Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered Sources: Terri Horman Hired Landscape Lover

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Portland, OR- Like a Roman Candle will light up the sky in most of our neighborhoods today, the Portland Community is aflame with this mornings breaking developments.

As reportedly leaked to The Oregonian, one of two media outlets booted from the recent press conference hosted by Kaine Horman, Desiree and Tony Young,  sources say Terri Horman, step-mom to missing 7 year old Kyron Horman, attempted to hire her landscape lover to murder her husband, Kaine Horman.


Last Saturday, June 26, Multnomah County Detectives advised Kaine Horman that his wife had hired a landscaper without his knowledge, and the expert in landscape services admitted he was offered a large sum of money by Terri Horman to off Kaine, allegedly after discovering his affair with a colleague.


Remniscient of the blockbuster black comedy hit FARGO, MCSO detectives attempted to ensnare Terri Horman into a conversation about the murder for hire plot with the cooperating landscaper and an undercover officer, but Horman ended the conversation quickly.

While Terri Horman was undergoing her second polygraph on that Saturday afternoon, detectives informed Kaine Horman of the confirmed finding, and advised him to remove himself and the couples 18 month old daughter from the marital residence. Within 48 hours  Horman filed for divorce and an emergency restraining order which was granted and subsequently sealed to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Sources speaking to blinkoncrime on the condition of anonymity, have confirmed that the landscaper, whose identity is being withheld as he is a material witness in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman, met Terri Horman on the grounds of Skyline School.


Skyline Schools Garden and Habitat  Project kicked off Last August, and it was not unusual to see white landscaper trucks in the parking lot, although it is not known if the landscaper witness is involved in the project.

The project, funded by a grant from West Multnomah Soil &Water Conservation District, is one of many funded in part by WMSWCD.  Recently, on Sauvie Island, the focus of the intensive search efforts, the “Healthy Streams” initiative kicked off.

The objective on Sauvie Island agricultural land is to reduce invasive plant species and tillage directly adjacent to waterways, which may contribute to erosion and sedimentation. WMSWCD will pay to install and maintain non-invasive herbaceous buffers, or woody plants if consistent with canal maintenance needs. These should be easier for farmers to maintain, better protect livestock drinking water, irrigation and drainage canals, and offer pollinator habitat.

On Friday afternoon, following a Thursday plea from Kyron’s Mom, Desiree Young for Terri Horman to cooperate fully with investigators to bring Kyron home, Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton attempted to repair the riff caused by Kaine Horman’s abrupt “off the record” rules to the press which was not disclosed until arrival.

“..There have been 2,877 valid leads and about 60 percent of them have been covered. Each lead takes detectives in a new direction, making it difficult to pursue the remaining leads faster, he said.
“Everyone is a person of interest,” Staton said in response to questions about any specific individuals…” attempted to reach Terri Horman attorney Stephen Houze for a comment on the latest rumors surrounding his client, but was told he is unreachable on the East coast. My media contacts are telling me that Houze is shopping imaging and licensing rights to fund his clients representation, should she be charged of any criminal offenses.  Terri Horman has neither been charged in Kyron’s disappearance nor the alleged attempt to contract for her husbands death. Editorial Analysis

It cannot be a ko ink y dink that this information was leaked to the largest paper in the state, following the snuff by Kaine Horman.  The landscaper lover was well known amongst us media folks, but not the plot part.

Where is started to go cattywampus for me was where we see the new John Deere tractor aquired by the Horman’s recently, would seem somewhat unnecessary if they had contracted a landscaper/lawn service.

Another oddity which could be completely unrelated, stays with me.

Intel colleague and Horman family friend Michael G. Roten, was arrested  last August on suspicion of menacing charges in Clackamas County the day after an Intel bag with a Sony computer, prescription Gucci glasses was taken from a vehicle on Country Club Rd.  It is not known if the 2 incidents are related. Roten posted on Terri Horman’s facebook offering any help they could, a few days after Kyron’s disappearance was made public.

Check back to for continuing updates.

Madeline Tanner,, contributing editor

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  1. cuddlesmcgavin says:

    I hadn’t looked at the BDSM photo til just now..alittle more than just being in drag wow. If this is him i don’t blame him for not wanting it to come out but this is different, his son is missing & may be dead & trumps everything else or it should.

    I’m not suprised that Terri got suspicious of the LS calling on her when everyone is looking her way but she hasn’t said ANYTHING publicly from Day 1 of Kyron’s disappearence so i don’t feel like she will ever admit what she has done to Kyron or tell where he is unless her mother & father can convince her to come clean.

    I hope they atleast try.

  2. Word Girl says:

    Snark Alert, kids.

