Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered Sources: Terri Horman Hired Landscape Lover

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Portland, OR- Like a Roman Candle will light up the sky in most of our neighborhoods today, the Portland Community is aflame with this mornings breaking developments.

As reportedly leaked to The Oregonian, one of two media outlets booted from the recent press conference hosted by Kaine Horman, Desiree and Tony Young,  sources say Terri Horman, step-mom to missing 7 year old Kyron Horman, attempted to hire her landscape lover to murder her husband, Kaine Horman.


Last Saturday, June 26, Multnomah County Detectives advised Kaine Horman that his wife had hired a landscaper without his knowledge, and the expert in landscape services admitted he was offered a large sum of money by Terri Horman to off Kaine, allegedly after discovering his affair with a colleague.


Remniscient of the blockbuster black comedy hit FARGO, MCSO detectives attempted to ensnare Terri Horman into a conversation about the murder for hire plot with the cooperating landscaper and an undercover officer, but Horman ended the conversation quickly.

While Terri Horman was undergoing her second polygraph on that Saturday afternoon, detectives informed Kaine Horman of the confirmed finding, and advised him to remove himself and the couples 18 month old daughter from the marital residence. Within 48 hours  Horman filed for divorce and an emergency restraining order which was granted and subsequently sealed to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Sources speaking to blinkoncrime on the condition of anonymity, have confirmed that the landscaper, whose identity is being withheld as he is a material witness in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman, met Terri Horman on the grounds of Skyline School.


Skyline Schools Garden and Habitat  Project kicked off Last August, and it was not unusual to see white landscaper trucks in the parking lot, although it is not known if the landscaper witness is involved in the project.

The project, funded by a grant from West Multnomah Soil &Water Conservation District, is one of many funded in part by WMSWCD.  Recently, on Sauvie Island, the focus of the intensive search efforts, the “Healthy Streams” initiative kicked off.

The objective on Sauvie Island agricultural land is to reduce invasive plant species and tillage directly adjacent to waterways, which may contribute to erosion and sedimentation. WMSWCD will pay to install and maintain non-invasive herbaceous buffers, or woody plants if consistent with canal maintenance needs. These should be easier for farmers to maintain, better protect livestock drinking water, irrigation and drainage canals, and offer pollinator habitat.

On Friday afternoon, following a Thursday plea from Kyron’s Mom, Desiree Young for Terri Horman to cooperate fully with investigators to bring Kyron home, Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton attempted to repair the riff caused by Kaine Horman’s abrupt “off the record” rules to the press which was not disclosed until arrival.

“..There have been 2,877 valid leads and about 60 percent of them have been covered. Each lead takes detectives in a new direction, making it difficult to pursue the remaining leads faster, he said.
“Everyone is a person of interest,” Staton said in response to questions about any specific individuals…” attempted to reach Terri Horman attorney Stephen Houze for a comment on the latest rumors surrounding his client, but was told he is unreachable on the East coast. My media contacts are telling me that Houze is shopping imaging and licensing rights to fund his clients representation, should she be charged of any criminal offenses.  Terri Horman has neither been charged in Kyron’s disappearance nor the alleged attempt to contract for her husbands death. Editorial Analysis

It cannot be a ko ink y dink that this information was leaked to the largest paper in the state, following the snuff by Kaine Horman.  The landscaper lover was well known amongst us media folks, but not the plot part.

Where is started to go cattywampus for me was where we see the new John Deere tractor aquired by the Horman’s recently, would seem somewhat unnecessary if they had contracted a landscaper/lawn service.

Another oddity which could be completely unrelated, stays with me.

Intel colleague and Horman family friend Michael G. Roten, was arrested  last August on suspicion of menacing charges in Clackamas County the day after an Intel bag with a Sony computer, prescription Gucci glasses was taken from a vehicle on Country Club Rd.  It is not known if the 2 incidents are related. Roten posted on Terri Horman’s facebook offering any help they could, a few days after Kyron’s disappearance was made public.

Check back to for continuing updates.

Madeline Tanner,, contributing editor

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  1. Saramom says:

    LORD have mercy.

    Blink, I don’t know how you can type for the shaking of your head in disbelief that you surely must be doing. Does anything surprise you anymore? I can’t imagine what “oddity” you are keeping under wraps.

