Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Kaine Horman Accuses Terri of Contempt With Michael Cook


Portland, OR– late today, through his attorney, Kaine Horman filed contempt of court charges against Terri Horman for showing a previously sealed restraining order to childhood friend of Kaine’s, Michael Cook.


In his motion, he also accused Terri of “sexting” messages to Cook from her cell phone. Cook and Horman exchanged racy and graphic sexual messages back and forth since June 30th.

Michael Cook is best known for organizing the first vigil for Kyron Horman on June 7th and speaking briefly to reporters as he ran errands and stocked food and beverages for those in the home when Kyron first went missing.

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  1. Karen says:

    Yesterday I read this sad article:
    about a beautiful eleven-year-old boy who was murdered to prevent him from revealing that he was being molested by his SM & her bro. It took his devoted mother over 25 yrs. of relentless searching to finally bring him justice.

    The case reminded me of the Kyron Horman case not only because it involved a blended family, but the boy sounded much like Kyron. He was intelligent, shy & responsible – his mother insisted he would never wander off on his own. Also like Kyron, his mother & aunt reported that he became distraught when sent to his father & SM’s.

    I can’t help thinking that something similar was happening to Kyron and that his disappearance centers around that Dr’s appt. If not LS, perhaps another of SM’s boyfriends was involved & wanted to prevent Kyron from keeping that appt. The SF would’ve been convenient enough to stage a disappearance, with children out of their classrooms and many adults in the building/on school grounds. Also, the increasing risk that Kyron would talk to his mother & SD about the situation at home would’ve added to the urgency.

    I agree with those who say Kyron must’ve known the person who took him from the school(SM/LS/BP/?) b/c he would never leave with a stranger. But, what if there was another party, unknown to Kyron, to whom he was then relayed. If he is alive and, as many of us suspect, without his eyeglasses, maybe the purpose of taking Kyron’s eyeglasses from him was not only to ensure his compliance, but also to ensure that he cannot later identify his captor(s) or his surroundings. If I remember correctly, didn’t the media report the other day that LE wanted to take another look at a particular family living in the area? Can someone supply a link to that article or interview? TY

  2. Malty says:

    KOIN says they are taking emails for Kaine
    I can’t find the link will some one look
    I think I will send a short note

  3. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @soma: Jack-Kerouac-crime solving :) I like it! I’m giving thought to the ONE THING. I know what it was for the sociopath I knew, but TH… hmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Cathy Bickel says:

    I’m pretty sure this is going to be over looked but I’m gonna try…where does it say that his glasses where found? I can NOT for the life of me find this information.

    Prayers and thoughts are with Kyron and his brothers and sister.

  5. soma says:

    @jackie Bauer
    I figures you’d wrap your brain around it. Forensics first.

    And yeah, the Jack Kerouac format was a period in my life, read everything he wrote, yadda yadda.

    i’m local-U.S.:)
    inner dialog’s my thing
    i “hear” the talking part looking at eyeballs, esp in pix

    In case I wasn’t strident enough about LE/attys filing legal stuff: there are, as some of you know, certain amounts of days a respondent is allowed – when KH does stuff like, hey, let’s move the date up! Hmm, whether TH is guilty or not, the periods/laws were made for a reason, even for the most likely guilty ones. And if innocent (me), I’d feel pretty gypped if I knew I at least had a legal amount of time to get out of Dodge. But if someone la-di-dah wants to move it up AFTER that fact, I’d feel well, what’s due process for in the first place? (I’m pulling that term out of the Dirty Harry flicks). All his/lawyer’s reasons are good reasons. It should’ve thought out more in the blueprint stage.

    In my review of the R.O., KH DID NOT check off the box for the R.O. #10, p. 4: “I need an order requiring Respondent to move from my residence.” All he checked was that it was in his name. He/lawyer restrained, dissoluted, sealed, but did not order a move. So, soma, what’s the big deal? So now AFTER the fact, KH wants TH out earlier and had not filed the Order in the first place. So NOW, backstepping costs time (and another form fee.) OK, so he dashed out with barely a sock nor daughter’s high chair; he was in a hurry. So what do you have lawyers for, if they forget to catch the flyballs like that so you can note to yourself to at least pack SOME clothes?

    People, people, to get this cagey, won’t-talk-can’t-make-me-talk kind of person, you got to take time to maneuver through ALL the little stones on the path. Seriously, it’s just too important, and I know (LE) you know we know that you know that… I J S

    And we all know, yes, that these devices are just the cattle prod, the crowbar, the shadetree-mechanic- jam-it-with-a-screwdriver approach, just to get TH to PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ALL. I’m really mourning– please, we’re witnessing the sacrifice of one lamb for a nation to rally to treasure their legacies–children, all the children.

