Kyron Horman Case: Terri Horman Attorneys Call Her A Suspect

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In court papers filed Wednesday, Bunch went further, noting that Terri Horman is a “de facto suspect” in the second-grader’s disappearance…”

Portland, OR- In a voluntary appearance in court yesterday for matters relating to the pending divorce motion by estranged husband Kaine; Terri Horman showed her face for the first time since the week after her stepson, Kyron, vanished from Skyline School.

Although Kaine Horman opted to be represented by his counsel Laura Rackner and not appear personally to protect himself emotionally, according to Rackner, Terri Horman braved the fray.

Arriving with attorneys Peter Bunch and Stephen Houze, the trio was immediately met and escorted by MCSO deputies in “the box” formation to the 5th floor courtroom where local media scurried in from behind.  Within 45 minutes, Judge Meisenheimer ruled in Kaine Horman’s favor and granted his request that the issues of the mortgage-sized retainer, allegedly furnished by Terri to Houze and other distribution and custody  issues will be heard in a hearing on October 7, denying her request to have the issues bifurcated.

During the proceeding, Bunch argued that his Client cannot properly litigate the divorce and custody actions currently because she is.”..unable to proceed in the ordinary course to protect her rights as to discovery, property division, support and, particularly, custody and parenting time issues.”

In fact, for the first time publicly, we learn a very important detail about the criminal investigation into Kyron Horman’s disappearance.

According to her counsel, who would certainly be “in the know”, Terri Horman has NOT been named a suspect by MCSO in Kyron’s case, but she is painfully aware she is one.

Loosely translated, a defacto suspect is an unofficially declared suspect, but for all intents and purposes is definitely the target of the investigative crosshairs.

The Microsaccade Moment

Microsaccades are tiny involuntary movements of the eye generally caused by visual fixation.  The result on visual perception can cause the beholder to question if they are “really seeing what they are seeing.”

I had a few of those yesterday while analyzing footage of the day’s events in conjunction with known facts of this case.

They Are:

The MCSO guard detail dispatched at the courthouse assigned to Terri and counsel et al for a family court appearance.  I have spoken with a few local family lawyers who do not wish to be identified, with a combined 26 years of practice.  None have ever seen this practice in a similar matter in Multnomah County.  Specifically, the deputies went inside the actual hearing and waited to escort the trio out the back.

During the hearing, there was not a syllable mentioned about the driving force behind the request for expedition of the case in the first place. The very substantive weight that was used to secure an emergency custody and restraining order, which remains uncontested to date: The Alleged Murder for Hire Plot. Why wouldn’t a family lawyer looking to abate the divorce case strike at the very merits on which the plaintiff’s arguments are based? The plaintiff in this case uses an almost one year old mfh plot allegation, which was not carried out, and no person has been declared a suspect or arrested, to control every filing to date and counsel does not refute the claims therein? What possible reason could that be?

A recent interview with Terri Horman’s son James, in which he states that his Mother cannot have a computer, cell phone, or leave her parents home in Roseburg.

Blink Analysis Editorial: Sealed Criminal Indictment OR Civil Commitment?

A Civil commitment, which would have had to been voluntary, such as a concern for Ms. Horman injuring herself, or some sort of dependency is a possibility, but a highly unlikely one considering she appeared in court yesterday.

Strictly my opinion of course, but based on my microsaccades, I think it is entirely possible that Terri Horman is under a pre-arrest indictment in the matter of the alleged murder for hire plot, or some derivative thereof.

It would certainly be unlikely that she could have been booked and granted bail without a leak, but a sealed indictment, which may or may not include a sealed arrest warrant, would follow Oregon’s propensity to use the grand jury as a form of “preliminary hearing.”  In light of the fact that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into Kyron’s disappearance involving Federal, county and State investigative assets, it would be entirely appropriate.

The public would not know until such time as the indictment and any potentially attached writs are unsealed.  Throw in the possibility there is always the chance that Clackamas County may be the charging county for such an offense and not Multnomah.

In which case, this is about to get very interesting.  Recall MCSO chief Dan Staton saying Clackamas County Major Crimes Team is involved in the case?  That would suggest at least part of a crime has been established in their jurisdiction.  Rudy Sanchez resides in Clackamas County.

Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote and Criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze are well acquainted. You might say that Foote owes his very job to Houze in a way-

John Foote  lost as the incumbent DA in 1996 to his own deputy district attorney Terese “Terry” Gustafson.  Terry was in the middle of fighting an Oregon Bar complaint at the time which cleared her name just days before the inauguration.

The embattled DA did not take long to be the subject of more ethics violations including felony perjury charges for lying to a circuit judge about releasing the file of a juvenile that was ordered to be destroyed. Gustafson was disbarred.

Who filed the Bar complaint who also represented the accused boy who was subsequently acquitted?

Who was the prosecuting attorney for the Oregon Bar?

Stephen Houze.

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  1. landlmom says:

    Happy Birthday Kyron – may God keep and bless you little man.
    Lots of love and thoughts are with you today.
    May today be that day you come home to mommy and daddy.

    Thoughts and Prayers with Kyron and his parents today.

  2. Dee says:

    Happy Birthday to the boy whose smile lights up the world! It is cloudy down here in southern California and has been all summer. Now I know why…we have been missing the sunshine of your smile. Please come back and restore light and hope and love to our cloudy world again. I pray daily for your safety and today I pray for your happiness.

  3. mosaic says:

    sjso says:
    September 9, 2010 at 1:25 am
    Help! who are the Harrington’s?

    Dan and Gil Harrington, the parents of Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old woman who disappeared from a Metallica concert in Charlottesville, VA on October 17, 2009. Her remains were later discovered on a farm. That is a story that will break your heart (just like Kyron’s story)…her murderer(s) have not been found.

  4. Shannon says:

    There are a number of items that have been discussed as pointing towards Terri “knowing” the plan and intentionally alibi building or portraying lack of knowledge whether or not that plan ended up going off according to the original agreement or not). These items would be the doctors appointment discussion, the Facebook photo postings, the store visits, the e-mail to the teacher in the afternoon about project pick-up.

    So either these items are a red-herrings, normal acts that have been strung together to prove intention but were really coincidental and unrelated. Or else she had to have known, at some point, what was going on that day.

    My opinion currently is that she agreed to and helped create the abduction scenario with the promise of his return upon some kind of pay out, but that she soon realized that there would be no return of Kyron, and that quite possibly there was never going to be a return of Kyron.

    Now her choice is to speak out and risk everything she has left and the lives of those left around her (parents, Kiara, James, herself), or remain silent and hope that by remaining silent she can protect something or someone.

    My opinion is that TH thought that Kaine paying $10,000 would buy Kyron back. But that the others involved had other more lucrative or sinister intentions for Kyron from the outset.

  5. MariaEl says:

    @ 26. Cherylynne says:
    September 9, 2010 at 11:39 am

    I have to say that I agree with you 100%. I respectively understand the other posts, about how TH wasn’t (directly) responsible for Kyron’s disappearance, but there is something in me that thinks you are absolutely right. This whole thing stemmed from somewhere, and it certainly didn’t stem from the love she had for Kyron. The MFH plot is real, as indicated by LE, etc. But for TH to not be able to seperate whatever problems she had with Kaine from any feelings she might have (should have) had for Kyron… that’s just a malice that is completely beyond me. If that is possible, then – yes – anything is possible from TH. As somebody on this post said earlier (sorry I cannot think of who)… her (TH)actions after Kyron went missing… speak volumes.

    Kyron, you have been, and you will always be, in the hearts of many. God be with you. We love you.

  6. Idahogal says:

    I’m making this post even though I suspect Blink is about to make one and will therefore steal my thunder, HA HA! If she does, I’ll just post it again on the new thread, lol.
    We are all asking whom is/are the vampire(s)? There is another person/entity involved here that we are looking for, right? How do we get there from here? How about we look at a few of the agencies involved and consider why they are involved, it may give us some direction:

    Gresham Police, Fairview Police, Troutdale Police, Portland Police, Port of Portland Police, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Clackamas County DA MCT, Multnomah County DA’s investigators, Washington County District Attorney’s Office, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Gladstone Police, Oregon City Police, Milwaukie Police, Canby Police, Lake Oswego Police, West Linn Police, Vancouver Police, Hillsboro Police, Beaverton Police, FBI, DEA, ICE, Secret Service, DOD Defense Criminal Investigative Services, Oregon DOJ, Oregon State Police.

