Chris George And Tracy Ocasio: A Investigation Uncovers New Witnesses

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“Ay, that I will; and I’ll be wise hereafter, And seek for grace. What a thrice-double ass Was I to take this drunkard for a god, And worship this dull fool!” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest, 5.1

Onda Christopher George’s ruggedly handsome looks, warm smile and charisma made him the quintessential “boy next door.” If you grew up in one of the wealthy Windermere, Florida subdivisions, he may have been just that. Continuing our exclusive investigation into the disappearances of Chris George and Tracy Ocasio has developed new sources, new evidence, and new leads in both cases.  Read Volume I Here

In December 2008, Chris George had managed to pull himself out of a recent relapse with mild drug use through one of the oldest tried and true methods.  The Love of a woman he did not want to lose.

He was in a committed relationship, making a clean living and had left bad associations behind. Following an unfortunate physical attack (sucker punch) at a Holiday outing, to which Chris did not respond at the request of his girlfriend; Chris suffered a concussion and hernia.

His injuries kept him out of his work at Custom Metal Designs for a week. Upon return, because he had been out and still under a physician’s care, Chris was first on the list for his pink slip due to cut backs.  Not to be deterred at the major setback, after consulting  friends, family and a possible business partner, Chris decided he would start his own mobile detailing business.

“Though with their high wrongs I am struck to th’ quick, Yet with my nobler reason ‘gainst my fury Do I take part. The rarer action is In virtue than in vengeance.” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest, 5.1

The employment pool for convicted felons was a known hurdle, and Chris knew a few guys in the business that had been successful in a short period of time. Paul Adam Hutto, was one of “those guys”.

Paul Hutto whiteboyp44

In fact, it may have been exactly where Chris got the idea.  According to a source speaking to on the condition of anonymity, Chris had recently run into Jeremiah Hutto, released from prison weeks earlier from a parole violation on a battery charge, thinking it was his brother Paul . Paul threw a Christmas Eve Bash to celebrate his homecoming in the woods behind the Gotha Superwalmart.

Chris hung out with both Hutto’s during his troublesome teens. Paul had  convictions for armed burglary and stalking pled down from felony kidnapping and sexual battery  with other Hutto family members including older brother Ernest “Dustin” Hutto.  He has also been charged with 33 traffic related offenses since 2000, including revocation of his drivers license at least 6 times.

The pair caught up as they made their way through the store and into the parking lot where Chris admired the “tricked out” burnt orange truck Hutto was driving. 

Chris commented to mutual friends afterward that whatever business Hutto’s were in , it must be good to afford that truck.

With the name H U T T O in large orange letters on the windshield, it did not appear they were concerned who knew about it.

While riding with a friend about a week later,  Chris made an abrupt U turn in the middle of the highway after spotting a similar truck at a gas station on the opposite side of the road.  Chris’s passenger asked what the problem was,  and he answered, ..” I need to talk to him about something..”.  As they got within 30 feet of the truck at the gas station Chris said ..”Nevermind, not him, the idiot has him damn name on the truck..”  When pressed about who Hutto was and what Chris needed that was so important he gave them both whiplash to talk to him, Chris replied tersely, “Business”.

According to Sunbiz, the business registry for both standard and fictional business listings, neither Paul nor Jeremiah Hutto are officers or employees in the family Detailing Business at 16247  Lake John Circle, Winter Garden. In fact, according to the only named suspect in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio, James “Jimmy” Hataway,  he worked for the Huttos in their lake clearing business.

D&P’s complete detailing & Polishing Inc, has been owned and operated at one time or another by big brother “Dusty” Ernest Hutto, Paul Branic, Daniel Hutto and Phillip Dewayne Scott.

Paul Branic was sentenced to 18 months for a parole violation the day Tracy Ocasio and Paul Hutto had an altercation outside The Tap Room in Metro West.  He was released November 10, 2010.

Once again, neither Hutto brother is a principal in the lake clearing endeavor, although their sister Brandy is, or was, until it was administratively dissolved in August 2009 for non-filing. Anthony Zedde’s Lakefront Clearing, formally listed at 1431 Cardinal Lane, Winter Garden business registration was modified to reflect the business address of, you guessed it,  Lake John Circle.

Anthony Zedde, previously convicted for driving with a suspended license and a smattering of traffic offenses, was charged with Coralyn Maysonet and Carlos Alberto Cortez in March for trafficking in Dillaud and Heroin.  All 3 are awaiting trial.


From January 26th through February 3rd, Chris George busted hump to begin his business, legitimately. He lined up possible business partners, discussed his business plan, leased a used 2008 Nissan Pathfinder Xterra and had the hitch installed for the unit to hold the tools of his trade.

