Haleigh Cummings Case: Misty Croslin Confession.. “He took her away in a Black Bag”

As 18 year old  Misty Croslin pleaded no contest to another drug trafficking charge today, Defense Attorney Robert Fields told the court his client, Misty Croslin, former wife of Haleigh Cummings Father Ron, also serving time on drug charges, that she knew what happened to 5 year old Haleigh the night of February 10, 2009.

Courtesy 4Jax

“According to Misty, Joe took Haleigh while Misty was laying in bed and covered herself up with a blanket,” Fields told Channel 4 Tuesday morning outside the courtroom. “They were there for like seven minutes, appeared to be on drugs and Misty says she saw Joe put Haleigh in a black bag and she heard Haleigh scream.”

Joe Overstreet, who is Misty Croslin’s cousin from Tennesee allegedly came to the Mobile home with Misty’s brother Hank Croslin following a drug arrest in January, looking for an assault rifle.  When the assault rifle was not found, Overstreet allegedly covered Haleigh with a blanket and then removed her from the home in a black bag.

Misty Croslin claims to have heard Haleigh scream, and did nothing to stop the abduction.

Joe Overstreet was recently arrested on drug charges in Tennesee, although authorities do not believe that crime is related to Haleigh’s disappearance.

Today is Haleigh Cummings 7th birthday.

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  1. NancyS says:

    Yeah I agree about Misty keeping quiet for herself as until i see that Ron fooled the cops and didnt go to work, I feel she knows what is up no matter what happened she knows. I also believe that she would tell if it wasnt her, it just doesn’t make sense at all does it? Sociopaths will not talk if they feel they are caught, they just won’t as they know they are caught they just think if they don’t tell, no one will get it. I agree about the charges and do not understand why they are not arresting her on those charges too as these drug trafficking charges are bullshit and they know it. I think sooner than later they will all get out a lot sooner I just wish we could find out what happened, but we never will, not with this mny years behind bars, they know they will get out of it if they dont talk.

  2. MsEnscene says:


    Have you read the supposed new Misty letters from prison? (They are definitely not written by her. One of her prison pals …actually more than one wrote them, very likely.) Misty can’t string two words together and now she is writing poetry? Naw.

    Anyway her story in these letters is back to square one. She was asleep and didn’t see or hear anything. Oh, and she knows Haleigh is alive! “Will nobody listen?”

    I’d like to slap her silly. This case has made me violent! LOL.

  3. NancyS says:

    well if the police don’t tell us what made this a homicide case, we don’t know if she is alive or dead, it is disgsting that the ones in the family that do care don’t get any closure of any kind. The police need to make an arrest in this case if they have evidence of a homicide. Joe, Tommy, Misty place themselves there and they ALL said they saw somethng so THEY DID> otherwise they wouldn’t say they did…stupid stuff.

  4. MsEnscene says:

    Did Joe eve place himself there? I don’t think so. But Misty and Tommy did. Misty and Tommy are liars. If Misty and Tommy were to be believed, then Joe would be incarcerated. I think Joe must have an iron-clad alibi for that night, possibly with his girlfriend who drove him to Satsima, or he’d have been extradited to Florida by now. The cops never even brought him to Satsuma. So they must be satisfied with his story and don’t believe Misty and Tommy.

    Also Blink said she knew that Joe had taken a lie detector test. How Blink found out about that, I don’t know, but she did state that he did.

    Somehow the cops don’t believe Misty’s and Tommy’s stories. Possibly because nothing they say can be proven.

  5. MsEnscene says:

    Art Harris latest report is that Joe Overstreet is now saying that Chelsea and Timmy Croslin drove the van that night and that Chelsea lied about him (Joe) taking the van.

    Art Harris confronted Chelsea Croslin about this on JVM a coupple of nights ago, and Chelsea Croslin was taken back and hemmed and hawed and reiterated that the cops don’t think she and Timmy are suspects.

