Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Kaine Horman Files For Restraining Order And Divorce From Terri Horman

Posted by BOC Staff | Kaine Horman,Kyron Horman,Terri Horman | Tuesday 29 June 2010 7:39 am

Portland, OR– Kaine Horman, Father of Missing and Endangered Child Kyron Horman, has left his wife and step-mother to Kyron, Terri Horman.


Rumors swirled yesterday afternoon that Kaine was no longer living in the marital residence, but approached by the press in her yard, Terri Horman denied the accusation as reported by Fox TV. A few hours later, Terri was served with papers for a restraining order and dissolution of marriage.

“Everything’s good,” she said, giving a thumbs up. “We heard that rumor. It’s just a rumor that needs to be squelched. Everything’s fine.”

Kaine Horman is represented by Portland attorney Laura Rackner, who specializes in Family Law.

Sources inside the investigation speaking on the condition of anonymity, have confirmed to that Kaine Horman is filing for divorce based on information provided to him by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office about events leading up to the disappearance of Kyron Horman.

Terri Horman has not been named a suspect in Kyron’s case, and as stated through a friend that arrived at her home around 8 PM last evening who also asked not to be identified, is not considered one by police or her family. 

Kyron Horman, 7, disappeared from Skyline School on the morning of June 4, 2010.

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  1. Kaylee says:

    Unfortunately, there is a trend of supermoms taking meth for energy and to lose weight. It’s a huge problem in the greater Portland area. Countless number of children have been abused, neglected and even killed because of meth. I don’t know that this is the case here, but given all the elements, it could be.

  2. pamomma says:

    On the restraining order, the filer must answer this question:

    2. WITHIN THE LAST 180 DAYS**, RESPONDENT HAS (check all that apply):
     A. Caused me bodily injury.
     B. Attempted to cause me bodily injury.
     C. Placed me in fear of imminent bodily injury.
     D. Caused me to engage in involuntary sexual relations by force or threat of force.

    I wonder if they could file the restraining order in Kyron’s name? You can file one for your child against someone. I can’t see her hurting Kaine or the baby, my theory is they filed this order and named Kyron as the “abused” and listed option “C Placed me in fear of imminent bodily injury”

    All just my opinion though

    Link to Restraining order form:

  3. AC says:

    I actually was the first person on this site to suggest the “affair” scenerio. I’d like a cookie or something please…or a virtual pat on the back.

    Um, actually, that would be me. IE: the lifestyle choice and the actual names and locations of folks that may know each other, also in the search area.

    I am an extremely deliberate journalist, with an extremely talented group of editors, readers and contributors, and we are the sum of our parts. I don’t wish to get into a “I was first” battle, which will ultimately alienate others, I hope you understand.

    Lastly, this is a teaching blog, lol, so blink biscuits all around!

  4. lizzy says:

    Someone asked if Terri might be pregnant. The divorce petition states that the petitioner (Kaine) is not currently pregnant. It does not mention the status of the respondent (Terri).

  5. Bradystjames says:

    I LOVE the pic!! lmao

  6. Hulagirl says:

    Kaine bought the nearly 2000+ sq ft home on 4+ acres for $360,000 in Dec 2006. Property taxes are inexpensive in this neighborhood at only $1600+/year on that property. I don’t know what his income level is…I would dare to guess somewhere between $80k and $150k. That’s a responsible amount to spend on a home without breaking the bank with 2 kids and a non-working wife to support in addition to saving for retirement and college funds. Portland’s housing prices are high and I don’t find the home all that small considering..

  7. Angie says:

    AC says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I actually was the first person on this site to suggest the “affair” scenerio. I’d like a cookie or something please…or a virtual pat on the back.

    AC, Did I miss something, where’s the evidence of an affair? Thanks

  8. Carol says:

    Know that all of you feel the same way I do, but I have a sad frown face today for Kyron.

    I want to know who, what, where, why!! But I know it won’t make my sad frown face feel any better knowning all of that. Unless of course he is still alive and comes home soon.

    Come on Kyron – Come Home!!

