Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Kaine Horman Accuses Terri of Contempt With Michael Cook


Portland, OR– late today, through his attorney, Kaine Horman filed contempt of court charges against Terri Horman for showing a previously sealed restraining order to childhood friend of Kaine’s, Michael Cook.


In his motion, he also accused Terri of “sexting” messages to Cook from her cell phone. Cook and Horman exchanged racy and graphic sexual messages back and forth since June 30th.

Michael Cook is best known for organizing the first vigil for Kyron Horman on June 7th and speaking briefly to reporters as he ran errands and stocked food and beverages for those in the home when Kyron first went missing.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    So I have to ask. How many favor the idea that Kyron might still be alive? I was thinking this morning if Kyron was my son I would make a deal with the devil. Return my son and walk free. Thats how much I would want him back.
    Heck they will dog him/her forever and get them for something else down the road.

  2. annla says:

    Blink: Please end my suspense – what did you mean by sexually motivated crime? To me that would most plainly mean against Ky. Is that what you meant?

  3. vidda says:

    Payout , goodness!
    Look at the nerves this woman has…every move she makes is disgusting…Wonder,can she be forced to leave?
    I guess, Kaine has to consider child support from her. How about some emotional damages ,too

  4. shelbar says:

    Ok folks, I don’t think kyron is safe in someone’s house in another state or country. If it was a kidnapping and Teri was involved, then I would think everyone would be keeping on the down low and NOT drawing attention to themselves.

    They would want the story to “go away” not continue to gain momentum and possibly receive worldwide attention. The players seem like idiots that can’t think further than a few days ahead of themselves. Who in their right mind would be sexting with graphic pics of themselves? Teri, those pics are here to stay with everyone having an opportunity to see them in some rag mag.

    MC is clueless and is just in it for money {selling the pics texts} but I think he ruined his reputation and who knows if an employer wants him around. Would you want someone like that working for you, managing your business? Now if he was a sports player than no problem .. they keep anyone .. rapist, dog abusers and other criminal behaviors.

    IF and it’s a big IF, if Teri has an accomplice, then I bet he wants to “knock” her off because she is drawing so much attention to everything. All kidding aside, 2 people can’t keep a secret this big. What are the odds that both people can keep their mouth shut and act like nothing happened.

  5. V says:

    Tarheel, I am right there with you regarding the RO paperwork. WHY WHY WHY would the paperwork contain Kaine’s new secret address? And if that wasn’t bad enough sealed or not sealed made absolutely no mind SINCE the paperwork was presented TO the person the RO claimed was a possible danger, Terri Horman. Most odd, the real concern of Kaine’s attorney is NOT that TERRI HAS THE ADDRESS but that she SHARED IT with someone? Did Kaine’s attorney goof? Did the Court goof by sending the wrong copy of the filing/order to Terri? Also the document has been unsealed, right? So was the address redacted before it was unsealed? If not than couldn’t anyone find the address?

    One final issue that is puzzling me – WHY is Terri’s CRIMINAL attorney, Mr Houze, continuing to respond about DIVORCE related filings? Has the court accepted him as her attorney of record for her DIVORCE case? He sent that letter to the court dated July 12 claiming he was sending this one letter but his client would be hiring a divorce attorney. But then he was the guy who showed up to ask Kaine for $$. So how does the Oregon court system work? Can Criminal attorney stand there and represent BUT contradict his very actions in paperwork? I thought Mr Houze was a criminal attorney. IF Terri can hire a criminal attorney in a day, what is taking her so long in regards to her DIVORCE?

    Oh, I thought attorneys were officers of the court and they are not allowed to impede/interfere with missing person cases. If there is a risk of harm to someone don’t they have to tell the court or police? Is this not part of our legal system? If not, maybe it should be!

  6. beejay says:

    Maybe she’s not as indiscriminate as people think. Maybe the LS was the only “boyfriend” in a 6 month period of time. I mean, she had 2 or 3 kids in the house, was the household errand person, school volunteer, etc. I’m surprised she managed to even fit one in.

