Kyron Horman Case: The Path From Suspect To Defendant Is Forged

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Portland, OR-  The tangled web that is the life of Terri Horman continues to weave.



In an Exclusive development to, a Portland local, declining to be identified, provides the bombshell revelation that Terri Horman was behind the 5:16PM call to 911 last June 26th.

The object of her “threat based” call to 911 requiring officers response?

The Landscaper, in his white truck, on her property, demanding his payment for $10,000.

The same Portland source confirmed that an undercover detective, playing the role of an associate of the landscaper turned alleged assassin, was present. It was also confirmed a bulk of the incident was overheard on the police scanner.  The Truck registration and plate were called in on an open channel as well. 

What they did not count on, during the surreptitious meeting, was that Terri Horman would shut down the brief meeting and call Police; thwarting what they were hopeful would end in an arrest.

Kaine Horman had been advised to remove the couples 18 month old daughter in advance, for their safety, earlier in the day.

Upon deputies arrival, as informed by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office about the sting, detectives were forced to tell Terri Horman she was a suspect.  Horman hired Stephen Houze, prominent Portland defense attorney by Monday June 28th.

The identity of the landscaper has been withheld as this is an ongoing investigation, but has learned that it is contained in the sealed portion of the restraining order obtained by Kaine Horman.

blinkoncrime reader titch contributed research to this article

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  1. Lisa says:

    I wonder how hard it was for Terri to feign surprise when it is discovered that Kyron was not on the bus?

  2. Sal says:

    Blink –

    This article has been picked up by KOIN……

    “The crime-watch Web network “Blink On Crime” published new accusations Tuesday which further point to Terri Moulton Horman’s alleged role in hiring hiring a hit-man to kill her husband.”

    TY as always Sal- Very sharp news director contacted me this am to feature BOC.
    I hope y’all are proud of the contributions you have offered to this case, she was very impressed.


  3. Gypsy DD says:

    Tamtex welcome!

    I certainly agree with you ..I had a similiar thought a few pages back, too

    There comes a thought in my mind that says Terri decided killing Kaine was too good for him..she’d rather see him suffer te rest of her life.

    I know many people think that prior to this Terri presented as the good mother. I wonder about that myself though.

    The muscular body pics from 2005 imparticular. Nothing wrong with Mom’s having hobbys. I just think that to get her body in that kind of shape would have taken hours of exercise and maybe some help from steroids.

    In 2005 Kyron was only 2 years old, Terri’s son was only 11. A two year old requires lots of time and energy..they don’t usually sit nicely and play in the corner while mommy works out. Eleven year years have lots of school and after school activities..lots of chauferring here and there. So ..did she even did she find time to do all this body work if she was a full time mom ?

    I still believe roid rage got to her..and maybe pretty often. Notice she uses Kaine not getting along with her son, her son’s bad grades, issues at home for removing him from the home. Really..most 15 to 16 year old’s don’t see eye to eye with their folks some of the time. They are supposed to go through this stage..and this to shall pass.

    I think now Kyron was getting to her too. She didn’t really want to have to keep up with him on homework, chores, inside voice use, etc..too bad that is the way 7 year old boys are..forgetful, a little sloppy, running off lots of excess energy, bursting with joy at the thought of frogs, you get where I a going.

    I think this lady is wound so tight from the roids that taking care of 3 kids..all in various stages of independence just wasn’t working for her. Then Kaine has an affair..well she show him..she’ll make him sorry everyday of his life..and she also not have to put up with her son or Kyron anylonger.

  4. beejay says:

    TH’s 911 call thwarted arrest(s) that LE was hopeful of making on the spot at the sting. Do we assume LE knows who did what to whom and was hoping to get additional evidence at the sting, sufficient to convict someone(s)? Or simply sufficient to indict?

    I don’t understand what evidence they hoped to get on the spot.

    Assume, for a minute, that LE wasn’t looking for more evidence on TH, but on the LS. What would that be? Did they hope, say, TH would go for LS’s throat and scream “what have you done with my child, you SOB”? And that LS would lose his cool and reply, say, “I put him in the portapotty down from the school and he’s long gone now, you b***h”?

    WTH? But it could’ve been LS that LE was actually leading down the primrose path, on the pretense of getting the goods on TH (enabling LS to reduce his punishment).

