Morgan Harrington Murder Update: DNA Links WANTED SUSPECT



Corrine Geller, PR Manager, Virginia State Police Released This Statement:




special thanks to argano_m for the image work to remove the beard

special thanks to Klaasend for the age progression image

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  1. deetee says:

    fish, thank you. i think it was me you were responding to with the case information, or justice asked too maybe.

    i would guess it was more likely marshall beat the crap outta howell after howell destroyed something belonging to marshall.

  2. Georgie says:

    Regarding the Pham video, I noticed in the very beginning, when she pulls ito the parking lot from the main road, there is a gold-colored SUV waiting to turn into the lot from the opposite direction, and it waits for another car, then turns in off the main road. A VERY similar looking vehicle is then the third vehicle behind her when she is leaving the lot to make a right onto the main road.

    I am more concerned about the white construction van.

  3. RU Mom says:

    Well spoken Redly!

    Redly says:
    July 9, 2010 at 12:55 pm
    Familial DNA really should not be controversial IMO, though it is. You should never be able to get a conviction based on it alone — as there will be a pretty decent pool of folks that come back as possible false hits, but it should be allowed as a tool to help them find the perp (by refining the suspect pool) who they would then have to prove did it by normal means.

  4. anotherB says:

    @ redly and fish

    Good work!

    He is trouble. If there is anyone who should be actively monitored 24/7, it is him.

  5. justiceformorgan says:

    Wow, that’s great information Fish! I’m sure EH is very familiar with Anchorage Farm. Combine that with his criminal history and we may have a winner folks…..or, more appropriately, a LOSER.

    Bruce Marshall is a new name to me, I think. I’ll have to do some research on that one.

    Interesting info re; the Pham case, “I know TC’s are hot cars on the market and maybe she did not lock hers”. Possible car theft gone bad, I wonder? That fits with all the activity in the area (vans backing up/cars making u-turns and following/possible lookouts as in umbrella person and other lookout guy), etc. Appearance of being well planned ~ “professional” car theft ring?? Wonder if there have been many car thefts in that or in other areas nearby recently.

    Perhaps the target was the car, rather than Pham, and car thief guy was surprised when she returned so soon. She could identify him ~ he felt he had too much to lose ~ had her by the hair and/or was holding a knife to her. Once away from the mall and cameras/other people, he (or they) decided they needed to “dispose” of the witness. Tragic.

  6. justiceformorgan says:

    Only thing that doesn’t make sense about that scenerio is why target a busy parking lot, in broad daylight, with cameras everywhere to steal a car. Thoughts anyone?

  7. Lovely says:


    Yes, I think there is a gang or some sort of alliance going on here. Its much bigger than we think. I posted in the beginning that it could be part of a porn ring, but was shut down. Maybe its not a porn ring, but something is up.

    Im confused as to how she ended up in the ditch if she was dead before the accident. LE said they had no reason to believe she wasnt driving…so was she behind the wheel, dead, and the car just crashed on its own? Did she die while she was trying to drive? Was the BG in the car with her and then jumped out upon crash?

    Are the gangs in VA very serious? Could it have been a gang initiation?

    Remember, someone was raped right after Morgan, and J2K said it sounded like a gang initiation…did that happen in November?

    Need a xanax. Im going to step out of the dark and head in to the light for a while. Be back later.

    Love to all

  8. CvilleHoo says:

    Justicefm– and also, if the car was the target, then why not take the car after you killed her? Doesn’t add up to me. But then again, I don’t have a good alternative hypothesis at the moment…still pondering this one.

  9. counselor4u says:

    RE Pham case. Forensics should be able to determine info about the killer by the location, height, number, slant of the stab wound(s).
    It would seem that her attacker would have to be facing her to stab her in the chest. Facing her can be a clue of intimacy… the killer known to the victim. A knife is sometimes used in intimate/passionate/rage type scenarios. Thinking it might have been an ex or a stalker known to her who she encountered in the parking lot, he ran after he attacked, she attempted to drive away, loosing consciousness along the way. The time frame in which it happened was very small…. only a few minutes.
    It just seems that a car-jacker would have discarded her body along the way, but taken the car. A potential rapist would have taken her and done the same with her body… discarded it. Neither of these seem to fit the scenario of stabbing and running without their wicked desires being completed, in my forensically uneducated opinion.

