Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: George Anthony is No Killer BUT HE IS KILLING ME Already

When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the world wonder’d… Tennyson

George sees the light… Baez Light Brigade that is… and yes, I do believe that jurors will think they are all drunk for such a strategy.

Not new, not novel, not nouveau. You have read my predictions that George Anthony will willingly serve up his lily liver with fava beans and a nice chianti, for years.

Well, looks like the bus he is laying down for has left the station.

George ON Stand 3311

If I am being honest, ( Editor’s note: I have a few Aussie friends, and they constantly say this to preface some sort of heinous insult that you forgot by the time this passed you by) I have no earthly idea why anyone would be surprised or remotely piqued from your Cheerios over such baffoonery.

Almost 3 years later, you would think that at some point the injustice this family has shown Caylee Anthony would cease, or at least dawn on them like some sort of loosely based Lifetime *movie*of *the*week* scene finale. 

Let’s face it. George is the perfect patsy in this case. Let’s review a short list:

1. He flat out lied about seeing Casey and Caylee leave on June 16th, 2008. We know this because Casey’s cell phone records tell us she did not leave the house until after 4PM. George called her at the house earlier first, and then her cell, so again, he expected her to be at the house, not “at work” as he told invetigators. Contrary to recent reports on WFTV espousing that George described exactly what Caylee was last seen wearing as the clothing found with her remains, let me clear this up, courtesy of contributor Kleat, from George Anthony’s deposition by the State of Florida, in pertinent part:


[Whereupon, the document referred to was

marked for identification as Plaintiff's Exhibit

Number 9.]


Jeff Ashton: Let me show you State’s Exhibit 9 and just ask you if you recognize that photograph? [Handing]

George Anthony: [Examining] Yeah. It’s a photo of Caylee.

Jeff Ashton: Have you ever seen that photo before?

George Anthony: No. I don’t remember if I have or not. I don’t believe so. No.

Jeff Ashton: The shirt that she’s wearing in that photograph, do you recognize — from what you can see of it, do you recognize that shirt?

George Anthony: Not off — no. I don’t recognize that shirt. I don’t know if it’s a pajama or if it’s a T-shirt. I’m not really sure. I’m not — I don’t know.

Jeff Ashton: Could that be the shirt she was wearing when she left?

George Anthony: No. She wasn’t wearing this one.

Jeff Ashton: Okay. So it’s a pink shirt, but a different pink shirt?

George Anthony: Yeah. It definitely wasn’t this one right here.

Jeff Ashton: Okay. Thank you. All right.


 2. He ommitted entirely 2 jobs he was working at the time of his resume and interview for Andrews International, on June 17th, 2008.

3. He has a propensity for shall we say, ladies that require service fees, and that non-existant credit card he did not have according to Cindy’s deposition, at the time of George’s deposition had a nearly $11,000 balance.

4. He purchased a handgun while Casey was on bond.

5. His attempted suicide could be construed as “guilt driven”.

To be honest there is plenty more where that came from, but I doubt the defense in this case even got this far considering they are attempting to add witnesses four months late, whose allegations were cleared by OCSO in the first place.

At the March 3rd motion hearing, where George alledged he was an agent of the State, he faced Casey from the witness stand.

Casey, full glare ahead and adorned in her her gas can red sweater with the henkel silver jacket on top, and George in his “will someone take me seriously” lavender.

He flat out testified he will even “not show up” to court if it would help his “baby”, Casey Anthony.

Jose Baez: ..”Now if I gave this hypotthetical, if I told you not showing up to court next Wednesday, and I am not telling you to not come to court, it would save your daughter’s life, would you show up to court?

George Anthony: “..If you asked me to stay away from the proceedings, if it was going to save my daughter’s life I would not be here..”


Late this afternoon, as I was prepared to ask again where in the world is George’s counsel, finally, George Anthony’s Attorney, Mark Lippman, fired back:

In the statement, Lippman said, “George Anthony had nothing to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony. He has been investigated, deposed, examined and cross examined by both the prosecution and the defense, and neither the defense team nor the state of Florida have maintained that he is at fault in any way.”