  5. lily2 says:

    If she hired someone to kill Kyron if she KNOWS where he or his body is that would be easier to “hit” as a lie on a lie detector test.

    She may know he’s deceased, but unaware of where the perp (hired by her or not connected to her at all) has put the body.

    It is 100 degrees here and I am not stating this clearly.

    My point is this:

    If I were to hire a hitman I would assume that all family would be interviewed and asked to take polygraphs. SO, I would not want to know where the body would be disposed of, so I could truthfully answer that I did not know where the missing person was.

  6. minima says:

    Police have confirmed a report that Terri Horman tried to pay another as yet unnamed landscaper to kill her husband, Kaine Horman, in 2009. That landscaper reportedly contacted police after the alleged murder for hire offer … ok, he contacted police then? why was nothing done. or just recently?

    time are tough around here, they might get a lot worse for landscapers. geez.

    i tend to agree with those that think TH took kryon from school and dropped him off somewhere. b/c, again, it just seems too premeditated. but that look on TH’s face at the first presser, man, that speaks volumes now….”what have i done? what have i done?”

    i seriously can’t turn this around in anyway that makes sense. i think TH wanted control, she either backed off MFH plot after contacting who know how many landscapers about it and it backfired; she lost all control. and they began harrassing her, so she sacraficed kyron, but killing him? the ONLY way i see this backfiring is that too many people were involved and approached, one person thought she had money and tried to extort her and Kyron was taken. BUT NO. again, i go back to the school, she HAD to have taken them from there or set it up for someone else to take him. all the experts seem to discount the fact that another person could do this, it’s just nearly impossible. AND say, there’s that one tiny miniscule chance someone else took him…ok, but TH is just none the wiser, uh, don’t think so.

    so, i think TH set it up…but WHY WHY WHY? you know what we are trying to think like a person that seems to have no soul. impossible. i just want this TO BE OVER. there’s no good reason to do this, so we’ll never figure it out, no reason will “make sense” to us. so angry!

  7. Titch says:

    So…just ran something past a friend of mine…he happens to be a cop but that’s beside the point…I said to him, “Pffffft! This is flippin’ me out! What are we missing here? How did Kaine get a RO signed so quickly unless the threat was shown to have merit? I mean, if Terri feels so threatened that she had to call 911 on somebody threatening her in her driveway, then surely she could have taken out a RO on that person/s like Kaine did to her!”. My buddy says to me – “Ya know what? You got something there!”. Then it sunk in. If Terri felt threatened by this landscaper supposed hitman, & if her 911 call relates to him, then she’d have pressed charges & definitely would have succeeded in obtaining a RO against him. Hell, Blink, even after she was aware of the wire/tap/trace, she’d still have basis for a RO for the simple fact that she says it’s a lie, hold no basis, & she feels threatened by this person. So here’s what I’m getting at, lawnboy’s interview with the popo must have some kind of validity, otherwise there would be charges pressed against him RIGHT NOW from Terri! As we all know, those of us that check the court sites everyday, we know there are no charges pending of Terri against ANYBODY besides Kaine. So…There…Is…Validity!

    orcouldibewrong. pffft. idontthinkso!

    Bottom line, if some whack job confronted me about something like this, I’d press charges pronto…unless I knew HE HAD SOMETHING ON ME. So, what’s going on now? Maybe they’re both involved to the fullest extent, such as in a way like little Haleigh Cummings’ family throw the blame around. Is this turning into a blame game? I think so.

    Except there was never any threat to her, as it was absolutely orchestrated under subpoena from LE.
    She would have no standing to file a complaint against an investigation.

  8. Marci says:

    Maybe the little guy had a accident at school.. Maybe spilt something on himself or peed his pants or was acting out and SM took him outside and while in the truck lost control and raged..

  9. hollister says:

    TMH wasn’t the last person to see Kyron at school and Kyron’s best friend and classmate claimed he saw Terri leaving the school alone. Did she come back to the school? It seems risky if you are trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

  10. Titch says:

    Blink, Re Sal’s post & your response:
    38.Sal says:
    July 6, 2010 at 4:04 pm
    Blink –

    This article has been picked up by KOIN……

    “The crime-watch Web network “Blink On Crime” published new accusations Tuesday which further point to Terri Moulton Horman’s alleged role in hiring hiring a hit-man to kill her husband.”

