Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Kaine Horman Accuses Terri of Contempt With Michael Cook


Portland, OR– late today, through his attorney, Kaine Horman filed contempt of court charges against Terri Horman for showing a previously sealed restraining order to childhood friend of Kaine’s, Michael Cook.


In his motion, he also accused Terri of “sexting” messages to Cook from her cell phone. Cook and Horman exchanged racy and graphic sexual messages back and forth since June 30th.

Michael Cook is best known for organizing the first vigil for Kyron Horman on June 7th and speaking briefly to reporters as he ran errands and stocked food and beverages for those in the home when Kyron first went missing.

Check back to for this developing story 

 Image by Klaasend


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  1. equuslady says:


    I wish you didnt have it, but I think you gathered the right pieces ~ its all starting to click together..the pieces of this f-d up puzzle are starting to form the border…forensics…damn.

    it could be all they need now is a confession of a location to link the killer to Kyron. whoever knows the location is the one who killed Kyron. And Landscaper knows info to share. So does Terri. But Terri is the one to pressure because her actions speak louder then words;easy target… once the confession is in, all parties can be arrested, and LE hangs it up.

    I so wanted a different ending. as all of us.



    i dont think I have the heart to post anymore. Its been played out and its over.

  2. Eloise says:

    zeus says:
    July 15, 2010 at 12:26 am
    You were talking about the groups that toured the SF. I recall early on Tanner had said that the sub noticed Kyron gone and it was referenced to ‘after they were put into groups”.. I remmber this b/c I commented on them actually doing the groups with Kyron, which was news. But no other remarks have been made, so I assumed it was incorrect. I wonder who the ‘sub’ that abruptly went away after the tour was? Remember they said where is Kyron and Ms Porter said oh maybe the BR, etc. Somethings fishy with that. Not saying its them, but they may have been told to be quiet.
    About forensics. What about the glasses? Isn’t there a possibility they were mailed in? Even if they were just found, and are Kyron’s that may be what the forensics are looking at.
    Lastly, I think Kaine & DY were talking on camera about Kyron not wanting to get oob in the morning. Green sweater interview.

  3. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Zeus: I’m asking for my list above: is it possible that Tyler saw Kyron in the gum before 8:45 and that he (Kyron) was alone because TH had gone to talk to his teacher or another parent? The reason I’m asking is not to disprove your theory, but to add it to the list of variables in my comment above if it’s based on some fact we know about Tyler and the gym. LE has stated consistently that Kyron was last seen at school by TH at 8:45 a.m and that the last sighting of Kyron was 9, but no comment as to who saw Kyron or if Kyron was alone. Also, good point about the truck. I’d think LE would’ve asked the same questions to determine.

  4. minima says:

    41.Shannon says:
    July 13, 2010 at 8:05 pm
    “To those individuals who believe it is a scorned lover out for revenge, I just can’t understand, if it is as simple that, why at this point SM would not have fingered him directly to LE. She appears (in my opinion) to be thinking of herself like a victim here, with regards to the state of her marriage and the state of her life. Look at me, poor me, in her discussions to the LS lover and to friends. So if it really is just as simple as being the LS as a scorned lover, I don’t know why she wouldn’t be very quick to say, poor me, it’s not my fault, he did it to get back to me, he did it because I tried to break it off, etc. Now that reality of infidelity is out in the open. If it was just an open and shut scorned lover out for revenge, I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t just point the finger directly that way to save herself, even if she didn’t know it for sure. I just cannot imagine that it isn’t in fact far worse than just the idea of a revenge kidnapping/murder.”

    I agree. I don’t understand this “scorned lover” theory. I mean, other than the fact that it’s just another theory amongst the many we’ve come up with here. But as I have stated many times, my experience in following a case such as this is nil. I watch a lot of 20/20 and the like, but that certainly doesn’t make me knowledgable. But in the many, many shows I have seen I have never heard of one where a “scorned lover” abducts a child…

    I am curious to any of you blinkettes out there is you have ever of heard of such a thing?

    I have to admit it just seems far fetched to me. I agree with JACKIE’s and many others perception that TH is along the lines of a sociopath, and from the moment this story broke and I looked on her facebook wall, I thought “personality disorder.” Does that make me right? No, but her actions and behaviors have pretty much fed into that assumption. And assuming she is, isn’t accussing her or excusing her, it just makes a lot of sense. A lot of sense based on her own actions. And those actions are unbelievable to us. And the more and more that comes out about her the less likely I believe that Kyron is alive and the more I go back to my very first thought of, “she did it.” I continue to think she is in more denial than any of us can imagine ever being in. I continue to think she believes that if she continues to deny it, it won’t be true because know one will be able to “prove” it’s true and she can go on telling herself it’s not. The only inkling of humanity I can see in her is in this fact, that she doesn’t want to face it so much that’s she gone so far into denial. And I am sorry I can’t quote whoever said it, but her latest shinnanigans could be just her keeping her mind occupied.

