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Orlando, FL– In a word, YOWZA.

I freely admit I have caught many a fly in my trache while my yap was left hanging open at some of the legal filings by Jose Baez et al, in this case.

The latest motion to suppress the recorded conversation between convicted felon and “lifer” Robin Lunceford and Jose Baez has insipred the first ever Blink Darwin Award, or, THE BLARWIN.


In his Motion for a protective order to keep the call out of discovery, Esteemed Blarwin recipient, Jose Baez, claims he did not know his conversation was being recorded, and apparently, what type of phone line was being used although he states the call was transferred to his cell phone.


Pun intended. It would be impossible for him to be unaware that Lunceford was not calling from the Lowell Annex. As Baez is aware, inmates at Lowell Annex MUST have the number they are calling on an approved list in advance AND they may only call collect. From Lowell Annex Rules:

Incoming telephone calls for offenders will not be accepted. In the event of family emergency (such as serious illness or death in the family) you may contact the chaplain’s office. The chaplain will notify the offender.

Offenders, except those in administrative confinement, disciplinary confinement, close management or on death row are allowed to make collect telephone calls. Offenders are allowed to place up to 10 telephone numbers on their authorized phone list. If the offender has not placed your number on the list, he or she cannot call you.

Offenders can change their phone list every six months. There are two exceptions to this policy: < ?xml:namespace prefix =”" o />

  1. If someone already on the list changes his or her phone number, the offender can have the new number placed on the list.
  2. If an offender gets married, he or she can have the spouse added to the list.

All telephone calls are limited to 10 minutes and are subject to monitoring (except legal counsel).

Of course we all know that correctional facilities cannot monitor calls between inmates and their counsel.  Ms. Lunceford is not represented by Mr. Baez, and if he were interviewing her as a prospective witness as he states, he knows full well he needs to pack the car and head on over to Ms. Lunceford’s pad after requesting the visitation officially.

BaezRobinL1 BaezRobinL2 BaezRobinL3

If the first few meatless morsels of the motion don’t grab ya, I offer my personal fave. “It is a felony”. I have news for you Mr. Baez, the State has already listened to it. This would be how it is DISCOVERABLE, or subject to discovery in the first place.

Now, you know Jose copied and pasted some of the States own verbiage from the motion regarding Joe Jordan’s snafu. A surreptitious recording in a two way notification state is not even in the same zip code as a collect call from jail with NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY.

Is it me or does anyone else think this was an attempt at circumventing rules at the Pokey Mr. Baez is so famous for?

You know, the ole “Im willing to have her call me collect, bein’ that I’m on the list.. I will transfer the call to you-

-signed, unknown caller to unknown number sometime in early May.

HINT: If you want to claim something is work product you might not want to disclose portions of it in your motion. It just *Might* give the appearance you don’t want the recording out but want to make an accusation publicly that favors your client.

Bottom Line: An inmate placed a collect call, subject to the rules of the facility in which she is incarcerated. As dictated by protocol, the call was monitored and is therefore subject to public release. I for one, look forward to hearing it.

After all, it did earn a Blarwin, and I was saving that all year.

Image BY Klaasend

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  1. MaidenAmerica says:

    I have yet to see someone ask them a materially relative question in the media.

    I’d pay good money to see that!

  2. dee says:

    “Because they’re sick sick monsters”

    Mrs. America, I am not quite sure if they are “Monsters” but sick yes, in many ways I have anger and rage against them, in others pitty, I wish I could wrap my mind around them but struugle to find reason within myself to understand, to me, I think the realization of the events are to horrifying for them to comprehend, and with that I have to pray for them for they know not what they do.

