Blink Discusses Kyron Horman, Morgan Harrington and Caylee/Casey Anthony Cases Tonight on Scared Monkeys Radio Dana Pretzer Show

Tonight at 9PM EST, following special guest Robin Sax NBC Analyst, Author and Former LA Sex Crimes Prosecutor, Blink, Editor In Chief of discusses the latest developments.




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  1. Annals says:

    Thanks for the timely heads-up on this show. I look forward to it, especially with only 2 guests, your time on air will be longer.

  2. LPB says:

    merde! listening now.

  3. CamJam says:

    Where is the link to listen to the show? Have been searching now for 20 minutes…

    Sorry, it was a live link on the front page to “listen here”
    Podcast will be up tomorrow.

  4. EliGrandma says:

    WOW, Blink. You did a fabulous job bailing out Dana and never lost a beat. You are one smart gal and I enjoyed hearing you speak about Morgan’s case. Thanks so much for your dedication to all the victims.

    Thank You kindly; Dana is the best.

  5. saramom says:

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! Great interview, Blink. You are so well spoken and have so much to say. I am thrilled that I was able to listen live. This was the fastest 4 1/2 hours I have ever spent!

    I was so touched by the fact that you contacted Dr. H. before going on the radio tonight. YES, he/they are still at large! To mention the sketch, and to ask listeners to please take a look at it, was incredibly smart and thoughtful of you.

    Thank you saramom, and all that listened.
    Lol at the 4 1/2 hours. I truly believe that Morgan’s case has moved out of the “cold”.

  6. Mom3.0 says:

    Great show Blink- I had no idea there was such a thing as a virtual bar- You Vixen LOL

    In all seriousness, I found this show to be very informative and you made some very insightful points.
    We do have a need to understand the why and the how of these tragedies but not at the sake of the victims,their families, or at the sake of an on- going investigation.

    I was very impressed to hear that BOC is often times way ahead of other media in reporting new and pertinent information.

    I was also glad to find out that you and your contributors have aided LE on a number of cases-

    Having said all this, you are willing to put your neck out if you believe valuable information should come out regardless of the flack you may receive. Commendable

    Bravo truly.

    Thank you dear lady.

    It would be all for not without you and the fine readers and contributors of BOC, we are the sum of our parts, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  7. NancyS says:

    Blink you are too kind.
    I LOVE coming here after you do this talk show with Dana, as when you do, you sound so refreshed and happy about what you do.
    I think when you get on this talk radio show, it brings a lot of things out that normally wouldnt come out while typing. I know it would with me. I cannot listen to the talk show on this mini computer for some reason but it is just as ok to come and read the comments.

    AGAIN thanks for all that you do.
    Do you think The Kyron Horman case will go cold?
    When I first heard about this case that one lady in Texas Andrea Yates came to mind. I so hope this Teri Horman finds her way back to being a mommy first and tells all that she knows. God help her.

    Dana is an excellent interviewer.

    I do not think Kyron’s case will go cold, but I do not know how confident I am that he will be found prior to an arrest.

  8. JR says:

    Woo-hoo, the Blink is back…and on the air too! I look forward to catching the podcast tomorrow and glad to hear Morgan Harrington is getting some focus again. I heard Dan Harrington as a guest on blog talk radio the other night and really feel for his plight. I so admire the Harrington’s for how they’ve been handling the unimaginable tragedy with Morgan, but also humbleness and patience they manage to maintain in the frustrating balance of keeping Morgan in the public’s minds with such a tight lipped branch of police handling their daughter’s case!

    Its these situations, where us ‘bloggers’ can really be of help and certainly we must at least try.

    JR- that is really my message-

    The blogosphere has revolutionized real time reporting in these cases, but more than that, real time investigative resources to LE and families that would otherwise be unavailable.

    Your contributions absolutely, without question, matter to these people and the cases we face.

  9. Phyl says:

    I keep envisioning you taking out Robin with one of
    your shoes!! Always great to hear you. You’re awesome.

    lol, I am a huge fan of Robins, I was not referring to her in that pundit comment.

    I will say the last shoe that went airborne was during the Sandra Cantu case prior to her being located, and I heard a pundit say that they thought her disappearance was a “hit”. I was like, whaaa?

    One thing I am great at, lol, is if I do not know, or am not able to form an educated guess about something, I will say .. “I really have no idea..”

    I have publicidiotphobia, fo shcizz.

  10. Phyl says:

    Oh no, you made it clear that you liked Robin and respected her reporting. I was referring to you taking her out with your shoe to get more on-air time with Dana. lol. Either that or she got hit by a fleeing bankrobber in a runaway van speed chase – not so uncommon in LA. Sure hope she’s okay.