    And I don’t mean this to sound as awful as it does but I think if she was suicidal that would be a good sign. But I think TH is out for protecting TH. And she just happens to be one of the scarier people in the world that will do the unthinkable to do that. Again, going back to her mental health, she doesn’t think logically or rationally, her thinking is twisted. If TH is found innocent I will happily say I was wrong.

    As far as KH is concerned, the RO that DY filed and the fact that he was seemingly “controlling” about keeping Kyron to himself, well, they’ve certainly stuck in my mind. I think those things question his character as a man, but I still don’t think it has much to do with Kyron’s disapprearance. The only thing that pains me is what torment DY must be going through, shoulda, coulda, woulda, wish there was something we could all do to ease her pain :(

    @annala: My thoughts on a “sexually motivated” crime could also mean an “affair” or “sexual relationship,” that may be a motivating factor in Kyrons disappearance. I don’t get the impression that Blink thinks that Kyron was targeted from a persons sexual motivations. But I am not blink and I often don’t understand the responses either :)

    BLINK: I know that you get asked this a lot, and I have asked you before, but do you think we will find Kyron?

  5. sawdust says:

    What about Kiara being with Furer? Neighbors. Sons “best friends” How close are TH and Furor?

  6. Malty says:

    Great posts all of you
    clear thinking
    I haven’t watched or read DY in a couple of
    days. I can’t seem to hold it together if I do
    I get so upset
    Bless her
    prayers for her and Kyron
    until he is found otherwise I will think he is alive for DY

  7. nana2 says:

    @ Jackie Bauer :) says:
    July 15, 2010 at 12:22 am

    Here is the link you requested to the raw video interview between DY & KH where KH talks about Kyron staying in bed until someone comes to get him.. It is a long interview but the area you are interested in comes in at approximately the 5:45 time point..

  8. Bearlyhere says:

    Kyron, little man, I have not forgotten and never will. Prayers for you and those who truly love you. Prayers for Blink and all.

    Let’s get this done.

    Blink, I hope you and your family are well and are enjoying the giggles that only summer can bring. Thank you for taking hold of this and not letting go.

  9. nana2 says:

    This was a great piece of news this morning

  10. shelbar says:

    A jackie bauer: I think Teri leaving at 9 vs 8:45 is significant. Teri stated she said goodbye to kyron at 8:45. What did she do in those 15 minutes of unaccounted time? I say nothing because she didn’t leave at 8:45 she left at 9.

    She never walked him to the classroom, no witnesses. Kyron was in the gym at 9, she was out in the parking lot waiting for kyron to comeout, a pre arranged plan for him to visit projects and be seen, then leave. He knew the way out of the school without help. Maybe he told his friends that he was going to the dr. We don’t know the results of the interviews with his classmates. Or maybe Teri told him to keep it quiet. Bottom line, the time difference is big.

    I still say Teri did not have help with Kyron. The MFH plot yes, she tried to get help and wasn’t successful. Maybe the “other person” is just someone she blabbed it to. If that’s the case then why isn’t that person talking to LE. Naw… she didn’t blab. I go back to what I said earlier, maybe Teri and the LS discussed disposal sites for Kaine and she used that for Kyron.

    There is no incentive for anyone to talk except to do what is morally right, but if they had morals we wouldn’t be discussing this now. I think Teri pre planned the disposal site and is confident the body wont be found. I dont’ think to much on “how” it was done, to heartbreaking. I read someone say she might have dropped him deep in the woods without his glasses … OMG I hope that isn’t true, besides the body would be easy to find..eventually.

    Kaine seems like a very loving and active father, at least it seems that way from all the pics I’ve seen of him with Kyron. More of him doing things with Kyron then the baby … jealousy on Teri’s part then? A father and son can be very close…maybe to close for comfort with Teri?

    Jackie are you on websleuths or insession?

  11. minima says:

    @ AG’s mom: well, it takes a big person to apologize and I can’t speak for blink or anyone else, but I appreciate your hangin’ tough and just apologizing. Most people would just scurry or keep going.

    @snapoutofit: oooooo, interesting, i hadn’t seen that. “the truck in the parking lot, a name for the exhibit he went to.” nice. you found a puzzle piece!

    @NansyS: Yes, there is a reward fund, I responded to your post several pages back so it’s probably lost among the 500 plus posts on this thread, but it’s $25,000. (anyway, i said that your post questioning the reward was interesting and led me to guess is that’s what MC was trying to get at.)

    @lilor: wow, excellent work. i still don’t understand how you all come up with all this “extra” info. it’s impressive. i still think he could have been out there “working” TH for the reward money, actually after reading what you brought over, i feel even more so. yep.

    As far as DY and TY distancing themselves from KH, yeah, I would too at this point. These are almost 2 different stories going on here. The one of an innocent mother and step-father dectective whose son has gone missing and then the Horman’s, where it’s a mess, in family court, and on and on. People support DY, and people question KH…so, it probably is better for them to separate into two different camps.

