Fugitive Cop Shooter David Durham’s House Located In NEW Kyron Horman Search Grid

Sauvie Island and Waldport, Oregon- A statewide manhunt is underway during the last week for a suspected shooter of a Lincoln City policeman.

Officer Steve Dodds was alledgedly shot more than once at close range while the incident was recorded on his patrol car dash cam. Dodds is in critical but stable condition. Dodd’s stopped David Anthony Durham for speeding Sunday evening after he left a co-worker’s party without his date, but not without his dog, Huckleberry.

Huckleberry has been recovered by police with only a minor leg injury.

It is not known what prompted the attempt on Officer Dodd’s life, but according to Durham’s own family members, he has been suffering from delusions and instability following a shoulder injury he sustained in June, 2010, for which he was taking prescription painkillers.

Michael Durham, David’s older brother and a Wildlife Photographer, pleads for his younger brother to turn himself in peacefully:

“I wouldn’t say that was a catalyst for anything,” he said. “You know, my brother has been having some issues with a shoulder injury and he had been on pain medication for the past few months. And we noticed that his ability to perceive what was real and what was not real seemed to diminish.” “My sister, Laurie, my brother Willie, myself and my mother, we love David and we want him to peacefully turn himself into the police,” said Michael Durham. “They assured us that he won’t be harmed if he’s not armed and doesn’t act in a threatening manner.”

David Anthony Durham, a resident of Sauvie Island, for the past six years, was a Sauvie Island Volunteer Firefighter, and nominated himself for director in 2007. Six months ago he was removed from active duty for erratic behavior. Durham is also reported to be an avid landscaper and outdoorsman.

Durham’s home on Sauvie Island, is directly adjacent to a highly publicized sighting from a tipster in the Kyron Horman disappearance investigation named “Chas” who claimed to have seen a woman with long red hair the morning of his disappearance at approximately 9:15AM on his way to work, in a white truck.


Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has cordoned off Durham’s Sauvie Island home and access is blocked by a MCSO patrol car.

There has been a 25 person SWAT team stationed at the base of the street since Monday, as well as a second team at a vacation home in Waldport.

A co-worker of Durham’s at Willamette Blueprint & Printing described her friend as a happy go lucky guy with no emotional problems and has worked there for at least 5 years.

However, Durham failed to show up for work on Friday, indicating perhaps he had concerns prior to the Sunday shooting. In a financial document obtained exclusively by blinkoncrime.com, In September 2005 David Durham claimed he left Willamette to become a full-time college student and that he was receiving unemployment compensation directly to his Portland Teachers Credit Union Account, while seeking financial aid.

It also showed that Mr. Durham was a previous resident on Sauvie Island at another address 2.5 miles South, and directly adjacent to Logie Rd across the channel. New Intelligence Leads To New Search Efforts Today Specifics have not been released, but new intelligence, the first in 9 months, is responsible for today’s new search efforts.

Today, Newly-tasked search teams are concentrated on NW Skyline Rd, south of Rocky Point.

Desiree Young, Kyron’s Mother:

“I have been waiting for this search to happen for some time now,” said Desiree Young, Kyron’s biological mother. “The Kyron Horman Task Force has shared the intelligence information with me, but unfortunately I can’t share that information with the media. I’m excited that today’s search will hopefully bring some closure to this case.”

www.blinkoncrime.com editor Madeline Tanner contributed to this report

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  1. Rose says:

    TY MBS for background.
    All I can say is would that Shrunk had the work
    product of more competent detectives from ground zero
    to rely on at trial, and yes would bios would hold detectives and mcso sheriff’ feet to the fire publically.

  2. bumble says:

    Rose says:

    June 11, 2012 at 11:10 am

    @bumble. I am sorry to offend and will be more careful in future.
    You are right; it was speculative and unfair, unfortunate. However,
    Desiree and Kaine have a very attractive child who does not favor Kaine.

    Do you have any idea why Kaine would find the development and
    dissemination of Kyron’s updated photo “unfair” in Kaine’s eyes?

    I have no objection to being called a Terribot. I post nowhere else. Except unfortunately
    I went back to True today: Ramsey. I’m the tunnel vision comment
    based on his closed mind (reads the investigator, not the parent.)
    Or a Kaine or Desireebot. Though Interesting how Kelly Ramirez started and continues
    fundraising on Roseburg FB page.

    I would object to being seen as endorsing this investigation’s competence,
    or any parent relying on it, including the DA’s Office’s overt or covert decisionmaking
    other than having a grand jury then suspending it which was correct procedure
    as I think I understand from a tippey toe in some BOC cases.

    1. ok, what did I miss about Kaine saying anything about Ky’s updated photo as being unfair?

    2. I object to anyone calling anyone any kind of “bot”. It is childish and offensive considering the fact that I think most would agree we are all Kybots- were I ever to use the term, so I would appreciate it not appearing here. If I had time to soapbox today, this would likely cause a rant on my part. This is not directed at Rose of course, just whomever coined the term.

