Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Fingerprint On The Trunk, New Discovery Released, More Motions By the Defense

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Orlando, FL– Yesterday, the defense team of Jose Baez, J. Cheney Mason and Andrea Lyon filed a motion to strike the Statement of Particulars including aggravating factors claiming that is does not list the States “facts” to support them. Team Baez is claiming that “may rely” does not meet the burden of the Steele citation used to compel the order from Judge Perry in the last hearing.


In essence they would like state to kindly hand over their theories and work product, if you please-

Also filed by the defense, this time including Linda Kenney Baden, is a 49 page motion with exhibits for discovery from the Oak Ridge Laboratory otherwise known as The Body Farm.

It is within this motion, we learn something very new, and very critical to this case.


According to Baden’s supplemental request, there are 18 latent fingerprint lifts, 8 areas of latent lifts developed via dye stain and one fragmented lift from the trunk. Wonder who they will belong to?

This morning, the State is releasing an additional 500 pages of discovery in the murder case against Casey Anthony.

It will be posted as it is received, check back to for updates.

LINK TO 598 Pages of Discovery

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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    chelsea1515, You are welcome- yes, she is definitely not normal….

    Thinker. thanks for those links- very interesting. That pic of George with his head down in the car- very powerful.

    ChicagoJudy- I think the judge has bigger fish to fry- But I do wonder about the defense and the disregard for rules. If it is true it is very concerning.

    The anniversary of June 15th is fast approaching- just wondering if you are working on a new piece Blink?


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I find it interesting that picture of Casey looking at Baez Cell Phone. All of a sudden I thought “Hummm Casey loved to text I wonder if she uses Jose’s cell to contact Cindy when he visits”?

    She is rubbing her hands in anticipation. Pondering all of that.

  3. GRANDMOTHER OF 4 says:

    JJust wonder why some one hasn’t done anything to him? This judge is more professional about his job. f this was to happen in the north western part of the panhandle he would be TOAST. And why are they allowing the jailers to pass notes to. It wasn’t like hey girl ain’t seen you here’s my number call me some time. I clearly think it was something she could read on the way back to the jail and leave in the van to dispose of butcause it wouldn’t have her name or who it was from, it just for the moment to read. Send her up her to us. Our court rooms don’t play. This case should have been done and over with.

  4. GRANDMOTHER OF 4 says:

    sorry everyone for the miss spelling my wirless key board acts up and you don’t notice until you send and read

  5. Mom3.0 says:


    Oh Blink, I am already driving myself bonkers, wondering what is going on behind the scenes- Significant vs not?

    Now you say perhaps….. Well, I will have to anxiously wait, patiently for a new piece. Is that even possible?

  6. Mom3.0 says:

    GRANDMOTHER OF 4, Hi- I don’t know why no one has put a stop to it. All I can think is… in the greater scheme of things it is not a big deal? I understand and share your frustration, though.

  7. Mama52 says:

    I am having major blinker withdrawls…….:D


  8. GRANDMOTHER OF 4 says:

    George and Cindy to appear on Good Morning America show? We already learned what they have heard from their daughter that they don’t want to talk about. We don’t need people to pay them to lie they do a good job with out payment, but as long as tv station and new people pay what the heck we can lie and get paid for it. hummm where is this world going?

  9. Jake Jones says:

    This past Christmas, I finally understood the magnitude of our Lord’s sacrifice.
    “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).
    Just as Christ was crucified for his Virtue, the State is condemning Casey to her death.
    And what evidence was brought forward to Pilate?
    No Witnesses
    No Video Tape
    No Confession
    No Motive
    No Weapon
    No Fingerprints
    No DNA
    No Soil match
    No Drug evidence
    No Prior Criminal Record (was clean as a whistle)
    No history of child abuse
    An Air Test?
    An “alleged” misplaced heart shape photo?
    The testimony of two “alleged” Police dogs?
    A dead snake?
    Irrelevant photos taken BEFORE Caylee was missing?
    A body mysteriously found by an “ALLEGED” Violent Pedophile in an area that had already been thoroughly searched?
    An unaccounted for Father?
    An insanely jealous boyfriend?
    Judgment of a Frightened and Traumatized Young Mother’s actions?
    The ignored testimony of a witness implicating someone other than Casey.
    The opinions of a media-crazed, redneck bounty hunter?
    Untrained, jealous, women galloping through the woods trampling on evidence?
    No evidence that a murder even took place, let alone connecting any crime to Casey.
    Reams of Junk Science & false speculation (i.e. air test?)
    An endless supply of baseless theories and accusations from jealous bloggers.
    Reasonable doubt?
    The Death Penalty? Are you/they serious?
    Why is this miscarriage of justice happening?
    Gifted with unimaginable beauty, she received the attention of every man (and the jealousy of women).
    A voracious reader with superior intellect, she quickly bored with a mediocre school system.
    A selfless, altruistic, loving Single Mother, who sacrificed all to nurture Caylee sunshine.
    Now a jealous mob who wants their pound of flesh.
    God Bless

    Ya know, I was not going to bother to post this silliness, but then I felt it unfair of me to deprive so many of a deep belly laugh.