    Then she said she’d be willing to take a lie detector test…and that the only thing which would make her happy is that if she could find Haleigh alive, blah, blah.

    She is something else. I wonder why Joe has opened up and said anything at all. He was quiet for so long.

    Maybe he needs some way to get out of his troubles in Tennessee.

    Art Harris said on Levi Pages’s show the other night that members of the “families” are “jockeying for position” to claim the $35,000 reward.

    Art didn’t say what “family”, but I took it to mean the Crolin extended family.

    Art added that anyone wanting to collect the reward needs to have proof of their statements. Like a body.

    I am almost positive that reward money was for info leading to an alive Haleigh. Not just for information about who may have killed her. I don’t think she is alive. So I am not sure how the “family” members could collect the reward.

  6. NancyS says:

    I JUST got done reading Timothy Holmseths book and will be returning it as it is nothing to spend so much time reading to read about KP.CS, JR, JR, Cobra, and a couple of others, this book is over 200 pages and FINALLY in the last 5 chapters it sums it up to everyone down there is lying…lol there was an initial call at 2:13 am and that TN got there to early to not be lying about where she was? lol oh well it seems that this person thinks Haleigh is still alive and that it had to do with Crytals side of the family… I just wish these adults would all speak the truth as they say Ron has info on the police department down there so no one is arrested in Haleighs disappearance and I didnt just fall off a turn up truck, as if ROn had the opportunity to become famous for turning states evidence on the Putnam county Sheriffs office, he would not be sitting in jail right now, no way he made this deal with them for to serve 15 years in jail if he is covering for them….nope no way in hell.

  7. NancyS says:

    HOw do I make these posts got to my email when there is a new post. I thought all I had to do was click on where it says news RS feed or track? anyone know? TIA

  8. NancyS says:

    It is so sad to see no one here talking about Haleigh, it has been two years this month and cold case? or lack of case? I wish I knew how to make these comments go to my email, do any of you know? TIA

  9. dan says:

    Anyway her story in these letters is back to square one. She was asleep and didn’t see or hear anything. Oh, and she knows Haleigh is alive! “Will nobody listen?”

    I’d like to slap her silly. This case has made me violent! LOL.

    TO this comment I say Misty now being in Prison for 25 years wants to TAKE BACK any part she had in the murder or kidnap of little Haleigh.
    After all her fellow inmates may not look well on her admissions of guilt in the matter of this innocent child.

    Now LE did seem to have been saying the Misty was going on what Tommy had said. Misty was listening to hear the story Tommy put forth and to copy that story. Is Tommy stupid enough to make up a story that he had part in the murder of this sweet child thinking he could get a deal on his drug charges? I mean his lawyer seems to have indicated they actually thought that was possible that Tommy in telling the “joe” story could have been better off then in keeping his filthy mouth shut? The lawyer did not have to tell that Tommy failed the private poly. It was Tommy who said get his lawyer down there he needs to do something should have been done long ago, maybe because his WIFE would be learning he failed that poly. So, his story goes from I ain’t did notin to I just sat by whilst Joe tied her to a brick and tossed her in the river. It seems at as if Misty must be guilty and Tommy as well but there are degree’s of guilt so why does one not roll on the other for a deal. Is that because they are not being offered any deals? LE knowing that there testimony is so unrelaible and they have told so many lies that the word of one will not convict the other. So sad for this beautiful child. Could they have sold her to someone?

