Missing Utah Boy Found Murdered: Ethan Stacy Killed By Mom and Step Dad

Posted by BOC Staff | Ethan Stacy,Nathan Sloop,Stephanie Sloop | Thursday 13 May 2010 12:47 am

Layton, Utah– Ethan Stacy, 4, on a court ordered visitation by a Virginia judge, was found murdered last evening in Ogden Canyon, Utah.

Ethan bike

Ethan was originally reported missing by his mother, newly married Stephanie Sloop, and her husband of 10 days, Nathan Sloop.  Sloop told Police that Ethan had wandered away from the couples apartment 5 out of the last 10 nights.

The couple was married on May 1st while Ethan was locked in his bedroom with fresh bruising.  The couple was afraid his injuries  Might be detected by social workers should he attend the civil ceremony at the courthouse.


Ethan was due to spend the Summer with his Mother under a Virginia court order issued after custody disagreements with Ethan’s biological Father.

As reported by the AP:

Stephanie Sloop told investigators she bought two cans of lighter fluid for Nathanael Sloop to burn the body before it was buried. The reports didn’t say whether that was actually done.

The stepfather disfigured the boy’s face and teeth “in an effort to defeat or delay identification,” detectives concluded in their reports.

Ethan Stacy was found disfigured about the face and wrapped in plastic after the Sloop’s told police they found him dead in his bed on Sunday morning.

The Sloops are expected to be charged with the murder of Ethan Stacy, as well as desecration of a corpse, no later than this Friday.

Please check back to blinkoncrime.com for updates.

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  1. k.hinson says:

    I rarely post but have read here since the beginning when B came from SM to produce (in my mind) the best blog for justice for victims that there is. Tonight when I saw this story about little Ethan, I broke down & cried, no I bawled, with my own little man, just 3 yrs old last Monday, looking on. The little fellow came over to me, put his wee arms around his sobbing mother & said, “Make better Mommy”, which just ripped my heart out even more….I have no words for the unfathomable abyss that our world has fallen into, when the mother–no!–egg donor–of this sweet innocent child looked on while he was tortured and slowly died, without acting to protect him….My God!! I cry out to Thee! I would kill, do anything, to protect that beautiful soul who tried to comfort me in my grief for a child I never knew. I only wish that Ethan had such in his life. Bless him Lord, put your arms around him for us-the mothers who wish he was ours and love him now. Oh Blink, I know how you feel, I will never forget my anguish, heartbreak over this sweet, precious child and all these children who have left this world so brutally. I pray …NO MORE!!!!! Rest in peace precious little fellow, we love you so.

    My dear friend,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    You cherish that wee gift of yours, and keep being an advocate for victims that need your voice.

    Seeking comfort from your own baby boy is empowering for him.

  2. Debbie says:

    Oh my this is so terrible – my heart bleeds daily with these senseless killings, such a small little boy.

    What kind of jail time will this MOTHER get when she is found guilty if the charges stay as they were recommended by the detectives? Seems she too should be charged with murder – her inaction caused this childs death too. She had opportunties to get him help and choose not to.

    Ethan – I too have to believe that you are in a better place where memories of you and your Dad fill your heart and there is no pain. So innocent to have suffered so much. Don’t you worry – you’ll never see you Mother again – she isn’t going to end up where you are.

  3. Bearlyhere says:

    Rest in God’s arms little man, may God’s angels surround you and erase every bad memory.

  4. joe guthrie says:

    Rest in peace…God knows you deserve it…

    Father, please protect the children. For the life of me, I can’t understand why these horrific things happen to the precious children. There must be a void, an emptiness, in a person’s soul to do these hideous acts. I have to wonder if the goodness in these beautiful little people so highly offends these evil people that they (evil devils) feel threatened by their presense (the innocent) and have to get rid of them.