    This case, like for all of you here, gets to me.

    Per “Joel” today blogging katu:
    The house is now an asset in the divorce…will come before a judicial hearing …Judge will then tell KH to cough up the money or let TH stay ..KH won’t be able to move back in with TH still there, as it would violate the RO that HE requested… SOME sort of evidence is going to be necessary.” Ending post like I started above: forensics.

  6. FLGirl says:

    Cathy Bickelsays:
    July 16, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    I’m pretty sure this is going to be over looked but I’m gonna try…where does it say that his glasses where found? I can NOT for the life of me find this information.

    Prayers and thoughts are with Kyron and his brothers and sister.

    It hasn’t been said anywhere for fact, as far as I’m aware. It’s only been speculation; based on the condition of the glasses that were provided to the media/public. All the clothes they used to show an example of what Kyron was wearing, appeared to be new/newly purchased.

    As far as the glasses go, however, it appears to some, that the glasses are used (based on some of the lettering on the inside of the glasses frame looking to be somewhat worn).

    I think that’s pretty much all we have at this point. The idea that the glasses may be the ones Kyron was wearing that day, because they are replicas, but they appear to have some wear-and-tear, and as such are not newly purchased.

    I don’t think anything has really been confirmed or discounted there. I hadn’t noticed anything with the glasses myself. And it’s possible that Kyron had multiple pairs of glasses with the same style frame. I wouldn’t be surprised if a 7y.o. had a set of extra glasses, in case he breaks one pair. But again, I don’t think we really know for sure one way or the other right now.

  7. esther says:

    U guys look cute together! Hang n there!!!

  8. MockingbirdSings says:

    @L.B. Here is a link to the 2005 murder by the stepgrandmother you mentioned. Although she confessed in 3 days, as you can see, her sentencing was almost 2 years later so the story is from 2007.
    The police work on this case was excellent. The FBI offered their resources and the teamwork, including the county, state, community, and even the National Guard, was first rate. I can see why the Kyron case made you think of this one.

    Milwaukie’s size is only 5 square miles. Although small, we have one of the best police departments you will find anywhere, and a great working relationship with the Clackamas County LE, as well as the whole Metro area. Not only the community, but many officers were very moved by this crime and personally affected by it. I’m sure the same is true with Multnomah County LE currently. I feel for them and I believe they are working “above and beyond.”

  9. chianme says:

    RE: The ONE THING…

    Unfortunately I spent a lot of time reading about sociopaths
    yesterday. It left me with the shivers.

    Many comments were written by those claiming to be sociopaths. The one thing I gathered from these comments: sociopaths have to WIN. Therefore, losing would be the ONE THING. Now we must define LOSING.

  10. MockingbirdSings says:

    Something I’ve been wondering about – LE and the family continue to say they believe Kyron is alive. (I hope that’s true, of course.) But it has also been said that it is possible to prosecute someone for murder even without a body (assuming you can support your case.)

    1 – If LE, the family, and many others think he is alive, a murder charge wouldn’t seem likely to her. So if he really is alive, Terri has no great incentive to offer information unless she fears that he is about to be found or returned along with proof of her involvement –or fears someone else is about to tell all.

    2 – If, again, LE and the family, and many others think he is alive, a murder charge wouldn’t seem likely to her. So even if she knows he is NOT alive, she has no reason to provide any information since she has a powerful attorney to argue against any other charges for her.

    3 – If LE and the family and community believe he is NOT alive, then a murder charge could seem like a possibility to her. If he really is not alive, then she could bargain with the location of the body and the names of accomplices, but it might depend on how confident she is in her attorney being able to defend her. If he IS alive and she is charged with murder, then she has a lot to gain by confirming he’s alive and indicating how to find him, plus providing the names of her accomplices.

    4 – If everybody consistently says he’s alive, her attorney might argue that LE and the prosecutor don’t really believe their own case so why should a jury. It seems to me that even though our hearts are happier thinking he is still alive, it might be wiser and more productive (and maybe more realistic) to show Terri that we don’t believe he is alive, and we do believe that she will be charged with his murder. Losing control and losing the “game” can be a pretty scary thing – sometimes even scarier than the actual consequences because control and “one more chance” to win are what keeps a person going and tells you who you are as a player, and that you still have power and are “OK”.