  10. Mermaid14 says:

    I was on a Haleigh Cummings forum for years, and just now posting here. There was an hour long special on HLN just on Haleigh tonight.
    I’ve had my own theories all these years about what may have happened.
    There is one thing that bothers me which is a story that was repeated tonight by Mrs.Sykes, Haleigh’s paternal great grandmother. Someone tell me if I am off base here. I also remember Mrs. Nevis saying in an interview one time that Ron had picked Haleigh up from the bus that day but numerous witnesses said Misty had picked her up.
    Mrs. Sykes has said numerous times that she came over the day Haleigh went missing to deliver some clothes for the children that she had washed.
    Somehow the story just does not ring true to me and I think she and her daughter, Theresa Nevis are covering up for Ron. They keep trying to make it look like he had nothing to do with this but I believe he did. The great grandmother says she came over to the house at 7:30 and the children were eating dinner on the front porch and Haleigh did not have a top on. This was Feb 9, which meant it would have been dark when she arrived. I find it hard to believe these kids would be eating dinner on the front porch after dark, not to mention Haleigh would not have a top on in winter weather. She said the kids came running out to meet her, well, how could they have seen her drive up if it was dark? Jean Casares asked the great grandmother what Haleigh was wearing and she never really answered the question. I wonder if she didn’t ask that on purpose. All she said was that Haleigh wasn’t wearing a top and that she put one on her but she didn’t say which one, and she didnt’ say if she was wearing shorts or pants or pajama bottoms. If you will recall Misty mentioned a top Haleigh was wearing only it was found later in a pile of laundry.
    Did anyone ever mention these clothes that she brought being found in the house? And Misty never mentioned in her original “stories” that the great grandmother had come over that evening. It didn’t come out until later, and it was the great grandmother herself that first told the story.
    I have a hard time believing any of these people’s stories. They are all covering up for each other. I believe whatever happened to Haleigh happened much earlier in the day possibly even before Ron left for work. They keep promoting this story about the clothes to try and make it look like Ron could not have been involved because he was at work. Even Ron himself kept repeating over and over on the 9/11 call “I was at work” and tonight Jean asked Theresa if Ron had any regrets about that night and she said, “That he was at work when it happened.”

  11. Mermaid14 says:

    I also have a question. Does anyone know if the cadaver dogs were ever taken inside the trailer before they were taken out back where they hit on that dumpster? Everyone assumes Haleigh was taken out of the trailer by someone and then possibly killed. What if she died inside the home and then was removed and stashed by that dumpster and removed later. I am sure those dogs could probably hit on decomposition smell even if it was just a few minutes after death.

  12. pomona71 says:

    Just found on Putnam County Sheriff’s jail log, today, March 7, 2011
    that Kristina Renee Prevatt, AKA “Nay-Nay” was book for probation
    violation. Sometimes jailhouse “chat” points to a guilty party.
    We may remember Nay-Nay having a wild weekend with Misty Croslin the
    weekend prior to Haleigh Cummings’ disappearance. Check the link to
    the Jail Log: http://public.pcso.us/jail/booking.aspx Let’s hope
    Nay-Nay is a talker.

  13. NancyS says:

    Pomona I agree, lets hope that someone tells something to end this hell.
    This case is just awful. I wish that I could hear something from one side of Haleigh’s family saying that they were still missing her and still looking for her? It is just sad to think that no one cares and this can’t be another cold case? I wonder if the police are sorry that some of them are in prison now, they will probably never talk now.

  14. MsEnscene says:

    Chelsea Croslin has given “new info” to bloggist Art Harris about Croslin cousin Joe Overstreet. Seems, according to Chelsea, the Croslins have made up with Joe and they’re all sorry they said bad things about him. He has also retracted stories of bad things he accused them of doing.

    Chelsea maintains that Misty is still in love with Ron and is covering for him. (Well, she has always said that… to be accurate.)

    One big happy family. The Croslins. None of them has told the truth.

    Art Harris as also revealed that Timmy Croslin showed deception on a polygraph. Art is a little hazy on the details, but then he’s always fuzzy. When ws Timmy’s polygraph? Why didn’t Art’s “sources close to the investigation” remember on which one question Timmy was deceptive?

