Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Terri Horman Leaves The House

Portland, OR– Late today, prior to a previously scheduled hearing at 3PM PST, an agreement was reached between the attorneys for Kaine Horman and Terri Horman.


KOIN reports:The dispute between Terri Horman and Kaine Horman has been settled and she will move out of the couple’s Northwest Sheltered Nook Road home Saturday by 3 p.m.

Also on Koin6, via email from Kaine Horman-

When asked via email by KOIN if he believes Terri had something to do with Kyron’s disappearance, he wrote: “I believe at some point she will be arrested.”

Check back to for breaking developments.

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  1. Mermaid14 says:

    Anxiously awaiting the statement from law enforcement that I believe is supposed to come out today. I cannot imagine 3 different women would allow themselves to be implicated in the abducation of a 7 year old child. My God, what is the world coming to?
    I do believe however for certain that these individual “friends” and I use that term loosely are responsible for alot of the vitreol on the internet forums regarding this case including Facebook (infamous “facebook” gang). I believe they have been using various screen names to post verbal assaults on anyone and everyone expressing negative opinions about TH.

  2. twinkletoes says:

    This case keeps winding down roads I don’t anticipate. I don’t mean to imply by my above post that I don’t think Dede could be an accomplice. Anything is possible. I just don’t like Kaine and Desiree publicly calling people out. It seems like such a strange and risky way of using the media. For instance, what if LE is wrong? Now Dede’s reputation is permanently marred in the entire country and beyond. To be that certain, it would seem they’d have enough facts to make an arrest.

    And it just occurred to me (I’m not terribly quick this morning) that LE could have enough info for an arrest but might just be letting TH wander free in hopes she will lead them to Kyron.

  3. ceci says:

    Someone posted upthread that they saw Kaine coming out of the bank the other day; noting that he looked happy and practically skipped to his car…. Maybe he got some positive info about the amount of $$ donated to the Bank of America fund in Kyron’s name? Could be that enough private donations were made to help stem the need for more county $$ at this time. A lot of people seem to be literally invested in finding Kyron.

    Donations to the Kyron Horman Fund can be made via PayPal from the MCSO website:

  4. Maggy says:

    I am speculating that Terri hid Kyron and will aledge that Kaine was sexually absuing him. There is an underground network of women who hide children for this reason. Maybe they don’t trust the system or the police to do something about it and so they have taken matters into their own hands. It is the only possible explanation I can think of that could possibly make any sense. Desiree said Kyron didn’t want to go back to Kaine and Terri’s house. It could have been because of Terri, but it could have also been because of something Kaine was doing. Why else would anyone be willing to hide a child and or tell others not to cooperate with the investigation? I refuse to believe there could be a group of women (Terri’s friends) who are in cahoots with one another to hide a child for absolutely no good reason (i.e. to spite Kaine) and risk going to jail. This would mean Terri would have the ability to brain wash someone and you mean to tell me that with all the police activity that person would not have woken up by now?

  5. Justanothermom says:

    Dede could not have been watching Kiara that morning, she was gardening at someone’s home. She only left for 60-90 min and that includes travel time.

  6. ceci says:

    @ NancyS re: reward

    “As of today [June 13, 2010], through the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, we will be offering a reward of up to $25,000 for any information that leads to the location of Kyron,” said Staton.

    As far as I know, this happened as soon as the investigation switched from a missing person case to a criminal one, and remains in place to date.

    I’ve found it’s often more efficient to do a google search for answers to general questions such as this, rather than to keep asking on BOC / Facebook / other sleuthing sites :)

  7. ceci says:

    “Detectives learned that Spicher, who shares Terri Horman’s passion for fitness and gardening…”

    Terri had a passion for gardening?? (James Pitkin’s inquiry into the large unmowed patch at the center of the Horman’s yard comes to mind…)

    Maybe they meant “shares TH’s passion for… gardeners…” ;)

  8. annla says:

    I thought it was VERY interesting that they threaten DeeDee Spicher with a civil suit. It got me thinking along these lines:

    1. It’s a much lower legal standard to get a judgment on the civil case (I’m thinking intentional infliction of emotional distress or similar). (like OJ’s wrongful death).

    2. You can sue her whether or not she get’s criminally charged.

    Does this lady own anything good that she doesn’t want to lose b/c of supporting Terri? I’m not sure what they have on her…but I’m sure the part about encouraging others not to cooperate would be central to a civil case.