    We all know what the FBI, various county DAs and local LE do. I will add US Marshalls as part of DOD on this one as we know they are also involved at this point. Here is some clarification on what these agencies actually do:

    DEA – A Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent enforces the United States government’s laws and regulations regarding controlled substances. He is required to follow the agency’s directives to identify, arrest and successfully prosecute offenders. These offenders may be located in the United States or in other countries. The offender may be an individual operating independently or part of a larger group.
    ICE – immigration and customs enforcement
    Secret service –The Secret Service performs two vital missions: safeguarding of the integrity of American currency, and providing protection for the President, his or her family, and visiting dignitaries. In 2003, as part of the general reorganization of Federal law enforcement under the Homeland Security Act, the Secret Service was incorporated in the Department of Homeland Security. As part of its mission, the Secret Service cooperates with numerous other Federal agencies, although the workings of the Secret Service itself are generally obscured so that the agency can operate more effectively. As part of the anti-counterfeiting work of the Secret Service, forensic document examiners, economics professionals, and others work together to safeguard the United States Treasury. In addition to the counterfeiting of hard currency, the Secret Service also investigates securities fraud, financial fraud in general, money laundering, and electronic fraud.
    DOD DCIS – Dept of Defense criminal investigative services. DCIS criminal investigators are Special Agents with full federal law enforcement authority; they carry firearms, investigate violations of U.S. law, execute search and arrest warrants, serve subpoenas, etc.
    US Marshall – Arm of DOD – Protect Federal judges and courts, transport and manage prisoners, protect witnesses, serve court documents, apprehend fugitives.

    IMHO drug cartels = organized crime, period. You can’t have one without the other because they are the same. The only difference between mafia and drug cartels may be that mafia does a lot of other business besides drugs.
    Regarding RS: He either knows whom (insert AS here), because he made the introduction, and has told LE and they are carefully trying to find this person, tip toeing amidst all of the other ongoing investigations into persons and criminal activities that this person may be or is involved with. IMO this is why AS is on US Marshall hold in Sheridan Prison… OR
    RS doesn’t know whom, because it is not someone that he brought into the mix. Either way, IMO he has spilled his guts to LE and the GJ to save his own butt, and is in some form of protective custody until he is brought forth to testify. After that maybe he will be put into the witness protection program, sent to prison or set free on a plea deal, we’ll see.
    Either way, LE has some credible witnesses, a TON of information, and a lot of resources and agencies on this case. I think Blink is right in thinking there may be a lot of sealed warrants and such flying around. And TH, whether she planned the abduction or not, is in the deepest imaginable SH*# pile and will be going to jail for a long, long, long, time.

  7. lyla says:

    I totally agree “if” there is concrete evidence in the MFH plot. What’s the saying..”things are not always as they appear”.

  8. newsatfive says:

    @Falstaff says: September 9, 2010 at 1:24 am

    “OMG, chilling, just chilling. ‘He called her mom’”

    IMHO, it would be chilling if he called her Terri. That said, if I were Desiree, I’m not sure I would want Kyron calling anyone else other than Desiree mom.

    There are parents who take the other parent to court in order to ensure their child does not call anyone else but a natural or adoptive parent “mom” or “dad.” I have had clients weep when recounting their child’s other parent not allowing the child to refer to them as mom or dad while in the other parent’s custody. It’s pretty sick what people do to each other.

    @Blink says: September 9, 2010 at 12:37 am


    I’m usually pretty good at acronyms, but I’m lost on this one. I’m guessing the first two letters are “Happy Birthday,” but what’s the rest?

    Happy Birthday Kyron! I hope that you come home today.

    In the arms of an angel may you find some comfort here.

  9. Toasty1 says:

    She didn’t waste any time sexting Michael Cook after Kyron went missing! That says alot about her character, or lack of, to me.

