Kyron Horman Missing: Case Review And Birthday Wishes To The Frog Prince

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On what is Kyron Horman’s 8th Birthday, the Skyline School, where Kyron was scheduled to begin the third grade, is buzzing with the start of the years activities without him.


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In response to the disappearance and presumed abduction of the bespectacled herpetologist; Skyline has implemented a myriad of mandatory safety features as well as a state of the art security camera system. While complete with facial recognition capability, one face it will not be recognizing today, is that of Kyron Horman.


Although missing since the morning of June 4, 2010, there have been no updates from the many State and Federal agencies participating in the criminal investigation of his disappearance since August 12, 2010. 


Adding to the mounting concern about the status of Kyron’s fate are the words of his own parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young.


“The police will not stop until they find Kyron and the harder they have to search–the harder this will get for you,” wrote Young. “You will go to jail and whoever has been helping you will have to talk police or they will go to jail.”


It is clear from Kaine and Desiree’s comments that they believe Terri Horman, Kyron’s step mom, is at least partially responsible for Kyron vanishing. While they stop short of naming any possible accomplices, Rod Underhill, the chief deputy district attorney of Multnomah County, Captain Jason Gates, Detective Bob O’Donnell of the Multnomah County Sheriff Office have sought the publics help to flush them out. Multnomah County Chief Deputy District Attorney Rod Underhill said a witness, or witnesses, have reported seeing someone else by the Hormans’ extended-cab pickup while it was parked in front of the school between 8:15 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. on June 4, the day Kyron disappeared. In what was characterized as a slip-up, methinks that that Kyron’s Mom told us that someone was actually Kyron.  



While Terri Horman is holed up at her parents newly refinanced home in Roseburg and under the mortgage-sized retainer protection of Stephen Houze; she is awaiting the September 21st contempt hearing  for allegedly violating an order that she not disclose the “sealed” reasoning for, or contents of,  the current restraining order in effect against her.


Accomplice, Witness, Opportunist or Collateral Damage?



Rodolfo “Rudy” Estrada Sanchez


Sanchez 1

 Rudy is the owner of RS Landscape Maintenance and the alleged former landscaper/ love interest of Terri Horman.  He is also the man who says Terri Horman asked him to murder her husband Kaine late last year. Investigators clearly believed his story as it was the basis for an attempted sting on June 26th by MCSO including an undercover DEA agent. Sanchez, wearing a wire, demanded a $10,000 payment from Horman for services rendered, except Kaine was very much alive. As the information gleaned from Sanchez provided to Kaine Horman indicates this alleged “contract”discussion with his wife happened over 7 months ago, it is unclear what the payment demand could actually be for. Sanchez testified before the grand jury on August 4. While the content of his testimony is secret, the fact that whatever he testified to outside of pleading the “On the advice of counsel I plead the 5th and hereby assert all of it’s protections.” grants him a level of immunity, in addition to whatever he may or may not have already been granted by the District Attorney.

When reached at one of the numbers records show is billed in his brothers name, Jaime Estrada Sanchez, who uses the name Jaime Estrada on his carpet cleaning business website declined to comment to and the number has since been disconnected.


Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a close family friend who has since been interviewed by the FBI, has confirmed that Terri Horman is pointing her finger directly at Sanchez. She has also stated that she and Sanchez had an altercation after she attempted to end their relationship in May which ended in a 911 call and a visit from Clackamas County Sheriff Office in the presence of Sanchez’s wife and children. While it did not result in any charges, Horman told the source that the landscaper was furious with her because he is not in the US legally. While has not been able to verify the date of the alleged 911 call, we have been able to verify that Terri called her Mother immediately following the incident and told her that Kaine had found out about the landscaper she hired to do what she referred to as “her yardwork” and when she informed him that she could no longer use him because Kaine was making her fire him, he lunged at her with Kiara in her arms. Kaine Horman denies the couple ever hired the landscaper as well as any previous information as to his estranged wife’s possible dealings with Sanchez.


It should be noted that Mr. Sanchez has not been charged with any crime in this matter and local references to his business are highly complimentary. In fact, Jean Ann Van Krevelen a friend and “mentor” of Dede Spicher has used RS Landscape Maintenance on a few occasions, leaving positive reviews on the ServiceMaster listing which deleted his business from the site on 6/21/10.  Heather Walters, owner of Rosemont Farm,which is not West Wind Farm, where Dede Spicher was working the morning of June 4th and out of reach by phone from approximately 90 minutes, has never met Terri Horman or heard of their family prior to Kyron’s disappearance. When I asked her if she knew Rudy Sanchez or if she ever hired his firm to work at WWF, she replied “not that I recall, no, but we did have a blackberry clean up a few years ago so it is possible.”


Anselmo Sanchez-Sanchez



 As reported on, Anselmo was booked into the MCSO on July 8, 2010 on a hold from the US Marshall Service. He was held until August () and returned to Federal custody in Sheridan. While residence records and a private post to indicate the Sanchez’s know each other, at a minimum, it is unknown if Anselmo has any direct connection to this case. What is known, is that Anselmo Sanchez a/k/a Freddy Atristad Sanchez has been in Federal Custody since March 4, 2010.


 Or has he?