    I am curious as to how long LE has had any forensics. I have felt that they MUST have had something all along but what I don’t know. I also, continue to wonder what they are doing? How is it that so many innocent people are into prison? How many people are in prison for petty crimes, drug addiction, etc. But TH is just walking around? It boggles my mind. So, then I think they must be waiting for that last shoe to drop. They must be waiting for her to do something. But what? If it’s to break, how is that more likely out of custody, rather than in custody. I really am curious, as I have no idea. There must be a method to this madness.

  12. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @nana2: Thank you! only one thing, I think the link is missing :)

    @shelbar: nope, not on either site. Are you trying to get me to switch ;)

  13. Malty says:

    About Terri
    when I read her record on ScaredMonkey
    and saw all those speeding tickets, burning
    without a permit , and that DUI
    I kind of thought she lives on the edge, and has
    a long time
    plus the short term marriages
    and all those hours in the gym when James
    was younger
    life seems to be all about her
    and what ever she wants to do at the moment,

    affairs Oh yes affairs ,more short term stuff
    I believe she is dangerous

  14. nana2 says:

    @ Jackie Bauer :) says:
    July 15, 2010 at 11:13 am

    @nana2: Thank you! only one thing, I think the link is missing

    JB apparently there is a server issue going on here & everytime I post the link when the server comes up its gone.. Maybe it doesn’t like Firefox..

    However, here it is again & the info you would like is at the same 5:45 time point & crossing my fingers ..

  15. nana2 says:

    can’t get on scared monkeys site either..

    Thanks for your patience guys. We are upgrading our server to avoid this very problem, with the most amount of traffic possible, at the worst possible time.

    It’s how we roll, lol

  16. Malty says:

    Anyway do I believe she could drop a child
    off in the woods like a unwanted cat
    or sell him
    hands on kill
    not as what we know so far

  17. nana2 says:


    I was yelling at my ISP & blamed them ♥

  18. Daisy says:

    @chica, thats exactly my point! glad someone agrees lol.

  19. nana2 says:

    @ Malty says:
    July 15, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    please don’t use the word ‘unwanted’ in the same sentence with a four legged furry one it pains my ‘rescue heart’.. ♥

  20. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @nana2: thanks!

  21. nana2 says:


    your most welcome.. now have to watch Cindy take the stand & yell at the Judge the same way she yelled at Zenaida’s attorney during the depo..

  22. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @nana2: Ditto on the furry creatures thing. Kindred spirit here.

  23. L.B. says:

    A couple of years ago (?) there was a news story of a woman who took her four-year-old grandson away from her daughter’s home and bludgeoned him to death. By all accounts, they’d had a good relationship – the grandmother had often brought the boy with her to a community garden. As a grandmother myself, I could not wrap my head around it. (I’m not sure how I would look up the story now – a Google search was unproductive. I don’t recall how the story turned out – -I’m sure the grandmother would have gone to prison, the case was very quickly solved.) But it taught me that what’s unimaginable to me is within the capacity of others, no matter how difficult to believe.

    As for TH getting involved with someone new so quickly, and at such a level . . . I suspect this is not so much a case of someone looking for “comfort sex” but rather someone who perceives herself as beginning a new carefree chapter of her life. My heart aches for poor little Kyron.

  24. L.B. says:

    This story about the grandmother — I forgot to mention it did happen in the Portland area as well.

  25. Malty says:

    I am so sorry about saying Cat
    people who do not commit to any pet
    for a life time bring out the hate in me
    it was said in that context

    I can not edit here or I would have used pet
    after rereading

    love you people So sorry

  26. soma says:

    Waited till I couldn’t anymore to post ruminations☺ and it’ll have to be in segments. J.Bauer/Blink: I look for your comments (thanks for clarity/conciseness): just a universal comment—nations watch this tragedy unfold, not that the U.S. is the only country with dysfunctional families. But the rate of divorce, blended families, splintered unit structures rank highest here, because THEY CAN. And, no, I’m not a flagwaver for Abolish Divorce. It’s just that this is the breeding ground for ‘tribe breakdown’ and pretty fertile here. IJS (I’m just sayin’)
    First of Three Postings:
    I’ll start with “This took planning, and acting-in-the-moment rage and premeditation and detailed planning do not co-exist” – by my observation of facts-to-date, AGREED. Same goes for the concerted LE effort to bring TH to spill. HEADS UP: NO ONE HAS FOUND THE PATH TO MAKE THIS WOMAN TALK—NO ONE.
    I read the KOIN/Bruce McCain article only after reading most of Tues. (minutely) the filed legal pdf’ed papers (I filed at court for a former job and had to re-do many times if anything was not to code.) Echoing post: [how could] “all the people that would’ve then known about the truth could be quiet about the truth for almost a month. JMO.” Fine-tooth sleuthing shows papers were already drawn up as early as JUNE 20/21. SOP?
    1. “Motion/Order to Seal” – handwritten date looks like “21 day of June” – 7 days BEFORE R.O., its Seal, and Dissolution signed; plus Judge’s handwritten statement p. 2: I’d be required to re-type and re-file any additions on a legal paper, so WHY would a judge reiterate the Seal’s intent by HANDWRITING by his X, which, btw, differs from —
    2. his signature on “Ex-Parte Motion/Order to Restrict [Seal]” e.g., Media filing on behalf of the Public’s Need to Know.
    3. L. Rackner’s “Affidavit of Counsel” – date looks like “20 day of June”
    4. “Dissolution of Marriage” L. Racker’s “28″ differs noticeably from “20″ above