    Art Harris says:

    “Last year, Flora Hollars, Misty’s grandmother told me that Joe had told her he never left Timmy’s house that night, even after a call came in from Tommy about 10 p.m. on Chelsea’s cell phone, telling his grandmother that it was Timmy and Chelsea who took off in the van–a story they both deny. Overstreet’s lawyer confirmed to me that Joe has always insisted he remained at their house and doesn’t know what happened to the van or at the trailer.

    But Chelsea told me last night that she and Joe are talking again, that she apologized for making him the scapegoat fingered by the whole Croslin clan early on, and they have buried their hatchets, retracted mutual accusations she claims he never made. Several calls to his home were not returned, to ask for comment about the latest twist in a sordid, twisted tale that keeps getting murkier by the minute as a Satsuma, Florida family hangs tough, and hangs tight.”

    Why isn’t Chelsea Croslin held on something resembling obstruction of justice for all her different stories? Oh, that’s right. LE would have to hold the Cummings clan for more of the same. Conflicting stories and withholding information. As LE said last month.

    Read the whole sorry mess at


  15. NancyS says:

    Hi there!
    I so hope that Haleigh gets justice, I really do not understand why no one talks about her? Did I miss something?
    I know that Tim Holmseth is over saying that Misty Croslin is wanting to talk and she is scared in prison?
    I have NO CLUE where he gets his information from as he is the ONLy one that knows what he is talking about.

    Where is Haleigh and what has happened? and why doesn’t anyone care?

  16. MsEnscene says:

    Haleigh’s case is very much alive on Websleuths and Topix.

    Latest news is Chelsea Croslin was arrested for pot possession today.

    Well Timmy said he couldn’t come back to Fla. because he’s be arrested. He was close to being right…his wife got arrsted.

    She’s out of jail, now. I suppose they got the money somewhere to bond her out.

    I wonder if Haleigh is really scared in prison. She’s been known to make up tales. lol.

    Wonder what story she wants to tell to a national media program like “48 hours”. I mean which story will she tell that she has told in the past? Or will she just give us a multiple choice test? Choose A,B,C,or D. None of the Above!

    Her last tale in her supposed (I say supposed because someone else obviously wrote them) jail letters and poems was that her first story on Feb. 9, 2009 was true and she knows that Haleigh is alive somewhere out there.

    Waiting anxiously for her appearance on “48 Hours”.

    So…Misty, darlin’, do tell! Where is Haleigh?

  17. NancyS says:

    Mister Holmseth has got more information?


    I don’t get how these people give him information that the rest of the world does not get?

    OH well I hope something happens for Haleigh…

  18. NancyS says:

    here is another exclusive post on Tims FB page:

    Timothy Holmseth 6:48pm Apr 10

    FBI raid in Kentucky linked to HaLeigh Cummings

    East Grand Forks, MN, April 10, 2011: Photos mailed to Misty Croslin in prison depicting an older HaLeigh Cummings may have led to an FBI raid in Kentucky. The photo was sent to Misty Croslin by Doug Lindeman, Louisville, Kentucky who said he had seen the child several times in person and believes the child is HaLeigh. Photos show the child is being used for modeling. FOX 41 reported today that federal agents armed with assault rifles raided the home of Danny Druck, Okolona, Kentucky on Thursday afternoon. Hank Croslin, father of Misty Croslin, knew something was going to take place in advance. Hank Croslin was on the telephone with Timothy Charles Holmseth, author, Thursday evening and said something “huge” was about to happen that involved the FBI but he couldn’t discuss it until it was over. He said it was going to help his children who are in prison. On Friday, Hank Croslin told Holmseth he’d been told they had actually found HaLeigh Cummings alive in Kentucky and she was now safe. “Now I’m being told they don’t have HaLeigh but her DNA is all over the apartment,” Hank Croslin told Holmseth today. “I know HaLeigh is alive. I have photos of her! Photos nobody has seen that were taken after she disappeared!” said Chelsea Croslin, who sounded frantic. “If they got this guy in jail, HaLeigh might be starving and dehydrated in some building because there’s nobody there to take care of her now,” she said. Chelsea Croslin said she wants the media to contact her so the story can reach out of state.