    TY as always Sal- Very sharp news director contacted me this am to feature BOC.
    I hope y’all are proud of the contributions you have offered to this case, she was very impressed.

    (I just wanted to say I HEART U & your online campaign to bring justice to the forefront. Over the past couple of years, you fast became one of my heroes. Not kissing a$$, only stating a fact. <3 Titch)

    Ty, friend.

  11. Tamtex says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I don’t know about “roid rage”… but the bodybuilding stuff does remind me of some thoughts I had weeks ago when I first read that and saw Terri’s pictures. I have known bodybuilding and fitness competition types. These people are usually narcisisstic. They have to be in order to focus on themselves the time and attention it takes to be in competitive shape. Hours and hours of working out, tracking diets, tracking supplements. It becomes obsessive — it HAS to at that level.

    This is the type of person TH is. She may no longer be a bodybuilder. This just means she focuses her narcissism and obsession elsewhere. The desire to be noticed (look at me!!) and praised (Wow you are in such good shape!) and envied (I wish I looked like that!) does NOT go away. TH just channels it into something else…. perhaps into appearing to be the *perfect* mother to a stepson. Volunteering at school, being so involved and attentive to Kyron would elicit the notice, praise and worship, just in a different way……

    But it only lasts for so long and the focus moves elsewhere. To a lover, perhaps to money…. that I don’t know….

    But what I DO know in my heart of hearts is this: TH did something to Kyron. She didn’t hide him in some elaborate plan, he wasn’t taken by a stranger, she didn’t sell him on the black market. She harmed him in a horrible, unimaginable way and he’s gone. This is just, IMO, common sense thinking. And I pray to God I’m wrong, trust me, I do. :(

  12. staccie says:

    I’ve tried to read through all the comments, sorry if this has already been asked. If there were at least 3 people (besides Terri) involved, could the third person be Tanners father? BP could be a great guy, so I feel weird asking, but something went down on Sauvie Island on the 4th. Kyron knew him. Terri knew him. Harry Oakes said that the cadaver dogs both hit at the edge of the water by a houseboat. It may not even be plausible. Just throwing ideas out there..

  13. Hulagirl says:

    The only reason that I can come up with as to why TH would get rid of Kyron before having someone get rid of Kaine, would be because Kyron possibly stood to inherit some or all of Kaine’s life insurance or other monitary savings or investments. By making Kyron disappear, all focus would be on the missing child and after that eventually calmed down, presumably TH would then be able to get rid of Kaine as well, leaving everything to herself and her daughter. Since TH has no money that we know of (she didn’t work outside the home) she probably had to promise to pay someone for the deed AFTER it was done, with Kaine’s money that she would then be solely entitled to. The plot that the police came up with 7 months AFTER she had talked to this landscaper about taking care of Kaine (AND during the height of a criminal investigation) is crazy…going to the house to demand $10,000 seems very stupid (and blatantly SUSPICIOUS and coincidental). How would she have the money unless Kaine were dead. I doubt she would be able to pay a landscaper $10,000 without Kaine’s knowledge or approval. No wonder she clammed up, called 911 and hired a lawyer. Obviously, she’s not THAT stupid.

  14. Titch says:


    Re your: Except there was never any threat to her, as it was absolutely orchestrated under subpoena from LE.
    She would have no standing to file a complaint against an investigation.

    My response – Yeah, I know. That’s what I’m saying. She HAD TO HAVE KNOWN what was going on, or suspected it somewhat with the tap, bc she didn’t even try to file a formal complaint. If she had, there’d be a paper/electronic trail, even if it was cutoff from public view. See what I’m saying now? She didn’t even try. This makes me think she only called 911 to protect her own hiney. Sad thing is that she didn;t follow through with what any other normal person would have done given that same situations – she should have attempted to press charges…but she didn’t. If she had, we’d see it logged. Unless I’m missing something? Makes sense, though, right? Wow. I’m back to thinking she’s involved, but how deep is she involved?

    Yes, she did. She was confronted during her interview earlier. SHE KNEW that LE knew about LS.

