Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Halt Your Hubristic Hubrishness Jose Baez.. We Are All Stocked Up Here

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Jose Mason

“He has lulled himself into a false sense of competence.”


Hold The Hubris Pass The Humility

The saga begins as follows:

Aging local *legend in his own mind* defense attorney gets “defendant envy” when he sees the dude he thought was the busboy at all The Florida Bar functions, making more on his first big case, with more media face time, than Or lawn do has ever seen. Seasoned barrister signs on for his professional *see alice*, if you will.

Wait, kidding, not the saga in question, my bad.

Yesterday, on behalf of Casey Anthony, lead counsel with Jose Baez, J. Cheney Mason put to “motion” what undoubtedly was screaming inside his head as Mr. Baez bumbled, err, argued, against the States motion for contempt and sanctions last week.  The reconsideration request drafted by Attorney Mason will undoubtedly come as a surprise to Judge Perry.  When his Honor asked Mason why the deadline was not met at the State’s hearing:

..”Was there any particular reason that was not complied with?..”

Mason replied, “The answer to that is I don’t know.” 

Mr. Baez was found in contempt and fined less than the cost of his ipad.

I am not an attorney, but I do know that you cannot introduce new and different bullsh*it you neglected to bore the court with previously AND when you had the opportunity to respond and argue with a new tie and pocketsquare ensemble.

Apparently Judge Perry was not swayed by Baez “.. They say they will call but they never do..” argument, insinuating all Jeff Ashton had to do was call him to work out what his other previous 4 email requests could not.

Makes sense to me now that he put it like that, right?

Everyone knows you can trust what a defense attorney says on the phone who will not commit same information to writing. Duh.

Damn this traffic jam how I hate to be late.. It hurts my motor to go so slow.. 

I have this vision of Atty Slabaugh driving down the 4 with the top down and the 300 pages he threw in the back “loose”, are flying all over the freeway behind him. So that’s the problem.. the dang clerk’s office refusing to tie up their fax, dedicate 2 folks to replace toner and paper in the middle of the 300 page and 5 hour late response, while jamming every other case and function, for Casey Anthony. Missed the memo as well, I presume.

How insensitive. First word folks.. flash-drive. Second word.. GARMIN. It does not take 5 hours to get from Kissimme to Orlando, and that’s assuming he left when the filing was already past deadline.


Moving on to the defense’s whine list:

My fave- Dr. Lee found 17 hairs in a car that is believed to have transported the victim in this instant capital murder case and therefore he should not be expected to testify about it.


To date, this is absolutely the most laughable attempt to publicly excuse a witness who Mr. Baez apparently does not consider important enough to pay his dang expenses out of pocket for.

I hear this in my head:

Dr. Lee is not going to be called to testify OR be available for a deposition, cause, like, maybe the harsh weather will not produce that case of luscious oranges, but we are not sure yet, so please wait while we ask the plant lady, who will of course be testifying about plants, but you knew that already. Please tell me you knew that already.

Not to be confused with p-l-a-n-t-i-n-g, as we plan to move to strike or suppress any appearance of the words ” Dr. Henry Lee” and the word “planting” that appear on the same page of any document or media article, as well as within the silent thoughts of any of them-there bloggin’ types.


Lest we forget, Mr. Lee, who will not be testifying anyway if his expenses are not going to be paid, was denied access to an active homicide recovery scene while CST’s were still removing the tiny bones of Caylee Anthony from her swamp tomb.. the nerve of OCSO.

I mean, who knows what Dr. Lee could have come up with in that cornucopia of specimens.

Maybe even Kronk’s Oscar Meyer weenie whistle from the third grade perhaps.

Apparently the defense team , while discussing the virtues of Jose Hubris’s new “do”, missed the free lesson on the actual designation of the Crime Scene Technician, or CST, as mentioned by Jeff Ashton as opposed to the continued reference to “CSI” in defense motions.

Freeman is Freed

Dr. Michael Freeman, who up until last forever was working on his reports for the defense, will not be testifying, although he has not been removed from the defense witness list by presstime.

In an earlier article, I opined about Dr. Freeman’s potential contribution to the case as it relates to a possible death by natural causes. In Judge Perry’s contempt order, it is clear that any expert witness whose opinions or conclusions are not part of discovery, will be excluded from the trial testimony by the defense.

Note- no reporting, no conclusions, no discovery from Dr. Freeman, an expert witness listed in a two year old case. Draw your own conclusions, or, maybe the incident in Washington where an individual with the same name and age helped himself to an Army cell phone that did not belong to him at a Federal facility is “of concern”.

A hearing is scheduled this Friday January 14 to hear the matter.


Late this morning a Judicial Assistant from Chief Judge Perry’s Chambers, speaking from a microphone at the defense table he turned on and off by himself, read aloud to Blink, Editor In Chief, the order he is to prepare for Friday, as dictated to him by my Judge Perry daydream-thought-bubble this afternoon:

Mr. Mason, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul*.

Full disclosure: Maybe without his reading glasses Cheney Mason thought he was penning a request for a vacation, not a request to vacate.. In which case, who could blame the man? I say grant it without prejudice or reservations.



 JP Image by Klaasend

*Y’all know that quote is from Billy Madison


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  1. Debbi Merritt says:

    Baez and Mason are scum for defending a mother who brutally murdered her 2 year old beautiful daughter!

    They are fighting for Casey!

    The prosecution is fighting for JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!

  2. Debbi Merritt says:

    The expert witnesses the defense has are experts that are willing to lie for money!

    Lets see how they hold up when they are questioned by the prosecution???

    Dr. Lee planted evidence in another famous case! Dr. Lee will plant evidence, and lie on the stand for the right price!


  3. chica says:

    It annoys me how she continues to point things out to mason and baez! she acts like she is part of the defense team. She is incarcerated for murder for god’s sake. I will be glad when this trial comes and goes and so do all the slimeballs!

    I do not understand what she could possibly be pointing out! she has rearranged the facts in her mind to suit her and actualy believes it and expects us to!

