Beauty and The Beast: The Predictable Murder of Yeardley Love By George Huguely

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Yeardley Love

Charlottesville, VA- At approximately 9 PM the evening of May 2nd, George Huguely, V left a golf outing he drank at all day, visibly intoxicated according to fellow attendees. It was the beginning of the end of a rancorous binge drinking track record for the prodigal son of George and Marta (Sanson Murphy) Huguely.

It was the gruesome end for star athlete Yeardley Reynolds Love.

Yeardley said ITS OVER to the heir of Huguely’s family’s century old lumber business and spent the last weeks of her life in fear George would make good on his threats.

Sources inside the circle of Love and her family have stated that the most recent threats and public observation of the couple occurred at Huguely’s former frat, Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Following this incident, Yeardley left campus and stayed at her Cockeysville home where her Mother, Sharon Donnelly Love, begged her to file a police report.

Yeardley refused as she did not want it to interrupt the last weeks of both teams winning seasons. She believed because the last scene was so public Huguely would have no choice but to back off for fear of compromising his status on the UVA mens team.

For anyone unsure about the locker room brethren, as reported by NY Daily News:

A former Virginia student who was friends with both Love and Huguely described a disturbing incident in which Huguely recently reportedly attacked Love, then had no recollection of it the next day, which precipitated their final breakup. “He was really messed up and punched a window of a car on the way over to her apartment that night,” the friend said, speaking on the condition of anonymity out of consideration for Love’s family. The friend said Huguely had been seen breaking bottles at another party before Love’s death and had told people he was going to her apartment to get Love back.


While Huguely is not listed as an active brother on DKE roster, this Falls newsletter touts an impressive Rush week which rounds out the Dekes with 14 Varsity Athletes; 12 of them from the men’s Lacrosse team. The DKE roster has not been updated to reflect active brothers since 2008 and an email request to alumni affairs director Ian Graham has not been returned. The DKE facebook account has been deleted.

By all accounts, in retrospect, Yeardley’s murder was a predictable incident. Preventable.

Not inasmuch as it could have been foreseen per se, but Generation George was a time bomb. 

Incidents abound from his days in Palm Beach where he jumped ship after an argument with Generation G4 whereby he swam to shore as well as his arrest for drunken swearing and THREATENING TO KILL A COP WITH A SIDE OF RACIAL SLUR in November 2008.


There are 8 UVA Men’s Lacrosse members that have had alcohol related arrests in the last two years.

Nationally ranked 2008 Team Captain Will Barrow stunned the entire lacrosse community when he committed suicide two weeks after Huguely’s Rockbridge County arrest.

Ryan Nizolek, #24, was arrested in High School for smuggling steroids into the US from Mexico on a family vacation and brought them to school in a Rolaids bottle.

Yeardley and Kaitlinn

As the news broke of Yeardley’s murder I have been inundated with emails and texts from several UVA students and their family members that have been admonished not to speak publicly, not to accept new facebook friends and not to answer any questions from the media on or off campus.

The paradox of telling the grieving and concerned matriculation to effectively zip it, after doing just that may have cost Yeardley Love her life, is absurd.

A witness who observed the last physical confrontation between Love and Huguely email excerpt to provided on the condition of anonymity:

…”You have to understand.. He is a big dude with a bigger personality. If anyone has ever told him no, I am not aware of it. It was obvious she did not want him near her. She told him that, and it took 3 of us to hold him back. She was a little thing and she put on a good face, but I walked away feeling like that was not over. I said to lax(xx) that asshole is going to get himself killed or kill somebody. He was nicer on the turf for f*cks sake, I didn’t get it…..”

We are all obsessed about our last year in the game. Everyone parties like rock stars because half of us have more money than rock stars. Well, our parents do.

That is bullshit about him not being a Deke, btw. He beat up a fellow brother in his sleep drunk off his ass one night because he was sleeping on the couch he wanted to sit on, or go to bed on or whatever- He was booted and his friends wanted to stay. That pissed him off royally. His Dad partied with us once in a while. I remember wishing he was my Dad, and then I saw those two go at it. I would still have been cool with a Dad that is that loaded, but not if it meant Huge was my bro.

It wasn’t so much that he was raging all the time. It was weird. It was more like he was 2 diff people. You know what I mean? Like a mood swing on crack. DON’T publish I said he was on crack. Roids for sure and there was mention of an 8 the day of the murder. It was almost like he felt like he was insulted when he was around better players than him. He loved the sport but he had no respect for anyone if they were better in the X.

Do I think anyone intervening could have stopped a murder? I am not sure if that is a fair question or a set up.

My Mom asked me the same thing. I told her I did not get it. There is tons of Hoo Pumpers everywhere, especially this season. I never saw him without some chick, so I don’t get that part. He was a big clamper I heard though, if he didn’t have something cookin. It was not like he could not **** anyone he wanted. He was always like .. Give and Go Bro, everytime I saw him and I had a date. Tell me if you don’t know the lingo but I think you might. I heard ya got skills.

Lol, I am aware that only happens in college before you say something lecture-like.