  15. Missouri_Mom says:

    I keep having this “feeling” that TH did watch Kyron walk down the hall toward his classroom, BUT I also think she may have told him that he forgot his lunch in the truck, so for him to meet her at the side door (which as I understand, it was by his classroom) and she would give it to him. She goes out the front door, Kyron steps out the side door waiting on her, and when he met her, she may have stated that they forgot the lunch at home, hop in, we’ll run home and get it and I’ll bring ya back before the bell rings…just a possible scenario on getting him out of the school unnoticed…Just an idea….IMO

  16. Mel says:

    I was just driving home and it came to me. This child was removed from his environment by someone who had it prearranged. This family rearranges kids like that. A child doesn’t work at one home so the child goes somewhere else. I am thinking Kyron is no longer in his home for the same reasons James isnt there. Had there been a discussion about having Kyron removed by relatives? Would that be a “Out of the question, theres no way in HELL someones taking my SON!” type of thing with to Kaine?
    My brother had a dog he was left with after his divorce. The dog was neglected and abused so I simply suggested that he give the dog to a different family.His responce was “I would rather take my dog out into the woods and shot it than let someone else has it”. (My brother is controlling and abusive to everyone and everything in his life. He ultimatly went to jail for violating a restraining order against his ex-wife, leaving the dog in my care and I was able to get the dog placed with a loving family.) Could someone have know the deranged thinking within the family unit and simply remove Kyron from his family environment? Who would have known the whole scenerio of the Harmons before he dissappeared? Is it a pattern that lies within the family that other family members who endured the abuse, knew what Kyron was experiencing? Could there be someone who is holding him “safe” since nobody else would? I know this is totally of the topic being discussed. Sorry

  17. Tamtex says:

    hollister says:
    July 6, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    TMH wasn’t the last person to see Kyron at school and Kyron’s best friend and classmate claimed he saw Terri leaving the school alone. Did she come back to the school? It seems risky if you are trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

    hollister: But did the classmate SEE TH get in her vehicle and drive away alone? From what I understand, he did not. He saw her walking away, as if to leave the building. That’s all. Kyron, by classmate’s account, was “going downstairs” to see an electrical exhibit. What was downstairs? Was there really an electrical exhibit to see? Who suggested to Kyron he should go see it? By what I’ve read (and please correct me if I’m wrong) nobody has come forward to say they spoke to Kyron at the school that morning…. nobody other than the classmate and TH…. and we know the classmate didn’t disappear Kyron b/c he was accounted for at school all day…..

  18. V says:

    tamtex, I read your post and it made me for the first time really consider Terri as possibly culpable for Kyron’s disappearance. Along those same lines I had this thought – Could Terri have attempted to frame the landscaper? Maybe she approached him about Kaine but this landscaper never dreamed a child would go missing? Maybe he thought if he stalled enough, he reckoned she would calm down and see things more rationally? Then Kyron goes missing! And this landscaper realized the seriousness and the danger extended to his own neck. So he goes to police.

    If they met at Skyline and supposedly she approached him six or seven months ago I wondered if he was at the Science Fair that day innocently.

    And I wonder if the reason no parent of Kyron attended the afternoon event was because Terri had quietly removed the notice from Kyron’s bookbag and Kaine was kept in the dark? I do wonder if Kaine was so busy with work or elsewhere he relied on Terri to do most of the heavylifting where the children were concerned.

    For so long I have not viewed her as a suspect. I have fould reasons to discount much of the finger pointing.

    Two points of conflict have nagged at me from the start –

    Terri’s concerted effort to stay out of the limelight and NOT SPEAK. I have known several bodybuilders, both men and women, and they are so confident and almost crave time in front of the camera. Why won’t she open her mouth? Over and over mothers/stepmoms have posted how they would have to be tied and drugged to NOT BE BEGGING for help should one of their own children disappear.

    And the body language between Kaine and Terri when they did finally appear bothered me. Both behaved so oddly to me. Not only did they seem disconnected from each other but they seemed genuinely uncomfortable to be “on camera”. WHY? It is becoming an all too often event of parents of missing children begging for help via the local news. Why wouldn’t any parent see the moment as an opportunity to reach out? But these four didn’t.

    One last thing – the Talent Show. Kaine said during interviews “they didnt know about it”. Maybe Terri did? Maybe she worked on the frog project alongside Kyron to keep Kyron focused on that event and try and to make sure he didn’t let anything slip about the afternoon Talent Show?

    All just things buzzing in my head. I want to believe Kyron is alive but I have been overwhelmed by a heaviness in my heart ever since the calendar changed to July.