    I keep envisioning you taking out Robin with one of
    your shoes!! Always great to hear you. You’re awesome.

    lol, I am a huge fan of Robins, I was not referring to her in that pundit comment.

    Lol, sorry blonde moment :)

  11. Eloise says:

    Hi, great to hear the podcast after a long and boring car ride.
    It feels good to hear again & again of the significant progress made in Morgan’s case. I guess it just needed a little Blink-fire!

    I agree it helps to form ideas after hearing you speak about he various information on these oh so important cases. Thanks Blink, enjoyed it! Eloise

  12. CVa Native Away says:

    Very nicely done. I hope listeners that aren’t familiar with the recent developments in Morgan’s case will have their memories jogged by that information and what’s on this site.

    By the way, I think the most recent discussions regarding motive in the placement of the shirt have made it crystal clear (before, I had different theories from hour to hour) that this is not the work of one person whereas I held out that it could have been perpetrated by a lone wolf. I also can’t discount the timing of the house fire, particularly given its proximity to AF. Everyone that has been mentioned on this forum and their connections to public services make this fire and other forensic aspects of the case stink (pun fully intended, re: meth discussions, which I think is becoming more and more evident to be at the heart of the matter and may explain the behavior of many of the individuals involved in this case from the start) to high heaven.

    I really hope that progress isn’t being delayed b/c of PR matters if there is a connection, even peripheral, to LE, since there is someone who is extremely dangerous and apparently a repeat offender at large. However, if it leads to an airtight case with a slam dunk conviction, l can be supportive of that.

    Nonetheless, it’s really time for this case to blow up and get these poseurs off of the street; and, definitely away from any position of trust b/c they abused that privilege on more than one occasion, it seems.

    I’m Fish inspired. She knows people and hits the nail on the head 99.9% of the time.

  13. Kleat says:

    WHEW!! Am I glad that Blink has blonde moments too!! ;)

    Got to listen to the link today while doing some work, a lot of good discussion. Thanks.

    I just read Cindy’s letter to Casey, she knew full well the jail would read this one, and public too, eventually. That’s probably the reason for the targetted rants and the crazy Cays alive talk. But Cindy crossed the link speaking of “Mark N” the way she did. I didn’t hear Cindy’s call to Mark NeJame’s answering machine– I KNOW that there must be one at least, similar to the attack on Sgt. Allen, similar to the one of Mark NeJame’s new client, Tim. There has to be a Cindy rant in her ex-lawyer’s vault that we will never hear.

    For Cindy to take off into ad hominem, even admitting she shouldn’t do it then blasting full ahead in what she knows will be published and widely seen and read, is taking dirty fighting to the lowest level. She knows full well that Mark NeJame has absolutely no real recourse without engaging Cindy in her game. She has baited him in what could be her hope that he does try to come at her, his ex-client.

    It’s the Tim Miller voicemail all over again– just too bad it’s not a jail phone call with Casey. Seems Mark N was part of the reason Cindy wanted rid of Judge Stan, so she let on.

    Poor KioMarie. Cindy’s venom spits a long way.

    (btw Blink, I owe you a blonde moment apol’y and a couple giant sized Margueritas too)

  14. Kleat says:

    Quote of the month:

    “I have publicidiotphobia, fo shcizz.

  15. alexandra says:

    Blink, God bless you. Don’t ever stop doing what you do. You are God sent to all of these families. ((((hugs))))

  16. Kelli says:

    Loved it! I was surprised to hear about the Virginia police being ‘angry’ about releasing the 2005 sketch of the suspect.]\ ;.

  17. Judi says:

    I used to post frequently, not so much lately because I have nothing really “worthy” to add. But, am here multiple times every day reading everyone’s post.

    Today, however, I do have something to say.

    I really believe that Morgan’s case could have gone cold had it not been for Blink (much like another Christine Sheddys case).

    Blink’s dedication and hard work won’t allow for cases to go cold.

    How invaluable to the victim’s families to have Blink in their corner.

    How invaluable to society to have Blink working on getting these “bad guys” caught and off the streets.

    Do I care if LE was upset over Sketch? NO!!! Because Blink did we she had to do for the better of Morgan’s case. Blink doesn’t play the political game. Every word spoken, every action taken by Blink is done so because it is in the best interest of the case, the victim, their family and justice.

    So, to sum it up in a nutshell, BLINK ROCKS!!!!

    Thank you for your kind words Judi. Kudos to the editors and BOC readers and contributors for keeping the torch lit.