  10. Idahogal says:

    In the spirit of minding my manners…
    nate0419 – thanks for the FB link to the Villarreal kid. Due to Blink’s guidance I don’t think he is involved, but he is one sick puppy.
    sjso says:
    September 8, 2010 at 10:52 pm – I totally agree with your abduction theory IF TH was involved in the planning. It fits what we have heard from LE and is in sync with a theory I posted awhile back.
    malty, ode, christy, mariaEl, beejay, twinkletoes, mockingbird, eloise – huge thanks and hugs to you!
    cbickle – get well soon, I’m praying for you.
    Blink, I was listening again to your radio session and you have a really sexy voice! Thanks again for all that you do.

  11. Shelly says:

    in fla·grante de·licto (in flə gran′tē dē lik′tō′) the very act of committing the offense; red-handed
    2.while engaged in sexual activity, often, specif., illicit or perverse sexual activity
    also in flagrante
    Origin: L, lit., during the blazing of the crime

  12. KB in OR says:

    Happy Birthday Sweet Kyron!

    I told my Ben to find you wherever you are and give you strength and love.

    If you are still with us I hope you find your way home soon.
    Take care of your mom, dad and Tony. Send them a sign if you can. Let them know you are okay wherever you are…

    Love and prayers to you Kyron and your family.

  13. MariaEl says:

    September 8, 2010 at 10:44 pm
    No, my contacts and sources are not indicating a quick resolution, to the contrary.
    I have a question for Blink or any of the other posters here who might be able to answer, or who would kindly take the time to school me on this…

    I understand about the “big fish”, I understand about AS, RS, etc., I understand about TH may not have planned Kyron’s disappearance all by herself, and about that there may be parallel investigations going on..
    OK, here is my question..
    Given that so many agencies are involved, would Kyron’s case be put on a back burner? or be given less preference or attention because of these other cases? LE wouldn’t be hesitating on moving on Kyron’s case because of fear they might not solve another?

    I don’t know all that is involved. I don’t know a lot about legal procedures, but it just makes me sad to know Kyron is missing still and with Blink’s input that a resolution might not be coming soon.. I’m worried, I’m sad, I’m confused. So not sure if my question is clear, but hope you all know that its a question that comes from someone that has Kyron as the sole priority here.

  14. Malty says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Kyron

  15. nate0419 says:

    I just found this on facebook from Desiree, if anyone would like to post a birthday message

  16. Malty says:

    Latin is great I don’t have to try to figure out what you said
    :) . I don’t know:)

  17. Sue says:

    TH could have helped Kyron and possibly he would have been located. Instead she went into cover-up mode and trying to figure a way out on her own and with the help of some unsuspecting associates. If she was “blind-sided” as stated above, she could have run to the police and stated what she knew as soon as she knew it. Instead she went about the day, acting in public as if nothing happened and wasted many hours, giving the perps a huge head-start. Fear for herself or her family doesn’t’ cut it. The power was in her hands to do the right thing and she made a despicable choice. I can’t help but think that she could have saved him.

  18. Anniex9 says:

    If I understand correctly everything Blink is saying I think it is possible that TH may never be criminally charged in Ky’s disappearance. I think if she was going to be charged in the MFH it would have happened already.

  19. lyla says:

    Someone was inquiring about a 911 call made from the Horman residence on May 9th of this year. There are postings on OregonLive made by sincerelyours referencing that call. These posts are interesting. I have the link but am having trouble with posting it on this site. If you go to OregonLive and search sincerelyours it will bring up the users comments…

  20. Bj says:

    Yep. She knew what was going down and did nothing to stop it. MOOOoooooo

    Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Kyron ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪..

    Now I do not know how you did that but wicked cool

  21. Mel says:

    Did Terri know in advance that Kaine was going to be working from home that day? Was it a scheduled day for Kaine to be home? Who is T Ashley?

  22. GraceintheHills says:

    26.Cherylynne says:
    September 9, 2010 at 11:39 am

    “I am surprised that people paint her in a light of naive or unaware like she just took some silly wrong turn & it just got too tangled for her own good. like poor Terri she didnt mean for it to get to this. Folks, she was plotting to murder a human being; I dont put anything past her.”