  19. minima says:

    Yeah, Hulagirl.

    Maybe after some thought, she realized she’d get more money that way. That actually makes a lot of sense, and as soon as I heard that MFH plan, I suspected that it wasn’t exactly 6 to 7 months old, as in no longer part of her plot, people plan these things out for a long time. i think she just got swept away in the midst of it. poor gal. Blah, makes me want to vomit. plus, in her mind she probably figured it would look better if they were both gone, she could have cried “abandonment.”

    I guess she’s probably pretty torn up that things didn’t go as planned. That’s the other expression on her face.

  20. susan says:

    i think Kaine was supposed to commit suicide (with ‘help’ from the LS) after his son went missing. Therefore it would have been sort of explained. No questions. BUT TH did not expect the national media storm about finding Kyron.

    Now since Kyron’s vanishing points to her, she is not able to pull off step two of the plan.

    This does not address whether Ky is supposed to be missing just for the moment, or permanantly. But with the hate in her heart for Kaine, Terri probably wanted to hurt him as much as she could.

    As I said before, Kaine must be a very mean husband, but nothing is worse than what she has done. She could have left him, she could have taken the children and moved out. But she did not, she made things much worse.

    Now I suppose the LE are putting the two of them to the race of getting the best deal, whoever comes clean first? Or putting the two of them in the same room to see what happens?

    If the LS can back up his story, she is done. So is he as a matter of fact if he has done anything with Kyron.

    Who knows there may be other trades which come forward in the investigation, like ‘electrician’. “I want to go see the cool one, its electric.”

  21. Nanc Drewtoo says:

    Recurring theme here re: Tanner’s account of Kyron and TH that fateful morning at Skyline School. Why did this Tanner speak to the media when it has been reported, credibly it seems, that he was told not to do so? He seemed coached, and he seemed intent on establishing the whereabouts of both Kyron and TH. The fact that he spoke on camera as well as what he said are both sticking in my mind. I know this means something, but what? Stay on this case. Blink, and don’t stop until this precious child is found. I pray that this poor mother doesn’t have to endure the fate of Melissa Brannen’s mother. Please, dear God, let Kyron be found soon.

  22. Midwest Mom says:

    according to the article from willamette weekly, James Pitkin

    There was a Koin tv camera man outside June 23 and June 25th, was he not there on the 26th to witness the landscapers sting?

    “When I visited on the afternoon of June 23, a lone cameraman from KOIN TV sat at the side of Sheltered Nook Road. He said most reporters don’t go past this point.”

    “After Kyron’s biological parents gave a series of TV interviews two days later, on June 25, I returned to Sheltered Nook Road today hoping Horman might have reconsidered talking to a reporter. Again there was a TV cameraman.”

    He went on to say that there was a no trespassing sign placed since his last visit.

    “But one thing had changed in the five days since my first visit. Today there were four signs posted along the driveway in bright orange letters, warning visitors to stay away.

    The gate was open, but I did as the signs said and kept out.”

  23. kuaitzudog says:

    I’ve read that the talent show was for [people in the school only] no parents were invited

  24. Titch says:

    Blink, omg…I don’t like her very much, if even at all…and I don;t even know her. She’s so transparent now.

    People are also posting that maybe she took Ky somewhere to protect him, yadayada. No way. If she thought Kyron was in any kind of danger, she’d have taken him to Desiree.

    Which brings me to something else…James’ stepmom’s FB. Fine, I can understand minor discrepancies in when he went there…but, how could anybody say that he moved out a “few months ago”, when in reality he moved out in January? Now, he could have moved in with his grandparents in Roseburg in January the moved in with Tarver in March, but either way it throws out Terri’s timeline due to her misinformation.

    As per her FB link remember you have to be logged into FB to view the wall on her a/c):
    This is what it informs:


    Angela Rockwood Baby horses jumping (Video)
    February 24 at 4:34pm · View Feedback (4)Hide Feedback (4) · Share.

    Chris Mills sobe is doing so well he looks so good
    February 25 at 10:21pm.

    Angela Rockwood thank you Allisa and James work both babies all the time
    February 25 at 11:04pm.

    Chris Mills so how long has james been living in roseburg
    February 25 at 11:38pm.