    I’m sorry, I just don’t understand, and I’m trying to figure out what makes these evil people tick…

    Peace be with you all,

  5. DMB says:

    PookyBear says:
    May 13, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    I really am at a loss for words…


    Snipped —
    The former wife of Nathan Sloop described him as mentally unstable, violent, and having multiple personalities — including one personality who becomes extremely angry when criticized. She said she feared for her life and for her daughter’s life.

    The divorce documents include transcripts of profanity-laced tirades that Nathan Sloop — who prosecutors plan to charge Friday with the murder of his stepson — left as voice mails for his former wife, Jennifer Freeman.

    I just want to say that I purposelly withheld Ms. Freeman’s ID because I was scared too death her daughter would be the subject of any press or media requests.

    I have worked on a case where I have had to instruct a Mother to put earbuds ( the target shooting variety)
    in her childs ears when they left for school and then got off the bus to home.

    Children do not understand the evil a parent may possess all the time. I would sooner have her not know, if she does not already.

    That said, I ran his criminal record 2 days ago, for the bully assclown he was, unless there is a name change in there, he is clean. How does that happen?

    Ps. I think I need a disclaimer. I do not feel that I can remain my usual objective self in this case.

    Consider that a fair warning, but I am working on it.

    Sweet passage little Ethan. You were loved, wee-man. You are loved now.

    You will feel the love of all in the rest of your journey.

    This article states that NS did have a record. I wonder if he does have a history of changing his name to go along with his multiple personalities.


    “Utah court records show Nathan Sloop has a criminal history in Utah. In 2003, he pleaded guilty to drug possession with intent to distribute, a charge that was amended from a felony to a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to 30 days in the Weber County Jail and put on probation. He was also found guilty of a separate misdemeanor drug possession charge about that same time. He was off probation at the time of his arrest Tuesday.

    In 2001, he was convicted of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, and in a separate case a few months later, he was convicted again of disorderly conduct and failure to obey a peace officer, according to court records.”

    That info was not available online, thanks for posting that.

    I will be out most of the day lest anyone feels their comments are in “mod land”.

  6. c.b. says:

    I read the entire article on Tricites.com. And I only want to know two things. Who is that Virgina Judge who let this little boy go into the hands of these monsters? Because whoever you are, you need to step down from public service and get a job cleaning toilets or something. Two, does anyone think the state of Utah will vote in for public stoning as a punishmet for people who do these horrendous things to children? I hope so….

  7. lwbRach says:

    I just can’t imagine what this poor child went through. Or a parent allowing this to happen. I’ve posted on this blog a few times over the last year and half but for me this case is different. I recently had a baby, he’s 13.5 weeks old, and after having him I can’t imagine how a mother could harm her own child or allow it. Even before I had my son, obviously, these crimes seem horrific. But, after having the extreme pleasure and joy of having my own son, I just can’t imagine.

    I agree with everyone that the child shouldn’t have gone to his mothers – but how do you really prevent this? According to Blink the stepfather had a clean record (if I read that correctly). The father sensed something was off but, though that feeling was correct, how would you know something like this would happen? I do believe in swift and severe punishment but I don’t know how you regulate parenting. Obviously, if previous abuse exists that’s one thing. But, otherwise, what do you do? I don’t begin to know how to legislate in a way that would truly prevent cases like this, Caylee Anthony’s, Haleigh Cummings, etc.

    I feel so sorry for Ethan and those that loved him. And, I’ll hug my son a little bit closer tonight and not at all mind when he wakes me up in the middle of the night. Having him is the best blessing I’ve ever had.

  8. c.b. says:

    Jugde Maura T. Smith……Is that the Judge Cheny Mason was hoping to get for Casey!!!!

  9. bluewillow says:


  10. Twinkletoes says:

    I have nothing of value to add to this. But I am here with you all, feeling the horror and racking my brain for ways to stop the violence, to make this child somehow the last one this happens to. The violence, the illness, is so so so big. It feels insurmountable at times like this. Times like this? Times where someone intentionally tears apart a child? Oh, yes, “times” (effing plural) like this.
    I have wondered for a while now whether something organic was happening to our species, like a brain damage or sorts, that is stripping us of our humanity. To “do this” to anyone, much less a child–or to allow it to happen–requires the deepest level of apathy and mental illness I can even imagine. Even a violent animal will stop mauling when the victim becomes still, but these two demons carried on. What sickness is this? What disease of the mind or heart or spirit? What the eff is this?