    For the record, if your peddling a defense strategy, y’all are in some serious trouble.
    For instance, even us mediocrely employed and educated commoners know that wrapping your baby’s head in duct tape and then stuffing her in garbage bags, ultimately tossing her from the trunk to a bog is not nurturing. Then again, in that family, it is probably hard to know the difference.

  10. Leslee S. says:

    Jake Jones:

    Too funny! All i can say is “Hold on to your seat because it is going to be a bumpy ride for you.”

  11. Thinker says:

    Yet another blatant example of how the Anthonys believe the RULES do not apply to them and INMATE Casey Anthony. Cindy boasts about violating jail security rules by having a “meeting” with INMATE Anthony and giving her correspondence which had not gone through jail security. WHY did the guards with the INMATE allow this transaction to take place????

    In a rare spontaneous meeting during a court recess in March, Cindy said she was able to give Casey a Mother’s Day card.

  12. PigletinCT says:

    OK – Who thinks Jake Jones is Cindy? Or possibly the missing Lee? Obviously whoever wrote that is delusional, heavily medicated – or both. Face it Jake – your daughter/sister BFF or whatever, killed that precious little girl – whether it was a mistake or not (I vote for NOT a mistake), wrapped her up in GARBAGE BAGS, drove around with her in the trunk of her car until she couldn’t stand the smell any longer (and when the stench was too overpowering to be misatken for a couple of dead squirrels)……then threw her out in a swamp to be eaten by maggots & rats right around the corner from home. Then spent the next month partying like she didn’t have a care in the world……

  13. ArcadiaFL says:

    “The last two years have been just unbearable,” George Anthony told Good Morning America, according to the show’s website.
    The Anthonys spoke about their thoughts on their daughter’s innocence, Casey Anthony’s jail letters, Cindy Anthony’s panicked 911 call about the smell of a dead body in the car and George Anthony’s suicide attempt, among other topics related to the case.
    Cindy Anthony said she still believes her daughter is innocent.
    “I’m not angry about it so much as I am frustrated because I might be able to better understand why she’s where she’s at now. Because, I still truly believe that she is innocent,” Cindy Anthony said. “There’s got to be a motive there that’s much greater than this whole picture.”
    She admitted that her daughter lied to investigators, but said, “A liar doesn’t make you a murderer.”
    The grandmother also said she told 911 operators her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body because she was trying to get authorities to quickly respond to her house.
    “You can’t take back anything that you say or feel at the time and I don’t take [it] back,” Cindy Anthony said. “All I know is I was desperate to get someone out to my house, desperate…When you’re desperately needing something, especially when it comes to your children, you pretty much do or say whatever it takes to get help.”
    Same ole’ same ole’ from the Anthony Monsters.
    Wow!!! 2 entire years since that precious 2 year-old child was murdered ruthlessly by her egg donor, who was too narcissistic to just give up custody of Caylee Marie, to her own grandparents.
    And after 2 years of no nanny ever found, no job Casey could confirm to justify the nanny in the first place, much less that she could afford one, & no evidence to show that ANYBODY on this planet had the motive, means, opportunity, and was the last person seen with Caylee Marie alive and incredibly EVIL, (yes people, SHE IS EVIL…not in denial, certainly not a “grieving grandparent,” and certainly never a seeker of justice for Caylee Marie’s murderer…WHOMEVER THAT MAY BE) Cindy Anthony thinks that Casey is innocent, Casey’s only guilty of being a liar, b/c “a liar doesn’t make you a murderer,” (Even though a murderer will often, if not USUALLY, lie to cover their deed and the consquences that come with it), that “There’s got to be a motive there that’s much greater than this whole picture,” (NO, just one you’re not willing to face, YOUR DAUGHTER RUTHLESSLY MURDERED HER OWN 2 YEAR OLD CHILD, YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER – Caylee Marie!! Remember her??)
    And we also have EVIL George Anthony who says “the last two years have been unbearable…” (maybe b/c you willfully refuse to believe the obvious cause, reason, and motive behind your granddaughter, Caylee Marie’s demise) and that his love for Casey Marie Monster is “unconditional,” UNLIKE HIS LOVE FOR CAYLEE MARIE, I might add, since if it was, he would want justice for the one who killed her, again, WHOMEVER THAT MURDERER IS, not try, hope and have your wife dream of the killer’s freedom!!
    Justice for Caylee Marie? We’ve never heard that from her own grandparents and don’t hold your breath folks…b/c you never will!!!
    Even when Casey Marie Monster is CONVICTED of 1st Degree Child Murder and eventually executed, George and Cindy, the world’s most monstrous grandparents, will go to their graves thinking their daughter, “didn’t get a fair shake in this whole deal,” not because of denial, but b/c that would make them largely responsible for that precious child’s demise and that’s something George and Cindy have never and will never want ANY PART OF!!
    Who’s the worst family in the history of America?? Move over Manson Family, the Anthonys got you beat now, b/c they’re into murdering, not just people, but defenseless toddler children, who happened to be blood-related to them and will go on TV to protect the murderer of such child…DESPICABLE!!
    P.S. Hey Cindy, if you “just wanted to get the police to your house as quickly as possible,” and said ANYthing that would accomplish that task, why not state, “My house is on fire!!” “There’s someone with a gun holding us hostage and wants the police here to negotiate!!” or even, “My daughter’s about to committ suicide and has a knife to her own throat!!”
    Why did your statement about the death smell in Casey’s car, which was, according to you Cindy, a lie just to the get the police to your house faster just so magically accurate and corroberrated by so many other people and even 2 different cadaver dogs??