Although records indicate that he was placed under post probation supervision by ICE on February 19, 2010, according to Mr. Sanchez-Sanchez Federal criminal docket after being “found in the US and apprehended” in  August 2009” following a previous deportation in 2003, he was “administratively arrested” on February 23, 2010. A Federal Grand Jury’s subsequent indictment was issued on March 4 and he was immediately incarcerated.


Mr. Sanchez-Sanchez rap sheet includes convictions for rape, failure to register as a sex offender and a host of probation and parole violations prior to his deportation.


In what can only be categorized as a bizarre coincidence, Oregon BOP VINE network shows that on June 26, 2010, they very day of the “sting” involving Rudy Sanchez, Anselmo was transferred and released to “community supervision”.  There is no record of either his transfer or his booking by MCSO July 8th on his docket. What is reflected on the record for June 21st, is the US Marshall Service requested a rescheduling of his plea hearing on July 1st   - July 12th directly with the presiding judge outside of his Federal appointed defense attorney.  Yep. Exparte.  Mr. Sanchez attorney Allison Clark used the 7/12/10 court date to file a motion to quit the case.  They have subsequently worked through their differences and were scheduled to appear yesterday, but a 4th continuance in the case was granted to reschedule for October 7, 2010. In that motion, Ms. Clark asserts that Mr. Sanchez has been in custody the entire time but that his records are difficult to retrieve so more time to prepare for trial is necessary.  I’ll say. 





Dede Spicher



Doppelganger. Organic Gardner. Jilted girlfriend and support network for Terri Horman.

Up until a few weeks ago, she was also very much the object of accusation by Desiree Young and Kaine Horman, as well as the investigators assigned to Kyron’s case. So much so, they released a flyer featuring the ginger ladies and the infamous white truck. LE has subsequently backed off of Spicher and publicly stated they do not believe it was her in the white truck in the lot of the Skyline School. Dede’s father is a semi-retired Klamath County Sheriff deputy. If it can be confirmed Spicher knew Kyron was missing on June 4th we have a very big problem. is in receipt of a private post through a mutual friend of Dede’s in response to an article about Kyron’s disappearance from the school which was post on June 4th at 11:40PM


Spicher responded on June 5 at 7:44am: Holy Crap! I KNOW this boy!

Mutual Friend, June 5, 1:35PM: no way???!!! Really Dede?

Spicher: yes. My friend Terri is the step-mother mentioned in the article. It’s so shocking when something like this hits so close to home. < ?xml:namespace prefix ="" v />June 5 at 5:44pm



Michael Cook


The source of both information for the contempt filing and hundreds of sexts exchanged between he and Terri Horman following Kaine Horman’s filing for divorce and leaving the marital residence as advised by MCSO, Michael Cook was a high school classmate of Kaine Horman.


Mr. Cook is also one smarmy dude if his former spouse Shannon has anything to say about it.


Oddly, has learned from an inside source that Cook was not called before the grand jury to testify. In the instant action for contempt, Kaine Horman’s attorney Laura Rackner specifically references the “sexting” and the text regarding Houze’s fee as information provided by law enforcement. 


So, was he acting as an agent for le or is he himself under investigation?


Jason Wishert


William Jason Wishert is undoubtedly wishing he had not interjected himself in this case. Apparently new to the blogosphere via a request from Maxine Bernstein of the Oregonian, Mr. Wishert took to what he saw as his *nuveau*cause*celeb* status with moxy.



That was until he announced his appearance on the forum to answer questions about the case and cry the blues when he accused the Oregonian of using his rough notes to skewer Dede Spicher.  According to Wishert the “not a lot of kissing but plenty of telling” memo was not supposed to be published.  About 3 minutes into his introduction to his “sleuthing public” Wishert was asked why he spelled his name incorrectly and if he was indeed the son of convicted child porn possessor William Kent Wishart.  In a really bad move, Mr. Wishert denied the allegation and retreated with his tail somewhere on his person.


Kent Wishart, former CEO of Graphic Sciences, is in Federal Custody for the next 4 years for possession of child porn and engaging in a file sharing subscription for same. Jason’s brother Grant is an employee of GS.  All three Wishert’s hold numerous active and inactive business licenses throughout Oregon and Washington.  Graphic Sciences has a Mexican affiliate office.


Both Jason and his brother James Grant have had numerous legal entanglements (editor’s note: say it just like Chief Margie with the flat “a”) and our attempts to substantiate Jason’s claims about court appointed child advocacy certifications have yet to be confirmed.


However, with his Uncle John Kerr, Jason Wishert is heavily involved in the Friends of Pimpollo Charity which sponsors various children issues and an orphanage in Mexico.  FOP is a verified charity with a 50% tax deduction rate according to IRS Publication 78 in good standing, but they are years behind in their annual reporting.


Birthday Boy and America’s Frog Prince


Today, Kyron Horman’s eigth birthday, may not bring us any closer to where our frog prince is, but we do wish to extend our thoughts and prayers in celebration of his special day to his parents, friends and family. There are 2 celebrations for Kyron today. The picture below is an image of the birthday invitation chosen by his Mom, Desiree Young, and designed by scaredmonkeys poster Brandi.






Images by Klaasend

Jason Mateos, Madeline Tanner, and Laura Cincaid contributing editors to this report



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  1. enumclawrose says:

    newsatfive 10/05 3:23 pm

    I’m thinking the interest in videos for 06/03 would be catching someone in the planning stages of this crime. JMHO

    Thank you for that post. It has so much to contemplate. I, too wonder what came out of the GJ to spark all the new searches. If, like we have been told, it was teachers, students and parents, then I am guessing they saw someone in the school, or in the parking lot. Perhaps they have identified the “witness” they have been seeking in the parking lot. That someone must be linked to SI.