I will sum it up this way. George has a better shot at drinking a 5th, than pleading the 5th in the criminal trial against his daughter.

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  1. Eloise says:

    I rewatched the tapes last night. After calming down, I realized it was not as bad as it seemed in the total context of the evidence. I still don’t like it ATG, mostly b/c I am stubborn, and a deal’s a deal in my world, lol.
    I think, Furton can make some points if he testifies without squirming and being evasive as has been mentioned. I am concerned now whether the testimony regarding the LIBS & GCIS machine’s health will be brought in during trial. I wasn’t clear if it was prohibited in the Frye hearing we supposedly had or at trial as well.? Apparently the DT has some issues in that area. I hope to see Dr Vass return next week and re butt some of the non-sense we heard yesterday that truly have no affect to the end results.
    I detected some strategy via Judge Perry wrt to allowing Baez go down the path of questioning about Chloroform. Baez asked a few questions and then seemed to consult with Ms Sims and then backed off. Coincidence or strategy on his part I don’t know.
    I has thought that at the last hearing, the questioning had been incomplete? Was I mistaken? Also, I wonder if anyone ever decided to tell the LE gal,(cant think of her name), that was remanded to stay in the hall way for possible further testimony, that she was free to go, lol? Lovin’ on her as she was able to relay that the stank was present prior to her arrival with the trash bag!
    Lastly I will say, I think what pushed Ashton off the edge was the fact that while Judge Perry acknowledged the ambush defense tactics he allowed him to proceed with conditions, it placed the State at a temporary disadvantage. They work prepared, organized and thorough.
    And I think this reward to Baez, while hopefully temporary, came across as a slap in the face to those who actually practice law as a seasoned lawyer should.

    Excellent Summation Eloise.

  2. chelsea1515 says:

    Valley Girl – thanks for the info regarding watching the Trial live, bring it on!! For some reason this particular ‘murder’ has found it’s way into my very soul and I won’t feel good again until there is justice for Caylee, with or without her granddparents and uncle help.

    Eloise – like you I agree, on reflection the Hearing wasn’t so bad but I sincerely hope Mr Ashton can get back on track now he knows which way the wind is blowing. Dr. F came across as very shifty in my opinion and at times seemed to wish himself anywhere but in Court. He was evasive and came very close to lying especially when asked what date did he notify the Defense of the the information contained in his Graduates dissertation with regard to the compounds issue. I believe Dr Vass will be able to wipe the floor with him and I felt he was pretty angry with Bozo for putting him in the situation where he was piggy in the middle between Judge Perry and Mr Ashton. Grinding my teeth again!!

  3. A Texas Grandfather says:


    You are about to see the battle of the experts. Watch Dr. F’s body language and his eyes. You probably got a good idea already. An expert is disturbed when placed in a position such as the one you describe.

    Don’t grind your teeth or you will wind up like me with more than a few that originated in a dental lab. LOL

  4. annals says:

    Hi Loni. The snake is of no major importance to the case. But the snake does have a story. Florida has a lot of snakes, poisonous and non.

    The 1st time Roy Kronk saw Caylee’s skull (Aug 2008) he was on work break with 2 co-workers. He thought it might be a skull, didn’t get close to it and wanted the other 2 guys to see it too. He told them he wanted them to see something but didn’t tell them what he thought it was because he didn’t want them to ridicule him if it wasn’t a skull. Just inside the trees, their attention was diverted to the dead rattle snake. One of the guys took it in his truck and the work break was over. Kronk didn’t tell them about the little skull he thought he may have seen. But he did take a picture of the snake.

    Kronk later called the police and eventually a lazy deputy didn’t go far enough into the woods to see the skull and insulted Kronk about making a nuisance call. (That deputy was fired from his job in 2009.)

    In December Kronk was back on Suburban Drive and decided to look again and he found Caylee. During police questions he told about seeing it in August and being distracted by the dead snake.