Like the Parachute Jump at Coney Island, the bottom fell out. The dealership underwriter learned Chris had been laid off, and under the current terms of the lease, without a much larger deposit, he would need to return the vehicle.

Chris needed money and luck.  He needed them both yesterday.  “Hello” to those old associations was- inevitable.

By all accounts, Chris was fiercely determined to maintain his status as a fledgling business man.

“O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world That has such people in’t!” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest, 5.1

Chris George’s crisis was not so different from one many of us face. He needed cash, a lot of it, and quickly to be able to save his business venture, his recent significant financial obligations and of course, “face”. 

Chris knew his personal relationship would not endure another setback and while he was loved and supported by his family, he was under the tough love rule.

What was different for Chris George, was that while his resources were many, they were also in some cases,  shady.  Shady would have to do in a pinch.

Chris began purchasing items on his credit cards for immediate resale, offering a significant discount to friends and associates. In most cases, they accompanied him and actually chose the items. One of the indications that Chris had every intention of repaying the debt for quick cash plan he was using, is that he purchased extended warrantees and insurance for everything he charged for others.

He knew that in the event the items were not paid for, that coverage would be unusable and useless.  It also created a secondary paper trail that if he were looking to pawn or fence items he never intended to pay for, he would of course be caught.




Although Chris was revisiting the ex-con circuit, he was not doing anything illegal and continued to meet with possible business partners and investors; he was “walking the line”.

Near the end of January, according to a confidential source inside the Florida Department of Law Enfocement,  Chris met what he considered somewhat of a mentor, or at least someone Chris felt worthy of emulation.  Kenyon “Kenny” Shultz, one of the bachelors living at the well-known after hours hangout at 6100 Allen St in Mt. Dora, owned by Sam Mahon, impressed Chris.

So much so, that while he was picking up his necessary tools and supplies for the detailing business, Shultz accompanied him for guidance, and offered to install the trailer hitch to the Xterra.  Kenny was an example of what Chris wanted. He had cash, a vacation home in North Carolina and the man-bling known in their circles to signify respect and success.

He told Chris that if he wanted to appear like a serious businessman, he needed to look the part. He told him nobody will take him seriously or want to invest if he looks hungry, or not previously successful. The correct approach was to have the prospective partner or backer to view an opportunity with him as a win-win.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression and all that..

Chris purchased a few clothing items and the suggested man-bling: a stainless steel watch, the EXACT same chain worn by Kenny Shultz, and it’s companion bracelet.  Also according to the FDLE source, Shultz unsuccessfully attempted to access Chris George’s voice mail following his disappearance.

Chris George was set up for success, or so he thought.

According to Vehicle records obtained exclusively by, Chris drove almost 3,000 miles in the week he leased the Xterra prior to his disappearance on February 11, 2009,  in an effort to cling to a life he wanted, was willing to work for, and had so far eluded him.

Over the last 18 months, has spent hundreds of hours in investigative research, witness location and interviews, information and statement analysis, location confirmations and lead development. 

The ruckus in the blinktank as we affectionately call our war room, has produced the previously unknown and unreleased information contained herein for both Chris George and Tracy Ocasio’s cases.

Perhaps more importantly, the most significant lead is the discovery of a verified source who has been able to pinpoint previously unknown timeline and location information for Chris George’s whereabouts the last week of his life, as well as directly refute the witness statements of Tyler Watters and Jimmy Hataway, given to investigators following Chris’s disappearance.

As both cases are classified as active investigations, we have been asked to withhold the identity of our source. We have utilized appropriate tools to verify the accuracy of the information we have been provided.  On occasion, information is intentionally vague for investigative reasons.

February 5-6 On February 5, Chris headed to the Tampa Area to meet with a potential business contact and to deliver the 50 inch plasma TV he just put on his Sears card for resale.  While it is not known if the TV was for his personal use, it was delivered to Chris’s former cell and roommate, Ben Parris.

Parris is a registered sex offender and convicted felon for litany of offenses ranging from burglary, to dealing in stolen property and trafficking.  Parris claimed to investigators he did not receive, does not have, nor does he know it’s whereabouts after a confidential informant came forward about Chris’s purchases .

According to a mutual friend of both Parris and Chris speaking to on the condition of anonymity,  Chris spent the late afternoon of February 5th into the early morning hour of February 6th between his home on Delores Drive and friends they met up with at The Liquor Lounge  off route 19 in Holiday, FL.