    I am sickened by her narissitic ways! I dont think her touching the thighs of baez and putting her hands on mason will go unnoticed! kathi belich will tell it like it is and how she sees it.

    she does think she will walk and I like you hope that the judge does not let the defense win the miranda issue. If he doesnt than casey will most likely react. She is so predictable. oh and one other thing! her mommy dresses her funny!!

    know what annoyed me if not everything about them! the looks on georges face and his constant shaking his head no when linda was speaking! his attitude!! the judge said it wouldnt be allowed but still its done. grrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. chica says:

    I understand your anger and frustration! I am there! she is cold! narisstic and so full of herself.

  5. chica says:


    someone from s.m and the hinky were in the courtroom and said that actualy cindy looked to be about a size 8. she said she was a pretty lady on the outside and that the cameras tend to add weight. I do think she has gained in spite of their comment. I say that because she looked smaller before and it had nothing to do with the cameras ! she was very thin before. oh how annoying george is!!! the jury will not like it if he continues but he doesnt care he is rebellious and unteachable.

  6. chica says:

    justice for caylee is right!!!
    the trial is going to be long! I am going to have to invest in some depends with pretty pictures!! I dont want to miss anything.

  7. Ragdoll says:

    Hey Nosey Rosey,

    Funny, not in a ha ha way….but I too noticed how this is taking a toll on every member of the family. I’m not zeroing in on appearances to be shallow. This is the perfect recipe for premature aging.

    Even Lee has ‘greyed’ in a short period of time. This has been extremely difficult on the Anthonys. This is what happens when you don’t live by the rules, dance around the truth, can’t keep one lie straight from another, back stab own members of your family OR people who genuinely cared/tried to help, black mail and or frame innocent people, deny deny deny, blame blame blame, commit crimes of their own to cover up the truth, hold no accountability and THEN not be able to sleep night after night. In other words, not living life as God intended. The stress is eating them up, but they have themselves to blame for that. Folks, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain why they all look older than than really are.

    The only happiness that kept that family together is Caylee Marie Anthony. She was clearly the glue that kept the focus on something righteous, sweet, good and innocent in that family. She was/is the only essence of pure light from God that they ever knew. Now they’re left to their own devices, bringing each other down in such natural yet sadistic means. It’s creepy as hell to watch them witness their own demise as a family. I also believe God in His own infinite wisdom knew Caylee could not flourish in His plans when she was surrounded by the likes of a dark, lost souls that make up the fabric of the Anthony cloth. She needed her father if she was going to have a chance. I believe she would still be here if he was in her life. She’d be a young miss, growing into herself with another family to provide her with a foundation of morals and values, encouragement and above all, love and protection. If only her father had that chance. If only Caylee had that chance.

    PS…I apolly, again, for editting errors.

  8. Ragdoll says:

    PSS…now father and daughter rest together eternally. <3

  9. chica says:

    Motion For Relative Of Victim To Be Excluded From Rule Of Sequestration And Memorandum Of Law
    March 2, 2011 … 867d0a.pdf

    Court Minutes
    March 2-3, 2011 … f6d1cd.pdf

    so now they want to be in the courtroom to not miss anything.

  10. chica says:

    that was so beautifuly said, you hit the nail on the head oh I wished I had their email I would send that to them without your name of course!! it would be nice for them to see how we see them.

  11. Ragdoll says:

    chica, you always make me feel special. Thank you for kind words. You are my favourite fire cracker my dear. I love your passion for Caylee. It’s infectious and inspiring to read your comments (some are laughter threw tears). I love your heart!

    I am with Blink. I remember going to church one particular day and the pastor asked what was the opposite of love. I thought….HATE! It’s hate, of course. He paused, looked around the church community and said…’s ‘nothing’. The opposite of love is to feel….nothing.

    I’ve come to that point in this case. I feel ‘nothing’ for Casey, this family, the defense and anyone who’s rail roaded justice for Caylee. I can look at them and feel nothing. I think I’d rather feel something, anything….even hate. Blink said about Casey…’she just is’. Indeed. That goes for Cindy, George, Baez, and the ‘flock of sheeple’ who’ve sold their souls to the devil for a false sense of security (money changes everything, so they say).

    I am at peace that Caylee is with her King. In the words of our Lord as He was about to give his life to God….’it is done’. The outcome of this cruel killing is in the best hands ever.

    Mucho love <3

  12. chelsea says:

    Hi everyone, great posts; hope JBP rules in favour of the prosecution but even so, I am still hanging onto the fact that monster mum didn’t report Caylee missing for 31 days, she danced the month away and never made any attempt to trace her missing baby. I cringed when I saw Casey on entering Court, place her hand so familiarly on Mason’s shoulder. He jumped up to welcome her as if she were his favourite neice. She is entitiled to the best defense possible but surely these attornys don’t have to treat her as if she is so special, she is incarcarated on a charge of murdering her beautiful 2 yr. old, not a shop lifting offense. I agree with everyone else, she is thriving on her notoriety whilst her family are dying in front of our eyes. May can’t come soon enough. Whatever JBP judgement, LE can hold their heads up high, they have behaved impeccably.

  13. smyers says:

    please anyone refresh my memory

    Fight at anthony home on 15 of june
    casey leaves that night with caylee not to return
    Question: Where does Casey go on the night of the 15th?
    cindy tries calling casey’s cell morning of the 16th around 7ish am
    Does she sneak back into the house on the 16th after everyone is gone?
    Is this the day we think she killed Caylee.
    Next question, If she did leave on the night of the 15th with Caylee, Did she ride around all night and sleep with an alive Caylee in the car. It just seems to me that the night of the 15th has gone blank. She could have killed her the 15th right or am I all wrong?? Has anyone ever come forward to say that Casey was at their home on the night of the 15th????

    Actually a neighbor saw Cindy leave the night of the 15th, Casey was there according to her cell and laptop usage. It is my opinion that either George or Cindy did not sleep at Hopespring Drive that evening, although they have both testified they did.


