Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: George Anthony is No Killer BUT HE IS KILLING ME Already

When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the world wonder’d… Tennyson

George sees the light… Baez Light Brigade that is… and yes, I do believe that jurors will think they are all drunk for such a strategy.

Not new, not novel, not nouveau. You have read my predictions that George Anthony will willingly serve up his lily liver with fava beans and a nice chianti, for years.

Well, looks like the bus he is laying down for has left the station.

George ON Stand 3311

If I am being honest, ( Editor’s note: I have a few Aussie friends, and they constantly say this to preface some sort of heinous insult that you forgot by the time this passed you by) I have no earthly idea why anyone would be surprised or remotely piqued from your Cheerios over such baffoonery.

Almost 3 years later, you would think that at some point the injustice this family has shown Caylee Anthony would cease, or at least dawn on them like some sort of loosely based Lifetime *movie*of *the*week* scene finale. 

Let’s face it. George is the perfect patsy in this case. Let’s review a short list:

1. He flat out lied about seeing Casey and Caylee leave on June 16th, 2008. We know this because Casey’s cell phone records tell us she did not leave the house until after 4PM. George called her at the house earlier first, and then her cell, so again, he expected her to be at the house, not “at work” as he told invetigators. Contrary to recent reports on WFTV espousing that George described exactly what Caylee was last seen wearing as the clothing found with her remains, let me clear this up, courtesy of contributor Kleat, from George Anthony’s deposition by the State of Florida, in pertinent part:


[Whereupon, the document referred to was

marked for identification as Plaintiff's Exhibit

Number 9.]


Jeff Ashton: Let me show you State’s Exhibit 9 and just ask you if you recognize that photograph? [Handing]

George Anthony: [Examining] Yeah. It’s a photo of Caylee.

Jeff Ashton: Have you ever seen that photo before?

George Anthony: No. I don’t remember if I have or not. I don’t believe so. No.

Jeff Ashton: The shirt that she’s wearing in that photograph, do you recognize — from what you can see of it, do you recognize that shirt?

George Anthony: Not off — no. I don’t recognize that shirt. I don’t know if it’s a pajama or if it’s a T-shirt. I’m not really sure. I’m not — I don’t know.

Jeff Ashton: Could that be the shirt she was wearing when she left?

George Anthony: No. She wasn’t wearing this one.

Jeff Ashton: Okay. So it’s a pink shirt, but a different pink shirt?

George Anthony: Yeah. It definitely wasn’t this one right here.

Jeff Ashton: Okay. Thank you. All right.


 2. He ommitted entirely 2 jobs he was working at the time of his resume and interview for Andrews International, on June 17th, 2008.

3. He has a propensity for shall we say, ladies that require service fees, and that non-existant credit card he did not have according to Cindy’s deposition, at the time of George’s deposition had a nearly $11,000 balance.

4. He purchased a handgun while Casey was on bond.

5. His attempted suicide could be construed as “guilt driven”.

To be honest there is plenty more where that came from, but I doubt the defense in this case even got this far considering they are attempting to add witnesses four months late, whose allegations were cleared by OCSO in the first place.

At the March 3rd motion hearing, where George alledged he was an agent of the State, he faced Casey from the witness stand.

Casey, full glare ahead and adorned in her her gas can red sweater with the henkel silver jacket on top, and George in his “will someone take me seriously” lavender.

He flat out testified he will even “not show up” to court if it would help his “baby”, Casey Anthony.

Jose Baez: ..”Now if I gave this hypotthetical, if I told you not showing up to court next Wednesday, and I am not telling you to not come to court, it would save your daughter’s life, would you show up to court?

George Anthony: “..If you asked me to stay away from the proceedings, if it was going to save my daughter’s life I would not be here..”