  11. Twinkletoes says:

    Please excuse my language above. Feel free to censor me. It is just so frustrating. Grrrr….

  12. ann says:

    pray for ethans father God bless him. as for those two idiots who murdered ethan, may the spend the rest of their live in prison.. death will be too easy for them what goes around, comes around they will get theres.

  13. whoops says:

    This is utterly sad and there are no words. I wanted to touch on something about the Judge. My friend, a Judge, had a similar incident happen after he made a ruling regarding visitation. I am not sure that people understand that sometimes the Judge has no legal reason to deny a visitation. I fear that more of these cases will end up like this, but it is not always the Judges “fault”. My friend spent MANY sleepless nights after the unthinkable happened, replaying every detail of the case wondering if somewhere he did miss something. He was left with the simple fact that he had no authority under the law to deny the parent the visit. Believe me when I say that the community wanted him burned at the stake and he understood why. Some days he could barely get out of bed. The point to my post is that in many of these cases the Judges hands are tied. They cannot rule with emotion, they have to rule under the laws of the state that they are in.
    That said— SOMETHING needs to change, I am just not convinced that it is always rogue Judges who just don’t care…

  14. FairWitness says:

    Blink, no charges are ready to be filed yet, but prosecutors are going to file aggravated murder charges against both Nate & Stephanie Sloop according to the article linked here:


    I am glad to hear the mother is going to be charged with murder! Justice for Ethan!

    Miraculously, when I said that the other day, I had just reviewed the new statute.
    Mark my words, he was dead already by the time these 2 said “I do”.


  15. Ragdoll says:

    Fish, if only we could start a ‘if you don’t want them, we’ll take them!’ program.

    If there was only a way, a program, a place for these kinds of parents to go when they feel they cannot raise their children in a loving, nurturing environment. I wish we could find the answer. The alternative would be so much better than the conclusion most of these children face.

    Personally, I cannot take it anymore. I can’t get the image of Ethan’s last moments out of my head. For Ethan, Caylee, Haleigh and all our lost babies, I will love longer and stronger each and every day. I will make sure there’s not a day that my little Ethan doesn’t go without feeling or knowing how he changed me….and saved me! I will never take his sweetness, his innocence or who he is for granted….it’s already slipping through my fingers. Where does the time go?

    I have to go pick him up from school now. I’m going to run to him, scoop him in my arms and swing him ’round and ’round until he begs me to stop embarrassing him.

    I love you all. Thank GOD we have each other to share and express without judgement. Only love.

    Bless the beasts and the children~

  16. Twinkletoes says:

    Ragdoll, you’ve got me crying again.

  17. Judi says:

    This one is too much. I feel terribly for what Ethan suffered through and also for his bio dad.

  18. FairWitness says:

    Hi Blink, I am so sorry about this case, how it’s tearing you up inside. It is haunting me, too.

    If you read between the lines, the injuries to this child are so numerous and severe that the medical examiner must be having a hard time identifying the cause of death. There also seems to be difficulty determining which of the injuries were made pre- & post-mordem.

    The burns Stephanie reported on the child buttocks, legs and feet, supposedly from an accidentally self-inflicted scalding bath… was that a lame attempt to explain burns on the child’s body. As if a 4 year old, already brutally beaten & horrendously injured, would take it upon himself to take a bath. She bought lighter fluid at convenience stores to disfigure the body, did she not?

    I don’t believe Nate killed this child alone. I think his mother participated in the beatings that killed Ethan. This mother is a pathological liar, not the least of her sins, mind you. Why else would she marry Nate while her mortally wounded, badly maimed child lay in agony, ALONE, in a locked bedroom? Why else would she help him disfigure & hide the child’s body? Why else would she not report the murder to police? Why else would she make up a story about Ethan wondering off, 4 nights in a row? Why can’t we just torture them both to death like they did Ethan?