  14. Ragdoll says:

    Blink, that piece of information I’ve never heard (re 13.smyers says:
    March 8, 2011 at 7:03 am). You mentioned way back that George and Casey had a confrontation, serious enough for George to want to kill his daughter. Did all this take place when Casey called him out on his ‘google searches’ (Casey deletes, George doesn’t). Was this the same night Cindy left the home, do we know? Thank you for considering my questions, Blink!

    Actually what I believe is that Casey confronted Cindy with George’s activities, as was the plan all along, that evening, and I think it is possible Cindy left to confront George, but not sure.

  15. Ragdoll says:

    Thank you. Are you still with the belief that George attempted to kill Casey, or strangle her? I’ve googled to high heaven looking for that comment and search your sight. And her motive was to divide and conquer….for the house?

    TIA Blink :o )

    I do not believe George ever attempted to kill Casey, or strangle her per se, I do know that the pair had to be separated in the home during a physical confrontation.

  16. claudia says:


    Just sitting here and wonder in my minds eye what George is trying to do with his nasty attitude toward the state. Was he not looking and trying to find Caylee, and now it’s all the states fault that his daughter is no longer a free girl. Is this not what they wanted? I also find it very, very sad that both Cindy and George can’t recall who, what, when, and where, when it comes to their grandbaby. I don’t believe it for one second! They like Casey believe she was arrested on a “f–king whim”

  17. Ragdoll says:

    I appreciate your response Blink. Thanks so much!

  18. NoseyRosey says:

    Ragdoll- Well put, thank you for your response. I too did not mention appearance to be shallow, only to recognize the fact that Casey doesn’t appear to be suffering from any type of stress realated breakdown in her physical appearance. Your words were beautiful and I agree with all of your post.
    As far as George goes I agree with everyone on his blatant dislike toward the prosecution- I personally believe the jury will be turned off by this and it will end up hurting his daughter in the end.

    Honestly you could make this upcoming trial into a silent film and the jury will still see that Casey is guilty and doesn’t care about anyone but herself and her family is lying for her.

  19. smyers says:

    These people have lied so dam much.

    What about George’s pings on his cell. Does his cell show he was home on the morning of the 16th like he says he was? If the pings show that he wasn’t at home is this proof for the prosecution to be able to say that George is lying and did not see Caylee that morning.

    Something just doesn’t add up.

  20. smyers says:

    Does anyone know if the location where Caylee was found is still being looked upon to see plant growth and to establish some sort of growth rate to be compared to plant growth that was there at the time of her being found. Was this area cleared maybe at a particular time for vegetation to begin growth again.

  21. smyers says:

    If George got the dates mixed up on the 16th about seeing Caylee, then when did he see Caylee for the last time. When is Cindy saying she saw Caylee for the last time? Is she saying the night of the 15th.. I would love to know her cell pings on the night of the 15th. These fools will be torn up by the prosecution. I can’t wait to see their attitudes on the stand.

  22. chelsea1515 says:

    Always felt George was being prepared as the sacrifical lamb but I don’t think it will help Casey. You are right, smyers, the whole damn family have lied through their teeth and will no doubt get tripped up on the stand at trial regardless of what JBP decides regarding the current motions.

  23. NJsleuth says:

    I find it fascinating that if Casey had not retained Bozo she probably would have been out of jail by now. She would have been convinced to claim it was an accident and/or involuntary manslaughter (claiming she didn’t mean to kill Caylee with the DT only quiet her) A real lawyer would have requested a speedy trail That would have eliminated the A circus tour and all the stuff they have done. In the beginning I actually thought it may have been an accident. Both the actions of Bozo and the A’s and of course Crazy that have been going on for almost THREE years convinces me she is guilty.
    I want the A’s arrested for eveidence tampering, perjury, and for being plain stupid and rude.

    This is absolutely 100% true.


  24. SOTT says:

    Recently finished watching the latest hearing…there are so many comments I want to make, but for now I will just say this…..Linda Drane Burdick! I was immediately impressed with her when I watched the bond hearing (almost 3 years ago)and she continues to impress each and every time she speaks. I don’t know how she does it, but everytime she stands and takes the podium, she gracefully, and without emotion, delivers the FACTS in a clear concise manner. At a few points during this latest hearing, I was becoming somewhat frustrated (or should i say frushtrated) at some of the testimony being made by the witnesses for the “other side”, but once LDB took to the podium, and in her calm, cool, collected, demeanor she put to rest any fears or frustrations that I had. She perfectly delivered a line of questioning that got to the core of the very reason as to why they were all TRULY all there to begin with. LDB, you rock!

  25. Terry says:

    Just a quick note on Cindy when she washed Casey’s clothes that just smacked me right in the face….She said she washed casey clothes because they smelled so bad…….Would rotten pizza stink up your clothes……If memory serves me the clothes and shoes were in the car right….or did I get that wrong…..

  26. smyers says:

    Terry, pretty sure yes the clothes and shoes were in the car.

    NJsleuth, I do believe you are also totally correct. I would say that al least 75% of the people involved in this case would have never been heard of. Now to Casey I would think all these names of people involved in this case makes her feel so popular even if all the happenings are after the fact and have nothing to do with her. This has turned out to be totally rediculous and so terribly sad.

    What can she possibly write on her yellow tablet when all the experts come into play. Her writing days will come to and end when nothing but truthful testimony comes out.

  27. claudia says:

    http://WWW.MSNBC.MSN.COM this is a short clip from the morning show on 3/8/11. Can anyone catch what the plate on the back of Casey’s car says! TIA.

  28. Mom3.0 says:

    Hello all- I have been battling a flu bug or something- finally feeling better-

    Lots of great comments lately by Everyone including Blink-

    The closing arguments-regarding Miranda- suppressing statements… WoW- It seems clear to me that this is what Casey’s been betting the farm on for quite sometime. She and her defense believe they can get every thing of significance suppressed.- I say that they fell well short of proving their arguments, although the law may support them & JP rules in their favor, LE can still prove Casey’s guilt-

    Cheney’s whole mantra was “The Totality Of The Circumstances”- when arguing the motion regarding Miranda rights ect.

