promise they will have to be presented.

    The rest, I withhold for the time being, maybe until about 30 minutes before this hearing.

  36. Kleat says:

    I wondered if they’d try the get rid of Strickland technique, they tried this early in the case, asked the judge to leave, asked the prosecutors to recuse themselves. BUT, that was LONG before Judge Strickland was asked to recuse himself. How many times can they ask, every time they bring a new reason?

    Early on, before any charges ala Cindy’s description (nothing– just lying and stealing!), Cindy said in the press ‘Strich’land is known as a ‘hard ass’.

    Then we see Judge Strickland say he will err on the side of the first amendment every time. Could this be why the request? Issues like bringing the letters into evidence, (and more importantly, jail videos, etc etc) the like?


  37. Phantom Angel says:

    Casey Anthony’s defense filed a motion Friday to have Judge Stan Strickland removed from the case.

    Jose Baez claims that Strickland should be removed because he has had contact with a blogger, who covers the Casey case, named Dave Knechel, otherwise known as Marinade Dave.

    The blogger claims he told defense investigators on April 11 that he received a phone call from Judge Strickland when Knechel was sick, wishing him well.

    Casey’s defense team claims Knechel developed a personal relationship with Strickland.

  38. ChicagoJudy says:

    I think this is terrible news. Can’t believe that Baez files a motion for the Judge to recuse himself … at 5 p.m. on a Friday night no less!I hope the Judge will explain himself and let’s get on with this case. If he recuses himself, this trial will be delayed into who-knows-when!

  39. TiaMaria says:

    1) Blink my friend – yes there WAS quite a bit of interesting editing going on with the OT portions of the interview, don’t you agree?

    2) So Blink – when do you guesstimate this hearing will be held? Post haste or dragged out until eternity?

    3) ChicagoJudy at 7:47pm – This is Baez’ MO. That way he can be in the limelight all weekend until the start of business Monday. Plus, he has been feeling left out due to the Nadia and Haleigh news this week

    4) Once Judge Strickland clears this up, I would sorely love to see him immdiately slap a gag order on the SA (not that they have ever made a peep), the defense, their staff, the Anthony’s, their attorney and their posse. He can state that it “keeps a level playing field”. Could you imagine? No Today Show? No In Sessions”, no 20/20?, no 48 Hours?, no People Magazine?, no Larry King, and GASP – no Geraldo??? Baez would wet himself.

  40. Mariann says:

    Here is the document as a PDF…

  41. Ragdoll says:


    Your #4 comment

    That would be bliss! That would put Baez’s and Cindy’s panties in a wad, eh? No talking. No moola. LMAO @ Baez feeling left out.He AND Padilla do like their spotlights even though they make snapperheads of themselves.

  42. Ragdoll says:

    #38 Kleat

    Why does the defense have the audacity to request the prosecution and the judge to recuse themselves? Isn’t that the same as asking Bozo to admit he’s completetly unqualified as a law/human being and insist he should disbar himself?


  43. jane says:

    I want to know why ByAss isnt being charged with sneaking letters to casey from her parents and also whatever information he sneaked in on his computer now that we have it in her own words from her letters that he did

  44. Ragdoll says:

    A poster on the hinky thinks this could be an attempt by Baez to have Strickland removed so the trial date can be set back. He’s buying time…..AGAIN!!!!!!

    That seems completely logical to me. I just don’t understand why he continues to spin his wheels going no where fast. As Dr. Phil would ask…..’how’s that been workin for ya?’ C’mon Baez. Your stalling tactics precede you. They reveal your judicial inadequacies and insecurities. It’s just time to face the music. Casey will be tried regardless and nothing else can make her look better in this fantastically disgusting excuse of a gong show.

    Geraldo: How’s it going Mr. Baez?
    BAEZ: It’s a dog eat dog world out there, Geraldo, and I’m wearing
    milkbone underwear.

    A little Cheers analogy to shed light on the self indulgence of lazy pea brained tit mouse who really knows how to shake things up….with all 4 cheeks and a couple of chins to boot. SNARKISM POST ALERT

    Her name is Caylee Marie Anthony and her violent extermination from Earth will be the defining moment in the court of law. Hers will be the final voice.

    ~*~If only God could be called as a witness by the prosecution~*~

  45. BB12-Chris says:


    Whether a judge may post comments and other material on the judge’s page on a social networking site, if the publication of such material does not otherwise violate the Code of Judicial Conduct.

    ANSWER: Yes.

    Whether a judge may add lawyers who may appear before the judge as “friends” on a social networking site, and permit such lawyers to add the judge as their “friend.”

    ANSWER: No.

    I agree. It is beyond ridiculous. Me thinks there is another bar complaint looming they are attempting to quash.

  46. BB12-Chris says:

    CMA = I still strongly suspect that it was “Cheney Mason, Attorney” who Lee was wailing about at the memorial service.

    Maybe when the defense team filed that motion about the blogs/media being bias and Casey not getting a fair trial they should have added Mr. Mason’s own comments to their exhibit! Defense attorney Cheney Mason said “claims made by Casey Anthony and Baez that Caylee was alive will now work against them at trial.” ”Then all the talking, all the press interviews and the parents going on this show and that show and the lawyer going on different shows establishes they have NO credibility whatsoever,” “You can pretty well predict there’s going to be a life sentence, either a plea and get it over with or have a circus trial and then be convicted and get life,” Mason said.”

  47. More Q's than A's says:

    I agree with Blink. My first thought after reading about this motion was, why oh why would Marinade Dave agree to talk to the defense? Surely, he had to realize they were after something from him that they weren’t contacting him just to talk about the weather. Also after reading some of the interview I wondered why he expounded on some of the questions, just answer them yes or no and don’t offer anything that they did not bring up, like the phone call about his illness. I have no idea how this will play out but the only good thing is that no matter how long they delay this trial Casey will still be in jail with no best friends to write to!

  48. Mariann says:

    Jailhouse friend describes how Casey used cloroform on Caylee

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