    CW Jensen, the Portland cop who has had his share of controversy, has served as PPD spokesman, and has had roles on Cops seems to make a suggestion:

    “I think that this case is destined to be a made-for-TV movie,” Jensen said. “It is one of the strangest cases that I’ve seen in 30 years.”

    Intrigue, yes. Opportunistic on the back of a 7-year-old boy, no. And Hell to the no.

    Count On it Word Girl. You think a damn thing was learned by the $200K payout to Casey Anthony?

    Yes, it was, don’t get caught.

  3. Maggy says:

    Forgive me if this is old news-just joined this forum. I know everyone already knows about the child molestation charges but didn’t know if you were aware of the others

    The 2006 Case is a Dissolution of Marriage Petition

    The 2008 case is for an Order of Protection
    Court: King Co Superior Ct
    Case Number: 08-2-00868-1
    Sub Docket Date Docket Code Docket Description Misc Info
    1 10-27-2008 PET ORD FOR PROTECTION Pet Ord For Protection
    LOCS Case Information Cover Sheet
    Original Location – Seattle
    3 10-27-2008 TEMP ORD FOR PROTECTION
    EXP0001 Temp Ord For Protection /issd
    Ex-parte, Dept 11-10-2008FM
    FAM0001 Ord Reissuing Temp Prot Ord/issd
    Family Law, Dept 1 12-01-2008FM
    5 11-10-2008 RETURN OF SERVICE Return Of Service
    6 11-10-2008 NOTICE OF APPEARANCE Notice Of Appearance /rsp
    ACTION Hearing Continued: Unspecified
    Temp Ord For Prot 12-01-2008
    FAM0001 Family Law, Dept 1
    8 11-26-2008 ANSWER Answer Of Respondent
    9 12-01-2008 ORD REISSUING TEMP PROTECTION ORDER Ord Reissuing Temp Protection Order
    /issued 02-02-2009FM
    FAM0001 Family Law, Dept 1
    10 12-01-2008 MOTION HEARING
    FAM0001 Motion Hearing
    Family Law, Dept 1 02-02-2009
    - 12-01-2008 AUDIO LOG Audio Log Dr278
    11 02-02-2009 ORD FOR PROTECTION
    FAM0001 Ord For Protection/issd
    Family Law, Dept 1
    12 02-02-2009 MOTION HEARING
    FAM0001 Motion Hearing
    Family Law, Dept 1
    - 02-02-2009 AUDIO LOG Audio Log Dr275
    13 02-11-2010 PET ORD FOR PROTECTION Pet Ord For Protection/renewal
    14 02-11-2010 TEMP ORD FOR PROTECTION
    EXP0001 Temp Ord For Protection/issd
    Ex-parte, Dept 02-25-2010FM
    15 02-25-2010 ORD REISSUING TEMP PROTECTION ORDER Ord Reissuing Temp Protection Order
    /issd 03-18-2010FM
    FAM0001 Family Law, Dept 1
    15A 02-25-2010 MOTION HEARING
    FAM0001 Motion Hearing
    Family Law, Dept 1
    02-25-2010 AUDIO LOG Audio Log Dr 278
    16 02-26-2010 RETURN OF SERVICE Return Of Service/not Served
    17 03-03-2010 RETURN OF SERVICE Return Of Service
    18 03-18-2010 MOTION HEARING
    FAM0001 Motion Hearing
    Family Law, Dept 1
    FAM0001 Ord Reissuing Temp Prot Order/issd
    Family Law, Dept 1 04-23-2010FM
    20 03-18-2010 ORDER RE: SERVICE
    FAM0001 Order Re: Service
    Family Law, Dept 1
    21 04-15-2010 RETURN OF SERVICE Return Of Service
    FAM0001 Order For Prot-renewal/reissu/issd
    Family Law, Dept 1
    23 04-23-2010 MOTION HEARING
    FAM0001 Motion Hearing
    Family Law, Dept 1
    - 04-23-2010 AUDIO LOG Audio Log Dr W-275

    This is the child molestation case
    06-16-2010 FINDINGS OF FACT&CONCLUSIONS OF LAW Findings Of Fact&conclusions Of Law
    Guilty Of 3rd Deg Child Molestation
    Upon Stipulated Bench Trial: Dfdt

  4. NancyS says:

    Nancy- with much respect, I can’t post that.

    I have seen cases where the charts were egregiously wrong, case in point a 9 month old baby they said was murdered by one or both of her parents. She was found alive.

    I know you understand.

