Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered Sources: Terri Horman Hired Landscape Lover

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Portland, OR- Like a Roman Candle will light up the sky in most of our neighborhoods today, the Portland Community is aflame with this mornings breaking developments.

As reportedly leaked to The Oregonian, one of two media outlets booted from the recent press conference hosted by Kaine Horman, Desiree and Tony Young,  sources say Terri Horman, step-mom to missing 7 year old Kyron Horman, attempted to hire her landscape lover to murder her husband, Kaine Horman.


Last Saturday, June 26, Multnomah County Detectives advised Kaine Horman that his wife had hired a landscaper without his knowledge, and the expert in landscape services admitted he was offered a large sum of money by Terri Horman to off Kaine, allegedly after discovering his affair with a colleague.


Remniscient of the blockbuster black comedy hit FARGO, MCSO detectives attempted to ensnare Terri Horman into a conversation about the murder for hire plot with the cooperating landscaper and an undercover officer, but Horman ended the conversation quickly.

While Terri Horman was undergoing her second polygraph on that Saturday afternoon, detectives informed Kaine Horman of the confirmed finding, and advised him to remove himself and the couples 18 month old daughter from the marital residence. Within 48 hours  Horman filed for divorce and an emergency restraining order which was granted and subsequently sealed to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Sources speaking to blinkoncrime on the condition of anonymity, have confirmed that the landscaper, whose identity is being withheld as he is a material witness in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman, met Terri Horman on the grounds of Skyline School.


Skyline Schools Garden and Habitat  Project kicked off Last August, and it was not unusual to see white landscaper trucks in the parking lot, although it is not known if the landscaper witness is involved in the project.

The project, funded by a grant from West Multnomah Soil &Water Conservation District, is one of many funded in part by WMSWCD.  Recently, on Sauvie Island, the focus of the intensive search efforts, the “Healthy Streams” initiative kicked off.

The objective on Sauvie Island agricultural land is to reduce invasive plant species and tillage directly adjacent to waterways, which may contribute to erosion and sedimentation. WMSWCD will pay to install and maintain non-invasive herbaceous buffers, or woody plants if consistent with canal maintenance needs. These should be easier for farmers to maintain, better protect livestock drinking water, irrigation and drainage canals, and offer pollinator habitat.

On Friday afternoon, following a Thursday plea from Kyron’s Mom, Desiree Young for Terri Horman to cooperate fully with investigators to bring Kyron home, Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton attempted to repair the riff caused by Kaine Horman’s abrupt “off the record” rules to the press which was not disclosed until arrival.

“..There have been 2,877 valid leads and about 60 percent of them have been covered. Each lead takes detectives in a new direction, making it difficult to pursue the remaining leads faster, he said.
“Everyone is a person of interest,” Staton said in response to questions about any specific individuals…” attempted to reach Terri Horman attorney Stephen Houze for a comment on the latest rumors surrounding his client, but was told he is unreachable on the East coast. My media contacts are telling me that Houze is shopping imaging and licensing rights to fund his clients representation, should she be charged of any criminal offenses.  Terri Horman has neither been charged in Kyron’s disappearance nor the alleged attempt to contract for her husbands death. Editorial Analysis

It cannot be a ko ink y dink that this information was leaked to the largest paper in the state, following the snuff by Kaine Horman.  The landscaper lover was well known amongst us media folks, but not the plot part.

Where is started to go cattywampus for me was where we see the new John Deere tractor aquired by the Horman’s recently, would seem somewhat unnecessary if they had contracted a landscaper/lawn service.

Another oddity which could be completely unrelated, stays with me.

Intel colleague and Horman family friend Michael G. Roten, was arrested  last August on suspicion of menacing charges in Clackamas County the day after an Intel bag with a Sony computer, prescription Gucci glasses was taken from a vehicle on Country Club Rd.  It is not known if the 2 incidents are related. Roten posted on Terri Horman’s facebook offering any help they could, a few days after Kyron’s disappearance was made public.

Check back to for continuing updates.

Madeline Tanner,, contributing editor

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  1. Missy70 says:

    RE: Lillian’s (#22) questions regarding Craig and Cherlyn Guido.