    And, if you can go there with me on this: Michael Cook is NOT about sex. He was going to be her access to Kiara in some way. She was desperate, sex always worked for her before. She wants to see Kiara–or maybe just a picture of her getting in/out of a car. I see shear desperation in that. If you get sidetracked with theories about character/personality disorders, you miss the situation itself.

  7. Shannon says:

    Re: Futureman says:
    July 13, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Is it true that TH is also suspected of eating neighborhood dogs? Not sure where I heard this, but it might explain the sudden weight gain.

    Futureman: I feel that your post was probably a response to mine, and probably very well deserved. I am really sorry if my ideas were as ridiculous as that, I certainly wasn’t trying to waste anyone’s time. Honestly my gut belief all along has been like in Cherlynee’s post at 11:32pm, that it was plain and simple strictly rage at Kyron or at Kain that caused her to do something to Kyron, planned or not, but for which she covered her tracks on well enough that LE don’t have the evidence they need yet to secure a guilty verdict.

    I (reading in too much) thought that Blink’s comments repeatedly came back to it being much more than that, more complicated and darker than that. So perhaps I overstepped myself in coming up with possibilities / scenarios which indeed would have been far more complicated than that, but which are not based in any kind of real or current knowledge.

    Re: PackLeader5 says:
    July 13, 2010 at 10:45 pm
    While we’re throwing around What Ifs, What if TH’s obsession with sexual pictures is what got Kyron taken? What if she took “pictures” of Kyron?

    Packleader5: These were the kinds of things I was starting to worry about in my post, but by indications above, I’m afraid people feel that this just going too far with theories and/or what ifs.

  8. lillor says:

    The background story that has since been removed from Shannon Cook’s Toxic Relationship Coach website (you can verify by googling the first two sentences and you will see that it used to be here )

    On The Outside, We Looked Like The Perfect Family, But Behind Closed Doors, It Was A Nightmare

    Hello, my name is Shannon Cook. My story begins Iike so many others. I grew up in a middle class family in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree and began pursuing my creative dreams. I met a man who shared many of my interests, fell in love with him, had a child, and got married. My husband was given a very lucrative job opportunity and he made the most of it.

    We looked happy on the outside. I chose to stay home to raise our son. My husband and I ran a non-profit organization and this volunteer activity kept me busy. We had plenty of money from my husband’s career, our physical health and youth, and a lovely son. To the outside world, we were a “power couple”, a “beautiful family” and we heard this over and over again. It truly seemed that we had it all.

    But something was terribly wrong. I was desperately lonely, confused, and depressed. I wondered if my husband truly loved me much of the time. He was critical of most of my activities, large and small. For example, if I locked the front door to the house or to my car, he expressed disapproval at my excessive desire for security and expressed how my “malevolent world view” concerned him. He was always eager to explain how his social behavior was more open, more positive than mine, and how happy he was. He contrasted his well-being to my misery, which was clearly a problem with my character.

    He drank excessively and criticized me for being too uptight and judgmental when I expressed concerns about his alcohol and marijuana consumption. Yet he was passing out from drinking and missing flights home from work trips, staying out all night, and leaving his drug paraphernalia in potentially child accessible locations. I was told I was paranoid for asking about other women and that I clearly “had too much time on my hands.” He was frustrated with my depression. My husband regularly refused to respond to my desire for intimacy – which left me feeling hurt, rejected, and undesirable. He told me if I didn’t like the way he was and needed to have sex regularly, to go have an affair.

    I tried everything I could think of to salvage our relationship. I read self help books, save-your-marriage books, and even managed to convince him to attend couple’s counseling. Nothing helped. I considered leaving, but quickly dismissed the idea. I believed a marriage was supposed be for life, but practically speaking, I also had the problem of no job and a young child. I felt worthless and helpless and the prospects of going it on my own seemed overwhelming.

    As it turned out, my negative perceptions of the years of living this way were only the tip of the iceberg. One Thanksgiving, I discovered that my husband was having an affair with a coworker. From there, I slowly discovered the truth piece by piece. My husband was binge drinking often, using cocaine, having multiple sexual encounters with friends, colleagues, clients, and strangers, hiding large sums of cash from me, and compulsively lying about all of it on a daily basis.

