Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Kaine Horman Files For Restraining Order And Divorce From Terri Horman

Posted by BOC Staff | Kaine Horman,Kyron Horman,Terri Horman | Tuesday 29 June 2010 7:39 am

Portland, OR– Kaine Horman, Father of Missing and Endangered Child Kyron Horman, has left his wife and step-mother to Kyron, Terri Horman.


Rumors swirled yesterday afternoon that Kaine was no longer living in the marital residence, but approached by the press in her yard, Terri Horman denied the accusation as reported by Fox TV. A few hours later, Terri was served with papers for a restraining order and dissolution of marriage.

“Everything’s good,” she said, giving a thumbs up. “We heard that rumor. It’s just a rumor that needs to be squelched. Everything’s fine.”

Kaine Horman is represented by Portland attorney Laura Rackner, who specializes in Family Law.

Sources inside the investigation speaking on the condition of anonymity, have confirmed to that Kaine Horman is filing for divorce based on information provided to him by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office about events leading up to the disappearance of Kyron Horman.

Terri Horman has not been named a suspect in Kyron’s case, and as stated through a friend that arrived at her home around 8 PM last evening who also asked not to be identified, is not considered one by police or her family. 

Kyron Horman, 7, disappeared from Skyline School on the morning of June 4, 2010.

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  1. OregonGma says:

    #44 on 6/30/10 8:55PM

    Just want to clear one misconception about RO’s in Oregon. It is NOT Oregon law to put an RO in place during a divorce when children are involved. Never has been.

    One very possible reason Kaine was able to get the RO, could be that TH showed or even threatened suicidal thoughts/intentions. That in itself, would be just cause to keep a parent away from their child, in the state of Oregon’s RO law. On the RO form, it asks “is this person a threat to themselves, you or a member of your family/household.” Not sure of exact wording, but it’s there. The reason I know this is, unfortunately…been there, done that…a few times. Different reason for the RO, but do recall the questions.

    Praying for Kyron…

  2. minima says:

    “Hulagirl” we do have pretty high price tags on our homes here but I wouldn’t say the mean is 400,000. We probably live in different neighborhoods ; ) There are a lot of decent houses in Portland in decent neighborhoods for under 250,000.

    “Snapoutofit,” Sadly, I agree. One day it just hit me, since that retracted report that his body was found, I haven’t seen anything about S&R efforts and our local news would be flying like hawks reporting on it if they were. So, with that I just can’t help but think, sadly, this is the case. But, IF, that is true how long can they withhold information like this? That poor baby needs peace and to move on from this madness. I still cling to hope for him and his mama.

  3. kuaitzudog says:

    where is everyone?

  4. kuaitzudog says:

    Kyron Horman’s mom to media just now: “We implore Terri Horman (step mom) to fully cooperate w/ investigators to bring Kyron home.”

    pic at:

  5. Elizabeth says:

    This was posted a while ago on Oregon Live. I hope it is not true. I think some man with cadaver dogs started searching yesterday. He was having no help from anybody. Might be him that found something. This is all I know.

    July 01, 2010 at 7:38PM

    There is a DEATH ALERT on Sauvies island for a body. Reported by CNN…………….they have not confirmed location nor located the body.
    Search dogs

    wth is a death alert?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Three cadaver dogs hit on a death scent today on Sauvie Island. Not rumor. They stated they are going back tomorrow to find out “who” it is. (per Harry Oakes on Nancy Grace.)

  7. Verity says:

    two questions.
    with all the LE interviews and 2 LDT why is it DY should make such a comment about TH and her cooperation??
    and why have the bio parents not begged for their child’s safe return?
    I have yet to see them break down and ask the abductor to please bring him home or release him..yes people react differently,but 4 adults all having the same composure at the same time. hard to believe IMO..
    Something about this smells,and I don’t think it’s only the step mom.IMO

  8. Malty says:

    I decided to read up on Harry Oakes
    and was surprised how much there is on him
    to read
    and how much he says he has done
    I had never heard of him before
    or SAR

  9. snapoutofit says:

    RE: Death scent…..Harry has a synthetic “death scent” object he uses to help the tracker dogs get a scent. One of the dogs indicated something in the water by the dock on the Multnomah Channel. It was a small adult sock. The local tv cameras were right there. It was not perceived as a big issue at all. If this is the situation that he was talking about.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    wth is a death alert?