    Well IMO “The Totality of The Circumstances” was that every one of the first responding officers was looking at the scene as a guest appearance on to the set of “Jerry Springer”, by this I mean, simply a domestic dispute between a mother and daughter…A battle between an overbearing, meddling mother who would stop at nothing, even wanting her daughter arrested, to have her grand-daughter delivered to her care, vs her selfish adult daughter that was refusing to back down and be told what to do when it came to answering questions regarding her baby daughter’s whereabouts ect

    It wasn’t until other officers arrived and talked with Cindy George and Lee that the Sgt, and other LEO began to think that this was honestly and truly a possible missing child case.

    Cheney argued that (pp) this young 22 year old didn’t have any experience with LE other than dating one once- shew wasn’t a hardened criminal… (Actually 2 LE and her father was in LE and security and she was a thief and a liar although she was never held accountable for any crime… JmO)

    Mason made it seem as if the size and tone and # of LE intimidated Casey, and that her mother asking for her to be arrested added to the “psychology of pressure” and intimidation- which in “The Totality of the Circumstances” made Casey feel as if she was already in custody and was denied the right to leave ect.( Any body that listened to ANY of LE’s taped interviews with Casey would come away knowing that LE never yelled at her and they would undoubtedly know Casey was NOT intimidated, she was NOT scared, and she was NOT concerned about arrest or anything, really. She was as cool as a cucumber.

    Cheney asked “Was Casey’s freedom ever denied in any significant way?-” I have to say NO- She was free to go about her business and help LE which she cont to do- offering info on the SUSPECT Zenaida f-Gonzalez.
    She slept in her own bed, talked on the phone ect.

    Cheney asked “Did LE intentionally delay reading her Miranda rights”? I say definitely not- They were following up on her tips regarding the suspect ZFG- They went to Universal not to catch Casey in a lie, hoping to arrest her, not to isolate her from her family, not to get Torturo to join in on the gang of big intimidating law enforcements types vs itty bitty naive, casey, but to hopefully find her missing phone which she insisted would aid them in tracking down their suspect ZFG

    Cheney claimed they, LE knew what they were doing, in “The Totality of The Circumstances” LE thought Casey was a suspect. They had the smell, the lies, the 31 days-

    “She was surrounded by officers, detectives clearly considered her a suspect.. despite the cuteness of the dialog on the witness stand ( By Yuri Melich)….” – Hmmm I guess Yuri is considered cute by Mason too Blink…J/K)

    Well I submit that IN THE REAL TOTALITY OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES- all LE had was a young mother, that obviously was avoiding her family for 31 days, obviously was not too concerned about her daughter, and obviously was trying to make a break from her over-bearing family- “The Totality of The Circumstances” at that point, was they were probably dealing with A mother that knew her child was okay, but not necessarily where she was, she knew the child was living with someone she trusted, but that her family may disapprove of, and this mother had abandoned her car some time ago- and it SOMEHOW had become entrenched with an atrocious smell- a car that possibly could have been broken into and might have been used for nefarious purposes- a bums bathroom, a mobsters dumping ground- perhaps the garbage dumpsters smell could have wafted and stuck- who knows at that point, the trash bag contents could have held the source of the smell…LE At that point didn’t know.

    Cheney argued that everything must be suppressed, he argued :

    “I submit that in the totality of the circumstances shortly from the time when the 1st LEO arrived at her house and confronted..& Cindy “I want her arrested” & the deputies are there in the house… how often does that happen to somebody? How often does anybody, any ordinary citizen experience having deputies called to their home? Being accused of something they’re told they’re gonna be arrested? The Totality of the circumstances, Judge Perry demand a conclusion that she was entitled to Miranda rights and everything she said and did written statements, statements to Melich, Fletcher, Ascevido (in The) car all of that, should be suppressed.”

    That essentially was his argument, that everything should be suppressed…I believe Casey thinks she is living in a crime drama where she will walk free because her lawyers have said that everything she said and did is not admissible… Mason’s argument was compelling. He did well. If the law is on his side, he may “win” despite his comments being riddled with halftruths and BS….for anyone that does not know the facts in this case, his arguments seemed sound, I hope J- Perry does his homework, I have no doubt he knows the Law.. Regardless Casey has another think coming if she thinks this is her miracle…IMO

    LDB did well in supplying the real time line, the real facts, I do not know if she will be successful in getting everything in. I do not know enough about the law concerning handcuffing/no Miranda read ect- but if it is permissible by law, she successfully argued the point. IMO LBD definitely can hold her own in a room full of males more than double her size…I wonder if Mason admires that, or if he sees her as a poor itty bitty woman in a mans world??

    All JMO- and possibly will change frequently or not at all.

    I am so glad to hear you are feeling better mom 3.0-

    As always, your observations are spot-on.

    I am in agreement that Mason did offer a strong argument for this motion, considering it’s lack of merit in the first place. I am in the process of writing a piece on all of last week’s events but just a quick feedback item, I do believe that the phrase “The totality of the circumstances” phrase will be heard again, but offered by the state.

    I continue to doubt this trial starts in May.


  29. Ragdoll says:

    Good morning all :)

    Mom3.0, hope you’re feeling better friend. We missed you here.

  30. chica says:

    Good morning all!
    I feel like one of those jack in the box thingie’s
    I seem to all of a sudden pop with ! its me again! lol

    aww ragdoll your sweet!
    I tell ya my friend I cannot wait until trial time! if you only knew the hrs I lay awake at night(insomnia) praying for justice for caylee my heart breaks.

    this story I am about to tell is so sad!
    I will start out with yesterday
    I drove home from my mom’s in tears.

    I met a little girl caylees age!
    she and her mom are a neighbors of one of my sisters.

    I met this little girl yesterday for the first time ! anyways yesterday they stopped by my mom’s on the way from MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION!
    I guess you are begining to see where I am going with this story.
    this little girl was born with half of a heart! and on march 21st this little girl is going to have another open heart surjery! the chance for surviving it is slim. Dr’s are going to take some part of one of her heart valves I think I am saying it right! which will be harder for her to pump blood into the heart.
    this little sweet angel told her mommy not to cry and worry because she was going to be with the angels.

