Morgan Harrington Murder: A Security Check On Security- Why Did It Fail?


Charlottesville, VA-

On the afternoon of October 17, 2009, Morgan Harrington and three of her friends drove to John Paul Jones Arena, located on the University of Virginia campus, to attend a long-anticipated Metallica concert. Following an apparent fall and chin injury occurring around the time she was visiting the ladies room, Morgan ended up outside the arena and attempted to gain re-entry to the venue.

How and why she got there comes in at a baffling second only compared to what happened to her next.

Nine months ago Dr. Dan and Gil Harrington, Morgan’s parents were notified their daughter was missing which is when their nightmare began.

On November 5, 2009, the day before a search which was organized at the request of the Harrington’s was to commence, a vintage black Pantera t-shirt placed on a bush in front of an apartment complex at the intersection near 15th Street and Grady Ave.  was located by a nearby resident.

While this discovery was not released publicly, Charlottesville PD knew immediately it belonged to Morgan Harrington. Sara Snead, one of the friends that accompanied Morgan to the concert, immediately confirmed the distinct vintage design that compelled Morgan to borrow the t-shirt from her a week before the show.

Subsequently, DNA analysis confirmed the t-shirt was indeed the same one Morgan was wearing the night she disappeared.

On January 26, 2010 the remains of Morgan Harrington were discovered by David Bass, owner of Anchorage Farm, located in Albemarle County. Although her cause of death has not been released, her manner of death has been classified as a homicide by the Virginia State Police.

Dan and Gil Harrington marked the nine-month anniversary of Morgan’s disappearance from her memorial on Copeley Bridge 4 days ago.

Gil Harrington’s impassioned statement made it clear that her family’s mission is to prevent what happened to Morgan from happening to another victim and their goal is to educate young women about safety and personal security.

On July 1st, based upon an article posted on inside sources confirmed a forensic link between Morgan’s homicide and a Fairfax County Case. Research on this case indicates it was a violent sexual assault that happened in 2005. The victim assisted in the sketch of a man police wish to interview in connection with both the Fairfax assault as well as the apparent abduction and murder of Morgan Harrington. .


What did it mean to the investigation and to the parents of young women in Charlottesville? We have a serial offender on the loose in multiple jurisdictions and an immediate need to beef up personal security.

As our very vulnerable student body returns to campus next month, provides a glimpse at current conditions.

Unregulated Regulations In Security

The 2004 General Assembly, through House Joint Resolution (HJR122), requested the Virginia State Crime Commission to study safety at Virginia’s institutions of higher education. As a result, DCJS created the Office of Campus Policing and Security (OCPS) to address the law requiring minimum training and employment standards for campus security officers.

Campus Security Regulations for Institutions of Higher Education in the State of Virginia, fall under the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Private Security Services Advisory Board. Below is an excerpt of the unapproved draft meeting notes of their quarterly meeting held December 8, 2009; the first and only since Morgan’s disappearance from JPJ.

The issue of safety and security on college campuses was addressed in a 2006 Crime Commission Study on Campus Safety. This study resulted in the statutory requirements under Code of Virginia (Code) §9.1-102 (49).

College populations represent a large concentration of students between the ages of 18-25 years with limited supervision and life experience. In terms of homeland security, campuses are identified as “soft targets” and are frequently targeted by domestic and foreign terrorists. Campuses also house volatile materials and research facilities that are also targeted by radical elements in society. Campuses host large stadium events and concerts that are potential targets for terrorism and riots. Most campuses also have facilities that are open to the public and are relatively difficult to secure and lockdown.   Campus Security Officers are primary first responders to incidents of crime and violence on campus.

Although UVA campus security officers require a certification provided by DCJS, there are ZERO regulatory standards for certification. It was NOT until Morgan Harrington disappeared from the grounds of the JPJ Arena that emergency regulations were sought from Governor Bob McDonnell.

How does a woman on the campus of a University that provides it’s very own Police Department in addition to event security simply vanish without a trace?

By the time Morgan ends up in a hay field 7 miles away, she has passed through 3 different law enforcement jurisdictions and a slew of private campus and event security agencies and personnel.  While private security regulations fall under the umbrella of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, they also require a judicial amendment only if and when they are approved via “emergency” status by the Governor.

Who’s Looking Out For The Kids, Exactly?

As the safety on campus study showed, our college age kids are at their most vulnerable in the University setting.  Out from under the watchful eye of Mom and Dad and wading through the rich culture and nightlife of downtown Charlottesville, students face a host of potential safety risks.

In fact, during the very development of this article, I received an alert from UVA security that a UVA student was sexually assaulted in the area of Roosevelt Boulevard. While I commend the swift response and warning from UVA PD chief Michael Gibson, I can’t help but wonder if a similar alert upon learning Morgan disappeared from the UVA/JPJ campus would have made a difference for her.

A simple Google of “Charlottesville security” produces the front page for HH Security Services, Inc, a local private security and bail bonding firm.  I am no expert but isn’t it a bit odd to claim to protect one’s security and then bond out someone that may threaten it in the first place?

Who is vetting the security that is responsible for ensuring safety?

While HH Security or it’s employees have no known ties whatsoever to the Harrington case, it is a prime example of the weakness of current security regulations, involving students and private events, 6 years in the making.

RoderickHoward1At H & H Security Services, Inc. we specialize in Private Investigation, Private Security both armed and unarmed as well as fast efficient Civil Process Service.  Our full-time professional agents are well trained, well equipped, well informed, and discreet.? Owner Rod Howard is a native of Charlottesville and central Virginia, where he’s been a well respected business owner for over twenty years. H & H Security Services, Inc. is his vehicle in his effort to help serve and protect the community he grew up in. Over the years he’s assembled a team of certified and experienced personnel who share his commitment to the safety of the community.

HH Bail

HH Security, in a business journal ad, claims to hire members of law enforcement and be very well connected with various police departments and security agencies for nightclubs, special events and home security checks as well in 2007.

HH Security is the security firm of choice for Club 216, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Rivals, which are bars frequently visited by UVA students and athletes.

