Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Terri Horman Leaves The House

Portland, OR– Late today, prior to a previously scheduled hearing at 3PM PST, an agreement was reached between the attorneys for Kaine Horman and Terri Horman.


KOIN reports:The dispute between Terri Horman and Kaine Horman has been settled and she will move out of the couple’s Northwest Sheltered Nook Road home Saturday by 3 p.m.

Also on Koin6, via email from Kaine Horman-

When asked via email by KOIN if he believes Terri had something to do with Kyron’s disappearance, he wrote: “I believe at some point she will be arrested.”

Check back to for breaking developments.

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  1. Hulagirl says:

    Shelly says:
    July 25, 2010 at 10:09 am
    RE: red mustang on Sauvie Island; I’ve only been to Sauvie Island twice since Kyron’s disappearance but coincidentally saw 2 different red mustangs there both times. Older ones, not newer models like TH’s, but red mustangs nevertheless. Once at the store near the bridge at the entrance to SI and a second time at a berry farm a couple miles north of that. Could be one of these that the witness spotted that day as well. Seems red mustangs are rather popular on SI.

  2. Faith says:

    Well, what I garnered from reading Wikipea and Willamette Week it is clear CW had a drinking problem, charged lunches on LE, and used health issues to get out of answering questions and then managed to get full? retirement benefits. Pretty slippery dude. He comes off as straight forward and knowledgeable but has a questionable past. I am surprised the media uses him.

    LOL. He sounds like the perfect person to advise TH on her problems. Yikes.

  3. sean says:

    No, you guys.
    TH left with Kyron, in the truck, with the baby.
    She photographed him, his friend into to create the alibi.
    She told peeps about the doctors appointment and that’s why they know about the appointment.
    Someone on some post last week, said she most likely told him to wait in the car, while she went back in…I think that’s what happened.
    Kyron was a weary of TH. He just did what he was told. She ran the show. She got away with having the affairs in front of the kids.
    She fooled his DAD…although I still say Kaine knows more about her fooling around then he will admit.
    Desiree definitely knows about TH fooling around, because Kyron gave her signals that all wasn’t well.
    TH did away with the boy because he was a liability.
    I think that Dede person is part of it…so is Sanchez and Cook.
    Now….the bloddy sock found by the hiker…please dear Lord, Blink tell me the police have checked that sock for Kyron’s DNA…Please if that boy is found dead and that sock is his then….I will personally find someone to help Desiree sue that pants off of the LE in Oregon. Seriously…everyone needs to read the account by the law prof on Black Butte..WOW. we had a similar thing happen with a report of a crime gone bad where I live and the husband of the victim won huge money from the state due to improper handling by 911. Sorry to be so winded here, guys….They need to find this boy.I still can’t believe that Desiree and Kaine don’t search themselves EVERY DAY! wild horses couldn’t keep me away. If the LE and the FBI can do such a better job then they need to do it. TH is a wack and so are all her friends. Period.

  4. mahotchki says:

    What is other’s take on the fact that LE remained inside the family home for days??? Not that it means anything but this is not something I have heard of, well, except for tv stoylines. It seems that either a demand for ransome had been made or was expected and/or there was threat to safety of one or another of the family members. Unaware that sos is to have LE in the home to catch someone in a lie.??? Help me understand.
    Re: the truck and possiblity it was used to disquise TH being at the school. I keep coming back to threat of some kind to her or her children. Struggling with seeing TH as evil. The post of “aunt in Portland” and her description of TH and Kyron’s homelife etc still trump evil, murderous step mom to me. I reserve the right to be completely wrong. Where is dear Kyron…

  5. Kaylee says:

    Enjoy your family day Blink – I’ve been trying to get my family to have one as well! We just can’t agree on what to do.

    Annals says:
    July 25, 2010 at 12:15 pm
    “Here is the link to the KATU article/video containing the interview of Kim Holm talking about her son Kurtis’ statement about Kyron’s doctor appiontment;

    KATU; July 24; In part it reads;

    Kim Holm’s son, Kurtis, who Terri Horman photographed with his science project around the time she took a picture of Kyron that morning, said her son knew about the appointment too.

    “And the teacher said, ‘I thought he left with his mom,’ because they thought they had a doctor appointment,” Holm said. “And then at lunchtime, Kurtis ate lunch with him every day, he wasn’t there at lunchtime. And then I got a call at 4:30ish, saying he didn’t get off the bus, I guess. And Kurtis said, ‘Oh yeah, I knew he was already gone all day Mom.’”

    What I can’t figure out from the above statement is how Kurtis knew about the dr. appointment. When I watched the interview, I took it that Kurtis had found out Kyron was at an appointment from the teacher. But I have seen several people interpret the above statement to say that Kyron told Kurtis that they were going to a doctor’s appt; and even state it as fact. Seems to me that Kim Holm would have added that very important piece of information and KATU would surely have aired it.