After a trip to West Oaks Mall the afternoon of February 6th, Chris stops with his traveling companion briefly at a location of profound relevance to both the George and Ocasio cases:  South Bluford and 50.

In fact, almost the exact location where a boot, believed to be that of Tracy Ocasio, was found on August 28, 2009.

DNA tests on the boot were inconclusive because the sample did not have enough DNA material to complete a profile, but it is Tracy’s size and her best friend identified it emphatically as one of the boots Tracy was wearing the night she disappeared following her departure at The Tap Room with Jimmy Hataway.  Parris and Chris meet up again around 8PM and head to Cowboys Bar briefly, where Tyler Watters partied the night before.

February 7-8 After a day of family obligations, Chris heads to the residence at 30133 Country Rd 437 for a visit, and then on to see Kenny Shultz at 6100 Allen St Mt. Dora.  Shultz and Chris shop at The Home Depot for about 20 minutes,  Chris backtracks to the Sorrento home before heading to his own house in Winter Garden, and out again to long-time friends and mutual friends of Jimmy Hataway’s at  1219 Russell Drive around 1 AM the morning of February 8th.  Chris hung out with Mary Meeks and boyfriend Tyler Davis, who is Tyler Watters cousin,  R. Lyn Johnston, and Tim Losik until about 6AM.  It is presumed  that the balance of the day is spent at scheduled family obligations as were found written in his day planner.

February 9 Chris runs some errands, meets with a possible investor, spends the early afternoon at a friends home at 2nd St in Ocoee,  and is visiting Kenny Shultz by 6:25PM in Mt. Dora. The crowd hangs out for a few hours at the Allen St home and Jeremiah’s, a local favorite bar until Chris gets a call from Jimmy Hataway who is now staying with Tyler Watters and 2 women at Sun Resorts Trailer Park in Apopka, FL. 

At the time, the park was owned by Lee Adkison, owner of Miami Pornication and Adrenaline Productions.  Although it is not believed that Chris ever met Adkison, his business card and a map for directions to his Miami Beach office were found in the abandoned Xterra following Chris’s disappearance.  Also found in the vehicle were 2 post-it notes with handwritten phone numbers on them.


Lori – 407.401.6556

Just before midnight, Chris leaves Sun Resorts and heads to Altamonte Springs after the group gets stoned together. It is believed that Chris was asked for assistance in tracking down additional recreational supplies for the foursome.

February 10 Chris is spotted at Tyler Watters Grandmothers house on Coballero Ct at approximately noon. According to EZPASS/Toll records, Chris arrives at his old friend Darby Woods residence on Ward Rd around 1PM. Darby was a bit of a Father figure to him after his Dad’s passing in 1997, but definitely not a positive one. Darby was once a successful businessman who lost most everything following a lengthy meth addiction. 

 Lisa Andrews, a friend and roommate of Woods who also struggles with addiction, befriended Chris for a time until friends say she set him up in an effort to steal his belongings contained in a duffle bag to sell for drugs. They head over to Fish Camp Rd and the Holiday Woods subdivision. After 3:45PM Chris meets Tyler Davis and another man jewelry store staff described as “intentionally staying out of range of the overhead camera, but they could have been brothers.” At West Oak Mall.

Chris and gang end up at another pertinent address to his case around 7:45PM:  A known hang-out on A.D. Mimms Rd and also the location where Hataway was arrested for alledgedly punching the van of Donnaugh Robinson.  Hataway was aquitted of criminal mischief in April.

Throughout the balance of the evening,  Chris and crew ends up at Frank’s in Ocoee,  back to Sun Resorts, Jeremiahs and 6100 Allen St.

Friends and witnesses inside the investigation of Chris George’s disappearance believe something occurred during the final 48 hours of his life that had him running scared. Between the cash he had acquired over the last week (it is believed he needed it to increase the deposit on the truck lease or it would have to be returned) and the bling he was wearing, Chris George was worth enough for some of the unsavory types he knew to fund their habits, front their own deals, or “other”.

“Never till this day Saw I him so touched with anger, so distempered.” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest, 4.1

At this point, those closest to Chris are now concerned they are not hearing from him and he is avoiding going home.  Below is a Bing flyover map of the last 24 hours of what is believed to be, Chris George’s final hours.

The last confirmed phone conversation with Chris on the day he went missing was at approximately 6PM . 

He was convinced that he was being followed by the Metro Bureau Investigation ( vice task force) and that he would be arrested for something that took place in his vehicle, but claimed he was not involved in directly. 

Earlier that afternoon Chris’s Mother, Rachael George, called his girlfriend and expressed her concerns that she had not heard from him although they generally spoke a few times per day.

