Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Bug Blunders And Botany Bias Benefit The Prosecution

Last week, under a due date requirement required by Chief Justice Perry, some of the expert opinions to be offered in the capital murder trial against Casey Marie Anthony were released.

In a highly circumstantial case, it is common for the silent witnesses to be the ones who tell us the critical pieces to the puzzle we are working on, are under the chair.

Bugs and Plants do not lie.

Arguably the Entomology and Botany evidence and their respective expert evaluations of same will likely hold some of the heaviest weight in the mind of jurors who will be charged with reaching a verdict in the death penalty trial in the murder of  Caylee Anthony.

Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.

~Bradley Millar

Lord of The Flies Part Deux

Dr. Neal Haskell, is largely considered the pioneer of Forensic Entomology in the United States.

In fact, he is the first individual in this country to earn Masters and Doctorate degrees in the field in 1989 and then 1993 respectively at Purdue University.

I have respectfully referred to him in earlier work as ‘The Bug Dude”.

Dr. Michael Baden and his co-author Marion Roach dedicated an entire chapter in their book, Dead Reckoning, to his work. Dr. Haskell was the “first call” choice expert of Linda Kenney Baden, former defense counsel to Casey Anthony, as stated by his former protégé and defense entomology expert, Dr. Timothy Huntington.

Dr. Haskell’s report filed October 6, 2009 contains the only peer-reviewed expert conclusions offered in the case against Casey Anthony.

In no way am I undermining it’s exhaustive and thorough contents. For the purposes of this article in order to remain respectful to the sensitivity that we are talking about medicolegal death investigation information that sadly comes from the homicide of a 34 month old child. I will largely be paraphrasing.

Dr. Timothy Huntington, the defense team’s expert witness, has been deposed by the State of Florida in this case three times to date. A final deposition has yet to be released.

(Editors Note: Although Linda Kenney Baden withdrew as co-counsel last October because she was not going to get her expenses approved and paid for by the state of Florida, she is most definitely working on this case in some consulting sort of capacity as she was present and noted in Huntington’s deposition in December)

Between his depositions dated December 28, 2010 and January 2011, Dr. Huntington produced a preliminary report that analyzed Dr. Haskell’s report and entomologic specimens. We know that he learned during the first deposition that several samples from the trunk vacuumings of the Pontiac Sunfire had not been sent for analysis to Dr. Haskell until a few days earlier. Dr. Huntington was not expected to prepare an opinion on that evidence until after it’s submission to him.

Huntingtons’ court ordered report focused solelyon the bugs in the trash originally located in the trunk of Casey’s car and omitted the bug samples from autopsy and the crime scene entirely.

Huntington was asked to review the Haskell report (b) during the second deposition “on the record”, however, and stipulated that he agreed with Haskell’s classifications found at autopsy and with Caylee’s remains. He maintained he disagrees with the fact that the entomological findings prove there was ever a decomposing body in the trunk of the car. He said as far as the bugs go, they are of no forensic value to conclude the victim was in the trunk.

Overall, Huntington and Haskell actually agree on most conclusions, and I would not be surprised to learn that his report’s omission of the bugs from the areas other than the “trash” were a tactical move by the defense.

Huntington seemed to have conceded that there was enough evidence to “assume” there was decompositional fluids that attracted the species of critters it did, but later contradicted himself by stating he feels the evidence points more strongly to there having never been a deceased person in the trunk.

Huntington’s arrival at that conclusion is actually based on what both bug dudes claim is the lack of early colonization of certain insects which are an important factor to establish what is referred to in forensic entomology as post mortem interval (pmi).

Haskell attributes the lack of the “early arriving winged things” to the trunk being cleaned by Casey Anthony and the trunk access itself during the initial stages of a corpse reaching bloat status.

Huntington says unless Caylee was refrigerated, buried, or hermetically sealed, he is not buying it. Interestingly, Ashton asks Dr. Huntington if he is aware of any evidence in this case that any of those options, staving off early colonization for a bit, occurred.