  6. evie says:

    @ beejay re “CW Jensen’s” Myspace.. er, that is a spoof page. Not that I’m claiming the info is true or false, but that’s pretty clearly not his page (nor is John Bunnell’s real.. the profile pic is a hint). :)

  7. Mermaid14 says:

    As far as I am concerned if what Kurtis says is true, that Kyron told him of the doctor’s appt, then that is the case right there. The only one who ever mentioned a doctors appt is TH and Kyron’s teacher. I am sure that Kaine knew nothing about any dr’s appt. If Kyron knew he was leaving the school for a “doctor’s appt” then there is no way this could have been a stranger abduction. I am sure TH waited to tell him this on the way to school so that he didn’t say anything to Kaine before they left. You don’t drop a kid off then come back an hour later to get him out of school for a doctor’s appt. And if I am not mistaken if you bring a child to school in the morning knowing you are going to remove that child for anything and that they might not be back, the school insists that they be signed out so that the absence can be excused. The office personnel had no way of knowing that Kyron had actually been there at school that morning earlier unless they communicated directly with his teacher. But TH made sure that the teacher thought he would be gone. Again, this took planning and lots of it.

  8. Mermaid14 says:

    If TH is charged with anything regarding Kyron’s disappearance, then she also needs to be charged with reckless endangerment of her daughter Kiara as well if in fact that child was with her the whole morning. If she was that means she was probably drug through the woods or God knows where, subjected to the sights and sounds of a child possibly being killed, it is too awful to even think about. But she also subjected that daughter to extreme danger.

  9. FLGirl says:

    Mockingbird Sings,

    That seems like it would be more of a post from Terri’s sister (if she has one) or Kaine’s. The fact that the person refers to themselves as “KittysAunt”, which I assume to be Terri and Kaine’s child Kiara — whom Terri has/does refer to as Kitty.

    So that seems like a comment from someone in Terri’s family; not Desiree’s sister.

  10. Lori D says:

    possible scenario.. my thoughts only.

    ok, so Terri takes the truck so people think Kaine is there and not her. People inside the school will know she’s there and anyone that knows the couple well could easily find out that Kaine had the mustang, so it’s someone not close to the couple, and its someone working at the school, but outside, and has no ties to any goings on inside the school. LS I guess. Terri see’s that LS is there, wants to avoid him, gets scared and tells Kyron they have to leave early and makes up story about drs appt. LS corners Terri with Kyron at some point and demands to talk to her, threatens her if she doesn’t, so she agrees to meet him somewhere. Terri leaves Kyron to walk around science fair alone while she goes and talks to LS. Kyron tells friend he’s got drs appt. She tells Kyron where she’s going. Maybe in the basement of school. LS demands Terri do what he wants..whether it’s give him money, or divorce Kaine.. whatever. Kyron shows up. LS is angry, gets physical with Terri, gets physical with Kyron who hits his head and passes out. Terri threatens LS. LS grabs Kyron, says if you don’t do what I want you’ll never see Kyron and then you’ll forced to tell Kaine?.. kill Kaine? pay me? LS throws Kyron in vehicle and heads off to Suavie island, maybe Kyron is seriously injured or no longer alive. Terri runs to truck and tries to follow, calls Dede for help. They both go racing around Suavie island looking for LS and Kyron, can’t find either. They both leave, not knowing what to do. Terri goes back to Sauvie island and looks around by herself twice and can’t find him. Terri and Dede decide silence is best or Terri will end up in jail and never see Kiara again.

  11. FLGirl says:

    There is no mistaking the red mustang with the vanity plate, maybe she did not want someone to know she was there?

    That’s been my impression from day one. A non-descript white Ford truck, with regular plates, would fade into the scenery at the school, and throughout the areas she chose to drive. Someone in a rural area could see dozens of them in a day. It could be anyone’s. But a bright red Mustang stands out to begin with; much less the personalized plates.


  12. FLGirl says:

    zinnia says:
    July 25, 2010 at 5:10 am

    FWIW, I find it hard to believe that TH would need a truck to carry the science fair project home. Even if there was a car seat for Kiara in the back and she had other passengers in the car, you don’t need a truck to carry a cardboard display home. Is her mustang really that tiny?!
    Exactly, it was a shoe box and a tri-fold poster board; it would’ve easily fit into the trunk of the mustang. And Kaine had come home early to work partly from home; so even IF she needed the truck from him, she didn’t need it that day. What i don’t get is, if Terri is claiming to have needed the truck for the project, wouldn’t Kaine ask her where it was when he got home? Did she say the teacher never got back to her, or that it wouldn’t be available to take home that day? And, if she went through all the trouble of getting the truck, why did Terri not just say they should drive to the school and get Kyron anyways; that way they can check on the project and get an early start on heading out for ice cream?

    I mean that’s rhetorical question on my part; it’s obvious that Terri didn’t want to go to the school and get Kyron because she thought she had this great plan that she got away with, and putting herself in the vicinity of where Kyron went missing would make her a suspect.


    I have glanced at some of the O-Live InsIntel posts and seen the ones mentioned. It’s ridiculous this person can claim to be on the other side of the country, not know Terri, yet know how often Desiree sees Kyron. So, is her implication that she’s an ex-friend of Desiree’s? My guess is she’s either a friend of Terri’s trying to shift focus; or she’s just one of these moronic internet trolls who gets a charge out of making things up and stirring the pot. Personally, I can’t see how or why someone would get a kick out of stirring up drama when a little boy is missing, but some people are just a-holes.

    If someone is telling DeDe to “hold on” a little bit longer, and it’s legit, my guess is they figure the police have little evidence to arrest Terri and so if DeDe keeps her mouth shut, they’ll have to drop that angle.


