David Hartley Gunned Down On Jet Ski In Mexico : Tiffany Young-Hartley Facing Scrutiny

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According to his wife, Tiffany Young-Hartley, who called 911, David Hartley, 30, was gunned down by Mexican pirates while the couple ventured across the Falcon Resovior lakes US border to take pictures of the “Mexican Atlantis” or Old Guerreo.


Hartley says her husband was shot in the head and as a result “flew” off his jet ski while the couple was returning from the landmark on the Mexican side of the lake, after taking pictures. She goes on to say she became aware of 3 different boats chasing down the couple only after she saw bullets hitting the water next to her. As she turned around to see where they were coming from, she claims she witnessed her husbands murder. 

David was driving a new Sea Doo RXT ski that can climb from 0–30MPH in 1.7 seconds and is capable of top-end speeds of over 60 MPH.  Blinkoncrime.com has not been able to confirm which model Ms. Hartley was driving. The couple had been on at least one earlier jet ski jaunt while still in Mexico, but was cut short due to a mishap with David’s craft on June 20th.


According to his wife, David was face-down in the water, wearing a life vest, after he was shot.

Despite the horror of what she had just witnessed and astonishingly avoiding injury to her or her watercraft, she circled back around, jumped off her jet ski, and turned her 250 lb. husband upright to observe the gunshot wound to his forehead. You read that correctly, according to Tiffany Hartley, while being chased from behind, David was shot from the front. Hartley maintains this is when she attempted to load him onto her jet ski, and also when two of the three boats were now positioned in front of her.



One of the alleged pirate boats from the front approached her within 10 ft. While she stared down the barrell of his gun, she was holding onto her husband with one hand, her ski with the other asking not to be shot. Apparently through some sort of Mexican telepathy or nautical sign language, the men who just ambushed the couple and murdered her husband in cold blood, made a decision to let her go and retreated IN FRONT OF HER.

Hartley claims she cannot identify any of the men, that they never said a word to her nor could she hear anything they may have said to each other, but believes the motive for the attack to be robbery or to kidnap her. It is not clear how Tiffany arrived at this conclusion as they never made an attempt to stop them or ask them for their money, she was off her $13,000 Sea doo they could have easily taken, and they let her go.

It was at this time that Hartley finally did hear something. She says she heard the voice of God tell her to leave David, save herself and get to safety. However, his instruction must have been non-specific because she proceeded to mount her ski in deep water, start it back up, and drive directly toward and then past the very band of gun weilding murderous cartel who minutes ago gunned down her highschool sweetheart and spouse of 8 years. (Editors note: I cannot imagine the nerve it takes to again have your back to the same crew who, unprovoked, sprayed the lake with bullets behind you while you were fleeing for your life).

While Tiffany admits the couple was aware of recent pirate activity in the area they learned about while David researched the location, she claims they had not heard of anymore incidents on Falcon Lake, which borders both Texas and Mexico, “in a while.” 


The Hartley’s, who had recently been on a few tropical vacations, were in the process of relocating to Colorado next week from Reynosa, Mexico and McAllen Texas, where they had lived for only a few months, following David’s transfer request to Calfrac well services.


According to recent Facebook postings, although the couple could not agree on furniture tastes, they recently purchased a house full of it just after a luxury cruise and visit to a seminar for those experiencing financial difficulty.


I would love to be able to do no analysis and regergetate this story as reported by main stream media whereby not one reporter asks the obvious question:

After several known incidents of piracy in that location over the last months, why would the “pirates” suddenly go on a murderous rampage in lieu of attempting to rob a couple on jet skis that could outrun them on sight?  

Not gonna happen. I have heard umpteen versions of Ms. Hartley’s version of events leading to the random execution of her husband.

None pass the smell test. However, just today, Zapata County Sheriff “Sigi” Gonzalez, Jr says his investigation, now aided by a witness who is a long standing member of the Zapata community, exonerates Mrs. Hartley of any wrongdoing.

Gonzalez completely rules out foul play on the part of Mrs. Hartley.

“A local witness saw Tiffany Hartley escaping on her jet-ski to the Texas side of the lake,” he said. “She came in at high speed and was being pursued by armed men in a Mexican fishing boat that that the witness clearly observed.”

Gonzalez said the witness was a long-standing member of the Zapata community who was well known to him and regarded as highly credible. 