    This part is so sad!!
    she told her mommy she had a dream and in that dream she said her mommy gave birth to another little girl! she told her mommy that the little girl would be from heaven to make her not so sad.
    Isnt that something!! this coming from a 4 year old.

    make a wish foundation is sending her and her momy and little brother and my sister to disneyland for one week all expenses paid. They will stay at the disney hotel.

    that was one of her wishs!
    the other wish was to meet her favorite movie star! justin bieber!


    ———————————————————————-ok back to caylee’s case

    Safon executive vice president of HLN

    Request that Nnancy Grace covers the trial as oppose to Jane Velez whom coddles baez and gives favor to the defense. let him know this is about caylee not jose baez scoring points. She is always saying the defense scored even if it was the prosecution! we need to write and get jane off this case or else !! over the airwaves will travel news assisting casey and baez.

    go to in the comment section

    Respectfully Chica, I have much respect for Nancy Grace, but I do not feel she would be a good fit to cover this case. If I have to hear about poor George and Cindy and the egregious deficits in her knowledge of the case, I will be bald the first 3 days.


  31. chica says:

    blink do you have a link to justin bieber any ideas>

  32. chica says:

    george was trying to find caylee under river’s bed! or hiding in her apartment!! or under her sheets!!

    the dispicable goerge was having an affair even before caylees body was found!! and on top of that stealing money from the collection jar and and and!! he got river to give him something like 5,000 dollars.
    yeah he was looking for her alright and is that guilt he now feels and as far as the fight between george and casey! if I am not mistaken it was durint the time she was out on bail and george said something to that effect!! that bitch knows where my grandaughter is and she is not telling.and the jury will not like george’s nasty attitude nor cindys nor and especialy baez and casey! casey is cold doesnt even flinch when her parents are crying. Lets hope she continues with her hateful self! anyways casey is toast!!


    hope you feel better! your a valuable asset here as well as all my other buddies!

    I guess by now yall have heard that cindy has used her new attorney to request that her and george be alowed in the courtroom at all times. i hope it flops.

  33. NoseyRosey says:

    Mom3.0- I envy your ability to always put your opinions so eloquently. You are spot on with my thoughts. I hope Judge Perry is able to use the law to side with the prosecution, but I am not sure that is going to be the case. If he doesn’t that will just be another reason the defense won’t be able to use when they appeal the guilty verdict when this trial does finally come to an end.

  34. Mom3.0 says:

    claudia you wrote in part:
    March 8, 2011 at 9:55 am

    They like Casey believe she was arrested on a “f–king whim”

    Claudia, this statement of Casey’s came into LDB’s closing arguments- It was beautiful in MOO LDB pointed out that Casey’s own interpretation of the events of the 15th and 16th, was that she was arrested on a “F-ing whim”…thereby saying she never for an instance thought she was under custodial pressure…. this was after she was placed in cuffs and let go…

    While LDB was speaking, after she had quoted Casey…the camera panned to Casey and she leans over to JB and seems to mouth the words its the truth… If so, She still believes she was arrested on a “whim” Regardless,if she mouthed this or not, her council is arguing that LE knew exactly what they wanted to do and that she was a suspect…They argue that Casey was under the belief that she was under custodial pressure…Her words home in a call say otherwise:

    ” No Tony had nothing to do with Caylee.” her friend questions: “Oh so why do you want to talk to him?” Casey answers: “because he’s my boyfriend, and I want to actually try to sit and talk to him, because I didn’t get a chance to talk to him earlier, because I got arrested on a fucking whim today.”

    I think the State’s response was masterful for a number of reasons, but not the least of which, was the understated way the handled George and Cindy. I have reviewed their depositions again, and it is rife with contradictions to their testimony.

    In due time.

  35. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone-Blink,ragdoll, Chica, I am feeling much better, thank you.

    Nosey rosey thank you- I agree, J perry is going to rule whats best to lessen a chance of appeals…

    Blink thanks for your response, I agree – The State will use
    “The Totality of The circumstances” in LDB closing arguments we got alittle preview.

    She argued (pp) There isnt much to argue about how tit relates to the law here this is really an argument about how to apply these facts to the law, as we know it.. as the court knows, as council knows, Miranda only applies to individual that are in custodial interrogation settings….Custody meaning, formal arrest or any restraint to that persons freedom of movement to the degree associated with arrest and as Mr.Mason pointed out, what we are a dealing with here is a reasonable person standard… whether or not a reasonable person placed in a in this positon, would believe that their movement was curtailed to the degree associated with formal arrest.
    It must be evident from “The totality of the circumstances” that a reasonable person would feel that the restraint of their freedom of movement was so, that the suspect would not feel able to leave or terminate the encounter..

    Aha- here’s the part I mentioned in my last commment:
    LDB (pp)
    Clear records show that Ms Anthony was not being treated in any way shape or form- in a manner that would lead her to believe, or excuse me, any reasonable person to believe they were undergoing custodial interrogation… The best evidence of whether or not Ms Anthony herself felt she was in custody is contained on a phone call that she made, from the jail, back to her parents house on the night of July 16th of 2008 and I Quote:” No Tony had nothing to do with Caylee.” her friend questions: “Oh so why do you want to talk to him?” Casey answers: because he’s my boyfriend, and I want to actually try to sit and talk to him, because I didn’t get a chance to talk to him earlier, because I got arrested on a fucking whim today. Suggesting that Ms Anthony felt that the actions of LE in arresting her was capricious, sudden, or an impulse, and in no way did Ms Anthony or a reasonable person believe that they were in custody.

    Blink I also agree that a May trial date seems less likely, as Mr. Mason said, they plan on arguing every instance of these statements coming in, even if they lose these motions… It took 3 days to argue 7-9 motions- How much time is it going to take to argue Frye and all the rest?

    BTW, Is it just me, or did the Defense essentially agree in these hearings that Casey lied about everything- The Zanny The Nanny story was a lie, does that point to their going with someoneelse did it, or it was an accident… and thereby setting up Casey taking the stand inorder to change her stories ?????