    While your theory of Terri taking the truck in order to accomodate a large amount of groceries makes some sense, I can’t see it really. Firstly because it was raining and the food items would likely get wet. And because it was an open-bed pickup. So, would someone go load-up on groceries then leave them all out in the open where anyone could snatch them from her pickup? Or leave them sitting outside in the rain for an hour?

    I think the grocery store is a set-up alibi. I think she was stopping for a couple of items (non-perishable) in order to get a receipt and maybe get herself seen on camera; rather than a full-scale shopping trip. A bag or two would easily fit in the cab of the truck.

  13. FLGirl says:

    NancyS says:
    July 25, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    OKay!, we KNOW that Kyron was not with her when she left the school? so she left him there?, not knowing that an aquaintance of hers would be there and take Kyron setting her up for his disappearance?

    So Kyron could have been taken off grounds by an enemy of Teri’s?

    I don’t think we know that at all. We know that Terri says she left alone. We don’t have any verified stories that anyone saw Kyron leave with her; not that LE has made public anyways. That does not mean it didn’t happen.

    There had been some kind of statement put out by the school spokesman early on that 2 teachers may have seen Kyron leave with Terri.

    So, we don’t know for sure if someone saw Kyron leave with her.

  14. snapoutofit says:

    RE: #26: Elizabeth says:
    July 25, 2010 at 11:01 am : …..”If Terri Horman was involved in Kyron’s disappearance and she knows that he is alive, and has disclosed this to her attorney Steven Houze, does the legal reponsibility to protect an endangered child override his legal obligation to maintain his client’s confidentiality?”

    Do you honestly think an attorney would not alert LE to rescue that boy in order to protect his client? Wow. Think about this. He has the ETHICAL & MORAL responsibility to REPORT where the boy is…. Think about this. He doesn’t have to be the one to tell LE where the boy is (or that Terri told him).

  15. minima says:

    I shared more info with blink and wasn’t sure how to share with everyone…but I think I can say this…

    I know from a facebook posting that DeDe responded to an article about kyron missing on the morning of July 5th…she was shocked that that something like this could happen to someone she knows, her friend TH, she responded as though it was the first time she heard about him missing. Yet, going back over the postings now, with the info that DD and TH seem to be really close friends, her postings regarding him missing were too detached. When I read them initially I assumed they were at best aquaintances, but looking at those postings now it seems really oddly detached. I can’t quote it, but it was along the lines of, “i know them! weird.” I think if it were my good friends son I would probably sound a little more desperate and freaked out, if it was truly the first time I heard of the incident. I would also probably say something about the boy himself, like “omg that sweet boy!” Additionally, with the speculation that she spoke with TH on June 4th or helped TH on June 4th, but knew “nothing about what happened,” it seems like one would respond with “i just saw TH yesterday, I can’t believe this!” Her postings about it just sounded too neutral. And if she did “help” TH in some strange way, not knowing exactly what was going on, why “cover” for yourself on FB and make it sound like you just found out about it? So, based on this info, either DD didn’t know anything and she wasn’t with TH on June 4th, or she played dumb on FB the following day, which is incriminating to me. What I mean is if she was indeed with her on that day and had to rush from her job to do so, I think I would either A) not say anything at all, or B) if she was with TH the day before she finds out her step-son went missing, you would think that would be a knee-jerk statement, “i just saw her, what is going on?”

    I mean if you knew he was missing before July 5th, why make it sound like you didn’t? If you didn’t know he was missing until July 5th, why sound more benignly “shocked” than concerned?

    Sorry if this is confusing and/or too insignificant but, argh, something bothers me about it.

    Blink, do you know whether there is any info about DD’s missing time on 6/4? Do you know if there was corespondance between her and TH or if they were together? I don’t need details just a yes or no, if you can even do that. Like I said in my private post, with this new info on DD possibly being “involved” with TH on 6/4, this teeny tiny knowledge I have (that very well may be nothing!) keeps nagging at me!

  16. foobros says:

    @beejay and shelly – I’ve always wondered too about the Sauvie Island incident with the white truck and the red mustang. The story came out early in the investigation, then you never heard a word about it after that. IIRC, the original article said that the residents had license plate numbers and that it was reported to police. Does it sound too far fetched that Terri had a spare key for her mustang and gave it to someone? They could of taken it from Intel because they knew Kaine would be staying until a certain time. Could that be intentional act to muddy the waters like a CSI episode? Maybe it is too much. Maybe Terri knows someone else with a red mustang – the police would know who owns both the vehicles involved by now and maybe that is why they focused in on Terri. It may also be why Kaine, Desiree and Tony are so adamant that Terri is responsible for Kyrons disappearance.

  17. Word Girl says:

    Blink says:
    July 25, 2010 at 1:00 pm
    Will be on limited today, family day.
    Have a good Sunday all

    YAY! Have a great day, Blink. (I thought as much yesterday when the roll and scroll was stuck.) Your family is incredibly generous with your time and I know you take a lot of time for this work out of your hide. You all deserve a break.

    Remember the sunscreen!

    TY friend.

  18. NancyS says:

    You have a great time Blink! enjoy the children and Mr Blink of course.

    On the subject of the hiker that found the dirty sock. I could have believed it if it didn’t go on and on with another antagonist after another. I hope it isn’t true but I won’t lose sleep over it.

    @Mermaid14 on the subject of the oregonianlive chat. —-nothing good has come from it and if HopeinVa on Instel or whatever are anyone to be concerned about I am sure they are on top of it.
    It is not finding Kyron so I really don’t care who says what on another site, but on the bright side. I am hoping that on monday they have a grand jury that indicts someone in this case…

    Where are you cutie pie?