  2. pps_mom says:

    Thank you so much for the very thoughtful and enlightening response to my query. I am always so impressed by the quality of the posters here. You gave me a lot to ponder!

  3. beejay says:

    @ enumclawrose says:
    October 5, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Elsy could have been charged with Custodial Interference if she abducted those children from their legal guardian (custodian). Which could have been someone OTHER THAN their father.

    Kids could be in state custody, their guardianship having been removed from both parents. State could’ve awarded custody to another person, perhaps a relative (that’s why for research purposes, I suggested a grandparent–Ubaldo and Marie Guadalupe Sanchez??).

    I think that’s what Blink was saying, in “Blinkese”.

  4. beejay says:

    @foobros: You said, “…LE keeps stating the she was the last person to see Kyron.”

    I’m interested in that. All I can find is the media repeating that statement. If you can find some recent examples of LE saying that, would you please post them for me with links?

    Don’t go to any trouble, but I’d appreciate anything you come across.

  5. foobros says:

    newsatfive says:
    October 5, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    @newsatfive – That is a great post. I was thinking it was an uncover operation for quite awhile, but I got to thinking that the family and LE couldn’t possibly keep it going for so long, so I gave that up. BUT – stranger things have happened. I am so suspicious of Terris unaccounted time on June 4th, as well as the emails she sent after Kyron went missing. Something is not adding up with her. It could be that she was having an affair gone bad and that’s what she was doing during the time frame of FM#2 until she went to the gym. She gets to Sauvie Island (presume that’s where the lover is). She tries to break up with creep. Creep tells her he has Kyron. He tries to get her and/or Kitty. She leaves, not believing that creep really has Kyron. He chases her around Sauvie Island. She doesn’t know what to do. She is sure that creep will hand Kyron over if he does really have him. She doesn’t believe he’s that crazy. She doesn’t want to know if this is real, so she doesn’t go back to the school to get the project. Just in case it’s true that creep has Kyron, she goes to the gym for an alibi. Goes home after that and emails school. Scared sh*tless, she slowly walks to the bus stop. Kyron doesn’t get off the bus.

    At first of course, no one is going to admit to that. But, it could very well be that she fessed up early in the investigation and told LE that lover was stalking or harassing her. So the undercover begins. Kaine finds out that Terri has been fooling around with the very person that took Kyron, so even though he knows she didn’t do the disappearance, he still takes Kiara, fearing for her and himself. He is so angry that Terri brought a creep into their lives, he starts divorce proceedings, as he can never forgive her. He could maybe forgive an affair, but not one that took his little boy away and endangered his family.

    In the meantime, LE can’t find Kyron and creep has an alibi. LE doesn’t believe it, but is having a hard time proving it.

  6. Tigi says:

    @Katie says:
    October 5, 2010 at 2:50 pm
    B – That is exactly my point, someone facing “by the minute” scrutiny would not worsen it with a tweet like that.

    Someone looking to redeem himself or his reputation might.


    I think you are giving the Mayor way too much credit!!
    Haha! Totally agree.

    In addition though, the mayor had recently taken the PPB from Commissioner Dan Saltzman, and put himself in charge, then quickly fired Chief Rosie Sizer, all under acrimonious conditions. Newly head of the police bureau, with such a high profile case in the headlines every day, he probably felt compelled to show his leadership, so he tweeted.

    I’m thankful for the professionalism of the MCSO.

  7. evie says:

    Blink, hitchiking off Idahogal’s comments about Mayor Adams (and Ida.. I agree, I feel SO ripped off by Sam I can’t even *begin* to describe..) I’m confused further by your comments.
    The man in the photo was never identified publicly, correct?

    Adams had just taken back the office of Police Commissioner about one month before that tweet, so it could be him trying to show himself as ‘police-like’ (that entire episode was strange on its own, mayor not being commissioner).

    Are you saying that the mayor’s tweet *was* appropriate in some way?
    MSCO is the lead agency on this case, not PPB, so wasn’t Sam just swinging a stick to remind people he was on the job (as commish)?

    Simply making an observation.

  8. beejay says:

    @ enumclawrose says:
    October 5, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    I meant to add about Elsy that if she and her husband were divorced and he had custody under the divorce agreement, then if Elsy took the kids the charge against her would be contempt of court (rather than Custodial Interference).

  9. Marci says:

    Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but this is the first case where I have read multiple times people say
    “TH dissapeared KY” Not “TH had something to do with KY dissapearing or his dissapearance”

    Weird . Has anyone else noticed this?

  10. newsatfive says:

    Kozyotb says: October 5, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    “Who is Rick that has a little girl? Found it on this post on this website.
    #26 Daizigrl says: September 10, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Is this a reference to Rick Spicher? If so, I don’t understand the relevance.

    IMHO, it sounds like the “little girl” is his daughter, and that she was at his house for residential time (visitation).

  11. lyla says:

    @Wordweaver says:
    October 4, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    “I think it makes perfect sense for Terri to have been involved. In MOO Terri wanted money – if we are to believe she was behind the murder for hire plot then, we can assume that she wanted the life insurance. If this is true then the leap to believe that she didn’t care about Kyron, he was yet another means to an end in a long history of using people for her own cause. I think she sold him. I think the ransom was staged so that suspicion would not fall on her.”
    I agree….with your last sentence. I felt this from early on.