    This little bespectacled tree-frog lover is surely not collateral damage is he?

  2. blue says:

    Oh. My. Word.

    The cup of crazy brimmeth over. I’m off the fence and am firmly standing across the lawn looking at it, as far as Terri’s concerned, but I maintain that Kaine creeps me out to the nth degree and I think there is, unfortunately, a lot more to this story.

  3. Saramom says:

    In your aptly chosen photo above, Kyron is holding a package of teddy bear sunflowers.

    Yes, his step mom assissted the class that day.

  4. lizzy says:

    I am just too naive, or maybe just plain old stupid. The “lover” part of “landscape lover” never even occurred to me. But if so, why did she have to offer him a large sum of money? Something else still stinks.

  5. Mom3.0 says:

    Thank you for the new article and findings Blink

    Were the landscapers made to pass a background check before working at the school?

    The white trucks are interesting.

    I don’t know what to think about the newest developments.

    Did Terri hire someone to kidnap Kyron?

    Did she hire someone else to harm Kaine and instead they hurt Kyron?

    Did something happen to little Kyron because he overheard or saw something?

    Did Terri hurt Kyron in a fit of rage? She was obviously very mad and wanted Kaine dead for having an affair, if this latest allegation of hiring a hit man is true.

    Did the couples affairs lead to Kyron’s disappearance?

    Are there more affairs and some jilted lover took Kyron?

    So many questions the most important is…Where is Kyron? Poor innocent little boy.

  6. Titch says:

    Hey Blink,


    Now I’m trying to dig up the info on Phyllis.

  7. twinkletoes says:

    just when this case couldn’t get any stranger. . .
    roten raised a red flag for me too. so now we certainly can put together motives for th to harm or hide kyron. jeez, this lady is totally nuts. how did I not see this before? I really really wanted her to love our little boy. poor baby.

  8. elston says:

    Huh, whah? So, are you implying that KH had something going on with MR?

    I find this latest development more than a little mind blowing. I can’t think of what this means for Kyron’s chances.

  9. Saramom says:

    Great questions Mom3:0: I cannot help but feel that Terry simply had no use for Kyron. It is hard to fathom. Her oldest son is safely tucked away, and I guess she presumed that little Kiara was “HER PROPERTY,” small enough and portable enough to be MANAGED and MOVED as it suited her evil whims.

  10. vidda says:

    Now I can see why LE sounded the way they did all this time…
    I hope thay nail her

  11. Gerta says:

    This situation is revealing itself to be sadder than sad. I don’t think anyone has made reference to a current substance abuse problem with SM but she is displaying “stinkin thinkin” which typically heralds the arrival of a relapsed condition. I wonder if she connected with folks that were way out of her element, made a deal in a warped state under the influence…and then changed her mind. I don’t mean to sound cryptic but in those circles your word being your bond, if you don’t follow through on your word…they revoke your bond so to speak. Good job Blink, I don’t know how ya’ll do this on a regular basis. Prayers for Kyron and family, even the SM, she will need them.

  12. angela_nw says:

    Blink, I know I am not stoopid — not getting it: —was the landscaper HER lover?..
    KH had a lover(colleague/lover)?
    Can you clarify?

  13. just wondering says:

    When will the law disallow the selling of pictures etc for the benefit of a criminal? I think any monies that are paid for pictures and the like should go to organizations that assist in the locating/return or other assistance of victims.

  14. Futureman says:

    At this point, I fear this case could collapse into a protracted spectacle of media talking-heads, showboating lawyers, and suspects whose only interest is their own survival. I pray for Kyron’s safe return. If not that, reliable testimony and slam dunk forensics. Let’s wrap this case up.

  15. chica says:

    so kyrons dad had an affair with terrie while he was married and now terrie is having an affair on kyrons father. oh what a web they weave. I am wondering if kyron seen them together or overheard them saying they were gonna kill his daddy.

  16. chica says:

    everyone have a safe 4th of july

  17. Kleat says:

    The Oregonian article linked OregonLive with this story, included was more info on the 911 calls. Ends speculation that Kaine had made one or more of those calls as he was not home at the time.