  19. Phyllis says:

    Just when you think it can’t get any worse, here comes one that is worse than the one before. The only thing that will stop all these horrible crimes is the Lord Jesus Christ. Until people are willing to let go of their dirty, rotten ways and turn to God it is going to get worse and worse. The Bible is very clear on this. He can and will forgive us if we will ask Him into our heart, and accept Him as our personal Saviour. I do not mean to offend anyone so don’t send me dirty messages. But everybody has to know that nothing else is working but, God can solve all of our problems…don’t you think.

  20. Muse says:

    I’m with you, Fair Witness. I’m not buying his “mother’s” (and I use that term loosely) story. I think she participated in the brutal beatings. If she was that frightened of her new husband, she could have called for help while she was picking up a prescription for him at WalMart (as reported) – although we know it was already too late. And I have a feeling that LE is not be buying her “I looked on in helplessness” version of what transpired.

    It’s horrifying to imagine what really happened to this little cherub. That defenseless little boy never had a chance with those two. He’s safe now and bathed in love.

  21. Judi says:

    OT – I don’t know if this is FINALLY the true truth, but Nancy Grace is reporting that Tommy Croslin has broken down and is giving details about what happened and that precious Haleigh was killed inside the trailer by Joe and Tommy helped Joe get rid of the body. That Joe thrteatened to kill them and Tommy’s kids if he spoke and that Ron is testifying against the Croslins and getting a reduced sentence for the drug charges. I dare ask, could this be it? Could Lady Justice finally have gotten here to deliver justice for this little angel Haleigh?

    I’ve had it with bad news, murders, etc. I am so over ready to start hearing justice being served in these cases.

  22. Danielle says:

    Ever since I read this story, my heart has been saddened. I am a mother of a small four year old boy and what happened to this little boy just breaks my heart. I can’t imagine what Mr. Stacy is going through right now. I pray that somehow and in someway he can find peace for himself. Ethan looked like his little lamb tucked between his big arms on that motorcycle. That picture makes me cry. Ethan looked so happy with his father.
    It reads in Matthew 18:1-5 and Matthew 18:7, “At that time the disiples came to Jesus, saying, ‘Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’ Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. ‘Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. ‘Whoever receives one little child liks this in My name receives Me. ‘Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes’”. Well, Jesus, just made it very clear that this couple will be cast into hell fire. Amen! Perfect Justice at Last!!!

  23. Ragdoll says:

    #16 Twinkletoes

    Didn’t mean to make you cry friend…but then, I guess we’re all feeling broken for this angel faced little boy. If we can honour Ethan in any way, it would be to show our children, all children more love, more patient, more guidance.

    Blink, I’m more torn up when you say he was probably dead before the nuptials. If that’s true, how could anyone who knew the Sloppy…er….Sloopy mother, not notice Ethan’s absence? God forbid, but if I ever remarried, my son would be a huge part of my day. There is NO WAY I could go on with a wedding without him! How could she have explained that away and how could anyone have bought into her lies…..if Ethan was in fact deceased before the wedding?

    I know this isn’t much to y’all, but my dad LOVED LOVED children. He just had a way with them, my brother and I included. He loved to pass wisdom onto them. He loved to make them feel competent and gifted in their own special way. He always gave a child his undivided attention. At my dad’s funeral, I was surprised to learn how many of my schoolmates and sports friends would talk to him as a confidante. He was so modest and self contained. I had no idea! He wasn’t perfect, but he never made life about himself. He shared, he supported, he reached out. He also had this uncanny ability to discern when a child or a teen was going through a difficult time. He would take them under his wing and gave them a sense of dignity and much needed respect. My cousins always said to me ‘I wish he was my dad’. He was mine and everyday, I thank God for loaning him to us. I just wish my husband, my son and his grandchildren could have met him. If only……

    Well, I believe with all my heart my dad, in heaven, is welcoming these ‘angelus’ home and embracing them like a grandfather would. He would be that kind of spirit.

