Susan Smith Protegee: 2 Toddlers Pulled From Car in South Carolina-Mom ShaQuan Duley Arrested

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Orangeburg, SC– Toddler brothers 18-month-old Ja’van T. Duley and 2-year-old Devean C. Duley, both of Orangeburg, were pulled from their Mothers car in from a boat landing in the North Edisto River .

Shaquan duley1

The boy’s Mother, 29 year old Shaquan Duley, was arrested on charges of leaving the scene of an accident. Autopsies for the boys are pending.

Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams says authorities are investigating to determine whether the deaths were an accident.

The sheriff said investigators are considering how a traffic accident could have happened at the boat ramp, about 20 yards upstream from a main road that crosses the slow-moving river. A mobile home, a house and mechanic’s shop are a short distance away.

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  1. katie says:

    on HLN it was showing some of the women that killed their kids and casey was mentioned as pending case. more or less not verbatim but close. Sad these mothers should of kept their legs closed or used the birth control bill that is why its called birth control! duh
    heaven recieved two more angels yesterday. meanwhile hell is preparing a hot seat for all the moms that kill their babies. Oh not to worry caseys parents have front row seats awaiting them.

  2. katie says:

    pill oops

  3. lizzy says:

    Observer, I cannot understand either. But I have seen many of the reasons why people who do not “want” children in the way you mean, still “want” them.

    They want them the way some people want live pink bunnies in Easter baskets. They want them the way you want that gorgeous dessert after a big meal, and then regret it later. They want them because they think then they’ll have someone to love them, not vice versa. They want them to tie a man or a woman or yet another man or yet another woman to them. They want them so someone throws them a baby shower. They want them because babies are cute. They want them so they have someone they can boss. They want them just so they can kick them. They want them so they can shop for pretty baby dresses. They want them so they can get a child support check to buy their drug of choice. They want them so they feel grown up. Oh yes, they want them.

  4. TBZ says:

    I have no sympathy for women (I don’t call them Mothers) that do this to children. As a mother of 2 angels and 1 miracle child, I don’t get it. I have internet friends that want so bad to be a mother yet for some reason can’t whether by medical means, financial means to do the medical procedures which costs thousands of dollars, awaiting for a birth mother to chose them, etc. I have seen the heartache that many of my internet friends have gone through just to have a child to love and be a parent to. And then you have women that could care less for their children that are in the news right now – who don’t shed a tear.

    If you don’t want your kid, drop them off at a fire station, drop them off at the hospital, police station, leave them with a friend, or even drop them off at a tv station but don’t hurt them!

  5. Jane says:

    I did see this a.m. on that the mother had actually suffocated her children before placing them in car and sending it into water. These family crimes seem to be climbing in number. I would imagine given the current economic problems so many are facing, we will see many more. Too many people just see no way out.

  6. nana2 says:

    When I see the size of this woman & relate it to the little size of the two babies I think its a good thing I can’t get near this woman..

  7. nana2 says:

    @ Jane says:
    August 18, 2010 at 6:27 am

    I did see this a.m. on that the mother had actually suffocated her children before placing them in car and sending it into water. These family crimes seem to be climbing in number. I would imagine given the current economic problems so many are facing, we will see many more. Too many people just see no way out.


    I have to disagree with you on the ‘no way out’ statement.. Murdering your babies or spouse is not a way out that’s the cowards defense.. I’m quite sure this woman could have found options for her children & herself.. While I know nothing about this woman (except for what I read) or her situation she might have tried birth control because one baby could be deemed an accidental pregnancy but after that its no accident.. And as far as the economy she was living with her mother so I would imagine that the rent if any was cheaper than what I pay & while the job market is less than desirable there are jobs out there & while they may not pay a tremendous amount of $$$ something is better than nothing.. This woman just didn’t want to get up early get dressed & go to work.. I feel no sympathy for this woman but for her babies I am deeply saddened by ‘their caregivers choice’ of a way out.. Murdering your babies is not the answer nor is it a solution its just unthinkable.. ♥

  8. peg says:

    If you read the old fairy tales and the Bible(not Disney) you will see child abuse, murder and child sacrifice have been with us for a very long time. It has never been normal. I do not understand humans.

  9. Karey says:


    I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but I’m wondering if you’ll be doing investigating into the Norma Lopez and Sylar Newton murders?