I really wish I knew that nobody knew what was going on with him. We woulda pulled that scared straight shit on him. Like his version, shop at target instead of Abercrombie for the rest of his life no beach houses. That mighta been harsh of me to say before now. We just hate what he did to his girl, and our last year. I worked my ass off, we all did, and it should have been our thing to remember. Instead, it is fu***** lockdown.


I have reviewed UVA Athletic Director Craig Littlepage quotes on the matter.

Frankly, as an editorial, that verbiage would not have flown from any coach I have ever had, or respected, regardless of the sport.

“They never told me, nothing was reported to me” is the equivalent of ignorance of the law, which is no defense.

How do 8 arrests and a suicide, among other “not so documentable” infractions NOT constitute a red flag, or an intervention?

Safety does not come with a price tag. It comes from accountability and awareness. Huguely posted bond following his arrest on November 15, 2008.

Somebody had to know he was incarcerated. He had a public defender in that case so the question is– Who posted it and how was the fact he was off campus for a few days prior to the Thanksgiving break missed by his coaches?

At the time of this writing, the Virginia Commonwealth has issued an order sealing the search warrants in this case retroactively.

While the justification of that request by Charlottesville Police has not been released, it is an unusual move in a case that has not even seen its first bond hearing or an indictment.

Could it mean that Huguely is connected to the murder of Morgan Harrington?

Virginia State Police, who maintains jurisdiction in the Harrington case is emphatic it is not.

..”It was a Lacrosse player who discovered the purse. However, there is no evidence to indicate any connection between Morgan or the Love homicide. .. There is no connection between these two homicides, so I am not going to even entertain the additional questions. We are not identifying the individual who found the purse…” Corrine Geller, PR Manager VSP to

Morgan and friendMorgan’s purse was located by an unidentified male lacrosse player on the way to boarding the bus to an exhibition match in Annapolis, MD. 

We have a player accused of first degree murder that by his own statements has had violent encounters with others he has not remembered.

We have players with land connections to the area of North Garden as well an individual who has personally preformed site survey work on Blandemar and Anchorage Farm.

Have all the Lacrosse players been questioned about the circumstances of finding the posession of a missing and murdered woman who was last seen on the UVA campus?

The cases may be may be unrelated.

The Harrington’s buried their daughter Morgan.

The Love family is burying their daughter Yeardley.

Isn’t it time for a little disclosure as to whether or not these lingering questions have been asked and answered?

Yeardley Love, will receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish posthumously with her class from the University of Virginia.

Love’s family and friends begin receiving those wishing to pay their respects today where she will also be laid to rest tomorrow, in Maryland.

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  1. mag603 says:

    Unbelieveable! Re: the missing shirt. How is that even possible!
    Don’t you think it will be hard to use as evidence? I am sure the defense will try to get it excluded for sure. SLOPPY ERROR on Charlottesville PD part. Hope there is nothing SHADY going on… someone was paid not to bag the shirt. We all know the Huguely’s have a lot of $$$.

    Blink — I hope you keep this story in news . I feel like they are trying to postpone — so people forget about this case.

    Praying for justice for Yeardley.

  2. A Texas Grandfather says:

    We see pictures of the forensics team standing outside the building. All of them appear to be very young. The loss of the shirt is deliberate in my opinion.

    The are some shenanagins goning on by Hugley’s family and the University that need to be brought into the light.

    I hope this big POS is at least in jail and not bonded out.

    From the link to the web site about rape on the campus, it appears that there has been a wholsale cover up of sexual assaults on the campus for a long time. This is just as I suspected early on.

    Maybe some concerned parents can form a group and get the Department of Education off their chairs and enforce the law that requires reporting all crimes on a campus. The threat of loosing federal funding at UVA may make the university administration more responsive.

  3. Edel says:


    On 02/23/11, Marta Murphy filed a motion to seal/limit inspection of her and George IV’s 1997 divorce case file. The court denied that request on 03/10/11. A move designed to protect the family’s privacy? A move provoked by concerns that opposing counsel will leverage case file details to paint a sordid family portrait? A move to keep some damaging truths from leaking out? Regardless .. I find it rather ironic given recent (successful) efforts by George Huguely’s counsel to gain access to Ms. Love’s medical records.

  4. Gypsy DD says:

    This morning was the state of the trial.

    The defense came right out, as I thought they would, blaming the victim ..they needed her medical records because they wanted to see if she was on Adderall and drinking. She was, but she was in her room, sleeping in her own bed when this monster kicked through her bedroom door and murdered her through a terrible physical beating and took her laptop with him, and disposed of it in a trash can.

    The laptop contained an email he sent to her saying he should have killed her because she was seeing another man..even though they were broken up.

    The defense is going to try to paint a picture of a young woman who died from Adderall and drinking..overlooking the fact she actually died at the hands of their brute of a client through his beating of her.,0,2147879.story

  5. Sister says:

    Today the jury begins deliberations. I pray for justice to be served in Yardley’s case.

    Thank you sister, us too.

    Still shocked he did not attempt a plea deal.

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