  9. angela_nw says:

    I wanted to correct something stated in a comment above: 2 teachers did NOT say they saw Kyron leave the school with Terri — they said that they saw Kyron with Terri in the hall and just assumed that he left with her, or might have left with her.
    Also- I looked at FB photos for the first time just now and cannot believe now all the fuss about Terri’s comments. “my REAL daughter” obviously referring to the expression on her face…. many engaged comments about Kyron & his school projects & others’ projects.
    I have been in the Blink camp all along regarding Terri’s involvement, seeing her guilt as guilt by association not direct, hope we are still correct at that… although something so huge that it would take this new turn (divorce+ro) is worrisome. Her latest comments seem to be so flat and ill-advised, cause to wonder.

  10. Lisa says:

    I guess I must be part of the lynch mob since I think Terri is culpable in Kyron’s disappearance. No way would Kaine take the measures he did if she wasn’t.

  11. AC says:

    Actually Blink, I suggested long before you said “ligestyle” choice. Once you had, I then suggested swinging. But if you look at one ofmy first posts, I suggested the affair.


  12. Midwest Mom says:

    blink biscuits all around! YAHOO! I don’t think I deserve a blink biscuit, since I can not make heads or tails on what the heck is going on today

    AC- a blink biscuit is much better than a pat on the back (a lot of dog metaphors)

  13. LPB says:

    This is just not looking good.

    Can married parties testify against eachother in Oregon? Even if KH does believe TH doesn’t have anything do with this, he is probably covering his bases with a divorce, if asked to testify. I’d do it in a blink* of an eye.

    Thank you for everything you do.

    In general, crimes against children are not encompassed in the spousal privelege exclusion, in many states.
    That is a common misconception, just ask those murderous idiots the Sloops.

  14. Malty says:

    I feel like I am watching the soaps
    Koin 6 is suppose to have the devorce and RO
    on their web site
    what is going on anyway

  15. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Pink Angel: thanks for the lol.

  16. Karen says:

    lily says: “Kaine is filing for SOLE custody of little Kitty.”

    Kaine is taking custody of the cat, too? :)

    Cat is Boots.
    Kitty is what they call Kiara.

  17. Donna B says:

    I wonder how long Kaine has had his lawyer? It appears as if he did all of this secretly. Terri has changed alot physically in the past year, ie weight gain, probably from spending alot of time playing computer games etc. It appeared that she wanted to achieve things earlier in life, ie her masters degree,and her awards for body building. She got a dui in 2005, I wonder if that hindered her from becoming a teacher? Kaine and Terri married in 2007, Child born in 2008, pic of her with children aprox. a year ago, they all look happy and she looks healthier. Was she palying role games on the computer? Games that may have invited a seedy element into her life? So many questions.

  18. Mom3.0 says:

    off topic- JMO but I don’t think there is anything disgraceful about this pic-

    It is two married people playfully joking around- They are not leering at one another- about to lustfully jump on each other- they are smiling-joking

    I do not have any pictures like this- my friends and family wouldn’t dare- LOL but My husband and I have playfully pinched or patted one another’s behind at bbq’s or at get togethers with friends and family-

    We do not ascribe to any alternate lifestyles either- We are just two married people having a laugh-

    I guess it depends at what type of function you are at- and who is around- Of course we wouldn’t do this at parent teacher conferences or in a fancy restaurant ect…

  19. DE says:

    On Monday: Terri’s thumbs up everything is fine rumor needs to be squelched remark when asked if Kaine and the baby girl were not in her home regarding divorce papers restraining order and then one day later the public finds out Kaine and the baby moved out on Saturday is very telling (according to information in divorce papers he might have been gone since Saturday).

    This woman has constructed a facade, serial facades, her entire life and she is comfortable making events look a certain way even if they are not in fact anything close to reality — including her true self. Believed most of the time and when not able to bluff. As in, “who are you going to believe — your lying eyes or what I am telling you.” Does not mean she directly harmed Kyron but she is so off I believe it means something to Kyron missing if nothing more than she is not reliable or believable in her telling of events as they actually occurred.

    The points that have stuck with me:

    Why, when advised or asked not to go in front of the media, did Tanner’s grandmother go ahead and do so. I wondered what would be her motive and looked at the points she was trying to get across through her grandson. The school dropped the ball — the teacher was negligent. Why would the next door neighbor be interested in forwarding this scenario? Or was this just her 15 minutes? Think it is more tahn that.

