Tracy Ocasio And Chris George Disappearances: What Does Hataway Know?

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*Major Developments in Chris George and Tracy Ocasio Cases On The Horizon.*

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Volume I

A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fugitive till death; let no one support him.

Proverbs 28:17


As brought to you exclusively last Spring by, the unsolved disappearances of Onda “Chris” George and Tracy Ocasio from Ocoee, FL had more than a few commonalities worthy of exploration.

For the last 9 months the blinkoncrime team has conducted hundreds of hours of witness interviews, investigation and research ending in one conclusion:

The disappearances and presumed murder of Tracy Ocasio and Chris George are linked.

In an exclusive 4 part Series as a continuation of our earlier coverage ,we learn how the fated paths of these individuals may have come to pass.

Onda “Chris” George


Trouble began for Chris following the death of his Father in 1997. While he was handsome and charismatic, his lack of ability to cope with the loss found him turning to drugs and a seedier crowd than his siblings and Mother Rachael were comfortable with.

The advantages Chris had over his new peers did not seem to hold him back from spiraling into drug addiction and a few petty crimes.

While rehabilitative efforts worked mildly for periods at a time, it would seem Chris’s deamons would win this battle for now.

Chris was arrested for fencing stolen goods, grand theft auto and related charges and subsequently incarcerated in December 2003 for 4 years.

While in jail, Chris George had no shortage of connections to draw from when he was released on December 30, 2007.

The kind of connections that may have cost him his life.

Kenny KubeckKen Kubeck, was convicted of negligent vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a crime in 2005. He negotiated a plea to only serve 2 years in prison and 15 years probation as long as he paid $900 per month in restitution to the children of his victims girlfriend.

Kubeck was alledgedly helping Chris start a vehicle detailing business after Chris was laid off from his job at Custom Metal Designs in January 2009.


Ben Parris, a registered sex offender with convictions of posession and trafficking of meth, stolen property,  and other controlled substances.

Chris lived with Ben the first 3 months he was paroled.

It is believed that Chris purchased a 52” Television on his Sears card days before his disappearance and delivered it to Parris, but sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that Parris has told investigators he does not have it ,nor did he receive it.

Jeremiah Hutto

Jeremiah B Hutto, a former aquaintance of Chris’s he had not seen since he was in jail. Chris mentioned to several people that he ran into Hutto at the Walmart in Wintergarden in January 2009, about a month after his release and initially confused him for his brother Paul. “JB” was paroled on felony battery charges 12/01/08 for his assault of Erica McHenry, who died in a car accident during the prosecution of the case and the state had to withdraw false imprisonment charges.

Paul Hutto Facebook

Paul Hutto, lookalike brother to Jeremiah, was involved in an altercation with Tracy Ocasio a few weeks before her death  which resulted in his arrest.

Paul, Jeremiah and Jimmy Hataway all worked for Anthony Zeddes Lakefront Clearing, Inc which was dissolved in September 2009 after only a year of operation for the Annual report. Lakefront Clearing was owned by Anthony Zeddes and Brandi Hutto.


Tyler Watters, was the last person Chris George was with prior to his disappearance. Watters has given inconsistent accounts of the last hours he spent with Chris. Watters was a friend and roomate of Jimmy Hataway

Lynn Easter

Lyn Johnston, was with Chris George for many hours leading into the morning of February 11, the day Chris  was last seen. Chris dropped Lyn off after telling several witnesses he believed they were being followed the prior evening. Immediately thereafter, Chris received a call from Jimmy Hataway to accompany him to Sun Resorts.


Andrew Biddle, was incarcerated with Chris for charges of traffficking in stolen property, lying to a pawnbroker, grand theft and burglary. Although Andrew died of an overdose at his DeBary, FL home on February 7, 2009, an original death notice appeared online to indicate his home was in New Hampshire. Andrew’s viewing service was underway at Banfield Funeral Home during Chris’s last hours on February 11, 2009. Through marriage on his Mom’s side, Andrew is a member of the Hutto family.


James “Jimmy Hataway” was an associate of Chris George’s through the Huttos. He called Chris on behalf of himself, Watters, and two women whose identities I am intentionally withholding as witnesses in this case who have passed polygraph tests as to their knowledge in the cases of Chris George and Tracy Ocasio.