Huntington answered no, but I am reminded that it was he who took soil samples from the areas in the backyard where canines Gerus and Bones, through their handlers Jason Forgey and Kristin Brewer alerted to decomposition on July 17, 2008. Huntington stated he volunteered to take them, although he is not a “dirt dude” and is unaware if they have ever been tested.

There are only two options as to the status of those samples. Either they were never tested or they were tested and evidence of decomposition was found and is now considered work product and not discoverable. Had they been tested and no decomp was found, those exculpatory results are subject to discovery.  Although soil samples from the Anthony home were also taken into evidence by the state, their analysis has not yet been released.

Given the formation of the questions by SA Ashton, it is clear that the State’s theory is that Caylee was put into the trash bags and laundry bag prior to being placed in the trunk, leaving little doubt they believe little Caylee was killed at the Anthony residence.

Dr. Huntington’s basic testimony for the defense states that scientifically Dr. Haskell makes unsupported leaps about the existence of a decompositional event or human carrion, in the trunk of the infamous Pontiac Sunfire.

Prior to his depositions, he felt pretty strongly that a trunk would not render a corpse inaccessible and last fall set out to prove it.

In his role as “LOTFL, Jr.”, Huntington conducted an uncontrolled observatory experiment on decomposing pigs killed “for cause”, and recorded exterior activity “only” for 11 days without opening the trunk of completely different trunks and trunk environments in a dissimilar climate. Ultimately, this study did not make it into his report. Go figure.

His boot theory got the boot, you might say.

The fly in the ointment, if you will, with this counter-opinion is that Dr. Huntington’s report is based exclusively on the contents of the garbage bag located in the trunk of the car, which he maintains to date was all he was sent to examine. Haskell’s report specifically delineates between specimens found in the white bag with blue handles, and those found in the trunk.

What is beyond me, is how Dr. Huntington’s depositions and preliminary report does not so much as reference the fact that the garbage bag in question spent at least twelve hours in a DUMPSTER at Johnson’s Wrecker AFTER being opened by the Operations Manager Simon Burch in front of George Anthony. It is noted specifically in the timetable of Dr. Haskell’s findings, however.

I mean, I am pretty sure 12 hours is half the lifespan of some of the bugs he is examining in the first place.

How many proverbial poo poo platters could those flies order in 12 hours?

Did they take on new and different larvae? In Burch’s interview, he thought the bag was white with yellow handles; it is white with blue handles.

You know, this is a welcome (from my perspective) missed opportunity by the defense and fat technical snafu. Just imagine all that ripe fruit of that poisonous tree (dumpster metallia) floating around. You see where I am going with this…

Before anyone gets all up in my britches for pointing this out, ask Chris Darden if he regrets the decision to ask OJ Simpson to try on the glove?

Consider the dumpster the glove, and because it was not referenced in Huntington’s reports, he cannot bring it up at trial.

Let’s all be thankful we will not be hearing “If it was in the trunk and in the dump it must be junk” for months.

As an aside, this is exactly why a criminal defense attorney in his 3rd year of practice is not permitted to take a capital case on his own. Out of the gazillion motions to suppress this, that and the other thing, you would think one out of 11 lawyers might have had their hand up at a meeting and asked:

“How can we even be sure this is the bag that came from the Pontiac when there is a car in the same lot at the same time where there is no question a dead person was in it?”

“Did anyone think to ask Mr. Burch for the name and registration information of the suicide victim so we can see if he eats Velveeta Mac and Cheese?”

“Um, Ms. Baden, I know you’re all up in alleles to your elbows, but I was wondering, if someone tried to clean the trunk, why would they leave paper towels with body fluid in the trunk? There is nothing that ties our client specifically to this particular garbage found in an abandoned vehicle, maybe we should think about trying to get it tossed?”

“Has anybody had Dominic Casey or whatever his name is Hoover nab some trash from any of those friends they have been stalking for months?”

I trust my point, albeit offered in the snarktacular, outlines how the lack of the defense to prep their expert for another bite at this evidentiary “apple” is astounding.