  12. Kimberly says:

    I believe that the unaccounted time for Teri is this.
    1. She was going on with her day as normal (if there is one)
    and, did in fact leave the science fair as she has stated and at the times she has stated. I believe she did in fact go to fred meyers, both locations and Albertsons.
    2. I believe that either while at Albertsons or shortly after leaving she receieved a “phone call”.
    3. I believe this is when she learned Kyron was gone. Whoever took him, (remember it was a supposed staged Ransom?) made that phone call and threats and demands.
    4. I believe she freaked out, called DS and the two of them immediately suspected RS and Assoc.
    5. I believe RS and possibly his assoc were working on Sauvie Island that day, and Teri and DS either knew that or tracked him down by knowing his schedule or other.
    6. I believe Teri and DS did infact go driving around for the amount of time that she is unaccounted for, either discussing what in the world had just happened and what to do, or possibly feeling that someone (the perp) was BS’ing her and she was angry and ready to fight back.
    7. At some point she realizes this is huge and moreso than her or her friend(s) can wrap their heads around to solve on their own, BUT;
    for fear of being ‘found out’ if you will, that she had been involved in some illegal, or offset moral type behaviors and the consequences of, she starts doing some CYA and finger pointing at RS.

  13. Kimberly says:

    sorry hit the button and shouldn’t have.

    I believe this is where it gets tricky. or weird or whatever verbage seems to fit, lol
    She goes home after the gym, and trys to make it some sort of normalcy , out of shock and mostly fear of her life about to fall apart in front of her if and when Kaine finds out not only his son is missing but, of the activities she has been participating in, ie, infidelity and who truly knows what else.
    I believe this is where and why we start getting the random off the wall statements from her like, “off to the gym”, or “clean sheets on the bed”, kinda like a way to show to the public, ie, the perp (s) that everything is fine in order not to show a weakness and or that they have had any affect on her and Kaine.
    Obviously this doesn’t work out too well for her because the mor BS she trys to create to cover herself, the deeper the hole and the present situation she has created for herself becomes darker.
    I believe that because this was a staged ransom , it does somewhat explain the cell phones being bought and with a fake name and possibly the reasoning DS was saying something like, IIRC, that she encouraged others not to speak as well. Maybe she truly thought it would make things worse for Teri, in regards to being found out , with the sexual proweressing going on and hoping to make it harder for the perp (s) to learn what was going on. I guarantee the perp(s) had to have been watching and following the story .
    whoo knows, all MOO

  14. angelab says:

    I agree with ChiaPet about Brian Pumala. Has he been eliminated from the suspect list or not? does anyone know? I keep coming back to him, like so many of you, because he’s a big ??? to me. We don’t know much about him.

    Is it true that his step-dad or dad, Steve Harmon I believe, is a retired police officer and is in fact the one who owns the houseboat on Sauvie Island? (I do have a link, but not sure it will post.) Blink, or anyone can answer. :) TIA.

  15. neighbor says:

    @Whaazupwitchu said “Skyline parent and Neighbor – I have been wondering how people can send their kids there – this tells me they must feel more secure than we do about WHO took him, sorry LE’s word is not good enough as people say they usually say these things…”

    LE has been very clear to us that it was not a random sicko; they know who is involved.
    I would love to see this resolved, but the success of the eventual prosecution outweighs my own discomfort at this point in time. If that means we have to take LE’s word for it, so be it.
    Yes, LE has lost credibility with the ‘roid affair. No, I am not very impressed by PPS not making substantial changes to their security policy. Yes, I am happy that a local company donated the cameras and installation. Having said that, I also need to tell you that I am very impressed how the local school is handling this and that I trust them to do the right thing.

  16. Falstaff says:

    @ Katie

    Totally agree with you about Portland mayor. I believe the police told him to “shut up.”

  17. beejay says:

    Are you Portlanders talking about the current Mayor Sam Adams? The one who gallantly kept his hands off the intern BEAU BREEDLOVE, who had a darling dog named LOLITA?

    Whose campaign adviser, renowned throughout Oregon, is MARK WIENER (pronounceD “wee-ner”?) And wasn’t BOB BALL running against Adams for mayor?

    You can’t make this stuff up, but it does sound like satire. BTW, it’s an amusing read at Time online. And they discuss my FAV candidate to eventually break something major on Ky and the bigger web he’s caught up in–that’s Nigel Jaquiss of WW.,8599,1874372,00.html

  18. foobros says:

    I also think that when KH and DY found out that Terri did not confirm that Kyron was absent from school as soon as she was informed that the perp had Kyron, they totally went ballistic. If Terri had called the police right away, Kyron may have come home safe. As it is, her CYA move allowed for the perp to make sure Kyron was very well hidden. If the scenario is correct (or even close), who knows how long it took Terri to tell the truth? Was it 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks? I think that’s why Desiree keeps talking to Terri through the media. Terri put “Terri” before Kyron, a defenseless child. She probably wants to throttle her.

    I am still stuck on the doctors appointment though. If she did intentionally mislead the teacher (LE knows, wish we did), she was in on the kidnapping.