“The testimony of this witness dispels any idea Mrs. Hartley was involved in any wrongdoing regarding the murder of her husband,” he said firmly. “She called in a 911 phone call to our office at around 2:20 p.m. on the day of the incident, immediately after she got to shore, and her statements to my office confirm what the local witness observed.”

Unfortunately, the witness account does not match Tiffany Hartley’s own version of events. At no time has she ever said that she was again chased by the “pirates”, in fact, she claims she left them behind after driving “through” them.

Hartley references recent pirate activity, which is almost verbatim what she says happened to her and David, with the exception of the actual piracy:

On April 30, five people in two different boats were fishing on Falcon Lake and went to the Old Guerrero area, where they were taking photos of the old church. While they were there, a boat with four heavily tattooed men approached the two boats quickly. The men identified themselves as “Federales,” but they were not wearing uniforms. The men boarded the boats, demanded cash and asked “where are the drugs?” The fishermen told the men that they had no drugs and were just fishing and taking photos. They ended up giving the men $200 cash and left the area. The pirates followed the two boats, but the U.S. boats were able to outrun them and the men stopped following once the two boats entered U.S. waters.

In every recorded incident since April, the heavily tattoed pirates posing as “Federales” without uniforms, came upon anchored fishing boats, boarded them, robbed the fisherman at gunpoint of any personal cash, searched for drugs left without any violence. In the Hartley family interview on the Today show, Tiffany states that after David was hit, she circled around, jumped off her jetski, swam over to her husband and because he was “face down in the water” she had to turn him over where she discovered he was shot in the head. 

It would seem I am not alone in my quagmire.  Mexican Investigators, who hold jurisdiction have already begun to question Ms. Hartley’s story.

Marco Antonio Guerrero Carrizales, the district attorney for the Miguel Aleman Province adjoining Falcon Lake on the Mexican side, has questioned whether Tiffany Hartley was involved in foul play.

Early this morning, Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez announced the Mexican Authorities will be searching the area where David Hartley was murdered, and have committed to “not leaving” until they find him. Tiffany Hartley, accompanied by her parents, but without David’s, filed a missing person report at the Mexican Consulate last night as a matter of procedure to “get the ball rolling”.

Check back to blinkoncrime.com for updates   


Madeline Tanner, contributing editor blinkoncrime.com

Images by Klaasend



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  1. crimesolver says:

    48.rhoni says:
    October 18, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Maybe someone can explain to me, why Tiffany is wearing her husband’s wedding ring? Shouldn’t the ring been lost, along with David?
    David might have gotten out of the habit of wearing his ring, being that he worked in the oil patch (dangerous, dirty, etc). I no longer wear my wedding ring because I got used to “not wearing it”…and there is also the possibility that the ring no longer fit David well, due to weight gain over the years.

  2. Cricket says:

    I know this is going to sound rude but being direct is often interpreted that way so call it what you will. It is what it is.

    I always read a thread on a message board or forum completely before I comment or ask a question. It just seems like the logical thing to do. It is irritating to see someone ask a question that has been answered ad nauseam in the same thread prior to their posting.

    I am not referring to clumps of posts that were all in moderation together and state the same thing. That can’t be helped. I am talking about just not wanting to take the time to read the thread.

    Okay…. sorry but I just had to vent.
    I’ll not say another word about it. Peace