    I agree this attack is intimate in nature, yes, but still could be an unknown offender in the midst of a sexual crime. It would be very difficult to stab someone in the chest repeatedly standing up and facing them, and from behind, as slight as this woman is, again, trajectory and weapon would tell the story.

    I want to know if there was a taser mark on her.

  10. katie says:

    The more I think about this the more I believe it was a robbery. Nice looking young girl in a new car (2008), possibly texting on her mobile phone in the car (3:09 PM Facebook updated status)and just coming out of a nail salon. Maybe she looked like an easy mark and perhaps the man had other intentions as well…I am assuming it was a man.

    Either she was trying to find a way out of this or he is forcing her to drive to that desolate area. She would have no reason at all to go toward that service road…it only goes up to a closed, on Sunday, medical building. The service road does not go to either Gallows Rd or to the Hospital which was just 1/4 South of the shopping center and on the same road. To get to that service road you have to weave your way around and through at least two lights.

  11. katie says:

    An interesting crime that occurred earlier in June but within a mile of Vanessa’s attack. Mostly what I am finding in crime reports for a 1 mile radius is robberies and thefts of one sort or another. Very little of a violent nature. Recently, there was a pedestrian who was struck nearby and he died. other than older crimes such as the robbery of the Homestead Suites and the Verena Stutts case I haven’t found much. There was also a suicide at the Dunn Loring metro just days or a week or so before Vanessa’s death.

  12. Minnie Penney says:

    Nancy Grace is going to cover Morgan’s case on her show this evening. CNN Headline news 8pm ET

  13. CVa Native Away says:

    I like when I type “B”, my laptop immediately goes to this website. Nothing else to add, but this case has been on my mind and this is the only site that I visit other than the local news outlets.

    I think that there are a number of possibilities as to the profile of the culprit, but my instincts tell me- based on many of the discussions on here- that it’s:
    1. Someone with a law enforcement background (perhaps current), including municipal, military, or varied jurisdiction.
    2. I still think the scalper theory is a strong one.
    3. Public servant of some sort.
    4. All of the above/ combination thereof.

    Is there any truth to the allegations that the assailant in the unsolved 2005 Fairfax case speaks Urdu?

  14. Minnie Penney says:

    Dan and Gil were on Nancy’s show. I think CNN repeats it so maybe you can see it later.

  15. mary says:

    Re: Nancy Grace: Not as much time as we would like but the sketch was shown several times and there was much mention of the $150,000 reward.

    I am thrilled. As you know my friend, I believe this sketch nets a bad guy. This family needs it, Morgan needs it.

  16. lily says:

    Nancy Grace and the Harringtons did a fantastic segment tonight. I’m so pleased with how that went – and now more national exposure. Its all good.

  17. Eloise says:

    Minnie Penney says:
    July 9, 2010 at 8:54 pm
    Dan and Gil were on Nancy’s show. I think CNN repeats it so maybe you can see it later.

    Yes, on east coast-10pm, 1am.

  18. mary says:


    I am over halfway through “A Course In Miracles”. I haven’t reached enlightenment yet but I’m close, I hope. I have gotten far enough along though that I feel I can share with you, my closest friends (sad, right?), the sincere belief that:


    And as the warm winds blow; may they blow justice for Morgan into Charlottesville, into Virginia, and reap a whirlwind of justice for Cassandra and all others who have had to die to get our attention.

    Love ya! Mean it!

  19. justiceformorgan says:

    Anyone else watch Nancy Grace? I am completely stunned. Could it be Sketch, and only Sketch, was involved in Morgan’s death? Although I’ve changed my mind about this several times (my head is still spinning), I’ve got to say right now I’m thinking helper, if involved at all. Am I completely off base?

    Anyone else think there’s a chance the DNA was recovered from the t-shirt (we still don’t know where the DNA was recovered), and Sketch was in contact with the t-shirt, after the fact, but wasn’t involved in the crime? Perhaps someone who knew his background tried to set him up by having him handle the t-shirt before it was planted.

    I have no doubt that the perp(s) involved in Morgan’s case is extremely cunning ~ I could see the scenerio outlined above.

    CvilleHoo ~ re; Pham ~ that’s a good point ~ the only explanation I can come up with right now is that the person panicked and actually thought, in that split second of time, that it may appear she was killed in a car accident if she was left in the car.

  20. justiceformorgan says:

    CVa Native Away; I read somewhere that the victim spoke Urdu; I haven’t read anything about the language(s) the assailant speaks though.