    PS- I look forward to your thoughts Blink- I can’t wait to read your take on last weeks proceedings ect.

  36. Mom3.0 says:

    Ha ha I noticed that too Blink, LDB portrayal of Cindy and Georges…. ummm inconsistencies… She said their recollection of events is not consistent with…(the facts or previous testimony statements ect)….and she pointed out the “facts of this case are out of context and mixed up”… She thankfully supplied the court with a timeline of Casey’s statements ect- as to correct some of the inconsistencies and faulty recollections..even by Mason in his closing arguments… Me- not so— I was during this whole time ,talking …okay yelling, at my computer screen…What that’s not true!…What You never said that!…Huh?! Where did that come from? What is wrong with these people!!!!!

  37. Ragdoll says:

    Are we all still in the ‘belief’ that Casey will get LWOP? Anyone?


    I continue to doubt this trial starts in May.


    How discouraging is this? I perceived the defense was finally getting their ducks in a row (how weak that row may be) but I never considered the trial date would move up again. Mutha…..

    I am all over frustration but for the prosecution to remain focused, detail oriented and steadfast within this gong show (courtesy of Baez and Co.) is nothing short of a miracle. They are prepared for mostly anything the defense is going to use. I’m mad as hell but Mr. Ashton And Ms. Drane Burdick will continue to be Casey Anthony’s worst nightmare. Lovin it!

    Give me the name of your bookie, all bets on team Caylee!

    I truly believe the defense wants to “front load” this case, the state is fully prepared, and keep the faith.

    Pre-trial Motions are a different animal. Chief Judge Perry is “obliged” to give a lot of latitude here.

    That is the impetus for my feelings this is going to take a while. There is not way during trial that Baez et al will get the undue courtesies that they have received in pre-trial, imo.


  38. chica says:

    Oh I know about nancy grace and jvm are sickening ! I should have clarified! I take everything I said back lol and explain myself! I was on meds yesterday maybe a little loopier than usual.

    I think nancy is brash and insulting to her panel but I guess I am trying to say! that nancy covered the story and than she was taken off of it and suddenly the puertorican war on women spokesman starts covering the story and coddles the clown and gives him points that he clearly was worthy of. if the state makes great points she tries to deflect by giving him more credit than he deserves. frankly if it wasnt for updates I wouldnt even touch HLN.

  39. chica says:

    oh and I am not racist my point is because she and baez are both puertorican! she leans towards helping him make points with the viewers on national t.v

    hell I am hispanic so I cant go there! and my family has every race mixed into the pot!! we could make the united nations! lol

    anyways my friend its all about justice for caylee

  40. chica says:

    20.Word Girl says:
    March 5, 2011 at 2:34 am
    Blink you made my night!

    I actually know a woman who walked blocks, amongst college graduation go-ers with skirt in hose. No one saved her bacon like you did!

    And I do like bacon.

    Yes, that was one embarrassing evening

    I just had to add my experience of coming out of the ladies room with a long strand of toilet paper hanging from my chonies!!!mind you im in a resteraunt!
    how embarassing!!!

    ok friends later
    ragdoll heres waving at you~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  41. Word Girl says:

    I’m sure the Prosecution wants to stomp and holler, but they are prepared to dissect and counter each Defense statement as it comes.
    After the ‘front loading’ of the case, the pros will give example after example of how that version is not true.

    Right now, the Prosecution must be patient(and the poor judge!)
    Each ounce of rebuttal will weigh on the scale of justice for
    Caylee Marie.

    Shakespeare said, “Tis best to weigh the enemy more mighty than he seems.”

  42. SOTT says:

    Mom3.0 says:
    March 9, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    BTW, Is it just me, or did the Defense essentially agree in these hearings that Casey lied about everything- The Zanny The Nanny story was a lie, does that point to their going with someoneelse did it, or it was an accident… and thereby setting up Casey taking the stand inorder to change her stories ?????


    I am so glad you said something about that….No, you are not alone. I noticed that too and was like, whaaaat?!?! Did Baez seriously just admit to the lies she told when he said to Yuri (pp) ‘you KNEW she was lying about everything and you still allowed her to keep going with the lies and go into Universal Studios, into the building, down the hall, etc, etc.’ If the defense loses the motions to have all of the Casey Anthony’s statements thrown out, thus having to stick with the Zenaida story, will the prosecution be able to use Baez’s own words against her during the trial in some way shape or form?

  43. Ragdoll says:

    Chica!!!! Waving~~~~~ Hope all is well with you friendy <3.

    Blink I appreciate you differentiating between these recent hearings and the actual trial itself. Talk about patience! I could be way off with this observation, but if the defense chooses to front load, it won't leave them with much for the actual trial. She's not getting off with a technicality despite the defense's best cheap tricks. Some of the much needed evidence may be surpressed and that's a down right pisser. However, my faith lies, believe it or not, in Casey's lies, her 'sticking with the nanny story' and as Blink detailed, the duct tape itself. Who else, besides Casey, had motive to kill that sweet baby?

    Fast and steady wins the race.

  44. Mom3.0 says:

    Hello SOTT, Sorry about getting your name wrong the last time…

    Thanks for addressing my question. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that noticed Baez basically affirming that Casey Anthony lied about …well everything.

    What does it mean for the strategy of the Defense? Well Blink has said over and over that the Defense has had George in their crosshairs for quite sometime. Could that be it?

    At first glance George would seem to be Casey’s best scape goat…He is the only one that said he saw Caylee & Casey the morning of…he is the only one that said he saw Casey again during the gas can incident… He allegedly threw his father threw a window, allegedly choked Casey, he may have attempted suicide, He was possibly looking up naughty things on the web…he was allegedly seeing River…he gambled money away, and he supposedly lied about it…

    He has been seen for quite awhile by most, as unlikeable, demanding, childish, arrogant.

    He is the only one that Casey seems not to acknowledge in any way shape or form. She essentially accused him of possibly molesting her.

    It is a widely known and accepted fact that George is the odd man out in his little family. Cindy has little respect for him, Casey has no respect for him and he is not high on Lee’s list either.