    I have no idea. Just bringing it over. Thought it might be something important.

  11. CB says:

    As I understand it Mr.Oaks took 3 different search dog teams and they all got a body scent in the water by the dock. He cannot confirm whose body it is without a scent item however. I am confounded as he is saying there is something in the water but the authorities are not interested?? I saw a video clip of his darling little dogs and I cannot thank him enough for his efforts in finding Kyron for I too am kept awake at night thinking about this.

    Prayers for Kyron and all those who love him. I cling to hope that he is alive somewhere.

  12. DiDi says:

    I would LOVE to know the reason why none of little Kyron’s parents (i.e. bio mom, bio dad, step-mom, or step-dad)has provided Mr. Oakes with a scent article from Kyron. They claimed it’s because they already did that earlier. That’s pathetic! The Oregon search and rescue teams had already finished their work. Harry Oakes did not plan to ask for one dime from the parents. Yet, they could not provide a pillow, some socks, or stuffed toys, etc., so that Harry Oakes’ dogs could zero in on Kyron’s specific scent? This is insanity! Mr. Oakes has found missing persons after other search efforts have failed. He found the girls who that Weaver creep had murdered and burried on his property. This was documented on television.

    And what the hell is wrong with the family (i.e. the bio dad) holding a press conference, making certain strange demands of the press, and then kicking out the Oregonian and the WW? That is beyond the pale. These two papers have the widest circulation in the entire state. So Kaine is mad because some nasty things have been written about Terri? Well, what the hell for, since he just filed for divorce from her which included a restraining order keeping her from coming into contact with him, or their daughter Kiara? Sure, people have been speculating and bringing up family crap. But my God, not one of them is being forthcoming at all. Parents, and the public in general, are spooked and want to know, have a right to know, where little Kyron is. Law enforcement has called his vanishing, in a public school, in broad daylight, with many adults and students milling about, “an isolated incident.” The public has a right to know what is going on.

  13. Nanc Drewtoo says:

    Just wondering, Blink: where did the picture of KH and TH posted with this story come from? When was it taken? It doesn’t show either of them in the best light, IMO. It looks almost as though they’re inviting untoward attention with this pose. Lifestyle choice?

  14. Missouri_Mom says:

    My feelings on possible reasons the “family” will not provide Mr. Oakes with any of Kyron’s scented material could be they feel his searches are not needed because they are privy to much more information than we know and they feel it’s senseless to go this route, OR they have been instructed by LE if they do provide this scented materialto Mr. Oakes, LE will back-off. (Although I do not know this for fact, I have read that LE and Mr. Oakes are not exactly great friends) JMO

  15. Nanc Drewtoo says:

    Just came across a comment at this link saying that Kyron did not bring a lunch to school on the day that he disappeared when it was a custom to bring one. If this can be verified, it certainly leads in the direction of premeditation.

  16. Dave Colby says:

    I have this feeling that Teri told Kyron that he had a Dr. appt that morning but she wouldn’t be able to take him so she had a friend that Kyron didn’tknow take him and bring him back to school . Teri told him the name of the person and the color of the car she would have. Kyron would have gotten in the car with her without a fuss. From there who knows what took place.

  17. [...] updates on the case of missing Kyron Horman. The case has become deciding bizarre with the divorce filing by Kaine Horman and the reported murder for hire by Terri Horman. Where is Kyron [...]

  18. [...] updates on the case of missing Kyron Horman. The case has become deciding bizarre with the divorce filing by Kaine Horman and the reported murder for hire by Terri Horman. Where is Kyron [...]

  19. Janie says:

    That poor little boy, T Horman is very suspecious and they should watch her every move. Children are just innocent victims, they can’t protect theirselves and to think of this horrific crime in having him kidnapped and no telling what else makes me wonder about people who call theirselves human beings

  20. roberts64 says:

    Portland, OR

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