  5. Maggy says:

    These are cases in Washingon state and might be related to Terri Horman. Does anyone have a way of checking these out in more detail.? I am able to get details on some of the cases but not all of them

    Horman, Terri Lm
    Defendant Clark County Dist 5614254 06-09-2008
    Clark county is a hop skip and a jump from Portland

    Moulton, Terry
    Defendant Spokane Superior 80-2-04011-6 11-03-1980

    Moulton, Terry Lee
    Defendant E. Klickitat Distric C00016593 10-10-2008

    Moulton, Theresa
    Defendant Thurston Superior 91-2-00058-9 01-07-1991
    This was an eviction case

    Moulton, Teresa Lee
    Defendant Clallam County Dist I06229822 04-27-2010

  6. AndreasMom says:

    As a Mother that lost her child to brutal murder, now watching this horrifying travesty unfold, watching the story….

    Terri Horman has done harm to this boy.

    This is my opinion only, the boy is gone.

    I know body language, I know what grief looks like, feels like and smells like. The step mom is not feeling one single moment of grief.

    She is feeling fear right now. Fear for herself.

  7. Word Girl says:

    Geaux, Geaux,
    Thanks for that suggestion/information that TH emailed her question to the teacher.
    I agree. Terri could have emailed her question from her phone about the project pickup time. She also could have uploaded the Facebook Science Fair photo from her phone at 1:20pm. She didn’t have to be at home (oh, how i’ve wanted to scream this all month!)

    Even though we don’t have confirmation, this is very plausible given our techno-age.

  8. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    If I recall correctly, there’s been mention of some of the students or maybe other parents posting about TH and a flirtation? Does anyone have a link to that? I want to check out some possible landscape info. Thanks!

  9. I Care says:

    You know, every time (and there were quite a few times) someone mentions the talent show…and every time (and there were quite a few) someone mentions did they check the school good, I kind of shake my head. But you know, when so many people ask the same questions, maybe there is something to it. Today I just thought…if I was a shy kid that really didn’t like participating….I might hide before I’d get up on that stage. Especially if I had a speaking part on my own. Even a little one. This isn’t the conclusion I have had in my head all along and I am sure there would be tell-tale signs if that were the case. Chances are the fbi and le have enough evidence to know that didn’t happen. But it is a thought.
    Also, particularly on other forums…the family is being raked over the coals for being so dysfunctional and screwed up. That is true. But if being married several times and shifting kids around makes someone dysfunctional and screwed up…well in my neighborhood, every other household is dysfunctional and screwed up. It just seems to me other than the major things…like murder for hire and stuff like that I hate to see them criticized at such a horrible time.
    More than anything in this story, I want Kyron home safe. I would wait years for his safe return over finding him dead now. I wake up every morning and hope that some “hero” walks into the police station holding his little hand. And what a hero that would be.
    I read with interest the theories of writers on this blog. Some are nuts and some have some true value and could very well be a likely event. I think we all want to know why. Why did this happen to this little boy. But probably our first question should be where is Kyron.

  10. Word Girl says:

    kudos to you, too. I just noticed I was chewing off a nail big time when I read your post! :P
    It’s weird living on the west coast, too. A lot of the east coast cases I’ve followed made it look like I stayed up all night (well, true confessions?)
    And now, you have the reverse.

    julie, i am still very uneasy about the Puma la connection. Obviously the LS wouldn’t do it himself if he intended to still be in relationship (or she suggested they would still be in relationship) with TH.
    Subcontract that hard stuff, definitely.

  11. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @AndreasMom: I am so, so sorry for you. Giant hugs to you.

  12. julie says:

    Hey Blink,

    I just looked at BP’s my space page again, making sure I got the dates right. Was that semi auto rifle there before. I may have missed it before but it seems kinda hard to miss. It’s on the upper left of the page. Scary.

    Yep. Has always been there.

  13. Eloise says:

    Kaylee says:
    July 6, 2010 at 12:25 am
    Eloise, the dominatrix is located in New York. I don’t think this picture has anything to do with the Hormans. Some websites will attach a trending topic to their site name to get hits to their site. They knew people would be searching Terri Horman and might hit their URL by accident.

    Yeah, I saw that, but who knows if he’s been there? Anyway, all I looked up was Madam Nicole. So I am confused as to what you mean about websites and hits etc. It must be late!

    It is a Tag thing, not related.

  14. zeus says:

    20 Andy says:
    July 5, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    If the landscaper refused to kill Kaine, he would also refuse to become a “baby killer.”

    The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

    Unless he made it up to account for a failed polly.