    Although to Caylee he was her best bud..Her Grandpa,JO JO- sponge bob watching, popcorn making JO JO but sadly, that is now not what matters now….

    As Blink pointed out, there has been several inconsistencies in all of the Anthony’s statements, interviews, depos, testimony…George’s also.

    It was George’s testimony at the grand jury that helped…it was George’s gas cans and supposedly George’s duct tape… He wrote the letter (pp) they The Defense asked me two things…how can you do this to me, to Caylee to Lee, to your family?

    It was his testimony in last weeks court proceedings that seemed over the top and less than consistent with DT. Melich’s ect. He answered Mr. Baez’s weird questioning with(pp) Yes, I would do anything to save my daughters life…

    Is George in The Defense’s cross hairs?

    Mr. Richard Hornsby wrote an interesting piece. In which he questioned something CMason said in court- when discussing the ground rules which The State and The Defense have worked out…

    Here is the tape: Be sure to watch the whole part…very interesting, to say the least:
    It starts at about 7 minutes in…

    Who is this certain person the Defense wants to paint as a liar?…Who has done the most harm to Casey’s side?…Who has done the most good, at least in the beginning, for Caylee’s side?

    The whole thing is messed up IMO- it seems that the Defense is hoping to get everything suppressed, all video suppressed, all jail visits ect..I think they want to do this not only because it shows Casey as she really is, but it also shows others how they really were.. George as he really was…That was at the time, a witness for the GJ, a likable, sad, grandfather, and father, that made some mistakes and was trying to rebuild his relationship with his family, his daughter, his wife, his son…A flawed man, that was desperately wanting to help LE, and wanting answers from his daughter…inorder to find his lost little sunshine, his granddaughter, Caylee.

    Back then he seemed to be the only one dealing in reality…and the horror of what it all could mean for his family if his worst thoughts & nightmares were realized…He once said (pp)if Caylee is gone, dead, then essentially he has lost both Caylee and Casey, and it would devastate him, it would kill Cindy… and Well I think he may be, at this point, dealing in a different reality..

    One In which “The Totality of The Circumstances” is that he never did make it back into his family’s good graces by trying to do the right thing by Caylee, so he may be opting now, to sacrifice himself, and the truth, in the hopes of supplying reasonable doubt, thereby saving Casey’s life, his marriage, & his family, whats left of it…

    Afterall, his life may have become even more meaningless…little Caylee is gone, dead, he couldn’t dave her. Yet Casey is alive.

    What role is he able to play that will make his wife and daughter happy? Lee happy? Heck when Caylee was “missing” Lee was their investigator..not George the past LEO, he was designated “helper” to the media or something…

    What role is he allowed to play now to be the “hero” in their eyes? What can he do to punish himself for his perceived past failings as a husband? as a bread winner?, as a parent? as a man?

    If one were to watch every interview with George, especially in the early days..him talking to the FBI- him talking in the car, him outside the court house after testifying, his jail visits ect…anyone can see he, unlike Casey, was genuine in his emotions..he cared, he was hoping against hope that Caylee was alive and well ..he had nothing to do with her death, and did not know, but possibly suspected that his daughter was involved somehow..he unlike Casey, actually WAS trying to help bring her home.

    I think IF the Defense is going the George route, they will not succeed…although they may be able to call him a liar, and they may be able to prove that he would do anything humanly possible to help his daughter, at any cost…and they may be able to prove he is flawed… They are gonna have a helluva time making a jury think for even one moment, that he killed Caylee or helped cover it up after the fact…..and Casey hid the truth, and didn’t use it to her advantage at first chance..

    No, She instead blissfully went on with her life and then took the rap sitting in jail for years, because… she was what??..Afraid of her father? Please! Because she was trying to protect him? Please! Because she didn’t want to hurt her mother or brother? Please! Because she couldn’t face the truth and blocked it out? Please INFiNiTY!!

    Yeah- they want those tapes suppressed…(pp)Dad you were the best you did your were a good father and the ultimate grandfather…never doubt that for a minute….

    All just my thoughts and opinions which are subject to change based upon evidence and mood..Hey what do I know?

    Mom 3.0-

    Richard Hornsby is exactly correct, imo.

    As I observed, I saw George pretty much say he is not going to testify in her trial, no matter what, so this should be more than interesting.

    As I said early on, the defense strategy not to request a speedy trial in the dual matter of the economics charges and the “initial” Caylee related charges was a monumental gamble for them.

    If they lose the motion to suppress based on non-miranda and “agents of the state”, and I do believe they will, they are hard-pressed to attempt to “spin” such testimony at trial to favor their client without the acknowledgement that Casey stole a fat amount of cash and fraudulent credit card use.

    I note Judge Perry’s reaction to Mason’s Alfred Perez citation.

    I think he needs to lol himself, “lots of luck”.


  45. USTWIN57 says:

    Who is in the driver’s seat?
    a. Baez
    b. HHJP
    c. PPP
    d. SA

  46. chelsea1515 says:

    Still lurking – things are hotting up so quickly and so many Blinkettes are posting such brilliant thoughts I feel like shutting up and sitting in a corner somewhere to watch, listen and learn. However this turns out, in my heart I KNOW without a shadow of doubt Casey killed or allowed her daughter to die; George and Cindy enabled Casey to have a defense such as it and Baez would throw his own grandmother under the bus for a result. Therefore my faith in Justice for Caylee has to rest with Judge Belvin Perry. JMO.

  47. Ragdoll says:


    I would say God is in the driver’s seat. Regardless of how this turns out, He is Casey and the Anthony’s final Judge.

    Mom3.0, again, WOW! Your take on George reminds of Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman. Flawed, broken and an easy target (perhaps a reference that’s been made in the past). I did not pick up on Baez’s questioning about Casey lying. After I read your comment, I thought….’wow, could Baez be that dumb?’ Intentional or not, holy self mutilation Batman. I still do not get how they can steer from Casey’s statement of the nanny. I just can’t get past that. Regardless of their strategy, they will have to account for it, no?