    I mentioned earlier about cooler heads and the city’s budget crunch. LE scrambled. Lots of covering their tracks, e.g., pursuing the Contempt means that original date on the Seal had to be in place. Pursuing Contempt also took time to get MC’s download, scans, corroboration (2 others saw the R.O.), and ditto: I question MC’s intent to either a) aid KH/LE by “sacrificing” his own reputation to get info and b) riding the coattails of fleeting fame. Either way, he’s a bottom feeder who sees no wrong, is a “pretty straight shooter”?

    During the TV interview with Ms. Rackner/KH’s lawyer, she spoke fine till the reporter asked about the filings. She not only paused, but blinked, and stuttered, so I gauge that my findings hit a nail: LE has been in the know quite awhile (applause); it took at least a week to gather the clues, verify with 2 or more corroborations, alert the lawyer – or the minion (like me) in the office — to start up papers, have more papers signed for the wire/sting, get KH/daughter out of the house, TH’s routine already known to be at her gym till 2 (btw, they have separate gyms), set up LS (perhaps NOT actually SL yet TH knows?), and by 5pm execute sting after which TH called 911.

    LE’s slip-ups: a) probably not briefing faux LS, like lawyers would for a witness, so faux LS went in both barrels drawn, no script. B) The undercover cop? So unclear about that move, unless TH/LS initially agreed that LS would bring in another conspirator, someone TH pointedly said she didn’t want to meet. Still, with the actual LS, if the sting went bad, jig’s up (aah, sorry for the gangland slang), TH would take one look and think: DUMMY, why did you bring HIM here?? WHY did you show up at all??. . .Busted.

    What’s this got to do with the price of tea/FINDING KYRON? The convoluted manner over how to HIDE events tells all. Coverup, coverup, coverup. Look there, to not look here. (2 of 3 to be posted)

  27. soma says:

    2nd of Three postings:
    … LE has already seen the multiple calls to LS’s cell. Last Fall: is that when TH got a new camera, a means to post on her conduit to the world, FB. The 4 albums, btw, made me tear up: this WAS, at times in front of camera, a happy family with events, and decorations, no expense spared for even a frog display, some mis-dated, mis-ID’ed pix (lies?), or pix from a mother/grandmother’s camera sent to TH to post, whatever. Halloween: TH adds an OLD 2005 pic of Ky in costume to add to the 2009 costumes (so he won’t seem left out?). NOTE: J is already listed as Moulton… Not accessible but no albums from Nov. 09 to May ’10 – hard to say if anyone looked happy enough to BE in pix, with J leaving in Jan. and changing his last name from Horman to Moulton, probably for child support paperwork? Whatever, this is probably not a happy household.–the fractured unit, vengeful affairs. TH might think: OK, this family’s breaking up, let’s break it up more. Perhaps the “pillow talk” to LS: “man, if I could, I’d off KH, get the insurance, have daughter and house. LS, would you help?” LS might play along, but then reneg. Or agree months later. And reneg. TH: “well, he banished my son, let’s do the same, just for awhile, like ransom, get some money, return Ky—just for a day or two. He’ll pay…KH will pay.”

    Plans were made; plans were unmade. Whatever, the damage was done, and wheels in motion. And the uncanny ease to make one slim chance work that 4th day in June is near miraculous: Pre-plans: exchange Ky’s visiting Medford weekend to June 4 ‘cuz Ky has a Dr. appt. June 11 (does not tell KH, but DY knows); have grandparents drive J down June 4, one in/one out. TH surmises that Ky “will be returned” mid-week, then off again for fishing, the trauma and relief of Ky’s “return” will occupy all other 3 adults while TH has J, even thru June 11 weekend. TH has neighbor (AP?) care for daughter June 4 8-noon during Science Fair/short gym.