    When Kyron’s glasses were featured, and if they are his and not replica, my first very first gut reaction was “what a sadistic punk to do this — take the one thing that would terrify this boy the most and sent the glasses to the family.” Then I thought, of all the potential suspects from the family outward but close in, who strikes me as being most like a punk.

    To Blink’s sexually motivated motive (I have much respect for Blink) my gut feeling is an affair or swinging lifestyle is not what I believe might have been so shocking or disturbing to Kaine (supposing he is disturbed or shocked as the quick filings suggest) that he left his home with his daughter in the middle of a missing child case, nor what I believe these last two posts about Kyron might be pointing towards (I could be wrong but every photo seems to be chosen carefully: when a picture is worth a thousand words what are the thousand words not being written but visually presented saying). Is it something more in the way of darker “lewd conduct”? I think of three things: Terri’s very active online life, photos of everything and camcorders. I could be wrong. Here I think money might be a factor, activities to generate income, of someone crossed in a deal somehow involving Terri and others close gone wrong. In “others” I do not imply Kaine directly but the others that are close.

    And then again, perhaps Kaine was already looking to get out of the marriage and the information he received on the case over the weekend (if that’s what happened and I do believe the family was given a more detailed account of the investigative finds over the weekend) was enough to follow through with his plans to leave anyway. Which is a scary thought as it might be a reason Kyron came to harm if Terri already felt threatened by abandonment by Kaine.

    To the theory of Terri and the well-constructed plan (because if she did this alone it appears well-planned) of creating a missing child case of deadly harm to Kyron: for what the public knows, there are viable clues that point to her as carrying out this plan.

    I pray that somehow sweet smiling Kyron is still alive that one day he will grow up to be the police detective he dreams of being. If the stepmother did elaborately plan this to do harm to Kyron in which might have? might have or not involved the assistance of others to eliminate him from her newly constructed fantasy life that has evolved since the birth of her daughter then I think all hope is lost. If the second scenario is true, and others are involved and this is “about” Terri, and no one has panicked after abducting Kyron, there is a chance he may still be alive.

    I think no matter how this transpired, and whether it is the result of a narcissist’s constructed reality, or the rewards of money or a deal gone wrong where she crossed someone, or jealousy or revenge or spite, and who else is involved if they are, Terri will be arrested. I am still praying Kyron is alive. Somehow — somewhere and he will be home soon.

  20. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Mom3.0 & others: I didn’t mean any judgement in what they were doing. I thought perhaps that appropriateness might have been the reason Blink chose that picture since in one of her comments she said that nothing was chosen without reason, and I was guessing at the reason. Just for the record, before I became Saint Jackie :) I am sure that a few of my wild and misspent youth photos would cause some embarrassment to me today (nothing of the Girls Gone Wild variety, but for me they were “racy”). Now, however, I am perfect LOL ;)

  21. first-time says:

    I agree Mom3.0

  22. PamVA says:

    The picture is really bothering me. Not because I’m offended that it is posted here. But because he has a poop eating grin on his face like he pulled off something major by having his hand there and she isn’t even flinching. I could see my husband goofing and trying that for a picture but I’d be pushing him off or yelling at him or something. She looks like it’s the most natural thing in the world. I (no pun intended) can’t put my finger on it, but it is just bothering me.

  23. Hulagirl says:

    Kyron’s step-mom at the center of plan by corrections staff

    A source at the Multnomah County Corrections Division indicated that a plan had been in the process for about two weeks regarding Kyron’s step-mom if she’s arrested. WW learned from the source that corrections staff have been planning to immediately notify Corrections Health Director Gayle Burrow along with a mental health staff if an arrest is made on Terri.

    The source confirms to WW the reason behind getting the mental health staff involved is so an evaluation can be performed on Kyron’s step-mother and put her on suicide watch when if need be if she’s in custody.

    Before anyone jumps on this- this is SOP of any arrest of this kind. This is a non-story.

  24. ClassyGal says:

    Who cares?