    Wondering if anyone else has any thoughts. Wondering how this story could possibly be true that so many people have knowledge about a little boy and NO ONE cracks yet. I know some have seen this as a sign of hope, but for me it gives me less hope. Still praying that Kyron comes home…

  9. mosaic says:

    JEN says” I don’t recall hearing that Terri’s affairs were necessarily exclusively with men. Can we assume that Dede may actually be the Landscape Lover?”

    Kudos for thinking outside the box JEN. Same thing with making the leap from “landscaper” to “gardener”. Our preconceived notions sometimes are our worst enemies.

  10. tk says:

    This would be the point where I say Wat The Effffff is going on here?!!!!….ahhhh, I feel better now (:

  11. IMOIMO says:

    Ok…not to get off topic or stir the pot, but seriously, I have to ask.. Blink, what’s the deal with your love interest Joyce? Are you guys having a tift or is there something else to your posts? I feel as if someone just walked into your house and attempted to berrate you and walk out.. I know where I come from, that chit doesn’t fly, so I’m assuming it doesn’t in Joy-sey either :)

    Love what you do as always!!

    Nope, you got it, exactly.

  12. IMOIMO says:

    Uggh… no spell check – HA

    Meant “berate” above, no red pens please

  13. lily says:

    Hoping you write a new article about Kyron soon Blink! Do all of TH’s friends belong to the red wavy hair club for fit women in their 40′s? I googled that but didn’t come up with anything. LOL

  14. Lori D says:

    motive..motive.. I can’t figure out the why. What could TH and DD and LS buddy be into that they refuse to help find Kyron? Based on the facts that TH wanted the truck, and saying Kyron had a drs appt, I’m assuming his disappearance was premeditated. She’s missing time that she can’t/won’t account for which I believe was spent with Mr. Cook. But then DD comes to save her or help her with something.. What the hel* are these people into thats so awful that they’d let a child disappear? I don’t think it’s drugs. Porn? child porn? My mind doesn’t even want to go there.

  15. MockingbirdSings says:

    I love this site and the cooperative atmosphere everyone creates along with all the work that is done. I just need one bit of advice from anyone willing to take a minute – is there a way to follow the threads without having to check each one every time? For example, we are talking about DeDe Spicher here, but there are also comments about her if you click on Rudy Sanchez. I looked for her name in the list on the left but didn’t see it added yet. I posted the last comment that I see on the thread under Michael Cook – I look there each time to see if there are others afterward, but none so far. I don’t want to miss anything, but (as you all do) I have limited time to spend at the computer.

    I don’t expect Blink to sort comments, so can anyone give me some advice about following along? I’m sorry to be off the subject, but on the other hand, it is a conversation and I hate to miss what anyone says. Thanks.

  16. Word Girl says:

    Mockingbird, I’m still catching up but I thank you for letting us know that not all employees or volunteers at PPS have to go through a background check. They seem to believe that those who are working in filing or other areas of the building couldn’t possibly harm children.

    On the other hand, anyone passing a background check has unfettered access to children. There needs to be checks and balances when protection of our children is at stake. I have heard of one in a church setting where there were always two adults present and much supervision in open areas…

    Still, the best protection is parental involvement and communication with your children and agencies.

  17. Gypsy DD says:

    Well Blink I think we are rolling into the last chapter . Ifeel that Kyron is about to be found and some GJ indictments are about to be handed out.

    I’m thinking Terri and DeDe have been plotting together since around Nov or Dec. I think that when Terri was looking for more then a landscaper for the MFH plot, Ms DeDe offered a name ..a name she knew..Rudy.

  18. Midwest Mom says:


    With all of th well meaning suggestions of how you should run your blog, I can’t help but to reflect on simpler times when Kleat would be cheering and whooping when you hit 100 comments on a tread! :)

    So when are we going to hear more from you on a New tread??? ROTFL!!

  19. megan says:

    Blink is it normal for family to be speaking out like this? What do you think LE thinks of their actions?

  20. Midwest Mom says:

    So this new info could go back to Blinks original comment of LS lover, (paraphrasing) LS Lover would not be confessing to a crime that was never committed unless there was something bigger to hide.

    I’m still trying to process If the new developments are indirectly or directly related to Terri.

  21. Word Girl says:

    DD’s condo in Tualatin?
    7161 SW Sagert St, Unit 103
    Tualatin, OR 97062-8266
    Age: 40-44

    This doesn’t look the photo of the home with the two-storey brick entry.