    1) June 3: TH brings display parts, did actually give Dr. papers to teacher, the display is set up this night, TH takes Ky’s pic in same T-shirt; 2) June 4: TH/Ky leave home 8am, TH hears the ice cream/Wii plan, but says nothing; TH drops off daughter w/AP?; meet LS at Skyline to “drop off” K. I hear that as a future tense, even if TH parks truck to stick around to make sure the plan plays out, Ky could’ve been “dropped off”. 3) LS or ?? are at Skyline, Ky runs around seeing displays, HYPOTHETICALLY 8:45 TH says: I’ll say bye to others now but really we’ll go see something special, don’t tell anyone, meet me outside the south door. Ky: there’s one more cool thing (electric); TH: OK, but come soon. Alone, Ky runs into Tanner; Ky heads thru gym; Ky’s out the south door. 9:00am TH & LS or ?? are waiting. TH/LS talk in the truck in front of Ky (“where are we going?”) – mistake. NOTE: No one REPORTED to have seen TH, Ky, LS – an LE ploy: many people saw 1 or the other that morning. Drive in 2 trucks (to Cornelius Pass?) Two stores, some supplies? On camera? Drive toward SI w/sidetrip down one road (boat event June 4-6: a meetup w/BP? to stash Ky on a boat on that sidetrip?) TH DRIVES FAST: OK if she can account/have alibi for only 1 hr. of chores after leaving Skyline and being at gym by 10:30am, the earliest. LS stays with Ky, takes glasses for “repair”. [Unclear about this, but always thought the glasses looked used vs the sample display quality]. Perhaps this is when Ky panicks, no glasses, TH leaving (where is BP?) TH seen driving back onto 30 [perhaps LS "deters" Ky from screaming/attracting attention – damage is done.] LS calls TH. TH, maybe remorseful, regretful, but mostly COVERS HER TRACKS.” Get rid of the body; he heard too much anyway”, and adds, “no, don’t tell me where. Then I can say, I DONT KNOW ANYTHING.” [I know this is all speculation, but it is based on recorded movements…]

    June 4, not even noon: sticking to plan, TH goes to the gym, gets daughter from AP?, knows KH is home early, heads home, delays showering/changing clothes, COVERS HER TRACKS, posts the June 3 pic, sees if any other electronic/email/hard copies reveal anything. TH has been smart, even with the Dr. papers, possibly causing confusion on the 2 Fridays. Long-term intention: cause confusion, he said/she said, etc.. 2pm: KH returns, sees TH on laptop still in gym clothes, not attentive to daughter, seems remote but intense (nothing new). KH cares/plays with daughter, 3:30: preps to meet Ky at bus, TH lagging behind (on cell?) Bus driver already surprised: why are Ky’s parents waiting? They have driver call school; TH directly calls school to say call DY, as listed under Emergency Contact. DY planned to be out of work 4:30-5, arrive at mid-point 6:30-7, and is suspicious. GP Hormans arrive w/J. J is sent back the next day after KH overhears phonecall re TH focus.

    Condensing Time: June 4-20: AP/BP leave Tanner w/grandmother (where are they??); LS is guilt-ridden, stressed, spills to spouse re affair w/TH; LE has already seen the multiple calls to LS’s cell. [Last of 3 to be posted]

  28. soma says:

    Last of 3 postings:
    LE focus on TH esp. after LD test 1; MC joins the couple; GP Hormans keep J out of sight. Visible only: searches, flyers, reward, LE presstime, then 2 couples presstime. Then LS’s LD test and TH’s LD test 2. Time speeds up. LS’s spouse can’t take it, demands that LS tell LE LS’s involvement, “DO ANYTHING” to veer them away from public scrutiny of this affair: “LS mentioned the pillow talk”. Hence, corroboration. Everyone’s off and running, legal papers are prepped, To LE: take the necessary steps to do this legally; back yourselves; COVER YOUR TRACKS. LS’s spouse will “sacrifice” own rep ‘cuz the blood is up, revenge is driving force. LE double-checks: a wiretap is OK for a single person. But someone’s a loose cannon here; let’s send an undercover along. Does NO ONE question how that will look to TH? No one? [Am I being subtextual…?]

    To regain ground (and cover tracks): MC tells KH he saw the RO. LE & everyone in overdrive, again. Backtrack the filings; make sure the Seal reflects none “shall disclose” (write it in); get Judge to sign, THEN we’ll file the actual Motion–or sign it in absentia (forge). SOP? Flub: written date says “21″ to look like “29″ (still the wrong date). Plus, TH was served 6/28 and then goes to the gym asking about daughter. THEN on 6/29 the judge signs the Motion to Seal. Per oregonlive June 29: “… judge has sealed the restraining order filed late Monday [6/28] against Kyron Horman’s stepmother… Kaine Horman, Kyron’s father, filed the request at 6 p.m…” Per Registergaurd/AP July 13: “…on the same day Terri Horman was served with the restraining order “150 ft. from building or land” – 500 ft. area not designated [6/28]— BUT BEFORE SHE WAS SERVED— she showed up at a gym where he works out…”

    TH was NOT in contempt. BTW: each filing costs $$ per form, all charged back to the Defendant/KH, in this case. AND btw, the listed base penalty is $500, usually more for Contempt…and it’ll be dismissed. Ms. Racker blinks responding to the reporter’s question July 13.

    Before posters are all on about defending TH, IJS, this could’ve been the NEXT possible flub. Again, IJS. . .
    Go carefully, guys. We all feel the pressure’s on. It’s ultimately LE’s actions that maneuver through the legalities and the press AND the public. Like the 4th day of June, it may be pretty circuitous to get all the ducks lined up. Covering your tracks is Step 1 in pre-planning. Take a gander at TH’s M.O. Not a suspect/person of interest (publicly): was any bargain or deal even offered? Obvious response from S. Houze counsel: with no crime, why bargain? What’s the obvious change to that in Divorce court? Can a family prosecutor’s questions roam into the Kyron area without TH’s (new) defense lawyer objecting on the grounds that it “may incriminate her”?