    At some point the snake, which one of the guys had frozen, was taken into evidence. Sometime in 2009 the media had reported that Jose Baez insisted that the snake be autopsied in order to make sure that it had not eaten any of the remains.

    Also in 2009 one of the national TV organizations wanted to interview Kronk and since it’s considered unethical to pay for news interviews, they paid Kronk for exclusive rights to use the picture of the dead snake.

    It would take me longer to explain how Casey lived the good life without her own money than to tell the story of the snake. I will just say this; she paid her Handy bills with other people’s funds. That’s what she did to her grandparents bank account; she used their bank routing number to pay her cell phone bill. Cindy attacked Casey about that on June 15, 2008, shortly before Caylee’s death.

    As for why George lied about the last time he saw Caylee, I only have my own opinion. That is; George has fogged his brain with so much lying, reality is lost to him, he has squandered it.

  5. annals says:

    Hey Loni and all. In telling the story of the snake, I made a factual error; Roy Kronk did tell his co-workers that he saw what he thought was a skull and pointed it out to them. This occurred just after they saw the snake.

    Here are some of Kronk’s interviews with Law Enforcement; (note, in part 1 of the 1-6-2009 there is a visual clip of Brewer & Bones at the Anthony house and Forgey & Gerus in part 2):

    12-17-2008: (2 parts)

    1-6-2009: (3 parts)

  6. SOTT says:

    Hello everyone….once again, great comments by all! I’ve been trying to watch this latest hearing, but am having trouble getting through it all in one sitting.

    I felt so bad for Jeff Ashton…he seemed annoyed, irritated and somewhat angry during the hearing. I can certainly understand this, as I confess that I often find myself shouting at the TV or computer monitor whilst following this case and hearing all the contradictory testimony, evasive answers, attempts at ambush, etc, and I am just an observer and have no other stake in this case other than seeing justice for Caylee being served. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine how he feels knowing the he (and the entire Prosecutorial Team) are the very people who carry the weight, in their minds and in their hearts, that baby Caylee is counting on them to present the evidence that will allow her to see her killer brought to justice. Mr Ashton, if you read here, please know that I think you are fabulous!

    Annals….you mentioned that the inmate paid her bills with other people’s money….she’s still doing it, only now, it’s the taxpayers of the State of Florida that are funding her food, wardrobe, jewelry (if you count shackles). It’s funny how on the outside, she passed herself off as an event planner with Univesal Studios, and on the inside she is passing herself off as a legal assistant or paralegal with the Baez lawfirm. Outside…she only wanted to party and go to bars. Inside…she is constantly surrounded by them.

  7. annals says:

    Dr Furton didn’t seem shifty to me. I sympathize with all the experts; no matter which side they are called by, they will face the rough yes/no questions by the opposing side. Also they are charged with accuracy, they don’t know the question formats in advance and are instructed to pause before answering. I agree that Baez put him in a bad position by not instructing him to write his report in detail.

    The one thing about Dr Furton’s testimony that bothered me is that he seems to address human decompositional compounds as an aggregate rather than as the sequential groupings of compounds which occur at different spots along the decompositional timeline. In other words, his presentation of the decomp compounds is much more simplistic than Dr Vass’.

    I trust that Judge Perry notes this, but if Dr Vass’ findings pass the Frye tests, will all the jury members be able to see through Dr Furton’s erronious oversimplication of a very complex process?

  8. chelsea says:

    Texas Grandfather – The only way I can prevent grinding is to drop my jaw and there is plenty going on with this case to make me do that but I do look simple if I keep it up for any length of time! lol.

    I want this circus of a trial underway so badly and am actually looking forward to the ‘battle of the experts’ as you put it.