    I did notice something odd when I listened to the radio show the other day that was advertised in one of the FM threads (can’t remember the name of the radio show now). When the interviewer was discussing the 2005 assault, he referred to it as a rape/murder rather than a rape only. Perhaps he was just confusing the details with the details of Morgan’s case ~ did seem odd for some reason though.

  21. fish says:

    Sorry to have missed you. I try never to do that. I think that I was trying to respond to everyone. Yes, somebody beat the crap outta somebody. I’m perplexed on the dates though.

    Assault& Battery charge was dated 5/14/2010
    Destroy Property charge was dated 5/15/2010

    Unless, they entered it in the system wrong and well, I just haven’t seen that happen too often.
    It is possible though.
    Maybe Redly can hammer this one out.
    So Red, whatcha think? Mistake or was Howell assaulted by Marshall first then Howell retaliated and Destroys Property?

    It seems either way both parties will be feeling the heat this month of July. Lots of courtdates.
    Good thing they will be inside a courtroom with AC.

  22. Moose says:

    In regards to the Fairfax case, I am curious if survelliance video was looked at, from the Giant supermarket, that night and a couple nights previous to see if perp was lurking around. Also, was there any kind of construction going on in the area? Special events at the time in the area?

  23. Eloise says:

    I agree with the above views of NG tonight. Nancy also made the point of being annoyed about Gil’s comment that people would like her to go away already. I am glad this was brought up, as I cannot fathom why anyone would be bothered by her quest unless they had something to hide.

  24. fish says:

    Lovely: “Remember, someone was raped right after Morgan, and J2K said it sounded like a gang initiation…did that happen in November?”

    Lovely; I do not know if this is what you are referring to but this happened in Hburg on the 13th of January, 2010. I believe that we were talking about “Gang Initiation” when we heard of this.
    Maybe J2K is off taking care of her fire business and could pop in.

    When you come to that door of enlightment, will you please let me in? I’ve been waiting for so long to have such an experience. I’m really curious why you think she was never on that bridge.
    I too, believe she was never HH and said it repeatedly. But, it is my personal belief, LE has someone that states they saw her HH. Yes, Voth states in on Fbook but what about the BB players?
    Did they say it also?

    Which for whatever reason, I wanted to link everyone to this.
    I look at it repeatedly thinking I would see something that would make sense of all this. Everytime something comes to light, I refer back to this schedule. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

    And, when I think about UVA, I gotta ask!

    Observer: I trust that you are well?

  25. Eloise says:

    Gil Harrington’s Blog from July 9th, 2010

    The beach helps you simplify. Each day you carry less stuff over the dunes realizing you can do without. Dressing becomes a matter of choosing the driest tee shirt. This simplification process forces me to let go of distractions and absorb the lessons hiding in front of me.

    I thought I had gotten the beach insight already. Several years ago when my sister was dying we were here and I wanted to bring Jackie one perfect shell from the beach she would never walk.

    The Outer Banks is rough surf in the cross hairs of several opposing currents. Finding perfect whole shells in this turbulence is rare. So I gave up on the quest for a perfect shell for Jackie and instead saw the beauty and value in what was there; hidden in plain sight, weathered shells with holes in them. These weathered shells started a long tradition of ankle bracelets for the beach crew. We collect the shells that have been worn through with holes and add a bead or two and tie them on ankles all around. I get a kick out of seeing these conservative, medical, button down types adorned so with shells and beads. I love watching the shells we wear appear lighter as legs tan and cares lessen.

    I have received that lessen but apparently I am suppose to take it even further.

    There is yet another step on the way to becoming, that I see here in the surf. Tides and waves and weather beat the shells into fragments, relentlessly pounding them until they are so broken that they are not discernable as shells at all.

    That’s when it gets cool and magic happens. Given time, the ragged shards of lives that were are ground so fine that they became the beach itself. The sand we walk on is composed of minute fragments of shells. It is not a graveyard but a place of stark beauty and a refuge for new lives and creatures to start their journey. Morgan is in this mix. We strive to see and accept the lessons and the gifts offered here.

    2 4 1

    Personally, yes, I believe they took some of the shiny girl with them.

    Does anyone else think Gil is again sending a message?