    Yes, they both went to RHS with TH. Yes, Cherlyn is his wife, and you probably are having a hard time finding anything connecting their names because they haven’t been married very long (it’s her 4th or 5th marriage – depending on who you ask, if that gives you any idea of the company TH keeps).

  2. TBZ says:

    As a local mother of a 7 year boy as well:

    Another day starting and no sign of Kyron! A beautiful sunny day in the Portland area, a day where Kryon should be outside running through the sprinkler, playing in a swimming pool in his yard, going out for ice cream. picking fresh strawberries from one of the local farms, going to Wilson Pool to enjoy the water slide …….

  3. osu says:

    Terri’s behavior strikes me as very odd. If I took my stepson to school and then he turned up missing, I would be frantic. I would feel so guilty that he was in my care and then he was gone. I would also be furious at the school and letting everyone know that as well, why didn’t they call the home and ask where Kyron was, they had seen him at school and then he’s not in class? That should have struck the teacher as strange. My child’s elementary school calls home in the morning if a child is absent and the parents did not call it in. But then again, we don’t know if anyone from the school told LE that, yes he was here but Terri told us she had to take him home for …. but I would think if that were the case, Terri would be arrested by now. The school should have called home right away when Kyron was not in class.

    If I knew I was innocent, I would be shouting it from the mountain tops because I knew I had nothing to hide. I think her silence, even with an attorney’s orders, speaks louder than words.

  4. Hopalong says:

    D.A. says:
    July 4, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Re: R.S. says: July 4, 2010 at 7:05 pm
    (snipped) And, on a different note, I also wonder if Mr. Villarreal might know Tanner’s father, houseboat guy, since they are about the same age?

    I googled Villarreal Landscaping Portland Oregon – and wouldn’t you know it, there are some! Now wondering what this Avery Villarreal does for a living. Says on his myspace or facebook that he does have a job.

    We have no clue if this is the dude in question, please bear that in mind when posting.
    This case didn’t happen in a vaccum and Tony Young said to connect the dots…he’s involved somehow as yet unknown. The Pumala’s are next door neighbors of the Hormans and Villarreal’s brother is a classmate (could he be the real BFF?) of Kyron’s.

    After making a drive to the school and seeing that it is in the middle of farmland (no restaurants/bars/malls), the center of that neighborhood is probably the school and a church or two. The world is a small place.

    Terri, your silence is
    speaking. Tell
    us what happened!

  5. soma says:

    Hi, Blink: I’m waiting to hear the radio talk from last night where you were on. I posted elsewhere but believe that site’s moderator is on a break since the MFH news (odd, that). I see someone here wrote that “I know you [Blink] have a lot more information than we do” — is it because you’re close to LE? Sorry, I don’t know ya☺ Just wondering. I am for whatever reason obsessed with this case. I hoped J. Bauer would post the link re “written by a detective on another site, and it was definitely the most well-thought-out I’ve seen based on facts known to us and ones logically surmised”. Me, I just keep going back to the Day and the grounds and the scattered clues among the hearsay.

    My own timeline [yeah, I did one] makes some sense of the puzzle but still leaves holes, like for other folks. My selected postings from the other site were: a) “I surmise someone offering a hoped-for prize obviously in store for a shy boy who’s proud of his project. Whether it’s (examples only): “come get your prize” or “let’s get your red frog”, what else would lure a shy boy if it’s NOT a parent, teacher, or familiar person? [Now we are informed that the LS may have been a kind of familiar figure.] Were there any prizes to any students at the science fair? It’s a likely lure esp. on the same day from ANY official-acting adult. What is so common a sight that crowds in a hallway cannot recall a student leaving before 9am? We are accustomed to common types at obvious places…the “purloined letter” syndrome: something not hidden but in plain sight.

    b) Re the 3 [science fair] pix, the thought to me was: where IS everybody? It seems the school would be crowded, although T said they were at the school from 7:45-8:45 reported earlier [we now are informed that Ka saw Ky at the house at 7:45]…The pix prove that Ky was there SOMETIME that morning. But say T left Skyline earlier than 8:45, then Ky was diverted to the electric project, was lured to a “prize”, all long before 8:45 yet after T left? Tanner was already reported as saying he saw T leave WITHOUT KYRON.