Late this afternoon, as I was prepared to ask again where in the world is George’s counsel, finally, George Anthony’s Attorney, Mark Lippman, fired back:

In the statement, Lippman said, “George Anthony had nothing to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony. He has been investigated, deposed, examined and cross examined by both the prosecution and the defense, and neither the defense team nor the state of Florida have maintained that he is at fault in any way.”


I will sum it up this way. George has a better shot at drinking a 5th, than pleading the 5th in the criminal trial against his daughter.

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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    Greetings Blink and all-

    chica- I believe HJP is doing exactly what needs to be done. Remember when Baez was going to ask that lawyer about attorney client priveldge info? and Perry stopped hime and said do you reall want to do this? Well HJP asked Baez if he really wanted to continue questioning his experts ect last week and Baez said he did. Baez keeps adding more info than what is needed and trying to fet other info allowed…Why if it can not help his motions or the frye issue then who can it help to know more info?

    HJP wisely clues Baez and his team in- and yet they keep not getting it—I say let them talk let Cindy talk let the experts tell what they researched(or had their students research)…- it can only help us get at the truth– and help the State better prepare–and an added benefit is that The State keeps getting more time with witnesses to depose and they can add rebuttal witnesses past the date- all this because HJP wants a level playing field- Keep in mind that HJP ALSO said (pp)I will be reading all expert reports & depos ect- I will know if anyone is trying to hide anything and if they surprise testify- and there will be an accounting- NO TRIAL by AMBUSH-

    Ps We already know what JP thinks about the defenses new witness reports—You mean those 2 letters?…

    TGF- the trash did smell–because there were paper towels in it with grave wax.

    annals- Casey sure did choose the lightest amount of trash she could… IMO the trash was a prop- and nothing more.

    -The trash defense is Rubbish-

    The Blow fly/s do have a story to tell can’t wait for your next article Blink I have a feeling its gonna be a doozy


  2. Midwest Mom says:


    I think those 2 letters from expert witnesses are symbolic of how insignificant, to the defense, the experts testimonies are going to play in Caseys defenses. Very little in my opinion and FYI the title on my letterhead reads Layman.

    The dogs hit in back yard, there is smell of death in the car, what links the backyard to the trunk?

    Mr Ashton asked Dr Bock if there were any botanical evidence in the trunk, she answers I don’t know. I would hope.

    Was there any botanical evidence in the trunk from the back yard?

    Even after Cindy’s failed attempt to clean, bugs and more bugs were found, hair with death band found, plus more hairs were found.

    Does anyone know if Dr Hall found any Botanical evidence in the trunk?

  3. Bam from Mississippi says:

    Kindy funny but kinda not…… I honestly thought ppl used different names for the “list of players” in this horrible mess for legal reasons…. Meaning…. not wanting to be sued by a specific player for blogging about them….. Therefore, i fell in calling them other names as well. So sorry Blink! Now I know!

    34 days ppl!! Caylee, hold on baby!!!!!

  4. chica says:

    04/04/2011 Motion
    Defendant’s; for Withdrawal of Appointed Counsel
    04/04/2011 Brief
    in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Withdrawal of Appointed Counsel

    Who could it be could this be a defense strategy if mason leaves. I thought I heard that he had prostrate cancer and he hasnt looked to good lately!! Is it defense strategy to delay?

    my next guess if its not him! it would be finell! she seems to be the one who several times tried to calm baez down while he was making a fool of himself arguing with ashton and the judge!!

    whats your take?

    anyone Feel free to weigh in!!!

  5. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Thanks for the reminder about the grave wax. I had forgotten that it was found on the paper towels.

  6. Heidi Anderson says:

    Can you imagine if the bag of (garbage) found in the trunk was not thrown away at the towing lot?……… Had Cindy found it, it would of most likely been thrown in a dumpster on her way to work… just like her daughter did to her own flesh and blood.

    Here’s a thought. Maybe baby Caylee was telling Papa George to toss the bag, so that Cindy wouldn’t take it. We all know Cindy had a plan to destroy evidence in that trunk. That family had a good 45 minutes to plan things out and what to do next before LE arrived.

