KYRON HORMAN MISSING: Day 9 Portland Search Update

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Portland, OR– Day 9 in the hunt for missing Portland child Kyron Horman. Click on Image below to play press conference.

“Search efforts Based on Information received to date.”


One of the primary objectives of the press conference directed by Capt. Monte Reiser of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office was cleary to deflect meritless speculation about Kyron’s family that has permeated the web. It was also revealed MCSO has advised Kyron’s family that there are indications they need to be prepared for a long term search effort.  Having followed and written about more similar cases to this than I care to, I can tell you from this press conference content I am confident the family has been cleared of any suspicion or involvement in this case.

Earlier in the day, search efforts utilized a Black Hawk helicopter in the Sauvi Island area, maintaining altitude at about 100 feet from the surface.

National Guard Black Hawk Flying Aerial Mission

National Guard Black Hawk Flying Aerial Mission

Maintaining a sweep pattern above land and water surfaces, the aerial imaging equipment and technology is specifically designed to produce thermal,  underwater and surface ground disturbances and anomalies. Those images are then analyzed by a geospatial imaging expert and juxtaposed or compared to the most recent satellite imagery available for the coordinates in an effort to exlude or include areas where Kyron might be.

According to a parent of a student at the Skyline School, whose identity is being withheld by, while the FBI did question all students in the school,  there are several sets of parents who have not been interviewed.  It is the parents opinion that information was developed about halfway through the interviewing process that rendered additional parent interviews unnecessary.

Search efforts resumed today for Kyron Horman, check back to for updates.

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  2. twinkletoes says:

    blink I tried posting but it seems to have gotten lost. let me know if I need to repost.

    Please, might have been lost when i had to update- thanks.

  3. cheryl says:

    why doesn’t the school have surveillance cameras to show FBI as to when he left or when he came in ? I am puzzled by this

  4. Valhall says:

    B…are you getting the sense that this may be a “game” – not by LE, but by whomever has done something to or knows where Kyron is? I am getting that sense. And I think the LE’s language is very well constructed to avoid giving the perpetrator the attention they want from this. In addition, I believe they are making statements to misdirect. I agree with your statement along the lines of things being worse than first suspected. I feel there is an immense darkness to this case.

    I am not sure I would use the word “game”, but maybe “ruse” on the behalf of the perp, yes.

    I can’t say the perp is interested in the attention of this crime from a public perspective yet because in general, if we are talking about a serial pedophile, right now this activity is interrupting the “high” he was on and he would prefer to get back to.

    However, if we are talking about a different animal, where the violence aspect and torment are drivers over the sexual component, and more of a psycopathy, I would expect this individual to have interjected himself into this case and is watching every medium available.

    Door #2 scares the hell out of me, I would be willing to bet Kyron is never found in that instance, and there are undoubtedly other victims.

    Based on the press conf yesterday, and the families pseudo victimology profile, both the family and Kyron know this guy.

    Pedos are one of the most “subject to change” profiles there are in terms of escalation to necessary or accidental violence to avoid detection, rarer are those that change their victim proclivity .

    If the last witness account was indeed a student, and that student also knew the ID of the individual, then he is affiliated with the school, or kid activities.

    If we are correct, they will have to scale back the search this week if he is not found, and I feel then a suspect or POI will emerge. Once the community believes there is not a likely chance Kyron is alive, the requests by LE to keep a lid on it will give way to anger and the rumor mills will start.

    I would love to be completely wrong, and reading about Kyron being found alive and unharmed.

  5. rosa negron says:

    please take care of this child god.

  6. sueK says:

    Sorry, but this had to be step mom or another parent attending the science fair. (which I highly doubt)

    The Facebook photo sounds like damage control to me.

  7. TR says:

    Mapping the route from Skyline Elementary to Sauvie Island indicates that not many people would have a chance to see anything. It looks like forested and fairly unpopulated area and a mere 31 minute drive.

  8. Redacted Guy says:

    What surprises me about this case is how discreet law enforcement has been in releasing information. The only theory that is making any sense to me at this point is that the attack on Kyron was actually some sort of revenge aimed at his step-father, who is a police investigator, who would have had ample opportunities to make enemies among people who actually would harm a child.

    Tony Young is a detective with Medford PD. The mere fact that Det. Young was not acknowledged as such at the press conf tells me they went into it with an un-named suspect.