    I was already feeling crazy, inferior, and undesirable, and was close to the breaking point before the whole picture began to emerge. When I finally discovered the truth, my world crashed in and I felt humiliated and devastated. I was a homemaker in an abusive marriage, mentally beaten down and weak. I was unsure how to go on. I felt I had no choice but to file for divorce.

    The abuse continued throughout the next 8 months until the divorce finalized. Now that everything was out in the open, the cruelty became more flagrant. Though I still lived there, my husband began bringing his current mistress home, even when my son was there asleep. I walked in on an empty cocaine vial in the kitchen and my husband in bed with the other woman. My husband threw an elaborate and lavish birthday party for his mistress, inviting many of his coworkers, who were our mutual friends, to attend. He had never thrown a party for me in all our years together.

    My spending was critiqued extensively and I was still sitting on the knowledge that my husband had tens of thousands of dollars he was trying to keep from me. All the while, he was continuing to drink, use drugs, and proposition other women openly. I desperately wanted to take my son and move out, but to that point, my son had not been exposed directly to my husband’s behavior and my attorney claimed there was no “imminent danger” so I needed to stay in our house or leave my son with his father. I had no intention of doing that. However, the torture was almost unbearable. I had no peace, no sanctuary in my own home. I had to take anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication just to make it through the day.

    All of this was a high price to pay for my ultimate freedom, both financially, legally, and emotionally. I looked and looked for some kind of overall support group to help me through it. I sought online message boards dealing with different aspects of my process and issues, but many of the boards weren’t very active, and information was coming in piecemeal. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars in clocked time asking my attorney questions that he ultimately couldn’t satisfactorily answer because they were outside his area of expertise. I consulted with my team of experts, but none could offer me a big picture view, or walk me through all the steps. I wasted money, time, and made mistakes that I did not need to make. Fumbling around alone, I sorted it all out as best I could and managed to address the various issues involved – but I knew that the trial and error approach was wasteful, cost me financially, and was a very high price to pay emotionally in time and confusion.

  9. Lazydog1 says:

    Now they have begun searching the same area around the school again and questioning all those who drive pickups. I also saw somewhere they are searching areas on the Island again. They were apparently looking for one particular family also. From the guy I saw interviewed they are not hispanic either.

    I pray this last search finds Kyron and brings him home.

  10. DiDi says:

    Dear Catz,
    I agree with Dee. I would call Oregon MCSO right away. I would also notify the National Center for Misssing and Exploited Children. Even if you are in Spain or Germany (or any other place, since we don’t know where he is), I would have LE look into it. I think Dee’s point about trying to get a photo is a good idea. I would try to make a mental picture of evey detail about him. Also, pay attention to the adults he is with and do the same with them. Notice what kind of accent he has if you can speak with him, etc. Notice if he looks scared, etc. Remember the one case of the teenaged girl who was kidnapped by that one weird couple? Someone finally noticed that she looked like the missing girl and phoned it in. Also, you may want to contact local LE, especially if it looks like they are about to move him again. I would also like to thank everyone that responded to my questions concerning the comments made by KH about Ky sleeping/or staying in bed all day. And Blink, please keep up the good work.

  11. Lisa says:

    Sadly, I do not think Kyron is still alive. I think if he were, Terri would have spilled her guts by now. I have a feeling this is going to turn out just like the Caylee Anthony case.

  12. ceci says:

    Such sadness reading this in The Oregonian today…Quoting Desiree from a Today Show appearance:

    She described “red flags,” such as Kyron’s increasing unhappiness with returning to his father and stepmother’s Portland home after visiting his mother.

    “He wanted to come live with us,” she said. “Several times he would just break down and sob because he wanted to stay.”

    Kyron, so many people love you and pray for your safe return.

  13. Kleat says:

    Zeus, you think the lawyer put the notion in her head to ask for money. Money she will need to pay him for his trip to NYC to sell photos in the form of licencing fees, and a retainer?

  14. Kleat says:

    annla, there’s apparently some connections to a Portland swinger’s club, that doesn’t mean child involvement unless there’s something else going on at another level, one can only hope not.

  15. Kleat says:

    Blink, Desiree on Today Show this morning, so says this Oregonianlive article. She claims that Kyron’s disappearance was ‘very planned’ by Terri Horman.