  14. GRANDMOTHER OF 4 says:

    One statement made by Cindy was that she could understand the Holloway case because they don’t even know where their daughter body is but she could not compare to Van Der Sloot because he confessed, this is not where Cindy wants to hear so if you confess you are not like them but if you are still unaware she is with you.. Wake up Cindy you daughter Casey is just like Van Der Sloot in many ways she has lied to make this look good for her self just as he has and the both have killed and if not captured she might have gotten you or another family member next,but in the end they both look like FOOLS.

  15. Word Girl says:

    Oh, my. Some things don’t ever change, do they?
    Sociopathy runs deep as Cindy continues to justify lying, as has been well underscored above.
    She believes there has to be a motive that is “much greater than this whole picture.”

    If she’d stop lying to herself for one second, she would see that ‘motive’ clearly is
    narcisism and jealousy embodied by her daughter, Inmate Anthony. Her rage against her mother
    finally took the one precious commodity Cindy felt she owned: Caylee Marie Anthony.
    Now that Caylee is gone, Cindy and Hollow-Man George don’t seek to redeem her death by holding the murderer accountable. Never have and never will. And the cycle begins again.

    It’s up to us and we will not fail to keep Caylee’s light burning.

  16. Mom3.0 says:

    Since Caylee was 6 mnths old, her mother lied about having a job. A job where she worked long hours for little pay.

    MON, May 19, 2008

    10:52:19 a.m. Casey texted Amy: “I can’t wait to have a semi normal schedule again. I hate working 12 hours split in half each day. I’ll be home in about an hour and I have to be back around 6 tonight.”

    Lauren had babysat Caylee until she found out Casey didn’t work. Jesse and the Grund’s watched Caylee until Casey was lucky enough to find Zenaida, through a co-worker Jeff. There were times when Zanny was unavailable, and Casey would have her mother and father watch Caylee so she could go to work.

    May 25, 2008, Casey went off to work an event, one that would keep her away from her loving daughter, Caylee, the entire night. She asked her Mother, Cindy to watch Caylee. Luckily, Cindy had the next day, Memorial Day off. Even though Cindy herself worked 40-50 hours a week, she babysat Caylee. How could she refuse when Casey was sacrificing her mom time inorder to make a better life for herself and her daughter?

    This is something Cindy could identify with, she had sacrificed years of motherhood, valuable momtime, when Casey and Lee were growing up-so she could provide for her children. Cindy did it with the help of her husband- Casey was doing it alone.

    It turns out that May 25th Casey did not have to work. She asked Cindy to babtsit, not to work, but so she could attend “The Anything But Clothes Party” at Lake Vaj. Turns out Casey wasn’t sacrificing her mommy time for the good of her daughter, but instead for a good-time.

    Cindy found a pic of Casey dressed in nothing but the Glory of an American flag, smiling and having a good time while she, Cindy was at home taking care of Caylee. The next 2 days Caylee spent the night with Caylee at Ricardo’s. Cindy thought they were with Zanny.

    CINDY ANTHONY Police Interview: It could have been one or two nights that they said they stayed at Zanny because it seemed like starting in May and June, it was more frequent that they crashed at Zanny, but not more than one or two days at a time until after June, you know, 16. Then it was a story every – - every day. But up until then, it was no more than one or two days ever strung together.

    IIRC, during this week Cindy called Ryan P. to tell him to stay away from Casey because she is “sociopath.”

    For more than a year Casey left Caylee, inorder to go to “work”. She left her with Cindy when she could, or she would “drop her off” at the nanny’s, and then “crash” if it was late night, for the good of Caylee…

    Casey made excuses for over a year, inorder to be free from the delight of mommy time and the responsibilities which that included. If she couldn’t leave her with Cindy, she dragged Caylee along. Whether it be to parties at Ricardo’s or Tony’s or whereever.

    We now know that Casey never worked. Did she keep Caylee locked up in her carseat during the day, so she could drive around and text? Casey Anthony would never win the award for mother of the year. Never

  17. Mom3.0 says:

    Since Caylee was 6 mnths old Caysey was lying inorder to be free from Caylee.