    So then we might be looking at: LE hauls in LS guy because of potential connection in the disappearance of Kyron per TH cell phone contacts..LS guy is questioned, probably extensively..LS guy gets pollied..LS guy fails polly..LS guy quickly thinks up the MFH scenario by Terri against Kaine..LS guy agrees to be in on set up of Terri by investigators as a CYA measure..that set up arrest can be made because TH stops the conversation short..TH hires high powered attorney……

    So I guess what I’m getting out of all this is that there may not have ever been a MFH plot to begin with, but that LS is potentially in on the disappearance of Kyron. After all the questioning by LE, he was desperately attempting to keep his head above water and the only thing he could think to say that would push TH into the spotlight and keep him in the background is the MFH idea.

    Blink, do you now feel that TH has had a more direct role in what happened to Kyron, and is no longer a semi innocent bystander?

    I feel very strongly we are going to hear a “I said it in anger, I never thought he would go through with it..” excuse. I cannot decide if I think they co-conspired and something went wrong, or LS took matters into his own hands. Given her 911 call, I am leaning towards #2.

    I have always said I believed it was a lifestyle choice that was the catalyst for what happened to Kyron, so there is no such thing as semi-innocense when it ends with harm to a child in any capacity.

    I just plead with the Heavens to make someone do the right damn thing now.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much smarter criminals seem to think they are than reasonable, compassioned people. Someone took and likely harmed a child. There is no doubt in my mind Kyron will be found.

    My biggest fear at this point is that someone may attempt to harm themselves or another.

  15. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Minima: re: “Lastly, most of us firmly believe TH set the whole school thing up and took Kyron herself? I sure do, but am I projecting here? I just have to agree with FLgirl and Jackie on that one for sure. I just can’t see it any other way…”

    Lots of ideas bandied about re: who got Kyron out of the school, but jmo the most plausible ones I’ve read indicate SM. There’s a compelling step-by-step proposed of how TH did it, written by a detective on another site, and it was definitely the most well-thought-out I’ve seen based on facts known to us and ones logically surmised.

    To many of us (with a few notable exceptions, and TH posting on this site would be one of them ;) ) SMs behavior and body language from the beginning were suspect, but hey, lots of different people in the world, so I reserved judgment. Then the FB postings, then the cell phone pings. Add in the press conferences, the flyer, LE’s assertion that there was no danger to the community, and a few other things, and starting to look like SM is it. Throw in a murder-for-hire plot and a possibly torrid romance with the landscaper, and I am thinking sociopath SM. If Kaine was so horrible as to be worthy of a hitman, TH sure was faking it well. Check out the pictures taken in April. “Well, honey, I can’t find anybody to murder you yet, so at least I’m going to kick your ass at mini-golf.” I mean, she’s really got to fake it well, and if she can fake it like that for Kaine, she could fake it like that for Kyron. And yes, I believe that if she emailed the school, it was for the two reasons cited by GeauxGeaux which are, to quote from My Cousin Vinnie, “dead on, balls accurate” mho.

    For those of us who’ve seen a sociopath in action, we know how fooled people can be by them. Good people. Psychologists, LE, etc. Fooled. And Murder-for-Hire just screams “SOCIOPATH! TODO LOCO HERE” to me. And poor Kyron.

  16. oneilgirl75 says:

    @42.Word Girl says:
    July 6, 2010 at 12:45 am

    Good point about the email and photo!

  17. Karen says:

    I’ve been so hopeful that LE will find Ky, but this case only gets more and more complicated. No wonder Ky waited for someone to get him out of bed in the morning. With the things that were presumably going on in the house during the day, he was probably told to stay in his room until he was told it was okay to come out. If only it could be that he will, by some miracle, be found alive, I agree with Sean – I do hope Desiree gets full custody of him. The poor kid needs to be nurtured in a stable environment. I think Desiree has only wanted what seemed best for Kyron all along. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the ability to forsee the future, so we must choose what we believe at the time to be the best option.

    I don’t see LS abducting Ky for money. He didn’t lose any money in the MFH scheme as it was never carried out. Perhaps LS didn’t go to authorities at the time because 1.) if he refused TH’s offer, he was convinced he had talked sense into her and maybe didn’t really take her seriously to begin with or 2.) he’s a professional hitman, but didn’t carry out the deed because TH couldn’t produce any money up front. Could have been end of relationship when he realized TH was only interested in him to “off” husband?

    No matter what her other indiscretions, I couldn’t see TH willfully harming Ky. Knowing her marriage was deteriorating, she may have been afraid of losing Ky because he isn’t her bio child. She may have believed she would have a good chance of retaining custody of Ky if KH died “accidently.” When that plot backfired, she may have decided to stage Ky’s kidnapping, sending him away with a third party. If that’s what occurred, it’s interesting to note that KH ended up taking Kiara. Touche?

    BTW: I wonder if LS was also doing landscaping job for GM Fuhrer? Could that have been his white truck parked in her driveway?