  3. dee says:


    I always lurk, sometimes feeling bad that I wait weeks to say anything in this lil angels defense, I guess as a Mom sometimes we go on Mama Bear attack mode, I am handing it over to where it belongs, but for the record, my heart bleeds for this lil baby I never knew, I just wish the hearts of the WHOLE family did as well….how sad :-(

  4. Mom3.0 says:

    A marked difference in in Cindy. Yes

    In the part that aired, Cindy is quoted as saying she doesn’t believe her granddaughter is dead, yet in the same interview she says that Caylee’s death was ruled homicide by undetermined means.
    Cindy seems here, in this instant to be openly questioning the cause of death in a solid way- What I mean is in a way in which all families would question a coroner’s report- not denying it, but questioning why what does that mean- how can they say homicide when there is no determined cause?

    I think Cindy is under the mistaken idea that the prosecution has to prove how Caylee died, on what day at what second- she asks What does that mean …they have no weapon.

    It means that your granddaughter’s remains were too ravaged, by decomposition, animals, weather and time, to know for certain what exactly killed her.( At least at the time of the coroner’s report) But not too damaged to determine what means of homicide didn’t kill her… No skull fractures- no gun shot wound that broke bones ect.

    Could Cindy actually be questioning how Casey killed Caylee? George seems to be open to whatever the truth may be, at this point, or at least in this interview- He certainly doesn’t want to call his daughter a liar (or a killer) but did say that he and Lee did not abuse Casey, but (excused her to a degree) by saying her letters to that inmate were her way of befriending and having something in common and of course reaching out trying to help….
    and his questions about the possibility of someone else being involved are legitimate questions- they are questions I would want answered. But the evidence has not shown this.

    But IMO, these are questions that only one person could answer for them, Casey, and they say they never asked??? Or she never answers- instead pointing fingers at anyone except herself-
    Cindy and George scrutinize what evidence seems to be lacking- but yet they never mention any of the evidence that clearly points at Casey. Instead opting to point fingers or offer up excuses…

    They hurt my head also Blink- because with each word spoken, I try to understand, I try to be open- minded- I try to interpret- but so many times to no avail.

  5. claudia says:


    Just wanted to let you know that WESH.COM is doing a story that George will be telling, about Cayse saying he molested her. Here on the 11.PM new.

  6. More Q's than A's says:

    I watched the interview. Very telling that one of the first questions asked was whether or not they were paid a fee. Time to change the publics opinion of them. Too little too late. Why oh why can’t they just focus on the fact that they miss Caylee? Let the interview be about Caylee, not Casey and not Cindy. When I listen to them talk about missing Caylee (which they do not do for very long without turning the topic to Casey or Cindy) my heart breaks. I know how I would feel if it were my Grandchild. Cindy is not capable of speaking only of Caylee. Her motive for having the interview is to try to change public opinion of Caseys guilt. It will not work. I have always thought that Cindy, although she loved Caylee, used her as a pawn against Casey. Letting Casey slide on some things, covering up on others, then reeling her back with come home and take care of YOUR baby phone calls. For some odd reason Cindy has always been in a sort of competition with Casey. I see it in too many ways to list here. One is the fact that Casey is letting her hair grow and low and behold so is Cindy. Why? I know people are fed up with George having no backbbone, but in this interview he said something to the effect that he didn’t want to believe that Caylee was deceased. I think that would be my feeling too. Not that I didn’t believe she was gone and that my daughter was responsible but that I don’t WANT to believe it. I will never be able to make any sense of this family or their actions before or after Caylee disappeared from their lives.

  7. dee says:

    More Q’s than A’s

    thank you! ezzzzzactly my point

  8. Annals says:

    No fibers that connect the remains site to Casey or the Anthony home??!!!

    What does Cindy think fabric (as in a Pooh blanket) is made of, if not fibers?

  9. MsEnscene says:

    I believe they have always known what happened to their grandaughter. All you have to do is read the first LE interviews with George and Cindy to know they knew. Not all the details, of course, but they knew their deranged darling was at the core of missing Caylee and Caylee presumed dead. That’s why they didn’t call LE immediately at the tow garage. We don’t know what’s going on, but clean it up for Casey. Wash down that car.