  7. annals says:

    RE; chica says:
    April 4, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    04/04/2011 Motion
    Defendant’s; for Withdrawal of Appointed Counsel
    04/04/2011 Brief
    in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Withdrawal of Appointed Counsel

    Gosh Chica, could this be a bombshell?

    These motions are not yet up on the Ninth Circuit site where we can open the documents.

    I notice that in the previous motions for attorney withdrawls, the motions were filed by the withdrawing attorneys themselves. For instance, the listings appear;
    as councel; Andrea Lyon
    (It’s the same for Kenny Baden and Macaluso.)

    But as you said; this one appears;
    Defendant’s; for Withdrawal of Appointed Counsel
    in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Withdrawal of Appointed Counsel

    I’m not sure what to make of it, but I have a sick feeling that what’s in that brief is written in Victim-Speak.

    You and me both.

  8. annals says:

    By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel

    8:13 p.m. EDT, April 4, 2011
    Online court records show a motion for withdrawal of “appointed counsel” in the Casey Anthony case, but it was not clear late Monday who that attorney might be.

    The Orlando Sentinel will pull the file in the morning when the Orange County Clerk of Courts Office opens to determine the subject of the motion and to review a brief supporting that motion.,0,4824574.story

    I’m gunna go waaaay out on a limb and say it’s BAEZ.

    The other day, I said to an editor, if she were smart like I think she is, she would fire Baez now.

    I thought I saw that “glimmer” the other day, however, let’s face it, she does not see anyone else to have a legal opinion as to how badly he is bumbling her case. And short of a few acceptable reasons, Baez cannot cut his losses on his own.

    I suspect she is firing someone.

  9. kccritic says:

    maybe she is firing Mason since he doesn’t coddle her like Baez? And he is dp qualified so if he goes, doesn’t that delay the trial while they find someone else and get them up to speed?

    It would

  10. chica says:

    hi annals
    alot of speculation that it’S simms.
    I did wonder because I heard some say it was possible the bar took action on baez and in light of his most recent behaviour!!

    Dunno it appears to be a bombshell of somekind!!

    Cant wait till morning.

  11. MsEnscene says:

    << I don’t think he thinks he actually will, I think the goal is to plant reasonable doubt, and I think he will willingly contribute to that.

    If anyone has any doubts about that, I recommend reading the evolution of his interviews and finally his state deposition. There is a reason the State requested his grand jury testimony.

    Blink: Not to belabor the point, but would GA like to live even under the shadow of being a child murderer for the rest of his life? He has a very delicate ego, methinks. He very much likes playing certain parts in this case, like the Chief Detective and one of the LE guys, but not the part of a Grandfather who murdered his granddaughter.

    I do think that GA was given lots of loud huzzahs about his GJ testimony in that he gave some justice to Caylee. How does anybody know what George told the GJ? He could have lied up a storm as he did in every national broadcast interview.

  12. Löni says:

    Didn’t Casey have an attorney that was assigned to her case prior She hired Mr. Baez? Maybe she is firing this one…

  13. Löni says:

    I refered to a Public attorney in my post above

  14. claudia says:

    WOW!!!! It Mr. Baez that Casey has asked to leave her case. Fox news just reported this.

  15. Löni says:

    I don’t think She will ever fire Mr. Baez. Even if he is not her best defense. She will not recognize this yet, only after trial if the defense fail. what will for me… Only my opinion

  16. Teri says:

    It’s Jose. Is it possible for him to go without causing a trial delay?

    I wonder whose idea this was? Did Casey really fire him?

    Never a dull moment in this case.

    Could there now be a possibility of a plea deal?

  17. claudia says:

    It’s a fake,,, some nut case wrote a little and filed the papers with the courts!

  18. Teri says:

    Ummm…hold up on the “It’s Jose” thing. There is additional reporting that says this may all be a hoax?

    **insert headshake**

    This case makes all the crazies come out.