    I really don’t want to think about other possibilities. Blink, I know you have more information than we do and have experience with these type of cases, but I hope you are wrong this time.

  18. Domsmom says:

    17.TR says:
    July 5, 2010 at 10:20 pm
    No matter how you view the situation–a child died for adult reasons. It sickens me.Like many others here–I am deeply affected by this little guy’s story and I hate to think how it will end. I don’t want to know the details….if I were his mother–I don’t think I could go on.
    I think it’s a beautiful thing that there are people like Blink and her posters/readers who genuinely care and see children as a valuable resource to be cared for and protected. Anyways, I understand your feelings.


    TR, I think we had an unfortunate misunderstanding. I am very affected by this whole situation. I only apologize that didn’t seem to come across to you, however, that’s not really my objective.

    Regardless, my objective is to learn more and if I do learn something seemingly important, I will call it in, as I have done so once already. I sincerely hope this boy will be found, one way or another, because his loved ones deserve closure and justice.


    I just read the most recent posting, thanks Blink for your work.

  19. Enquirer says:

    This landscaper twist certainly has the distinct aroma of a failed polygraph. I dont for a second believe that our green thumbed friend took Kyron himself, but I do suspect that he knows who did and is in it up to his eyeballs.

    He fails a poly, turns up at Terris front door out of the blue with his ‘go to guy’, Terri knows the jig is up (the timing is too obvious) and clams shut. The perfect way to avoid a tell all confrontation with Terri infront of LE. THis was him thinking on his feet.

    I hate to criticise LE for a number of reasons, but I do feel that this attempted entrapment was a shocker…… although if it were due to desperation then they can be forgiven.

    I dont know if ‘ransom’ is where my chips are sitting, but revenge could certainly be a safer bet. I dont believe there is a sexual motive involved here – if it was, I would believe that it was very secondary and opportunist.

  20. FLGirl says:

    lyla says:
    July 5, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    Could someone clue me in on Kyron’s glasses. Were they supposedly found along with a note? Or speculation,rumor? I keep hearing about his glasses throughout these posts..where’s the original post thread.
    Thanks all!

    Glasses thing is just a rumor right now. The speculation came from the pair that LE used to demonstrate what Kyron was wearing the morning he disappeared. It seems, to those who have seen close-up pics (I haven’t), that some of the writing and whatnot on the glasses was worn-off; leading one to belief the pair was not a new replica, like the rest of the clothes were; but rather were Kyron’s actual glasses.

    There’s been speculation both that police found them on their initial searches, or that someone has Kyron and was mailing them to the family in some sort of ransom plot. To this point though, I dont think any of that is confirmed; just speculation.

  21. kyrasmommy says:

    why was the landscaper demanding to be paid 10K…hubby was never harmed

    Easy to cofess to a crime you never committed, no?

  22. Lillian says:


    I’m sure LE has gone over each and every person on TH Facebook with a fine tooth comb. That said, have you heard of Stephen Franklin “Craig” Guido?

    I’m not sure if “Cheryln” is his wife, as I can’t find that name associated with him. They are mentioned together on TH Facebook. TH calls “Cheryln” her “laison” in Roseburg in respect to Kyron’s flyers. A day or so before June 4, “Craig” mentions to Terri that he’s heard from “Cheryln” that she’s (TH) coming “up” to visit.

    I did some limited researched into the Guido’s. “Craig” Guido born March 1970, has a current address in Roseburg, OR, which serves as his residence and his business address. I’m wondering if he and/or Cheryln went to Roseburg High with TH. He is the owner and sole proprietor of “Craig Guido Construction”. Now that raised my eyebrow a bit. What really raised both of them was the fact that his current address my be in Tempe, Arizona.

  23. retro says:

    I’ve just seen this so delete if you’ve got it already….

    Kyron Horman’s father, biological mother and stepfather answered several questions on Monday, about the investigation surrounding Kyron’s disappearance.

  24. CamJam says:

    I just read the Family Q & A via email link that retro provided which help answer a few questions, however, other questions we all have are not answered.

    I wished they had asked Kaine if he knew Terri was taking Kyron to school that day and not take the school bus as he usually did? If yes, did Kaine know who was going to watch Kiara or did Terri take her along to take Kyron to school on that day?

    Keep up the awesome work Blink!

  25. melissab says:

    Blink, was TH driving the ‘Stang or the wh. truck on the day of the SF? I know the Skyline flyer sent home wants us to believe she may have driven it that day or were they implying she may have been w/LS. If she was driving her car and LS owned a white truck/worked out of one then Kyron could’ve been seen getting in LS guy’s truck rather than the Horman owned one.