    3. If the the account is being used to pay legal bills, then I am going to assume that someone has confirmed this with Rosenthal. Otherwise, I have concerns about client trust account issues, which may be perfectly “situated” but everyone knows I am a pitbull when it comes to ANYONE requesting donations from the public.



    I wasn’t calling Rose a “terribot” or anything else, just pointing out that she has on numerous occasions attacked Kaine in a personal and unnecessary way. Rose used the term a while back.


    I think what Kaine said was unfair was that parents of missing children have to GUESS what their child may look like now, which would be a very heartwrenching thing to have to do.

    Got it, and thank you bumble.


    Not sure why this is not linking through the threads except I have a spike in traffic like mad because of it:


  3. MockingbirdSings says:

    Blink – I’m glad you looked at Houze. Most of my recent research about him has been from older articles and from the perspective of his professional relationship to the prosecutors. It’s a lot like Perry Mason and the prosecutor in most of his TV series shows (forgot his name – Berger?) – they knew each other’s moves very well. However, Perry never lost. Houze does and doesn’t – he doesn’t always get his clients off free and clear, but he makes great deals, sometimes even keeping the client from being charged as part of the deal. It was frequently said that he likes to take clients he thinks have a chance at redeeming themselves in the future. I wonder if he thinks that about Terri.

    Here is one of my favorite comments I found about his work.

    This article, written by Robin Franze of The Oregonian on August 10, 2003, is more comprehensive than most of the others I’ve seen on Houze. He wrote:

    “Last week, with terrorist-suspect Hawash at his side, Houze stood in the wood-paneled courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Robert E. Jones, the same judge who presided over Houze’s first big murder trial, and received the compliment of a career.

    “Jones told Hawash he shouldn’t even think about appealing his conviction on the premise Houze hadn’t done his job — his skills were too well-known. “”You have had the highest level of assistance,”" Jones said. Houze kept his hands clasped in front of him, his eyes on the defense table.”

  4. Malty says:

    This link is important to read

  5. [...] is also the former home of a man considered to be  Federal fugitive following a confrontation with a Lincoln City officer with nearly fatal results.  Officer Steven [...]

  6. Debdawg says:

    I had a chance to meet & talk to Kaine directly the last hour or so of the roadster show back in March. He’s very different in person if you talk to him one on one than he comes across in interviews. Meeting him and talking to him just the 2 of us for 5 minutes or so, my heart just broke for him.
    Some of the things he’s done like updating Kyron’s room, from talking to him I think he truly believes his son is going to come home like in some movie fairy tale.
    Anyone who lives anywhere around PDX, if you know of one of Kaine’s outreach events, I suggest you attend and try to spend a few minutes actually talking to him.

  7. lyla says:

    @Leslie Alexander says:
    June 11, 2012 at 11:02 am


  8. cd says:

    There were about 10 strands of light-brown hair, about five inches long, according to one of the fishermen, Steve Klinger.
    The length of the hair sounds like it would be to long to be from Kyrons head. His hair in the science fair picture looks to be an inch or 2 at the most.


  9. RedRose says:

    D.A.D.?? Just spectulating …

    cd says:
    June 11, 2012 at 9:42 pm

  10. RedRose says:

    where is everyone??

  11. Riverpearl says:

    @RedRose says:
    June 14, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    where is everyone??

    ->Blink On Crime – Kyron Horman Missing Case Breaking News: Remains Believed To Be Human Located Off Sauvie Island » says:

  12. Riverpearl says:

    @RedRose says:
    June 14, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    where is everyone??

    [Link dropped --- here it is]

    ->Blink On Crime – Kyron Horman Missing Case Breaking News: Remains Believed To Be Human Located Off Sauvie Island » says:


  13. T. Ruth says:

    This is an awful case, being tried in Roseburg, OR right now. Anyway, I bring it here, because many of you have been discussing Aperger’s syndrome, which appears to be part of the defense. I hope the link works, if not google Sarah Dwight. RIP Sarah.


    Tears flow on witness stand in Roseburg murder trial


    They didn’t just question him about his changing stories, Fine said, “they flat-out accused him” of committing the homicide. She said that once he’d admitted to the assault he always maintained he hadn’t meant to kill Sahara, he only meant to sexually assault her.

    “He did so intentionally, impulsively with absolutely no forethought or regard for the consequences as it pertained to Sahara and as it pertained to himself,” Fine said.

    She said the defendant suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which contribute to his lack of impulse control, mood swings, and difficulty relating to others. Although he takes medication for these conditions, Fine said he failed to bring them with him on his visit to Oregon.

    The defense admits Wallace committed the assault on Sahara, though Fine said the killing was unintentional and thus Wallace is not guilty of aggravated murder but of a lesser crime.

  14. Word Girl says:

    Where is Rudy and ole whatshisname? I’ve lost track.

    Last I heard Rude was back at his work and whatshis was in Federal custody/protection.

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  17. [...] 6 months previously and about to expire.  At the time, the civil case Desiree Young filed against Terri Horman and has since withdrawn was about to resume.  A stay had been granted in November 2012, a month [...]

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