The women in Chris’s life were on high alert, with good reason.


Chris committed to coming home by 9PM that evening to discuss exactly what was going on.  During that last conversation Chris is described as remorseful, scared, and reflective:

..” I was just trying to put things together so we could have a normal life, All I wanted was a normal life..”

Chris George’s White Nissan Xterra was located on Ocoee Apopka Rd in Apopka, Fl near Medicine Lake on February 12, 2009 at approximately 1:30PM by Apopka Police.

 Emerging from the woods, claiming to be looking for him, were Tyler Watters, Jimmy Hataway and Brandon Losik.

TO BE CONTINUED.. Volume III Publishes Tomorrow


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  1. melissab says:

    Poor Chris…and I am not being mean. He was just reaching for something better and doing all the wrong things to get ahead. If someone could have just given him a break so he didn’t have to resort to non logical ways to help himself. What he was doing prolly made all the sense in the world–to him! If he had run his plans by someone not in his crowd maybe he could have seen a better or different way. I dunno. He just looks so sweet, almost gullible. He’s probably been suckered by a few of his own “friends” before. Bless you Rachael and all his family. Don’t worry, Blink is on it!

    Now, Ms. B…are u ignoring my question of where is Red Ranger? lol But I would really like to know!

  2. ex gf says:

    Christy- I always assumed she went to smoke pot too. Jimmy’s home was searched the next day and while they didn’t find any sign of Tracy, they found a pipe and a small amount of weed. Jimmy was taken in on possession charges that day as part of a violation of a bond agreement from punching a van. I read somewhere that Jimmy stated early on that they went to his dad’s to hang out and Tracy didn’t like the drugs he had so she left. In Vol. III it also said Jimmy failed the polygraph miserably.

    But I know from the horse’s mouth that Jimmy was doing cocaine several years ago (which was the major reason we broke up). Coke isn’t something people tend to stop easily. Jimmy has always been a pot-head.

    I chatted with a man at the Tap Room a few months ago who claimed he was a friend of Tracy’s. He’s the one who said she’d follow anyone with Coke and it was a shame.

    To be clear, I did not know Tracy. I cannot confirm or deny the alleged behavior this man described of Tracy. I did not live in FL when she or Chris went missing. Through a strange twist of fate I end up not only back in FL but in the same general area as these events.

    Chris’s Mom_ What a wonderful description of addition. Your words get more elloquent with each post. I don’t know if I could keep your composure. God Bless you.

    To clarify:
    Jimmy’s home was searched once with his permission, the second search was via warrant, where the paraphanalia charge came in.

    I really do not want to see rumors about victims that are unsubstantiated. Even if true, let’s all agree there is not many of us who have not been in a similar position and it does not make it ok to end up deceased at someone else’s hand.

  3. ex gf says:

    I apologize, I thought he was arrested immediately during the voluntary search and the police went back with a warrant for the computer(s).

    I clearly acknowledge that the statements were rumors, rumors that I cannot confirm. I was just trying to lend insight to the voice of a shaken community. I in no way say that either victim is to blame, no matter if they were a “saint” or “sinner”. What happened to them and their families is tragic.

    Blink, as you know, I too gave Jimmy a ride home from a bar. There were no drugs involved, I honestly liked him. (SCARY NOW)

    I, in no way, am trying to slander or defame the character of two innocent victims. I have the upmost respect for Tracy, Chris and their greiving families.

    I consider myself extremely lucky that while I was still in occassional (rare) contact with Jimmy; I never had the misfortune of meeting the Huttos, Watters or any of the other common links in this case. Maybe that’s why I’m alive.

    ex gf-
    You are a welcome contributor always. I really just wanted to make sure new readers were clear-
    Your continued support is appreciated.

    I think you listened to your gift of fear and it served you well my friend-

  4. ex gf says:

    Thank you Blink, your compassion still amazes me. Maybe fear is a gift, intuition is a powerful motivator.

  5. BAD says:

    Just by reading your posts and posts on other sites……If both bodies are not found in Lake Carter….Detectives need to look @ Bennett Lake @ the corner of 50 and Bulford where Tracy’s boot was found or Starke Lake which looks much larger on the map–this is in the vicinity of where her car was found. With the dry weather we had this year/2010 All lakes are down several feet. This is from a concerned citizen.

  6. Kenyon Shultz says:

    Wow, I went and looked for him myself after his Girlfriend notified me of him missing. I wish I would of found him before whatever took place in that time span.

    Thank you, I think we all wish there had been an opportunity to intervene in Chris’s fate. He and his family are always near to my heart.

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