    Kryie Christe Eleison on these babies. xo

  24. Ragdoll says:

    Ok. I just came across this piece. I know most know about the knot.com b.s.

    The site no longer exists for obvious reasons but I did manage to find this:

    QUOTE (Nathan about Stephanie)

    I have known Stephanie since I was 15 yeras old. However all throughout highschool her and I never dated, but knew all about each other. Then Just a few years ago as I was going through the deepest, darkest part of my life dealing with My child being kidnapped and being in the middle of a vicious divorce, I began receiving these encouraging emails that had impeccable timing.


    The story goes on.

    I wander about this ‘child’ that was kidnapped because of a nasty divorce he was in the middle of. Does anyone know of this?

    Here’s the link to the rest of the story. You have to scroll through some of the comments (about half way down). It’s posted by BJ in OR and uses a cute cherub navatar wearing a crown of roses on her head. I also want to warn that there are some details most won’t like. I didn’t read them. I skipped and scrolled. So, view at your own risk.


    UPDATE: (If someone has posted this already, my apologies)

    Quotes from Sloop’s exwife. She is quoted as saying he was violent and had multiple personalities. She feared for the life of herself and her daughter.


    I wonder if there are previous charges of assault and/or abuse against Natan the Satan.

  25. Al Miller says:

    I’m speechless, and don’t think I can even read about this case any more. These cases seem to get sicker and sicker every time.

  26. mag603 says:

    My heart just breaks for what this little boy endured.



    About a dozen members of Bikers Against Child Abuse attended the hearing, arriving on their Harley motorcycles and wearing their black leather vests.

    “Our goal is to empower children,” said a member who identified himself only by his biker name of “Ish.”

    The bikers attended to be Ethan’s “voice” in the fight against child abuse, he said, calling Ethan’s death and any case of child abuse “ridiculous.”

    “It did strike a nerve with us, as they all do.”

  27. FairWitness says:

    Blink, there’s an interview with Joe Stacy’s first wife, Michelle Rodriguez, with whom he has two older children. Evidently she was very close to Ethan and often kept him, took him on vacations with his half-siblings. Her insight into his mother, Stephanie Sloop, is very telling. Michelle did not “see eye-to-eye” with Stephanie, but she never thought Stephanie would kill Ethan. She and Joe thought she’d never give Ethan back at the end of the summer.

    She speaks throughout the article as an accepted fact that Stephanie killed Ethan and that Joe thinks the same. That poor child, to have left a loving father, sent to his slaughter at the hands of his own mother. Here’s the link:


  28. Judi says:

    Al Miller: I agree. It certainly seems as though each one is getting worse and worse.


    I think what happened to precious Ethan is more than any of us can take. It’s just too much.

    Bikers Against Child Abuse – I applaud them. They are DOING something.

    Each one IS getting worse.

    We all thought Miss POS Anthony killing her own daughter, beautiful Caylee, dumping her in the woods, and going on to party hardy and having the time of her life was was horrible.

    Then we hear of poor little Haleigh Cummings and Lord only knows what she endured that night at the hands of those POS losers and then they most likely tied her to cinder blocks and threw her in the river with the alligators.

    Then Sommer Thompson gets snatched up walking home from school when she argued with her sister or friends or whatever and ran ahead of the rest, was done the unspeakable to, killed and thrown away like trash, by a man whom police had the opportunity to stop and didn’t.

    And then comes Ethan, who’s father is forced by a judge to hand him over to the boys monster of a mother and even worse monster of a fiance, who beat, burn, torture, feed feces to and lock away in a room, dying, while they go out and say their I-Do’s, and then, if that isn’t enough, beat him some more after he dies and bury him in the mountains.

    Could it possibly get worse than this? I absolutely fear that answer.

  29. Judi says:

    I’m dumbfounded.