  26. Moose says:

    Also regarding Pham video, did anyone notice the bicycle that was leaned against pole in front of van(I also seem a person just standing with an umbrella maybe(What was the weather that day?), just leaned against back of suv, then as she passed back through, bicycle was gone. It looked like someone with a bag was about to cross the street, than turned around and walked back in toward building as she passed.
    I did also seem concerned about white van, in the beginning of tape it was in back of lot, then moved and parked then back down lane in reverse. Strange.

  27. justiceformorgan says:

    Interesting Mary ~ I’ve pondered that thought as well since pretty much all the witnesses have been discredited. In addition, someone on FM has a daughter who was working at the ticket booth that night ~ she said her daughter saw no sign of Morgan during the time Morgan was said to have been locked out and trying to get back in.

    I still believe Morgan attended the concert ~ perhaps she was separated from her group and watched the rest of the show by herself or with someone else. I’m going to go back through pictures and videos and see what I can find. I heard on FM that LE is using a new technique (digital something?) on video from the arena to see if they can spot anything they haven’t been able to see to date.

  28. justiceformorgan says:

    I agree Fish, it does make more sense that the “Destroy Property” incident would have occurred before the “Assault and Battery” incident.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but, I’d be a little reluctant to destroy the property of someone who just “beat the crap outta me” ~ that’s just me though :)

    Maybe EH was avoiding LE ~ again (he really should stop doing that) ~ when they were trying to find him to charge him, so, he was charged on a later date than his “pal”, even though his crime occurred first. I’m not sure how those things work ~ makes sense that could be why the dates are out of order though.

  29. katie says:

    Tons of Construction at every intersection in Merrifield as well as large mounds or piles of construction debris and dirt accumulating at the top of the parking lot adjacent to Gallows Rd. These mounds are covered in thick translucent plastic. Behind the shopping center crews have raised the Multiplex and all of the land from rt 29 to Gatehouse road and back westward toward either Prosperity or Williams…I’m not sure which of those is abutting the land clearing on that side. It is all in preparation for a road improvement project and along every thoroughfare over and under the Beltway I-495 there is also construction.

    No special events there that weekend. But that Center is always bustling and their is a huge Supermarket Great Wall there. I believe it is an Asian market. I too was very concerned about the movements of that white construction van but since we can’t see it after her car passes it may have just been backing up to take the open spot. Parking spaces are very hard to come by there.

    Every time I have been there I have seen marked cruisers in the parking lot.

  30. justiceformorgan says:

    Moose, it’s my understanding there was a concert on the night of the Fairfax assault ~ completely different style of artist than Metallica but a concert nonetheless.

  31. katie says:

    I looked at that tape over and over and it appears as if that white van was at the top of the parking lot, facing Gallows, when Vanessa enters the lot. I don’t see another van except the one in the loading zone with the ladder. Umbrella person seems to be on a cell phone. Then when Vanessa’s car is leaving umbrella person seems to have put on a floppy hat (unless this is a third person)and lookout guy is in the exact same position as he was when Vanessa arrived. The difference is: the van is now blocking in the SUV with now Floppy Hat person, who rushes from open SUV door to back of vehicle near van, and seems to duck downward while lookout man gestures with his right arm as van moves back then forward. It appears as if Floppy Hat makes some motion toward the van as Vanessa’s car comes passed the aisle.

    This is very disturbing.

    This is what I am saying, yep. Good Eye.

  32. mary says:

    Another couple of interesting things from Nancy Grace: One of the producers said evidence was obtained from Morgan’s “crime scene” that connected to the 2005 assault. Guess that means AF. And at the beginning of the show, Nancy calls this guy a serial sex “stalker”. Interesting.

    I was thrilled to see the sketch go National, and the Harrington’s great a job during the interview as always.
    That said, it breaks my heart to hear Gil say they have been accused of “social gaffs” for pressing it’s release in an effort to protect another possible victim.

    Is everyone clear now that the Harrington’s knew about the link in advance, and wanted the sketch released yesterday? I support them 1000%.

  33. mary says:

    “NG: To Paul Penzone, VP Prevention Programs at, former sergeant Phoenix PD. Weigh in.

    PENZONE: We had a case similar to this in Phoenix, Nancy, where there was a serial rapist who was killing people. First of all, my heart and prayers go out to the family. What they`re doing is the right thing to do, stay committed.

    But what law enforcement is doing very well is first of all getting a composite. Even though it`s from the past giving people something to focus on that gives you structural and relative description. But that high reward, although it will bring in an enormous number of tips, weeding through those you`ll find the needle in the haystack.