  19. Elphie says:

    June 4th was the beginning of berry season on Sauvie Island, and even though it was wet at that time there was a lot of traffic. I’ve lived there for thirty years and I can tell you it’s the last place I would hide a body. Even in the game reserve, there are hikers, bird watchers and rangers checking for parking permits.

  20. rollermonkey says:

    A few things I’ve been wondering about… I have no synopsis in mind… just wondering.

    1) We’ve heard Kaine say Terri used the family’s white truck that day. Has Kaine ever said he actually took the red mustang to work that day? Does he ever car pool, do they own a motorcycle? Just wondering if the red mustang was accessible. Or, could somebody have picked it up from his work and returned it without him knowing?

    2) Have seen on this site, mention of the cars speeding/racing on the island that morning. Also recently noticed claims of a speeding dump truck or cement mixer. Did the landscaper (or his company) have a job pouring concrete/cement that day? Have read his speciality was “hardscaping.” Horrible thought, but could they have hidden a body in concrete at a jobsite?

    3) Have those living in the area been asked about recent yardwork/concrete work?

    4) If somebody did plan ahead on this event, it would be fairly easy to rent a Mustang for that day. Have rental agencies been questioned about renting out a red mustang around this time? If somebody wanted to create a reasonable doubt, having a red mustang seen in the area (when Terri was known to have the white truck) would certainly make others wonder who did what.

    5) Do Terri’s friends realize yet, how much she seems to stretch the truth? Her friend Jamie Finster (sp)told a story of Terri being Kyron’s “primary” caregiver since he was 3 days old. In other versions, it sounds as though Kyron was actually with Desiree until he was a few years old, and that the simply shared custody. It appears Terri has told alot of her friends stories that make her situation look better. When in actuality, it appears she was most likely involved with a married man (with a pregnant wife). That really doesn’t “look” good.

    Anybody have answers or ideas about my questions? I’d like to know. I just want Kyron home, in MEDFORD, where people want him and will protect him.

  21. MizFitz says:

    22.beejay says:I’m just careful about sources.
    Beejay, then surely you know that the My Space link you posted is just a bad joke, and not for real ?

  22. Lazydog1 says:

    I have been in touch with CW Jensen regarding the My Space page. He hadn’t ever seen it but has now. He is not happy and is having it removed. He does however have a Facebook page you can check out. Way different than that My Space page was.

  23. carson says:

    For everyone still making excuses for TH, especially OL people. I found myself doing the same except for these important facts:

    If she was hiding Kyron because he was abused, why in the world would she not be fighting for her daughter right now? If Kaine was an abuser she would be protecting her blood child.

    If the LS was lying, why would she not be appearing before a judge to defend herself and get her daughter and husband back?

    Even if she was having an affair and it went bad, you would have to be a psychopath to allow a child to suffer for something that people do everyday. Own up to it, and find Kyron. Big deal, she slept around, so do thousands of people everyday. Kids don’t come up missing because of it.

    She did something and shame on her friends and family for covering for her.

    I will also add, I feel so bad for Kyron for more reasons than can be said. If even half of what I have read is true about all his family, God Bless that boy. He was dealt a very rough hand in life.

  24. snapoutofit says:

    by Colin Miner, KGW staff

    Posted on July 25, 2010 at 8:21 AM

    Updated today at 3:50 PM

    PORTLAND — As the probe into the disappearance of Kyron Horman enters its eighth week, investigators were focusing their energy on how his step-mother, Terri Moulton Horman, spent a few key hours the morning he vanished.

    There were gaps in what she had told investigators she did that day, including a key portion of time that she said she took daughter Kiara for a ride, according to reliable sources, including people who have been interviewed by investigators.

    The reliable sources, including people who have been interviewed by investigators, told KGW investigators said that there was probable cause to arrest Terri in connection with Kyron’s disappearance, and for soliciting someone to kill her husband but the choice has been for the investigation to continue.

    The reporter on KGW said that they can have Probable cause to arrest her, and also have Proof beyond reasonable doubt…

    The probable cause, the reporter said, could be for

    1. Murder for hire, and

    2. Kyron’s Disappearance

    – homicide without a body?

    – custodial interference?

    reporter mentioned two other ones but I don’t remember. KGW said that on Tuesday (July 27th) there would be an update about the case.

  25. Cathy Bickel says:

    There’s talk of an arrest for TH. I’m gonna attempt to post the link

  26. Sue says:

    Mockingbird – I too wondered about the underground protection network with Kyron and his stepmother. If this was the case however, then I think that SM would have worked out a solution for Kiara too. Her lack of planning for Kiara only put Kiara in the custody of the very person SM wanted to protect Kyron from. I think that the underground protection network would have helped SM plan too for Kiara to somehow remain with SM if this was the case. With Kyron safely in the hands of his new “protectors”, and son James with his dad, then Kiara and SM could go into hiding too. I don’t see this as the case though. JMO

  27. Missouri_Mom says:

    I wonder of LE has checked out DeeDee’s vehicle? I understand from reading multiple news reports and comments, LE did search her home and did take her cell phone, computer and possibly other articles. If TH and DD did make a switch with Kyron, then I would think her vehicle would need to be searched, as well, but I don’t remember reading anything about her vehicle. (maybe I just missed it)
    I also read that TH had her truck detailed before going home on Friday, did she do this while she was working out (if it was actually her at the gym). If anyone has any factual information regarding the truck detail job, I’d be interested in seeing it. It’s so hard to distinguish between fact and rumor with this sad situation. TIA

  28. NancyS says:

    Oh I am getting so excited about tuesday, first of all it is my 50th birthday and I am HOPING that they are having a grand jury indictment?