    Monday June 15th was a “normal day”- Casey said. Caey told LE that she had dropped off Caylee with Zanny like she normally did, and went off to a grueling day of work. Like any other normal day, she returned to Zanny’s to pick up Caylee around 4:30. There was no sign of Zanny or Caylee- So Casey went to a neutral place, her BF Tony’s, to rent and watch movies.

    Casey never returned home again with Caylee.

    Casey was 22 years old. She was an adult. She was a mother. She was not a scared child. She was not in shock. Nor was she in the midst of “ugly-copping.” She willfully kept Caylee hostage to her own selfish needs, even in death.

    Casey spent all of her time trying to be free from Caylee. She lied, and continued to do so, even after her little girl was dead, gone and disposed of- not because she was trying to protect her family nor little Caylee, but because she was trying to prolong her good time.

    Casey never grieved for her daughter. She tortured her parents and brother, with stories of kidnapping, and clues to her whereabouts. She continues to torture them with lies.

    Casey has never displayed any remorse or sorrow for what SHE DID.

    She simply continued lying about working, and about her daughter’s safety.. Casey alluded her family for a month. While she partied and shopped, driving around with Caylee, DEAD in the trunk of her car…..

    Police Interview of Cindy:

    “She started telling you stories from the 25th on.”

    “Why — I just want to plant the seed, OK? You don`t have to answer this. Why would she try and do that? Why would she try and pass off the smell. Because we all know that there was a smell. I`m not here to dispute what the smell was, OK? We all know there was a very bad smell in the car. Why would she start to say to her friends in text message – we have text messages –why would she want to say, hey, I think my dad hit something with the car, and later on say, yeah, it looks like my dad hit something with the car and the car smells?”

    C. ANTHONY: “I have no idea. ”

    Warning Graphic-

    Then the stench became too much. She began telling lies inorder to cover-up.

    Casey then disposed of her own 2 year old daughter’s decomposing corpse.
    Casey put little Caylee’s lifeless body in trashbags and an old toy bag, dressedf in a Big Trouble t-shirt, old shorts and no shoes. Casey then backed up to a swamp and threw little Caylee out, hoping she would never be found. Forever depriving her of a decent burial, and her beloved Mamma doll..

    Casey then uploaded this quote on July 11-perhaps as an epitaph for her own baby-

    “You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months overanalyzing a situation, trying to put the pieces together, justify what could have, would have happened. Or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the “f” on. Tupac Shakur

    Casey merrily went on with her “bella vita”- and would have been content do carry on IMO- If not for her mother cathching up to her, and refusing to give her one more day. Casey has never taken any responsibility for Caylee, and she never will.

    As Judge Strickland so aptly said:

    “Not a bit of useful information has been provided by Ms. Anthony as to the whereabouts of her daughter,” Strickland said. “And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers.”

    RIP little Caylee- on this day, the anniversary of the last time anyone saw your bright and shiny face. RIP

  18. chelsea1515 says:


    If ever I needed reminding why I check daily on this site, your last entry does just that!! Little Caylee’s last day doesn’t bear thinking about; my heart is heavy just reading your comments which we all know are true facts. Please God, justice prevails.

  19. Mom3.0 says:

    Upon rereading my posts- I feel the need to clarify- so my words can not be “misconstrued”-

    I do not believe Caylee was in Casey’s trunk after she began complaining of the smell, or at least not for very long.

    IIRC, on the 25th of June, Casey tells Amy there’s a horrible smell in her car and she can’t figure out what it is… She says it is getting worse. She tells Amy maybe her dad ran over something when he borrowed it… One text read – “it smells like something died in my car.”

    On the 27th of June, Casey texts Amy- “definitely, there’s part of an animal plastered to the frame of my car”—. Casey then says she got “rid of it” –

    I think the smell lingered long past the time when Casey so heartlessly disposed of Caylee or in her own words “got rid of it”.

    Much like Shakespeare’s character in Mcbeth, No matter how Casey tries, she, like Lady MacBeth, will never be free from the stench and stain of little Caylee’s death.

    She can lie about squirrels, trash, whatever, she can try to wash the stain away with shoe cleaner, A&H laundry detergent, whatever, and still the stain remains. Even If she refused to open the trunk to see the stain, still the stench assaulted her nostrils, no matter how many paper-towels, or fabric softeners, or even gas fumes Casey tried to cover it with-it remained.

    Lady Macbeth:
    “Out, damn’d spot! out, I say!—One; two: why, then
    ’tis time to do’t.—Hell is murky.—Fie, my lord, fie, a soldier, and
    afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our
    pow’r to accompt?—Yet who would have thought the old man to
    have had so much blood in him?”
    Macbeth Act 5

    So Cindy can say she never believed the smell came from decomposition, Jake can say that there is no evidence, but like Blink wrote:

    “For the record, if your peddling a defense strategy, y’all are in some serious trouble.”