  3. Mermaid14 says:

    Let me go on the record stating that I am not issuing an indictment of the entire country of Mexico. My son in law is Hispanic on both sides and my grandson is on one half (although the Irish genes seem to have prevailed LOL we’ll see how grandbaby #2 turns out). Son in law is also in law enforcement so I know both sides of this. I teach ESL in public schools so most of my students are Hispanic. I am intimately familiar with their lives and their struggle on both sides of the border.
    The majority of the people of Mexico are decent law abiding citizens who are victims of this whole drug cartel mess and corruption.
    I have been far more critical of our own government than I have that of Mexico. We have no excuse for running guns south of the border and drugs north of the border. I have cousins who are Catholic missionaries and lived in Mexico with their 4 children for 4 years. Never an incident in all that time. They lived in a very rural area.
    Because I disbelieve TH, I resent her exploitation of the border/drug issue which she is using to further her own secret agenda which has yet to be exposed but mark my word, that little chippie is going down. You don’t turn something into an international incident with this volatile a border unless you can PROVE your story. And so far she cannot prove a damned thing. And if that investigator was really killed because of this, if it were me, I would be scared half out of my mind, devastated, and extremely grief stricken that I allowed my need for recreational photos to place myself and others in a lethal setup. I’m sorry folks, the gum smacking, warp speed memorial planning, motorcycle posing, story changing, and complete and utter lack of any sign of real grief is just too much!
    She has further fueled the flames of intolerance and hatred and used this and allowed politicians to use this to further their agenda also.
    A federal judge in Houston dismissed nearly 400 illegal immigration cases recently. This is what they are doing, rounding them all up for show, then letting them go free out the back door if they have no criminal record. But they have committed a crime, entering the country illegally! These judges would not be doing this if they weren’t getting their marching orders from further up.
    The federal government does NOT want to deal with this issue. They have abandoned us. If even one of the politicians tells you they are going to do something about this, do not believe them. They have too many secrets to hide of their own and they know they will be exposed.
    So we have all these ICE, Border Patrol, and so much law enforcement and money thrown at the problem only to have those in our country illegally walk out the back door of the courthouse free.
    We have no right to call Mexico corrupt when this is the way we do business. Thanks for listening!

  4. nana2 says:

    @ 48.rhoni says:
    October 18, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Maybe someone can explain to me, why Tiffany is wearing her husband’s wedding ring? Shouldn’t the ring been lost, along with David?

    rhoni, I found the audio interview where TH not only talks about DH’s rings (wearing not wearing) but talks about his wounds, employment, trips, lifestyle, etc.. Interesting when she speaks on the topic of DH’s employer & DH getting robbed by police.. Great interview..


  5. nana2 says:

    In this interview at around the 16:48 point TH also states that David’s company paid for all of their living expenses because they chose to live in Mexico & he was then considered an ex-pat.. The ‘covered expenses’ freed up a lot of money for them to have a better lifestyle..


  6. Loca says:

    If DH was shot in the neck his life preserver would have a bullet hole as well.

  7. Mermaid14 says:

    I hope that people understand the implications of letting thousands of illegal immigration cases get dismissed. When a FEDERAL JUDGE allows someone to walk free that is in our country illegally he has just set legal precedent for future cases. He has said by his ruling, in effect, that illegal immigration is NOT ILLEGAL in this country!
    Think about the implications of this.

  8. cadillac says:

    Mermaid14 – I wish I could express my opinions like you do. So many points that I agree with. Just one being, our community has a very large Mexican population, (you would never guess that here in Alabama), and they are genuine, hard working and honest folks. They are accepted here with open arms, for the most part. Can you blame them for wanting to come here? Not in the least! I know, ya’ll prob thinking Mexicans in Alabama? Yep – do your research.

    Another point, TYH – my mama said if you can’t say nothin nice, don’t say anything at all. Oops – I already have talked about her previously – but you said it for me, again.

  9. crimesolver says:

    I agree with Mermaids view of TH’s exploitation of the border/drug issue. Does anyone remember TH stating this on 10/05?


    -snip PG 2-
    “They need to have a realization, a wake-up call. … We need to get people down here. We need to get our Army and military and whoever. We need to double our Border Patrol and take back the lake. Why in the heck do they have that lake? They have most of that lake.”

    -snip PG 3- (then she contradicts herself)
    Tiffany said they had been aware of the warnings issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety in May about “pirates” shaking down U.S. boaters. But since they hadn’t heard of any more recent incidents, they went sightseeing at Falcon Lake in August. Last Thursday was their second outing to the area.
    -End snip-

    WAIT…Last Thursday 9/30 was their second outing to the area? Went in Aug too? Did TH really say that? (Remember, I want her PC checked for prev trips that might have included taking pics of church)

  10. Mermaid14 says:

    Would someone please post that scuba photo of Tiffany and David Hartley? It was all over the net now I cannot find it. Check THAT one for wedding ring!!

  11. Mermaid14 says:

    Just listened to both parts of TH 911 call, she did not make the call the “witness” did, started telling the operator what happened then the operator asked to speak with TH.
    In the second part the operator asks her to describe the 3 boats. She actually named COLORS! She said a white and black one and I think the other was a green one is what she said. Yet she says she cannot describe any of the men on the boats.
    The operator asked very plainly if they were on the Mexico side of the lake and she said yes. Also told the operator he was SHOT IN THE HEAD. Supposedly this was just within minutes of the incident and she said it was a head wound. No way you are going to mistake that just after it happened.
    I have a theory about why she is changing the story. Ok, I know this is “out there” but what if she knew he was going to be killed but didn’t really know how. If she set this up she could be in communication with person(s) who did shoot him and perhaps are going to let his body be “found” but they have to account for a wound that wasn’t in “the story”.
    Just theory and speculation, trying to make some sense of this bizarre change of facts.