    Blink are you hearing anything about monday? a peep of any kind?

  29. jenjen says:

    I’ve been reading so much everywhere and only started posting here this weekend. Kyron is the same age as my daughter and school starts back up in 5 weeks. Its hard not to see this as any kid she goes to school with. I REALLY wanted him to be somewhere safe or maybe TH ferreted him away to be somewhere “safe” for whatever reason. I wasn’t sold on the evil step monster yet. Until DeDe came in the picture.
    I think this woman made this happen. And TH is as responsible too. And here’s why.
    DeDe and Th are close; sexual or platonic. Th REALLY admires her friend. Maybe wishes she had her life.
    KH and TH discussed separating. Maybe it wasn’t gonna happen this year, but once the box is opened… And she wanted custody of her daughter and knew it might not happen or felt threatened it wouldn’t
    DeDe lost her job.
    Hey! wouldn’t it be just great if you, me and Kitty all live together and screw Kaine and have a great life! Win the lottery and woo-hoo!
    Then, I hate KH, wouldn’t he be better off dead. I wish he’d get hit by a run away bus. He has life insurance.
    Dede says, why not just off him then. I know someone.
    TH chickens out.
    Dede is in risk of losing her condo. They need money to make this happen. THIS WAS THE BIG ONE FOR ME. Dede was gonna lose her house.
    It’s been a few months. TH decides to stay put in her situation.
    TH is taking Kyron to the Dr. or Kitty and talks to Dede on the bluetooth. No I just can’t leave. Dede is pushy about it and TH is somehow emtionally invested in this relationship with Dede. They argue and agree to meet.
    Dede doesn’t understand children, has idealized notions of how they should behave and is emtionally childish herself. A cute baby is one thing but and emtional and vocal child is another.
    Ky has a seven year old fit after over hearing grown up talk he can’t understand but sounds scary. Especially, if he hears mean stuff about his dad.
    And everything goes to hell in a hand basket really quick.
    I don’t think this was premeditated. I think someone snapped.

  30. Midwest Mom says:

    O.k, let’s see.. They have the fbi,ss, dea and more on this case, the best equipment, resources and technology available. They know terri, inside, outside, upside down. They have searched 2 miles 3 – 4 times? And still no Kyron after 8 weeks?

    Who is connecting the dots? Is the priority to find Kyron or build the best possible case against Terri?

    Someone needs to come to the conclusion that she might be a sexter, and the last one to see Kyron and know nothing about what happened.

    Start OVER, get a new theory OR Something. IDK.. JUST find KYRON! This is so insane

    Blink hope you had a great day! You deserve it and you are very much appreciated for all that you do for the children!

    Your children may not know it now, but one day they will know the amazing legacy you have created by fighting for these children when no one else would. Thank you

    Thank you friend.

  31. julie says:

    Does anyone know if the area Major Ed Dames identified as where Kyron was has been searched/dug up? I realize that this area is not in the area where searchers have investigated previously as it is in a different area. It may be off the grid per say according to the way the investigation is going, but I really hope the area is searched. It is worth it IMHO to at least look there. If the area is part of T nursery/landscaping, it would not be hard for a landscaper familiar with the nursery to enter, exit and leave something or someone behind inconspicuously. It is a very large nursery landscaping business and it seems like many landscapers who work in the area would purchase supplies/plants, etc….. there. It has also been rumored in the past that Tuefel’s has employed undocumented persons. Perhaps RS or his associates have worked there in the past, know the place well, or have friends who work there? Total hypothesis…………just thinkin….

  32. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @NancyS, you said “OKay!, we KNOW that Kyron was not with her when she left the school”.

    I don’t believe that we *do* know that. I believe that what Blink is saying above is that Kyron was not with TH at the stores, because she’s got info from a source re: the store videos. But Blink will correct me if she knows for sure that Kyron did not leave the school with TH.

  33. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @NancyS, you said “OKay!, we KNOW that Kyron was not with her when she left the school”.

    I don’t believe that we *do* know that. I believe that what Blink is saying above is that Kyron was not with TH at the stores, because she’s got info from a source re: the store videos. But Blink will correct me if she knows for sure that Kyron did not leave the school with TH.

    Also, re: Kaine & the red mustang. Just wondering aloud: wouldn’t LE have verified that Kaine was at work the entire time? So he probably couldn’t just disappear to race around on SI. And there is the LDT that he passed, too.