  16. Kleat says:

    The timing of the uncle in Snohomish county being taken into custody for the old charges is no coincidence, is it?

  17. kharis says:

    “Elizabeth says:
    July 14, 2010 at 7:02 am
    So I have to ask. How many favor the idea that Kyron might still be alive? I was thinking this morning if Kyron was my son I would make a deal with the devil. Return my son and walk free. Thats how much I would want him back.
    Heck they will dog him/her forever and get them for something else down the road.”

    Ya I get that too- I would be freaking out and totally desperate, but once law is involved I beleive they have to follow the laws and I don’t think at this point they can offer that? I am also wondering if there has been any sexual crimes occuring before involving son J, daughter K, and son K…not necessarily between them but by someone else…just a thought…
    I have to admitt that since yesterday I have had a very very sad feeling for Kyron…sadder than before. I think when I saw that they were searching by the school again, I thouht it was good, but also sad, as mentioned above he could not survive without care, outside that long…this situation is just not right and so not far, poor boy!

  18. Lisa says:


    Can we now say that Terri Horman is just as evil as Scotty Baker’s stepmother? I just cannot imagine whatever hell Kyron went through with Terri before he disappeared. This woman is a psycopath!

  19. Futureman says:

    Shannon, rest easy. My post was not a response to yours (I had not even read it). It was simply an irreverent commentary on how bizarre this case is, and how degraded TH’s mental state appears to be. There isn’t much that is surprising to me at this point.

  20. Eloise says:

    lillor says:
    July 14, 2010 at 9:11 am


  21. lillor says:

    I probably should have added to the background story I posted that Shannon is MC’s ex-wife. What a sad story (yes, I know it is only her side but considering she now makes a living telling it, I would expect he would have challenged her by now if it wasn’t true.)
    Don’t you think MC and TH would make a great couple???
    (sorry – I am just beyond angry right now)

    Where are you sweet boy?????

  22. kelly says:

    To Jackie Bauer:
    There is information that DY tried to get custody of Kaine when she returned from Canada and her health improved, but that Kaine refused. Secondly, regarding Kaine and his relationship with his wives, one does not have to be a “wild, controlling, abusive loon” to be domineering in relationships with women.
    The fact that you said “I could be wrong” seems to imply that you have an opinion. Please let others have theirs as well.

  23. beejay says:

    Before I have to start working, one more thought:

    If Kyron is dead and Terri knows that (whether she has seen him dead or simply believes someone who told her that) then why would she possibly supply that info. NOW???

    It would be self-incriminating even if she just had knowledge of it after the fact (several diff. crimes she could be charged for there).

    If he’s dead, who would it help? Yes, yes, “closure” for KH, Desiree & Tony. But sympathy for them might be real hard for her–or anyone in her position–to come up with right now.

    Remember, she has 2 other living children and her future and her future access to them to think about. IF this scenario were correct, why would she talk NOW? Smarter to fight court battle, or be working out a plea deal.

  24. MissMonkey says:

    What happened to the statement they put out stating that they would be too busy with LE this week to do press? I am not complaining about DY and TY appealing for Kyron to come home, but just confused.

    On other sites people are starting to turn on Desiree and it is short circuiting my brain. Am I not seeing something there?! Because all I see is a woman who is heartbroken that her son isn’t around and doesn’t know when or if he ever will be. I feel physically ill when I see DY speaking because I can only imagine the tiniest amount of the hell her life must be like right now.

    MC and TH seem like a perfect pair. Perhaps he was actually on the scene before the Kyron went missing and LS was not happy about it. Especially if she’d already entangled him in her web of crazy with the MFH business.

    I hope these renewed search efforts are fruitful, because Kyron needs to be found … yesterday!

  25. Rose says:

    Is it all typical in cases like this for DY / KY to be stating so openly whom they think is responsible (TH), when that party has not been arrested?

    I know experts have weighed in and said this is to increase pressure on the (unnamed) POI, but it seems to me that it could so easily backfire…the accusations of TH are so blatant, so unmitigated.