    I do not understand why Monster Anthony did not give Caylee to someone who loved her and would have enjoyed her and given her a good life, A life.

    I do not understand how someone could kill any child. How does one look into their eyes of precious Haleigh and kill her (and I pray nothing else), then tie cinder blocks to her tiny body and throw this child into the river?

    I do not understand first, why when a woman shows police a computer with child porno on it and expresses concern about a person being a threat to children, didn’t the police do something? That alone may have saved Somer’s life. Secondly, how a person can just snatch a child up, do what he did to her, and just throw her a way?

    And, I certainly do not understand how someone yanks a child from a loving home just so you can get him in your home to torture him and kill him.

    I just simply do not understand. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  30. Darth says:

    I have never followed a missing person’s case like i did Caylee Marie! so like the grinch not that it wasn’t bad to begin with but my heart has grown so many sizes for childeren babies etc..It’s so hard to understand why people kill the most innocent amongst i suppose it is a question for the Almighty! but i will continue to offer up prayers for little children such as sweet Caylee, Haleigh, sommer thompson and to the families of the one’s who have had slaughtered or murdered children…only 1 thing above this do i hold the most distain for and that’s it!!! MAY GODBLESS ALL LITTLE CHILDREN!! and keep their innocents safe from monsters!!!

  31. Darth says:

    also May this little one guy!! memory live in the hearts of many as well:( truely HORRIFIC!! Death Penalty IMO should be automatic for all those who bring severe harm to babies children.

  32. Sister says:

    IMO, too many people use children as pawns in their game. Momster Anthony used Caylee to get what she wanted. This POS woman used her son Ethan to get even with the ex. If they give them away, what’s their bargaining chip and/or trading card? To these POS a child is a possession to be disposed of as they see fit and how they see fit. No consequences . . . they’ve watched way too much tv to come up with these lame brain ideas of how to get rid of a body.
    Until parents are willing to be the parent and not the best friend of their children, until parents teach their children to be responsible and learn consequences, until these folks accept responsibility and accept consequences. . . this will go on. They will not leave these children with someone else . . . they will not take them to hospitals or fire stations or police stations . . .

  33. Oblio says:

    Nathan was clearly a very sick person. Ex said multiple personalities.
    Both referred toNate’s “Bad Boy” personality as if it were a separate person. (in their testimonies at knot. Com)
    Nate went nuts.
    I don’t know why she stood by and did nothing, but that jerk was the one who killed poor Ethan.

  34. Carmen says:

    I cried when I heard about Ethan. If this isn’t a case where a case screams DEATH SENTENCE I don’t know what is. I am sickened by the way poor Ethan was tortured and the fear and pain he had to have felt. My God, Ethan was just a baby! His mother was supposed to protect this sweet innocent child. What the f**k was she thinking???!!! Her love for her husband was greater than her love for her son?? Oh, wait a minute – she didin’t love her son. But if she really didn’t love her son, I don’t understand why she wanted the visits… My mind is rambling and I can’t think straight. I want to beat this bitch to death with my own two hands.

  35. Oblio says:

    If you look at their comments on knot.com, a couple things stand out.
    Nathan tells her “when she messed up” and howto be better.
    Also, after her failed pregnancy (it was tubal; she had to abort) she said
    you can always have another kid, but “Nate couldn’t replace me.”
    Abusive brainwashing.
    She did wrong, no doubt. I don’t think she would have killed Ethan if it weren’t for Nate.
    She shouldn’t get off lightly, but please, Nate is the one who killed Ethan.
    Nate and “ghost” and “new York”
    here’s to NOT falling for abusive multiple personalit dickhead. The first time this
    “bad boy” tried to slap me or my kid around, he would realize he was messing with the wrong b*tch.
    But that is am attitude hard won after years of manipulation and abuse. I guess that’s why I aim my wrath at Nate more than steph. My two cents.

  36. angela_nw says:

    oooo – oblio I don’t agree.
    I agree about the brainwashing, but she was his mother, no passes.