  12. Mom3.0 says:


    Here you go Mermaid- BTW I have see NO photos of The Hartley’s wearing any rings- whether- eating dinner or snorkeling-I must say until Tiffany mentioned the rings I thought they were just a couple that didnt have rings- their are many who choose not to do the ring thing…

    Has any one seen photos from their wedding? I have not, so IDK-Tiffany did say she was wearing a different ring of David’s one he wore often, but I have never sen a pic of him wearing any ring….

  13. Intrigued says:

    Mermaid14 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Would someone please post that scuba photo of Tiffany and David Hartley? It was all over the net now I cannot find it. Check THAT one for wedding ring!!
    Mermaid – remember in the audio interview at the Chronicle the reporter asks TH about the (men’s ring) she is wearing. She says it belongs to DH, but isn’t his wedding ring, but he wore it all the time. She went on to say how glad she was he didn’t wear this ring jetskiing because he feared losing it and now she could wear it.

    I think it’s possible DH had a wedding ring and didn’t wear it anymore (weight gain?). So DH had 2 rings (wedding ring and this “other” ring noticed by reporter) which both appear to have been left at home for TH. I believe now she has switched to wearing his wedding ring recently (was wearing the “other” ring, for lack of a better term).

  14. Mom3.0 says:

    sorry for all the typos in my last comment yikes-

    Does any one know if the forensic testing on the vest will be released to the public?

  15. crimesolver says:

    From the Houston Chronicle in 2009

    Bush-Cheney insider surfaces in Pemex scandal 10/10/09
    A man who was a press liaison for former President George W. Bush and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney is at the center of a case involving $2 million of fuel stolen from Mexican oil giant Petroleos Mexicanos that was resold in the United States.

    Oil stolen from Mexico by cartels, officials say 08/11/09
    U.S. officials plan to hand over $2.4 million in proceeds from stolen oil products to Mexican authorities

  16. Ode says:

    There is a really great audio interview that TH did & I tried to find the link here which is where I heard TH say that David never wore his rings when jet skiing..

    I’ll keep looking for that link & will post when I find it..
    I think this is the video you are referring to

    Also in that interview I believe it is where when asked how David’s company had helped her and she says oh yes they came down the next day after they heard what David did…DAVID DID…One of the most telling faux pas to date, IMO…

    Hartley ‘ Ah, yeah, they’ve, they’ve been really good. I mean, they’ve, they’ve supported us, um and supported me. They came down the next day to . . um check on me, and obviously because they heard of what David did- but David . . . he worked his butt off for them. I mean, he was willing to go wherever they needed him to go. . .’

  17. Eloise says:

    I hate when it doesnt linkk properly, its in the Carnival photos.

  18. Cricket says:

    The bottom line is David Hartley is missing and his wife is being dishonest about what happened to him. I don’t think she killed him but I am sure she is lying. It just didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t have happened the way she said.

    Whatever danger there is down on the border is an element of the story but whether it was pirates, drug cartels, lions, tigers, or bears that killed David, she is lying about how it really happened for some reason. Meanwhile she is hoping that the problems along the border will overshadow the fact that she ain’t telling the truth.

  19. Madilu says:

    @ SouthernMom says:
    October 17, 2010 at 10:50 am

    Blink says:

    Can you imagine the resources that the US would propel to this issue if she took a LDT and passed?

    Are you saying you think the US is not providing more resources to this issue because they don’t believe her story?
    I am saying that Cueller himself has stated he spoke to the coast guard and they could not come up with a reason they could not locate Hartley or the jet ski if it happened that way.

    B- I am trying to reconcile the comment you made here with this quote, link posted below.

    “Cuellar, who has confirmed Mexican helicopters routinely drift into U.S. airspace under agreement with U.S. officials, had no answers as to why the United States was so timid about the search to find a U.S. citizen’s body.”

    The word “timid” is what changes the meaning entirely, or are we referring to 2 entirely different quotes in different articles?