    Now, with this possible LS liaison–unsaid and unproven–but the subtext sounds like someone didn’t want this little boy around for someone else. Simmering Jealousy, Betrayal, Revenge, $ [lost when Kr leaves early 2010; gained if life insurance is paid out] man, you can’t Shake Speare more than this…

    WHY ARE STUDENTS’ VERSIONS DISMISSED? From June 11: Portland Public School spokesman said [of BEST FRIEND's account]: “There were no substitutes at the school that day (the day Kyron disappeared),” he said…”[friend] may be confused because all week after the disappearance a substitute teacher has been at the school to help with the stress of the Horman case.” But…Ky was already missing over the weekend, so “all week” means the FOLLOWING week. Why would Ky’s BEST FRIEND remember that the regular teacher responded “[Ky]‘s probably in the bathroom” if it’s already the following week?? AND if teacher adds “I’m going to leave” [to find Ky], why didn’t she report AT THAT TIME that he was neither drinking water or in the can? Waylaid. It ain’t the teacher; it’s the uncanny paths for paving opportunity. . .Reported: Tanner is Kyron’s deskmate…Tanner says Kyron was in school for at least AN HOUR Friday morning and that he saw Kyron’s step-mother leave the school [8:45?] WITHOUT Kyron. Reported also that other students alluded to something between Terri and LS.

    I have to note here that it’s AMAZING with all the deep digging, LS has no name. . . LS is suspicious to me; say, LS did fail the polygraph, spun a tale re MFH. Why would LE think Terri would spill if she sees LS with some stranger at her door to spill to both?? Reported: LE HAD to tell T she really was a “Suspect ” after that flub sting yet press continues to say LE has not named her either a person of interest or a Suspect. And with Press camped at the fence, now an undercover cop is… NOT (yes?)

    I mentioned on the other site: alternative lifestyle and habits — who in the area fits that? I’m not being sardonic; but someone should review at least 3 couples continually being brought up and see what their communal connections are. Blackmail was alluded to only with the LS; I suspect there could be more possibilities, but hope not.

    Terri had 5 days to file re daughter; what’s with this high-power lawyer? No filing, no press, allowing the damage to continue that T’s “not cooperating”. The bio parents report there’s no response from T to their request whereas it’s supposed to be the lawyer speaking FOR her who has not responded – what’s she paying him for? Bluntly, this non-act capped it for me that T is either not interested in regaining her daughter OR the lawyer counseled her that 5 days filing is extended ‘cuz he filed sometime when no one was looking…yuh.

    If “others” are involved, is there LE activity in Tempe, AZ as arrows point there. This all said (and thank you), I go with Blink: LS may have taken matters into LS’s own hands when Jealousy, Betrayal, Revenge, and $ came into play. I’ll go further to say there’s knowledge of the grounds, where to stash anything till the heat dies down (essentially the first night when searchers are in the field or at the parents’ house); a lot of knowledge of grassy, bushy nooks and crannies with this LS in the picture, hmm? What’s certain is, LE’s on a budget crunch. They might flub a sting or force the pieces to fit (like the stepsister’s glass slipper) when the pressure’s on. I believe they’re proceeding as best they can; but timing can make the coolest of heads flip. Ka not at the live press anymore? Next male: step up.

  6. Whaazupwitchu says:

    Hello everyone lurking-reading-admirer (emphasis on admirer, so not creepy)and this is becoming favorite site.

    I guess LE (and everyone else) wants to get Terri and I’m all for it, in fact, I think she needs to be careful she is not harmed as so many are venomous against her

    But surely LS knows stuff and so does LS’ associate, right? In fact, might not they be the big cheez to hear from now? Cause what matters is finding Kyron! AND nailing TMH, LS and LS’ associate(s) asses now. So I would like to hear more about these guys, Throw another peanut, Blink?

    Re: all the labels and explanations people want to put on TMH, I do get to put labels on people too, and agree there is lots of reasons for ALL the stuff people said. I also think she is either at least a bit psychotic from one thing or another and/or has a lot of adoption trauma, which I know some adoptees will hate me to say, as some (not all) adoptees do, it explains the insanity for me ’cause she probably won’t meet a criminal standard of “…but insane,” but I sure hope the guilty of something gets permanently pasted on, ’cause I’m sure she did someting BIG and BAD. AND still wondering Blink, Is there still a huge piece that we are not really touching on at all?
    Re: Kaine – get a grip, guy! How do you know the new lady will be better than the last one? Jumping from woman to woman so quickly,or should I really say overlapping women, while simultaneously reproducing, is not going to take away the pain you feel. Please go get yourself a good therapist, you probably have great insurance and your town is full of ‘em.