    So, who ARE her defenders? So-called lovers? Tight-mouthed friends? PARENTS?? (facetious – throw her under the bus, why don’cha…) Would LS “take the rap” if the situation is at all what’s described above? WHO is as NOT TALKATIVE as TH is? Agreed that there’s no relief for TH to tell even what she THINKS happened ”cuz everything already points to her. Sociopaths have been known to take secrets to their graves; why should TH be any different? The “sexting” ain’t even an issue ‘cuz that’s just diversion. Under debilitating stress, some folks drink; some folks brawl; some tantalize sexually yet may not follow through. MC sounds like he ogled, but if TH’s parents are around (are they still in the house?), that would be outright STUPIDO to have ANY sex, with Mom and Dad on the other side of the wall…but enough of that. It’s just an indicator; it ain’t a crime. Red herring. Back to the QUESTION: WHERE IS KYRON? And WHO ELSE STANDS TO LOSE by telling?

    I repeat: NO ONE HAS FOUND THE PATH TO MAKE THIS WOMAN TALK—NO ONE. Take away security, marriage, baby, (2 sons already “gone”), now house? TH doesn’t talk. Her camera’s DuoPro stick?? How about: her “look” (Gym membership)?? KH paying off Red car? Probably LE allows her Laptop and cell so they can trace everything. BTW: KH moves back in, and all the bugs will be monitoring HIM – is that what LE really wants? So what does TH get? Money to relocate (from KH, in a pig’s eye, but he may have to give in; lawyers will duke that out.) It’s like a kids’ game. What does TH want? “I’ll tell if…” I get money, I get a plea bargain, there’s only a closed court case? What’s less likely to move her to talk: “I’ll tell if KH pays JM (formerly JK’s) child support till age 21; KH releases daughter to grandparents’ care – nah. She’s not going to bargain for them before herself. What about the second conspirator, someone just not “paid enough” for all this @#$%*&. But LS has something over #2. No one will talk. And too much time has passed. Better to clam up. A thought: TH will scream, beg, plead, roust out of her protective silence in raging protest if ONE THING in particular is taken from her, a very low blow. LE, KH, no one looks good with this move. Bet she’d spill.

  29. Sondra says:

    Sources have told KGW that a judge could order Terri to move out of the home in Northwest Portland as soon as Thursday. Initially, a hearing was set for July 22 on that matter, but sources told KGW that date would likely be moved up to July 15 or 16.

  30. nana2 says:

    Jackie Bauer :) says:
    July 15, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    @nana2: Ditto on the furry creatures thing. Kindred spirit here.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Bless you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  31. nana2 says:

    @ Malty says:
    July 15, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    no need to apologize but I know what you mean about the pet commitment issue.. ♥♥

  32. nana2 says:

    hmm Cindy is actually a little nervous..

  33. puddnheadwilson says:

    @KimVA July 14, 2010 at 3:37 pm:


  34. Malty says:

    we have real problems here in Oregon on this subject
    but I have asked blink to remove the post
    things are going on in court today with the case
    hope to hear something soon

  35. shelbar says:

    @jackie, just wondering how to email you?

  36. zeus says:

    3 Jackie Bauer :) says:
    July 15, 2010 at 1:46 am

    @Zeus: I’m asking for my list above: is it possible that Tyler saw Kyron in the gum before 8:45 and that he (Kyron) was alone because TH had gone to talk to his teacher or another parent?

    That’s what I was wondering too. It seems weird though because then it would mean that TH would have come back into the gym to rejoin Kyron for the fair, or would have been lurking around outside the gym to walk him “towards” his class. I was certainly confused by a lot of that article! Especially the whole truck comment!

    2 Eloise says:
    July 15, 2010 at 1:26 am

    I agree, there is just so much about the early morning time line on June 4th that is unknown.

    Horman case inquiry: Detectives seek media footage for potential witnesses

    As part of the ongoing investigation, detectives are now asking all media outlets who may have video footage to send it to them.

    Of particular interest is video footage of students, parents, school officials or community members who believe or indicated they saw Kyron after 8:45 a.m. on Friday, June 4.

    There will be no Sheriff’s Office interviews or statements at this time regarding the continuing investigation or this request.

    That is an interesting development–I tried to read between the lines but I’m stumped. No Sheriff’s office interviews or statements about “this request”? Hmmm… Anyone?

  37. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Soma, posting 2 is missing? I have to LOL at your first posting, second sentence. Soma, I don’t actually get to be in a sentence with Blink. Blink kicks hiney and brings ‘em down. I’m lucky to be sitting in the back row at SchoolOBlink.