    5 – If her accomplices don’t want to go to jail long term, or worse, they have more incentive to talk than she does – and they should be really worried about her turning them in to help her own case (loyalty doesn’t seem to be one of her strengths). Maybe the “game” right now is between Terri and her “friends” to see who has the most to bargain with and the best timing for doing it. I haven’t seen anyone so far in the group of those mentioned as possible accomplices that I would trust out of my sight and hearing. Now she is in Roseburg? From her point of view, who’s keeping an eye on what’s REALLY happening? Not the attorney – I doubt if he knows even half of it yet.

  11. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Chianme, I would agree on losing. And in her case, I’d say it would be revealing who she really is (letting a lot of dirt that we don’t know about fly her way) as opposed to the image she’s presented. And yes, LE & KH would look bad going after her like that. I don’t know about THs ego, but I do know that the sociopath I knew would tell you just about anything if you built him up and flattered him enough. Of course, 95% of what he’d tell you were lies on the fly*, but if you listened closely that 5% would give him away each time. If I were her friend, I’d maybe try that way with her.

    *to illustrate: during one diatribe, he claimed to be an asbestos expert. Bizarre lie. He did not have an advanced degree, he didn’t have one in anything remotely related to asbestos, nor did he have life experience in the industry, and apart from having once lived in a house that may have had asbestos flooring in the kitchen… well, you get the point. Sorting thru lies on the fly is pretty easy though, if you know the person.

  12. MockingbirdSings says:

    I thought perhaps those responsible for what happened to Kyron might not believe they are in any danger of being charged and convicted if there is no Kyron (either way), so I Googled “murder convictions without a body” and found a number of interesting reports. However, the link I have included was the best so far.

    Many of you on this site already know these things, I’m sure, but it did give me some encouragement – and if they are smart, it ought to make certain people a lot more anxious about the potential consequences for what they have done. Everybody who ever associated with Terri ought to have a lawyer by now and be thinking how they can keep themselves from “going under” with her.

  13. AnG4Kyron says:

    thank you Malty & others : ) I started a fb page for the ppl who, like you here, who want TO HELP find him not just sit around posting “fluffy” comments all day. mostly brainstorm clues, ideas, theories, etc. I post the link for your page often so that my “fans” (or whatever)on the page have something other than just what I find to help get them thinking. I feel like even though all the people on my page have great intentions for helping figure this out, for the most part, I think the majority doesnt even know where to begin. that is unfortunate, but common I suspect. I respect all of you here because it IS difficult for most ppl to figure out what to even start with, let alone go thru the timeline and actually FIND things inside it. I practice that personally, but even find myself in a slump or dead ends quite often. I like how you all can feed earchother with something to progress the next person’s thought, like a domino effect of the brain. (hope that makes sense).
    anyway, you have a friend and added help in me, so I guess I should introduce myself and let you know, I will be on as much as I can.
    My name is AnG and my site on fb is “friends .4. kyron” listed as a page not a person. You are all welcome to come support my site and the other ppl out there who are trying to do something like you, just on a lesser level unfortunately. mabey give them some insight, by posting something good on my discussion board to get them crackin!!?? I would be honored and very thankful. It is my SINCERE BELIEF THAT THE MORE BRAINS WORKING ON THIS, AND COLABORATING, THE MORE CHANCES WE HAVE TO NARROW THIS DOWN AND NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WEATHER TH SPEAKS OR NOT, BECAUSE WE WILL HAVE THE ANSWER WITHOUT HER HELP!!
    much love,

  14. chianme says:

    @Jackie Bauer

    Yes, Jackie, sociopaths are charming, manipulative and clever. They deceive so well… that’s why some folks see Kaine as cold while T is so outgoing, engaging. You are so right. She cannot, will not LOSE her facade. At least if she can help it.

    I also knew one. He could change the world because he was somehow more enlightened than everyone else. Studied philosophy, religion, etc. Became “spiritual” because there were more “chicks into that.” Turns out in his earlier married life he had molested his step daughter for 10 years. He got caught and went to prison. Once released, and off probation, he began a men’s support group in a church as if his past never happened. And these men admired him! Last I heard he was traveling to Africa to help build a church. I am not making this up.