  9. chica says:

    no I hadnt read the vass depos I seen how long it was and I just went ughhhhhhh

    I intended to watch the hearing and my computer messed up so I had to take it apart! than I cut myself on the edge of the sharpe metal!1 if that wasnt enough!! I am serious here!! I have a back injury and I sat on the floor with my screw driver trying to mix my computer and sat wrong I guess I couldnt walk!! straight was walking side ways! so there I go to the emergency room!!

    spent three hrs there came home and was so tired!! so now I am getting caught up!!!I was a walking casuality yesterday! lol It was the friday from hell!! I am so disgusted with the way the jusge is allowing baez to run havoc and ambush the state!

    I seen bozo pacing until his red bull he ordered from michelle medina was handed to him. Court resumes casey and cheney are stand and bozo is in the corner pourint his red bull into a cup under the table!! also about the pen clicking linda told him to please stop and he delibrately continued.

    oh and the gossip about mason giving ashton a vulgar arm jesture and we all know what that was!!!

    what a mess huh!!!

  10. chica says:

    texas grandfather
    NO!!! Not me I dont have a husband! that was chelsea lol!! that’s why I can watch the trial and not be bothered!!! I however have a boyfriend and he knows not to come near nigh! for therein lurks danger lol!!

    I too am so disgusted with the lax atttude the judge has with anything bozo does!!! will trial be like this and worse!!! will caylee get justice!!!

  11. chica says:

    I wished I was rich I would gladly give ashton my debit card number and let him get it out of hi system!! LOL

  12. cjdparalegal says:

    Thank you Blink and everyone for such a warm welcome. Much appreciated.

    Mom 3.0 – Thank you for the update on George and whether or not he actually saw KC and Caylee leave on 6/16…great read and very informing.

    I must admit, I was quiet upset at the conclusion of Friday’s hearing. I was angry at Bozo, but more so at Mason. Mason is a classless old goat. I was mad at Judge Perry for not having control over his courtroom and allowing Bozo to outright play outside the rules. I was a wee upset with Ashton for losing his cool professional manner, although I certainly understood and do not think I could have held my anger or frustration in any more than he did.

    Having had time to cool off, I am a little more optimistic.

    Having read the Vass Depo that was recently released and watched the interaction between Kathy B and Mason, I was already primed towards digust of Mason. I am already resolved that Bozo is an incompetent smart-a**ed bafoon. For Mason to call Ashton out during the depo was nothing short of being a bully and completely unprofessional. To use an umbrella in the manner he did with Kathy B. came very close to being an assault – the little pointed thing on the top of that umbrella came very close to her face. But to hear that Mason gave the FU sign to Ashton during Friday’s hearing sent me over the edge. This is an old man who has obviously made his name in the legal field by being a bully with no respect for women or the legal ethics he is supposed to represent. With that said, I truly believe that Mason knows from experience that Judge Perry is more likely than not to allow breaking the rules in order to avoid appellate issues and has instructed Bozo of such. Judge Perry has a very low appellate reversal record. Mason with his good old boy attitude has outright threatened Judge Perry during earlier hearings with appeal. Bozo and Mason have also figured out how to push Ashton’s buttons and have taken advantage of this throughout the past 2.5 years by making rude comments under-the-breath at every opportunity.

    Judge Perry has not held strick to his threats throughout these pretrial proceedings. On Friday, I was livid about it. But after calming down, I can only hope that Judge Perry has Bozo’s and Mason’s number – he’s got them dialed in. He knows Bozo is incompetent. He knows Mason is a good ‘ol boy bully who has no respect for the judicial system provided he wins. He has seen enough of the evidence to know KC killed little Caylee. He also knows the prosecution is experienced, methodical in their presentation, and is going to wipe the floor with the defense team in a very professional manner come trial. With that in mind, I am optimistic that he is giving Bozo and Mason all of the rope they need…making a record of their incompetency, but that come trial, with the jury seated, it is going to be a whole different ball game. I believe he will hold stead-fast to his earlier threats. Ashton will have gone back to his office Friday, circled the wagons with Linda B., and will come into trial fully composed and lay out their case in a professional but slam-dunk manor. Bozo and Mason are going to be made the fools in front of the jury – Bozo is going to have a meltdown when he is no longer to pull the fast and loose shinanigans he has been pulled in pretrial hearings. Mason will sit back like the old crotchety old man that he is and remain silent as Bozo sinks. And on appeal, the reviewing justices will see how incompetent Bozo is, but acknowledge that KC had the added benefit of the experienced death qualified attorney Mason, and uphold the 1st degree murder conviction – be it a LWOP or death sentence.