  34. sean says:

    I think we have the doctor appt. down pat. I also agree with the truck and the mustang both racing around SI. What I don’t get it who was driving what? Because if both of those cars belong to the Hormans than Kaine was driving one of them. Or Terri went home got the Mustang and she and the Dede gal drove the cars to the gym to swipe the card , to the stores to get seen on tape, and chasing the Sanchez guy on SI. that would account for Dede leaving the gardening spot. You know what….We got it….BUT….I think Sanchez dumped the body. and I think TH saw him do it. She didn’t do it…She witnessed it . That’s why the high powered attorney agreed to take her case. She’s not an accessory, she’s a witness and that’s something that can come out in court and be defended successfully. Thus the Misty Croslin situation in Florida. But she flunks polys because she participated in all the keystone cop stuff following the snatch.It would be interesting to see who the guys relatives are..Maybe they have Kyron alive? That seems to be a hope in this senario……

  35. CassieS says:

    Kitty’s Aunt didnt have to be a family member ~ could have been referred to Aunt as a close family friend~ perhaps~ DeDe Spicher…
    @ FLGirl Comment 9~ Mockingbird Sings

  36. CentralORMom says:

    Kyron’s doctor’s appt. KATU reported Terri Horman “had told Kyron’s teachers and classmates that he would be out of the classroom that Friday at a doctor’s appointment, giving the school no reason to expect him back after the science fair that morning…”

    The need for the “Truck”. My theory is that Terri needed the truck to haul some blocks or bricks, a crate or some type of casing, as well as the ability to drive “off road” to a remote area – she may have needed to traverse some large logs, boulders, or, some deeper water.

    Terri needs the truck to help her “dispose of Kyron”. It was also raining that day and the Mustang would surely not have made it in these areas. I also recall reading early on a report or posting about Terri getting the Truck “washed” before returning home – can’t remember where so that I can post it, but will look.

    Terri takes Kyron from school and meets someone outside the school or close to the school to transfer Kyron – possibly even Dee Dee. I have not seen a timeframe anywhere which states what time Dee Dee arrived at work that day. Terri hands over Kyron – maybe even telling Kyron that this person will help him catch some “frogs” for his science project or something like this just to get him to go along. I find it difficult to believe that she does the “dirty work” right after leaving the school and then heads over to the grocery stores. I believe this is where the help comes in. She knows she will need an alibi – so, she goes shopping.

    Dee Dee or some other “mystery helper” meet up after her grocery shopping and the cinder blocks and “everything else” gets transferred to Terri’s truck. This is also the timeframe where Terri states she drove around for over an hour and a half on the “rough back roads to comfort her daughter with the earache”. I think they complete the transfer into her truck and then Terri, along with the mystery person, drive to the area where they dispose of everything.

    There is a video (or two or three) on KATU website showing officers confiscating “cinder type blocks” from one of Terri’s friend’s homes.

    Sorry to be so cold sounding when trying to write about my theory – but, I felt it important to get this out. I have four Grandchildren and can’t imagine anyone who could hurt a child. I have felt for some time now that there was some sinister reasoning behind the need for the truck…the area close to the school and the island have some remote areas which could easily be driven to with an off road vehicle and make it hard to find much of anything….

  37. S says:

    Oh, Elphie, thank you so much for confirming what I have always felt and believed. I think way, way too much attention and time has been spent searching Sauvie Island. No one who lives in a rural area would consider Sauvie Island a place to do something clandestine, especially stash a body. If one lives in the country in this area, they are surrounded with vast forests and places well hidden.

    Early on, Kaine has said that he drove the Mustang to work, that they traded vehicles that day at Terri’s request. Kaine works at Intel. Intel. It is a huge high security campus. I have doubts anyone could have done a car switcharoo without being seen and taped on camera by security.

    As soon as the type of car Terri drove was reported, then suddenly there was a tip about a red Mustang and a white truck ripping around Sauvie Island. I purposely drove around SI a couple of times and saw, at a distance, red cars which could have or not have been Mustangs. I have always believed this tip came from an overly exuberant tipster or was a tip planted by someone to lead people away from where they should have really been searching. Also, this is the Northwest, about every 10th vehicle is a big white truck. I would also dare/challenge anyone to take the drive from Cornelius Pass to Portland. About every 10th car drives like a maniac/nutcase/idiot.

    Kyron’s classmates are cute, but to take a 7 year old child’s statement as valid just can’t be done. I’m not saying they are liars, but will say that they have incredible imaginations, short memories and often say whatever they think will please adults. Why would Kurtis’s statement be true and Tanner’s not or Tanner’s true and Kurtis’s not. I don’t think we can draw any conclusions on what Kyron’s classmates have said.

    I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking hard about DeDe’s possible connection/participation. DeDe left her job just about the same time Terri checked in at the gym, so unless they met up at the gym, they did not meet. If Terri called DeDe, then I’m certain LE knows at what time and for how long they talked. It’s possible that Terri dropped Kyron off somewhere and DeDe picked him up. That’s about the only thing that makes sense with the timeline.

    Driving Kiara around to soothe her is actually a possible scenario, but is more likely just an extremely lame alibi. Fortunately, neither of my children when small required any action like this, but I do have a grandson who, as a toddler, was completely inconsolable when in pain and his parents drove him around. It’s possible that Terri purchased childrens tylenol at Albertsons and then gave some to Kiara and then drove her around. But to then go to the gym, makes the whole thing sound really stupid. Sounds more like an extremely lame lie.

    Now, back to DeDe. I’ve thought of everything. Maybe she’s really dumb and believes her poor friend is being unfairly targeted. Maybe she’s loyal like a dog. However, everything else she has going on in her life does not support a theory of her being really dumb. Maybe, she’s a drama queen and loves being “in” on everything and feels powerful because of her inside connection. This doesn’t really add up either, as talking to reporters and the police would provide more action and drama. My thoughts and imagined excuses for her behavior go on and on, but the bottom line is, no one with any shred of humanity would not contribute to their fullest capacity any assistance they could offer in the search and return of Kyron. So, Dede’s on my list and I’m not talking about my Christmas list.