    I agree, Terri cannot LOSE her facade nor the way back to her free days as a 4 to 6 hr-at-the-gym muscular, slim body builder with men admiring her physique and her fiery red locks with blonde streaks. I think that’s why she snapped after having Kiara. Things had changed. She certainly looks nothing like she once did. She is stuck at home with ‘mundane’ activities and only the Internet to project who she needs to see herself being. But wait. She can get it back if only…

    Ky, Kaine, James, and bonus! Kiara – are out of the way. The sociopathic T can again “hit the gym”, fly around in her red squirrel mustang, attracting men, feeding her ego. But only if she WINS.

  15. chianme says:

    Note to self… egads, go to bed!

  16. connie says:

    To MockingbirdSings-
    Thanks for the list of cases- When I was in college a fellow student named Gina Renee Hall went missing. Unfortunately, her body was never found but there was a suspect and he was found guilty.
    This is in Virginia of course and happened around the early 80′s.
    The hundreds of volunteers scoured everywhere and to this day still no body. So sad and I think abiut her family still not having closure.
    Shame on the person(s) who will not come forward about Kyron.

  17. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    chianme says:
    July 18, 2010 at 3:29 am
    @Jackie Bauer

    “Yes, Jackie, sociopaths are charming, manipulative and clever. They deceive so well… that’s why some folks see Kaine as cold while T is so outgoing, engaging.”

    Excellent, excellent point, good way to explain it.

  18. DiDi says:

    Ok, look at the wedding picks that beejay has a link to. The photos are of Michael and Shannon Cook’s wedding. Their baby girl is in some pictures and she looks like she could be the twin of Kiara, which is kind of weird. Go on and take a peek and compare the two children.

  19. MockingbirdSings says:
    “Cook did admit that he had Googled Kaine Horman’s new address on his cell phone.
    ‘She wanted to find out where Kiara was,’ Cook told KGW.”

    So I’m wondering why Cook was the one who Googled the address. Terri certainly could have done it herself. Maybe she didn’t want her own phone or computer to show she checked out the address, but if she had the address from the court paper, then she must have been entitled to it (to avoid), just not to share it. (Apparently, it wasn’t a location she was familiar with if it had to be Googled)

    Maybe she was seeking sympathy from Cook. Maybe she was testing his willingness to help and his degree of loyalty to her (vs Kaine) and had something else in mind for him to do next (like carrying a message to or from an accomplice, or checking the status of something hidden that she was worrying about being found). Or maybe taking “possession” of one of Kaine’s friends counted for a few points in her book, even if they weren’t close buddies.

    At the time, it seemed commendable that a high school friend would show up to help in a time of crisis, but after all that has happened and also been said about his past, I don’t think it’s so commendable anymore. What was he hoping to get out of it for himself, even from the beginning?

    2 more quotes from KGW link above:
    “The filing also stated that a police search of Cook’s phone found that Cook had done a Google search to map Kaine’s new address but that he told police he did not go to the residence.”
    Does this suggest she asked him to go there for some reason? Cook couldn’t just openly show up at the safe address and offer Kaine his “support” again (to get information to take back to Terri or whatever) – if Kaine hadn’t given him the address, he certainly would know where Cook got it. Cook might have been able to hire and direct someone else to go there for her if this had not been discovered.
    My guess is that Cook is out to get whatever benefits him, but not desperate enough to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire for “love of Terri”. (He didn’t seem to vouch for her not going there – she may have at least driven by.)

    “He shared information from the restraining order with at least two other unidentified people, according to the court document.”
    Did anyone ever identify those 2 people and why they, in particular, were given the information? I assume LE knows who they were and it wasn’t necessary to include it in the court documents later to show contempt on Terri’s part. If he refused to give their names to LE, then why? I would expect Terri to know their names also.

  20. justasking says:

    I don’t under stand why KH gets a pass on everything. Think on this.

    1. Kyron said he was afraid to leave bio moms home and return to his house with his mom and dad. Did he say he was afraid of TH? Maybe he was afraid of KH. To bad bio mom did not ask.

    2. What was Kyron’s june 11th Dr appt that TH scheduled for?

    3. if KH’s brother was molested by his grandfather, could KH have been abused also.

    4. I cant think of a solid motive that TH would have that would cause her to kidnap her own son

    5. Maybe the motive was to keep Kyron away from the Dr. and keep him quiet. A child molestation charge could ruin someone’s lifer forever.

    Just saying

  21. Rose says:

    @M’bird. Don’t you think Dede was there, and likely Cook too, , when process was served. I see Cook as an intrusive type who used “helping” and “support” for his own ends. . Anyway I assumed Dede was one of the two as she got to know him while staying at Terri’s. There was probably some groups of supporters hanging out there when the RO was served. Too bad counsel was not the first she talked it over with.

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