    The witness/source for news reports of FBI search and seizure at Spichers resident, Kyle C. Gilpin, is (with Kelli Gilpin) the next-door neighbor in unit 102, according to

  22. Times-a-wasting says:

    @Sondra #16: whitepages shows Dede L. Spicher at 7161 SW Sagert St., Unit 103, Tualatin, Oregon 97062 age 40-44. I read an article this morning on a website that kept crashing on my computer, that was about a Tualatin woman organizing a gathering in support of finding Kyron. She didn’t want to give her last name to the journalist, but first name was Beth or something like that. You can probably find that… the website was an Oregon news/tv production.

    To all: Did anyone read my entry of late Thurs or might have been around 1a this morning asking PLEASE, does anyone know what Terri’s dad’s business affiliations are, where he works or worked? Is Terri’s mom living and if so what are her business affiliations, where she works or worked? I should have also asked if Terri’s dad is divorced from her mom and has another wife… and if so what are her business affiliations, where she works or worked?

    That information will help me connect some dots in the search for Kyron.

  23. Shelly says:

    @twinkletoes It was stated in the article that there was a search warrant signed by a judge which for that to happen there has to be enough probable cause, what the probable cause is has not been disclosed but it had to be sufficient enough to have warranted the search warrant.

  24. Faith says:

    I posted last night on another site because I couldn’t find this one. It seems to be harder for me to find current posts than information on the case. I checked all the players names and posts and couldn’t find this site until this morning. It must be some kind of test to see how smart I am. I was advised by one poster to click on Blink at the top of the page and current info would come up. Not for me.

    The car DeDe drives is the one Terri was taken to see Stephen Houze. She lost her job and is now doing landscaping. I am pretty sure she wasn’t a landscaper by trade. To answer NancyS there is a 20,000 dollar reward which seems very small.

    There area at least three women involved aside from Terri. It is really curious what their bond is and how they met and why they are so “tight” with each other.

    Blink is still right about the landscaper being involved but perhaps a different landscaper.

    In Oregon you don’t have to have a master’s to teach reading. You need a reading credential. If Terri lost her credential 2002 teaching in Portland Public Schools she would have had to have done something really bad. I am sure this would have come out by now. The teacher’s union is very strong. I wonder what school she supposedly taught at.

    There was another name mentioned last night I didn’t copy it but is was Jaymie or Jayne. Something with a Ja that was a member of Terri’s girls gang. What was their bond and what were they into? Three homes searched.

    The news event last night gives one the impression that they either went to lunch in a very dark bar or something happened while Terri had Kyron and she needed DeDe to help her.

  25. Faith says:

    Oh yes, Desiree and Kaine gave the message to DeDe that if she didn’t come forward and help they would go after her in civil court.

  26. Noelle says:

    @RCF (#26): That address is listed on your public website.

  27. mackiezmom says:

    @twinkle- not if you were guilty of harboring or aiding or an accomplice. Its only defamation if its false. Just because we’e not privy to all of the evidence does not mean that evidence is non-existant.

    I don’t think they’re publicly (informally) indicting “someone who doesn’t shun,” rather, someone who assisted in an abduction, etc…, or cover-up (obstruction of justice). A little difference between the two.

  28. Malty says:

    Sure is hard to find out just who this DeDe is
    my husband said he saw she runs a health club
    and runs but I can’t find any of this
    anyone else have any info on her?

  29. Dee says:

    Twinkletoes…yes, there were search warrants for Dede and 2 other friends of Terri. Just the fact that LE was able to get the search warrants tells you that there had to be some pretty solid evidence, evidence that we are not privy to. Regarding the slander of Terri and Dede…don’t you wonder why these women are not coming out in their own defense? Wouldn’t you speak out in your own defense…if you were innocent? Their silence speaks volumes.

  30. S says:

    twinkletoes – I tend to agree about the explicit finger pointings without facts. I realize tv stations are dependent upon revenue from advertisers and get more hits on their pages and on air blurbs if they can sensationalize everything they say. Watching one video, it was apparent the reporter was strongly conjecturing that the time DeDe was unaccounted for on the day Kyron was missing, obviously meant she was stashing his body, or assisting Terri to do so. There are literally thousands of alternative explanations, maybe she started her period and needed to go home to change, maybe she’s addicted to gambling and had to go play the machines for a short time, maybe she had an appointment with her shrink, maybe she was meeting a lover. She obviously did not think it was the homeowner’s or fellow gardener’s business. She may have been helping Terri dispose of his body, or passing him off to some bad guys, but I will need more facts before I jump to that conclusion. Also, DeDe telling people not to talk to investigators is not a hell of a lot different advice than would be given by any attorney.