$275K does not go as far as it used to I guess.

Dr. Huntington refers to a corpse discovered in his report. As he is a forensic entomologist, I have to say, I find this curious as a descriptor in the very report he is most specific about what he might see or might not see in a decompositional event.

Skeletal remains vs. a corpse is big deal in an experts opinion.

Because Dr. Haskell had not been sent the trunk vacumings for examination from the Sunfire until this past December, his amended report was not available at Dr. Huntington’s deposition.

You will notice the laissez faire way I just said that. Similar to the way it was released, really. Smushed in the middle pages of the most recent discovery release.

B O M B S H E L L (potentially)

In Dr. Haskell’s amended report, for the first time he has examined the vacumings from the trunk.

What is critically important in his report and is invisible to the naked eye, unless one goes “discovery diving”, is that the samples Dr. Haskell examined came from two separate and distinct intervals and collections.

J-60135 yielding a hair with a root bulb, and significant entomological finding, consistent with contact with decomposing carrion were found in the sweepings A F T E R the trunk lining was removed, months later.  Analysis on the hair has not been released.

Sweeping from the trunk liner, July 2008= ZZZZZZZZZZ

Sweepings from the trunk sans liner January 2, 2009= BAM

Dr. Huntington and no-doubt THE BAEZ LAW FIRM will not be thrilled to know he has unwittingly supported the testimony of State’s witness and former PhD board member, Dr. Haskell.  He says there should be dead flies and dead maggots underneath the liner.

Now we know, there are.

I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over… and the insect is awake…

Seth Brundle

Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around. An extremely yang solution to a peculiar problem which they faced.

~Terence McKenna

Not to be confused with her fictional and botanically correct character in former Denver Attorney Stephanie Kane’s book, Seeds of Doubt, Dr. Jane Haskett Bock is anything but a “tough ‘ole broad.”

Admittedly, I am pro prosecution in the case against Casey Anthony, so when I review or analyze expert depositions or what I would call “case critical” witnesses, I find it helpful to dislike them, hopefully, intensely.

Dr. Bock is an uber accomplished retired professor, gifted researcher, scientist and educator.  Not only do I NOT dislike her, under normal circumstances, I would call her for consults on cases and take her classes.

Candidly, I have no idea why she is sitting in the pews at the wrong side of this wedding.

In an article published in 2008, she is described as a “Crime Fighter”, with very good reason.

Not long after the body was found, Bock’s phone rang once again. Could she use scraps of plants from a suspect’s car to determine his recent whereabouts? The police had combed the Toyota belonging to Mirabal’s husband, Matthew, and collected fresh plant material from the carpet, pedals, windshield wipers, and wheel wells. Bock visited the crime scene in Left Hand Canyon, where she skirted the still-visible gore to collect samples of plants from the surrounding forest. Back at the university, she identified both sets of samples, looking for common species.

Although Dr. Brock is a “grass roots”(pun intended) participant in Necrosearch International, some of her recent depositions as an expert witness for the defense, seems to belie the organization’s protocols.

Utilizing the multidisciplinary approach to scientific specificity as it relates to finding clandestine graves would seem to me to be necessary.

What the hell did I just say?

I said, the bone person, the plant person, the bug person, the investigator, and yes, the canines on her team, and frankly on any team, work in tandem.  In her deposition, Dr. Bock explains she prefers that scientists work independently in their field of expertise.

What was particularly troubling to me about Dr. Bock’s observations and assertions was that she openly admitted she has never reviewed the Crime Scene Technicians Field Reports nor has she reviewed any of the FBI analysis reports from the crime scene, the trunk, or the Anthony home.

(pppppsssst, there is botanical evidence and analysis from all 3 of those I think someone might want to * p e r u s e*  prior to testifying)

Here are just a few notes from the field that may help:

In fairness to Dr. Bock, she has stated that her findings would not enable her to offer an opinion as to how long Caylee Anthony’s remains were located in the 8900 block of Suburban Drive.