  25. just wondering says:

    Perhaps Terri was having an affair or someone was obsessed with her and when pressed to leave her husband, she gave the excuse of not being able to leave because she would lose Kyron since he isn’t her blood relative. The boyfriend (Keep in mind, crazies can be male or female) could have taken Kyron to either get rid of him and ‘set Terri free’ or he may be hiding Kyron somewhere thinking Terri and they will get back together when this is all over. I don’t think Terri is directly involved in the disappearance of Kyron. I think all of the news we are getting are ‘chess moves’ by LE aimed at the perp in hopes he will slip up.

  26. AS says:

    My question would be: Who took this pic?

  27. AS says:

    Oh yeah and where was it taken?

  28. ClassyGal says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone that getting Kaine out of the picture was a stipulation to getting Kyron back or at least getting into on where he may have been hidden? If they are swingers Kaine probably knew of her encounters. Maybe the person wants Kaine out of the picture before any info is to be shared. This may all be part of the game. Who knows!

  29. snapoutofit says:

    RE# 22. It’s not a photo that I would want my kids to see of me and my spouse. Not too classy. But they’re having a good time.

    Blink Jr. smacks Mr. Blink’s hand if it rests innocently on my leg while we are driving, lol.

  30. ClassyGal says:

    And I agree with Mom3.0- The picture is fine. We are all adults.

  31. Meg says:

    I don’t like to judge people but I can’t get rid of this nagging feeling…that Terri is guilty of something, I just don’t know what. Why would gambling debts, an affair, a swinging lifestyle etc etc make you think you have to “get rid of” a 7 year old child? So what if he saw something he shouldn’t have. LORD help us all, he didn’t have to vanish because of it. If she does know something about Kyron I swear I think there ought to be a way to make her talk. In my eyes this little boy has more rights in this case than anyone else. I know, I know that’s not the way it works.

  32. adair says:

    Mom3.0- thank you, as always, the voice of reason, and a calmer head prevailing.

    Constant prayers for Kyron and all the lost.

    Blink, I am quietly playing with a borrowed Game-Boy and will behave.

    I affectionately call Mom 3.0 Switzerland on occasion :)

  33. ClassyGal says:

    * info (correction)

  34. pamomma says:

    I know there has been a lot of focus on Terri and this “life style” we are all trying to figure out. But if you believe Blink’s line of thinking (and I think a lot of us do, including myself) then she is not directly involved in his disappearance….so who is?

    SEVERAL parents of Skyline kids have come out saying that there is NO way a stranger was in the school that day, so that leaves us with Parents/friends/family members of students and employees of the school. This person did not set off any “alarms” with other parents in the school that day, this person must have been involved in this “lifestyle” with Terri, this person is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance, this person knew Kyron well enough to know his glasses were his lifeline, this person has managed to keep all of this under wraps for the last 3 weeks. Any opinions on who this person is? (I know the last Blink post provided some information about Tanner’s dad/family,) just wondering if anyone has any other ideas?

    As i stated previously, the thing that is the most shocking to me (well maybe not most shocking, but shocking) is how Terri and this person are both involved in this alternative lifestyle and NOBODY seemed to know and STILL nobody has leaked any gossip or information about it. I live in a very small community, and everyone knows everyone else’s business! (or at least has heard gossip about them)…we haven’t even heard anyone saying they “heard” Terri was into such and such….or involved with So and so….that is hard to imagine in a small town atmosphere.

    Hoping for a break in this case soon…the thought of it stretching out for months and years as some of the other cases have, is almost too much to bear.

  35. AC says:

    Fair Enough.

    Let’s start over.

    Hi, I am blink-

    Welcome to

  36. Muse says:

    I’m very troubled by these events. It doesn’t look good for Terri. When these cases break, I usually cringe at the various aspersions and speculations that go on and like to keep an open mind. I even tried to give Casey Anthony the benefit of the doubt (it lasted about about 30 seconds) when we learned she never reported her baby missing.

    But now I keep coming back to Horman’s statement saying that what was learned in the LE “full briefing” is what prompted the restraining order and divorce petition. Something very egregious prompted this action. I don’t believe it was something like an affair. If Kyron’s father discovered she is having an affair, this seems like an extreme reaction to this information in the midst of his little boy’s disappearance. You don’t get a restraining order and the court’s permission to remove an infant from their natural mother, even temporarily, unless the baby is believed to be at risk. I’m not buying it. Either Terri is involved in some kind of dangerous second life that puts the family at risk, or, quite sadly, she is the #1 suspect. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  37. blue says:

    I respect all opinions, I truly do, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around Kyron being taking for some sort of reason associated with emotional ransom. It’s hard for me to see why someone would do that. I think there are only three feasible scenarios — he was abducted and killed as a way to exact revenge on Terri and/or Kaine, he was taken by a pedophile for sexual purposes and killed, or Terri planned his abduction and murder and carried it out that Friday.