  19. Midwest Mom says:

    I gotta pipe in about the man in the pic. Generally when we are curious about someone, a local will comment about who they are or if they know them, such as rodgers, we had people say he is such and such, and a great guy and known him X years.

    Picture guy…nothing.

    I should say here on BOC I haven’t seen anything, if anyone knows of something on another forum. please let me know. I’ll hunt the info down if you point me in the right direction. thnks

  20. newsatfive says:

    @foobros says:October 5, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    “@newsatfive – That is a great post. I was thinking it was an uncover operation for quite awhile, but I got to thinking that the family and LE couldn’t possibly keep it going for so long, so I gave that up. BUT – stranger things have happened.”

    IMHO, if there is an undercover operation in play, whatever happened to Kyron started long before June 4, and what we are now seeing is part of a much larger undercover operation.

    This could be a case where Terri or someone else in Kyron’s life was involved in something that came to LE’s attention as part of a large undercover operation.

    IMHO, if there is a third party involved, statistically speaking, it was someone who knew or was acquainted with Kyron and/or the family.

    If it is true that Kaine worked long hours at Intel, the person most likely to have brought the third party into the family’s life is Terri.

    The exception to this would be if one of Kaine’s friends or family was involved. The only reason I say this, of course, if because one of his friends had some odd behavior (smirking) at the vigil, and because Kaine’s brother is a sex offender who was not in custody on June 4.

    I think we can all agree that Terri’s extended circle of friend and acquaintances — and friends of acquaintances — had some pretty oddball characters in it. A couple of those people have either injected themselves into this case or otherwise come to the media’s attention (Jason Wishert/Wishart, Jaymie Finster, etc.) and raised eyebrows in the process.

    The thing that keeps me up at night was a comment I read somewhere — NOT in an official news report — that June 4 was garbage pickup at Skyline Elementary, and that Jason Wishert/Wishart allegedly knew the date of the pickup. Jason denied knowing this on Scared Monkeys, IIRC.

    However, there are a million ways that the trash issue could be relevant, i.e. disposal of evidence or worse. But, what if Kyron was playing around near the dumpster, or the victim of a prank by a classmate?

    I have also heard the suggestion (NOT an allegation, just one of a million theories) that perhaps it was a simple accident, i.e. someone backed up over Kyron with his or her car on accident.

    The one that makes me saddest is that Kyron may have been so eager for approval that he walked off with a sex offender. That one really keeps me up at night.

  21. beejay says:

    Some old background on volunteer and contracted-out supplemental services at Skyline Elem, and how some of them got hired. See the link below for the woman who wrote the grants.

    Mentioned in that article is Hands On Greater Portland. It is a conduit for placing people who have court-ordered community service. That program has been a source of volunteers at Skyline.

    “Hands On Greater Portland volunteers
    must sign a waiver that they’ve never been convicted of or charged with a violent crime, child abuse or neglect,
    child pornography, child abduction, kidnapping, rape or any sexual offense, or ordered by a court to receive psychiatric or psychological treatment in connection to that crime.”

    Was it Dee who did the original research on the Skyline grant? How Rudy and his associates (or other persons of interest to BOC) may/may not relate to all this I do not know.

  22. rollermonkey says:

    Blink: Have you or any of your crew been able to locate an official accounting of the 911 call by Terri from May? Could someone have involved him or herself off the record or off-duty? The worst is that Kyron is missing… for it to have possibly involved law enforcement just adds to the pain. I’m feeling like this is where it is heading and it just adds to the heaviness in my heart.

  23. Falstaff says:


    Steve Harmon, I believe is related to Stan Harmon a former Portland Police officer that was wounded in the line of duty many years ago. Their family has had more than one member serve at the Portland Police Bureau. They have always had a strong presence in the St John’s area of Portland. This would be in North Portland, not far from Kyron’s residence.

  24. rollermonkey says:

    Blink: Do you think we (Blinkiacs) have named/discussed the person physically responsible for Kyron’s disappearance? Or do you think/know there is another person involved that we know nothing about? If you don’t want to answer Ill understand :)

  25. SouthernMom says:

    Thinking out loud here…and haven’t completely firmed all the ideas up…but, here goes:

    Terri had a planned “date” that day with a significant “married” other. She would have Kaine believe she is supposed to attend the SF in it’s entirety as a good SM should do…and stick around for the talent show. However, she has a “date” and leaves early so she has time to get medicine for Kiara so she will be feeling well enough to be pleasant during this “date” or will be asleep for naptime during this “date”.

    Terri does in fact meet her “date” during the unaccounted for time…NOT sure of location, but it could be anywhere…(most likely on or near Suavie Island).

    All the while, she is not yet aware of what has happened to Kyron. Could be she held some guilt already that morning in leaving Kyron at SF and shows pic to Gym Worker of awesome SF project to “prove” she is good SM (more to herself than Gym Worker). After “date”, she also goes to gym to “say she did” as far as “filling her day” when she will have to explain to Kaine about not staying with Kyron at school as planned. She goes home and sends emails to DY and posts on Facebook…but, still at this point she is only trying to cover up “date”.

    Once they know Kyron disappeared, her guilt in “not being there” is only heightened and she feels guilty, acts guilty and looks guilty. She knows she has to cover for her “date” time and can’t really tell the truth here.

    I still believe there was all this bad stuff legitimately going on with LS and I believe he and/or his assoc. are the perps…with various potential motives. I’ve stated this all before as MOO.