However, I sincerely wonder if that is not the defense’s goal in the first place.

What would be the point of that Blink?

Necessity, for starters.  They need a counter to Dr. Hall, who literally on-site at the recovery scene identified several non-indigenous trees, plants and vines without so much as a protractor.

(Yes, I know a Forensic Botanist is not identifying the green stuff with a protractor, hopefully you got a chuckle and can identify with my angst whilst I am swinging through the vines of this subject matter.)

For the most part, Dr. Bock agrees with Dr. Hall’s classifications, and what she is unsure of she laments she wishes she could have been able to visit the recovery scene intact, prior to removal of a substantive amount of vegetation; no doubt from her days of working for the criminal prosecution team in the bulk of her previous casework as an expert witness.

What was staggering to me, was that Dr. Bock was given very little to work with from The Baez Law Firm, in the first place.  I was also struck that during her deposition where defense team member Dorothy Clay Simms attended and was apparently under the impression she gets paid “per objection”; Ms. Simms admitted she herself had never before seen the photo evidence being reviewed and asked to have copies sent to her.  WOW. Perhaps that explains the recently installed turnstile at the firm’s front door.

One of my favorite exchanges during a deposition of a witness in this case to date:

In over thirty years, Dr. Bock admits she has never observed roots growing though a skeleton or actual human remains recovered outside, unburied.

None of which were of a child, and none were scattered over a “dank” and densely vegetated swamp of over 75 sq ft area, with variances in elevation and soils where bones were found in up to 4′ of muck and leaf litter.

I admit I cannot keep a poinsettia alive past January, but it would seem to me that it is reasonable to conclude that Caylee Anthony’s remains did not dig themselves into varying levels of silt, soil and vines the week prior to their discovery.

In August 2008, Fay, the first tropical storm in history to make landfall four separate times from August 18th through August 20th more than likely concealed little Caylee’s remains which Roy Kronk feared he had discovered a week earlier.  It was clear from Dr. Bock’s deposition that she was either unaware of this information or did not find the relevance of the swamp being deeply flooded in certain areas from August through November of 2008 to be relevant to the fact that there appeared to be only one season of leaf litter on surface areas.

Dr. Bock went on to say that a great deal of her case knowledge has been supplemented by her daughter’s addiction to TruTV.  It would be my sincere pleasure if someone that is close to Dr. Bock, who in my opinion is a fantastic example of an extraordinary scientist and educator with an impressive body life-long body of work, would pretty please tell her this is not the hot house for her species.

In theatrical terms:

Seymour Krelborn, Jose Baez may be Mr. Mushnik, but Casey Anthony is no flower, although she could play the role of Audrey II without needing a script.  Don’t feed her.

Copy Editor: Madeline Tanner

Contributing Editors:  Madeline Tanner, Jaqueline Beaufort

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  1. chica says:

    lol lol sleuth too funny and guess what your not alone.

    hello amiga! yeah I am rested now! yesterday was not so good but oh boy I had alot of oh no he didnt moments with bozo in court today! he kept challenging the judge and poor Dr Vass he even said toward the end that he was tired. Now the defense filed a motion yesterday to have the judge reconsider the mtion having to do with the universal lying drama.

    today was quite a day the nerve of bozo arguing with the honorable judge.
    ragdoll ever hear that saying ” your momma dresses you funny” cindy is the one that supplies her clothes.
    love your posts! very informative and thank’s for all the links.

  2. annals says:

    I just finished watching the videos of the last 2 days of hearings. Wow it’s annoying watching (waiting) Baez conduct his examinations. There’s a gulf in preparation and presentation between Baez & the prosecution. The prosecution is crisp; Baez is a sodden mass in comparason. Gosh, he needs to lose the victim stance in the courtroom. Does he think he’s the victim?

    I’ve been waiting to hear from the defense the “real”, as yet untold, facts of the case they promised would exonerate Casey. You’re right, Blink; they got nothin’. They’re left with trying to confuse.