  9. twinkletoes says:

    I had a strange dream last night and think my subconscious mind was making connections my conscious mind did not. the dream involved step mom doing her best to remain busy and positive. she was running her hands very lightly through soil in her flower bed while answering questions from the media. when media looked away her chipperness faded and in came sorrow. then she was alone and she was running her fingers through gravel in a rock bed that looked a lot like those old rural rock walls that farmers make from the rocks in their fields. terri started to fall forward into the rock mound and in doing so she knocked rocks away and revealed someone buried just under the surface. the face of the buried person was bio mom’s. terri was now hugging the rock grave and crying. bio mom was lifeless but her eyes looked far to the left as though she were turning to look at someone else who was no longer there. end of dream.
    my thought when I woke up was that both moms are related (whether biologically or just relationally) to whomever took kyron and that terri in particular feels horrific guilt about her part in allowing this person access to kyron. it makes me wonder if the perp is someone terri introduced to the family thinking s/he might be a good role model for kyron.

  10. twinkletoes says:

    I agree that le is refusing to call this a crime in hopes of sending the message to the perp that it is not too late to do the right thing. and my message to the perp is that it isn’t too late. it is never too late to keep this from getting worse. putting the truth in the light of day will always bring about eventual peace, even for the perp. I don’t believe most perps are born thinking I want to grow up to be a sexual deviant. it happens over time and it happens in the dark of secrecy. bringing the truth to the light of day allows the suffering to end. even for the perp. with no light, the cycle will continue and the suffering will increase lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. there is only one way to stop it. reveal the location of kyron whether he is dead or alive in order to put a stop to the mass suffering of kyrons family, friends and community and then seek to be forgiven.

  11. sunshine says:


    over on SM it was posted by the user, Itaryll Moosee, that they heard a rumor that a footprint was found at Sauvi Island:

    do we know if there is any truth to that rumor?

    also, i know its highly unlikely, but im wondering if theres any possibility an older student at the school could be involved in any way? which could maybe could explain why it hasn’t been called an abduction and why there hasn’t been a poi or anything named and things are being kept so hush hush?

  12. Tracygirl says:

    Anyone know the area in Sauvie Island where the search happened?

  13. TR says:

    WOW….Change in status today in the investigation. It is now considered criminal and all search and rescue have been sent home.
    This is what I was afraid of and saw coming with the length of time and
    clandestine nature of search.
    Blink-Any ideas where this will head next? You pretty much nailed this turn of events so next we should hear about possible perp.

    Yes, I do believe there will be updates to this case in the next few days. I have a feeling though, they are waiting out the end of this week for a formal announcement based on the school schedule.

  14. SAB says:

    Random question.

    Is it typical for a missing child case to have the FBI flown out within 6 hours and within 24 hours having over a dozen different agencies working together?

    If not, could it be that this case fits a profile that the FBI has been tracking for awhile and just had to *wait* for another case to try and nab the guy?

    Everything seems so scripted, as if LE is doing everything they can to prevent a perp from knowing ANYTHING. It’s as if they are refusing to allow anyone to interject themselves into the case. No info shared. No responses. No public help in searches, etc. As well as “not classified as a crime/kidnapping/abduction/etc”

    Could it be a taunt of sorts to try and piss off the perp and cause him to react/make a mistake?

  15. Valhall says:

    They have declared it a criminal investigation and are sending the search and rescue teams home.

    :( My heart is broken.

    I know friend, and I fear I am about to release a piece that will turn your tears to rage.

    I pray that God has Kyron in is arms, and that he is wearing the biggest blue ribbon for that science fair. I have 3 little boys about to swim in our pool running through the house getting their trunks on.

    Im gonna sit outside, close my eyes, and listen to them squeal as they splash around like nitwits. My nitwits, that are safe, and I am going to thank God for that too.

  16. AC says:

    The just announced the case in no longer a missing child but a criminal investigation. They are offering 25,000 reward as well.

    This whole thing has been handled really strange. Not like any case of a child missing that I’ve read about.

    If they know who took him, would it not have made sense to have released a name of a perp, a description, something for the public to look for? I just don’t get it? Why was this handled in this manner. Any insight, Blink?

    Now they are asking for security tapes from businesses around the school to see if he was seen alone or with anyone. Would they not have done this at least by day 2?

    I’ve been thrown for a loop here…

  17. Hadley says:

    I am so confused by “door #2″, and hope that you will please explain why, if the family knows (thus LE now knows) who took Kyron, WHY are they scaling back?? This makes no sense. None at all. LE/FBI have ways to deal with peds without causing undue alarm. The child needs to be found NOW…not scale back! Why wait until the ped makes an appearance?? If they KNOW who he is, they KNOW where he lives, they KNOW the kind of car he drives, his liscense #, who and where his family lives, who his friends are, if he has a boat, his “history”, and rumors about him etc…WHY WAIT??? Even if they have to send female cop dressed as Avon lady…do SOMETHING now, while little Kyron may still be alive. If the ped KNEW he was going to kill Kyron, GO AFTER THE BA$TARD…NOW! “Scaling back does not make sense…”

    Respectfully, you have no idea what they are doing, just because it is not real time.