    “Last weekend, at 5:17 p.m. June 26, Terri Horman placed a 9-1-1 call, classified as a “threats” call, to Multnomah County dispatchers, and a sheriff’s deputy responded. By 11:39 p.m., when her husband and her 19-month-old daughter hadn’t returned home, Terri Horman placed another 9-1-1 call, one classified by dispatchers as a “custody” matter. Kaine Horman wasn’t at the home when either call was placed, sources said. The sheriff’s office has declined to allow the release of the 9-1-1 tapes. “

  18. lizzy says:

    “I really really wanted her to love our little boy.” Twinkletoes, that’s it, I think. My mind shuts down when I even get close to imagining my own little guy in such a situation.

    I’m lost on the the names. Who is Phyllis? Who is MR?

  19. MissMonkey says:

    So BP is not a landscaper. Does this mean we are tossing him aside for now?

    And I must have missed something… who is Phyllis?

    Why wouldn’t this landscaper tell LE when TMH offered up the money for the hit?

    And if this guy was a secret landscaper, wouldn’t Kaine notice his yard was all pretty?

  20. julie says:

    No wonder LE can’t pin anyone down as the perp. Seems like the Horman’s have a long list of people who would have reasons to take revenge on them.

  21. Kleat says:

    About to read your article now, Blink and as I started to read it, the notion as we know well from discussions of the CA case, women/mothers who murder a child, are said to keep the body relatively close to home. This may not be the case here, but the step mother had raised Kyron from days old, would this theory of a 2 mile radius hold true for her, had she killed Kyron? Or there might be other familiar areas that would be ‘home’.

    TH’s lawyer is apparently on the east coast this weekend, and TH likely will not speak to LE without her lawyer present, so does the lawyer know that the child is no longer alive and able to be rescued with some help from his client?

  22. Kleat says:

    Did TH end the conversation with the landscaper quickly because she was under some scrutiny already, or was it because she no longer had the same need to act on her original plan (if any, of course)?

  23. Sage101 says:

    The can has been opened!

    Good job blink and editors!

    Bring Kyron home!!

  24. Muse says:

    “My media contacts are telling me that Houze is shopping imaging and licensing rights to fund his clients representation, should she be charged of any criminal offenses.”

    Sigh. Not again. A page from the Baez-Anthony playbook. Sell your house, sell your car, but please stop making money off of these victimized babies’ beautiful images and using it to fund your defense.

    As to the rest of the latest story, after the initial shock and awe, I’m really not surprised. The pieces are starting to come together.

  25. Malty says:

    Thanks to our Blink
    this new stuff is to much
    So Terri wanted to off Kaine who has a lover and
    she has a lover LOL
    darn these people
    a sweet little boy is lost
    lousey parents both of them!!!

  26. Kleat says:

    Coincidence that Terri Horman was able to neatly step into her husband-to-be’s spouse position when his wife and mother of his little boy baby, took ill with apparent kidney failure? Coincidence for sure… and with a trusting woman bff of TH, enough to step away and let her little boy be raised in a family home with both a mother and father.

  27. Kaylee says:

    Good Lord! I guess I can understand being so angry at a cheating spouse that you would entertain the thought of wanting him dead (despite the pot calling the kettle black aspect). But how could one hurt a child who trusts and loves you? The day of the sunflower picture Terri was teaching a lesson on plants to the class – remember, she was a certificated teacher. My life is just too damned boring to have imagined any of this, for which I’m thankful. I’m off the fence too, that little boy deserved much better people in his life than these losers.

    The waterway and Sauvie Island searches are understandable now given the the landscaper connection. My mom served on a jury many years ago for a Clark County parks employee who placed bodies in Clark County parks. However, the waterway searches have yielded nothing yet. Are there more nefarious characters to come out of the woodwork still?

    One thing that keeps bothering me from Kaine and Desiree’s interviews: Kyron was so timid that he would stay in his bed until you came to get him. I visualized this along side the image of my oldest daughter at two years old, coming out of her room (the first time she slept in a big girl bed) and asking what’s for breakfast. Maybe Kyron’s bed was the only place he felt safe in that f’d up world.

  28. Kaylee says:

    elston says:
    July 4, 2010 at 3:03 pm
    “Huh, whah? So, are you implying that KH had something going on with MR?

    I find this latest development more than a little mind blowing. I can’t think of what this means for Kyron’s chances.”