  20. crimesolver says:

    Look at this pic of David on his wedding day…sharp, clean cut, handsome & happy :( RIP young man.


  21. Madilu says:

    thanks for the article crimesolver…

    This comment was also weird: TYH: ““I think they’re all too worried with elections … and anything and everything other than our border,” she said in a shaking voice from the McAllen studios of KURV radio.”

    That comment doesn’t exactly win friends and influence politicians…

  22. nana2 says:

    Re-post of my 2 earlier ones..

    nana2 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    @ 48.rhoni says:
    October 18, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Maybe someone can explain to me, why Tiffany is wearing her husband’s wedding ring? Shouldn’t the ring been lost, along with David?

    rhoni, I found the audio interview where TH not only talks about DH’s rings (wearing not wearing) but talks about his wounds, employment, trips, lifestyle, etc.. Interesting when she speaks on the topic of DH’s employer & DH getting robbed by police.. Great interview..

    nana2 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    In this interview at around the 16:48 point TH also states that David’s company paid for all of their living expenses because they chose to live in Mexico & he was then considered an ex-pat.. The ‘covered expenses’ freed up a lot of money for them to have a better lifestyle..


  23. Elizabeth says:


    I listened to the radio at this site. They interviewed Pat Brown a criminal profiler. She had some interesting theorys.

    She thinks the murder of David Hartley took place on Mexican soil and not on the water. She thinks the three boats Tiffany talks about are actually the three men.

    She also said that the reason Tiffany wants Davids body back is for the insurance money. She said no body no money for quite some time.

    When Tiffany says just give me David and go on with your lives. She is sending them a message. Give me the body..I will not bother you.

    At the end she did say as I have suspected all along that she thinks some kind of deal, maybe drugs, was going down and something went terribly wrong. That ended Davids life. She can’t explain Tiffany getting away.

    She said if Tiffany was to admit this was a drug deal that went wrong on Mexican soil they would lock her up in a Mexican Prison and throw away the key.

    She thinks if they all sit tight..it will just go away.

    I will be on Dana’s show tomorrow evening discussing the Hartley case. I am a fan of Pat’s, although I will say I have recently seen her be less-versed in cases she remarks on, than my other female fave, Candace Delong, but I think in this case, we are all on the same page. I also note, she is the first profiler on record to go public with that theory.

  24. cadillac says:

    Was the wreath placed in the Mexican waters???

  25. LPB says:

    This whole situation, IMHO, has turned into a border issue fight. Lets just say I’m tired of it and can we get back to brass tacks. TH has changed her story once again, ie neck vs. head, and one vs. two shots, and is now facing FBI scrutiny (I hope) for the past 2 days.

    Peronally, I don’t think TH, circled around for David’s body. If she is guilty, she could definitely be guilty in that department.

    Yes, I have seen and heard all the clips and have read all the articles.

    This is a murder investigation, and as much as some of us want to spin it into a border issue, it is just not that black and white. Lots and lots of grey in this story.

    I am curious as to the FBI session outcome.

  26. nana2 says:

    Tiffany is about to be interviewed again tonight on Anderson Cooper

  27. nana2 says:

    @ cadillac says:
    October 18, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Was the wreath placed in the Mexican waters???

    If I remember correctly it was placed in the US water side..

  28. Eloise says:

    Pic # 39 w/ Tiffany in black jumpsuit. She has what appears to be 2 gold rings on her left hand. I wonder if this was when she did the audio interview?


  29. Mermaid14 says:

    Just figured out what the acronym MSM is, sorry! Lord knows, I try to keep up.
    People the MSM is still telling us Osama Bin Laden is alive in a cave somewhere calling the shots, I mean, really! They keep showing us fake videos, morphed audiotapes, and reminding us to be afraid…..be very afraid….. Yet our own FBI on its Most Wanted Terrorist website of which OBL is Number One, you won’t find the crimes of 9/11 listed anywhere. It’s not there people. Check it out. When an FBI spokesman was asked why the 9/11 events were not listed as crimes committed by OBL, their official response was “We have no credible evidence that Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the 9/11 attacks”. I’m not making this up. We could have indicted him years ago, we don’t need HIM to indict him for war crimes, yet no indictment.
    Think the MSM has picked up on THAT tidbit? Not hardly. Apparently hard news isn’t their thing. Don’t ever expect anything different.