Roderick M Howard, owner of HH Security and H&H Car detailing maintains active licenses issued through the VA Dept of Criminal Justice Services for private security and as a bailbondsman.

While blinkoncrime editors were researching this piece, a review of Albemarle County Court records show Roderick Howard was arrested for felony rape in 1993, subsequently indicted for same and a year later on the first day of trial, pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery whereby he was sentenced to 12 months, 11 of which were suspended and two years unsupervised probation.

Howard was also arrested a few times for felony bad checks; both cases ended nolle prosequi.

How can an accused rapist and convicted sexual batterer hold a dual license in the private security sector as well as two classifications of firearms, all of which is monitored by the VADCJS? It is specifically stated in the regulations regarding moral turpitude AND sexual battery that the VADCJS MAY DENY an applicant on those grounds.

According to Mr. Howard’s own advertisement, he has been in the security industry since 1989. Would that mean he was employed in the security field when he was arrested for rape?

Shockingly, It may be perfectly legal. Although the administrative statute for licensure prohibits granting a license to someone with a misdemeanor sexual battery conviction, if Howard divulged the crime in his application and requested a waiver from the director at the time, it is possible one was granted. spoke to Lisa McGee, Regulatory Program Manager for DCJS, private security advisory committee:

“…there is a code in the statute that allows the potential for both an individual convicted of a felony and the outlined misdemeanors exceptions contained therein to obtain a director’s waiver. Two felonies we would never even consider are rape and murder, but dependent upon the criminal offense, the circumstances and the length of time that has transpired with a clean record, the verbiage in the statute would allow an applicant to at least request a waiver for our consideration…”  Lisa McGee

Ms. McGee was not able to address Mr. Howard’s file specifically, citing privacy laws, but she was able to verify that Mr. Howard’s registration with the agency is current.

There are however, some discrepancies in the press release written to announce the “restructuring” of both companies, announced October 19th.

HH pressr

For starters, there was only a name change to Mr. Howard’s business, which actually took place prior to the October 19 release date, in May, 2009.

These are not two separate businesses. In fact, the bailbondsman license issued to Mr. Howard’s agent, Anthony Halstead, leads back to Accelerated Bail Bonds, which is not a listed entity in the state of Virginia or listed as a fictitious name for H&H Security Services.

I would be willing to wager that the police departments that allow off duty security employment with this firm would appreciate some clarification on both the personnel and licensing issues.

There has been no arrest in the homicide of Morgan Harrington. In a statement released by Corrine Geller, PR manager for the Virginia State Police, VSP has received approximately 100 significant leads from the release of the sketch of the alleged perpetrator of the 2005 Fairfax County sex assault.

Dan and Gil Harrington will be meeting with new University of Virginia President, Teresa Sullivan, next month to address safety and security issues on campus.

“..People think it cannot happen to them, IT CAN– Dan Harrington.”

Editors Note: I am not a resident of Virginia. However, I think the interest of the safety of our children is a National one. Any person that is placed in a position of public trust, most especially those that come into contact with our vulnerable students, should be REQUIRED to disclose past convictions that would negate them that position without some sort of subjective “pass”.  How can we know-TRULY KNOW the level of presumed safety if we really aren’t aware of the backgrounds of those in charge of it? editors Jason Mateos, Elizabeth Morton and Madeline Tanner contributed to this report

Images by Klaasend

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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the PDF link. What a bunch of chowder heads eating up taxpayer money. They havn’t accomplished anything of value since their inception. The very thought of someone being employed in security for 180 days and not being qualified makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.


    I’m with you on the irresponsability of Morgan’s “friends”. These girls and boys have demonstrated zero concern about the well being of Morgan or others. What a way to learn a lesson! I rather doubt that they have told the whole truth of what happened in the arena. Maybe by the time they reach thirty they will recognize what they really did.

    If I were LE I would question them over and over with a video camera recording every second of the interviews.

  2. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink and anotherB- Skyler’s posts concerning the car and her other observations from that night are from Dec.

    I would o think people’s memory would be better early on, rather than many months later. But Sky has always said she doen’t do well with recall… I miss Skyler, and I hope she is doing Okay-

    I agree Blink and anotherB, it seems she may have changed her story drastically- I wonder why? Maybe she has had a long time to think about it and realizes she was mistaken? IDK Maybe she’s frightened?

    Again, I hope she is okay.

    Here are the links to the pages with the dates of Sky’s previous vivid observations. All except her first mention of the car- I was unable to find that one all the rest were included with the article:Morgan Harrington-Separating Fact From Fiction-From-Facebook-Part-ii

    December 16, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    December 16, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    December 17, 2009 at 3:32 am

    December 17, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    December 17, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    December 17, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    December 17, 2009 at 9:43 pm

  3. Mom3.0 says:

    Here is one of Sky’s posts SNIPPED-regarding the vehicle on the side of the road— Blink can you tell us exactly how much and where Sky has changed her recollection?

    comment by Skyler
    December 17, 2009 @ 12:15 pm

    “I left the parking garage around 9:10 — and here I get helplessly lost — I know I drove thru the campus at least once because the wedding tent had been taken down and it was obvious the people were in final clean up stages — it had stopped pouring rain; however, it was still raining/misting enough that I had my full w/s wipers on — not intermittent — it was at this point I drove over the Copley bridge the first time and turned the wrong way — passed the 7-11 everyone keeps talking about — there was no one on that bridge — because there had been students out on the campus sidewalk and one young girl — alone — in shorts and a sweat shirt which was open and she was jogging and I was thinking: what IS she thinking — there was a kid on a bike w/ a backpack and I was thinking he was spending his sat. night studying — there were 3 girls walking between buildings — they didn’t have on coats but looked huddled together and I remember thinking I wouldn’t have worn a coat at that age, either — they do not fit Morgan’s description — one had dark dark hair and was heavyset –she was on the outside closest to the street —