  19. MsEnscene says:

    Nancy, a spokesman for the FBI says that their raid in KY has no connection to the Haleigh Cummings case.

    As a courtesy to all LE investigating Ameber Alert missing children, the FBI lets the appropriate LE agency know that they have come across anything in the FBI investigations having to do with an Amber Alert victim in a particular LE vicinity.

    Here’s the reply of the FBI about their raid to Art Harris.


    Here’s a Fox news story from KY telling about the raid. Nothing to do with Haleigh Cummings. Chelsea and Misty and the holmseth guy are on the old money trail, again.


  20. NancyS says:


    Thanks so much for coming here to share about Haleigh, I knew it wasnt true and do not understand why the police let him get away with this kind of slander and disrespect and calls himself a writer and a journalist? just upsetting is all , I just dont know why he doesnt write about honest things.

  21. Charlotte says:

    Did anyone see the video of Misty talking about Haleigh? She is now talking about Ronald and his drug dealing along with other things. Blink, just wondering what your thoughts were on this?

  22. MsEnscene says:

    Hi, NancyS and Charlotte:

    Misty looked good! She attending some private girl’s school where they wear uniforms, huh? Someone voiced the concern that this tape was made to show off Misty to her fans!

    With Misty, the foremost question in my mind is…we should believe Misty, now, because…?

  23. Ragdoll says:

    Hey Charlotte and McEnscene…..

    I saw the video. I don’t understand the reason for the video. It doesn’t help Misty’s case and it certainly doesn’t lead us to Haleigh.

    Misty did all the talking. It was all about Misty. How people perceive her, what they think of her. Haleigh was mentioned once, perhaps? Misty is not going to talk unless it’s to improve how people see her. She wants to appear innocent but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she knows something. And that something could lead police to Haleigh.

    I thought the whole thing was pathetic and a huge waste of time. What did the reporter think they were going to get out of her anyways?


  24. MsEnscene says:

    PFFFFFFTTTTT! Indeed, Ragdoll! And just who made this video? Who was asking the questions? And is this the entire interview? Nothing left out. Nothing trimmed?

    Misty has once again changed her story. I think she has 3 or 4 out there, now. She simply cannot tell the truth. So what happned to her tale of going to Annette’s in Waletka to get a favorite dress for Haleigh that morning?

    No walking Haleigh to her classroom in this story. And Misty says she simply was a mother to Ron’s kids because they had no mother! Really? You give yourself a lot of credit, Misty!

    And now, she says Ron was abusive to her and the kids. (It’s the first thing I’ve believed that she has said.) And no talk about the blankets and the door standing open and the clock reading a 3 something?

    Scam artist! Ridiculous creature. She knows what happened to Haleigh has does her lover boy abuser.

  25. MsEnscene says:

    Art Harris has gottten permission to interview Misty. I don’t know when this is taking place. Soon , I guess. But Art will have spellbinding court watchers.

  26. K says:

    Yo Blink…

    When I first moved to Florida I was stuck inland for a while. (I thought Florida was going to be all neon & beaches like Miami Vice but ummmmm…..it wasn’t) Anyway, Joe Pytko was a roommate of mine at one time. I realize that if you look at his history it looks bad but this guy doesn’t make up stories. He just doesn’t. I’d lost touch with him once I moved to the beach but when his name popped up in this case I tracked him down and checked up on him. This guy was shook to the core over this.

    Why the investigators didn’t try to play the three (Nay Nay, WBG & Misty) against each other and keep their informant secret, I don’t know. I was very irritated about that.

    Anyway…just FYI on another messed up, small town case.

    O they have done that. Many people don’t realize this but the FBI was on her case for the first month straight. I have reporter friends that were calling in sick because they did not want to cover it, it was such a freak show.