    I heart the K-9 handlers, the brainiac FBI hair analyist, Arpad Vass, Gerus & Bones. I trust they will all prevail.

    PS; Vass’ comaprison of the smell of human decomposition being as distinct as the smell of skunk is the best testiment I’ve heard on the subject. Very common sense, very convincing.

  3. USTWIN57 says:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Back at you Ragdoll, Chica and All

    If anyone has ever had a child or been there yourself, SECURITY is what you find in dragging a favorite pillow, stuffed animal, blanket, doll or even thumb/finger sucking whereever you go. You take that SECURITY with you. I think Caylee taking the “momma doll” everywhere she went, (according to Sindy), and Sindy finding it in the vehicle should have been RED FLAG signals to any CARING caregiver to an infant/toddler. Sindy HAD to know MOTY had done something AWFUL to Caylee after the time elapse of NOT seeing or HEARING a peep from Caylee. Makes me wonder just what kind of NURSE Siny was to the patients she was supervising. Did they get adequate care?

  4. Ragdoll says:

    Valhall did a GREAT blog regarding yesterday’s session. I was in tears, lol’n, and I wasn’t past the first paragraph.

    TGIF y’all! Glory behold you XO!

  5. Eloise says:

    Hi guys-

    I am totally enthralled with the latest hearings. I have yet to decide if I believe all of the nonsensical questions the defense team proposes are of pure ignorance or a well thought out plot to feign ignorance and to produce confusion to the parties involved.
    However, it did establish to me the areas in which the State will need to cover more efficiently with the witnesses, if in fact the various evidence is allowed to be presented. So in this respect, it is nice to have a preview on the areas in which the Defense have focus.
    My early guess, as some of you mentioned, is that I believe HJBP will allow Dr Vass testimony into trial, as IMO, he has proven the methods he put forth as common and reliable forms of testing, used in various capacities. So I dont believe according to Frye- that his methods are new and novel. What is different, is the use of these proven techniques to analyze the findings of potential decomposition. I believe that was what he tried many times to convey, it’s not the technique, it is the end analysis.
    I really think it would have been respectful for one of the many defense team members to replenish this Dr.’s water bottle after hours of torture on the stand, would have shown a touch of class imo.
    I read,( Hinky) that Cindy was present in court? I must have missed her, as the camera didn’t appear to have captured her on camera.
    Does anyone know what Ms Finnell, the gray haired woman the prevented Baez from getting slapped by HJBP, what her role and title is?
    Last question, in what form will HJBP respond to the motion filed yesterday by Mason Cheney?

  6. Mom3.0 says:

    Great posts everyone!

    What do you all think about Mason’s new motion accusing Chief Judge Perry of bias and misstating the facts.

    Mason and team want HJP to have anew hearing to rethink his decisions to allow the jury to hear all of Casey’s statements to LE and her family after she was placed in cuffs ect. Basically they want a total do-over on JP rulings regarding Agents of the State and the Miranda/custody issue issues.

    The link to read the motion is here:

    Yesterday’s hearing-

    Boy oh boy was the afternoon session full of hot-air or what?… And I am NOT talking about Dr. Vass’s testimony.

    Geez- Ms Simms accused a photographer of focusing on her lap top…(For petes sake turn it in the other direction, close it partially..get a screen protector or Move to the side tables (like HJP advised) …. also Mr. Ashton-was a little outof sorts yesterday too- he and Baez got a 5 min timeout from HJP… Mr. Baez practically accused Ashton of tricking him…at the very same time JP was questioning JB of possible wanting to “ambush” the prosecution by rescinding on an agreement not to attack the machines that Dr. Vass utilizes, instead only the findings…

    So many things going on yesterday that I think were unbelievable…

    Im sorry but WTH was Baez saying about meat and “weed”? Is a reasonable person supposed to believe that little Casey smoked a Cheech and Chong sized puppy joint & had a severe attack of the munchies so bad, that she ate a ten pound hamburger, then demurely wiped her hands and mouth on only paper towels and placed them in the trash bag…and threw it in her trunk only after flies and maggots had infested the garbage? ( had to be in the bag first, under their theory that the garbage is the answer for the smell, the adipocere, the maggots, the flies, the stain ect…it can all be traced back to Casey’s drug induced binge on meat pizza, hamburgers, salami, velvetta cheese ect…..)