    When I read this, that’s exactly what I thought too. A few days ago, I told my teenagers (quite critical thinkers) that Kaine reminded me of Tom Cruise. I was thinking along the lines of media control, but my son said “you mean he won’t come out of the closet?”
    Hang on, I am implying nothing of the sort, please take that tidbit I provided at face value, as that is all we know.

  29. Rick Igou says:

    Hello from Tennessee! I’m not sure if this might help or not but, a photo made of Kyron’s science project the day he vanished contained a faint image of a man’s face in the background. I was able to enhance the image somewhat using Photoshop. The two enhanced photos can be seen at:
    Thanks for your fascinating website and come visit mine sometime:
    Rick Igou

  30. Titch says:

    Hey Blink, Something that seems off to me is that when viewing her pics from her April album on Facebook, Kiara’s swim pictures have Coach Adam tagged but not Kaine, yet Kaine is tagged in other pictures where he’s shown with his daughter, etc. The swim pics are adorable, so are the shopping ones. I find it strange that she wouldn;t tag the “cute” ones to daddy. Could she have had her sight set on the coach, also? Only speculating, please don;t throw me outta the car! Below is the link, go through all of the pages. Also, check out her captions for these pictures. There is definitely a VAST DIFFERENCE in how she labels the pics that show Kyron in them. She could have been a great step-mom to him for all intents & purposes but it sure looks to me like maybe she was embarassed of him or something, or as though she wasn;t “as proud” of him as she should have been. Very telling imo.

    Here’s the link:!/album.php?id=1264414625&aid=2059454&s=0&hash=99e22d0b6f7fbc857d3c94daa36b4b23

  31. SJC says:

    I’d love to know all the possible life insurance policies involved. How about Globe Life for children? Financial security is her first motive in life; I can tell that by her relationship history.

  32. Titch says:

    Re my comment at 3:55, here’s the correct link but make sure you login Facebook:

  33. SJC says:

    Kyron might have stayed in bed ’till someone came and got him because getting up once by himself caused him to walk into a scenario that was too scary (not normal). If he stayed until someone came to get him, he knew what that person was doing for sure.

  34. minima says:

    Ah ha, she sent her older son away perhaps to protect her affair (is this comfirmed, blink, that TH was having an affair with mystery landscaper?).

    And, yes, for the first time we have an actual “movtive” theory now, that continues to go along with what we have been speculating all along, that TH manipulates her environment in anyway she can to get her needs met/protect herself, aparently at all cost. This absolutely makes a striking connection with the divorce and RO. No need to further speculate on that one.

    I don’t understand this MR connection, glasses, etc…anyone want to help me out in understanding this?

  35. Malty says:

    I feel anger with this new info
    we have cared so much that Kyron is found
    we have loved his sweet face
    Terri is no mother Self centered life
    and sorry to say Kaine makes me mad also
    everyone watch out for Kyron this weekend
    that poor little kid in a home like Hormans

  36. Mom3.0 says:

    There are thousands of marriages that have broken up over affairs.
    They end in divorce- WHy set up Kaines murder?

    Marriage is always hard work both partners have to be willing to try.

    There are many reasons why married couples have affairs.

    Many couples have worked through cheating.

    We don’t know if Kaine and Terri considered this behavior cheating. Perhaps they had an open relationship-

    The news of the affairs is not the big news- it seems most people were aware of them. What is big news is that Terri is reported to have hired a hitman to kill Kaine.

    She is reported to have told this potential hitman the reason was because Kaine was cheating. Does the fact that she told him this make it true that was the reason?

    This hitman did not go through with it- Why not? Question of ethics?

    Why didn’t he report it? Was it a Question of more money? How much was offered?

    Question of logistics? Couldn’t figure out a way to do it with out getting caught? When/How With what?

    Did Terri give up on the hit? Or did see seek out someone bigger badder cheaper?

    When she propositioned the hitman that refused, did she have a scenario she wanted carried out? Painful? Quick? Gun?

    Did she care if Kaine was killed while the kids were present?
    (Where was the baby that day June 4th?) Was it out of the ordinary for Terri not to have the baby accompany them to Kyron’s school?

    Was the baby always with Terri? She sent her son away… Was she going to send Kyron somewhere safe too?.. Or did it matter to her that Kyron was there and in danger?

    *All speculation/questions of course dependent upon if these allegations of hiring a hitman prove true.