    Now, I do want somebody/anybody/everybody who is responsible for Kyron’s disappearance to be caught, convicted and imprisoned forever! And, even though I get extremely frustrated with LE, I do believe they have something or the search warrants would not have been issued. But, it could be that just being Terri’s friend and having contact with her is enough to make you suspect in this case. After all, media and the public have convicted Terri of a horrific crime we actually don’t even know if occurred.

    The fact that Kaine continues to wear his wedding ring speaks volumes to me. It is just not that time consuming to take it off. He said he is wearing it as a symbol of his family. Hmmm, family looks pretty rocky to me right now, and it should be totally shocking to him. I have to wonder if he really does not believe Terri hurt Kyron or was specifically involved in hurting him. Kaine knows her better than any of us. He does believe she is involved, but he can’t think she actually planned to kill him or Kyron, or wouldn’t he take that ring off and toss it as far as he could throw? I don’t know, but, seems to me Kyron was surrounded by weird people with the exception of Desiree et al.

    It’s unfortunate that what seems so obvious to most has not lead to an arrest. So, it also seem obvious there is not enough actual evidence to support what seems so obvious to most.

    Kyron’s did not evaporate. I want them to keep looking and I mean everywhere!

  31. foobros says:

    @twinkletoes: I highly doubt that any of the above group would be saying these things publicly unless they had facts to back their statements up. IMO, these media statements are/have been vetted through the DA’s office.

  32. jenjen says:

    Am I alone wondering if DeDe is the face blanked out in the photo with MC?

  33. annla says:

    twinkletoes: You have to show probable cause for a search warrant so there are undisclosed facts that served as the basis for these warrants – you have to show why you believe their is evidence somewhere, what specifically you are looking for, how it is related to illegal activity and that the information isn’t stale – meaning you believe that the evidence is still there. It seems that the warrants have been sealed or we would have read about them a long time ago. And remember, truth is a good defense to slander/liable.

    I’m sure Kain/Desiree/Tony are being advised by attys on what to say in these statements so they must be pretty confident about what they are saying. And quite frankly as a parent, I’d say anything to get my child back and worry about the consequences later. Unlike Terri Horman, who will say NOTHING about gettting Kyron back. You know this is what I don’t get about Terri, Dee Dee or anyone else. You don’t remember or won’t tell us what you were doing or where you were on the morning Kyron disappeared? These people are choosing to keep this information to themselves because it is to their benefit to do so. If your argument is that it is their right to keep their mouth shut – yeah that is the argument that the GUILTY give – go listen to Adam Walsh or John Klass or a host of other parents of missing children who will tell you that yes they understand they have to rule out the people with the best access to the child – polygraph me, interrogate me whatever just get it done so they can move on. But here it isn’t just one weird thing – Terri is deceptive on polygraph, walks out on 3rd test – it’s a ton of things. Desiree’s first reaction is to suspect Terr, family says from get go she doesn’t want police asking questions about her personal life, then there’s the polygraph situation, the suavie island thing, the truck vs. car, the dr’s appt and the teacher with poor hearing, the inability to explain her whereabouts, sexting, landscaper drama, disclosing the restraining order, commenting on blogs etc…Do these things prove she is guilty? No, but you must be a real friend to Terri if you can’t look at the bigger picture here and say there is really something terribly wrong with this behavior. That there is an utter disregard for the fact that the little boy she helped raise is GONE. I don’t know what kind of person would trade the life and safety of a vulnerable 7-yr old with poor eyesight for the continued friendship of Terri Horman. This is truly making a deal with the devil. When I read HopeinVa and 42ndState’s comments…well, good luck with your online campaign to defend the indefensible. When the heat gets turned up a little bit more, we’ll see if Terri’s friendship is worth prison time.

  34. LPB says:

    @twinkletoes: Can dede really sue KH, DY, TY for slander? There was a search warrant for her house, and sources say she isn’t cooperating. Shouldn’t she be suing the “sources” instead? Or maybe she should be cooperating so there isn’t any finger-pointing at her. Just a thought. I wouldn’t be the one sueing the parents of a missing boy for trying to find their child just because I’m not “cooperating”. I think its all very tactical and LE wouldn’t have let them say that if they didn’t think there was a good reason. JMO

  35. Times-a-wasting says:

    God help me, I’m starting to have a different opinion of the old west vigilante riders and lynchings, and a renewed respect for the ol’ saying if you want something done right, do it yourself. Maybe we will hear a lot of Cinch tightenings if Kyron isn’t brought back safe and sound soon… I have the feeling we will keep Kyron Horman’s name pushed on the net, in the newspapers, in comments we send to articles that have nothing to do with Kyron, in calls to talk shows, everywhere the devils look they will hear Kyron’s name until he is return alive. Agreed?