    Does this mean that Kyron is definitely beyond our reach? Otherwise, I would think he would be in more danger from all of this public damning of the suspected perp. Also, doesn’t this adversely affect the potential jury pool?

  26. lillor says:

    RE: Shannon at 8:58 am

    Shannon, I’m not sure Futureman was responding to your post or not, but I don’t think you need to apologize. My gut all along has been that Kyron’s disappearance was motivated by just the type of dark, sexual things that you alluded to in your post, and I think James is somehow involved in this too — sadly JMHO :(

  27. Twinkletoes says:

    Shannon, I don’t think Futureman was making a reference to your comment. Please feel free to comment away. Futureman has appointed himself the court jester here and I don’t think he intended his comment at anyone specifically. ;o)

  28. nate0419 says:

    I just read the article in the Oregonian where Terri describes Kyron sobbing and not wanting to go back home after his visits with her. I had to X out (I am crying know). Why did she and Tony not confront Kaine? How could she let him leave? What was going on that made him sob? Didn’t they ask? I have always felt James is the key as to what went on. Terri and James bio dad were married; divorced; she cheated. Terri marries Mr Ecker he adopts James & and James last name is changed to Ecker. They divorce, she moves in & marries Kaine. This past January! James changes his last name from Ecker to Moulten and then he moves out (sent packing?) lives with Grandparents then bio dad. Changing a last name is very serious, then his abrupt departure? I believe he knows more than Kaine about the goings on in that house (people/calls coming in while he was at work etc.) Someone PLEASE tell me that James has been interviewed extensively by LE. I believe James would draw a very different picture of activites that went on there than Kaine was aware of.

  29. FairWitness says:

    Blink, Desiree Young was aware Kyron was unhappy, crying, begging to stay with her, wanted to come live with her — and what actions did she take? Did she call his father, Kaine, and discuss it? Did she pick up the phone and call Terri and ask what was wrong?

    She says she had to work the morning of the Science Fair and was unable to go with it. NOW, she feels guilty, NOW she wonders about Terri Horman. Why wasn’t she wondering when her son was upset and crying out to her? Why didn’t she take action?

    What were her priorities? Now she’s focused on her missing child. What about Kaine? He’s said in previous interviews and statements that he knew Terri had problems after the birth of Kiara. What action did he take. His children were at risk and he didn’t see it?

    I’ll say this again: Divorced parents who share custody of their kids with step-parents need to wake up, listen to their kids and get involved in their children’s lives. Forget your damn job, forget your damn personal life — your children are at risk and they need your protection.

    And to anyone who wants to take exception with my viewpoint, I’ll just say that I, personally, for 15 years suffered from an extremely abusive stepmother & father, plus a completely negligent mother & stepfather. I cried out to my father, who witnessed all of it and backed HER up, did nothing to stop her abuse. I cried out to my mother and grandmother and they didn’t nothing to rescue me and my siblings. My siblings and I were completely dependent on parents who failed us miserably. Their divorce set the whole stage for our hell on Earth.

  30. Vidda says:

    Kleat , thank you for the link !
    This is the most telling comment from Desiree I have seen so far…
    Her life and Kaine’s are destroyed by guilt.Wonder what else we dont know yet…
    And,yet,the same women who is responsible for all that, is trying to get some money and move on like nothing happened.

  31. Twinkletoes says:

    It doesn’t surprise or appall me that TH is asking for support. She was a stay at home mother for most of the marriage, right? The law may entitle her to some sort of spousal support from the bread-winner in the event of a divorce, though she should be careful with this as she may end up giving it right back as child support if Kaine has custody of Kiera ultimately. Regardless of what any of us think of her behavior, she has not been arrested for anything, she spent the last several years taking care of Kaine’s child, and by law she is likely going to be entitled to enough support to get on her feet and be self sufficient. Anything else is superfluous unless and until she is arrested.

  32. beejay says:

    I forgot to add my suppositions for what I said earlier:

    In my scenario, you will be asking “But why didn’t Terri tell LE earlier that Kyron was dead/or she had info. to that effect?”