    Angela Rockwood about a month
    February 26 at 9:55am

    Blink, she seems amazing. Alot of people go right to the fact that she’s a Wiccan & don’t understand bc they themselves may be Christian. I know some Wiccans that are amazing. I’m open minded. Angela has TONS of pictures, TONS of them with James on the horse, various things around the house, trips, etc. I’ve taken snapshots to disect & there’s no need to – his smile is infectious. Angela seems like a wonderful mom. Maybe James moved to his grandparents bc he wasn;t getting along with Kaine but maybe ALSO to be closer to his biological father. Maybe he wanted to get to know his dad better. Maybe he formed friendships near where they live. Maybe living on a farm is what suits James. But…why so many discrepancies on when he moved there? It’s in black & white on Angela’s page. He was there in January!

  25. lyla says:

    Does anyone believe TH will be arrested and if so what the charges might be (assuming no body is found)i.e. conspiricy to commit murder (and, of whom, Kaine, Kyron or both)?

  26. Twinkletoes says:

    I just don’t get how she gets him from the school back to the truck without being seen leaving with him.
    Was Terri carrying anything that was presumed to be empty, like a duffel or a storage container for his project?
    OR–Maybe the landscaper was there at the school under the guise of working on some other project and she told the LS to go find Kyron at the electricity exhibit and coax him into a secluded area with the promised of a tree frog and then he was carried out in a container. I just don’t see Kyron leaving the school without being hidden somehow inside of something. It is way, way too risky.

    Remember these words?

    “The only thing we are sure of, is that he was dropped off.”

  27. Twinkletoes says:

    Someone must have seen Kyron if he made it to the electrical exhibit.

  28. Mary says:

    Tamtex says:
    July 6, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    Your “common sense thinking” just pierced my bubble of hope or (denial). I fear you are correct.

  29. MissMonkey says:

    V says:
    July 6, 2010 at 4:55 pm
    ………”One last thing – the Talent Show. Kaine said during interviews “they didnt know about it”. Maybe Terri did? Maybe she worked on the frog project alongside Kyron to keep Kyron focused on that event and try and to make sure he didn’t let anything slip about the afternoon Talent Show?”


    This has been bothering me too. Someone so involved in the school and in Kyron’s class had to know about the Talent Show. Then I just saw that the school website has old PDFs of their newsletter Eagle’s Nest and in the one for 2009 they refer to it as the Annual Talent Show and it started at the same time. There is also a calendar on their website and it shows the Talent Show from 1.00 – 2.45pm.

    She HAD to know.

    Blink, there was a mention in one of the school’s newsletters that mentioned the name of a landscaping company that helped clear ivy, etc AFTER the Community Care day. Would these be different landscapers than LSlover?

  30. beejay says:


    re your: Yes, she did. She was confronted during her interview earlier. SHE KNEW that LE knew about LS.

    Can you refresh me on what exactly she was confronted with at the police station?

  31. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Midwest Mom says:
    July 6, 2010 at 3:56 pm
    Jackie Bauer says:
    July 6, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Just curious why you wouldn’t consider the LS a sociopath? faking it until he makes it?

    Never said I wouldn’t MidWestMom! IMHO, if you’re able to plan a murder, hire someone for murder, commit a murder, pretty good chance you are going in the sociopath/psychopath pile. My point is that there are a number of people trying to find a way TH is not truly involved in this, and I don’t think that two murder for hire plots can be explained any other way. And if she set Kyron up to be taken, did it herself, sold him away, whatever, she is responsible (though others may be as well). If you saw my earlier comments, you’ll see that regardless of who did this, they fall into the el nutso todo loco category. And no one else can be blamed for this woman’s heinous, evil choices. If she did this, she did this. And if LSLover I or LSLover II took Kyron with her help, they are equally heinous and evil. JMO.

  32. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Minima: ” …so, i think TH set it up…but WHY WHY WHY? you know what we are trying to think like a person that seems to have no soul… ”

    I think you said it right there. It’s almost impossible for the average bear to comprehend how a soulless socio/psychopath works, so we try to rationalize, understand, make sense… of the senseless. There’s a lot of info out there, but having observed it before up close and personal, I do now believe TH falls into this category. I know that many others do not. My explanation is that lots of women (and men) in the world are lied to, cheated on, abused physically/emotionally/morally/spiritually/financially, they live with control freaks, they live with significant others I’d consider near-Neanderthal… and yet, they don’t kill their children. Or anyone else’s children. They don’t try to hire people to kill their spouse. They either get healthy enough to leave, or not, but murder of children isn’t an option, because they still have hearts and conscience. When someone can put away their heart and their conscience for money, convenience, revenge, etc., I believe that is a morally bankrupt, sociopathic person and ” the behaviors associated with psychopathy, lack of conscience, lack of concern for the well being of others, a pattern of blatant lies and others…” can’t be blamed on anyone else.