  30. nana2 says:

    @ Mermaid14 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Would someone please post that scuba photo of Tiffany and David Hartley? It was all over the net now I cannot find it. Check THAT one for wedding ring!


    They just showed that pic on Anderson Cooper 360 show & you cannot see his hand in that pic..

    However, there is a pic out there & its on the FB page titled “In Honor of David Michael Hartley” (wall pics/albums) & it is of DH & TH leaning on a railing possibly a ships cruise with drinks in hand & DH has a wedding ring on that is clear..

  31. nana2 says:

    I’m sorry here is the link to the FB page “In Honor of David Michael Hartley” with the pic.. Hope the link works ok I’m no longer a member of FB..


  32. crimesolver says:

    Mom 3.0 wrote…Has any one seen photos from their wedding?
    I just happened to post one earlier, when I was searching for a scuba picture. I found it and wanted to share. I also remember that one of the morning shows (ABC?) showed video footage of their wedding day in one of their clips. The footage even showed David riding his bike, close up.

    You may also find more by using a search engine, and then clicking the “images link” near the top of the page. Though it will bring up tons of images that may not be the correct subject matter. (I typed in …David Hartley, Falcon Lake….and lake pics appeared also.)

  33. GraceintheHills says:

    @42.Lee says:
    October 18, 2010 at 2:22 pm
    Lee, I have read all your comments, and I may not always agree with you, but I respect your opinion just as I respect the opinions of all the other posters here at BOC. I hope you will continue to contribute to the discussion on the Hartley case. There have been times that I have made some faux pas when posting. IMHO, NONE of us is perfect. So, I would say to you, hang in there.

    Those of us who live in Texas, who have previously enjoyed crossing the border to shop and enjoy the local cuisine, and know the overwhelming majority of the Mexican people are good, are getting more frustrated by the day. I sense that in your posts. The horrific violence in the border towns must be stopped, and I pray one day we will have peace in the area.

    I have no idea what really happened with the Hartleys, but I hope the case is solved soon. I am sending prayers out tonight for Tiffany, David, her’s and David’s family, their friends, and all the good and decent people in Mexico.

  34. Mermaid14 says:

    @Elizabeth, the drug deal gone bad is certainly a plausible scenario but for one thing. The widow isn’t grieving, wasn’t grieving, and probably will not grieve. She has lost “the love of her life” and she is not grieving. I cannot get past that part of it.

  35. Mermaid14 says:

    Also can anyone explain the absence of TH’s own family?? Correct me if I am wrong but every pic we see of her is with David’s family. Does this woman have a family of her own? Where are they? Why do we never see them?

  36. lizzygoat says:

    Mermaid 14,

    The reason that the judges dismiss these cases is that there are simply too many of them to prosecute there is not enough prison space. I have a relative in Pahrump, NV and they are building a privately run prison just to house people waiting to be deported. I’m sure that the judge went through the hundreds rounded up and let go only those with minor or immigration offenses.


    I know there are problems on the border but at the same time the U.S. is split apart by people who want less government and those who want more government. And so many people vote against more money for police.

    I keep hoping that some brilliant heroic person will rise up with a solution and be brave enough but really I think its just us making up our minds to live in safe neighborhoods. I only work part time the rest of the time I’m a starving artist so I live in a cheap apartment. Cheap apartments are notorious for having all sorts of problems. But I have stayed here five years because we are all like minded individuals any nonsense goes on outside everyone gets involved we call the police and complain to the management company.
    I have nothing in common with my neighbors some are alcoholics, Veterans with mental disabilities, college students, people who are unemployed… all races I wouldn’t say that everyone is overly friendly and occasionally there are disagreements but God forbid you cross the line and start some nonsense or leave trash around…OY!

    A woman was dragged off of the trail I run on by a previous sex offender luckily she was saved by a cyclist. I was scared for a bit but went out every day anyway…no one is going to take the parkway from me. I even will walk in the dark and though people think I’m crazy…Why shouldn’t I be able to walk in my town. Mind you I sometimes carry my bear spray I got in Montana but in Medford I call it serial killer spray!

    If I lived near the border and loved my community I would be out every single day making a stand. I have come to the conclusion that I can only be responsible for my behavior. What other people do is not up to me. I do take reasonable precautions though. Medford is a scary place to run this is the first time I have lived in a city proper in awhile, I wear a loose t-shirt and long shorts or running pants and it is a damn good day when men don’t make lewd comments.