  26. Smithy says:

    @Jackie B
    please give us the link?

    Lots of ideas bandied about re: who got Kyron out of the school, but jmo the most plausible ones I’ve read indicate SM. There’s a compelling step-by-step proposed of how TH did it, written by a detective on another site, and it was definitely the most well-thought-out I’ve seen based on facts known to us and ones logically surmised

  27. Eponymous says:

    Dear Blink,

    Long-time lurker; first-time poster. Am new to your site. Have been following this case here, and a huge thank you for your tireless work on Kyron’s behalf. As a teacher and mother of a young child, I cannot even begin to comprehend how someone could hurt a child through harsh words, let alone sinister and evil actions.

    I have been avidly reading each post on this case as it appears, and I find that each one triggers more questions in my mind. In particular, I’ve been “humm”-ing a lot (like many here) over various Internet postings, pages, files. I understand that many of these are not verified, and many also remain unexplained or “tangential” — for very good reason, I’m sure. But may I ask/comment on a few things? I absolutely understand if one or all of the below are not appropriate, or the time has not yet come — or most probably, they’re simply not relevant. Please edit/delete this post, if so: no hard feelings! And of course, all of the following is strictly my own conjecture.

    1. Don’t have any first-hand knowledge of “alternate” lifestyles, but can well imagine that it puts a tremendous strain on both a professional career and a family, esp. if one is trying to maintain an active “play” life. Challenging even if one were single, I would think, but if one were also trying to shield all or even just part of one’s immediate family from any knowledge of it, that would be especially stressful on the whole family. (Especially as kids aged, and were aware of more. In my opinion, this alone could potentially explain several facts and/or conjectures about this case, including the “controlling” demeanor so many people have noted.)

    2. I too wonder, along with many here, if KH and TH might have met through such an alternate community. Even if that had been the case, it could have also been that the full extent of any play really was a “surprise” to TH. But who knows; perhaps TH’s intense knowledge of the limits of human endurance was initially, or always, part of any such hypothetical scenario. I also get the weird feeling that these animal monikers and expressions (including those used by some posters, on this and other sites), is deliberate in this regard. Anyhow, @Eloise: I’m with you; given all the conjecture in this direction, it does make one wonder if established ground rules were bent or broken, or drifted over time.

    3. Also @ Eloise (and Ginger): Yes, my thoughts were running in similar directions. Could that strange image bank be a highly select catalog of images, culled from Internet records (Google searches, for example), from someone’s PC? Leaked in a deliberate way? It also strikes me that perhaps one or more of these images would be candidates for use in blackmail. It seems feasible, in this crazy case, that there were perhaps previous (pre-disappearance) substantiated instances of, or attempts at, blackmail — that too would contribute to the aforementioned “controlling” demeanor.

    Is this what your thoughts run to, Blink? And is there any potential Germany connection? I see isolated dots, but it could well just be my overheated mind, boggling at each new detail, trying to make any connection work. I feel like I’m trapped in the crazy universe of The Crying of Lot 49.

    5. One last minor question: What’s the deal with the “proud parent” designator on so many MySpace pages? I don’t use this social media platform, so I don’t know: Is “Proud Parent” an option from a pull-down menu? Is it a widespread expression of choice among parents wishing to keep their children’s IDs private? I dunno, but at the very least, it’s eerie. I just hope it’s not also sinister irony.

    Thanks again, Blink, for fighting the good fight.

    - Eponymous

  28. Eponymous says:

    Oops; meant “new to *posting* on your site”! – E

  29. NancyS says:

    Hi Blink,
    YES I do understand that you CANNOT post that information, I was just passing it on as of the date it was done and I do believe that is where we are headed on this one…. such a shame…

  30. Maggy says:

    Many had questions about Kaine’s activities on the day Kyron went missing. Here are his responses to media questions and as poste don the katuw website

    When is the last time Kaine saw Kyron?
    I last saw him at about 7:45 am. He was coming back to the house after feeding our cat (Bootsie) and I was heading out to the car to head into the office. I walked over to him, told him I was extremely proud of him for the effort he put into his red-eyed tree frog project, and for him to have a great and fun day at the science fair. We talked about maybe going for a special treat and playing the Wii after school, and then I said “I love you”. He said “I love you too, Dad”, at which point we hugged, and then he went into the house as I got into the car and left. While I have not seen him since, that moment in time is still etched in my mind as if it just happened and is a constant reminder of the joy of having him as a son.

