Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Terri Horman Leaves The House

Portland, OR– Late today, prior to a previously scheduled hearing at 3PM PST, an agreement was reached between the attorneys for Kaine Horman and Terri Horman.


KOIN reports:The dispute between Terri Horman and Kaine Horman has been settled and she will move out of the couple’s Northwest Sheltered Nook Road home Saturday by 3 p.m.

Also on Koin6, via email from Kaine Horman-

When asked via email by KOIN if he believes Terri had something to do with Kyron’s disappearance, he wrote: “I believe at some point she will be arrested.”

Check back to for breaking developments.

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  1. MockingbirdSings says:

    Re the money – I am positive I read in a very early post defending Terri on a news site or blog (which, of course, makes it totally suspect) that “perhaps Terri went to SI to check on her property” on June 4th. I tried to check the Multnomah Co tax assessor’s records but needed the property ID number or address. Is there anyone who has an easy way to check whether she owns property (not necessarily a dwelling)? Maybe someone with real estate connections? Or do you and LE already know?

    If Terri got $500 a month support, and Kaine had good medical/dental benefits and already provided a home and other necessities (and got a tax deduction for him), that probably leaves either all the money or a good chunk of money for a savings account for James (with her in control of it) or whatever she wanted to use it for. If she wanted to, she could have done anything with the money without Kaine knowing, and added in some of whatever she earned. Kaine sounds like a generous person if he gave her the red mustang as a gift, and if she did a competent job of running the household, it’s doubtful he sat down and demanded an accounting other than for taxes. It’s possible she really did have $10,000 or more of her own for MFH, unknown to Kaine. As I recall, she wouldn’t have paid income taxes on child support, and interest on savings for a child doesn’t have to be included until a certain amount is earned.

    Possibly, she knows James is happier where he is living now, but what happened to the child support when he left (or is likely to if he stays where he is)? It should follow the child at some point. Child support these days usually continues into college years. I think she could make the “getting even with Kaine” part into a good story, but I’d have a hard time believing it. (Family counseling is a lot cheaper.) If James’s grades were slipping, there may have been more to consider than just “butting heads with Kaine”. I hope James is more confident and successful now and I hope he gets the support he needs.

    Re motivation – I don’t see Terri hating anyone enough to do all this planning and risking getting herself caught, unless it’s Kyron “getting on her nerves”. I can see her having little or no great love for anyone in the family (including Kiara) which would normally act as a restraint and cause her NOT to do risky and horrible things. I can see her being motivated by what’s in it for her – financially and emotionally, or eventually even self-preservation. Without empathy for others (conscience) and if she does either love or hate herself (it happens in both instances), she could rationalize/excuse any of her actions. It’s more complicated than that, but searching through a menu of motives as viewed by “normal” people may not help much. Some people are quite capable of role-playing a “good life” without even realizing they are, but when the “script” takes an unexpected turn (as life always does), they are totally lost and either have to seek help or make a mess of everything, leaving others to wonder if they ever really knew this person at all.

    Re DeDe – Perhaps she had an earache and had to suddenly drive around to comfort herself. Point being, there’s cooperation with LE and then, there’s cooperation with LE.

  2. Scooby says:

    Does anyone have a link to the article or video where they are carrying cinderblocks out of DeDe’s house? I thought I was up to date, but this caught me off guard. It certainly doesn’t sound good.

  3. MockingbirdSings says:

    I don’t understand why LE doesn’t have one tip phoneline for psychics who want to provide thoughts or visions or whatever, and one for everybody else. At the press conference today, they indicated they do check every lead, including from psychics but since they provide a different kind of tip, those go to the bottom of the list. There is an experienced detective who goes through all the tips and sorts them.

    When you consider labor costs and the desire for progress as quickly as possible, it probably would be a cost effective timesaver to have someone else – even an experienced psychic – sort the psychics’ tips coming in on that line to find duplicates and useful specifics before sorting and passing them along to a detective.

    I don’t see anything that would compromise or conflict with the overall collection of tips or evidence by doing this. A separate line or voicemail box would mean the person working on those tips would not be listening to the others. Since psychics don’t seem to want to be anonymous, they could even email their contributions to someone assigned to receive tips from psychics.

  4. Annals says:

    Scooby, I read a poster here on BOC write about seeing a video of LE carrying cinderblocks our of one of Terri’s friends homes and was curious about that myself. Yesterday I checked old videos and could only find one of LE carring stuff out. Spicific home not specified, but it was a condo not a house. They were corrugated boxes. Perhaps boxes of Terri’s stuff that friends are storing for her? I saw no cinderblocks.

    Doesn’t mean cinder blocks weren’t on some other video I didn’t locate. But, it just sounds wrong to me. As far as I can tell, when LE carries evidence to their vehicles it is either boxed or bagged. Would they actually bring out naked cinderblocks?

  5. Faith says:

    Mockingbirdsings: It is highly unlikely Terri had any property anywhere let alone Sauvie Island. Property in and of itself would be very expensive there. Also, it would show up in at tax assessor’s office.

  6. mamasocks says:

    I admit to being overly interested – the mystery of it all, the fact that a child is involved, but this case has turned into pure gossip and vicious allegations with absolutely NO FACTS (or little). Yes, I believe Terri is involved with Kyron’s disappearance but am truly tired of internet vicious gossip about the case – and it IS gossip at this point. Will I still post? Probably…but will try not to make suppositions with actual facts in my lap.

  7. christy says:

    Possibly, she knows James is happier where he is living now, but what happened to the child support when he left (or is likely to if he stays where he is)? It should follow the child at some point. Child support these days usually continues into college years.
    Not in most states; emancipation is 18 and graduated HS, whichever is later. Also, it takes a new court order to redirect CS. That takes time. More than 12 weeks in general. She is likely still getting it unless she is handing it over to James’ biodad (given what we know, this is unlikely).

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