    Anyone, get help before you trash yourself and others out.

    Hold the flame high for Kyron and other missing/victimized!

    There is no evidence Kaine is involved with another woman at this time, can we not bash the father of a missing 7 year old meritlessly?

  7. [...] is involved with Kyron’s disappearance, and confirmed what has been reported exclusively on previously:Terri Horman failed both polygraph tests administered during the [...]

  8. FLGirl says:

    Wow, I know it’s crazy to say, since in the beginning we were all frustrated by the lack of information coming out; but now the interviews are coming fast and furious and I can’t keep up!

    Is there some way we can arrange a list of known facts? Just in searching a few sites, I know there is no way I can possibly read each and every interview!

  9. ourmissboo says:

    Your sources tell you that attorney Stephen Houze is out shopping for media sources to purchase Terri Horman’s story, in order to pay his attorney fees? Well, you’d better get some new sources. I know Stephen Houze and he is 100% ethical and honest. He would never do what you are suggesting. Your so-called “sources” sound like the kind of people who would sell their soul. Stephen Houze is not that type of person. If you have a conscience, you will apologize to Mr. Houze. He does not deserve that kind of press.

    For starters, I never said it was a bad thing or unethical, that is your implication. Since you know him, ask him yourself if he is not fielding requests from the nationals for Ms. Horman, because he is.

    Like it or not, that is part of his job.

    And lastly, if that is the way you present yourself as a first time guest here, you are not doing him any favors as a representative.

  10. ourmissboo says:

    My response to “B” — I will always present myself as the honest and straightforward person that I am. It would be very unethical for an attorney to do what your article suggests: sell a client’s story to pay his criminal defense fees. And furthermore, there are laws against that kind of thing in many states, including Oregon.

    I came to your site with no preconceptions about what you were doing. I enjoy looking a various sources and points of view. But if you are going to use dirty tactics to make headlines, and then try to make whistle blowers like me sound like creeps, then yes, I will question your integrity.

    P.S. And you do owe Stephen Houze an apology.

    You are interpreting for me, I know exactly what the rules and responsibilities are under the Oregon Bar that bind Atty Houze. Respectfully for the record, you have no idea how much I know what I am talking about so we will have to agree to disagree.

  11. Claire Forshaw says:

    I am very interested in the posts that could be from Terri, I am aware of them on several sites apart from this but have not yet got them all together(and yes they are merely subjective) but surely in a subjective sense they could be got together and published on this blog? Is this a problem in legal terms or could someone here try to get them together and see if something comes out of it? I understand if you, Blink, can’t do that as a journalist, but can we?

    I will never, and have never, under any circumstances, release the analytics of this site without a subpeona.

  12. EFY-V says:

    Wow, comment #5 by Soma was well thought out and rich with details. Since I live on the East Coast I don’t have the oppportunity to hear and/or see all the media information; an example being the reference to Tempe, AZ which is the first time I’ve heard of that as a connection to Kyron’s disappearance.
    Can you point me in the right direction where I can read about the liaison in Tempe? Thank you in advance.

  13. melissab says:

    To the new posters here–please go back and read a little more and you will see that Blink is as honest as they come and you won’t find a more ethical woman on a mission seeking justice, truth and giving a voice to loved ones missing, murdered or lost. Please don’t put words in her mouth either because she is Cheif of Verbal Sparring and her balls may be bigger than yours!!!

    Please be nice when posting here. We love our Blink and are very loyal. Most of us are in the newest article…don’t make me go get the BlinkPosse. Just joking! As always, welcome but play nice! Differing opinions are encouraged here.

    Ty for the kind words and the visual :)

  14. KL Brown says:

    Does anyone know if the landscape fellow and his company do landscaping for Chapman Elementary School in NW Portland?

  15. Emily George says:

    B, you have said before that you stake your reputation on this being a sexually motivated crime and that you think that TH is not directly involved, are you still sure?

    link please, so that we can view in context- thanks.