    I would love to know what Terri bought at Albertsons. Did she by a pay as you go cell phone? Did she by a super size of benadryl?

    I think what Terri knows, DeDe knows. If it was premeditated, I would not be surprised if DeDe was the brains behind the plan.

  38. MockingbirdSings says:

    FLGirl says:
    Mockingbird Sings,
    That seems like it would be more of a post from Terri’s sister (if she has one) or Kaine’s. The fact that the person refers to themselves as “KittysAunt”, which I assume to be Terri and Kaine’s child Kiara — whom Terri has/does refer to as Kitty.
    So that seems like a comment from someone in Terri’s family; not Desiree’s sister.

    The only Portland aunt that I am aware of is Kelly Ramirez. (This was reported on other news websites as well.)
    Kelly Ramirez, the sister of Kyron’s birth mother, Desiree Young, issues a statement thanking the community on behalf of the family for their concern and support. Monday June 7th.

    Does anyone know whether there are any other “Portland aunts”? I have not seen any mentioned and I thought Terri was adopted without siblings, although I could be wrong.

    If Terri or a friend wrote the post pretending to be the aunt to provide support for Terri, the real aunt and the rest of the family would certainly have known right away. Despite her name, she says she is good friends with Kyron and is Kyron’s Portland aunt. Perhaps it was part of feeling included in the family – maybe she even babysat sometimes for one or both kids.
    This post was written on June 5th before things began to unravel so obviously.

  39. MockingbirdSings says:

    If we assume it really was Terri’s red mustang spotted racing around on SI –
    If Kaine left work that day for at least an hour, someone there would surely know. However, it might be possible that a car could leave, depending on the parking arrangements there. Terri certainly had more than one set of keys. She could have told someone to “borrow” it, but why would she do that? It would be very risky because Kaine could have reported it stolen if he discovered it was missing, although he might have called her first. If he was still at work, then seeing the Mustang somewhere wouldn’t implicate him in any way, if that were the goal.

    If Kaine had found the Mustang missing, she could have told him she had trouble with the truck and a friend brought her over to use the Mustang while it was being checked. If he never noticed it gone, she didn’t have to say anything.

    Having her own mustang on SI for any reason seems no help to her with LE. But what if it wasn’t (future) LE, but the “someone” (as in Blink’s comment about her wanting “someone” to think she wasn’t at the school) that she was trying to throw off her trail? It might not matter to that “someone” whether Kaine was there or not if the person was only watching for her. So – what if another person (friend) had a key and did take the car to SI and back? It would have had to be planned in advance for someone else to have a key and meet the timeline.

    But why do it? Perhaps another person could have taken the mustang to SI to attract that “someone” to follow it (in their own white truck?) so Terri could safely go the other direction to do whatever she planned (including slipping away) – that might make a bit of sense. It seems really risky and farfetched to me, but risk is relative – perhaps other risks were greater and she thought she could talk her way past Kaine with excuses easier than she could the “someone”. With a cap or a hood on a chilly day, there is enough resemblance between Terri and DeDe to pass as each other in a moving car.

    Why would the “someone” be watching for her and she be wanting to avoid him or her? Why this particular day and why known far enough in advance for all this planning? Maybe June 4th was a deadline given to her for some reason or a window of opportunity for something based on more than just the science fair.

  40. MockingbirdSings says:

    It is possible, Kyron could still have been with Terri while she shopped if it’s verified that she did. She could have parked a bit farther away in those parking lots which aren’t crowded that time of day, left Kyron playing a video game or reading a book and taken Kiara in the store or left her outside too. With tinted windows most people wouldn’t have noticed or thought much about it. Kyron could have thought he was headed for a later appointment at the doctor and she still could have changed her mind, told him it was postponed and taken him back to school. But, obviously, that didn’t happen.
    So it’s possible she didn’t do anything immediately after leaving the school, but planned to use the later time after shopping that we now know seems to be undocumented – also the time at least one friend appeared to be available to assist in some way.

  41. Ava says:

    @ Elphie says:
    Sauvie Island…I’ve lived there for thirty years and I can tell you it’s the last place I would hide a body. Even in the game reserve, there are hikers, bird watchers and rangers checking for parking permits.
    I live in Portland too and can agree with this. Too inconvenient. Driving around the Skyline area a few months ago before any of this happened — I always thought Mt Calvary Cemetery was in an odd location when I first saw it. Am I ridiculous for even considering this as far more convenient place? It’s huge and hilly too.

    One would think evidence is fairly close-by, given the random sighting of the idling white truck at 2 am the following day. Why was she at that location and was she waiting….or watching? What can you see from that spot I wonder…

  42. puddnheadwilson says:

    The person commenting under the name HopeinVA on has posted at many sites like The Hinkey Meter under a different screen name. (The screen name changes, but the content, tone, information, and language of the posts stay the same.) She (I am assuming the writer is a “she”) has not, however, posted comments here at Blink on Crime. HopeinVa (who, for the record, I do NOT believe is Terri Horman but someone who does seem to have extremely intimate knowledge of the family situation) has specifically singled out Blink on Crime for criticism/contempt on

    My questions are:
    (1) Is Blink on Crime receiving comments from the person who originated as HopeinVA but moderating them out? I don’t think so, based on the seemingly “liberal” attitude towards comments allowed. (Only 1 “waterboard Terri!” commenter I have found so far–a testament to the caliber of this site.) If she (he) is not being moderated out, why doesn’t this person post here, and what is her (his) beef with BOC?