Through months of extensive interviews of friends, family, witnesses and mutual associates, blinkoncrime can confirm only three common associates that knew both Chris George and Tracy Ocasio at the times they went missing. Jimmy Hattaway and Jeremiah and Paul Hutto.

A Message From Chris George’s Mother:


Blink– Many thanks to you and your team for not forgetting those that have met with tragedy.

Sometimes I’ve entertained the idea that if I knew the future I’d make some alterations to the script of my life. I can guarantee that to have my son go missing at the age of 28 at the hands of some twisted individual(s) that solves his ‘problems’ by murdering people is not even close to how my script would read.

Tragedy is not God’s desire, though he does allow it in our lives. For reasons that only God knows this tragedy has befallen Chris and ultimately his family and friends.

Chris’ case was compounded by the fact that he was on drugs at the time of his disappearance. In addition to the obvious detriment of being involved with drugs, I believe that involvement compromised his case as well. In my opinion, his disappearance wasn’t taken seriously by the authorities which resulted in a less than desirable investigation in the crucial initial stages.

When Tracy Ocasio went missing 15 weeks later and I learned that more than just a few similarities existed between the cases I couldn’t help but wonder if Chris’ case had been thoroughly investigated from the beginning that perhaps Tracy could have been spared. My concern now is…who’s next?

I followed closely all reports regarding Tracy as her story circulated through the media but unfortunately her case has stalled, just as Chris’ has.

For a variety of reasons I chose not to make any statements to the media regarding Chris’ case. The only reason that I am choosing to comment on your site is that you actually care about the cases, and the people involved in them, that you investigate. I did not want to take Chris’ story to a media that I felt was only concerned about sensationalizing a story to get more viewers, listeners and/or hits on their websites. I was concerned that Chris’ drug use and prior record would overshadow the fact that he was a victim of homicide. I strongly feel that regardless of his poor choices, no one had the right to take his life.

My only consolation is that God is in control and with or without media attention, and regardless of whether Chris’ case is ever ‘solved’, God knows where Chris is and at whose hands he was harmed.

My prayer is Proverbs 28:17 “A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fugitive till death; let no one support him.”

I firmly believe that, in addition to the killer(s), others know of Chris’ fate and could provide leads that would help solve not only his case but likely Tracy’s and possibly even other cases as well.

I can’t even begin to imagine the level of intimidation, fear and guilt that is keeping these people quiet…it must be unnerving to live under that pressure. I can only guess at the effect that can have on a person after days, weeks, months, years, decades…now there’s a script that would benefit from a revision.

However, I am fully aware that those that are keeping secrets could be just as degenerate as the actual killer and could easily choose to continue to protect the low life(s) that they are covering for and if that is the case…so be it.

I know that God is in control and is much more creative with His script writing than the killer(s) and/or those that know what took place that night.

May HIS will be done. –Rachael

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  1. sundayschild says:

    Jimmy has just been named a suspect.

    I have been convinced for some time that the only way to find out what happened to Tracy and Chris is by charging Hataway. Imo, he needs to open his mouth before it is too late.

  2. Derrick says:

    i was just about to post that

  3. sundayschild says:

    I agree B. I’ve been somewhat afraid to go visit him because of the possible aftershocks it may cause my family. Could you email me please?

  4. Derrick says:

    i really dont understand what aftershocks youd really experience when i believe you dont see him in person anymore, you & him pick a phone up and you look at a tv screen..well u know what thats at OCjail i dont know about SC…

  5. ex gf says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year. I still pray for the families involved. Blink, have you heard any information about why they elevated Jimmy’s status to suspect? Do they have something more or are they covering their behinds’ in case he isn’t charged in Rachael’s case?

    Sorry, all I can say is I now strongly believe Jimmy is the answer to finding Tracy and Chris, and if he does not talk, I believe he will be implicated.

  6. ex gf says:

    Blink- I do agree that pressure could get him to talk one way or the other. He has to know something… Maybe fear of stronger penalties (i.e. death penalty) is strong enough motivation.

    Sundayschild- (#3 on this page) I too struggle with the same thoughts. Would he talk to me or would it be more harm for me or my family than good?

  7. Derrick says:

    they just have the enough to put that label on him they know it has something to do with it plain and simple, if you guys dont believe he does then youre just blind to the fact that he does….and he needs to talk and get it over with because Tracys parents and i really need to have some peace knowing what happened to her because we need to get her home as soon as possible, i dont sleep at night because of this and when i do sleep i have nightmares, i cant even begin to imagine what type of feelings they have..i know its 100times grader than mine and i was really close to her also a lot of people on this site that claims to know her have no idea who she really was….sorry im venting a lil bit B, how are you?