  37. twinkletoes says:

    I think the part about kaine having an affair is coming from what terri told the landscaper as justification for the hit but I think her real justification was something else. probably $$$. and in her sick thinking she wanted to portray herself as a victim so landscape lover dude wouldn’t “think badly” of her. (lol) so I’m not really buying that kaine strayed and she was mad about it. he may have strayed but she probably participated.
    wow. I am disappointed in myself for having so much faith in her love for kyron earlier. she really may be a sociopath. disgusting. where is our sweet little boy?

    I am not ready to make that leap, as ridiculous as it may sound.
    Remember, if true, and I do believe there is some sort of duplicity here, we now have established that she was not willing to launch any sort of plot without help.

  38. Kaylee says:

    “Hang on, I am implying nothing of the sort, please take that tidbit I provided at face value, as that is all we know.

    Not saying that’s what your juxtaposition is implying – it just connected with something floating around in my mind ever since I saw the picture of Kaine’s hand on Terri’s breast in a public place. It’s an interesting display given their troubled marriage. Obviously you all and LE have all kinds of info that I don’t have.

  39. Minnie Penney says:

    Poor little Kyron – he’s such a cutie and sweet little boy. So sad… one thing I recall the very early in the tv coverage – maybe JVM or Nancy Grace – someone put up a diagram of all the sex offenders near Kyron’s home – there were a lot of them. I only recall that graph being shown once – maybe because attention was turning to Terri. The bad part here is if a RSO did grab him no one is following that lead and while only concentrating on Terri – hopefully LE is pursuing all possibilities. If Terri did this her body building fancy must have caused her to fry her brain on steriods. I think Kyron didn’t have much chance with the adults in his family circle – I’m getting very unimpressed with the whole sorry lot of them.

  40. Titch says:

    Blink, saw these & thought you may want (if you don’t have already):




    * Remember that you have to be logged into Facebook to see these pictures. *

  41. FLGirl says:

    Holy Crap! Pardon my french, but that’s my gut reaction!

    So, basically, the idea is that Terri’s boyfriend might have helped in the abduction of Kyron? Blink, I know you believe Terri wouldn’t have hurt that little boy herself, but this news is making me think, more than ever, that she did.

    Even if her husband was having an affair; to attempt to kill him? Flat out crazy; especially since she was apparently carrying on her own affair at the same time? I mean jeez, IF they were both doing this, they were wrong, but how does Terri justify that she’s allowed to screw around on Kaine, but he’s not allowed to do the same thing she is? I find it highly irregular that Terri believes she could have extra-curricular activities, but then decide to go all homicidal when her husband does the same.

    This new information makes me believe more than ever that she was in fact capable of harming Kyron; even killing him, to get back at Kaine. She truly seems unbalanced.

    And while I see the idea of the bf having a white truck; I just can’t see him being the one to kill or take Kyron on his own; especially when he turned down her plea to kill her husband, an adult. I dunno, I just can’t see a bf being ok with hurting a child then.

    I COULD believe that he may have intended to help her kidnap Kyron and hide him somewhere to punish Kaine. But, even that is kind of a stretch for me.

    What I glean most from this new information is: not only is Terri capable of murder, she tried to have it carried out against her own husband; so why not her stepchild? I mean, isn’t that the way to ultimately punish a parent?

    This woman seems certifiable. And the whole lawyer thing, is just as I thought. He’s shopping her around to get paid for whatever she has to say.

    Just wow. What a bombshell to come out this weekend.

    And just as a little disclaimer here; I don’t defend Kaine for having an affair IF he was. But that seems to be in doubt at this point; and she may have just told her bf that is what Kaine was doing, in order to convince him to kill Kaine.

    Granted everyone involved is looking really bad at this point (well except the Youngs), but this only proves to me that not only is Terri capable of harboring murderous intent; but that she was willing to coerce someone else to do it on her behalf.

  42. minima says:

    I think there are many reasons why landscaper would not come forward, obvious reason would be that he was having an affair with her. Or he dimissed it, I think a lot of people might do this. Or, he has a record, or is against athority, didn’t think it was any of his business, didn’t think she’d go through with it, and has a general “don’t go to the cops” mentality.

    And YES, who is phyllis and MR???