  38. zeus says:

    25 #
    Malty says:
    July 15, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    I am so sorry about saying Cat
    people who do not commit to any pet
    for a life time bring out the hate in me
    it was said in that context

    I can not edit here or I would have used pet
    after rereading

    love you people So sorry

    Malty-don’t be sorry! I’m big on animal rights, and I knew what you were getting at! You have such a concise way of writing that is very meaningful-thank you!

  39. MockingbirdSings says:

    @ soma – I really appreciate your posts and read them several times because there’s a lot to think about. I had thought perhaps LE sent another person along with the LS because even with a wire, it’s possible he could have signaled her not to admit to anything and to end the conversation. It’s also possible he warned her ahead of time that a sting was happening. It doesn’t seem we know the extent of their connection to each other. We all get distracted by the sex part – and the money – but maybe she had something more on him or she convinced him that he’s “safe” as long as she doesn’t confess to anything so his best bet is to help make sure she doesn’t talk about the MFH.
    If, as I have thought so far, she may have Borderline Personality Disorder (link, if you need one ) then she lives pretty much in the context of whatever her current view of her life is and does not learn from her past mistakes – in fact, she sees them all as the mistakes of others and most likely feels she has handled them the only way possible so there is no remorse or second guessing, and there is the likelihood she will repeat her behaviors again and again without major intervention.

    You wrote: “I repeat: NO ONE HAS FOUND THE PATH TO MAKE THIS WOMAN TALK—NO ONE.” You are absolutely right and I think that includes her attorney to date. Even if he threatened to quit, she probably would not give up but simply rework her story to fit what she thinks he’ll believe, or convince herself that she’ll find another. Some things, then, seem pretty obvious to me:
    1 – saying angry and demeaning things about her online are proving to her that she is right about everybody else being hateful and that she must do whatever she has to in order to protect herself. Other family members’ opinions don’t even count – she expected that from them since they don’t really understand or appreciate her anyway. The ugly comments are counterproductive to this case, because defensive mode seems to keep her energy going. (I am not talking about LE pressure – she does know what she has done and when facts are facts.)
    2 – I truly appreciate Blink’s support thread for Terri, but for now, it may have helped those of us who contributed more than it will influence Terri. She has a lot to let go of, if she can, before really hearing what she needs to hear.
    3 – She is a master at what she does to meet her own perceived needs. Her methods are out there for all to see and still she makes them work for her. When you look at it objectively, she really hasn’t lost anything she didn’t expect to lose or that she doesn’t think she can recover from by using the same “tried and true” manipulations. She has a protective attorney and attention 24/7 now.
    4 – Is Kiara the key to Terri’s cooperation? I doubt it. Soon, she is likely to think others have turned even a toddler against her and then, what would be the point?

  40. margaret lee says:

    who is cindy

  41. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    shelbar says:
    July 15, 2010 at 4:13 pm
    @jackie, just wondering how to email you?

    There may be some way Blink can forward an email from you? I don’t know. I can’t post my email address on here. I’m curious, of course, can you give me a hint?

    Not sharing any email or posting them, have no time to vett.

  42. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    1st ?, Comment 2: you state “I know this is all speculation, but it is based on recorded movements…” Do we have documented info on where TH was that a.m.? If so, link please :)

    And in comment 3, what is the ONE THING?

  43. Malty says:

    hey I like your posts
    you roll your ideas like I talk are you a local?
    Great post. ESP about the talking part
    what a quiet gal :)

  44. soma says:

    @Jackie Bauer:
    “…back row at SchoolOBlink.” And I’m in Blink-101:) I just had to download, y’know. The LS update is interesting, and somewhat coincidental. PLEEZ LE: go carefully.

    So, with your having read Posting #2…
    Documented, hmm. Well, it’s been a combination of piecing together bits and pieces of actual online news reports, reffing and cross-reffing, esp the time things (dated stamps just reel me in). Plus I string ‘em together with some conjecture and surmising – how far off could I be compared to everyone else’s theories, hmm? OK, for esp #1 in 2nd posting: verified re reports since June 4: dr.’s paper, ice cream, crazy driving, gym sighting, best friend sighting, electric thing, south door, road sighting, boat event, store camera sighting TBD; the rest is what-if inner dialog. So there is documentation–scattered.

    The One Thing: think Looks. Think trademark. The neon to Look Here. And forensic evidence. Alas, though, LE has to have any to compare any. There’s the rub. Good night.

    “…no remorse” – got that right. Hence, the don’t-tell-me-so-I-don’t-KNOW-anything routine.

  45. MockingbirdSings says:

    Glad to have soma’s post #2 of 3 now. It’s good to see the whole timeline spelled out in a way that ties it together. Much easier to think about variations when you have a framework.

    The MFH plot seemed to require a lot of waiting for an uncertain financial payoff – especially for small time, impulsive, what’s-in-it-for-me guys who might raise the fee after the fact in return for silence. Too many loose ends and wouldn’t have gotten away with it.

    I can see her trying the kidnapping for money idea. However, I can’t believe she ever thought Kaine would just hand over the money to someone (maybe even her pretending to be a go between) and not call the police – and with a police detective in the family, too.