    Amen, Cherylynne. If she is the type that can sit around and plot to murder the father of her baby girl, I put nothing past her. Nothing at all.

    If she did change her mind about having Kaine killed, folks, why might that be? Well, maybe it is a heck of a lot easier to make a timid seven year old boy disappear than do a “hit” on a grown man. And, besides, when the spouse is killed WHO is invariably looked at as the first suspect?


  23. CassieS says:

    OH MY GOSH~!!
    I was just visiting (don’t want to blog back~afraid of what I will say) ALTERATE THEORIES reading the blogs of that bitter bitter Nancy who is posting there~ She is truly a piece of work~I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion~ but she is going above & beyond
    she is calling & has called everyone that has given to fundraising gullible fools that have been brainwashed by Kaine~I think this person needs help after reading the rotten labels she has placed on Kaine & on other people~This my own opinion~ WOW

  24. Lauren says:

    Happy birthday Kyron! Praying for you and your family.

    Blink- looking forward to the next post!

  25. Midwest Mom says:

    if terri put a hit on Caine. Or a Desiree said “a contract on her husband” wouldn’t she have been arrested for something? Wouldn’t Caine have pressed charges against her?

    IMO, someone has dug a hole and wants terri in it, and either LE doesn’t believe she belongs in the hole or that if she belongs there, then she doesn’t belong there by herself.

    LE may be waiting for “the” someone who wants her there to get frustrated that she has not fallen, then make the mistake of firmly trying to push her in.. That is when LE will make their move.

    Happy birthday kyron.

  26. Marleysmom says:

    Did we change sites again. No recent postings. Waiting to here what Blink says about Anselmo.

  27. CassieS says:

    oops~ALTERNATE THEORIES~sorry for the misspelling

  28. Marleysmom says:

    Can’t even spell or punctuate anymore. Did we change sites again? I am waiting to hear what Blink says about Anselmo. I wonder why he isn’t listed under the people list for Kyron.

    Happy Birthday to sweetie Kyron. Thoughts and prays for his biological parents,Tony, brothers, and sister.

  29. CB says:

    A hard day for me as I have prayed that sweet Kyron would be home. Happy Birthday precious Kyron, so many people love you and are thinking about you today.

    My prayers for Kyron,Desiree, and all his family.

  30. Gypsy DD says:

    Cherylynne I agree. I do not feel she was blindsided about Kyron going missing. I think there is a very good reason that her own son was sent away, she caused confusion over the doctors appt, she can’t retrace her own steps with any accuracy on June 4th, she has refused to defend herself in issue of custody of her daughter, etc.

    I think she willingly helped set him up to be missing..because it was either that or her own life or her bio children’s lives. She made a very wrong error in the type of people she associated with and asked to perform a hit on Kaine. You just don’t rescind business with these people and still not owe them something for their time and trouble.


  31. Sunnysideup says:

    There is an interesting article called Profile of the Sociopath that IMO hits the nail on the head concerning what I’ve learned about TH.

    Where are you sweet Kyron? Come home little man.

  32. Gypsy DD says:

    Blink is it true that the GJ has suspended in this case?

    From the link below:

    During August, a grand jury in the case remained busy, with school employees, friends of Terri Horman, and many others called to testify. But the grand jury suspended itself for the time being.

  33. enumclawrose says:

    If we look at the events of June 4th presuming TH did not know what, or more to the point, when something was going to happen, it is just another day being mom at the science fair. (To believe this, I have to assume that the doctor’s appointments are a red herring).

    She leaves the school and goes about her errands. Sometime after she sees AL at the FM store #2, she is either chooses to contact DDS or DDS contacts her and they go somewhere as indicated by the fliers. (Either that or DDS is driving around white truck #2). After the drive, TH goes to the gym and works out.

    At what point in time is TH notified of Ky’s abduction, by whom and how?

  34. Jane says:

    I had hoped for a miracle – hearing Kyron was home to celebrate his birthday and begin his new school year. Unfortunately, we don’t have that scenario. However, I’m just praying no news is good news right now. God be with you little Kyron.