    I did not realize that Emmet Rd and 29 were the same — I also did not realized that had I stayed straight on Copeley it would have taken me out to Massie Rd — I turned onto Copeley from Ivy — drove across that bridge — no one on the bridge — had to turn around — drove across it again — still no one on it —

    at some point, and I cannot tell you when — it was after I had driven thru the University campus, though — I got down to where 29 intersects w/ 64 — because I remember now, I thought if I turned on this little road it would take me around and instead it took me onto 64, and I remember thinking: well that didn’t seem like an interstate exit — and this is where I encountered the car on the side of 64 — headed west —

    the car was a sedan — not a SUV — it’s not a compact — but not huge like cadillac — it was dark in color — but by now it’s starting to rain and the night was just black — it is my belief it is a 4 door because — what appeared to be a tallish male was standing on the shoulder bent over the w/ his head inside the car and it seems to me the back passenger door and the front passenger doors were opened — I believe there was more than 1 person inside — but I can definitely say there was at least 1 person inside — because it looked like they were talking — I thought — they should be more pulled over than that — I did not expect a car to be there and kind of had to go around them a little — and my second thought — what a crummy night to break down — the tailights were lit, but I don’t remember if they were flashing or a turn signal — but they were on — the interior dome light of the car was on — I want to say that the male had an unbuttoned coat on because it was hanging down — his hands were on the roff of the caar w/ his head bent inside the back seat — at no point did I see the front of the car — only the taillights — and they didn’t appear to go up and down — my car has a three-light verticle tower for the taillights — this was a sedan and the lights were horizontal

    I took the next exit and went over the overpass got back on 64 east and took the rt 29 exit — at some point I realzed it was Emmet st and instead of turning on Ivy as I had been doing, I stayed straight and understood where I was — I pulled into the EconoLodge parking —”

  4. Eloise says:

    I want to apologize in advance, this guys wall is disgusting. But, I have been scanning who might be the tall weirdo in Dana Woodfolks fb pic. I dont know if this is him, but he remarks on Morgan’s death Jan 27. All posts are foul.!/profile.php?id=100000702154189&v=wall

  5. anotherB says:

    @ redly September 27, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Near which highway? On Ivy? Or on Copeley, after the bridge?

    Either way, she remembered it, and we only remember things that our brain flags up because they are extraordinary. It is the subconscious. There was something about the car stopping there.

    It was either Morgan or a potential witness, this is why I keep remembering it.

  6. Eloise says:

    Cristie Gibson secretary eh? I knew she was in something!

    New Annual report gives her an upgrade.

  7. anotherB says:

    @ redly September 27, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    If it was on Copeley, than it was just 20m away from where her memorial is now – maximum.

  8. alexandra says:

    It looks like in both videos we see a girl with long blond hair, what appears to be giving a kiss to another girl. I thought they had an argument, yet still a good bye kiss? I don’t get any of it.
    IT DOES NOT COMPUTE, none of it!
    Justice for Morgan

  9. Judi says:

    Eloise says:
    September 27, 2010 at 6:30 pm


    Thanks for reposting the video. Been a while since I looked at it. Still gives me the chills.

  10. ross says:

    FYI all this was posted on the FM site tonight:

    “Gil, Alex and I want to thank each of the forum members for their support and help over these 11 difficult months. We have decided to close the forum. Please pray that Morgan will find JUSTICE Dan Harrington”

    I know that was a difficult decision. I also feel it is a positive sign toward an arrest in this case.

  11. ross says:

    Two girls with Morgan, I guess she had an arguement with only one.

    48.alexandra says: September 27, 2010 at 9:37 pm
    It looks like in both videos we see a girl with long blond hair, what appears to be giving a kiss to another girl. I thought they had an argument, yet still a good bye kiss? I don’t get any of it.

  12. Eloise says:

    OK I hate that UCC website. What I got out of it was he owes taxes and has 2 TLO ? Tax liens against him. So, what did they do after the July one? Is he in the process of being shut down and could that be related to something other than taxes?
    I didnt see a more updated annual report, what is she assistant director?

    Got a Fed Tax lien 7/27/10
    Changed ownership on H & H Q C C on 7/28/10 via Annaul Report( hypothetically, good idea if you do not want the Feds playing pin the tail on your business interests)
    Got 2nd Fed Tax lien 9/13/10 also for 10 years

  13. redly says:

    blink — I never saw how skyler’s story changed but the person who brought it up on FM was difficult to follow.

    anotherb — see mom3.0′s post for the highway. it wasn’t close to copeley unfortunately.

    I have no knowledge of anyone bringing up anything on FM about her changing her story, I observed the comment and saw it immediately.

    If you saw Mom 3.0 post, it is clear as a bell what she changed, as several have pointed out.

  14. Judi says:

    OK, so witnesses say they seen a car pulled over on the bridge, yet no description of what the car looked liked from LE to the public. Why wouldn’t they be looking for it? Unless…..they didn’t need to look for it because they already’s knew who’s car it was (maybe someone got a plate number??). If the driver tells LE something like he just gave her a ride to point B, and they have no evidence to point to the contrary, and he does not match the DNA found on Morgan’s shirt (Sketch), then they have nothing on him. So, maybe LE is dealing with a Sketch they cannot find and a suspect they can’t find enough evidence on. If Morgan did in fact get in a vehicle on the bridge, then I whole heartedly believe it was more something like “My car is all the way over there. Why don’t you meet me/us up on the bridge so you don’t have to walk all that way in those shoes.” No struggle, nothing noticeable. I think Morgan would have either had to know this person or he would had to have been a fellow college aged person with whom she felt comfortable. Probably invited her to a party or another music venue. But, where did he take her instead? Maybe where the house fire was, which the fire eliminated any crime scene evidence in the process. Gone. Is this what LE is up against?

    I think that is chump change as to what VSP has been up against.

    Personally, I think it is proof she was never on the bridge. I believe someone saw a person matching her description and I would be willing to bet it is in the same timeframe as Maggie Voth’s account Was not Morgan.

    I am convinced Morgan was nabbed in the lot, likely by someone she thought she could trust enough to get a ride somewhere and once they hit the grassy area, dark area next to Lanigan field where he was likely parked, he nabbed her from behind.

    Point is, as people witnessed her walking amongst others, and there were only a few people still in that lot after the bb players left, the Richnmond bookeeper/music critic saw them, imo. It is important to note she referred to Morgan as “wobbly”, and that she experienced concern about what Morgan was doing with those men.