    Oddly – if that is the case…I’m strangely relieved. After all – with Baez at the helm – Caylee is sure to see justice. :-D

  19. jane says:


    I know this is completely immature of me, but ROTFL

  20. annals says:


    Of course.

    Mr. Jackson if your nasty.
    I think she should hire him, he is right.

  21. Löni says:

    Who is Mr Curtis Jackson?

    A very crafty MI inmate.

  22. Löni says:

    Ooh:)) i tought for one moment this Curtis would be a renowed lawyer. Because as such i only know Mr Johnnie L Cochran who once said ” if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” remember? Oj Simpsons trial for the glove. This lawer if he would be alive now and lead Caseys defense then i would be very anxious for the outcome of the trial…

  23. everyone's a suspect says:

    I would like to thank the local media who WAITED and got the facts before they went public. Orlando Sentinel to name one… I once enjoyed WFTV but not so much anymore…they took down the early report and replaced it with the facts…seems some of them here in Orlando are showing signs of their ineptness and inaccuracies…sort of becoming the Baez/Mason of the news. Too much sensationalism. Just sayin’

    I completely agree.

    Lots of egg wiping today.

  24. annals says:

    I didn’t know that any wombat could write a motion on a defendant’s behalf and get it entered by the court system on the Motions list. See MST21D. pdf 04-05-11 in the link:

    wombat, that’s a keeper.

  25. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Getting a new book or maybe several for my library because of Blinks one word answer “Blowfly” to one of the posts.

    While the novel by that title is written in a fictional manner, it contains many interesting things about forensics and the mind of a criminal. First the fiction and then more detailed information.

    How do I know this about a book I havn’t read? On Amazon there is a feature called a look inside that allows portions of a book to be available to read.

    The fact that the forensics girl in the story was from Zachary,La. got my attention too. I worked a river crossing for a 30 inch pipeline across the Mississippi River at New Roads more than fifty years ago. This area is one of the fastest growing ones in La.

    Thanks Blink for raising my curiosity. When that happens, I have to do something about it. Learning never stops. No matter how old you get, there is more to learn.

    Because of my schedule, I never have time to just sit and read a book. I compromise by using audiobooks for books and lectures, but I am a hardcover book-lover at heart.

    Anyway one can improve their knowledge, I agree, very important

  26. chica says:

    I heard tell somewhere that baez staff refer to him as!! Juannie Cochran!
    perhaps this is why the large hubris!
    he is nowhere near the late Johny!
    With cochran the saying! if the glove doesn’t fit you must aquit
    (They did)

    With baez
    if the lies dont fly’
    you must tell us why

  27. annals says:

    chica says:

    With baez
    if the lies dont fly’
    you must tell us why


  28. A Texas Grandfather says:


    IMO Mr. Beaz is not qualified to tie the shoes of Johnny Cochran. In the O. J. Simpson case, Johnny was able to completely hi-jack the court. The judge was not in charge, Johnny was.

  29. Word Girl says:

    Mrs. Anthony’s testimony regarding her research into the chemical compounds of “Febreze Air Effects” are lame. One search engine takes one directly to the MSDS for the product.

    Reading multiple-page MSDS’s is such a hoot. The facts are listed with a little spin. Thanks P & G. Your product had no role in the odor or in removing the odor from the trunk of Defendant Casey Anthony.

    We’ll add those pages to our new book on Anthony and hang it from a chain near the time clock.

  30. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Word Girl

    Cindy Anthony is a RN isn’t she? If so, she had to take some chemistry somewhere in her course work. Do you think that she, in her twisted way, was hoping to fool people about the Febreze?

    Then there is the possibility that she doesn’t know about the MSDS requirement for most products.

    A desperate mother trying to use anything to save her messed up daughter.

    Cindy is coached, there is no doubt, but again, Febreeze does not contain chloroform, not does it “make” chloroform. I am more inclined to believe she was put on that stand to lay the foundation that she is about to start remembering things that conflict with her deposition.