    You see, Jake, no matter how they back peddle now, we all know that little Caylee was dead, her body lying in the trunk of Casey’s car.

    You see Jake, no matter how they try to discredit it or how hard they try to hide the truth-
    We all know little Caylee’s body is/was the source of the stench.

    We all know George stuck his nose in the stain left by his baby granddaughter’s lifeless body. We all know that Casey and Cindy and George all tried to clean the stench and the stain away.

    Casey tried to clean it, knowing undoubtedly that she was cleaning up the last remnants of her baby daughter, along with the evidence of her heartless crime.

    If it were as simple as the smell of trash and rotting pizza, Jake, why on Earth was Casey telling lies about the smell before she ran out of gas and abandoned the car? Why didn’t she simply remove the trash?

    The answer is, because no matter how Casey lamented about the stench and the stain “Out you damned spot” No matter what she tried to cover it with- lies -trash- cleaning -squirrels- still it haunted her senses.

    Much like in Edgar Allen Poe’s- “The Tell Tale Heart” Casey’s deed will not go unpunished. The stain and the stench will be Casey’s undoing.

    Unlike Poe’s story, the trunk and all its evidence is real, not a figment of Casey’s imagination or a manifestation of her quilt.
    It is real evidence of Casey’s quilt. Real evidence, not fabricated, not junk science but real- If it weren’t, why go to such lengths to mask it?

    Jake, I do not hate Casey. I am not jealous of her unimaginable beauty, afterall, she passed that beauty on to her daughter. I am not out for a pound of flesh. I want nothing more than the truth of what happened to Caylee. No matter if the truth shows Casey innocent or guilty.

    Casey deserves a fair trial. So does Caylee. Jake, let the evidence speak for itself. We certainly can not rely on the truth of the words spoken by Caylee’s mom, Casey. Cindy herself, said just today, that just because Casey is a liar does not mean she is a murder. I concur.

    So we must rely on the evidence. I place my faith therein, come what may, do you?

    Hard to believe I pick this post to tell you how brilliant you are.

    You posess that walk softly but carry a big stick quality I have never been able to pull off.

    We need 12 of you in Orange County May 11. I predict we will get just that.

    Hugs to you on this eve my friend.

  20. Mom3.0 says:

    chelsea1515, Thank you.
    I watched GMA today and was again saddened by The Anthony’s stance. I feel sorry for them, at the same time I can not understand them. Cindy said that “this has been going on almost as long as little Caylee was alive.” She said LE told her they would break Casey in two days.

    Well, it has been going on this long, IMO, because Casey refuses to tell them the truth. She refuses to allow her parents to grieve for little Caylee. All attention is on Casey. IMO, Casey will prolong this charade as long as she can, she has for once stolen the limelight from her baby daughter, and is again the apple of her parents eye.

    She has resolved herself to being incarcerated. She can live with that. She has resolved herself to not visiting with her family. She can live with that. She has even came to terms with the death penalty, if she loses. Because IMO, she doesn’t care what happens as long as she never has to face up to what she did.

    She IMO, has already won, because, her parents refuse to see the truth, and she can go on torturing them. If she is found guilty, if she is put to death, it matters not, as she has won.

    The torture will go on, even after her death-maybe for no other reason than she is a spiteful B$#@!

  21. Mom3.0 says:

    I feel like I am hogging your blog, today. Sorry Blink

    Just wanted to thank you for your words and for the hug- – With all the sadness today, remembering littler Caylee, her GP’s “cameo” on GMA and little Kyron’s story, I surely needed it.

    I am off now, to enjoy the rest of the day with my family I am thankful to have- may you enjoy yours too,Blink, and Thanks again.

  22. Ragdoll says:

    Jake Jones <—— are you for real?

    Your sheeple preachings are old, boring and falling on deaf ears. You are so transparent dude. If this was my blog, I would have gonged you long time ago and hooked you off stage left.

    Please, being a thorn in Blink’s side is the last thing she needs. The first thing you need is intense psychotherapy for I fear you are an isolated, tormented soul who lacks friends and social skills. Albert Einstein once said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. How’s this working for you so far?

    Respectfully, back of Jack.

  23. Ragdoll says:

    Jake….PS…..PLEEEEEEEEEASE…don’t EVER compare Casey’s trial to the son of God. There’s no way she’d sacrifice her life by crucifiction to save us sinners. She can’t even admit killing her own daughter. BIG FAT FAIL!

    Lord forgige him. He knows not what he says.

  24. Ragdoll says:


    It’s not Cindy or Lee. This person has been brought up before and posts under many aliases, often cutting and pasting from old posts. To many bloggers, he is well known. Out of respect to Blink, I’ll refrain from drama and leave it at that.

    I should follow my own advice, but the best thing you can do is avoid giving any kind of attention to his contrived rants. It’s hard to do but it works.