    So in the aftermath, Terri feels guilt for “not being there” and is trying to hide where she really was…not only to protect herself, but also her “date”.

    Something I’ve been thinking about:
    I read a news article recently dated in July that stated Terri was asked to take second poly not because she outright failed it but her answers regarding her whereabouts that day were “evasive” (their word, not mine).

    So…maybe (just maybe) Terri truly didn’t have anything directly to do with Kyron’s disappearance (except as being the motivator for revenge of perps), and feels her whereabouts during the “unaccounted” for time doesn’t have anything to do with this case. She’s cooperating with LE but not telling them everything about her whereabouts that day. Once the MFH sting operation went down, she realzed she could have some culpability because she may have once said something about that during a pillow talk session. She knows it’s serious when Kaine takes Kiara and files for divorce…so she lawyered up. Houze told her to shut-up…so she has.

    I’m still not sure of DeDe’s involvement other than as a friend. Has it been verified she was truly missing during the time Terri was…her lawyer stated otherwise.

    I think LE knows all…and now they are looking for Kyron as the last piece of evidence needed to prove a crime was committed. They will exhaust that possibility before arrests are made. Without Kyron, this will be a hard case to try unless some credible person with direct knowledge cuts a plea deal in exchange for first hand testimony.

    KUDOS to newsatfive for awesome post.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  26. riverpearl says:

    Idahogal says:
    October 5, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    Blink…I have to say this, even though some locals will have my head for it. IMO Mayor Sam Adams is a total putz…

    I think it is interesting that the only comment the Mayor ever made publicly on this case was about the ID of the older man in Kyron’s display pic. I understand he has been located, sticks with me though.

    That is exactly my point, someone facing “by the minute” scrutiny would not worsen it with a tweet like that.

    Someone looking to redeem himself or his reputation might.

    … Isn’t the Mayor’s significant other an Oregonian present -or- past employee ?

  27. riverpearl says:

    Not to sound rude/ or over-stated BUT it was NOT stranger danger that “got” Kyron.

    We/ society teach our children “stranger danger”.
    We need to teach “danger” of “known” persons,
    including family members, family member friends, friends & friends family members, coaches etc….
    These are WHO we give easy access to our children much more than “strangers”…

    We all @ one time have role played a situation w/ our child(ren) & a “stranger”
    BUT how many have posed a situation w/ “Johnny’s parent asking for child’s help outside” ?

    Now that is a twist we seem to ignore.

  28. riverpearl says:

    To ALL:
    I am not trying to create a ‘word jumble’ for y’all.
    Not sure why my posts get scrambled after posting.
    Posts look perfectly fine in the ‘leave a comment’.
    All I can think @ random times my format goes ‘wacky’ in the transfer to Blink’s format.
    When I see the ‘scrambled’ post & try to correct post it just goes ‘poof’ after submit comment.
    Thanks for y’alls patience.

  29. riverpearl says:

    Does either the alleged
    (#1.) “man chaperone”
    the Tanner alleged
    (#2.) “substitute”
    connect to =>”cool electric ones”Kyron being stashed by someoneis not based on knowledge as to who they beleived he left with<=
    How would that make sense ?
    Make no mistake. Rudy Sanchez is involved. I say that without reservation.

  30. SouthernMom says:

    One other thought has occured to me…if the scenario I just posted were somewhat near the mark…it would explain why Terri wanted the truck that day. Her red sports car with vanity plates would clearly identify her at someone’s camp or apartment or hotel parking lot a common/generic white “work style” truck would not be as obvious. MOO

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  31. Wordweaver says:

    9.lyla says:
    October 5, 2010 at 4:36 pm
    @Wordweaver says:
    October 4, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    “I think it makes perfect sense for Terri to have been involved. In MOO Terri wanted money – if we are to believe she was behind the murder for hire plot then, we can assume that she wanted the life insurance. If this is true then the leap to believe that she didn’t care about Kyron, he was yet another means to an end in a long history of using people for her own cause. I think she sold him. I think the ransom was staged so that suspicion would not fall on her.”
    I agree….with your last sentence. I felt this from early on
    Sorry, Lyla, but that was not me. I don’t believe TH was directly involved. I’m not sure about a staged ransom — I’m more inclined to believe there was a real ransom that “went bad”, because there was nothing to pay it with, or it wasn’t taken seriously, or something else changed. I think Terri’s actions are explained in a number of ways — but mostly that she had something to hide. I think she was surprised at Kyron’s disappearance and at first was forthcoming but then when she had to be accountable her story got sticky because she didn’t want to own up to her other misdeeds.

    When this first happened, one of the things that struck me was initially — for the first couple of days — she seemed to be the only person doing anything — responding to questions, coordinating action. I wondered where the hell was and who the hell was Kyron’s father. We didn’t see or hear from Kaine until the first press conference.

    I truly think this has unfolded around Terri and she is not involved other than being into things with the wrong people, and Kyron is paying the price.

  32. justice4kyron says:

    Where is BP? And LF?

  33. riverpearl says:

    My post @ 7:09pm is a re-post from yesterday that scrambled in posting AGAIN.
    I have typed in “leave a comment”, I have copy/paste from word & I have copy/paste from google mail.
    I am trying every thing-clearing cache, clearing history and still it posts like some mystery post w/lines & paragraphs missing & vanishing parts that leave first lines added to end thoughts & it totally looks as if it is just random words thrown together. Yes, I am banging the key board & my forehead…jeez. …So, by re-arranging Blink’s answer/comment:
    Who really believes the wife of a detective, and a smart lady as well, that the thought behind Kyron being stashed by someone, is not based on knowledge as to who they believed he left with. How would that make sense? B
    Make no mistake, Rudy Sanchez is involved, I say that w/o reservation. B .PART #!