    This is the largest organized rescue effort of it’s kind.

  18. twinkletoes says:

    the excitement in his face as he posed in front of his frog exhibit is so beautiful.

    I know. I just love him so.
    The drain on my humanity is palpable today, I have had it with sick freaks hurting our babies.

  19. nana2 says:

    A families worse nightmare a child is missing.. This presser was heart wrenching.. I hope Kyron comes home.. ♥

  20. adair says:

    Dear Blink,
    I raised a little boy like him with the gap-toothed grin and glasses (only mine wore Cliff Huxtable 80′s sweaters!) who adored birds..I had the great good fortune of being his Mom and watching him grow to be a fine young man. That this boy likely will not have that chance leaves me feeling cold inside, in a way I can’t put into words today. I found your site with Morgan’s case, because this son of mine was worried about the “girl from that Metallica concert, the one that is lost”. He and his brother are huge music fans, and I worried about them going to see their first show, Metallica, in 1999.

    I stayed at your site because of WHO you are that shines through, you care and this hurt you, too. I also read at Val’s site, and feel the same about her, you two CARE. I guess that is why when I read Fish’s comments, and your responses I know I am in the right place. Thank you Blink, and carpe’ diem with those nitwits!

  21. MarchmallowWI says:

    I hope
    comment on

    brittany1985 June 13 (approx 1:30 pm local time? I’m not in that time zone)
    Just wondering … has anyone heard anything about the sub teacher? Someone, and I realize people blow things out of proportion, told me that the sub went missing after that day in school and cannot be located… I know that is probably far fetched, beings that we have not heard anything along those lines on the news, but I was just wondering if anyone else heard a similar story…

  22. AC says:

    The link I posted yesterday for the sex offender registry…well, the page that matched offenders in the 97231 zip code, was gone within minutes of me looking yesterday and still down now. There were 5 offenders listed. My guess, one of those 5 is the perp. Damn, wish I had of taken a screen shot.

  23. twinkletoes says:

    any reason my dream and analysis are still in mod land? this is the second attempt at posting the same content… just curious. I respect your discretion.

    Got it, missed it in spam, sorry, posted.

  24. shyloh says:

    “I know friend, and I fear I am about to release a piece that will turn your tears to rage.”

    Blink. That made me sick to my stomach. And brought tears to my eyes. What in the world is wrong with people these days? Or it is because we just notice it more?

  25. blue says:

    I know a lot of people, not necessarily here but across the web, are focused on the stepmom. Thinking through this logically, why would she go to all the trouble of taking Kyron to school, be seen with him, and then “abduct” him from school to murder him for some inexplicable reason? If she intended to do him harm, there were certainly less contrived scenarios than to take him to school and then abduct him.

    Comparisons are being made to Susan Smith, but Susan Smith murdered her children for the love of a man. Kyron’s stepmother is married to Kyron’s father, they have a young daughter together. Even if the marriage is rocky, and I’ve read NOTHING to that effect, it doesn’t benefit her to be one of the last people seen with his son. If anything, it would strain a relationship.

    The lack of logic as it relates to accusing the stepmother is astounding. Operating off the assumption that she is innocent of any wrongdoing, I’m sure she feels incredibly guilty because she was the last parent to see him alive. Also, I’m all for having sympathy for the mother, but in this case, it seems like Kyron’s stepmother has been his primary caregiver since birth, so it seems incredibly callous and unfair to make light of her suffering.

    Obviously, I don’t think the stepmother had anything to do with Kyron’s disappearance. Having said that, this case has baffled me like no other.

    Nor do I. And while baffling, I think in the end, we will not be. We will be saying “why wasn’t this prevented?”

  26. Redacted Guy says:

    Tony Young has been quite active in anti-gang activities in Medford. He has worked to put away several members of the Sureños gang. This kidnapping could be a payback for that. The gangs would have learned he has a step-son up in Portland by staking out his house and asking around. This would send a very chilling message to law enforcement everywhere.

    I would hope they are rattling the cage of the gang infrastructure down in Medford just to make sure.

    I agree every angle needs consideration, but I am confident this person was not a stranger to Kyron, and probably not his family.