    For those of you who are “GOF” readers- we are listening to her satellites. Something in her observation of the situation required her to AGAIN notice Morgan over in the lot once she parked.

    If I had to guess, this poor lady is very conflicted. I for one, think she is a hero for coming forward.

  15. redly says:

    redly says:
    September 27, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    blink — I never saw how skyler’s story changed but the person who brought it up on FM was difficult to follow.

    anotherb — see mom3.0′s post for the highway. it wasn’t close to copeley unfortunately.

    I have no knowledge of anyone bringing up anything on FM about her changing her story, I observed the comment and saw it immediately.

    If you saw Mom 3.0 post, it is clear as a bell what she changed, as several have pointed out.

    would you or any of the several others who have pointed it out (that I have apparently missed) mind cluing me in. not playing games I likely just don’t remember the first story well enough to see the change. the snippet mom3.0 posted jibes with my recollection from back when.

  16. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink and all,

    I think I misunderstood- I thought Sky sent you, Blink, a private post stating what she NOW believes she saw. Where did Sky post this New info/recollection? Is this hearsay from someone else and not Sky- If so Who? If it is her post- can someone bring it here? What did she say exactly?

    Here is what gives me pause- Sky was very adamant back then,regarding her 1st hand observations. Telling us exactly what she saw. She went into great detail-so much so, that many of could actually picture ourselves riding along with her in the car.

    She was on the bridge, she was in the p-lots, she was at the Econolodge, She was near the 7-11, She was near the Highway. She gave us much detail about the night, the weather, the surroundings and the people.

    After a year, her story changes….

    Could mean several things- She’s scared, and doesn’t want the BG knowing she knows something… She was mistaken. She now remembers it better even though it has been a year since that night….Or- She told us more than she really knew, not trying to thwart the investigation, but just talking anonymously, she thought, on a blog….

    Did VSP interview her, and she relented, saying she may have exaggerated?

    Dakota says he was just recently interviewed by VSP and He says that he is confident that they are digging in hard.

    We recently got a visit from Nel K. Did he get a visit too?

    I don’t know what to think. I can’t really give my perspective as I have not read what Sky wrote recently- But if it is exactly like Blink has said- Something’s wrong.

  17. Mom3.0 says:

    Dakota said he had a “visit” from VSP, on his porch not an “interview” thought I better clarify We really Don’t need anymore rumors…

  18. daisygirl says:

    Wow. Ok. I see that side of things. I had no idea it could possibly be that bad. If so, I am with you Blink. But seriously, if true, time to come clean girls. The only way you can truly forgive yourselves is by being honest.

    So heartbreaking on all ends.

    Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I don’t think that they did anything to hurt Morgan.

    I also do not think they did anything to help her. Did they think she would end up raped and murdered and dumped in a hayfield?

    Of course not, but that really is the point- they did not consider that her being alone out there was dangerous.

    When this happened, I asked Blinkette and my 2 nieces, after telling them what happened ( Morgan was simply missing at the time)…

    Which one of your friends could you see leaving you outside like that, if you really thought about it, who MIGHT be capable of that kind of selfishness, regardless of how you got outside?

    All 3 response:

    Nobody. I would never be friends with someone I thought might do that, and I certainly would not travel out of town with them.

    My response: If you have not been in that situation, how would you REALLY know until it happened?

    Point is, it prompted them to have that conversation with their friends about what happened to Morgan, and what the plan would be if they were ever in a similar situation.

    We cannot change what happened that evening, but we have an obligation to teach others not to repeat mistakes.

    Think about it, in most cases we send our kids off to school, out from under our protective wings that controlled curfew, funds for recreation, friends we knew for years-

    Then we open our 329′s and put them in a setting where there are thousands of other kids we know nothing about, with thousands of their friends, and so on.

    The only thing we really have is the ability to have OPEN COMMUNICATION about these issues and plans to employ should they occur.

    It CAN HAPPEN to your child, ask the Harrington’s.

  19. Marie says:

    How certain is it that Morgan kissed one of her friends before going to the bathroom? Could it be that she was just getting close to her to tell her something? With the noise level being what it was, you’d think that getting understood would take some effort…

  20. In Memory of Gini says:


    Hello Hollymead and Sutherland Families:

    This is Maury Brown in the Superintendent’s Office of Albemarle County Public Schools with an important message. The Albemarle County police department is investigating a report of a person in a truck who spoke to a Sutherland Middle School student walking to school this morning. The police are characterizing this as a suspicious incident and we are working closely with them and the Hollymead neighborhood watch. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Albemarle County Police at 296-5807 or Crimestoppers at 977-4000. The police will provide a more visible presence around Hollymead and Sutherland over the next few days as they continue the investigation. The safety of your children is our top priority, and we are taking every precaution to ensure you have accurate information. Thank you and good night.

    The following is the text of a news release that will be distributed by the Albemarle County Police Department this evening:

    The Albemarle County Police Department continues to investigate reports from a Sutherland Middle School student regarding a suspicious incident occurring this morning.

    A female student reported to school authorities that while walking to school this morning on Powell Creek Drive, a man in a vehicle pulled alongside and began speaking to her. At some point the man allegedly asked the student to “do you want to get into my car?” The 14 year-old student declined and went to school where she reported the encounter.

    The suspicious man was reported to be a white male in his 40′s with brown hair and possibly a beard or goatee. The vehicle he was driving was described as a newer model black truck with big tires.

    County Police are continuing to investigate this incident and are working with Albemarle County Schools and the Hollymead community through Neighborhood Watch. County Police also plan on increasing patrols in the area.

    Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Albemarle County Police at 296-5807 or Crimestoppers at 977-4000.

    Lieutenant Shawn Schwertfeger

    Administrative Division


  21. Judi says:

    This is EXACTLY what needs to happen in Morgan’s case. These SOB’s raped this 15 year old girl, killed her, then “raped” her corpse, dismembered her and buried her. Just sick. 18 years later, the wife of the “helper” is divorcing him and turned both guilty parties in. Sounds ALOT like Morgan’s case and surely there is someone out there who knows, just like this woman did. It took her 18 years to talk. Let’s hope that’s not the case in Morgan’s case.