    Okay, I am ready for round six (or is it five?)…either way, my confidence is restored.

  13. cjdparalegal says:

    Hi all. Did anyone notice that the testimony of the Officer who pulled the bag from the dumpster stated that all of the bags in the dumpster were all “white” bags? This is in direct conflict with the testimony of Simon Burch(sp) the worker at the tow yard who walked with Geogre to KC’s car, and later after seeing the news about KC and the missing Caylee, went out to retrieve the trash bag from the dumpster and found it not there. In his interview with the OCSO, he stated that the bag was white with yellow pull-ties, and that it would have been easy to pick out of the dumpster because all of the tow yard’s trash bags are black. Just a discrepancy that I noticed.

    Also, I think one of the points the defense may try to point out to the jury through Cindy’s testimony (and others) is that KC’s car was left unattended during 6/15 – 6/16 with the doors and trunk open – even pulled out into the drive way at one point. I think this goes to the fact that the defense is trying very hard to dispell the chloroform and if they can’t do it with their expert…they will point out that anyone could have poured or sprayed anything into the trunk during the period of time that the car was out in the garage and driveway while police and investigators came and went before it was finally impounded by the OCSO. Just another thought.

    I am going to address this in my new piece which may or may not include a chemistry lesson or look up instructions for MSDS sheets for Mrs. Anthony.

    For real already.

  14. cjdparalegal says:

    I have one last question. Does everyone’s comments go through moderation? If not, how many posts do you have to post before you are no longer moderated? Finally, can the other posters read my post while it is pending moderation? Well, guess that was more than one question. LOL

    Every post is moderated. In moderation, only you and I can see your posts.

  15. Blink says:

    I know, y’all are going to roll your eyes when you read this, but I have a request please.

    I realize that it is tempting to come up with many variations of names for the individuals in this case. I have let it go for the most part after feeling like it is impossible to mod every post for it..

    H O W E V E R

    I would be most grateful, if the dubious and scholarly contributors here would refrain from the name calling. There is so much going on in this case right now for discussion and it is about to ramp up, I feel like our emotional levels are at risk of overtaking our advocacy at times, and for me, that makes us no better than those we are so very upset with.

    Please do not make me tell you to hit the ATM over the lunch break.

    With much respect,


  16. Carolyn S. from Maryland says:

    Blink, do you still think part of the defense tactics are to force a mistrial? I still don’t understand how a mistrial benefits Casey, but unless that is a goal, I don’t understand the constant pushing the edge, as if they intend to make the prosecution and judge so angry that someone loses it bigtime and they would have an issue to either recuse another judge or dismiss the prosecution.

  17. MsEnscene says:

    Blink, as much as I respect and honor your work, I do not agree that George will even come close to taking the fall.

    George loves George too much and I don’t think he cared that much for Casey. She’s too much like him. The part of lying chiseling deadbeat in the family belongs, now, to only George.

    He’s a drama queen, pure and simple, but taking the fall for Casey is a little too much drama, even for George. Just my take.

    I don’t think he thinks he actually will, I think the goal is to plant reasonable doubt, and I think he will willingly contribute to that.

    If anyone has any doubts about that, I recommend reading the evolution of his interviews and finally his state deposition. There is a reason the State requested his grand jury testimony.

  18. annals says:

    SOTT; you show Casey’s proclivities as foreshadowing; stealing to pay bills/the State paying her legal bills, pretend event planner/pretend legal assistant; and my favorite – partying in bars/life behind bars. Love it.

    Chica! What a nightmare, I’m glad you survived Friday.