    Maybe because she didn’t disappear or kill him. She was in an adulterous affair with the LS who did that or had it done. And MAYBE Kyron was alive early on, or she believed he was, and only later did the perp. tell her K was dead. Even then, she probably had NO PROOF of that. What would she have told LE?? My ex-lover SAID he took Kyron, he killed Kyron? I have no proof, but he was real upset when I broke up with him. (And, oops, I just gave Kaine grounds for divorce).

    Remember she agonized in conversations with Kaine & others about her performance on the lie detectors; later we learned it related to her relationship (romantic aspects only?) with the landscaper. She was struggling then to cover that up the affair–not any DIRECT involvement she had in Kyron’s disappearance. If she’d schemed to disappear Kyron she should’ve only been talking to a lawyer then–not taking lie detector tests.

    Oh, and BTW, she needs money to live on now. That’s why she’s asking for it from Kaine. Let’s be practical; money to live on is NOT a moral issue for us to get all self-righteous about. That’s a typical divorce issue, which Houze is also representing her in and would naturally be asking for on her behalf.

    And Kaine is responding with something that’s atypical in a divorce-matter: before we discuss money, assure me my son is safe. Yes, the divorce case and criminal investigation will be intertwined in the legal arena.

    And Desiree and Tony are on TV Today Show saying they absolutely believe Terri planned this. Maybe they believe it; maybe they’re trying to pressure her to tell what she knows to defend herself. That’s their only power now: a media campaign. Maybe they’re trying to pressure her LS-lover to spill in all now. Maybe LS lover has nothing to spill because TERRI WASN’T INVOLVED in K’s disappearance.


  33. Cricket says:

    I’ve been reading about this from the beginning and the one scenario that I keep coming back to is a “fake” kidnapping of Kyron for ransom gone bad. Terri arranged for Kyron to be available for “pick-up” on that day at the school by her partner in the plan. Terri Horman knew anyone would be able to go unnoticed on that particular day giving the duo the perfect opportunity to pull this off. This was done in order to extort money out of Kaine and if it had gone as planned, Kyron would be returned safely in the end. Once Kaine paid the ransom, the kidnapper would split the payout with Terri.

    The plan went bad when Kerri Horman and her partner in crime starting doubting the plan would work and began turning on each other to save their own butts. In the middle of the plan gone bad was Kyron- who’s presence turned from that of a valuable bargaining chip to huge liability and eventually – collateral damage.

    The MFH allegation and story may have been a white lie told to the media by LE for a variety of reasons. I don’t think there was ever really a MFH plot hatched by Terri Horman. It may have been put out so the public and perhaps a third party conspirator in the kidnapping for ransom scheme (the person physically holding Kyron) would not get spooked. It could have been put out in the hopes that being accused of a higher crime, Terri would admit to a lesser crime, defending herself against the prior. In any case- it was a LE tactic.

  34. Cricket says:

    “Desiree on Today Show this morning, so says this Oregonianlive article. She claims that Kyron’s disappearance was ‘very planned’ by Terri Horman.”

    EXACTLY! -just what I was saying.

  35. Judi says:

    And, here we have a case of a mother abducting her own child and trying to flee with child and boyfriend, who is a RSO. Thankfully, they were caught after a high speed chase, with child in car, as they fired bullets at the police.

    (CNN) — A man and woman suspected of kidnapping a 5-year-old boy from Missouri were arrested Tuesday afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona, an FBI spokesman said.

    The boy — Devon Denman — was found unharmed Monday in the back seat of a stolen vehicle after a high-speed police pursuit in New Mexico ended with Elizabeth Denman and Mark Cochran fleeing when the vehicle’s tires were punctured by police stop sticks, according to Lt. Eric Garcia of the New Mexico State Police.

    Authorities had been searching a 200-mile area around Gallup, New Mexico, west of Albuquerque, for Elizabeth Denman, believed to be the boy’s mother, and Cochran, a registered sex offender, Garcia said.

    The couple were arrested Tuesday without incident at Indian Bend Wash Park in the Phoenix metro area at 12:50 p.m. (3:50 p.m. ET), according to Manuel Johnson, an FBI spokesman in Phoenix.

    A handgun was also found at the scene of their arrest, Johnson said.

    During Monday’s car chase, several shots were fired at police, according to Garcia.