    Was Kaine working from home the day Kyron went missing? If so, when did Terri get home from the school?
    No, I was in the office that day until about 1:45 and arrived back home a little after 2pm. Terri was already in the house, on her laptop, when I arrived. I kissed Kiara, grabbed some food, and worked from my home office until about 3:30 at which time I put shoes on Kiara and we started walking down toward the bus stop.

  31. Maggy says:

    Now I am confused. From the katu website…
    “Meanwhile, a landscaper recently hired by the Hormans said he was contacted by detectives and cooperated with the investigation. He said he just did landscaping for the family.

    Police have confirmed a report that Terri Horman tried to pay another as yet unnamed landscaper to kill her husband, Kaine Horman, in 2009. That landscaper reportedly contacted police after the alleged murder for hire offer.”

    So she tried to hire TWO different landscapers to have her husband killed?

  32. annetteaa1 says:


    Q. I read somewhere that TH’s attorney is an old school friend of Kaines, do you know if this is true?


  33. Gerta says:

    July 6, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Nice post. I can tell you that the “Proud Parent” listing on MySpace is just a canned option. There are a few others to choose from: Don’t like kids, Love kids but not for me, Undecided, Expecting, Someday, and No Answer.

  34. blue says:

    Do you think it’s possible landscaper guy made up the murder-for-hire plot to cover up his involvement in Kyron’s disappearance? If LE was looking at landscaper guy, it would, at least superficially, behoove him to admit to a lesser crime, a murder-for-hire that was never carried out, than to implicate himself in a crime he knew had been carried out, the abduction and murder of an innocent child.

  35. snapoutofit says:

    Local news is stating that “Kyron’s Family had scheduled a meeting with the media” today but cancelled it. The local news is trying to keep our attention on the speculation that something will break this week.

  36. oneilgirl75 says:

    I feel very strongly we are going to hear a “I said it in anger, I never thought he would go through with it..” excuse. I cannot decide if I think they co-conspired and something went wrong, or LS took matters into his own hands. Given her 911 call, I am leaning towards #2.

    With that being said do you think he got Kyron out of school then?

  37. Meg says:

    I want to thank you for this site and for the amount of work you do to keep us all updated on the latest about Kyron. I do get the speculation that this allegedly started with Terri, then to the LS, then to a third person but I cannot wrap my head around WHY. I pray for this little boy daily hoping someone will finally fess up so he can be brought home, either way. I know lots do but no parent should ever have to go thru life never knowing what happened to their child. May God bless him where ever he is.

  38. snapoutofit says:

    I do because Terri may have met LS (hardscaper) at the school project Garden & Habitat project that Blink posted on this forum. Which could explain why LS could have been in the school without any alarm to other people there – he was not a stranger – he was familiar to others having been working there on that project.

  39. Pickle says:

    SO WHICH IS IT ???


    “We talked about maybe going for a special treat and playing the Wii after school, and then I said. ‘I love you.’” (kaine horman)



    Desiree Young also revealed that the day her son disappeared, his stepmother was supposed to drive him to Eugene to turn him over to his mother and stepfather to spend the weekend in Medford.

  40. Lori D says:

    I just read a very believable comment on one of the news sites that was written by someone who claimed to be a parent at Kyrons school. In the post she claimed that Terri wasn’t a volunteer at the school, and that the women who do volunteer on a regular basis never even heard of her until after June 4th.

    My question.. Where did the info come from that said Terri volunteered at the school? Was that legit or did that come from her friend?

  41. Smithy says:

    From Wikipedia:
    (seriously, who would name their kid Cain, Kaine etc? Seems pretty cursed from the get-go.)

    In the Hebrew Bible, Cain and Abel (Hebrew: קין ,הבל, Hevel, Qayin)[1] are two sons of Adam and Eve. The Qur’an also contains this story, with the names Qabil and Habil.[2]

    In the Greek New Testament, Cain is referred to as εκ του πονηρου. [3] In at least one translation this is rendered “from the evil one”[4], while others have “of the evil one.”[5] Some interpreters take this to mean that Cain was literally the son of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. A parallel idea can be found in Jewish tradition,[6] that the serpent (Hebrew nahash נחש) from the Garden of Eden was father to firstborn Cain.

    In all versions, Cain is a crop farmer and his younger brother Abel is a shepherd.[7] Cain is portrayed as sinful, committing the first murder by killing his brother,[8] after God[9] has rejected his offerings of produce but accepted the animal sacrifices brought by Abel.[10]

    The oldest known copy of the Biblical narration is from the 1st century Dead Sea Scrolls.[11][12] Cain and Abel also appear in a number of other texts,[13] and the story is the subject of various interpretations.[14] Abel, the first murder victim, is sometimes seen as the first martyr;[15] while Cain, the first murderer, is sometimes seen as an ancestor of evil.[16]

    Allusions to Cain and Abel as an archetype of fratricide persist in numerous references and retellings, through medieval art and Shakespearean works up to present day fiction.