  33. minima says:


    Yes, thanks for the insight. I think a lot of us get the vibe you discussed, but you really did an excellent job of connecting the dots for us and making a clear connenction on the “why’s/how’s” of it all!

  34. beejay says:

    Blink: from your editorial this am: “Kaine Horman had been advised to remove the couples 18 month old daughter in advance, for their safety, earlier in the day.”

    Could that have been because LE planned a sting at the house late afternoon, and just the volatility of that would present a danger?? Like if Kaine and baby walked out in the driveway.

  35. CovertCCW says:

    OMFG, are you kidding me? That’s a so called sting operation? Having the LS show up and demand money (w/undercover) for something that never went down? My GOD I’m glad I don’t live in Portland. With a halfwit police force like that it’s no wonder they haven’t found this kid yet. Like I said before, and I’ll say it once more. THEY HAVE NOTHING! They’re grasping at straws with dim whit ideas. Mean while, TH just threw egg on their face, and now has a legitimate harassment charge. Notice they haven’t charged her yet? Wheres the hard evidence, confession, or body? Pathetic… That’s the only word I can think of…
    This is more of a circus side show than an investigation..

    That is false.

  36. Annals says:

    Remember these words?

    “The only thing we are sure of, is that he was dropped off.”

    No I don’t. Who said it, when and in reference to who?

  37. minima says:

    Here, here Jackie.

    For aguments sake, even if TH was abused, that’s absolutely no excuse. Having worked with men/women/children that were victims of domestic violence it’s a horrid cycle that at times seems inescapable. And many, many women are in prison for killing their abuser, but no need to get into that because, let’s be clear, TH is the abuser here. Kyron is gone from her actions, whether a plan gone south to off Kaine or an even more sinister one that we will never “understand.” TH put something in motion that led to Kyrons disappearance. I am not a religious woman but I pray for Kyron…and for justice.

  38. raceyrin says:

    IMO , SM set up a plan to have Kyron kidnapped and held for ransom that the landscaper or one of his guys would then collect the money that was needed to off Kaine . SM could then be the victim all around, only something went horribly wrong .

  39. Eloise says:

    So how did Terri found out Kaine was having an affair? Did he know she knew? Was there a huge blow up about this?
    I am trying to decide, if that is something she secretly found out about and has been brewing for months over. Or if it was out in the open, what was their resolution? Maybe they had settled on some sort of plan or he said it was a one time thing and it was over etc. Just curious, wondering if knowing those details could shed light on what is happening now. Maybe part of James leaving was b/c Kaine blamed his stress and inappropriate behavior on James and Terri felt he should leave for awhile to allow things to cool down. Though I do support the idea she was removing him from the future plans she had in mind. I believe both he and Kyron were aware of alot of the nonsense in that house.
    So what is the next move? I am very suprised we have not heard from Terri’s camp in anyway.

  40. MackiezMom says:

    It is clear to me that SM has some involvement in Kyron’s “disappearance.” I keep seeing people hypothesize that maybe SM needed to get Ky out of the way, before having KH whacked. I don’t know what planet she would have to be from, to think that she could pull of a child “disappearing”, followed by having her husband killed. While she might be able to “get away with” one of the two, in her “perfect world,” I just don’t see both happening. I think that, for whatever reason, Kyron was taken in lieu of, not in advance of, murdering KH. IMO murdering Kaine and abducting/killing Kyron are mutually exclusive (unless she had elected to do both at the same time, say a set-up car accident).

    Kidnapping and/or murdering a child defies logical reasoning. A person has to be evil or psychotic (or both) to do it. There is no circumstance that makes it okay. None.

