Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Is Jose Baez Out or Just Vacay?

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Jose Baez,Todd Macaluso | Monday 26 April 2010 2:48 pm

Orlando, FL– Following a Thursday afternoon request for a status meeting request by newly self-appointed-by-way-of recusal, Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jose Baez filed a notice of unavailability to the 9th Circuit court.

In fact, he filed notices of unavailability in every case he has on the docket.  


Unconfirmed rumors are swirling in abundance today that the Florida Bar Association has finally decided to intervene.

In a conversation with a representative with the FBA this afternoon, was able to learn that if there is a newly filed complaint against Mr. Baez, they would not be able to confirm or deny that information publicly until such time as it reached a “probable cause for investigation status.”  

This comes on the heels of former Anthony defense attorney Todd Macaluso’s REMOVAL from the California Bar, effective today.

It is also noteworthy that recent follow up motions by the defense that were sent to a media outlet in error, prior to their filing, have in fact, not been filed with the court to date.

Did J. Cheney Mason due his diligence and discover discovery he was not aware of?

Did the long alleged dissention in the ranks result in Jose Baez leaving the practice of law?


Late this afternoon, was able to confirm Jose Baez WILL be in attendance this Friday for the management hearing, but will be unavailable for 11 days in June.

Apparently someone has given him the heads up that saying you don’t keep track of your billable hours and then billing clients when your not actually is available is a no no.

Check back to for the developing details.



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  1. nanapat says:

    Blink, just got around to listening to the Dana Pretzer podcast & your reviews of several of the cases that you follow. It was a great discussion between you & Dana with some very interesting points many of which were new to me. I personally feel that Casey A. will not plea because she would have to admit to involvement & I don’t feel that she would admit to anything. IMO Casey is such a narcissist not only does she love this attention albeit negative but when you watch the taped interviews with the detectives she is loving the fact that she can control them & its almost like its her own version of foreplay (sorry about that description). This whole case is sad & the Anthony family even sadder. To that family it’s all about not admitting guilt just passing the buck.

    About little Haleigh Cummings sadly I agree with you I don’t think there will ever be a resolution in this case which is truly sad for this little one. I may also be the only person who feels that Haleigh’s bio dad Ron is somewhere in the middle of this mess. If Ron really cared about either of his children he would never have permitted them to live in an environment that revolved around drugs & underage girl friends that was the recipe for disaster at some point in time. But as much as his story appears to check out I don’t recall ever having seen real tears fall from behind those dark glasses. Again just my opinion.

    Great interview & you have great, informative & factual site .. ♥

  2. Kleat says:

    Leslee S., Casey why would Casey plead guilty and with that, say she lied about Zani the Nani and that she purposefully targeted Zenaida Gonzalez to help deflect police in the wrong direction to protect the nanny for some reason.

    Casey didn’t think far enough ahead in a lot of things. She found an opportunity and went with it, but she’s stuck with it now and I don’t know how she can plead guilty. The lawyer on the case isn’t experienced in this area of law, personal injury, and felony murder– she must be a puppet lawyer, set up to do what is necessary with the real lawyers in the background, from the Baez Law Group and his associates. Would anyone doubt that Todd Mac is still giving his 2 cents worth in chats with the defense? He’ll be back in time for the murder trial, no doubt.

  3. Kleat says:

    Anyone listed all the lawyers who have worked for Casey and never been paid? How many billable hours did Jose #2 put in, we have some records from his jail visits, and we’ve seen him in court. Was he working for free or as some assistant to Baez paid as a staffer rather than a lawyer working for hourly fees (which we know did NOT happen because Baez said he was the only one to be paid, under oath in court during the indigency hearing).

    Who paid Kasen? Not from the ABC money for sure– IF we believe Baez. (not sure he’s not playing a few games with his billings and accounting).