    So they need to keep the community committed. Through that you have to buy exposure through that reward using the media.”

    Last post, promise. If I could I would bold the above words: “what law enforcement is doing very well is first of all getting a composite. Even though it`s from the past giving people something to focus on that gives you structural and relative description.”

    True dat, I will bold for you. I saw that last night.

  34. Josie says:


    “Is everyone clear now that the Harrington’s knew about the link in advance, and wanted the sketch released yesterday? I support them 1000%.

    Blink, it is clear to me and has been since you released it. Thank you, Blink.

    It’s so frustrating to see posters on other sites try to put you down no matter what you do. I want to scream “why can’t you see?”. Why the bad will toward someone who has worked so hard on Morgan’s case? There’s been times when the other sites were at a complete stall, yet here is Blink, bringing out new info and keeping Morgan’s case alive.

    I am guilty of not posting a lot lately, because I didn’t have anything of value to contribute, but Blink, there hasn’t been a day gone by that I didn’t at least check your site once, most of the time more.

    So again, thank you Blink and company a hundred fold and please never stop bringing things out in the open.

    And Blink, this one’s for you! *Cheers*.

    I especially thank you for your kind words on behalf of BOC researchers and editors. The amount of time, dedication, and resources it takes to develop leads in cases is staggering, and although in most cases they shake it off better than I, we are the sum of our parts and this work would not be possible without them.

    Reasonable people know exactly what is going on, and frankly that is my target audience :)

  35. justiceformorgan says:

    Interesting Fish. Wasn’t Cabell Hall where the wedding was held during the afternoon/evening of October 17th?

  36. dda says:

    kudos for getting through a course in miracles. tried it many years ago and too hard for my legal brain:) i also don’t believe morgan was ever on the bridge or if she was, she went back to the rv lot where the crime took place. i have no reason for this but it came up at a july 4 party in cville and when i said it, i was surprised that no one gave that thought much credence. the bridge sighting has become gospel (semi-pun intended) and i am not sure why. anyone know?

    Yes, I do, because that meant she left the grounds. Ya know, off the property.

    Allegedly a k9 of unknown origin hit on the bridge for Morgan’s scent, but as any trained handler will tell you, there has to be alot more of a tracker report than that to be credible, and it needs to be confirmed by more than one different dog. Until I see those results, I am suspect.

    It also jibed with the account from her friends she would seek a ride home, sans her own damn vehicle.

    Never bought it, never will.

  37. fish says:

    Dearest Blink:

    This is something you can post. As I have self-moderated!

    Social Gaffs! Really?!

    People need to realize that if we do not have family members of the victims of violent crimes stand up and be noticed then the violent offenders win and THEY love nothing more than everyone to shut up and put up.
    If for some reason, it is the everyday people in the community then I would say to them…

    Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself!

    Meaning…at any given day, at any given time, you could be standing in the Harrington Family shoes. God Forbid.

    This daughter of theirs’ needs support, love and yes, a voice!

    Yes, I know that Mrs. Harrington is a strong woman but she is not alone in this. At any other given time, there could be a very large number of supporters standing on that bridge for her.

    I personally would bring all my “Social Gaffs”(which there are many) for those that have given the Harrington Family one more minute of grief than they already have to deal with!!!

    My opinion, my way too high of hair(which I’m working on taming, as I speak), my sensible clogs(as my feet hurt from too many highheels in the day), my shiny lipglossed lips(to match our shiny girl), and


    Please, people who may read here and never post. Or if you can spread the word of support in your community.

    In All Seriousness!!

    Support the Harrington’s and do not tear them down.
    Do you understand the stages of which they have to work through? Some will become dormant and never be resolved. She is gone.
    It is tremendous pain everyday.

    They are trying to lead the way, so obviously supporting LE, and trying to help ALL of us out in the process.
    Yes, even those with a social gaff problem.
    Virginia is in a State of Crisis, IMO!

    There B, was that better?
    I washed my mouth out with soap!

    O friend I think you know I don’t need you to scrub your gills.

    For the first time in almost 9 months, I am feeling like the tide is coming in on this one. (yes, message of support to D&G encoded in that wording.)


  38. Edward says:

    You are all doing amazing work on this case.

    Thanks Edward and nice to see you

  39. Rachelle says:

    I know Newport News is several hours away from Charlottesville and from Fairfax, but this seems eerily familiar and happened very recently:

  40. RU Mom says:

    Blink I am on a different computer…same RU Mom.