    It was not immediately clear how Denman and Cochran traveled to Phoenix — about 300 miles southwest of Gallup, Johnson said.

    The couple are being held at the Maricopa County jail pending a court appearance, Johnson said.

  36. Judi says:

    Is there a distancing now between Desiree and Kaine? Maybe she is blaming Kaine for not keeping Kyron safe from Terri.

    This is my belief, yes.

  37. Cherylynne says:

    someone posted a link that shows bio mom making comment that Kyron’s disappearance was very planned out by Terri – I do believe the bio mom

    I thought that it was HIGHLY ironic that little Kyron was wearing a ” CSI” shirt when he went missing. that fact really disturbed me. & what are the odds?

  38. beejay says:

    Michael Cook is in this as a GONZO journalist, with the payoffs being fame and maybe money.

    As he said, he’s a real “straight-shooter”: he was doing his professional work. Sexting was Terri’s means of getting some kind of access to Kiara. Michael inserted himself (metaphorically folks) into Terri’s story. Maybe the sexting was an incidental amusement for him; tough job but somebody has to do it.

  39. Nic says:

    I am curious about the photo that Blink posted of Mike Cook beside a red haired lady whose face is blanked out. I was curious because of the “red hair woman” sightings that took place during the initial investigation. As well, it could indicate Mr. Cook’s preference. Is this of Terri? Also, it was reported that his photos differ drastically with the recent ones, in which it appears that he has lost at least 20 pounds. Since he lives near the Horman home, does he also work out at the gym? This could explain his weight loss, and perhaps the coded message on Terri’s Facebook page when Kyron went missing. The other striking thing about the photo is the boat. Does anyone know where he keeps it? I really don’t believe in coincidences, and his attempt to become part of Kyron’s search, etc does have me questioning his motives. The ex-wife’s take on their marriage also points to some darker issues that he may be dealing with. It breaks my heart, but I had always felt that Kyron has passed, but it boils my blood that people who know where he is and what happened lack the simply humanity to “do the right thing”.

  40. radiogirl says:

    Is the unsavory MC related to the author of the toxic relationship site as in her ex husband?

    This case is incredibly heart breaking..just so impossibly sad in a soul aching way.Please someone ,get little Kyron back to his mother.Just phone in a tip or drop him off at a safe place.Dear Lord PLEASE.

    Legal counsel..your client has removed this little boy.His life may already be gone.How about making history by getting your client to get this incredibly painful situation to some ANSWERS.If I was your wife ,I’d do my best to speak wisdom in your ear.

  41. Camsmom says:

    In my opinion the reason the restraining order had Kaines new address on it, is because Terri had to have is adress to know where to stay away from. She must be 100ft (I believe)away from him and Kiara at all times. So she would need the address to know where she CANT go.

  42. Mom3.0 says:

    People are making comparisons between the casey Anthony case and Terri’s case.
    I see the similarities but this case, Kyrons is so much more devastating-

    Casey Anthony worked alone- she killed and disposed of her child alone- She was confident in lying to the police because she came up with the lie of kidnapping and thought no one would ever find her baby- leaving reasonable doubt in the minds of many- she was wrong ofcourse.

    In Kyron’s case- it seems if Terri is involved, and ultimately the mastermind- she did have help- Kyron was kidnapped by ‘unknown’ assailant/s He is old enough to talk and tell. His worst nightmare has already been utilized to torture him- he is without his glasses.

    Terri is feeling rather confident that she will not be found guilty- there is reasonable doubt. Someone took little Kyron, not her, someone has little Kyron, not her, no one knows for sure that he is not alive and well, not her, and he could be living in Puerto Rico with whomever, not her.

  43. Twinkletoes says:

    Now, about this landscaper, we may not be able to see why the material witnesses are being held, but we can see if any of them are licensed landscapers by checking the oregon license registration.

  44. lyla says:

    As I stated in an earlier post, I think Terri Horman plotted well ahead of June 4 a plan to dispose of Kyron. The latest statement from Desiree confirms my thoughts. As a former body builder, Ms Horman was capable of lifting 50 pounds. I believe only she knows where the child is. This woman is “street smart” and very capable of taking care of “business”. Investigators have the very cumbersome, lengthy task of putting the pieces together to establish a solid case against her. We need to be patient.