    I am fine, thanks for asking, I am very hopeful Jimmy understands the gravity of the situation.

    Those close to him can attest I have worked my azz off for him to do the right thing.

    I am done, let him fry with the Huttos. And, I promise you, they will pay for these crimes.


  8. Derrick says:

    ive got another beautiful picture of her at christmas in 2007 i believe

  9. Derrick says:

    Link removed by request.

  10. Derrick says:

    she was wanting to buy that ring for about a year and i got it for her before she could get it lol it was a skull & cross bones white and black diamonds

  11. Derrick says:

    heres on more of her with her pet scorpion i think that ones name was jitter, she had 6 and i cant tell them apart lol

    Link removed by request.

  12. t.e.o. says:

    Got it. Let me know if you need further assistance.

  13. sundyschild says:

    ex gf ~
    I’ve been wanting to go see him since this all happened. I would never sit here and presume to know what went down that night but this is not the Jimmy I knew. I’m not saying that people can’t change but I just can’t wrap my brain around it. I have a theory but it’s just that, a theory. If I’m right, I don’t know why Jimmy feels he needs to protect others unless it’s out of self preservation. I want desperately to talk to Jimmy, without glass between us but I don’t know who to contact to make that happen.

    I have interviewed several of the “closest” to Jimmy, he is not talking about any of it, for any reason.

  14. sundyschild says:

    I know B and I’m saddened by that fact. I was hoping that having been Jimmy’s “mom” during a brief time in history may or may not lend itself to additional information. Wishful thinking on my part I guess.

    I would like to add that you and yours have worked tirelessly on this tragedy and my hat is off to all that have devoted time and energy to finding the truth.

    I am determined to assist in efforts to recover Tracy and Chris. I might suggest you write to Jimmy, it could not hurt.

  15. sundyschild says:

    I started writing one this morning B and will be mailing it this afternoon. Thank you again for all your efforts.

  16. Derrick says:

    sorry B…

    Quite alright.

  17. t.e.o. says:

    To Sundyschild

    I’m Tracy’s father and getting down to the truth has been my only focus since Tracy was taken from us. I might be able to help you get a face to face meet with him as we know people in the state that can arrange this. I’ve also have had many inteactions with several of Jimmy’s exgirfriends and there seem to be a point when he’s not the nice person they first describe they met, a Jekill and Hide personality. One ex and her mother in particular told me a horror story of how he attacked her, almost killed her and broke her arm…soon after she fled the area out of fear for her life!

    If Hataway is innocent and hiding something for someone else shame on him for not coming forward with the truth. If you can help get to the bottom of the truth I plead to you to please help us, either by visiting him or via a letter as Blink suggested.

    I also want you to know that at this point I don’t care if he’s charged with Tracy’s death or not, I just want to bring her home, good or bad.

    If you want my help to see him please make contact with me via the website I set up for my daughter… I will not post your personal information and I will make contact as soon as I can.

    God Bless.

    Mr. O-

    My heart aches as I read your words. I will coordinate with Sundays child.

    Also, the young gentleman you met the other day is a friend of mine, he wanted me to let you know that.

    God Bless you and your family-

  18. sundyschild says:

    Mr. Ocasio ~

    I can’t promise anything and he may not even want to see me but I’ll give it all I’ve got. I can’t imagine the nightmare that you and your’s have lived through this past year. I cared for Jimmy like my own for a time but if he had anything to do with this he needs to be held accountable.

    B ~

    I’ll wait to hear from you.

  19. t.e.o. says:

    B, Thank you for your offer to cotact sundychild to help coordinate a meeting between her and Hataway. I think she can simply contact Seminole county for permission to go in but if you need my help please advise as I might be able to help. If she needs a private meeting and we need a lawyer I’m willing to pay for it to obtain a private meeting.

    By the way, is your friend the gentlemen we met at Tire’s Plus in Ocoee? If so he was very nice and had kind words to say. If not refresh my memory…thanks!

    He is.

    I met him through my work on Tracy’s case. He had similar life challenges to Hataway, but took a different path, and his respect for women is honorable.

    I have actually met a few gentlemen through your daughter’s case who had been aquainted with Hataway at one time ( intentionally vague to protect their privacy) that had I met them on the street, might have been somewhat intimidated by their appearance or former “youth practices”.