  27. Ragdoll says:


    If a person posts a comment and it does not go into moderation AND simply disappears altogether, does that mean the poster has been blocked?

    Not at all. Likely you timed out on your connection or a server update (less likely). Happens on occasion.

    I am assuming you are referring to a post here, I don’t know about any other sites FriendLY.

    Besides, who would block you, lol?


  28. KitKat says:

    Ok……so my KitKat comment went through. Same IP. Why are my Ragdoll comments not showing up? I’ve tried so many times to post, the past few days. The only comment that got through was the one B addressed about ‘blocking’? How did that one make it.

    Server is working.


    No it did not, none do until I moderate them. If it is showing up saying “awaiting moderation” on your end, it did not post and therefore I never saw it. As you point out, same IP I am getting, and the only blocker I have on is spam, which as you know, is not blocking anything that is not spam.

    Ragdoll- I know their has been some issues with some folks losing power or some web warning thingie, but you are going to have to believe me when I say it is not on my end, is not intentional, and it hurts my feelings that you would ever think that. I am your FriendLY and think the world of you.

    So not a banner Ragdoll ( say like Dale in stepbrothers).

    :) B

  29. KitKat says:

    Oye. Please read my response to your last post. Would never and you should know that by now but I heart you anyway.


  30. Ragdoll says:

    Never saw stepbrothers….but it’s on my movie bucket list.

    Sorry for the drama. It’s just frustrating to figure out what the problem is. I believe you, friendLY. I’m sorry to imply or make you feel it was on your end. It seems that a new email addy solved the problem. Go figure. I truly feel bad for acting like a sand box troll. Like you or my friendies @ BOC need this from their peers. All I can do is own up to my actions and ask for forgiveness….again.

    I forgot why I wanted to post on this topic. Doy to the power of 1000.

    …big love.


  31. Ragdoll says:

    Testing 1-2-3

    Also if this works ( a miracle)….


    and it hurts my feelings that you would ever think that. I am your FriendLY and think the world of you.


    That broke my heart and I HATE that I made you feel that way, sweet friendLYYYYY. Reconcile and ask for forgiveness, is what my faith has taught me. I hope you can accept my apology for being thoughtless and presumptious (and all those other things I’ve displayed from time to time). I seek your forgiveness and will inspire not to make such assumptions based on a lack of information or evidence.’

    Of all people who’ve taught me….I feel like I failed my teacher.

    I’ll stop since I know my tendancy for getting personal makes me look like a sheep being led to its slaugther (think Anne Shirley of Green Gables ;)

    Love Love Love

  32. Ragdoll says:

    Prinnie aka Alexandra Goddard. Ever heard of this woman? I’ve been hearing this name in forums that indicated she knows something about the case. She was also involved in the Steubenville, OH rape case, outing the name of the victim aka Jane Doe and other kids who were not connected to the case. She used twitter and social media to carelessly implicate youth who, although not responsible or compassionate in their tweets, fb comments, etc, were NOT considered POI nor suspects.

    This landed her in hot water with the court. She also has a cyber stalking history AND

  33. Ragdoll says:

    …..sorry…computer is uncooperative…

    …..AND is a chummy chum with none other than…..Holly Briley (think c word)

  34. Ragdoll says:

    Anyone hear of Levi Page? I’ve seen him on NG once or twice. Annoying is a compliment.

    One of his most recent tweets…

    “Teresa Neves better watch out. I know where her (Haleigh) bones are buried” -Levi Page tweet


    The comment is, of course, deleted.

    You have to apply for a job but anyone can have a twitter account.

    Well the root word of twitter is twit- appropos.

  35. l says:

    Wish I found this site while this case unfolded, every comment I agree with, every opinion I share.

  36. l says:

    Those by B

  37. Lanni says:

    I think you asked me not to post that, and regardless, there is no way that is an accurate statement on his part.

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