    Kyron was likely afraid of Terri, may have overheard comments about himself or his dad, felt her attitude toward him change, but he was too young to directly communicate what was happening and to express his fears it a way that would keep him safe. And without proof, what custody court would believe it? I am absolutely confident that DY and TY WOULD have figured out what was causing the changes in his behavior given enough time with Kyron, but at this point it could have been attention given to new baby, missing older brother, quarreling adults at home, difficulties at school, or all of the above – a lot of things that could be normal stresses a child has in life. None of us can truthfully say we’d have figured it out any faster if we had been in their shoes.

    Saddest thought of all, however, is that I can’t believe she ever intended to have him return home unharmed. If she did, she would have used people he did not know and avoided being seen with them. The location and the whole timeline of events seems far too “iffy” for a stranger to grab him or for anyone to actually hand him over to a stranger she wasn’t involved with and couldn’t trust manipulating, plus a stranger who gets caught has no reason not to implicate her as well.

    IMO, Terri knew Kyron would realize something was wrong, probably before they even left the school grounds. She knew once he had words to describe what and who, then the power to be believed would shift from her to him and she couldn’t allow that to happen. It’s quite possible she convinced the other(s) that no harm was to come to Kyron, but extremely doubtful she ever intended for Kyron to return home again. Once she started thinking of Kyron as a target/pawn and not a child, she became capable of anything.

  46. Malty says:

    Kaine must have a lot of pressure on him
    big house payments, time off a good job,
    in a jobless area, bills and bills
    court again tomorrow
    and a sweet baby to care for
    I think they have child care at Intel
    we do
    plus putting in all that security at home
    and maybe pay off to Terri
    makes me shudder to think of the money
    going out
    oh yes the lawyer
    meanwhile my sis keeps emailing
    wanting to know why they can’t find Kyron
    I don’t answer
    so she wrote KOIN

  47. lizzy says:

    @Soma “A thought: TH will scream, beg, plead, roust out of her protective silence in raging protest if ONE THING in particular is taken from her, a very low blow. LE, KH, no one looks good with this move. Bet she’d spill.”

    Same question; what’s the one thing? That would also make LE look bad?

  48. AnG4Kyron says:

    Hi there Blink, & friends,
    Ihave been reading your posts for awhile, it’s kind of hard for me to get the time away from my 8 year old son to follow to a T, but first Iwant to say that you all arethe masters of your domain!! second, I run a site where a few people have gathered together to piece this together as well. I was reading a post here, dont recall who it was from, but it said something to the fact that they think MC might be alot more involved than he seems. Let me share my possible uncovering in this scenario with MC my theory of the missing link here…Remember on the 4th, a truck driver called the tipline and claimed he had seen a boy who looked like Ky in a gray pic up truck in the area of Skyline? The trucker said he had almost broadsided the gray pick up truck because the man driving was speeding or something to that effect…? that gray truck has stood out for me, and yes LE did follow up on it but could not find anything on the gray truck the trucker saw. end of story. I looked this up to be sure of my thoughts here, but a person who is colorblind will see the color BLUE as a gray or light pale blue-ish gray color. The truckdriver might be slightly colorblind and not even know it going his whole life thinking but not speaking directly about the color blue or gray. i personally have seen ppl go a lifetime thinking red was purple, etc. and blue is one of those commonly unnoticed. I think the link here is MC-he drives a blue pick up truck. and just a couple personal observations-I thought the first time I layed eyes on MC that he was wierd. I even told my daughter, he looked like a “chimo”. Then when my daughter, my 8 year old son and I went to the first vigil, MC was there, and I said to my daughter, “look its that wierd guy from the news when he was postering the freeway” after the speaches the candle lighting ceremony began, and MC was in the first group with family friends who started passing off the flame. I saw MC look my way and thought he might have just recognized me from the videos and stuff I made for Kyron IE: missing pics for ppl’s fb pages ,etc. but instead of comming up to ME heBee lines right for my SON next to me and lit his candle as his first public flame pass, or whatever you would call it. Istuck my candle out and he said to my son, “now you pass it on”. after that I just kind of thought mabey my first instincts were wrong about MC, but now, thinking back on how he bee-lined for my son, its almost like he had a guilt thing going on. it was a very emotional event, but that and all the other things makes me certain he knows much more than hes sharing.

  49. AnG4Kyron says:

    oh and one more little thing,
    I dont think Im nearly as qualified in the matter as you guys, i just want to help so much, so ive been using my intuition and love of crime solving to do everything I can, including going out to Sauvie and digging into ppl’s properties in the night, etc. GOTTA do what we GOTTA do to bring him home I keep saying to myself

  50. Malty says:

    Thanks for the info
    I keep feeling I should drive over there also
    very interesting about the candle service
    you are right my husband calls blue gray or
    green, it drives me nuts
    my question Was Terri there?
    Be careful out at night like that, Portland is
    not so safe anymore
    great post great efforts on your part
    it really is all about Kyron here
    the rest is distractions that confuse

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