    I have been taught a lesson. These gentle giants deserved a closer look, were very dedicated to helping Tracy’s case in any way, and put that “above the code” that sometimes exists when these youthful friendships and bonds formed, aside.

    That to me, is a gentlemen. These guys would have intervened had they known, and when they learned of some things Hataway was back into, they cut him off and came forward.

    I have reason to believe that Hataway will not see Sunday’s child, through some of my own interviews and confidential ( I am bound) conversations on this case I believe Hataway is of the opinion he can beat the current charges against him, and as long as Tracy is not found, that he will not face any charges in her case as well.

    Therefore, to him, his risk assessment is telling him to wait it out. I believe he is of the opinion if he talks he will be implicated in both Chris and Tracy’s cases.

    For the record, my personal feeling is that Hataway had nothing directly to do with Chris George’s disappearance, but I believe that he knows exactly “who/why/where”, and he learned it retrospectively.

    I believe he had some level of complicity in what happened to Tracy, but not sure how much of it was intentional, and how much of it may have been a set up for other dealings he was involved in at the time.

    He passed a voluntary polygraph and consented to the search of his Dad’s house immediately.
    Jimmy is no stranger to the judicial system, I do not believe for 10 seconds if he had what is tantamount to direct involvement he would have agreed to that.

    My caseload has prohibited me from publishing the follow up chapters to this piece, but it is important to me, I will attempt to do so by the end of the week, prior to the next search.

    May God be with you and your family, Mr. Ocasio.

  20. ex gf says:

    Derrick- I can’t imagine how you feel. I did not know Tracy, I’ve never pretended to know Tracy. I too have nightmares and/or trouble sleeping. I ask you to please consider if you were a female, who’s story/appearance/attitude closly matches Tracy and you dated someone that now appears to be a monster (either directly or by association). Why am I safe and she’s missing? I have written to Joe and he knows that I will do whatever I can to help find Tracy. Blink knows I’m legit to.

    I, like Sundayschild, believe that if Jimmy is responsible, he should pay. If he knows ANYTHING, he should talk.

    Just to be clear because you’ll be reading this instead of hearing my tone… I’m not upset with you or your words. Your frustration with the unknown is obvious and I sympathsize.

    God Bless all involved.

    Blink- I agree that he wouldn’t have been that cooperative if he was wholy responsible. From what I knew of Jimmy, I believe he would have fled.

  21. t.e.o. says:

    I will e you.

  22. ClassyGal says:

    FBI takes over Kesse case!,0,640529.story

    I know it says that, but it also says “further review”. There is a big difference in the FBI taking JURISDICTION over the case, and simply reviewing the work done so far.

    Specifically, how did the chief request it, was it through the Kesse’s? They have every right to do that.

  23. save an angel says:

    I occasionally get a small group of people together and search for missing persons. I have been out looking for Tracy in the past. But it has been a long time. If anyone feels there is a specific location which needs to be searched, I would be honored to put a group together and search the area.

  24. ClassyGal says:

    During search, dogs hit on same location already searched at Ocoee Lake. Hopeful dive teams will finally search there……..,0,1047538.story

  25. save an angel says:

    Thank Thank you ClassyGal,

    Do you know if divers ever went out?

    I get so frustrated, searchers will flood an area initially. But, when the news reporters leave, so do they.I understand funding and schedules, but they usually NEVER go back.

    I dont have it in me to give up on someone. It doesnt matter how long someone has been missing, they still need to be brought home.

  26. ocoeeboy says:

    growing up with jimmy, attending both middle school and some high school with him this is not shocking, he was a scumbag as a kid and grew into a bigger scumbag as an adult….. IMO hes a sick murdering sombitch and needs to come clean.

  27. sundayschild says:

    Ocoeeboy, We’re all entitled to our opinions but I would hope that before making these types of statements you would have something concrete to base them on. Being a scumbag does not a murderer make. That is of course unless you have facts to support your position.

  28. Derrick says:

    i dont think i was replying toward your posting, i think it was another ex gf lol gets a lil comfuzzing with 5 pages on blink i had open and i mightve posted something in the wrong page thinking it was the right person but no not you darling sorry..and thank you

  29. Derrick says:

    have you seen this page and some of the comments here B and Joe? also ill be calling you a little bit later Joe to discuss some stuff with you it’ll be a 614# i dont know the rest its a new number

  30. Derrick says:;topic=5253.0

  31. ex gf says:

    Any new information?