    It’s hard for me to fathom a scenario in which he is alive. It’s possible, but it’s so unlikely in this case, IMHO.

    One of the main reasons I have such a hard time believing it was Terri is the level of premeditation. If she hadn’t been spotted at the school, this would be much simpler, IMHO. But that we know for a fact she was there makes this all the more difficult, and either this was carefully and sadistically premeditated or she really did drop Kyron off at school and run her errands and she is completely innocent of any harm that may have befallen this poor child.

  38. seemeatthebeach says:

    Hulagirl…..I wouldn’t take anything written on WW “blog” as fact.

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Terri took little Kyron to school. She took his science project and helped him set it up. I have to ask. Where was Dad? Where was bio mom and step dad?
    Terri probably fixed his breakfast and told him to brush his teeth. I am sure she tucked him in the night before and hopefully helped him say his prayers.

    I know bio mom was only every other weekend…but didn’t she feel he was “special” enough to go and see his science project?

    Then..he disappears. And Terri the one that did all that is the focus of this investigation? From what I read she is not a “person of interest or a suspect”. Well darn. She has just about lost everything including little Kyron.

    I am really curious why once Bio mom was able to get her health back and court and marry a detective and does not think she can live without Kyron..why didn’t she get the little guy back? Courts would be very lenient with her condition and rehabilitation? She looked fine and healthy to me.

    I wonder if Terri is getting a bum rap.

    Terri I think you need to get a good attorney and PR person and have your voice heard.

    Something is wrong with all these people.

    I said earlier today, I will be floored if she does not give a very high profile interview through, or with her attorney by tommorrow, Wednesday at the latest.

    If she were my Client, and she was innocent of any direct involvement in Kyron’s disappearance, she would be on every major network tomorrow morning and then the evening junket Thursday.

    Unless of course she is, as we call in the biz, “a bad show” regardless of uninvolvement.

    In which case, her attorney would be doing the interviews on her behalf citing investigative integrity concerns.

    If she does not, I fully expect her to be arrested for something before the weeks end.

  40. Mom3.0 says:

    My comment wasn’t directed to you Jackie- really-

    What would put another perspective on this photo is if it were used as an avatar in swinging sites or other things- My point is we just don’t know- You didnt sound judgemental though- Jackie- no worries

    Adiar, classygal, Blink – Thanks

  41. Redrock says:

    It is a photo they chose to post publicly. They both seem very pleased with it and both seem to be at ease. Other versions I have seen with a lighter background indicate it was taken in a bar or lounge. There are people at a counter on stools behind them.

  42. mamabear says:

    In any of the divorce papers, is the custody of Kyron mentioned or only Kiara? I’m still hoping he will be found although it’s not looking good for our sweet boy :(

    On a lighter note, on a trip to Florida when I was a child, my dad kicked me out of our family station wagon (complete with faux wood paneling) because my hand and foot kept crossing the imaginary line that he made between my brother and me. I stood on the side of the road outside “South of the Border” while my family drove away without me. My dad only drove about ten feet and I probably deserved it. My parents wondered why I needed couseling!

  43. minima says:

    At “Mommystop:”

    I posted this on a previous thread (and added a few thoughts to this one) but these are my ideas on the “why now?” question yourself and “Jen” are asking:

    Upon reading the statement released by the family (sans terri) this really stood out:

    “We have been fully briefed by Law Inforcement on the on-going Criminal Investigation.”