  36. beejay says:

    @twinkletoes: Exactly my thoughts. Because Tony Young joined in on this media move this time, I’m thinking they’re really pushing for something and getting pretty exasperated. But I think Kyron’s spokespeople, shall we call them, are counting on being more well-heeled than DeDe. Seems like the victory in a civil action often goes to the best bankrolled.

    DeDe is a semi-employed, at best, women whose condo is up for sale. Got laid off from her job awhile back. And she might come off as a flake under questioning. Sure looks that way from her twittering and such. If she knows something, she needs legal advice on determining what to say, when, and to whom. This a.m. would’ve been the latest good time for lawyering up. Doesn’t mean going silent; might mean talking asap.

    DeDe’s character witness (or DeDe herself), “againstlies” was over at koin6 defending her good name this a.m.:

    And that beejay idiot was over there advising her to tell her friend to get some legal advice. (This limb is starting to sway in the breeze.)

  37. LPB says:



    Got a call from my cousin last night, he said his sister Dede Spicher was in the middle of this whole thing.
    From what I can get from the huge buzz in the family is she has been friends with the step monster for a while, most of the people that knew Teri Horman say she is a psycho.
    It would seem that Dede was working in a garden with another friend in the Hormans neighborhood, she left at about 11:15 and was unaccountable for about an hour and a half, then returned.
    Dede has been accused by the father and the bio mom of Kyron of texting Teri Horman giving advise that was not conclusive to finding Kyron and to help cover Teris ass. UNFUCKIN BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!
    This is going to jury on monday, I will keep GLP informed.
    The wierdest part is I live in Portland too, and this case has held my attention from the very start, my sons name is pronounced the same way but spelled different, really creepy!
    The wierd thing is that she is not cooperating with the police or investigators, her father is a sherriff in Klamath county, and a member of search and rescue. They helped look for Kyron.
    Now he is there with her, and they are not talking and lawyer ing up.
    Family or not, if she is an accomplice, and the media here is painting her to be just that, she needs to pay the maximum penalty if guilty.
    I wonder what’s in the garden, and if it was Dede that was seen following Teri at high speed out of swavie island. If so that little boy may just be found in the Columbia river.
    If you read this, please, before you click off this thread, say a quick prayer for Kyron and his dad, IMO this is going to end bad for everyone.


    Well, I just remembered that it was reported early in the case two cars, one ID as Teri and a blue explored were seen zooming out of Suavi Island. The day of the disappearance. Dede drives a blue explorer.
    This is not good.
    The poster stating that Dede and Teri are gingers is on to something also,
    I know she doesn’t much care for kids, and never showed interest in meeting my three.
    Dede was a very spoiled child, and never got as much as a lecture for bad behavoir her whole life, I lived with them for two years while in HS.
    She is very selfcentered, and a narcisist. ( can’t spell that one)
    it’s terrible to say about family but truth is truth.
    IMO she is way more involved than we know yet.
    I hope I’m wrong, I wasn’t bout the gulf chasm and Matt simmons.
    I’m surrounded by doom!

  38. LPB says:

    @twinkletoes: don’t be mad at me, i may have posted something not to your liking :( you know i respect all your posts!

  39. Rich M says:

    I am wondering if the “undisclosed third location” is that which was identified by the remote viewer, mentioned in previous articles. I would like to hope that it is among the places being looked at.

    One thing that gives me pause is the video of one of the friends homes. I noticed there was a for sale sign and a moving truck in front of it. Perhaps the video was taken in the last few days? Since we just heard about it, it probably wasn’t taken last week when the SW was served?

    Regardless, in light of the fact that the havoc that comes along with a move (everything stuffed in boxes) and that some items may have already been removed from the house and taken to a new location (one not listed on the search warrant), I sure hope the Sheriffs office is looking into getting another search warrant for the new home.

    I hope they get answers to this mystery very soon. I can only hope that Kyron is still alive and well.

  40. RCF says:

    #46 it is listed as a farm, not associated with a crime (criminal activity)…and I’d like to keep it that way.
    I called LE at midnight last night when this story broke and offered to let them search or do whatever they need to.