    What? Is a reasonable person supposed to believe that these paper towels were so drenched with grease that they saturated the trunk carpet, but did not leave any residue on any other trashbag item?

    Given the FACT that there was no pizza in the box- no meat, no sausage, no cheese, no NOTHING for the maggots to feed on in the bag EXCEPT for the grimy paper-towels… if the papertowel “grease” was the source of the smell and the fly infestation… why wasn’t the “grease” devoured early on?

    If Casey Anthony wiped up the other “grease” that was in the trunk that had seeped out of the trash -why then wouldn’t she of at the same time have thrown away the trash bag?- hence ridding herself of the source altogether? If the trash “grease” was the source of the smell, why then would she make up stories of dead squirrels( which Dr. Vass said smell very little decomposing) waay before she ever went on her pot induced greasy food binge that ended up as remnants of trash in her trunk??

    If I understood Dr. Vass’s testimony correctly, his findings should be allowed into trial. Air, has been tested for a long while. Think breathe- Breathalyzers are “sniffer” machines that isolate compounds or chemicals found/absent in breath. Scientists for a long while have been collecting “trapping” and separating compounds/chemicals to determine what chemical is present or absent…. Other scientists have been isolating and trapping gases for years. *AIR IS A GAS*- (when not frozen or liquefied of course)Other scientists have said that certain compounds/gases ect present at different times during the decompositional process.

    As Dr. Vass testified, different peaks/compounds can be found at different stages…it is not one individual finding that is CONSISTENT with decomposition, it is a number of them occurring together. Is it so novel or new to think that a scientist could trap/and isolate different chemicals/compounds in gases for testing & see what compounds are present or absent? Air is a gas, right?

    As to absence of Fluoride, little Caylee was two – she shouldn’t have been using fluoride toothpaste, nor would her body have stored up much fluoride…

    I found Vass’s testimony very feasible. I also understood that Dr. Vass in twenty years had NEVER encountered peak levels of chloroform- and certainly never 10000 x the rate of the control sample.

    It is my understanding that Dr. Vass is not stating that he can conclusively say a human decompositional event took place in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s trunk- The machines can not either. What he did say is that certain chemicals or gases or compounds were isolated and trapped in the air emanating from the carpet of her trunk- 30 of them CONSISTANT with those found during human decomposition. 7 of them were in found in greater levels than trace amounts and could not be overlooked due to other factors such as being part of the make up of gasoline like the benzenes(sp?)…

    All JMO- sorry for the length- I was just bursting to get this all out of my head- I really Hope the evidence makes it in- on cross during trial the defense can certainly attack the findings and the validity of the “science” I would hate to think this information is lost to the jury…BTW what in world could be the answer to why chloroform levels peaked so high?

    aaah, you beat me to finishing my post, can you kindly bring over?

    Many thanks

  7. Mom3.0 says:

    Eloise- I just read your post- you said exactly what I was trying to convey but much more concisely Thank you…& Bravo I really need to learn to be less wordy…

  8. PigletinCT says:

    Hi Everybody. Coming out of lurk mode to throw this out there. IMO – What Casey is constantly scribbling in these hearings is just more lies. It’s the only thing she’s really good at – lying. Look who she had as a teacher – Cindy. I’m of the opinion that whole family knows a whole lot more than we’ll ever know. I’ll bet she’s never even told Bozo the whole truth & nothing but the truth anyway – so why would we expect anything else? And if that truly is the case – that even Bozo doesn’t know everything – how in the world are they going to save her butt from from spending the rest of her days where she belongs – locked up. Back to lurk mode……….