  25. PigletinCT says:

    Thanks Ragdoll -
    Best not to “feed the trolls” as they say – I’ll take that under advisement. I’ve been reading here for months & months & months but hardly ever post anything – I don’t stack up to most of the great minds that post here so often, I mostly read to keep up to date on the case. I’ve NEVER followed another case like I have this particular one – and I still can’t explain what draws me in & keeps me coming back for updates…..I don’t even have children of my own. I do have a niece that’s 11 months older than Caylee would have been and I couldn’t imagine anyone doing something to her – let alone her own mother.

    Keep up the good work Blink & everyone else – your hard work is VERY much appreciated by us “lurkers”. All my best to everyone from Piglet in Connecticut.

    God Bless Blink!

  26. chelsea1515 says:

    Hi PigletCT, I can’t tell you how relieved I am to discover another ‘lurker’. Like you, there is something that draws me almost daily for updates about this case. I am a mum of two grown kids and when I see video footage of Caylee singing, smiling, playing, loving, I am transported back years to when mine were that age. I loved them sooooo much!! My children now have little ones of their own and they mean the world to them and to me and I know categorically that heaven forbid I found myself in the position of Cindy, I would not be lying to protect either of my children. I would not abandon them, my love is unconditional, but they and I would have to face up to the situation regardless of the consequences. Heartfelt thanks to Blink for all your hard work and committment!

  27. Terry says:

    And what evidence was brought forward to Pilate?
    No Witnesses
    No Video Tape
    No Confession
    No Motive
    No Weapon /Duck Tape
    No Fingerprints / Its hard to find finger prints on Bones and Tape that had been under water for so long.
    No Soil match /Because Mother or Murder washed her close and clean up
    No Drug evidence /Babies shouldn’t be on drugs
    No Prior Criminal Record (was clean as a whistle)/Because Family Cleaned up and covered up her thievery.
    No history of child abuse / Mental abuse
    An Air Test? / don’t forget the Murder’s father & Mother both smelled a dead body in the Dam car.
    An “alleged” misplaced heart shape photo? /Matching stickers found in MURDER’S ROOM.
    The testimony of two “alleged” Police dogs?/And both tell more truths then the entire Family of the Murder.
    A dead snake? /Not yet but we are hoping that the snake of a MOTHER will be a dead snake.

  28. dancehappy says:

    Evidence I never heard before, from JVM yesterday – transcript 6/15 – When you look at the affidavit in support of the arrest warrant which I have a copy of and you look at all the facts the cops have laid out — and I`m talking direct evidence, not circumstantial. There is some circumstances as well. But there`s pages, Jane, and pages of direct evidence including the fact that the rug that the baby was wrapped in when she was found in the park, they actually have fibers from that same rug that was found in the truck of the vehicle that belonged to George.

    Now, how they explained that, I don`t know. But let me tell you what, that`s direct evidence.


    What baby in what rug and what park? Not one of those descriptors is in Caylee’s case?

  29. dancehappy says:

    A possible explanation of the detective’s remark on JVM – from The Caylee Daily blog …………

    LoriK I did watch the JVM show last night when the retired det. said it was fibers from the rug,( which was on the porch at the A’s house) that they found in the trunk of Casey’s car.

    I tend to believe that it was fibers from the rug they found in the trunk. They also took a rug from The A’s house when they did the search warrant on their residence. In my opinion Little Caylee at one time was laying dead and possibly was wrapped in it, until Casey could come up with a better solution of what to do with her body.

  30. Mom3.0 says:

    dancehappy-Hello, I am not 100% positive, but I believe that person on the JVM show was just mistaken.

    Caylee certainly was not found in a park, far from it. And to my knowledge she wasn’t wrapped in a rug- but you’re right there was one taken from the Anthony’s sunporch and I do believe it lit under blue lights- IIRC it was speculated to be from dog urine though.

    I do believe it is possible Caylee may have come into contact with that rug though, but to my knowledge that was never in any documents that I saw….

    Mom 3.0- as usual you are correct. Way Off.

  31. Kleat says:

    Update– and Judge Rodriguez insisted over and over that the civil trial WOULD precede the criminal trial, even to the last court date before this change. Now comes Judge Perry. I suspect he’s had a little chat with Judge Rodriguez and they’ve come to an understanding.

    WFTV reports—
    “Casey Anthony’s defamation trial has now been scheduled for August 29, 2011. That’s a year and a half later than the date discussed at the last hearing.
    That means the civil trial will happen after Casey’s criminal trial, which is set for May 2011.”

  32. Kleat says:

    Blink, that sheeple post about the snake is SOOOO old, isn’t it the second time already on BOC?? Using a different nick of course, but same old that this idiot is peddling to get a response from people.

  33. Mom3.0 says:

    Hello Blink and Co-

    Thanks for the update Kleat.

    I agree that Judge Perry probably put the kibosh on the civil trial before the criminal trial. I think this is a smart move.

    The defense is fighting hard against the 911 calls being allowed.