  16. Emily George says:

    do you mean that sexually motivated means that TH was motivated by knowledge of some issue she had with KH? And do you think still think that TH has nothing to do with where Kyron is?

  17. Emily George says:

    If you still believe that she knows nothing about where he is then when will the people concerned be arrested? And where is the sexually motivated crime? Did she sell Kyron? You put your reputation on the line about the sexually motivated crime so we must think that you know something that we don’t??

  18. Karen says:

    5.soma says:
    July 8, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    @ soma: This may be what you were suggesting, but I wanted to clarify…If Tanner believes that Ky was at school for an hour on 6/4, he possibly means at the SF from 7:45 to 8:45. It is my understanding that the SF was open to the public before 9:00 and was a time when parents could tour with their children. Tanner’s father was (someone, please correct me if I’m wrong) identified as a man in the background of one of TH’s pictures of Ky @ the SF. So, Tanner was likely there also and saw Ky with TH. The early time would’ve allowed many parents to attend prior to work, but probably very few were able to attend – hence, the building would not have been very crowded until closer to 9:00. Also, other posters on this site wondered why TH drove Ky to school this particular AM altho’ he normally rode the bus. Since the SF began prior to school hours, I imagine TH and Ky left for the school well before the bus was scheduled to arrive.

    It’s also my understanding that, when classes started at 9:00 that AM, students were divided into groups for the purpose of touring the SF again. Possibly, there were parents who volunteered to monitor the groups during the tour of the SF. Hence, Tanner’s reference to a “substitute,” who noticed a student missing from her group. I noted in another post that DY stated in a video that she understood TH would be at the school from 8:00 to 10:00 that AM, which reinforces that idea and suggests that DY had the impression TH would be volunteering.

    Another frequent question is why the teacher didn’t realize something was amiss when Ky didn’t show up later, and why the “substitute” didn’t mention it again. I’m thinking this is where the phantom Dr’s appt came into play. The teacher and monitor/substitute may have again discussed Ky’s absence when he didn’t return to the classroom within a few minutes, and (just speculation) the teacher, remembering the Dr’s appt (TH reportedly gave her paperwork to fill out for it the previous day), decided that either she had remembered the date of the appt wrong or else TH was mistaken in saying it was on 6/11 instead of 6/4.

    I’m sure LE has already done a thorough investigation of the events at school the day of Kyron’s disappearance, so they probably have definitive answers to the questions surrounding the school day.

  19. jay says:

    Tanner lied about events the morning of June 4. That is known to be true. Also a fact is that there WAS no substitute teacher at school, so his account of the teacher saying “Oh, where’s Kyron? Probably getting a drink of water etc.” was completely fabricated. Kyron probably WAS at school for 30 minutes early that AM viewing the projects, but he did NOT go to the classroom when the bell rang before 9. Students were supposed to be in their classrooms between 9 and 10 that day for roll and other classroom business, then at 10 they would break up into little groups to go around the school with adult volunteers and teachers to view the exhibits. Tanner’s grandmother telling him to talk to the press was unwise and showboating, and caused a lot of misunderstandings (and surely also caused problems for the classroom teacher, who was completely taken by surprise by the events as they unfolded, as she had not seen him that day at all.) I’m sure law enforcement must have checked with the pediatrician to make sure he did indeed have a doctor’s appt. scheduled. Terri could easily have told the teacher about the appt. in a way that caused her to not be surprised by Kyron’s absence June 4. But the police have checked all records and events over and over. The school officials have been completely transparent and forthcoming, and it’s just unfortunate that early story told by Tanner was given initial credence.

  20. Karen says:

    19.jay says:
    July 13, 2010 at 5:59 am

    @ jay: TY for your info. I’m wondering, though, where you got the info refuting Tanner’s statements? Do you have a link to an article? Not that I’m doubting you; I just haven’t seen anything on the Internet to confirm or to explain why his family would want to release misinformation on the case.

    Do you live in the Portland area? I live in the midwest, and it seems other parts of the country do not have access to much of the news in this case. It’s nerve-wracking, even from more than halfway across the country, wondering what happened to this precious little boy. But, I realize that LE has had the same questions the rest of us do and have received reliable answers from interviews with school staff, parents, students and also the pediatrician, which they must keep confidential for now to preserve the integrity of the investigation.