  34. riverpearl says:

    PART# 2:
    BLINK: Does EITHER the alleged #1-”man chaperone” -or- the alleged #2 “substitute” CONNECT to “cool electric ones” PERP? -OR- Is “man chaperone” + “substitute” [one in the same] = “cool electric ones” PERP ? .-AND- The “cool electric one perp” IS [fill-in/choice below] OF Rudy Sanchez ? List to follow Part#3

  35. riverpearl says:

    BLINK: SELECT choice: (A) Employee. (B) Friend. (C) Relative. (D) Customer/ Client (past -or- present). (E) Former -or- Present Lover NOT TMH (F) VENDOR. (G) F/T school employee + one -or- more from list (H) P/T school employee + one -or- more from list. (I) Parent of student + one -or- more from list. (J) Older sibling of student + one -or- more from list. (K) Volunteer + one -or- more from list. (L) Add Letter [fill-in] + letter [fill-in] ETC. (M) None. {YIKES}. (N) All of the above. {Double Yikes}. (O) F/T City -or- County -or- State Employee + one -or- more from list.. (P) P/T City -or- County -or- State Employee + one or more from list. (Q) ??? … -OR- Have I gone off the rails BLINK? I know, multiple-choice. I tried to cover all the choices racing through my mind -AND- How to fit it together w/ what we “know/heard” -OR- think we know … jeez. Sorry to ALL for the run-on post, At this time it seems the only way to get “the post” 2 POST. TIA Remaining HOPEFUL for Kyron. Standing WITH Desiree.

  36. enumclawrose says:

    I went back through this thread and created a “Blink” document of cut and paste Blink remarks. I swear, she hardly ever says anything, that is until I went back to gather the comments. LOL.

    Blink responding to puzzled 09/12 4:12 pm

    They must really want to talk to her badly, because in order to get a warrant for custodial interference, someone else would have had to have a custody order in place, and there is not.

    Beejay 10/05 4:07pm
    That was the comment I wanted you to read, I probably should not have paraphrased, my fault, unless you still think I am missing something, my Blinkese is definitely Level 1, and note has already gone out to administration and family that I will probably have to retake the course. :)

  37. SouthernMom says:

    This is a video link to GMA report originally aired on on July 8th, 2010.

    …amazingly, we really don’t know a whole lot more today than we did then.

    I found watching this again helped me put things back into perspective a bit…this whole case is so spaghetti’d it can be mind numbing.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  38. riverpearl says:

    Adding to MY post of 6:59pm- During the early days of Kyron’s disappearance I clicked onto a web site link from the web site I was on. I read some one’s post that to me sounded exactly how it ‘went down’ in the school. The hairs on my arm stood up & I had goose bumps. It had such a shocking effect on me, I logged off. The next day & every day since I have tried to find that web site but I clearly had no clue where I had started from to begin with and than clicking links–well y’all know how far you can go w/o ever looking @ the site name. I think it was a former LE person’s web site but again, I am not sure. Basically, this person explained what Blink has said-this was a known person to Kyron not a stranger. This person described in their post in detail & I believe even now, my mind freaked by their mere description. It was that descriptive. A very LE verbiage commentary. As I said I have never found or stumbled onto the link or site again. After reading that post I had one of those ‘a-ha’ moments. It is ‘the stranger among us’ so to speak that causes the very definition of ‘boogey man’. Because how WELL do any of us KNOW the people we EXPOSE our chid(ren) to ? How WELL do we KNOW the people we let our child(ren) GO WITH ? This ‘a-ha’ may very well be one of the ‘lessons’ we learn from Kyron’s disappearance.

  39. WindowPane says:

    Is that a whoppee cushion “Kitty” is holding in the above picture?

  40. enumclawrose says:

    Beejay 10/05 5:43pm

    From your Oregonlive link:

    Grants. Inahara wrote grant proposals that brought in not only an AmeriCorps volunteer who focuses on reducing solid waste at the school but also money from Metro, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District for the landscape work.

    Went to the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District website since their financial support involved the landscaping, and they have a special section for Sauvies Island. There are several WMSWCD projects going on on that island. Maybe someone involved in the landscaping at the school was involved in one of the WMSWCD projects.

  41. riverpearl says:

    Was the SF ONLY student displays -or- was there ANY parent(s) company &/ or work place set-up to display science as it relates to their job? OR ANY school employee’s partner company &/ or work place set-up @ SF ? Would ANY Skyline parent on Blink’s site have a answer to what exactly the SF set-up covered ? Also, IF ALL students K~8 (?) had their SF project on their desk WHAT was set-up in the GYM/ Auditorium ?
    Was there ANY SF projects that had a ‘part’ OUTSIDE? TIA

  42. melissab says:

    7.Marci says:
    October 5, 2010 at 4:26 pm
    Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but this is the first case where I have read multiple times people say
    “TH dissapeared KY” Not “TH had something to do with KY dissapearing or his dissapearance”

    Weird . Has anyone else noticed this?