    Seems like a very direct statement to me, one that is telling. Could his RO and filing for a divorce be due to the “briefing?” I think so.
    It also seems likely that this was released b/c they knew that filing for a divorce & RO are public records & would get out rather quickly, thus they are attempting to eliminate any media frenzy being directed toward them. Also, to me, it seems to foreshawdow an arrest of Terri. They are making it clear that they want their focus to be on Kyron, not on Terri. They do not want to answer questions about her, not only because of Kyron, and the case getting bogged down in “sensationalism;” Kyron needs a safe place to come back to if he is found alive and Kiara needs a place that is a safe environment to be raised in. And also in regards to Kiara I believe they want to protect her; my thought on this is that they are simply decent people and do not want to participate in the slander of Terri, which would harm Kiara. In addition, they obviously want to distance themselves from her. We saw this in the interviews, but we also saw a bit of unity too. But this is a harsh severing of association from Terri. I can’t help but think she is going to be arrested, soon. Again, I think that the first line in this statement says a lot, a whole lot. They’ve been “briefed,” Terri is not and ally.

  44. Kaz says:

    Wow, there’s a development. I still find it hard to believe that Terri Horman premeditated Kyron’s disappearance; there would have been easier and smarter ways (IMHO). But as for it being the wrong time for Kaine to file, I’ll say this: if one of my children disappeared and I found out my husband was indirectly responsible because of some reckless association with another person or peoples? He’d be darn lucky if all he got was a restraining order and divorce papers. Whether it’s drug activity, gambling, debt (Blink, you mentioned that the home is kept below what their income would maybe provide?), or simply an affair, I think something Terri did brought the wrong person’s attention to their children. It would certainly explain Kaine wanting Kiara with him.

    I really hope something breaks soon, and that they can bring Kyron home where he belongs.

  45. Enquirer says:

    As of last week, is Richard Ecker still currently residing in the Portland area?

  46. GerberDaisy says:

    Cheyenne: I agree with your sentiments about SM and Kyron. Just because a SM helps raises a child since infancy, doesn’t tell me a thing about their true character. I also think she resented having Kyron around. Recently, when Kaine and Desiree were explaining to the media what Kyron enjoyed doing, I clearly recall dad saying he liked to play putt-putt golf in Wilsonville. Yet, he is NOT in any of Terri’s photos at the link you posted. More importantly is Terri’s INCREDIBLY RUDE comment about Kyron and his genes! I cut and pasted it her FB comment.

    Picture is Kyron with a dump truck basket strapped upside down on his head.

    “Terri Moulton Horman Yeah, I blame his genes on that. He did it himself – no prompting!
    April 20 at 7:33pm · Report”

    IMO, Kyron was being a boy! ;) I also think that Ms. Porter’s description of Kyron’s behavior at school is quite contradicting to his parents’ description. Ms. Porter was stated as saying that Kyron was “very energetic,” social, and chatty to the point he got into trouble frequently with a classmate. Yet, the parents clearly described him as shy, timid, quiet, dreamy, etc. I also remember reading that SM stated that “some kids just always seem to get into trouble,” while describing Kyron after he went missing. I believe dad did mention that they had been talking to Kyron about following rules at school. Case in point, he must have been exhibiting some attention deficit issues, which needed addressing. I wonder if this would be the need for paperwork that needed to be filled out by the teacher? I am thinking that this is a weird contradiction and I am siding with the teacher.

    Lastly, I think there have been a lot of red flags with the SM and her behavior that indicate she is pretty involved. I realize that many of you don’t feel she is involved. We’ll hear soon enough. I have one last question…It had been released that her cell phone pinged to Sauvie Island. Would there be anyway of tracking her whereabout in the white truck via a GPS devise, if it has one? Have LE checked this out? I read it had been towed twice. I am curious!

  47. Novice says:

    Check this, more details about the divorce filing and restraining order, restricting Terri from ANY parenting (doesn’t say which child or children) and accessing firearms…..this gets stranger by the minute. Accessing Firearms????

  48. SS says:

    ClassyGal, if that’s all there was to it and they were both “swingers”, that would mean Kaine is equally guilty and he would not have moved out of the house and taken the baby.

  49. minima says:

    Regarding my post:

    June 29, 2010 at 5:21 pm
    At “Mommystop:” ….

    I meant to say Terri is not AN ally (not terri is not and ally).

  50. RU Mom says:

    Blink, since Kaine moved out, is there a police officer still living at the residence with Terri?
    OR, is a police office living with Kaine and the baby?

    I am aware of where Kaine is staying, and yes, there is additional security.

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