  37. peg says:

    I want them all dead-dragged behind a car until bloody then thrown in an ‘gator filled swamp..Multiple personalities my $#*
    If there is any,any way they might get out somehow,she must be spayed..that goes for all of them..

  38. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Ragdoll you are one lucky young woman to have had a dad that cared for people and went quietly about helping them when they were in need without any expectation of reward for himself. This was his expression of the admonishment to do to others as you would have them do to you. Also, this was his way of expressing true brotherly love.

    Our courts in the family arena need to be monitored by local citizens who are looking out for the welfare of the children. Adults can take care of themselves.
    Sometimes the laws that affect what a judge can and cannot do are not in the best interest of children. However, a judge can use his/her discrection in a wise way by delaying a case decision while additional evidence is obtained.

    The courts are definately tilted in the direction that mothers have greater rights to children than fathers. This fight has been going on for a long time. The old model that fathers are the bread winners and mothers are the care givers is hard to overcome.

    To me, if I were a judge, and had a case in my court where a biological parent had been previously denied visatation or custody it would take a great amount of evidence to allow custody for an extended time outside the state. If this mother wanted to spend time with her child, this judge could have required supervised visatation in a county facility.

    We are all so shocked when we find a woman that either kills her own or stands by while a new boyfriend or new husband does the deed. The percentage of women who do this is very small. These women have a problem bonding with a child and are usually dependent on others for their identity. Unfortunately, society cannot stop this behavior in time to protect the children.

  39. Twinkletoes says:

    Well, Stephanie and Nate are both going to have many years in seperate prison cells to think about what brought them to this horrible act. Their reasons will never sound rational to us, of course, even if their real reasons are revealed. They will never be good reasons obviously because there is no good reason to cause the pain and suffering they have created. From here we need to consider how to stop mentally ill people like Stephanie and Nate from (1) harming others and (2) spreading mental illness to others.
    I think you all hit the nail on the head when you mention sterilizing them.
    While I am not sure paying cash to addicts for sterilization or long term birth control is the answer, see what this group (Project Prevention) is up to:

    It is a start.
    I always thought that if I ever ran for office, I’d base my campaign on putting birth control in the water and requiring people to get a license to procreate. When they get their license, they can have the special non-treated water. Nothing harms the psyche more than being unloved, unwanted. It is far more dangerous to our liberty to allow sex and childbearing to continue being connected than it is to disconnect the two and allow people who choose to be promiscuous the right to do so in a manner that does no harm to anyone but themselves and their willing partner. Leave the childrearing to those of us who have love in our hearts for children.

  40. c.b. says:

    Twinkletoes, I could not agree more. That article was great. Where do I donate to Project Prevention?

    I think it should be ILLEGAL to give birth to children INDESCRIMINATELY!ILLEGAL!

  41. Twinkletoes says:

    Project Prevention addresses the need to control unintended pregnancy in addicts. Not sure if Nate and Stephanie are addicts, but like I said, it is a start.
    Project Prevention web site here: http://www.projectprevention.org/

    Of course, there is a need to balance personal freedoms with controls that are put in place to keep society safe from harm. I think there is a very strong case for mandatory birth control in cases where people have proven themselves unfit to even care for themselves independently. And yes, I do realize the wide spread implications of what I just said. When you are fit, you can procreate. Fit, as determined by whom? That is the fear-invoking question. How about fit, as determined by standards set by the majority of voting members of a democracy. That is how we’ve always done it in the past.
    There is a tremendous difference between mandatory birth control applied using a set of standards that have been proven to reduce harm to children and to the public and the historically unpopular theory of Eugenics which failed miserably for failure to set standards that are acceptable to a democracy.

  42. Twinkletoes says:

    Yes friend, and thanks for the kindness.