  22. Judi says:

    Blink, you think the decision to close the FM forum was due to progress? I hope so. From recent readings there, I was under the impression that they just felt that the forum has run it’s course. The members are upset and understanding at the same time. I think that there are so many people so very emotionally involved in this case that we now need a sense of closure as well, which will only come when they have apprehended Morgan’s killers.

    P.S. I think this is also new on the FM website, though I could be wrong…

    We continue to work diligently with Law Enforcement to find justice for Morgan Dana Harrington and apprehend her killer(s). This is a difficult task during our worst nightmare with our limited energy and abilities. We will be successful though because of the strength we derive from the outpouring of love we have received from across the nation and beyond. Your support carries us as we continue to fight for Morgan and other precious children. We are so grateful to each of you. 2 4 1 The Harrington

    I think that The Harrington’s have been through utter Hell. I think they have earned the benefit of our trust and support that if they closed the forum they did it for reasons that will advance the ongoing efforts to Morgan’s case.


  23. Eloise says:

    Blinks says in part:

    For one thing, the friends that thought it was her, had nothing to feel guilty about, and I have spoken to a witness who says that EMT’s headed down to that spot on the steps to see if Morgan had hurt herself in the fall, so I am willing to bet there is a high degree of LE that also believe this MAY have been her.
    EMT’s. Would they not have made a record of someone that fell and was possibly bleeding, as part of their documantation that evening? In the medical field, if it’s not documented, it was not done. If not, has LE spoken to the EMT’s assigned to the arena to review their recollection? I am not questioning the witness account, but why there may not be other accounts of the event. There have certainly been pics of someone falling on the stairs, cant that refresh their memory?

  24. Judi says:

    I have a question for ALL of you. Have any of you ever seen or experienced what we have with Morgan. I mean, have you ever seen a person and/or family draw so many people to them, like a magnet, and see so many people getting so emotionally attached to people they don’t know and see so many people come to love people they never met? I, for one, have not. This speaks volumes of the Harringtons, in my opinion. Every one says that someone is special all that time BUT I think Morgan and her family really are extraordinarily special. That’s why we are all still here, this emotionally attached, 11 months later and I don’t think any of us are going anywhere. This family reached to the core of all of our hearts. Once the hearts are involved, we’re in. 2-4-1

  25. Judi says:

    I support everything and anything the Harringtons do. I cannot begin to imagine their devastation and pain. I respect them tremendously and have no doubt that their decision to close the FM forum was a long and carefully thought out one. They are all that matters here. I am glad everyone was able to show them their support. I also would like to say welcome to anyone coming over to here. We all share one goal – justice for Morgan. A lot of good hearts and minds here. Together, we will stand with the Harringtons :-)

  26. Eloise says:

    Some more action being taken re gang activity on campuses.

  27. first-time says:

    Hello all. Color me confused. Some folks who were very frequent posters for months and months here all disappeared at around the same time (May/June). It looks as though Observer had some serious health issues (Observer, if you are still reading, my prayers are with you!); but J2K and Skylar all disappeared rather abruptly after extensive discussions about the access point to AF through Blandamar via Chopin, after Sky’s picture taking forays into the area surrounding AF. They have never reappeared. I have enquired of Blink several times:
    (the last: 46.first-time says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 18, 2010 at 6:20 am
    Observer, Skyler AND J2K…where’d they go?)
    but my questions never leave moderation….
    Now, Blink questions Sky’s memory regarding the night Morgan disappeared.
    Confused, I am. Very, very confused.

    I do not answer questions about posters personal lives, of course, nor will I, ever. I would have thought that obvious since I have not answered your repeated question of same.

    To be clear, you are misquoting me, and at the risk of blowing my cool, I bold my quotes for a reason-
    They are not interpretable. I NEVER said I questioned her memory, I am not a neurologist, btw.

    I do find it interesting that you do not include Dakota in your inquiry, since you are concerned about who is posting and when, or the fact that both Dakota and Skyler (on FM) after not posting for months, end up posting on the very same day.

    Mom 3.0 was kind enough to research the post of Skyler’s that appeared here, and the FM site is now closed, where I understand the “different” version appeared.

    So I “summarize” from an email I received:

    In short, as you could read from the original post appearing here, she once thought she observed a man in a dark sedan, pulled off to the side of the exit ramp, with his hands on the top of the car, both passenger doors open, but he was standing over the rear passenger seat, odd placement of “pull off” and no hazards.

    Currently, she does not feel that the car was in any kind of “distress” and feels it was someone seated in the back of the car with a babyseat- no mention of the guy standing over the car at all.

    To my knowledge, she never addressed the change in her story, although I am aware that someone attempted to call her on it, albeit incoherently. I can’t even verify it was actually her, so this may be moot.

    I cannot for the life of me understand how it seems some people think this is some sort of online “clue” game. I found out months ago, FROM LE, that there were posters that were reaching out to potential witnesses in this case, under false pretenses, which btw, in an active investigation as a civilian, is a crime.

    That kind of wreckless crap will never be associated with my name, my work, or my site, ever.

    I have learned in the last 18 months, the hard way, there are some shady ass people that proclaim to be advocates when all they really are is opportunists looking for validation to act like bottom feeding, gutless assholes exploiting the pain of others, in what they perceive to be the cloak of anonymity.

    As it were, I am certainly not referring to J2k, Skyler, or Observer, but those of you who I am referring to, know exactly who you are. I do not think my words require any more “clarity”.

    There are real criminals, real raped and murdered dead people and yet folks will call, email, FB, Myspace complete strangers for some inside scoop to bring back to the coven for consumption.

    This is as off track as I want to be. I have said I will absolutely have more to say after an arrest, and you can bet your bippy it will be plenty.


  28. fish says:

    Don’t waste your time looking for me.
    All you can see is a shoe, well really a clog!
    But like I have always said, if anyone wants to meet me, I said I would be on that bridge! Even said it when CUE and Monica was appearing there. Yep, I went! Would do it again to help support in any way I could.