  45. SGS says:

    Great start for my day of reading Blink ….

    Futureman … your comments about eating dogs and throwing peels: what a funny, but well-put, reminder to us all! Thanks for the laugh!

    And Shannon … what a wonderful/kind/non-defensive response to Futureman’s comments. I had to go back and find what you wrote that might have been part of Futureman’s sarcasm. Yeah … our collective brainstorming can lead to thoughts/ideas/hypotheses that are pretty “out there”.

    Goes to show why Blink has to reign it all in from time to time … I think the brainstorming is helpful (even if crazy), unless it gets to close to harming innocent parties.

  46. annla says:

    shelbar says:
    July 14, 2010 at 8:29 am

    Shelbar, I agree with you. The sight of DY hurts my heart, knowing how badly she needs to believe that Kyron is alive. and I want it to be true so much. I kind of wondered at the beginning, if they had any decent evidence, if they went to TH and said something along the lines of tell us where the body is and we’ll promise not seek the death penalty or something of that nature. Because, I have to imagine if this case is eligible, that the family, hell AMERICA, is going to go nuts if they elect anything less.

    There’s a psychological warefare going on here that simply can’t be punished enough. If this goes to trial she is making it incredibly difficult for her to testify on her own behalf (something I know narcissits love to do) – she will get ripped apart on cross-examination. It may be that she killed Kyron, but she is torturing the family. I know her days are numbered, crazee but I just feel it.

  47. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    UGH. I was so sorry to read this: “She described “red flags,” such as Kyron’s increasing unhappiness with returning to his father and stepmother’s Portland home after visiting his mother.
    “He wanted to come live with us,” she said. “Several times he would just break down and sob because he wanted to stay.”

    Two reasons I hated to see it:
    1. Desiree’s unbelievable guilt and watching her is heartbreaking. It’s always easier in hindsight. Children quite often do this when doing the house switch, the transition days are awful. I’ve observed it for years now (not my own children), and no doubt now DY sees it as something she should’ve acted on. Yet I’m sure if she’d thought that at the time, she would’ve gotten Kyron back. No doubt about that.
    2. There will be some people who just won’t be able to control themselves and will blame and kick DY while she’s down. That type of callousness is always particularly hard for me to observe. It’s so easy to say “I told you so…” but not very compassionate.

    Re: the TH acted in a rage comments–does that make sense that she went into a rage, then took Kyron to school, decided only then, on the spot, to abduct him, and then did something sinister? Or does it make sense that she could be in a rage, continue in that rage for long enough to convince LSL to abduct Kyron? Or continue in that rage so long that she had time to sell him into human trafficking? The answers here are NO, NO and NO. This took planning, and acting-in-the-moment rage and premeditation and detailed planning do not co-exist.

    And if TH felt that rage, but were, in her heart and soul, a good and compassionate person, wouldn’t she be doing everything in her power to bring Kyron back, regardless of what it meant for herself? Even if she were afraid of all the LSLs out there, regardless of how many of them had sexually graphic photos of her on their cell phones? Wouldn’t she confide in LE and the FBI so they would protect her and find Kyron? I think the answers are YES, YES, and YES.

    @Lillor: re: the Shannon Cook story. Is that a non-sequitur, or is that somehow related to this case?

    I personally don’t understand those who need to defend TH so strongly. The explanations are many: rage, controlling & abusive, fiendish, cheating husband, she loves Kyron so much and hid him away to protect him, etc., she’s being threatened by LSLs everywhere, etc… but we’ve no facts to support any of that, and there are a number of facts to the contrary. It just makes no sense. And if I were engaging in that treading water type of behavior, I’d be asking myself “why I am working so hard to find a way to rationalize her behavior?”. There may be a personal reason that would be interesting to explore in that exercise.

  48. Andy. says:

    @ lillor

    Great find. Thanks for sharing the “toxic” info on MC. What a putrid POS, but a great match for TH!

  49. annla says:

    NEIGHBOR: have you noticed comments by “42nd State” on Oregon live website? Just wondering on your perspective of this person

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