  35. Hutch says:

    If Terri didn’t abduct Kyron, but she suspected that a “vampire” that she previously met abducted Kyron, she would have immediately blamed the vampire after the MFH scheme was revealed. This might have removed her from blame in the disappearance/death? of Kyron. Terri didn’t do this. Instead she lawyered up. This is evidence that “vampires” weren’t involved in Kyron’s disappearance.

  36. cbickel says:

    June 4, 2010. My 28th anniversary. That’s what I woke up thinking that day and happy I remembered it for a change. Went to work and caught a little “snip” on CNN about a child not coming home from school. Caught something about the stepmom watchin’ him walk to class and then not bein’ on the bus in the afternoon.

    Well that’s simple, he’s either wandered away or his stepmom did something. I’m pretty sure everybody felt that way, feels that way still. I figured either way he’d be found one way or the other soon. That didn’t happen. Nothing happened.

    People that didn’t live in the immediate area, I’m in KY., had to start looking for news, I began reading Oregon Live and KATU and KOIN…ANYTHING to get some information about this little kid who “vanished” into thin air.

    I found Blink and I vented. I vented about the whole damn family, not just TH. I got “talked” to about how I felt but it didn’t change the way I felt. Folks here kept letting me talk and I appreciate that. I have come to an understanding with myself that regardless of how I feel about this boy’s mother or father, they are in real pain and they alone have to live with the decisions that they made in Kyron’s interest. I pray for them every night to find peace.

    Summer went on, Aug came, I went on vacation. I remember posting from TN that maybe if nothing else came of this case I noticed I was watching older folks and young children a little more carefully…just in case. I wondered too if they noticed me watching them. I hope others are doing this as well.

    Sept. is here. My birthday was the 1st. I went into the hospital the 2nd and just got out today. I have to tell you that the thought of not ever knowing what happened to Kyron went thru my mind as I thought I might not make it all in one piece myself….but I did. I’m here…his birthday has come and gone….he’s not here.

    Thanks for the well wishes while I was away!

    Thoughts and prayers are with Kyron, his brothers and sister.

  37. Jden says:

    To: Mom3.0 says:
    September 9, 2010 at 3:30 am

    That is the most feasible and highly likely scenario I have heard to date. That further explains TH mannerisms at the first PC, if you review it with this scenario in mind she clearly looks in fear. The only thing outstanding as I recall would be the doctor’s note issue, however, that could have just been a misunderstanding in the mix.

  38. lily says:

    My Twitter feed just informed me of the new Kyron article:

    Just my contribution to the group ya’ll!

  39. Marleysmom says:

    Lily- Thank you for posting this info!

  40. Pondering Life says:


    “That said, if I were Desiree, I’m not sure I would want Kyron calling anyone else other than Desiree mom.”

    My understanding from earlier news coverage with Desiree, is that Kyron called Desiree “Momma.”

    I think Momma is the more intimate term, so I think Desiree did have the most special name to Kyron.

    Desiree is his Mother. She always was and always will be. The fact that Ky called his step-mom Mom when she was in his life since birth is not unusual and is not a slam to Desiree.

    In fact, I think she has been VERY open about her choices at the time, and I sincerely respect her candor.

  41. cbickel says:

    @Cherlynne…. I always feel like I have to defend myself when I mention TH…here I go again. I do think she was blindsided and I absolutely believe she had no idea she WASN’T dealing with Priceline Negotiators. Please read this story from the link I’m providing.

    I had no idea that things were as bad as they are in the North West until I started reading a little about the medicinal marijuana “gardens” and “gardeners”……read this one….

    So yeah I think it’s possible that she was totally unprepared for what happened due to actions SHE is responsible for. I also think that AS is the one that started talkin’ because he was picked up right after Kyron went missing, he mentioned RS and MFH was developed for whatever reason it was. Blink says to flush out where Kyron is…she’s prolly right.

    You can NOT have that many hands in the fire without somebody getting’ burnt and nobody’s burnt even a pinky yet…it will happen, hopefully soon, but I think it will be one HUGE big wake up call for a lot of people. At least it should be.


    Thoughts and prayers are with Kyron, his brothers and sisters.