    It’s frustrating to know that Norma’s killer is still on the loose, and frightening for other school children and their families. It doesn’t appear that LE have any leads, other than witnesses seeing a green SUV speeding from the area she disappeared that day. Do you think LE has made progress in the case; they’re just keeping it hushed?

    Sylar’s death is most likely related to family issues. I don’t think the remains found near the campground have been positively as Sylar’s yet, but it’s very likely they are. What are your thoughts on the case?

    I hope both of these cases are resolved soon, along with Kyron’s, Haleigh’s, and Caylee’s.

  10. Jane says:

    Re #7 nana2 Lordy, I certainly wasn’t defending this woman’s actions. I don’t condone anyone killing their children for any reason. My point was it seems this is a common theme nowadays.

  11. starshadow says:

    Wonder if grand-mommy dearest told her the children would be better off dead then with her.

    Hopefully the five-year-old is promptly removed from her care… given how well she raised her daughter, she doesn’t need the opportunity to do it again.

  12. Karen says:

    From article:

    ” “She’s tearful, as anybody would be under these circumstances,” defense attorney Carl B. Grant said after a brief hearing. “She’s been very sad, very remorseful about all of this stuff, all of the allegations.”

    Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams has said 29-year-old Shaquan Duley expressed little remorse when she confessed Monday to killing her two young sons, ages 2 years and 18 months. ”

    I have to wonder: Did her deed suddenly sink in, or is she feeling sorry for herself because she knows what she faces? Evidence that the 2-y-o put up a big struggle is especially heartbreaking.

    According to the article, SD’s mother “badgered her about her failures as a parent and inability to provide for her family financially.” SD then took the boys to a hotel, where she killed them, but left her 5-y-o daughter with her mother. I just don’t understand that. Why the boys? And she didn’t kill them until several hours after the argument with her mother. She had time to think things out. Why not seek child support from the children’s father? If he couldn’t support them, there is always foster care. There’s no excuse for taking things out on the children.

  13. melissab says:

    Amen, Lizzy. Absolutely right. But you forgot one for the list; the more you have to more tax deductions you get.

  14. Charles B. says:

    I would vote for lethal injection in this case. That was premeditated and cold-blooded murder. I don’t support the death penalty for “acts of passion” or a genuine psychotic break, but this was well planned and cold as ice. Do they have the death penalty in South Carolina?

  15. A Texas Grandfather says:

    This is all about choices.

    Choosing to not get an education. Choosing to eat herself into obesity. Choosing to have children in order to make herself feel better. Choosing to have a one night stand with a man in order to have the children.

    Choosing to end the lives of the boys when she found out that creating a child and being a real parent are two different things. Things that she likley lacked the mental capacity to understand.

  16. Karey says:

    Is it known that the woman’s children were a product of one-night stands? In the following article, it says she was estranged from the children’s father.

    At first, I understood this to be a reference to her estranged husband. Then, I realized that’s not necessarily the case since “husband” was not specified. Apparently, what her mother lectured her about hours earlier was taking responsibility for her actions and being responsible for her children. Instead of taking it as constructive criticism and motivation to better herself, she wallowed in self-pity and decided to punish her mother at the expense of her innocent children.

    These cases of children suffering at the hands of selfish adults are happening all too often. What a crazy world! God bless the children!

  17. Karey says:

    11.starshadow says:
    August 18, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    The family lived with the Grandmother. Please don’t blame the Grandmother for what happened. She only tried to motivate her daughter and I’m sure the Grandmother is distressed enough – her daughter’s actions, it seems, were intended to hurt her.

  18. Calista says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of the thoughtful, heartfelt posts on this sad, sad topic. Personally, I would have loved the opportunity to foster/adopt these beautiful little boys. So full of promise and potential…….no matter who their birth “mother” is/was. When I see their pictures, I just see everything that could have been and should have been. The cycle can be broken. All I can say with tears in my eyes is WHY???!!!

  19. megan says:

    Another poster posted this link on the last page. It is a good read about how evil Terri is.

    My favorite part of the entire article is on page two. I had never heard this discussed before but what if Terri didnt wave goodbye to Kyron? What if she signed to him to meet her somewhere or something similar? It is well known that she taught him sign langauge as a baby. Scary stuff if you ask me.

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