  42. ode says:

    Jeff D says:
    July 5, 2010 at 9:31 pm
    Eloise says:
    July 5, 2010 at 8:48 pm
    I would like to know why this guy repeatedly stated this on TH’s fb wall.
    Jesse Mittendorf
    nothin runs like a DEERE!!!
    >Was JM (here) posting that message?…Trying to be clear on that…:)
    >Can anyone remind me where Roseburg has come up in this twisted timeline
    ROSEBURG, Ore. – Police arrested an elementary school teacher Sunday, charging him of 500 criminal counts stemming from child porn officers said they found on his computer.
    Steven Derlacki, 28, of Roseburg was arrested Sunday afternoon. The arrests came after a July 4 tip police received that Derlacki may have files containing child pornography on his laptop computer


  43. Annals says:

    Pickle says:
    July 7, 2010 at 12:47 am
    SO WHICH IS IT ???

    In reference to this previous post/question; OK, I’ll bite.

    My guess is, Both.

    I believe that it may very well have been the Young’ weekend with Kyron AND that Kaine thought that Kyron would be staying in Portland.

    In this situation, it might go something like this:
    Wife says to husband; “Oh with all the busyness yesterday, I forgot to tell you. Biomom called and asked whether we could switch visitation weekends and I consented. Friday will be such a busy day for us anyhow. I just thought that’d be better for us too.” EXCEPT THAT, Biomom didn’t call; didn’t make that request.

    Having personally delt with a sociopathic personality, I can tell you that they THRIVE on lying in order to throw those around them into chaos.

  44. Lisa says:

    I believe the $10K the landscaper asked TH for on the 26th was “hush money” not to go to the police about her earlier attempt to hire him to off Kaine.

  45. Annals says:

    Eloise, Jeff D, ode; Re ROSEBURG;
    According to this article that’s where Terri’s parents live.

  46. mary says:

    My feelings exactly. P.S. Blink, how do you square the sighting of a female in a truck of Terri’s description not far from her home at 3pm June 4 by two neighbors on NW Cornell Rd., if Kaine supposedly was at home. Is this when she ran to the 7-11? Thanks.

  47. sean says:

    Blink, whose Clerk of the Court legal notices laundry list is that posted on 7/6 by Maggie?
    Is that Kaine? I have a bad feeling about Kaine. I’m serious, it takes two. He must of been a real jerk for Desiree to leave him when she carried Ky and pregnancy is bad on the kidney filtration system. and you know, look at that early press conference picture of all 4 parents. Desiree and tony are the only normal lookin ones. Terri kept looking up. Kaine was barely holding her. I think Terri and Kaine look guilty.
    And did he have an affair? Where did we get that? And what’s with that one picture with his hand directly on her breast? That’s not cool. Who gave us that to post? Did she post it on her Facebook. And he went to the gym with her. Who goes anywhere when their child is missing? No. Both of these parents are quilty of many things. God Bless Desiree. I think that’s why we don’t have more to go on. I think Kaine knows something that could really help the investigation. He better watch it, child services will take that little girl. They’ll figure this family out now for sure. I just got finished watching The Tutors on Showtime. Back in those days he and she would be stretched till they talked…….I’m thinking that might work here. Also, praise God that 4 year old baby was let go! All you posters were really sweeties last night talking about it. I really like this blog thing…Good going…and God Bless you all. Blink you’re awesome.

  48. sean says:

    Just in case Terri Horman does read this:
    Look Terri, you aren’t Casey Anthony, at least not yet.
    You need to come clean a tell your lawyer, you want to make a deal.
    You have already hurt Kaine more than he could possibly imagine.
    All you have to do is tell your states Department of Child Enforcement what you think about him, what he does and has done.
    Get your son to collaborate this info and he will loose your little girl and Ky ( if he is still alive)
    The point is…it is time for you to turn on your husband.
    He has turned on you. Even if you are quilty of a bunch of this stuff….so what…at least you won’t loose your entire life if you just come forward and tell the info through your attorney.
    God helps those who help themselves.
    I actually think both you and Desiree were married to a jerk.
    Just come clean, before you are like Casey Anthony and you spend 2+ years in jail, poor,with no trial in sight. don’t let Kyron be found in the woods.
    Don’t go down like that. TELL YOUR LAWYER TO GET YOU A DEAL.
    Do not be so foolish to think that you are not going down, because without a deal, your life is behind bars. I’m serious………..Do the Right thing. Attorneys are human and a man is always a man first. You
    have to be smart so start being SMART.

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