  42. Hutch says:

    Is it true that the Grand Jury is suspended? What are the reasons for the suspension?

    It is.
    No true bill.

  43. Mom3.0 says:


    Thanks for your acknowledgment of my post. Believe it or not, I am still hoping little Kyron is okay somewhere out there. But yes, I think it is a likely scenario also.

    I think your point about the Dr. appointment is quite good. It could have been a misunderstanding. No one knows what is what except Terri and she isn’t talking.

    She is either one of the most evil mother’s in the world, or She is scared to death of something.

    Not sure which.

    Let me say this- I support the legalization of citizens process in this country; emphasis on the legal.

    But if anyone thinks we know the first damn thing about who is in this country with any degree of certainty, your in la la land.

  44. justice4kyron says:

    Are you reachable at this email? I would like to see a copy of that, maybe different folks, but I do know who your referring to.

  45. Laurel Canyon says:

    I’ve been trying to think of any scenario that would make sense of RS and the strange “MFH sting”. Maybe LE found some emails along the lines of “hey when can we get together to talk about that little problem I want you to take care of?” Something that made it clear they weren’t referring to yard work, but didn’t spell out whether the “problem” was Kaine or Kyron. When confronted with this, RS knows he’s on the hook for something and maybe that something is Kyron, but he’s not going to admit to that so he claims this “problem” was in reference to a MFH plot on Kaine. Who is alive and accounted for. Maybe LE doesn’t believe him and the “sting” was to gauge TH’s reaction to see if something she said either gave credibility to RS’s MFH story or to implicate them both in MFH/Kyron.
    Maybe the tip-off for TH was RS being there at all on the “sting”. I am curious what RS said during the “sting”. Did he specify to TH that he was there to collect on MFH on Kaine? What if TH knew there was no MFH plot on Kaine? Knew that RS was involved right along with her in the disappearance of Kyron. But RS shows up raving about he’s there to collect money for her wanting Kaine offed. TH would have known right then what the angle was – that RS told LE it was about Kaine not Kyron. In that scenario seems like both of them know not to cop to anything else and just go with the MFH story until LE comes up with something else to tie them to Kyron’s disappearance.
    (just a thought, my own opinion and all that…)
    Thinking of you on your birthday little buddy and hoping you come home safe very soon

    What I know, is that as far as undercover agents go, DEA is bar none the LE Agency “go to” for reasons that I won’t specify publicly. He was not just hanging out cleaning his firearms on a Saturday and got a call from MCSO asking if he had plans for the afternoon-

    Secondly, they would NEVER get in the middle of a mp case or mfh if there were not some component of an investigation driving that agencies participation. They are not on speed dial.

  46. Ode says:

    26.justice4kyron says:
    September 9, 2010 at 2:49 pm
    Is this the same Anselmo Sanchez that is implicated in our sweet Kyron’s case? OMG, I hope not…

    That has to be him. He was arrested on Feb 7th in Florida and Oregon has him February 19th. The pictures sure look exactly like the same person. I am sick to my stomach. Rape of a 4 year old, Kyron missing…WTHey. Am I understanding that the paper work for AS may be so F uped that he could have been out of custody after February 19th for some period???


    where are you getting he was arrested 2/7/10? I have him in April, and he is not anywhere in the Fla BOP whatsoever.

  47. Gypsy DD says:

    Let me say this- I support the legalization of citizens process in this country; emphasis on the legal.

    But if anyone thinks we know the first damn thing about who is in this country with any degree of certainty, your in la la land.

    Right you are Blink..this country is vast, it is hard to know who is here legally, ilegally, or expired visa..nor their intent for being here..political prosecution in their own the extreme other end of 9/11 and the players involved guns, drugs and human trafficking..our country and borders are only so secure..a person intent on being matter the reason will make the trek.

  48. tarmancer says:

    Gypsy DD says:
    September 9, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Cherylynne I agree. I do not feel she was blindsided about Kyron going missing. I think there is a very good reason that her own son was sent away, she caused confusion over the doctors appt, she can’t retrace her own steps with any accuracy on June 4th, she has refused to defend herself in issue of custody of her daughter, etc…..

    I am leaning toward this theory most of all at this point.

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