    Eloise, You want to talk ‘people’ at that search.
    Well, ready, set, go.

    I met some wonderful people on that search.
    Law Enforcement included!
    I wrote about it back on February 3, 2010, here on BOC.

    I touched on this in my post to Meadow when Blink asked me to retrieve from the tacklebox. I never did post my thoughts and feelings to Meadow though. It was too long and although I tried to edit it a million times over. I just can’t. I have trouble with the delete button. Hubby agrees.
    E, maybe I will send to Blink and just let her decide what to do about it.
    Blink, would you like to read?
    It kinda, sorta gives a perspective from me, the grief-stricken.
    (no worries, I’ve healed a good deal)

    I met and watched many at that search.
    I have often said when you first meet me, I am quiet.
    I pay attention first then spout off later.
    I watched as a so-called friend threw a fit about having to be there. I was sickened and I wanted to punch her in the face.
    Yes, Eloise, I wanted to shake that girl.
    My own kids would have been there if given the opportunity.
    Maybe that is why I took my daughter back to see it all and to donate.

    Attention Below to all parents!!!

    I needed her not to be some self-absorbed twit without a moral compass for her friends!


    I told her never; never leave her friends, EVER! Call me and I’ll be there, without judgement, without a lecture, and with lots of love. (ok, the lecture will come later)

    E, I have said a while back that I’m about ready to sit my ass on Red Hill and Monacan and wait! Wait for someone to come by and tell me who did this to her. The time has come and gone but I would be there in a heartbeat. I have also said that I would sit my butt on Copeley in a lawn chair waiting for that family member who needed an ear and maybe a push to do the right thing.

    This can be done, you know.

    Even after many months and even years. There are family members of the bad, the evil that do feel remorse and feel a parent’s and a sister’s pain. They did feel our pain. Couldn’t bring them back but his family felt remorse for his actions that drove her away from us.

    It all makes me cry. Hard!(as Dolce once said here)

    I want nothing more than for people to understand that this thing we are calling community involvement. I wanted to be involved because it was time in my life to give back.
    Then again maybe a 20 year old girl was teaching me?
    Teaching me, guiding me. I don’t know, I’m not that heady of a person, E. Just not that heady.
    Maybe I had healed to a point that I could give back.
    I just do not know.

    But what I do know is that somewhere, someone in North Garden, VA has the answer we are all looking for.
    They sit with something we all want and need.

    Eloise, I’m currently sitting on Albemarle GisWeb and for a reason. When the time comes I want to be able to blast a current picture of his property so that we all may see how close it really is in relation to Anchorage Farm and Plot 88-41A.
    Just a belief I have.
    FWIW and that’s not much.
    I’ve been so wrong before.

    Support Lt. Rader and VSP. We need you!
    Love to the Harrington Family. We stand with you!
    Justice for Morgan Harrington. We’ve all got your back!


    from one loving, healing, grieving sibling to another….

    love to Alex Harrington. You be strong!!!

  29. fish says:


    I just read your post. Yes, I agree with you. We are all emotionally attached because of Morgan and what she represents to each of us!

    Sometimes I feel as if I am Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web.
    Silly, I know when some really educated minds sit on this board!!!
    I’m embarrassed to admit this but I want to write words in a web that will last for a minute and then I can change them.

    ~Some Girl~
    ~extreme grief~
    and the finally


    She came into our lives for a reason.
    Not that I’m getting all quirky on you but I really do think that she has helped a great many of us. I know that her parents must believe this. I certainly hope so.

    I often try to help people I see that need it. Do I get involved more than I should…well, no. But something made me get up off that couch and go look for her! Maybe it was just time to stop blending in with my surroundings and start showing my daughter how really to behave and to give back and in the words of TexasG…Pay it Forward.

    I’m glad I did.
    Hope I never have to do it again though.
    Feel the pain of her loss as if it were my own.
    Support her family the only way I know how and that is sitting in the company of all of you. Plus, Blink is a really good therapist!

    Judi, I have no clues, tips, or leads to provide LE.

    I only have my life experience of loss, healing, and coping and all doing it within the confines of a family, of friends, of trying to love a husband, and of setting a good example along the way for my kids and their friends.

    Judi, Do I succeed everyday? Hell No, I don’t!!!
    But like I always say tomorrow’s another day and it just can’t be any worse than this one. So start over, kiddo!

    My sister gave me a gift, Judi.

    Well, a few but her gift of standing up and doing the right thing finally kicked in. I finally realized kids and all, that I had to go and help out. Maybe Blink can figure out why we are all drawn to her. But I know one thing. my sister would not have left her and she always said to me…Don’t leave her!

    No of course, it wasn’t about Morgan but about my own daughter.
    Not going to leave her, just like Gil never leaves Morgan and not going to leave Morgan because that kid of mine watches everything I do.

    Judi, by being here for Morgan, you are setting an example for your own. Whomever they are.
    Sisters, daughters, nieces, nephews, sons.

    That is why Morgan Dana Harrington is your magnet!

    That I why I remain even though I cannot do anything to help.
    I just have a voice and make that choice to love and support her family.
    I wish we all could do more. Maybe some of us have.
    I hope so!!!

    I’m just so sorry that some bastard took Morgan’s life.
    But I also have faith that he will soon get his and when he does maybe I’ll buy a place in Albemarle County so I can sit on his jury. (OK, that was really nasty.)

    I’d like to be able to apologize but I’m just not in the mood.

    Judi, stay for however long this will take!
    It will go along way in setting examples and counter-balancing the evil out here.
    We need to tip the scales in our favor. Plain and simple.

    We need to outnumber them and I believe that we all here do.
    Judi, thanks for letting me spout off to you.
    Much love to you and yours.

    p.s. all the above in my fishy opinion!

  30. first-time says:

    Blink – sorry, I really didn’t mean to offend or set you off. I was truly just confused just as I think others might have, including mom3.0. I was trying (miserably, apparently) to clear it up…I went back to look at Sky’s lasts post to try to figure out what happened and to see if it had something to do with the changing story…no more, no less. I haven’t been following the FM site for quite some time, so I didn’t see the Dakota or Sky posts there. I, like many, I’m sure, am waiting (not so) patiently for Dakota to reappear here with an explanation of the visit from VSP. Of course, I didn’t expect you disclose personal info on the missing posters, but I felt that their contributions were valuable… Sorry again for getting off track and for upsetting you.