    It doesn’t matter if they loved Caylee. Caylee is gone and as Cindy said in one of her impromptu interviews with the media, “I don’t want to lose another one.” Casey in prison or on death row cannot bring Caylee back, so why give up Casey? Let’s be reasonable!

    To that end they will say anything and do anything to protect Casey, even to throwing any innocent person to the law in Casey’s stead.

    Cindy has always protected Casey, covered for her, allowed her to get away with stealing and lying and heaven knows what else. Why would Caylee’s death be a different matter? And George has always known who rules the roost. He goes along to get along. Lee is an enigma which I don’t care to unravel.

    What is most surprising about the new Today interview was a little nod by both parents that Casey might “have seen something” or might know something.

    That’s seems a big giant step forward for Cindy and George, but is probably only orders from Baez headquarters. No more insane Anthony ramblings about that mysterious Zanny as elusive kidnapper keeping Caylee in Puerto Rico or Colombia or Brooklyn.

    Defense is not going to fly with that story; they can’t. So it’s gonna be some other dude did it. And Cindy and George are out there doing what they do best:tainting the jury pool. And, if the parents are not embracing any guilt on Casey’s part, they are allowing for some new stories to come into play for the hoped-for hung jury.

    Casey got mixed up with some really bad players (Think drug kingpens, pimps, or how about some terrorists?) and poor little Caylee met her tragic end. Wait for it. Meanwhile, Roy Kronk can be a focus. Or how about daddy George? Any ol’ port in a storm.

  10. MJ says:

    Blink, someday will you please write an article on what Cindy ( and George ) are up to. Yes, I know the stock answers, lying, manipulating, manufacturing alternate murder culprits and scenarios, etc.

    I feel in my gut, all of this, is more for them not casey. Something feels so outlandish and contrived. In one of those interviews, she mentioned the Foundation. That’s the first public plug in a long time, are they setting the stage? And what do you make of her entourage including Jim L, for months now? I get the strangest feeling they’re working up to a revitalization of their money making schemes.

    Maybe it’s as simple and crazy as it’s supposed to look but Cindy is greedy and she’s feels owed. She wants her due and she wants revenge on all those that have dared to cross her in this journey, imo. If you follow the money, where does it lead, who’s paying whom? Is anyone looking? Do you know, can you say?

    I can say that if people continue to provide the rating support to have them on tv, they will make money from it. Baez saw to that.

  11. Bees Knees says:

    There’s one easy way to cut back on the ratings. Just watch it on YouTube later. Almost everything they do is recorded.

  12. MJ says:

    Thanks Blink.
    Bees~ I can’t even watch them on YouTube. I can stand to tune in for a minute if somebody gives the link and the time into the video, but otherwise it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.
    what they have said and done goes against human nature to me. It’s like watching an animal eat their young.
    This latest assault is the final straw, if Cindy has stopped wearing her Caylee ashes jewelery in order to sidestep questions on her “caylee is still alive” statement, then she has in effect negated the child’s memory altogether. If she’s alive, FTLOG why isn’t there a full army of Anthony supporters searching high and low based on the “real” story only casey would know. And if she’s dead , you would quit honoring her by not wearing the ashes because it might mess up the latest defense ploy?
    I’m not big on the cremation jewelery myself, but they are the ones that made such a show of wearing it. They have sold the baby to the highest bidder and it’s disgusting. IF that’s not it, then they abandoned the child to glorify a shallow murderess and that’s disgusting.
    They can book all the showbiz gigs in the world and I won’t watch their bs, maybe one day it will be over and they will dream of their celebrity days, the only people that will give a chit will be them.

  13. PigletinCT says:

    WESH is reporting Brad Conway is OUT.

  14. Jan says:

    WESH is reporting that Brad Conway has quit the Anthony’s. He will be on the TODAY show this morning. His leaving has to do with Mark Najame allowing Brad to view the 4000 docs from TES and Baez’s filing. Brad may be called as a witness.

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