    Anyone with any degree of hearing can surely tell that the 3rd 911 call was an excited utterance by Cindy. It came directly after she had learned from Casey that Caylee wasn’t safe and sound, sleeping peacefully at the nanny’s, but instead, Cindy had just learned Caylee had been kidnapped 31 days prior.

    The defense surely thinks that Cindy’s 911 call about the dead body smell in Casey’s car is very damaging- they act as if this is the only evidence that little Caylee was left in that trunk.

    It is a shame that Cindy will not stand by her statements. But at the time, Cindy was frantic over the fact that she hadn’t seen Caylee, nor Casey for over a month. Cindy finally found her daughters car that day, abandoned, and it smelled like there had been a body in the damn car.

    Casey had been found, safe and sound, relaxing in her new boyfriends apartment. Caylee, however, had been “kidnapped” and wouldn’t be found for months, and not safe and sound.

    I don’t think Cindy’s excited utterance is the only reason the defense wants the calls unheard. I think Casey’s voice/demeanor and lack of concern, along with (pp) “I don’t want to talk to them” Is far more damaging than anything Cindy had to say. JMO,0,1646148.story

  34. Thinker says:

    More Defense motions to try to keep out Cindy’s 911 calls – but Cindy’s own attorney says they WILL come into evidence.

    Exclusive: George and Cindy Anthony Speak on 2nd Anniversary of Caylee’s Disappearance
    Grandparents Call Time ‘Unbearable,’ Say Casey Anthony Is Innocent But ‘Anything Can Happen’ in Trial
    June 15, 2010
    A Florida judge has yet to rule on whether the 911 tapes will be heard during the murder trial, but Brad Conway, an attorney for George and Cindy Anthony said today he doesn’t doubt “for a second” the tapes will be entered into evidence.

  35. Thinker says:

    In the Status Hearing, June 21, 2010, SA Burdick AGAIN told the Judge they are waiting for the Defense Witness list.

    The Original Defense Witness List was filed on Nov 20, 2008 and they incorporated the entire State’s Witness List by reference.

    The Amended Defense Witness List was filed on Jan 23, 2009, and the only witnesses on the Defense Witness List (so far) who are NOT on the State Witness List are:
    - Larry E. Daniel – Guardian Digital Forensics
    - Dr. Larry Kobilinsky – John Jay College
    - Dr. Henry Lee – Univ of New Haven CT

    There have been no other Amendments or Supplements to the Defense Witness List.
    Note: Dominic C. is on the State Witness List (was added March 23, 2009 – after the Defense filed their Original and Amended List) but he has NOT been added to the Defense Witness List, as of June 21, 2010.

    Both sides have until August 31, 2010 to list all witnesses. The Judge asked Mason today, if the Defense was going to wait until the last minute of the deadline.
    Original Defense Witness List – Nov 20, 2008
    Amended Defense Witness List – Jan 23, 2009 – page 1
    Amended Defense Witness List – Jan 23, 2009 – page 2

  36. Mom3.0 says:

    Well, I think it is becoming more and more probable that you were right Blink.

    Casey’s defense team seems to be working on throwing someone under the bus. During the status hearing Cheney Mason said he wasn’t sure if they plan to call witnesses surrounding Kronk to the stand. It seems they don’t believe Kronk will no longer suffice. But what was really interesting, was Mr. Mason’s comments after the hearing.

    IMO He seemed to almost hint that even if Casey killed Caylee, all they need is reasonable doubt…. Thats all- I could be misinterpreting him, but to me, that seems to be the crux of their case.

    If someone besides Casey could have disposed of little Caylee, then ….someone other than Casey could have murdered Caylee too.

    First it was Zany… then Jesse… then Amy… then Ricardo…then Kronk & on and on. The defense has told more stories than Casey herself.

    Who will be their final patsy? Or will they point the finger at everyone and anyone…

    Who had access to the trunk? Who’s latent print was found on the lid?

    It becomes a matter of just how much evidence can the defense keep out, and finally, how believable can they make their final “story”?

  37. Thinker says:

    Hornsby says the Defense got it ALL wrong in their Motion regarding the 911 calls.

    excerpt from R. Hornsby:
    “What is abundantly clear to me is that although he is semi retired, (with time to do so ), Mr. Mason has not familiarized himself with all of the prior things that have went on in the case. He made statements on the
    courthouse steps as well as in his document (that wasn’t recorded still yesterday morning that I could find), that are simply not historically or factually correct. I sat at my desk in shock reading the document, it was
    replete with wrong information from top to bottom!!!!”


  38. Thinker says:

    Defense depositions done on June 17, 2010 with Cindy’s supervisor,Debbie Polisano, and Cindy’s co-worker Charles Crittenden. The info has been confirmed in the Defense Motion filed Friday June 18, 2010.


  39. ClassyGal says:

    What ever happened to searching for the TRUTH? I know I couldn’t do what their defense team was doing AND sleep with a clear conscience. This is not a game!