    I would like to commend the Harrington’s for supporting the release of the sketch, and for their support of

    Remember people- this guy, and imo, another individual, are on the loose.

  18. Judi says:

    13.Kleat says:
    August 6, 2010 at 12:20 am

    I am not a Cindy Anthony fan at all. In the beginning, when it all first happened and the 911 call was made, she reacted normally. Ever since then, she has reacted abnormally. She is either delusional or extremly scheming. IMO, she is scheming. She knows what happened. Caylee matters not anymore, only Casey. Every step by Cindy is a calculated step to protect her murderous daughter. I don’t know who she thinks she if fooling. I think this is why George attempted suicide. The father/husband in him is having a battle with the cop in him. He cannot come to moral terms with the actions of his family, IMO.

  19. Kleat says:


    They were the ones who located Caylee’s body, so they claim– did they try to help with the Christine Sheddy case as they claim?

    It is my understanding they were served a cease and desist from Dom Casey on that issue.

    Wrt the Sheddy case, their involvement was before my time, and I did not have any interaction with them personally, but I did read their “reading”. Not a shred of it was accurate or panned out.

    That said, Christine’s mom, Lynn Dodenhoff, feels that they were helpful in locating some of Christine’s clothing in an out building during a search. However, it was still on the floor in a box when I shot the footage from last year, so….

    I do not know a credible psychic that will take a fee from the family of a missing person.

  20. Kleat says:

    Dominic Casey seemed sold on the idea, and not just for use in promoting the idea that Caylee was alive, and coming up with the ‘psychic tip’ for the woods. He rejected the vincents advances through his website contact form and told his friend Luke, that he wouldn’t work with them directly, Luke was his Team.

    Luke had LE on his tail immediately summer of 08′ when Sgt. Allen called his boss, and we know about the secret code between Luke and Dominic when Dominic talked to him at work– just say ‘apple’ if it’s ok to talk, ‘grapes’ if not. Luke complained to Ginny, Ginny said that they should talk about cops on the phone. (why need to communicate by earthly tools, just use their third eyes!)

  21. Word Girl says:

    Hey, Kleat, so good to know you are blonde, too. Now, if only your were left-handed!

    Many of us strongly ‘knew’ Caylee was in the friggin’ woods where they buried their pets. Finding her–in nature’s time–was the problem.

    I have no psychic abilities, but I do listen between the lines.

    Judi, while we’re speaking of outside help, I think that Blink provides the management, the conduit, and the maintenance which allows us to participate in these cases. She can do a lot alone, but more with our help. (And quiet prayers for her.)

    We are (and please note, Blink, as you’ve undervalued it, unintentionally, and I think just linguistically) We are MORE than the SUM of our parts. If we just tallied it up to how many people worked on the case equalled its success, well, that’d be dang good.
    If we are MORE/GREATER than the tally of our parts, then it’s damn good, and that’s why I’m at Blink On Crime.

    So, no, we are not the sum of our parts. We are GREATER than the sum of our parts.

    Sorry for the yelling. :/



  22. Word Girl says:

    aack *you were left-handed

    Lefties, wanna reply?

  23. Kleat says:

    Word Girl, thanks for that post to Blink, I’ll add myself to the ‘we are’.

    Not a leftie, Word Girl, sorry to disappoint, but I can make up for that by having extra blonde moments.

    Changing topics, here’s a Blink-Back to the relevant topic that’s resurfaced today.

    I suspect it’s worth a look a back at the timeline for the PI relationships and contacts with those who were, would be, still are, his clients, and the timelines of Cindy’s contacts with PI in private first, and the contacts with the intermediary, his new best buddy and ‘TEAM’ member, Luke Phillips.

    I’d like to know who’s playing who in this charade between PI, Lawyer and Phillips. I suspect the upset between Baez and PI, might just be a necessary evil to ensure clean hands and distancing of any members of the bar, but that’s just my speculation. It might help explain the two different engagement periods for Baez and PI, with the PI, one for the bar and the public and the psychics, and one unofficial relationship ongoing to date but ‘off the books’ with the lawyer.

    (Dom Casey was controlling the pipeline of info to the psychics through one person, Luke. He refused to reply to other psychics who tried to make direct contact with him, he fed Luke information that was clearly untrue, (OSCO doesn’t tell a witness to not talk to anyone but them, yet that’s what Dom told Luke about Johnson’s Towing employees), and Dom Casey told Luke private information, sharing so-called emails to Geraldo and Jose about the plans for extraction (what investigator does that?), and giving the psychic contact, info he wanted to come back to the defense later on.)