    Very Perceptive :)

  43. oblio says:

    Twinkletoes and CB,

    I am sure your hearts are in the right place, but I want to respectfully (and I mean that sincerely) suggest controlled pregnancy doesn’t fit with the freedom held in high regard in this country. I certainly don’t want some bureaucrat telling me whether I am “fit” to have children according to some criteria they’ve developed, which I am sure would eliminate the brilliant, artistic, genius, and yes, unstable offspring from ever being born. It’s not really worth arguing though, because it would NEVER fly in this country, thank goodness.

    Infanticide and child murder have always been a part of our lives as humans. I hate it, I am appalled by it, and I want it to stop. I think the way is to raise men to be better men. Just like the Harrington’s have pointed out, we need to change our society to one that defers to the rights of the weak, and does not reward the strong for their strength. It’s one of the tenets of Christianity, although you’d never know it in today’s world.

    Again, my humble respect to Twinkletoes and cb – I know where you’re coming from but I don’t think it’s the answer…although if you want to chemically (or otherwise) castrate convicted child abusers, more power to you – I am all for that!

  44. oblio says:

    By the way, Project Prevention looks very interesting. Voluntary birth control is a great idea.

  45. Scratch says:

    Dear Blink, Did you happen to read about the attempted abduction of a young woman in Orlando last night? It was near the Mall of Millenia. Curious if they were expanding their investigation beyond just the other attempt at Lake Eola mentioned in the article.. Maybe looking at past unsolved abductions?
    Thanks for all your work Blink!

  46. Twinkletoes says:

    I hear you, Oblio. It is hard to balance freedoms of the individual and the health and safety of the public. But I think it can be done and I am starting to think that our country needs to take a much more aggressive stand against unwanted pregnancy. You are absolutely right that the voluntary aspect is key. It makes me wonder how many unwanted pregnancies would occur if birth control were an “opt out” step in health care instead of an “opt in” step?

  47. oblio says:

    Twinkletoes, that is a truly interesting concept. I would like to see more people thinking about that sort of thing and fewer thinking about anti-abortion rhetoric. Not that I’m pro-abortion; what a terrible, terrible choice to make, I am so glad my children were wanted.

    I know this all goes beyond what we’re here for, seeking justice for those that can’t speak for themselves. I will say that my time spent (mostly reading, not commenting) on this site has really made me think about foster parenting or adoption. It drives me nuts when people express the most violent, torturous sentiments against those who have done wrong, but no one thinks to reach out a hand to the kids out there who still have a chance. I am selfish too; perhaps when my precious girls are grown I will try to give something back to this crazy world.

  48. Ragdoll says:

    Dear Texas Grandfather,

    Thank you for your sweetness gentle sir. You know the saying “it takes one to know one”. I know the real deal when I meet him.

    I feel like I just got a hug from my very own granddaddy! God bless you friend. (((((((((TEXAX GRANDDADDY)))))))) xo

  49. Ragdoll says:

    I’ve been having a hard time coming back to this particular thread. It just doesn’t matter what kind of punishment these 2 monsters get, Ethan is never coming back. I can’t get past his last hours…..what he must have endured. I am so so thankful y’all have the strength and determination to speak up for Ethan.

    God bless Blink, and my BOC friends.

    I haven’t done this for a long time and I miss it so…..

    ((((((((((((((GROUP HUGS))))))))))))))))

  50. lovingmomof3 says:


    I cannot stop the tears that are streaming down my face as I type these words. We are supposed to protect, love and nurture our children and yet nowadays it just seems that children are taken for granted and tossed to the side like trash. I do not care to try and understand monsters like these two ~ since they never had Ethan’s best interests at heart ~ their thoughts or feelings dont matter. I cannot even bring myself to read the affadavits as I felt nauseous after reading the little tid bits that u posted.

    I love my children with everything in me and then some. They come before me, my husband, work….heck they come before EVERYTHING!! My 4 year old son fell asleep on my bed between my husband and I and thats where he shall stay for the rest of the night as I do not have the heart to disrupt his sleep by moving him to his bed. He is the same age as sweet lil Ethan and I could never fathom the thought of him being hurt in any way shape or form- any of my kids!
    May justice be served for this sweet innocent child! RIP Ethan!

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