    Has anyone else seen this? Bedford isn’t too far from Lynchburg where you pick up 29 N to Charlottesville.
    It is about a 1 hour drive, less to AF. Look at his picture!

  41. Mom3.0 says:

    Katie. I saw the same things in the video of Vanessa. Although I did notice the man with the umbrella had long hair you can see it blowing in the wind at 0:37- if this person is the same as the one in the hat- he tucked his hair up under. I also noticed that the man, the one sitting on the bumper of the car- watching the parking lot- never turns around -he always has his back to the mall and all the goings on-

    I also noticed that at exactly 1:28 you can see Vanessa is driving as she turns toward the gold sedan that is going to back into the loading dock at 1:29-1:30 you can see vanessa turn her attention back to the front and she has both hands on the wheel. (no cell at this point) (and I did not notice any movement in the back seat)

    I would also like to speculate, that perhaps Vanessa was told to wait (the 40 seconds) in order for the white van to drive to the exit on the other end of the lot, further down in the direction in which Vanessa turns- Did the van meet up with them- or follow them if this is why she waited?

    Another thing, I would like to know if LE saved and reviewed all footage from the p-lots that day, and if they know the story of the guy on the bumper- the white van – the gold sedans and the umbrella-and hat guy. When did they arrive- what we’re they waiting around for (Man on bumper) when did they leave ect ect.

  42. Mom3.0 says:

    Fish- glad to know that my thoughts sparked some very good observations of your own-

    You brought up that someone, J2K?, mentioned possible gang related issues- I don’t know, but your question leads me to ask another.

    Do you (or anyone), remember what the circumstances were around RT being accidentally shot? Where did it occur, when ect? Just trying to go back over the past in case we missed something.

  43. awa says:

    okay. i’m gonna throw this out there…. wonder if there is some big ‘game’ going on out there? murders and big things happening with the moon cycles… more than one perp involved… fires, talk of sacrifice and the music scene…. like a scavenger hunt of sorts, with the stakes being raised with each hit… this is all too spooky, too structured somehow

  44. Mom3.0 says:

    Saramom- Thanks – You are quick!

    awa- Your thoughts sent a shiver up my spine- but keep in mind even though that video of Vanessa seems way strange it could all be normal- bigger coincidences have happened- The moon cycle thing is very intriguing but we do not know what drives this person except for his own deranged sickness- So I am going to take a big breath and hope that there is not even a shred of truth in what you wrote.

  45. Saramom says:

    Dear Mom 3.0–I cannot but believe that we have all the pieces, just a matter of putting them together, at which I know you are so good. Blink said “The tide is coming in on this one.”

    A line has been drawn in the sand.

  46. mary says:


    we also had that random, sketchy bringover from FB quoting the irrepresible M. Voth (UVA).

    And LE confirmed that they had been able to confirm she was hitchhiking.

    Just yesterday I had one of those Aha! moments while remembering Blink’s statement at the time: “Like LE is saying, okay we believe you, now tell us more.” Then Corinne Geller’s statements: “We deal in facts.” “We have to be sure what we’re putting out there is accurate”. Again, we believe you — tell us more.

    Someone they interviewed told them “she said she was gonna hitchhike.”

  47. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Any time a construction van is observed backed into a parking slot in a large parking lot should raise your radar to heightened alert.
    A few years ago I drove my wife to a Wal-mart store arriving about 4:30 P.M.. She has some difficulty walking so I always let her out at one of the entrances. I noticed two black guys in their mid to late twenties looking intently down the parking lane. Following their gaze I observed a fine looking blonde woman, in her late twenties, trying to clear away the baskets from around her car. This type of activity from the guys always sets me on high alert.
    I drove down to her location in an ajacent lane,parked and got out of my vehicle and stood looking back at the guys. After a few minutes they spotted me looking at them and decided to leave. They walked carefully down the same lane where the woman was located and got into a 3/4 ton white construction van that was backed into the parking space. The woman never knew what was going on. Were they up to something? I have no proof, but they did discuss me observing them prior to leaving when one pointed to me while talking to his buddy.

  48. Eloise says:

    I am in the process of looking at construction co’s/masonry work etc that may overlap and have jobs in the target areas. It just dawned on me, what about the logging co, that we have previously discussed that may have been needed to give jb her big pieces of bark? Any thoughts?

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