    I apologize.

    What I said was necessary, but it should not have been at the end of your comment.


  31. HokieHi says:


    The last week or so here has seen a flurry of activity and I can’t help but get the feeling that this is close to resolution for Morgan. Obviously you can’t tell what you know or infer from what can’t be shared publicly but in your opinion, is this case solved? Is LE just looking for the final pieces of the puzzle to tie everything up in a neat bow for the Prosecutor? And do you believe you know who is responsible for Morgan’s death? Early on we had theories galore but I get the feeling now that the theories and speculation have been replaced by a level of confidence in who is responsible.


    2. Won’t comment on what LE is doing.

    3. Can’t comment for now except to say we expect arrests in this case when the commonwealth feels there is a case that will result in a successful prosecution.


  32. first-time says:

    B – Apology accepted. (PHEW – I thought I might be contacting potential witnesses in my sleep, as I have become irreversibly obsessed with the notion of finding who did this to that shiny girl!)
    Carry on BOC sleuthers. I have a feeling there are some nervous cowards in the Charlottesville/North Garden area.

  33. Hummingbird says:

    LOL!! First-time……. I can relate about your concern about contacting potential witnesses in your sleep!!
    As I too have become irreversibly obsessed with the notion of finding who did this to that shiny girl!
    I don’t want to sound odd, but sometimes I just feel her near me, or wake up in the middle of the night strongly thinking about Morgan and the message is usually something like “Wake up!!” and /or “Don’t leave me” ….go figure …she was a very smart shiny girl who got ripped abruptly from her beloved family who she would have been downright horrified to see in such pain, grief and loss. Morgan seemed very compassionate to me, I mean just look at her parents….Oh God it makes me tear up today as I write this one whole year later ONE WHOLE YEAR …..I believe Morgan was NOT ready to go she was abducted, stolen, tortured, murdered, abandoned in a hay field. Morgan is pissed off!!
    She wants to help make it better for her parents , for all parents of missing and murdered children, for all children to be safer now and in the future.
    She will NOT go quietly and some of us …well I can’t explain it we kind of got brushed by the fleeting soul of that beautiful young woman/child, sort of like in the scene from “The Lovely Bones”
    when the young girl is killed in the corn field and brushes past her school friend as panicked and in shock, she leaves her body. Something like that ……something very sad, and violent, and mysterious.
    My “Morgan moments,” are not always urgent or necessarily sad. The other day I was walking from the doctors office. I had an MRI on my injured shoulder and finally got a valid diagnosis, so I was feeling pretty relieved, and thinking about going to physical therapy etc. I thought well I will start to heal my shoulder and now that my daughter is settled into school I will seriously start to do some volunteering as a victims advocate…..something I want to do and am a little nervous about. At that exact moment I looked up and a big commercial van drove right past me with “MORGANS”….( something service) painted on the side in huge letters. I immediately took a big sigh of relief and smiled from the inside out as somehow I knew I was on the right track and somehow Morgan was OK.
    The cowards took her life but he/they could not and never will extinguish her light.
    Keep her in your hearts , your minds, keep searching every avenue , looking under every rock.
    Justice for our “shiny girl ……. Peace for Morgan and the Harringtons.
    You go Blink. More power to you.

  34. anotherB says:

    Mom3.0 thanks for digging out these posts! A few things I noticed:

    - Skyler seems to have a photographic memory, but it only takes snapshots.

    - Morgan and her must have “missed” each other several times.

    - The wedding was also mentioned by the newspaper delivery lady. It appears to have been a large and noticeable event. Has anybody sent an e mail to the guest list, asking whether they saw anything? Could the murderer have attended the wedding?

    - There was a serious downpour of rain at ten past nine. At that point, Morgan was walking towards Lanigan field. Why? Maybe to find shelter under a tree? Did she get into somebody’s car when it began to rain heavily? Someone she trusted, because she knew him or because he was a fellow student? Did she leave when the rain stopped, and was that the trigger for an argument? Or did anybody offer her shelter under his umbrella? Do men carry an umbrella? Probably not, so maybe no ;-)

    - Just looked at the intersection of 64 and 29 on google maps. It is a very strange place to pull over. You would only do that if the car broke down, or if someone was sick. I would definitely switch the hazard lights on. You wouldn’t stop there because you wanted to have a look at the map. If the car broke down, who would he have called? Would there be records about it?

  35. anotherB says:

    @ Blink September 28, 2010 at 12:27 pm


    This is good and bad news – glad police know who it was, but he must know as well, and he is out there, and he has nothing to lose. Unless they have a police squad following him 24/7, he is extremely dangerous right now, both to his family and to strangers.

  36. redly says:

    HokieHi says:
    September 28, 2010 at 12:27 pm


    The last week or so here has seen a flurry of activity and I can’t help but get the feeling that this is close to resolution for Morgan. Obviously you can’t tell what you know or infer from what can’t be shared publicly but in your opinion, is this case solved? Is LE just looking for the final pieces of the puzzle to tie everything up in a neat bow for the Prosecutor? And do you believe you know who is responsible for Morgan’s death? Early on we had theories galore but I get the feeling now that the theories and speculation have been replaced by a level of confidence in who is responsible.


    2. Won’t comment on what LE is doing.

    3. Can’t comment for now except to say we expect arrests in this case when the commonwealth feels there is a case that will result in a successful prosecution.


    man I hope so. I note the word “arrests”.

  37. CVa Native Away says:

    Nice post, Hummingbird. I have been reading here cautious optimism.
    With that said, let’s keep at it.

  38. Hummingbird says:

    HokieHi says:
    September 28, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    The last week or so here has seen a flurry of activity and I can’t help but get the feeling that this is close to resolution for Morgan. Obviously you can’t tell what you know or infer from what can’t be shared publicly but in your opinion, is this case solved? Is LE just looking for the final pieces of the puzzle to tie everything up in a neat bow for the Prosecutor? And do you believe you know who is responsible for Morgan’s death? Early on we had theories galore but I get the feeling now that the theories and speculation have been replaced by a level of confidence in who is responsible.