    That is very kind of you Ms. Walters to clarify.
    I offer my apologies that your business was dragged into this by Ms. SPicher. If you have any pull with her, you might advise her to tell LE everything she knows.

  41. zinnia says:

    since DD and TH are both workout junkies and TH was once a bodybuilder, I was wondering about steroid use or drug use in general. Could there be a drug connection between the landscaper, MC, DD and TH? Maybe a drug deal gone bad?

    I am just trying like everyone else here to make any sense of all of this.

  42. puzzled says:

    twinkletoes …

    I agree. I use to work for a criminal attorney and can promise everyone that he would be jumping up and down at the way the information has flowed through the family to the public. Slanderous and defaming at the very least and jury tainting at best. What a circus AND still no little boy found.

  43. beejay says:

    When I have time to check several published accounts of the same event, I sure get more useful info. Just now I found some things not found in my earlier reading about the recent Kaine-Desiree-Tony email to the media about DeDe. Taken from

    “Multnomah County sheriff’s spokeswoman Mary Lindstrand declined to comment on the newspaper report or the family’s e-mail.” (I say: All the media should be including this little disclaimer.)

    And also, “The sheriff said that Terri Horman, who has moved 175 miles away to Roseburg, has “not refused” any requests from his detectives.”

    This story was published early today. Terri is cooperating; just not saying what the family wants to hear. Here’s the link:

    Similarly, from yet another source, I found this: “DeDe Spicher, identified as a close friend of Terri Hormans, has been questioned by detectives investigating seven-year-old Kyrons disappearance.” Here’s the link to that account of the story:

    What we need here is a better class of witnesses.

  44. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @Lisa: re: the pig farm, yes, I saw the tweets and I thought the same thing. I don’t eat meat, so I was particularly horrified, but still, gruesome.

  45. MockingbirdSings says:
    Willamette Week link excerpts:
    On June 30, four days after Kaine Horman left home with his daughter Kiara, several cars were seen driving away from the house where Terri Horman remained living alone.

    One of those cars belonged to Terri Horman’s parents. Another belonged to Spicher.
    Curious if they had any insight into the case, we knocked on the door of her condo in Tualatin several days later. The woman who answered the door was the same person shown in the photo and identified as Spicher in the press release from Kyron’s parents.

    But the woman at the door told us DeDe Spicher wasn’t home. She identified herself only as a “friend” who was in town “to help.”

    Asked where she was from, the woman paused and looked away.

    “Where I’m from,” she said.

    We left our card and walked away, thinking that if people are going to fib, they should at least be quick about it.
    (end of quote from Willamette Week)

    I’ve been thinking of a book called “I Know You Are Lying” (I don’t know how to underline book title here) by Mark McClish, The Marpa Group, 2001. In that context, it is interesting that DeDe obviously lied rather than simply saying “no comment” or making some brief generic statement or not opening the door in the first place – other reporters have said no one answers the door now (after the search).

  46. Eloise says:

    JEN says:
    July 23, 2010 at 8:45 am

    I don’t recall hearing that Terri’s affairs were necessarily exclusively with men. Can we assume that Dede may actually be the Landscape Lover?
    That is what I was wondering? You never can tell!

  47. Eloise says:

    Maggy says:
    July 23, 2010 at 11:21 am
    I am speculating that Terri hid Kyron and will aledge that Kaine was sexually absuing him. There is an underground network of women who hide children for this reason. Maybe they don’t trust the system or the police to do something about it and so they have taken matters into their own hands. It is the only possible explanation I can think of that could possibly make any sense. Desiree said Kyron didn’t want to go back to Kaine and Terri’s house. It could have been because of Terri, but it could have also been because of something Kaine was doing. Why else would anyone be willing to hide a child and or tell others not to cooperate with the investigation? I refuse to believe there could be a group of women (Terri’s friends) who are in cahoots with one another to hide a child for absolutely no good reason (i.e. to spite Kaine) and risk going to jail. This would mean Terri would have the ability to brain wash someone and you mean to tell me that with all the police activity that person would not have woken up by now?

    I find your post very interesting. I can envision this exact scenereo. The only thing I wonder, could Terri have TOLD DD and others this to gain support? The reason I say this, I have not seen any major loving comments from Terri re Ky during our period of observation. Like in FB, there is never any positive mentions for his pic, usually nothing or sarcasm.
    So while I agree, this may be true, I would agree 100% if I thought she really cared. And what about Kiara, wouldn’t she have hidden them both? But, I don’t think you are off on this.

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