  19. cjdparalegal says:

    Sorry Blink, I have typed Bozo for so long that I forget to use Biaz… I will make a point to use given names from here on out. I completely understand.

  20. Löni says:

    Annals thank you so much for the explanation:)

  21. annals says:

    Someone mentioned it earlier, but evidently Cindy has laid a foundation to be able to reverse her testimony; the events of July 15, 2008 being so traumatic that she is, yet still, recovering remembered details. And, to me, that’s believeable, in principal. She denied putting a drier sheet in the car in her 2009 deposition; Friday she remembers putting them throughout the car. I’m not sure whether this implied change in the “facts” impacts the air evidence. I’m still mulling it over.

    Is the defense team advising Cindy on an ongoing basis? Or is this just the defense stumbling blindly into an area wherein she unexpectedly changed her testimony?

    Is it legal for defense attorneys to advise lay witnesses in the cases they’re trying?

    Is it ethical for defense attorneys to have ongoing communication, outside the courtroom, with lay witnesses? If, so is this case different in the respect that some of those lay witnesses are the parents of the accused?

    I have to say, for Lippmann to come right out and say he and Cindy met with Baez the Friday before her testimony, and it has changed M A T E R I A L L Y, and she was not listed for the motions at all…

  22. annals says:

    Oops, I meant for the last paragraph in my previous post to read;

    Is it ethical/legal for defense attorneys to have ongoing communication, outside the courtroom, with lay witnesses? If, NOT, is this case different in the respect that some of those lay witnesses are the parents of the accused or the grandparents of the victim?

  23. Houston Mom says:

    IDK … George pleading the 5th would take a whole lot of his testimony (evidence) out of the trial (remember when he came in to give info. to LE on his own?). Maybe his Grand Jury testimony is just too dangerous for the defense … and they’ve ‘got’ to keep it out?

  24. Houston Mom says:

    PS: and maybe all this “the defense may point the finger at George” is a deversion, when it’s really the excuse to support his plea for the 5th?

  25. SOTT says:


    I’m sorry for having referred to anyone in this case by anything other than their given name. It was not my intention to lower myself, or the integrity of your site, by doing so. You are so right when you stated that “it makes us no better than those we are upset with”. Thank you for the reminder. :)

    I have done it myself on occasion, I know how hard it is, I guess I just want to separate us from the circus, in Caylee’s honor.

  26. chelsea says:

    I have just watched (here in the UK) Stephen Fry in America. He visited the Body Farm and was shown around by a member of staff. He admitted that in all his 50 years he had never viewed a dead body and was obviously slightly anxious that he wouldn’t embarrass himself when shown bodies in varying degrees of decomposition. He is an extremely intelligent, sensitive man and on seeing skeletal remains he made some very profound observations but when the staff member lifted the lid from a container that had remains so decomposed it was virtually liquid and maggots, his head shot back and he was struck virtually speechless, unable to string two words together, the smell was so overwhelming. Like nothing he had ever smelt before. It was Dr Vass’s explanation to a T.

    I do not care what anyone says, the smell of human decomposition has an odor that is unmistakable as anything else, period.

  27. chica says:

    the ATM lol I would be homeless and a bag lady if I had to do that so I elect to call a person by their given name. I know I am hispanic but I sure dont want to resort to eating beans 24/7
    the gas can be atrocious sorry I had too!!

  28. Randie says:

    By intelligent design…..what is inside of us was never meant to OUTSIDE of us.

    Decomp SHOULD have an unmistakable odor.

    When death happens decomp and decomp smell is the “mark” left behind, for a “reason”.

  29. PookyBear says:

    Blink — I seem to be getting lost today


    This is the only post I have for you friend-

  30. Mom3.0 says:

    Annals and all, I do not know what Cindy’s changed testimony could mean in the great scheme of things…

    Remember- this is the same depo of Cindy’s that she brought up her new memory of searching on the computer for “cloriphil” and somehow then bringing up chloroform because she thought bamboo leaves could contain it…thereby possibly making her dogs sick…

    Cindy in that depo didnt merely say she couldn’t recall at the time, putting the dryer sheet in the car…she went further as to why she couldnt remember and it has nothing to do with her meds

    Cindy says(pp) I dont remember doing that…why would I?