  9. dee says:

    yes I am still around just silent but WOW this Mr. Vass is truly the only one who will need to testify in this case

  10. Mom3.0 says:

    I just wanted to add something…sigh… I know more words…

    Anyway I did not mean to imply in my previous post, that Dr. Vass’s gas chromatographer(sp?)– was a “sniffer” machine or is like a breathalyzer- his ‘labrador’ handheld machine may have had more similarities to it than the chromatographer… I was just trying to point out that gases, even air, have long been trapped/isolated/ measured/tested ect…

    So IMO Dr. Vass’s methodology and processes ect do not seem to be novel or new, or at least IMO Baez failed to show them as such.

    At the end of the court hearings yesterday HJP asked if both sides were finished arguing these particular motions for Frye…JB said no that he had more witnesses to call. So Believe it or not, 2 days of Frye hearings and only 2 motions, the hair, and K-9 motions IIRC, are ready for the judge to render an opinion… At this rate, hearings will be held each day of the week, and possibly all motions still will not be heard..good thing HJP allotted the whole week of April 19th to hear motions.

    BTW- a couple of quick questions..

    Why on Earth didn’t Ms. Simms argue these scientific motions for the Frye hearing? It seems to me that she would have been better suited, and I thought that was one of the most important reasons for The Defense bringing her on-board?

    And What is the Defense up to with their new witnesses testifying to state of mind? I can’t think of a single SOM excuse that would cover the reasons why Casey Anthony did what she did and continued on, until all evidence backed her into a corner…then her defense comes up with, at the last minute , testimony from doctors or anyone, that will testify to her state of mind—

    Im not a doctor, but Ill give it a shot-

    Casey Anthony thought she could get away with it, she is selfish and conniving she has no remorse for stealing, lying, killing, nor disposing of her baby, then claiming kidnapping- She is only sorry for having been caught- she is only remorseful that she did not get rid of all the evidence- Her state of mind is much the same as at Universal- Shucks, I did it, I lied, but NOT about everything…youve got to believe me now…cause Ive come up with some new and better excuses…..

    All Just my wordy opinions…

  11. Ragdoll says:

    Mom3.0, I am going to insist you quit knocking your contributions with comments like….ugh, I know, more words. I read every comment your graciously share and find that your insight enlightens me to a higher degree of understanding. Processing on my part is much easier, let’s just say.

    I absolutely agree with your opinion. This is one time in Casey’s life that she can’t run from her lies. The more I observe her behaviour and embellished, insincere reactions to testimonies, the more I believe she

    Last, fantastic, interesting, information posts my friends. I’m a better person just for hanging with you all and learning so much about appreciating different, unique (and more intelligent) opinions other than mine. It’s my honour! <3

    (((((GROUP HUGS)))))))
    If anyone read Valhall's blog, she was able to name the laboratories that Baez in which he had his 'student' come up to the front of the class to write out the names of such. How demeaning!!!!!!!! Dr. Vass was class A cool. His demeanor effectively got to Baez, which I found amusing as heck. Baez is much like Casey. I think Baez is the one who needs convincing to plea. More so than Casey.

  12. Ragdoll says:

    I cut myself off on a sentence. Imagine that.

    Should be….

    The more I observe her behaviour and embellished, insincere reactions to testimonies, the more I believe she wrote ‘I just hope the ends justifies the means’ in her diary after Caylee’s death. Not verbatim.

  13. Ragdoll says:

    From Mom.30


    What do you all think about Mason’s new motion accusing Chief Judge Perry of bias and misstating the facts.


    I can’t offer anything interesting. Just that what an odd and inappropriate thing to say. Not just for the obvious reasons but b/c I understand JJP and Mason go way back. Did Mason think he was going to be bias towards the defense based on an imagined bromance, or something? The do-over is another stall tactic and I cannot imagine the court will indulge another idiotic request from the defense.

    The other thing that I will never comprehend is why such respected and decorated attorneys would jump onto a sinking ship. Mason failed. Macaluso failed (that could be an entire page on its own). Burdick backed off. Kenney Baden cited financial limitations (good save), Sim certainly hasn’t done anything spectacular but act like Baez about he laptop. Monkey see monkey do, I guess. Lyon left stating JAC won’t cover her travel costs (perhaps, but another good save), and a gaggle of others I know I’m forgetting. Who’s going to be the next lemming?