    Or, is Dominic Casey completely enthralled with psychics (the impression he gives his Luke Team member)… that’s a possibility, and the Baez fight a reality. Or not. (leaning towards the ‘not’ at the moment)

  24. Kleat says:

    On the other hand, Dom Casey didn’t seem to be the sharpest pencil in the pack during his Jan interviews with John Allen and the FBI.

    That is one interview I would have loved to observe personally.

    If you have any doubt about whether Casey Anthony is a narcissistic sociopath, listen to Dom’s interview, and then Casey’s from the office in Universal.

    At least Dom Casey had the sense to let his statements, voice influctions and body language tell his story.

    These people.

  25. Angellica says:

    Great podcast Blink. Thanks for keeping these cases in the limelight.
    Everyone deserves to know what happened to their children.

  26. Kleat says:

    Thanks, Blink. I never thought about it that way. Will relisten to the Dom interview, did some of it last night, thank goodness it’s available in a complete audio file. Will take a fresh view with the Universal office interview in mind.

    If Dom Casey knew what personality he was dealing with, he would have known he wasn’t going to find any Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez by that or any name anywhere from early on. And probably would expect Baez knew the same. By shipping him over to the Anthony’s and Casey as client, Baez may have not wanted to know what could transpire to achieve the results needed (which would not be to find a real perp). Will the Fla Bar revisit its investigation with the new depositions from the PI in the future to review what a lawyer ‘should’ know about his PI and what responsibility a lawyer must assume for the PI’s actions if it crosses the line into obstructing justice?

    Will we ever hear about the possible ‘deal’ or arrangement the state might have with PI DC?

  27. FairWitness says:

    Great job, Blink. You are a first rate advocate for victims and their loved ones.

  28. Kleat says:

    New lead and new seach to start for Tracy Ocacio, according to a cfnews13 report.

  29. barbs says:

    I have no idea Blink other than this way to get this over to you. Thought you may be interested.

    Police in Virginia, Michigan suspect link in stabbing attacksBy the CNN Wire Staff, CNN
    August 9, 2010 6:07 p.m. EDT

    Michigan State Police released this composite sketch of the suspect in the Flint-area stabbings, which began in May.STORY HIGHLIGHTS
    Authorities say victims’ description of the suspect and his vehicle are similar
    The same individual is believed responsible for 15 attacks in Michigan
    The attacks began May 24 in the Flint area
    The Virginia attacks occurred August 3, 5 and 6
    (CNN) — Police in Leesburg, Virginia, and Genesee County, Michigan, suspect three recent attacks in Leesburg are linked to the stabbing deaths of five people and injuries to 10 others in the Flint area.

    Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton confirmed in a news conference Monday that Michigan authorities have been in contact with police in Virginia, saying “there are some similarities” between the assaults in both states.

    Leyton said the Virginia victims’ description of the suspect as well as their description of the suspect’s vehicle led authorities to make the possible connection.

    “The timeline is such that it could be the same individual,” he said.

    The suspect is described by Michigan authorities as a white man in his late 20s to early 30s. All of the Michigan victims but one are black, leading authorities to consider a possible racial motive. Two of the three Virginia attacks involved black victims as well, Leyton said.

    Video: Task force set to find serial stabber
    Leesburg police told CNN they have established a $5,000 reward for anyone providing information that leads to the arrest and conviction in the case.

    The Michigan attacks began May 24. The most recent was August 2.

    Previously, only 13 stabbings were believed related in the Flint area.

    “We now believe there are 15 stabbings potentially attributed to the same suspect,” Leyton announced Monday.

    The three attacks in Leesburg occurred August 3, 5 and 6. In one case, a hammer was used. In the two other cases, a knife was used. None of the attacks in Virginia has been fatal.

    In the Michigan cases, a knife was used in all of the attacks, but Leyton said authorities don’t know what type.

    Officials say the attacker is believed to be driving a dark green Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy. He is described as a stocky, unshaven white man usually wearing a baseball cap.

    “We know he is a strong individual,” Leyton said, adding that the suspect is “preying on individuals who are alone on the street.”

    The suspect is believed to approach victims who are on foot during the early morning hours, asking for directions or other assistance to lure them closer to his car, Leyton said.

    Leyton also said Michigan authorities are in touch with police in Toledo, Ohio, comparing information about a recent stabbing in that state, but he declined to definitively link that attack, saying “it is very fresh and we just obtained the information.”

    CNN’s Terry Frieden contributed to this report.

  30. barbs says:

    Just wondering if he looks a bit like that poster you have or is it my imagination running wild.