    Yep, I doggone sure have. May or may not be correct but every time is see it like that I want to change the structure of the sent. to what I am used to. lol Please don’t get mad anyone just can’t get my mind used to it. It’s distracting when reading about Kyron. That’s all. Not a fan of change! Marci, I even posted the same thing about a week ago here. In the grand scheme of things it means absolutely nothing, I know!

  43. neighbor says:

    Beejay writes “…Mentioned in that article is Hands On Greater Portland. It is a conduit for placing people who have court-ordered community service. That program has been a source of volunteers at Skyline…”

    Good find. Wonderful, invite court-ordered volunteers to the schools …

    The Skyline coordinator behind the grant would be Jill. How did you get to Dee?

    It seems to be arranged through PPS. The listing for Skyline is

    The most recent involvement was the cleanup in August —

    I bet they were also there during the cleanup in May.

  44. Annals says:

    Re: MockingbirdSings says:
    October 5, 2010 at 1:23 pm
    enumclawrose says:
    October 5, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Mockingbird – I just can’t understand how RS legitimately worked at that school, unless we BOTH missed something.

    Hi Mockingbirdsings, Enumclawrose and Beejay.
    I also have scratched my head as scouring the Portland Public Schools website as to how Rudy Sanchez was working at Skyline School. PPS has their own roving grounds crews and I can’t see any official wiggle room.

    The Skyline School Garden & Habitat project started in April 2009 had a surprising amount of grant money behind it (and Beejay mentioned this recently). Looks to be almost $30,000.

    From The Skyline Ridge Runner April 2009; “In April, a rejuvenation of the old landscape at Skyline school began. Skyline School parent Jill Inahara won a $22,000 grant for the school from Metro, the WMSWCD and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to remove non-native (and overgrown) plants in front of the school and to replace them with native species, as well as make other enhancements to the site.”
    Plus, it seem there was a second grant from WMSWCD of $7680 for the Skyline School Native Plant Garden.

    As summed up in the school newsletter in the June 14, 2010 edition;
    Over 17 truck loads of yard debris removed, 13 units of soil & mulch spread, 19 units of gravel spread & compacted for our path; 21 trees, 250 natives and 23 blueberry bushes planted. Two log benches installed.

    And there’s this from Blink; “Skyline Schools Garden and Habitat Project kicked off Last August, and it was not unusual to see white landscaper trucks in the parking lot, although it is not known if the landscaper witness is involved in the project.” AND

    “Of particular interest, is source confirmation that the landscaper Terri Horman hired last fall, who worked on the Horman property, had met Kyron at the residence as well as the Skyline School, where his firm had been contracted to do some work.

  45. Satori says:


    Have you had any thoughts or opinions about the “cool electric one” being a vehicle or any other type of equipment unrelated to the science fair?

    I could obviously be wrong, but I just get the feeling there was never any “cool electric” science project.


  46. Satori says:


    Interesting info on the volunteer / contract services at Skyline.


  47. Eloise says:

    I am so behind in just 24hrs.

    I think the cool electric one could be like, ” Come take a look at the puppy in my car”. “Come help me unload the cool electric one from my truck”. This is what I repeat to my son all the time. No adult is going to as a child to assist them with anything. They are FOS.

    The other thing, I think it is prudent that LE doesn’t let our perps know they know this isnt a ransom.( I didnt mean to ya know you again) Maybe they truly thought so in the begining, but they are not going to say so. Perhaps Desiree hasn’t been told of the change in thinking for several reasons. Maybe that is what Blink was referencing. I also am really thinking TH exposed the kids to some real winners. Just think, there are several pics of Kiara in places that resemble a dark bar/restaurant. It is possible this is how some perv nut got their eye on Ky. She may have been in business w/ them for drugs, porn whatever. She is prevented from seeing Kiara likely b/c she endangered them with her bs activities, and or is afraid for her herself. Just a thought.
    Blink, what do you make of the report that the police are suspicious of that blond girl whose husband was shot in the head while jet skiing??

  48. GraceintheHills says:

    I found this article detailing the interview with Tanner Pumala. He clearly implies that Kyron was on his way to look at another student’s science project, which Kyron refers to as “cool” and “electric.” Since many SFs have electric/battery operated exhibits, IMO, this is the most likely scenario.

    I still feel that Kyron going off alone to look at that “cool, electric” exhibit may have left him exposed to the perp. I think Tanner also says that is the last time he saw him. So heartbreaking.

    @Riverpearl, someone familiar with Skyline posted earlier on BOC that only Skyline students were allowed to display exhibits that day.

    21.riverpearl says:
    October 5, 2010 at 8:41 pm
    “Adding to MY post of 6:59pm- During the early days of Kyron’s disappearance I clicked onto a web site link from the web site I was on. I read some one’s post that to me sounded exactly how it ‘went down’ in the school.”

    @Riverpearl, I think I recall running across that same site. IIRC, it was a detective’s site and the author only did one post–but it was an interesting one. I will search for it and if I find it, I’ll post a link here.

  49. enumclawrose says:

    Annals 10/05 11:00pm

    Funny you should mention the Skyline Ridge Runner

    Page 7 “Recycle Your Electronics at Skyline School”

    Perhaps this has been mentioned, but may be worth repeating since the “cool electric one” could be some one’s disposed of game console or something. This was 2007, maybe Neighbor knows if Skyline is still the electronics recycle spot and who has access.

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