    Keeping it on the new thread from here on in.

  14. chelsea1515 says:

    I watched and listened to Dr Vass whilst packing up to leave Florida for home (UK). He made a very intricate and scientific subject interesting and enthralling although I was saddened that this was all to inform how a beautiful two year old almost certainly ended her last days on this earth. Dr. Vass came across as a highly qualified and experienced scientist with a sound, down to earth approach to his work. When he related the act of jumping back when opening the tin containing the carpet samples from Casey’s car, it was not an act, I believed him, as I feel a Jury would. Casey’s reaction caught on camera was of pure distain. I believe any one of us bloggers would have been distraught in her position, in a virtual state of collapse but not Casey; this was just one more minor irritation her Knight in Shining armmour would have to deal with….. Actually a week ago I probably would have believed that to be the case but not any more. I truly believe Casey is now running very scared. Baez looks and acts like a unprepared, uneducated pratt! And this must be obvious to all of the Anthony’s. My gut feeling is, regardless of what is allowed in, Lee Anthony is likely to be the person that could come good at Trial. I believe he knows exactly what happened and is having a hard time living with this. Caylee may yet find someone in her family to champion Justice for her. I believe certain people are born without a conscience, something that makes human beings unique. Casey is bitter, angry, jealous, arrogant, disdainful, all these things but she has no sense of wrongdoing, sorrow, any need to ask for forgiveness – NO CONSCIENCE. She isn’t human in my book. I’m jetlagged so am off to bed. Will be back lurking tomorrow, greetings to chica, mom, ragdoll et al.

    Casey Anthony has convinced herself of whatever lie they intend to proffer as to what happened to her child.

    My apologies to the little one, but imo, Casey Anthony is a soul-less individual.

    Diminished capacity my ass. Good Luck with that.

  15. Mom3.0 says:

    Ahh Ragdoll thanks but I am not knocking myself..just making a joke about my never ending tendency to to be as my dear old mom would say “mouthy”..HE HE Thanks for giving you opinion on Masons motion RD- great points- I think they will still be friends after everything…probably…Heck maybe not. Id like to say they are both professionals but I dont know how far Mason is willing to go to Win. But I do think Mason had good reason not to show his face in court yesterday..and it wasn’t cuz he was delivering this motion either…KWIM?

    PigletinCT- Im beginning to agree with your thoughts more and more…

    Dee- nice to see you again.

    Blink- I’ll bring it over-thanks.. sorry about beating your new article, I hoped you were working on one..I tried to wait, but like I said I was about to burst!

  16. Mom3.0 says:

    chelsea1515- I just wanted to say what a heart felt excellant post thankyou and I agree with both of you…Casey does not have a conscious-although she does Kunderstand right from wrong and is certainly not crazy or reacting in a diminished capacity or altereed State of Mind-

    IMO She meant to do what she did, she planned it, and she thought she would get away with it. She is soulless and her greatest mistake was doing away with her greatest contribution to her family and the world…little Caylee.

    I truly hope you are right Chelsea in your thoughts about Lee- I really hope he will be Caylee’s hero- she surely needs someone to tell the truth and stand by her.

    Get some sleep Chelsea- see you on the new thread.

  17. Prof NYU says:

    To The Editor,

    My criminal law class has followed this case 2 semesters.

    As an observation, which will inevitably appear in some of my students graduate work, in our evaluations, this piece is exceptional as a means to examine both sides of “case in chief”.

    I do not know your credentials or background and could not locate them on the site. I admit this is the first time I have allowed the “social media” to be evaluated in a lab.

    This site has represented things that were missed by some of the best legal minds in criminal law, although again I admit we are neophytes in the media for legal use area-

    Would you be willing to present your findings in this case via lecture?

    Please email me at the requested email address.

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