  31. westsidehudson says:


    What do you make of the revelations that Lohr had a falling out with Tim Miller? Did you know about that? Do you believe that the Anthonys signed a waiver for NeJame to disclose their discussions? I find that really hard to believe since they are so controlling about info on themselves and Casey.

    Do you think that NeJame really wanted to represent Casey as the Anthonys assert?

    How about NeJame calling Cindy a liar in correspondence to her, through her lawyer? Wow.

    Link, wsh?

  32. westsidehudson says:

    Have you ever been approached by the defense PI Lyons? You were there during the search, too, right?

    WSH, right now, the only comment I can make is that I was at search 2.


  33. westsidehudson says:

    Blink, go to Hinky meter, Valhall has links to all of the documents in an article. I know you had up close interactions with these people. I HAVE to know what you think!

    Good work as usual by valhall. I think that when my objectivity returns I will have much to say, but for right now, because of the reasons you mention, and the answer I just got from my magic eight ball, I am going to “process” a while.

  34. westsidehudson says:

    I look forward to your write-up. Maybe you can ask David Lohr what happened, (or not). Sorry to freak you out. lol

    Lol, you did not freak me out friend. Sadly, I do not think there is much in this case that would warrant “freak out” status anymore.

    With the exception of a plea deal.


  35. evrli says:

    Blink~ ever hear of the WILIAMETTE WEEK, its Tarver’s hometown newspaper? Tarver being James dad… anyway YOU dear Blink made it in that paper…
    scroll down to the LANDSCAPER
    The Landscaper
    On July 4, The Oregonian published its big break in the Kyron story by revealing that Terri allegedly tried to hire a landscaper to kill Kaine about six months before Kyron disappeared. For the first time, the story supplied a possible motive for Kyron’s disappearance—that Terri wanted Kaine dead or, failing that, to hurt him by taking his son. Kaine himself subscribes to this view. The O didn’t reveal the name of the landscaper, but said he was cooperating with investigators, including a failed sting operation. On June 26, the same day Kaine left his house, the landscaper and an undercover cop posing as his buddy visited Terri at home. The story goes that the landscaper demanded $10,000 or said he’d tell police about the murder-for-hire plot. The trap failed—Terri instead called 911 to report a threat., a website with no indication of its authorship, posted a story July 14 that said the landscaper was Rudy Sanchez, owner of R.S. Landscape Maintenance, a business registered to a P.O. box in Canby. Using address searches and property records, national and local TV crews descended on two rental houses in Milwaukie and Canby, but Sanchez wasn’t living at either address. If the murder-for-hire plot is true, then whoever the landscaper is, he now must live with the possibility that if he’d reported Terri six months ago, Kyron might never have disappeared.

    this ppr has some good articles in it….

  36. Kleat says:

    Last night I posted a link to the newly created webpage made by Kyron’s family to help get information out. This was released in a report by kwg last night at 10 pm.

    The post has disappeared in moderation.

    Tis, Up, thanks and I changed the timestamp for now so it is on top.

  37. Kleat says:

    NEW late tonight, Kyron’s family have created an OFFICIAL website to help with distributing necessary information.


    Thank you Kleat, I did miss this, I am changing time so it is on first page

  38. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Good to hear your voice. This is first time I have listened to one of Dana’s broadcasts when you were contributing.

    That was interesting about the VSP being upset regarding sketch and the fact that too many times LE agencies do not co-operated with one another. I have witnessed this first hand when I worked with various sheriff’s offices in Texas building their in-house and network computing systems.

    The only way to fix this is for concerned citizens in the area to do their civic duty and contact LE about a case on a regular basis. Let them know that within reason, the people understand the need for keeping certain information to themselves. However, there comes a time when some keep secrets just because they can. They need to be told that leaving people in the dark is not acceptable.

    Most LE agencies could use a good public spokesperson that is constantly letting the public they serve know something about the cases they are working.

  39. NaNa says:

    The media continues to report that LE believe Kyron Horman is alive. Given the amount of time he has been missing…well, it’s highly unlikely. Surely someone would have seen him in public by now. My heart truly would like to believe that he is alive, however, LE actions by conducting another search in the area where DeDee tells them she was working leads me to believe they were NOT looking for a live Kyron. Sweet little angel baby. Praying for hope and peace for the family.

  40. Kleat says:

    Blink, no no no, my sincere apologies. I forgot to sign in and so didn’t see, and anyway, that’s no excuse.

    Sorry, even tired and bleary eyed, should have figured something was wrong and it was at my end! Mea culpa.

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