  21. KL Brown says:

    Second time asking: Does anyone know if the landscape fellow and his company do landscaping for Chapman Elementary School in NW Portland?

  22. Karen says:

    21.KL Brown says:
    July 14, 2010 at 2:05 am
    “Second time asking: Does anyone know if the landscape fellow and his company do landscaping for Chapman Elementary School in NW Portland?”

    @ KL Brown: At this point, the name of the landscaper involved in the Kyron Horman case hasn’t been released. It’s doubtful that he does landscaping at any of the Portland schools, though. Most of the people involved in the Skyline School Garden & Habitat Project are parents volunteering their time. It’s unlikely that the LS in the case would have time for volunteer work, given his busy daytime schedule. And it has never been confirmed that TH met him at the school; she supposedly hired him to do work at her home.

  23. Karen says:

    @ KL Brown: Per Blink’s latest post:

    “Of particular interest, is source confirmation that the landscaper Terri Horman hired last fall, who worked on the Horman property, had met Kyron at the residence as well as the Skyline School, where his firm had been contracted to do some work.”

    If you can find out the name of the landscaping firm he was employed with, you can inquire at CES as to whether the firm has done work there.

  24. Faith says:

    Okay, where do I go to get the link I saw last night about the landscaper being in jail? I can’t see figure out these links. I posted on one and can’t find it. Maybe there should be just one link or at least a current link. Or events of the day.

    KLBrown I have always had the impression that PPS (Portland Public Schools) had their own landscapecrews for the whole district and not individually hired crews. So if this landscaper was hired by Skyline I would doubt he would go to Chapman.

    I still can’t find the link on the guy’s arrest and read that it was another hispanic with the same name this morning not the one in Kyron’s case.

  25. Sondra says:

    Kaine seeks hearing to have Terri out of their house

    A hearing for the matter was originally set for July 22, but sources tell KOIN the hearing may be moved up to as soon as Thursday afternoon.

  26. Karen says:

    24.Faith says:
    July 15, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    @ Faith: If you are looking for Blink’s latest article, click on the area at the top of the page that says, “Blink on Crime.” Then, all of the articles will appear in order, with the most recent at the top.

    @ KL Brown: Sorry. I didn’t read enough of the newest article last night to see this: the name of the landscaping company that the landscaper in question is employed with is RS Landscape Maintenance.

  27. Craig Guido says:

    Lillian, for you information I am married to Cherlyn Guido and living in Roseburg, where I have lived since 1991, after moving back from Tempe, AZ.
    As for you Missy 70, what kind of a bottom feeder are you to make assumptions about my wife when you have never met. She has had failed relationships, as all of us have, but she has managed to raise 3 beautiful girls, 2 of which are in college. She has also managed to move on, which is something you need to do, since, if you continue to sling mud at my wife I will throw it back, considering I’m sure you have some dirt of your own and I don’t mind getting dirty.
    And last of all, most of you, especially the reporters, are forgetting there is a little boy missing. My wife and I are still praying for his safe return….
    Craig Guido

    Let’s back the truck up a bit.

    Can anyone help me understand the origin of this gentlemen’s comments?

  28. Avery Villarreal says:

    unfortunatley there are websites like these for ignorant uneducated peole to post ther idea’s, like your wife I have been subject to ridicual because of my life decisions. No I do not believe in god. But if any of you had pulled your ass’ off ofy our couch’s so that you could attempt to pull them out of your ass’ you would have found out that my brother was actually very good friends with Kyron on top of the fact that our father had passed away at the end of the previous september. And just for your info I’m an apprentice contractor, and have been since 2008 during and prior to that i worked for my DAD at catarino’s cleaning and maintenece as a journeyman painter starting in the summer of 2003

    Mr. Villarreal, we did cover Kurtis’s relationship with Kyron and the unfortunate passing of your father very early in this case. I assume because you were working you were not able to attend the Science Fair on June 4, but can you share anything you might have been told about that day?

    You have the right to your beliefs Mr. Villarreal, while I do not share them, I do not judge you because of them. I would just ask that you could extend the same courtesy and level of respect.


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