  4. ChicagoJudy says:

    I just finished listening to the Pretzer show too. You should have a show of your own, Blink! Question… who is the David Bedalia (sp?) who was mentioned during the program? I’m sure I have the name wrong, but it doesn’t ring a bell with me at all. TIA

  5. Boz says:

    9:31 tomorrow: All rise: Your honorable Belvin Perry enters the courtroom. He looks around – says, sir, the one with the shorts and flip-flops, get out of my courtroom. Lady chomping on the gum, swallow it now or get out of here. To the lady blowing bubbles, what’s your name? Are you kidding me? Get the hell out of my courtroom. Get that chitty smirk off your face Baez. Quit rubbing your hands together like this is a cheerleading contest Ms. Anthony. To Mason, are we having fun yet? Be seated.

  6. Sue says:

    I was in court recently for professional reasons. An inmate took a plea to sexual abuse of a minor. He had a public defender. He did NOT have to go into detail and admit to the court what he had done to the minor child. He merely had to acknowledge to the judge that he understood what he was being sentenced for and that he understood what was involved with the plea arrangement. No details whatsoever.

    Are Florida laws set up differently? I have read that Casey would have to admit to the charges and reveal to the court the specific details. Is it because this is a capitol case and a death penalty case that she has to admit to exactly how she murdered Caylee – or plea to a lesser charge and explain the details?

  7. gracie34 says:

    Defense filed another motion today.

    04/29/2010 Motion
    to Seal Jail Visiting Log Records

  8. gracie34 says:

    Kleat says:
    April 29, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Leslee S., Casey why would Casey plead guilty and with that, say she lied about Zani the Nani and that she purposefully targeted Zenaida Gonzalez to help deflect police in the wrong direction to protect the nanny for some reason.


    You don’t plead guilty in a civil case. You admit responsibility or settle or go to trial.

  9. lily says:

    There is no way the State will take a plea from Casey without a full factually acceptable confession of what happened to Caylee. IMO

  10. chica says:

    please someone how do I listen to podcast of blink discussing those cases I missed because of the funeral I was upset about????????????????????

    Link is up on that thread friend.

  11. Kleat says:

    gracie, thanks for clarifying that. I think Casey would opt to go to trial, never ever ever admit responsibility, so that leaves ‘settle’ so she and her family can still claim this is frivolous (or think they can).

  12. dee says:


    great interview! very interesting analysis on Jose Baez, one can only hope that he steps away, I took the oppertunity yesterday to re-watch the Bond Hearing back in Summer 08, and to hear his inablility to cross examine YM was, to say the least, laughable, Casey should be so lucky to have him step aside.

    lil Haliegh, how truly sad, why is it that in the CA case we get everything handed to us on a silver platter but in this case we get mere crumbs?

  13. tm says:

    This guy is a loser Todd Macaluso take a look at his Notice of default for his house..

  14. WendyLee says:

    Change of venue granted this AM.

  15. ada says:

    I think I am developing a crush on Belvin.

    I am so with ya sister.

  16. Hanya says:

    PLZ NOTIFY THE PROSECUTION before the case is TRIED THEN THROWN OUT! The prosecution needs to get Baez’ DNA from a coffee cup or something BECAUSE…if Casey is found guilty, the whole thing will be THROWN OUT without trying her ever again IF IT IS DISCOVERED AFTER THE TRIAL THAT BAEZ IS THE DADDY…which is why I think they keep him as their attorney. He looks EXACTLY like Caylee…put the pictures up side by side, his & hers…same everything!!!! I don’t doubt it. Yes I know Casey said she had no relationship with Baez and that a girl in the police department referred him to her as a lawyer…but EVERYONE KNOWS what a pathological liar Casey is. PLEASE, do whatever you can to notify & motivate the Prosecution to confirm by DNA testing that Baez is (or is not) Caylee’s daddy NOW, because if he is, and Casey is found guilty, it will be completely thrown out once his relationship to Casey/Caylee is revealed. I don’t want to see that happen if he is the daddy.

  17. JEANNE says:



    Maam, I cannot possibly post that, I hope you understand.

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