  31. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Oh I see, selective memory based on things that are now known because of the investigation. It is too bad that she cannot be held legally responsible for everything on the deposition.

    Have not looked at the MSDS for Febreeze, but you cleared that one up. I really didn’t think that product would have any connection to chloroform.

    Thanks Blink

  32. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Looks like Blink and all of us got the jump on Nancy Grace. She had Henry Lee on her show talking about Febreeze. His conclusion was the same as Blinks’.

    He probably looked up the MSDS for Febeeze too.

    We may never know, but Nancy and some others may be reading here.

  33. NikkiS says:

    Cindy stood on the planet, ‘Casey-is-innocent’. Despite all evidence to the contrary, when Casey said the world was flat, to Cindy, it was FLAT. Who was Cindy going to believe? Casey, or her own lieing eyes?
    Cindy, like nearly every mother, took a silent vow to do anything to protect her baby. Cindy kept her vow until her baby was grown. Sadly, Casey didn’t.

  34. mamasocks says:

    I do not trust the Anthonys. Cindy and Casey are cut from the same cloth and their reality is waaay off. This sudden change on their part rings false to me. I think they made a deal whereby some sort of insanity plea will come up and the jury will buy that. But then again, Cindy cares very very much for public opinion and would rather lie to look good – just like her daughter. Very disfunctional family. If the prosecution doesn’t bring up the mother-daughter battle the night Caylee died, then for sure my thoughts are on target. MO.

  35. Eiman says:

    Prosecution theory did not inulst my intelligence. Mothers, do and have killed their kids for a variety of reasons, even when mothers appear to be good(Susan Smith for example). The Prosecution motive was not just about partying, it was a variety of factors combined. Caylee was becoming more verbal which would soon expose the lies that Casey had so carefully created, the responsibilities of motherhood where conflicting with the social life she wanted to live (her friends were single, without kids, could travel and party at will). Also with the family being disfunctional and the grandparents working everyday, do you actually think they were/or wanted to be at Casey’s every whim to babysit while she went out to party and that there would be no conflict between the grandparents and Casey over this?While I agree with you that the fact that Casey hurriedly dumped her daughter’s body in the woods, might indicate that it was paniced and not premeditated. There could be another explanation. Casey is an opportunist(shown by her lies and stealing), just because chloroform was looked up 3 months earlier does not mean that Casey had decided to kill at that time. If it was used to put Caylee to sleep more easily, over time Casey could have been fantasizing about how easy it would be just to put her daughter to sleep forever. Something someone said or did could have driven her to decide to do it (whether it be boyfriend, one of the parents, or even Caylee). Premeditation can be formed in seconds. It is easier to apply duct tape to a sleeping child and then just walk away for a time and come back to find her dead, than personally suffocating her with her own hands.Since the family buried their pets in the back yard (this info probably came from Casey herself since the defense used it) If Casey fantasized about killing her child, then she may have imagined that she would bury her in the backyard. When the deed was finally done, she quickly realized that digging a grave with a shovel was not going to be easy that is when the panic would come in. She had to wrap up the body, put in the trunk and then figure out what to do. I think her jig was almost up with her dad & the gas can incident, she left quickly went around the corner and tossed the bag in the swampy woods. I think the bag tore/leaked as she hurriedly took it out of the trunk, leaving fluids which cased the smell that increasingly got worse.The circumstances of this case fit with homicide cover-up as opposed to an accident cover-up. I’ve been looking for any case/story involving an accident/cover up and I still haven’t found one. There is no need to cover up an accident.It wasn’t that Casey was extremely smart, she had time on her side. That’s why she asked her mother for one more day , maybe she would of fled then. At the time she had no rush to flee, her family didn’t know any of her new friends to be able to locate her. Cindy got lucky because the car was towed and Amy’s number had been in the car and Amy agreed to take her to Casey.

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