    This makes me so sick. Bringing up the “bed” issue, “Kaylee,” I am just pissed. I look at those pictures of that boy. And while he smiling at looking happy he is always in “stop motion” like he’s trying to be that perfect little guy. To me I see a little bit of a yearing in his eyes, as though there’s just not the emotional availability that he needs and he’s always trying to be cute and perfect. Trying to gain positive attention and affections. The fact that he stays in his bed until they get him indicates to me that is in a VERY emotionally unstable environment. Yes, it could be the glasses, but I am sure he was able to put those on. To me it says that he wasn’t comfortable in his own home. So sad. I am quickly going from being sad and confused to just angry! How selfish can people be?! I have a very timid child, but at home he’s comfortable and happy and silly and loud. I don’t fault DY at all but working with children that are victims of DV it’s not so easy to make a switch from being timid in one environment to being totally secure in the next. But looking at the pics, I did see a little difference, what do you want to bet he always got louder at the end of his visits with DY? Probably because he felt more emotionally safe.

    Ugh, well that was a rant! But I have worked with many, many children from dysfunctional homes and I saw those pictures a lot differently than others. Doesn’t mean that I am right…I just have a mamabear angry response thinking that a wee little one would feel uncomfortable in his own home. And to think that it’s a remote possibility that she hurt him to save her freaking self? ARGH!

  43. FLGirl says:

    just wondering says:
    July 4, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    When will the law disallow the selling of pictures etc for the benefit of a criminal? I think any monies that are paid for pictures and the like should go to organizations that assist in the locating/return or other assistance of victims.


    Well, I’m no expert for sure. But, I believe she’s able to sell her “story” to the highest bidder, until/unless she is convicted in a court of law. She’s technically not a convicted criminal — yet — so I don’t think that applies to her ability to make money off this situation.

    Although it IS extremely skeevy.

  44. FLGirl says:

    Ugh. The more I think about this, I still think that while the landscaper bf MAY have helped in some way, I just gotta go back to the idea that Terri did this.

    I mean, the landscaper would still be a stranger to Kyron I would think, so I can’t really see him going with this stranger. And considering that the landscaper came forward and has been cooperating with police, I’m going to have to guess he’s likely innocent of the most dastardly part of this situation.

    Sure he could have maybe helped her get Kyron out to the truck somehow, but I really can’t see charges NOT having been filed, if he had a firsthand account of where Kyron is or what happened to him. So, just my guess only, but I believe he may not be privy to anything that happened to Kyron; he just came forward because he believes she truly did something.

    I could be wrong, but this is my gut feeling at the time.

    Again, wow.

  45. FLGirl says:

    I’m sorry this is like my 4th comment in a row, but I am just floored.

    I’ve thought Terri guilty since the beginning of this, but at the same time I tried to hold-out hope that it might have been an accident or heat of the moment, or maybe somehow she really didn’t do this.

    Even though I always suspected, I never wanted her to actually be capable of doing such a horrendous thing to her own stepson; but now, I just have no doubts.

  46. julie says:

    I really don’t want to add any disinformation or speculation adding to this nightmare for frogman Kyron. I’m wondering though, Blink, if there is a possibility of an infectious disease being in the mix with regards to one of the many possible motives.

  47. melissab says:

    What if landscaper is a jilted lover (TH) who retaliated against TH? He is known to everyone around the school and could’ve been there that day. What if LS guy made up the story about the hit? Did he come forward about the affair on his own after LE checked him out for working at the Horman home or did TH tell LE about the affair? Does anyone know?

    He did not come forward, he was identified through investigative means.
    I am very concerned about this association, and the timeliness of this leak.

    Also, how does one get an emergency custody order based on an unverified witness statement?

    They Don’t. There has to be more. If they could prove the accurracy of the Landscapers statemnents, she would be arrested on a solicitation charge.

  48. the queen says:

    i live in PDX and am so angry and about all of this i cannot express it. i just have two quick questions. are we sure that kaine was having an affair and was it with his buddy from work? are we sure that the landscaper that came forward was a lover of SM’s? i’m confused at all the players, maybe someone that’s not confused could compose a playlist of who’s who? i pray every day that this sweet boy is found. i didn’t hear the part about his being so timid he would stay in his bed until someone came to get him. that is sad.

    **and minima, now that you mention it, i have taken a better look at all his pix and he does seem to be overcompensating. i had originally thought that wow, what a happy boy, he’s always doing something active and happy doing it, but now i’m not so sure.

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