    2. Won’t comment on what LE is doing.

    3. Can’t comment for now except to say we expect arrests in this case when the commonwealth feels there is a case that will result in a successful prosecution.

    WOW Blink that “yes” is “UGE” ….way to go !!!!

  39. Amy says:

    You talk so beautifully, healing words

  40. lee says:

    For the first time in a long time, I have real hope that Morgan’s murder(s) will be brought to justice. I can completely understand the Harrigton’s shutting down the FM site, for probably many reasons. In the mean time, in spite of whether or not justice is about to be served in Morgan’s case, there are stilll so many BGs out there. That is why my daughter now carries a taser and knows how to use it. So sad really, but seems there is no choice these days, is there?

  41. diana h. says:

    Hello all BOCers. Mom3, Eloise, Fish, Crimewriter… and everyone. You’ve all been sleuthing so hard, you guys!

    I found this story today and wanted to post it. It’s a pretty important subject. Society needs to respect women by making the rape kit backlog right!

    Neal Baer (Exec. Producer, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and Mariskey Hargitay – Lead Actress on the series – will debut a new website tomorrow to attempt to help people deal with the astounding backlog of rape kits all over the US.

    Quoting from the article: “Wednesday’s episode of Law and Order: SVU, “Behave,” shows the dire consequences of the rape kit backlog. We hope it will move you to action. To learn more about how you can help, go to a new web-site launching on September 29th, Together we can end the rape kit backlog and bring justice to victims.”

    Justice for Morgan!


  42. Hummingbird says:

    RE: anotherB says:
    September 28, 2010 at 3:36 pm
    Mom3.0 thanks for digging out these posts! A few things I noticed:

    - Skyler seems to have a photographic memory, but it only takes snapshots.

    - Morgan and her must have “missed” each other several times.

    - Just looked at the intersection of 64 and 29 on google maps. It is a very strange place to pull over. You would only do that if the car broke down, or if someone was sick. I would definitely switch the hazard lights on. You wouldn’t stop there because you wanted to have a look at the map. If the car broke down, who would he have called? Would there be records about it?

    I do not have the link to Skylers’ original posts re the pulled over car, but I remember distinctly her saying it was a very odd place to be pulled over and I recollect that it was not far from the bridge.
    I also remember her saying she thought maybe someone in the back seat was being sick or that someone in the back eat was in some sort of distress. I believe it was raining.

    This has always stuck in my mind as from the start I instinctively felt that it may have been Morgan throwing up or being subdued in some way in the back of that car, it is just too close for comfort , the timing of it all, the odd placement of the vehicle , the male leaning into the back seat with the door open in the dark…I don’t think the headlights or tail lights were on, nor as AnotherB says above, were the hazard lights, which is also strange. If someone was in honest distress they would want to be visible to other passing vehicles, or risk a possible collision ….versus lights out ,covert, in the dark , in the rain , on the side of the road, right there, parked hurriedly in such an odd place, so close to the scene of the crime.
    I have never heard Skyler speak of a baby seat up until now. I do not know why Skylers’ story has changed. I do know her earlier descriptions placed her in the immediate vicinity and time frame of Morgans’ abduction, which like Blink I also believe was violent and sudden, in the dark parking lot.
    I can only think that with arrests looming large on the horizon, some people may be afraid of a visit from VSP, of potentially being called into the trial as a witness , and /or frightened into silence somehow, by something or by someone who knows something, or by whoever committed this atrocity.

    ANYONE who knows anything SPEAK UP NOW!!! Ask for witness protection, email Blink privately. This is NOT the time for mute fear. That is what the murderer/murderers want….for the witnesses to be afraid and not help the victim. If we turn a blind eye, or lack the courage to speak up for what is right, we on some level have become victimized and helped sow the seeds for future unspeakably brutal acts of violence on fresh innocent victims,perhaps our own loved ones, and theirs and our subsequently traumatized families…….
    It is intolerable and utterly unacceptable for these kinds of violent miscreants to be at large on the city streets….Morgans’ murder is violence beyond violence ,of the most dark and evil nature…really to rape , torture, dismember and slaughter a beautiful innocent young woman who had gone to a music concert in a UVA sports arena on a saturday night with her friends. This is not a movie, this real life and death.
    Are we on another planet or what? WHO and WHERE are these depraved vermin. HOW DARE they think they can get away with this senseless beyond violent behavior. Cocky bastards their day is about to come. LET JUSTICE BE DONE!!

  43. alexandra says:

    Blink, I said it once, I’ll say it again, you rock!
    Morgan Rocks and the Harringtons are my heros.
    There will be justice for Morgan. I hope those slime ball bullies are worried about whats going to happen to them. I’m sorry nothing will bring Morgan back, but I will never ever forget her. I have been angry at her friends, even suspected them of harming her, and I’m sorry, but they will live on. Should’ve helped her, but didn’t. I’ll be here in support of the Harringtons and always in awe of BOC until the end. J4M

  44. Hummingbird says:

    Forgive me if this has already been posted but I felt compelled to bring it over here. A woman turns in her estranged husband for murder.

  45. Houston Mom says:

    FISH, you are a unique person (everything special is unique). Your husband and family are blessed to have you … their lives will be lived richly with you. (PS, I, for one, would LOVE to have you on Morgan’s jury!!) Blink said, “yes”!

  46. Saramom says:

    Hi. New article posted under Morgan Harrington. Travesty.

    Sara- were you unable to post on that thread, or just alerting?


  47. Saramom says:

    Alerting, B.

    I thank you

  48. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I believe that we were (are) all drawn together to support Morgan and her family because GOD allows evil to produce a contrast of goodness that touches people in a way that they cannot be touched otherwise.

    Each of us have come to care for and respect each other even though we do not know real names or places of residence. We have all learned some valuable lessons of how to make our world a better place.

    This is an expression of Truth, Beauty and Goodness that leads to that greatest expression of all “LOVE for our fellow beings”.

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