  27. Mamabear says:

    While I don’t understand a lot in this case, there are two points that really haunt/irk me:
    I don’t see how, when the sub chaperone said to the classroom teacher Oh no! Where’s Kyron? There’s only 5 (instead of 6 in the group), that the teacher didn’t immediately send the chaperone to look for him, or have the sub stay and the teacher go look. As a teacher, once I did an initial bathroom/water fountain check and didn’t find him, I would assume he had left with his mom after the fair and have the office call his mom to make sure. This apparent oversight (I say apparent because I know we don’t know all the facts yet) is tragically if not legally negligent. The first priority of a teacher is to ensure the safety of your students, and based on what we know right now, that teacher failed miserably. Of course, it’s possible the teacher did do that and the ball was dropped by someone else down the line, but in my view, someone in the school was grossly negligent.
    Also, I had been considering a school employee as a possibility, like the janitor, but for the police to be interviewing the suspect multiple times, they certainly wouldn’t allow the suspect to be at the school among students, so that in my mind gives more credence to Blink’s theory that it’s someone Kyron and the family know, who is nearby but not part of the school.

    If you have not viewed this yet:

    The single most important question to me, that was answered emphatically:

    Do you need to find Kyron to make an arrest?
    Sherriff answer: NO.

    Another observation: The reward is for information leading to Kyron’s location only.

    They know who did this, or the reward would include “for information leading to the arrest of the person’s responsible for his disappearance.

  28. Mamabear says:

    Maybe statistically, the odds are stacked up against Kyron, but I’m holding out hope that maybe there was an accomplice (like with Smart and Dugard). It seems that’s the only hope at this point, if police have been watching/interviewing the suspect. I sure hope, for once, this case goes against the odds. Sending love and prayers to Kyron.

  29. Redrock says:

    To blue: Any case that makes it here is baffling.

    lol, I think that is a combination outcry and compliment.
    Nice to see you Redrock.

    Any thoughts on what I posted about the sheriff comments and reward?

  30. TR says:

    It’s actually quite telling that Kyron’s stepfather is a detective. Medford is a small town and I wouldn’t imagine a very violent one. I’m not sure about his work with gangs…doesn’t seem appropriate for that region. Anyways, his profession explains a lot about how they have responded.

  31. nana2 says:

    I personally found this interesting :

    Another observation: The reward is for information leading to Kyron’s location only.

    I guess I’m used to hearing: “This reward is for leading to the safe return of” not “for the location of”..

  32. melissab says:

    Do you think all agencies were activated because SD is a detective or because of who they think the perp might be? Most of the cases we’ve seen lately do not have this much activity at the very beginning. I only wish all missing/endangered children got this much LE involved from the get go. Hate to say it but I haven’t felt like they were looking for an alive Kyron after the first day.

    I think they reacted appropriately as if the chance remained he could have been, but I can tell you from first hand experience, IF they do have a POI, a seasoned detective knew immediately if Kyron were deceased. Parallell investigation ensues. I posted earlier on the polygraph info, I believe that will be an important component in this case.

    He will be in custody before the end of this week, imo.

  33. mem says:

    This is the only site I have run across that seems to have an intelligent discussion going on. So I will post my question – the first I have posted to any such site though, believe me, I have wanted to – here:

    Like everyone, I was hoping against hope that indeed Kyron had just wandered off. No matter what happened to him after that, it was less devastating than to think of some ___ (no word, profane or otherwise, will suffice) abducting him and doing ___ to him.

    But honestly, had he just wandered off, at 50 pounds and with no protection whatsoever from the elements, I doubt he would have survived in this wet weather for more than a night. Hypothermia doesn’t require freezing temps, just a lot of wetness.

    So why oh why did the LE spend so much time in that element searching for him alive? There is NO WAY he would have survived outdoors for the 8 or 9 days they searched.

    Was this part of the “mislead the perp” strategy that you have discussed? I am really curious as to your opinion on this. Thanks much.

  34. Maltey says:

    This is the best site I have read thanks

  35. ginette matacia lucas says:

    I find this site interesting, but some facts seem to be missing or just not discussed like, who is in charge of operations at the school, and school supplies like linens, tape, trashcans, etc. When the dog search team went out were the windows checked and the kitchen/laundry/boiler room(s) checked for scents? Since this abduction seems to be a crime of opportunity and yet a timing so exact that someone had a plan.
    Looking at the Step-mother is totally rediculous, but probably a necessary evil. And yet the public doesn’t seem to be having a town meeting of the minds with the cops or authorities. I wouldn’t worry about the parents meeting the press, and yet, they have already met with the press. People need to remember step-mother’s will react differently, they didn’t carry that child in the womb… there is a little detachment going on due to embracing her role as a step-mother.
    The facts are the most important, not opinions. Where are the answers to some of the questions here. Maybe law enforcement can anti-up. We will all hope for the cute childs return, he reminds me of my nephew cute, very cute… ginette

    Ms. Lucas, welcome to BOC.
    For those unfamiliar. Ms. Lucas is a psychic who is associated with the Caylee Anthony case, fyi.

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