  37. nana2 says:

    @ Mermaid14 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    Also can anyone explain the absence of TH’s own family?? Correct me if I am wrong but every pic we see of her is with David’s family. Does this woman have a family of her own? Where are they? Why do we never see them?
    I believe Tiffany’s mother accompanied her to this last FBI questioning according to one of the articles I read..

  38. S.H. says:

    Tiffany is not angry that David is killed. She just wants his body back. She gave the green light to the Killers, they can “go on” -
    and then, she can “go on”. IMO.

    Are David’s killers her friends? There I asked, what everyone else may be questioning!

    Was TH the real target? Is this why she is not angry? Was she really
    shielded by her husband?

    My questions arrise because of TH lact of being upset.

  39. zinnia says:

    If in fact DH was murdered and not just in hiding, could it be that it was a drug deal gone bad, like it has been suggested before? Could it be that the reason TH and her jetski were completely unharmed by the spray of bullets is because she wasn’t anywhere close to DH when he was killed? Maybe they both went out that way, but TH stayed a safe distance away while DH attempted a drug transaction, which went wrong. And because she was on her fast jetski and a good distance away, she was able to speed away from the turmoil when it went down. Maybe she saw DH get shot from a distance and that’s why she’s changing her story so much.

    I don’t know. Just a thought I had this morning. But then again, why all of the lack of real emotion on her part? I am so looking forward to hearing what transpired when she was questioned by the FBI. I totally understand that there is bad stuff going on at the border and things need to change, but imho, TH’s story has nothing to do with border security.

  40. crimesolver says:

    37.GraceintheHills says:
    October 18, 2010 at 11:42 pm
    Well said Grace. Lee, I “ditto” with Grace/Hills. (Plus, I have also read articles/graphic images of crime in border towns one of them being El Paso) Thank you to all, for respecting everyone’s opinion & personal views.

    Per MSM reporting on this case, “Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility.”


  41. crimesolver says:

    3.Mermaid14 wrote,,,October 18, 2010 at 4:26 pm
    A federal judge in Houston dismissed nearly 400 illegal immigration cases recently. This is what they are doing, rounding them all up for show, then letting them go free out the back door if they have no criminal record. But they have committed a crime, entering the country illegally! These judges would not be doing this if they weren’t getting their marching orders from further up.
    I often wonder how many of thse “immigrant cases” could be drug runners for the cartel…who maybe hadn’t got caught w/drugs yet.
    Look at what I found, right down the street from my parents, in a neighborhood where kids ride bikes to a local school. SCARY!

    Suburban home had a secret
    Feds say it was an operations center for a Mexican drug cartel


  42. JEN says:

    Mermaid14, your post at 4:26pm yesterday – spot on; I completely agree. I find your assessments of Big Media extremely accurate as well.

    Just as a general note, November sweeps are huge for ad revenue generation. This year, they start on Thursday, Oct. 28 – will run for four weeks. Is this relevant to this case? Maybe, maybe not – but always good to keep such info in the back of one’s head as one watches the “news.” ;-)

  43. PamVA says:

    Just a thought, what if she was conspiring with others to have David killed. Maybe she was supposed to pay them. They did their job but she wasn’t able to haul him onto the jet ski as easy as she thought. Now the killers have the body b/c she hasn’t paid them. This may explain why she’s doing all the interviews where her main point is always the same. “We just want the body.” She’s telling them, look, I can’t get insurance $ until you produce the body. Or maybe they said they would place his body on land (in the brush) and she’s trying to tell investigators where to find him. It would explain why she keeps wanting to give interviews. Would also explain why she will never step foot on Mexican soil again. She’s just not smart enought to stick to the correct story each time. Just my rambling thoughts, no supporting facts.

  44. GraceintheHills says:

    39.Mermaid14 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 11:53 pm
    Tiffany’s mother has appeared on camera with her a few times, and IIRC her father has been interviewed by the McAllen newspaper, The Monitor.

  45. cadillac says:

    Which scenario is scarier? That a young innocent couple was out for a day of leisure on their jet skis and they were mistakenly chased by a drug cartel and one of them murdered in cold blood and the other has to witness that horrific happening, escaping with her life OR somthing hinkey went down on their jet ski outing and the survivor is blaming a drug cartel for murdering her husband, and talking about it ad naseum in the media.


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