    @minima, I agree, whole-heartedly. I was married for 14 years to a man who became increasingly abusive and violent. I remember him telling me that he would track me down and kill me if I left. Sometimes abuse victims do feel that the only way out (alive) is to kill their abuser. And sometimes they’re right. It is but for the Grace of God that I did not end up in that situation. It was desperate.

    But to kill a child? Ever? Nah…no rationalizing it. Even if she was beaten every day, in which case SOMEONE would PROBABLY know. Even then, NO EXCUSE. IMO TH is NOT the victim here, she is the perp.

  41. toasty1 says:

    Professional Landscaping Machines are able to dig very, very deep holes for planting of large trees. Suppose a body was put in first, before planting the tree. (God forbid)

    I continue to pray for Kyron’s safe return.

    Just read that a little 3 year old girl, from Mo., was snatched from her front yard!!

  42. snapoutofit says:

    So where is Kyron?

  43. Nanc Drewtoo says:

    I keep coming back here because I think that arrests are imminent. LE knows when the time is right, but it certainly seems as though that time is fast approaching. The waiting is hard on all of us who are outsiders; I cannot begin to imagine Desiree’s pain.

  44. Eloise says:

    Annals says:
    July 6, 2010 at 6:11 pm
    Remember these words?

    “The only thing we are sure of, is that he was dropped off.”

    No I don’t. Who said it, when and in reference to who?


    I believe Kaine said that at the presser when he was just with Desiree. I dont have link handy, but Desiree was wearing a green sweater I think.

  45. blacksburger says:

    Building on the notion that bodybuilding is a narcissistic pursuit, and therefore TMH must be a narcissist. Could Kyron’s disappearance be related to Munchausen-by-proxy?

  46. mary says:

    Dear B. I know you facts but I just have to emote. Poor Kiara, her whole world has changed. And poor old Bootsie. Must be lost.

  47. snapoutofit says:

    Blink: Can you give us an indication if we will know anything on Kyron this week and where he is? Thank you for your excellent crime reporting and cause to find Kyron and bring justice to who took him.

    There will be updates to this case this week.

  48. Annals says:

    Thanks, Eloise. No link necessary. I tried to look at the long one Mr Donahue (KPTV?) did with them and the archived version is edited and much shorter than the raw video we saw a week and a half ago.

  49. Titch says:

    Further to my post at 5:14…

    (bring over from my SM post)
    In putting 2 & 2 together, we’ve been informed James moved with his grandparents “a few months ago”, which we know the timeline as far as him moving out of the home is not true. Grandparents live in Roseburg. Maybe James went to Roseburg in January to live with his grandparents but then moved with his dad & step mom in March (whom also live in Roseburg). Supposedly he moved out bc he butted heads with Kaine, but maybe just maybe also to be closer to his bio dad so he could have a closer relationship with him, plus he’s formed friendships in Roseburg too. Either way, it blows the misconception out of the water that he moved out just a few months ago. According to Angela’s FB, he moved out end of Jan/close to Feb. 6 months does not = a few (3) months. I’m thinking maybe Terri suspected lawndude was saying stuff to the police about her contacting him for a hit on Kaine “6 or 7″ months ago so she had to change the way it appeared regarding the date James moved out of the Horman home. If she’d have said he moved out 6 months ago, and lawnguy went on record to say she tried to contract him for the hit 6 months ago, then BINGO it would pop in le’s heads right away that that could be the “trigger”.

    It would show intent…It would show motive…

    The Facebook dated & timestamped postings show that James was living in Roseburg at the beginning of the year. There’s the intent. 6 months. Few = 3. No way was that a mistake. “Few” was thrown out there to throw LE off, imo. Well there ya have it.

  50. ceci says:

    It seems impossible to me that anyone other than TH could have taken Kyron out of the school that morning without being noticed, unless it was another person (parent, guardian, teacher) who was supposed to be at the science fair also.

    Has it ever been confirmed if Brian Pumala was there for Tanner’s science project that morning? Or if Avery Villarreal was there for his kid brother’s?

    Could a kidnapper conceivably have kept Kyron hidden somewhere at the school until everyone was occupied with something else — like the talent show — and made off with him then, perhaps? At my kids’ school the halls and classrooms are completely empty during concerts and such (luckily there are cameras at every exit.)

    I apologize if all of this has been said already. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how this poor child could have vanished without anyone noticing anything. Every time I see pictures of Kyron smiling trustingly into the camera for TH, it breaks me.

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