    I do think (TOTAL SPECULATION on my part) that HopeinVA did leave one comment here under the name KimVA. She (or he) posted a link to a seemingly unrelated online article concerning a vehicular accident involving John Arthur Harvey and his brother. (I’ve gone back to search for the article link under the original BOC landscaper-identity-revealed post, but it appears to have been deleted.)

    (2)Blink: can you comment on why you think the poster has not been vocal on your site or what her (his) beef is with you/your site?

    (In the spirit of total disclosure: I have previously left 2 comments myself on The Hinkey Meter under a different screen name concerning the link between HopeinVa on and a person posting on Hinkey under the name “Kim,” since changed by ValHall to “Kim_2.”)

    That link has not been deleted. Your asking me to speculate on speculation- I have no idea, except to say that if I were close to the situation, it is easy to ID what blogs or news outlets have inside tracks, so attempting to discredit them is common.

    There is nobody posting here who’s comments I delete.

  43. Cathy Bickel says:

    @Carson…I don’t have the answer to any of your questions but I do have an opinion about why she’s not gone before a judge in a court of law about anything, including getting her own daughter back. I believe TH is involved in Kyron’s being missing, with that thought in mind, if she lies on the stand about anything, especially, do you know where Kyron is, what happened to him, etc and it is found out later that she has lied under oath about anything she stated she can be found guilty of purjery and spend time in jail for it.
    She has a history of lying, her lawyer knows that and will not take the chance that this could happen to her.
    It has happened before, here in my town. A woman was murdered and the man got away with it, found not guilty in a court of law. Along the way,in another court case not the murder case, he had admitted under oath he did not know what happened to this woman. After the not guilty verdict was passed down a whole role of pictures where found in the home he had sold. These pictures where of the woman, things that were done to her on the night he killed her.
    He served time for purjery, couldn’t try him again for murder due to double jepordy.

  44. beejay says:

    Glad to have brought that My Space page to your attention and to Jensen’s through you. I don’t keep up with current trends in social media so I have no idea how you set up a My Space pg and had no idea that one’s ID wasn’t verified. I plead ignorance, but am so glad it worked to his benefit.

  45. TallyHo says:

    Just a thought about why she took the truck that morning – possibly so that she would not have been as conspicuous as she left with Kyron. She obviously needed to be seen with him at school and with the science fair project,etc. But it would have been easier to slip out unnoticed in the white truck. And if someone she knew happened to be coming in late, etc, they wouldn’t have seen her instantly recognizable red mustang.

  46. alwayssunday says:

    @ 24.snapoutofit says:
    July 25, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    I watched the video and saw no mention by the reporter about them having probable cause or proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Was it a different link perhaps?

  47. Annals says:

    Rollermonkey (#20)

    Hi. The landscaper Rudy Sanchez does not appear to specialize in hardscaping. His speciality seems to be lawn maintainance. He is discusseded in greater length in one of Blinks earlier blog posts.

  48. melissab says:

    Hope you had a wonderful family day, B! Gee, didn’t some wise woman once tell us that Kiara was left with a friend on the morn of June 4? I am assuming only during the time of the science fair if she was later seen on store videos and then the gym.

  49. zinnia says:

    I just read a poorly written article at the CBS news website about the latest developments of the case. The article references statements from former police captain, Bruce McCain about the developments in the case.
    McCain says in the interview that the doctor appointment Terry claims to have told the teacher about was for June 11. McCain said that this wouldn’t make sense because the last day of school was June 4, the day Kyron went missing.
    But that wasn’t the last official day of school, was it? Is McCain really part of the investigative team or in the inside loop for the case?!
    The written article was horribly written, with seemingly no proofreading. Maybe this is the latest trend in journalism online.
    But it definitely makes me stop and think to not rush to judgement when I read or hear something online. Information travels so fast these days and misinformation spreads like cancer.

    He has his facts wrong.

  50. Megan says:

    Hi Blink. Longtime lurker, and this is my first comment so please feel free to delete if this is not helpful in any way. I live in the Portland area, quite close to Kaine Horman’s Skyline home. I cannot stop thinking about motive and why/how anyone would support TH in such a sinister plot. I know you said that this was a sexually motivated crime, and many have mentioned the involvement of the landscape lover (who may or may not be female). Based on the assumption that TH has not been truthful in the past, what if (and I HATE to even suggest this, but I’m thinking of how she could enlist the help of her friends/lover(s) to take or dispose of little Kyron) she lied and told these friends that Kyron was harming or abusing Kitty in some way? My hope is that he is alive and hidden away somewhere, but my hope is fading as each day progresses. Taking Kyron would be a huge way to get back at Kaine for whatever may have occurred in their dysfunctional marriage, and at the same time, what if TH was telling some of her close circle that Kyron was hurting the baby? Thus the lack of any attempt to come forward publicly on Kyron’s whereabouts, the detached comments from DeDe on TH’s Facebook page after Kyron was reported missing. I don’t know. I do think that poor, sweet Kyron was used a pawn in the very dark dealings of this situation that keeps getting stranger and stranger. We all just want this poor baby to be found.

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