  40. NaNa says:

    You know what I dont understand? There is so much going on with the courts wanting to use Cindy’s admission on the 911 tape that Casey’s car smelled of death. But I remember listening to an audio interview with George and OSCO (I think)where he gives a sworn statement that the car smelled of a dead body, and he added two things “please dont let that be my Caylee” (before he opened the trunk at the tow yard) and “that’s a smell you dont ever forget.” I cant find the audio, maybe some of you can help locate that. But I did find a link where the words are transcribed:

    Why isnt there big news of what Cindy said on 911 tape and then George, in the same week, admitting he KNEW it was the smell of death? Those two things along would seal the deal for a jury. imo

    Add to that George pulling the deputy aside that evening and telling him he believed Casey was lying about something.

  41. GRANDMOTHER OF 4 says:

    why haven’t they done anything to Cindy for all the lies that she is telling to confuse the jury? I can see so many lies in her statements right after Casey get out of jail and then there for good. She needs to be charged with obstruction on justice and more. But I’m sure she will not be a very good witness for either. Maybe under pressure she will crack and we will get to see more of her lies unfold

  42. Charlotte says:

    State to release 5,000 pages of evidence tomorrow.

  43. Ragdoll says:

    I simply do not get how the defense can throw ANYBODY under the bus other than the non existant nanny. That story (Casey’s words…her story and that’s the one she’s going with) was locked in, imo, by Casey AND the defense, initially. How can the defense concoct so many conspiracy theories? I’m no rocket scientist but I would think that creating doubt that Casey is not Caylee’s killer is their focus……not consistently blaming innocent people. It doesn’t cast doubt imo… screams ‘we have nothing to prove her innocence!’

    How can the defense worm its way out of Casey’s original statement and fabricate gaggles of circumstances, all of them being unrelated to each other (Kronk, Jesse Grund, Cindy and George,)? Is Casey’s statement not considered evidence for the prosecution….and her insistance that the nanny had her (throw in variations of WHERE Caylee was taken)?

    Is it just me or is just an epic fail for the defense? I don’t see how they can distance themselves from the initial events of Caylee’s disappearance.

    I don’t get it. (throwing hands up in air). Maybe it’s the lack of margaritas in my diet :P

  44. NaNa says:

    Ragdoll, the answer to your question is obvious. The defense will do whatever it must in order to “try” to distract from the obvious “facts” of the case. They will put on a good song and dance, but at the end of the day I have every confidence though that the Jury will come to the logical conclusion that Casey is the one who killed Caylee.

    As a side note: I think the defense was going to try a “different story” other than “Zanny the Nanny” but the 911 tape, the interviews with police where she uses that story over and over, her civil trial, even writing about a “nanny” to her penpal in jail, forces everyone to stick to her story (lie) whether they like it or not. Personally, I find it quite gratifying. Justice at last.

  45. Mom3.0 says:

    Charlotte thanks for the heads up- I wonder if anything new will be in these documents?

  46. Ragdoll says:

    Hi NaNa

    You pretty much support what I’m saying. How can they divert from the nanny? I get that they want to create reasonable doubt….but Casey insists the nanny was involved. There was no Kronk at that time.

    HOW they’re creating reasonable doubt is the problem I have, not why. You can’t keep changing the lead character/adbuctor, imo. It’s working against the defense, not for them. Casey and Baez initially stated it was Zanny. “YES, that’s the story I’m sticking to.” You can’t ignore Casey’s statement to the detectives. Didn’t use lifelines….she locked that in my friends. So how can it be Zanny, Jesse, Roy, George and Anthony, Lee, and the three blind mice at the same time long before Caylee was even found? I’ll tell you why….Casey KNEW there was no one she could pin this on. A fake character was perfect. If it was Jesse, she would have said so without hesitating. If it was George and Cindy, she would have said so w/o hesitating. But she didn’t throw these people under the bus initially. Why? Obviously, it would have worked against her immediately! No way anyone is going to take a fall for something they didn’t do. I don’t believe Cindy or George would have either, if it came to that when Casey made her statement. At least the nanny story bought her some time. She may not have cracked but she never claimed her innocense either.

    Maybe I’m not making sense…..but jumping from one theory to another before the trial starts is just plain DENSE! They should have kept their traps shut from the get go. Cindy didn’t help the cause either. The defense hasn’t created reasonable doubt. They’ve created a system of enabling just as Cindy has. They are covering for something that is way above their capacity. In fact, I’m certain they know she’s guilty. Again, epic fail on the defense part. Casey will appeal for incompetent representation. This ain’t over by a long shot……but she will be found guilty. For that, I am certain.

  47. notjustoneanthonyisinvolved says:

    Why didnt anyone else smell that car if Caylee was in that trunk all that time? Why? because she wasn’t. Not till the day she was transferred from her home to the swamp…OO.

    Yep. I have stated that from day 1.

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