  32. t.e.o. says:

    ex gf…a new tip came through and Ocoee will be checking another area. As always we hope this leads to soemthing but it has been a frutrating year with no answers.

  33. t.e.o. says:

    If anyone has any information or knowledge about this posting on Scare Monkeys please contact the Ocoee Detective’s Division at 407-905-3161 or CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.



    1.jennifer on June 1st, 2010 1:10 am
    I have known James Virgil Hataway for many years and really don’t believe that he is directly connected to Ms. ocasio’s missing whearabboubt’s. I believe he may have been framed by a friend of his whom I rally don’t know the real name of this person’s name… but his ex-griend’s a bartendaer at a bar in Lockhart, Fl on north OBT- it’s a biker bar near Thee Candy Bar (strip club). She is Very chubby girl with brown hair and is an IV drug user and has a cousin named Sarah (whom is a drug IV user also) and her cousin has moved from state to state whith two kids. The other people that may know of James or Sarah are: William Waller xxx-xxx-xxxx, and George Phipps, The last known address is in Longwood Florida. I have never known James Hataway to be a person of interest of any other case or other issue. Any other questions could be directed to Kerriymans Irish Pub on 434 in Longwoood Florida. James worked at Kerrymann’s for a number of month’s and also dated a woman named Marriah, she has brown hair with a very convex face. I do not believe that Marriah works ther anymore… My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and my name is Jennifer McPherson.

  34. Sunday says:

    Has Ocoee LE stopped looking for alternative suspects since Jimmy’s been in jail?

  35. ex gf says:

    I am back in FL and would like to know if any more searches have been scheduled. I would like to help if possible. I am also curious, as Sunday is, if LE have researched the other nefarious people surrounding your investigation Blink. I certainly don’t want to run into them in public. Thanks.

  36. Sunday says:

    Ex gf, is it possible to contact you through Blink? I don’t want to put my e-mail out there but would like for you to have it so we could chat a bit….if you’re comfortable with that.

    Sunday, no offense, but I do not do that.

  37. Sunday says:

    No offense taken B. Not a problem.

  38. ex gf says:

    I wouldn’t mind speaking with you off site but I do not know how to exchange information securely and privately. Both Blink and Joe Ocasio have my contact information but I don’t blame Blink for not wanting to get in the middle.

  39. Sunday says:

    I totally understand Blink’s position. Joe has my contact information also. I’ll email him and let him know that it’s ok to give it to you.

    As does Mr. Ocasio, thank you for handling that way.

  40. ex gf says:

    I heard on the radio today that Liz Ocasio was going to be on 104.1 (but I was working and couldn’t listen). They mentioned that there is a new lead that just came in and that they are trying to get another search scheduled. Anyone know any more information?

  41. Sunday says:

    I believe that the search is going to be conducted on the west side of Ocoee the week of 8/23/10. The article also mentioned that they may be using search dogs. This information was reported in the newspaper.

  42. J. Maybrick says:

    Hey, just checking in after a long time away from the site. Wondering if there were any updates Im missing, seems like all leads have fizzled out…

  43. ex gf says:

    Thank you, any more info on when next week? I’m back in FL and ironically met a new friend that participates in Texas Eq. Search. Is it a police search, public or both?

  44. t.e.o. says:

    It’s a police search…hope things are going well with you.

  45. classygal says:

    Prayers are with you today on this new search.

  46. Dee says:

    B its Dee Tracy’s cousin is there any additional information you have on the case besides what your posting at all. Not to jepardize the case but I was really wondering. Keep praying my hardest. Anyhow I hope your life’s doing well. God Bless. To my uncle I LOVE YOU TEO.

  47. Dee says:

    B please email me if you have anymore info if you don’t mind. I think we are getin closer. Yesterday I found a piece of my Jesus pendant that broke around a year ago. It ended up in my room which made it possible to make my Jesus pendant whole again. The thing is is that the pendant broke in another then the one I live in a year ago and I didn’t notice most of Jesus name missing til I was already home that night. Yesterday it just was there and the two pieces are one again. Impossible or miracle. I also feel that its Jesus’s way of letin us know our Tracy will be found soon and alive. Jesus will deliver my discovery was a message. God Bless you for keeping Tracy’s name alive.

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