    I see a lot of parallels to the OJ Simpson case. The defense created a gaggle of diversions from the truth, they overwhelmed the jury, imho. Confusion created doubt and doubt won. Baez and who’s army appears to be utilizing the same strategy. I just feel that unlike OJ’s trial, Casey’s dream team is far more exposed (thanks to the internet), documenting every move ‘outside’ the court room. This is where Baez may regret his self endorsing media blitz and bumbling rants (loose lips). I am keeping in mind that the jury will most likely contain jurors who haven’t followed the case. I just think this won’t be an effective stategy for the defense regardless of who becomes the scape goat. Casey is unlikable and the jurors will be privy to her defaults. Ouch.

  48. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    I was just reading the comments and then read Dr. Lillian Glass body language analysis of the Anthonys.
    But in reference to the post above regarding the defense coming right out and telling Yuri Melich all the lies Casey had given, my question is how does GA and CA “now” feel knowing all the time they defended Casey’s “half truths” are now full blown can not dispute lies. Remember the LIE about not coming forth with Caylee being gone because Casey was protecting her family from harm…Cindy A. going on tv and in the media repeating these things because she believed them and now here comes the slap in the face for these parents all lies.I would have thought for GA the accusation of sexual abuse by his daughter would have made him Man Up and testify honestly and take the control away from Casey but he hasn’t. Trial hasn’t even started yet and I think the Anthonys are about to be given the rude awakening we all know is coming, except them, because all of Casey’s dirty laundry is about to be hung out for the world to see.

  49. ginab says:

    I just watched Kathy Belich’s report on regarding the interview with Mark Hawkins. Casey told Mark that she often got into arguments with George and Cindy and that she would take Caylee away with her, for days at a time. Poor Caylee, I hate to think about what she went through on those days alone with Casey.

  50. Mom3.0 says:

    Well- here’s the good thing=- if The Defense is coming out with this was all a lie… and trying to make George supply reasonable doubt or …. then they are saying Hey look- someone in the family obviously did it…uhh maybe it was George…then that tends to provide confirmation that there is STRONG evidence that points to Casey’s guilt.

    Everything points back to the house…
    We know the laundry bag is probably from the garage, the trash bags are probably from the garage, we know the gas cans were probably from the shed -but perhaps from the garage, we know the duct tape was possibly from the shed or maybe from the garage. We know that the blanket is consistent with Caylee’s Pooh blanket from the home, kept in a separate drawer, in another room of the Anthony home, we know there was a hair consistent with Caylee with a death band, in the trunk, we know there was little horse found with the remains, consistent with one from Dora- one of Caylee’s favorites, we know that there was a stain in the trunk that may show an outline, silhouette, or image of a child, which tests show it is consistent with decomposition, biological fluids…

    George vs Casey-

    It has been said that mothers who kill their children tend to cover the child, and place them in a sleeping situation, often times submerging them in water or putting them in bags to, in a twisted backwards sort of way simulate/return them to the womb, and thereby somehow undo their act-It is said, they some times keep them with them for long periods,after death, not wanting to let them go…. All this can be done even if only subconsciously, with no really thought behind it.

    We don’t know all the evidence the State has, and The defense doesn’t know The State’s strategy for presenting it all at trial…but if the defense is willing to concede that Casey lied about the nanny, and Caylee’s “disappearance” and death..then it seems the State has backed them into that corner with solid evidence.IMO

    Caylee’s murder by death, by chloroform, by beating, by intentional drowning, by whatever means was not at the hands of George, Caylee remaining in the trunk after death, for at least for 2.6 days, was not George’s doing either- nor was Caylee’s disposal.

    George is a one time LEO- if he commited this murder, he would have known exactly what to do inorder to hide the body, the evidence everything- heck he may have known what to do to make it look like an accident..He most definitely would have came up with a better story then ZFG, The nanny ect – and afterwards he would have known exactly what to say and what not to say to LE- he most definitely would not have gone to the FBI and spilled his guts- about maritail problems, domestic problems, gambling problems ect. He most definitely would not have spilled his lunch at the interview….. he would have kept his mouth shut.

    If Casey would have asked for his help in cleaning up his Gbaby’s death/murder- Clean up the mess George…thats all your good for!…. (Which I don’t believe he would have done at the time, he may now be willing to lay down his life for Casey’s, but then, I think he would have done the right thing he would have chosen the truth, just like at the GJ..he would’ve chosen Caylee.)

    If he did agree, then he would have done a far better job then the pizzpoor job we have seen from Casey. He would have went to a junk yard, and replaced the whole back-/trunk carpet/board all of it- with one from the Junk Yard. Besides being a LEO for a time, he also worked at a car dealership. He would have know exactly what needed to be done to remove the evidence. He would have made sure Caylee was never found, he would not have put her with items that led back to his home, to Caylee’s home, to his daughters. He most definitely would have hid Caylee better than feet from the the road-under a log- next to some pavers down the street, near Casey’s one time pet cemetery…He certainly would not have brought the car home, and stuck his nose into the remnants of his decaying grandbaby.

    George was often times deliberately left out of “the loop” in The Anthony home, I doubt very seriously that anyone went to him for anything- least of all Casey. No one clued him in to any decision making ever- let alone in this situation he wasn’t asked for help in clean-up or possible new kidnapping scenario ect—hell I am not even sure that he knows now, what is happening or if, or what they are planning “in the loop”…JMO

    Blink I am glad to hear you say that you do not think these motions will be granted. I truly hope they are not. The jury deserves to weigh everything for themselves IMO.

    IDK, if George will try his best not to testify, by any means, I hope he does the right thing and speaks the truth for Caylee—What would happen if he got on the stand and lied his butt off and said he is the one that did it? Would the trial stop?…or could The State still present the evidence?

    PS- New docs are out and you were proven right again Blink, it seems that MH never had a sexual relationship with Casey…so no go on being little Caylee’s daddy.

    I hope and pray when everything is said and done that justice will prevail and little Caylee’s legacy will be restored without all the BS lies, subterfuge that her family has piled upon her in death…at her mothers insistence.

    For God’s sake speak the truth- Do the right thing!

    All JMO-Thats all.

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