    She is then asked whether or not she had “EVER put a dyer sheet in a car before”…. and she says

    “NO. NEVER. THATS WHY I dont know WHY its there –and I Dont recall doing it.

    Keep in mind that there was a dryer sheet found in TL’s jeep and 5 Fabric Softener sheets in the trash bag…

    Did Cindy place those dryer sheets also..even though She never had access to them? She said in her depo she had Never used Dryer sheets in a car before.

    Something is fishy about Cindy’s new recollections… Why is it important for her to change her recollection? Is the defense trying to show that Cindy and George are liars? Why? Are they merely trying to separate Casey from the Stink and the stain and the chloroform?

    Or is all of this done simply to confuse the truth, does it go to getting the evidence thrown out somehow by saying Cindy and the Anthonys memories are faulty? Or maybe thrown in there to try to show Vass’ testing is faulty?

    There is something fishy about the Defenses inuendos that Dryer sheets and Frebreese may have chloroform in the ingredients or produce chloroform…

    I dont know what is “UP” but I know that something is…

    So far we have heard about vinegar and Frebreese and Fabric softener and A&H detergent and soda pop… for possible reasons for the chloroform

    and we have heard Velvetta- and hamburger grease and coconut shampoo &milk for possible reasons for the gravewax

    and of course we have heard the trash bag/contents are the reason for the smell and the stain

    One 12oz can of Pepsi (empty)
    One 12oz can of Mountain Dew (empty)
    One 12oz can of Dr. Pepper (empty)
    One 12oz can of Chery Coke Zero (empty)
    One 12oz can of Milwaukee Best Light (empty)
    One 12oz can of Coke Classic (empty)
    Two 12oz cans of Sprite (empty)
    One 23oz container of Crystal Light (small amount of brown lq)
    One container of Copenhagen chew (empty)
    One container of Oscar Mayer Hard Salami (empty)
    One Pizza box (empty)
    One cardboard container of Kraft Velveeta Cheese (empty)
    Two cardboard contaiers of Kraft Velveeta dinners (empty)
    One balck plastic container (possibly from 1 of the Velveeta Dinners (empty)
    One cardbaord container of Cherry Coke (empty)
    One 23oz bag of Stouffer’s Skillet dinner (empty)
    One 80oz bottle of Arm & Hammer detergent (empty)
    One 5.5oz can of Kiwi sneaker cleaner
    Five fabric softener sheets
    Miscellaneous papers, and napkins

    I think common sense will prevail and the jurors will see the truth.

    Even if Defense is successful in getting all evidence asked for precluded: the Jurors will still ponder these facts:

    Child is missing for 31 days

    Mother had her last seen with Mom
    never reported missing by mother

    Gparents looking for Gchild they were distraught/ panic stricken- helpful in trying to get mother to tell what she knew…

    Mother lied about nanny taking her -NO ZFG

    Child found dead in trash bags, close to home with items from home duct tape found on/near remains

    Child disposed of in trash strewn area- Mother not remorseful sad or in shock- partied happily when child lay dead

    Mother tormented family with lies and dairy of days and all the rest

    Mother did it. She meant to do it. Seemed relieved to be free

    Mother guilty -Sentence handed down -justice served.

  31. chica says:

    What do you think of this latest trick that baez pulled on the state? You know that the judge is aware that baez went back on his word and through all of this baez has not been a man of his word nor does he posess any credibility& integrity/professionalism. He is rude and constantly makes nasty remarks to the state and isnt corrected for anything he does.

    So I guess blink what I would like to know from you?
    Do you think that the judge will alow all these theatrics in the courtroom come trial.
    It seems with the last motion filed by mason calling the judge biased! is one of the main reasons the judge is giving baez so much leadway!

    I am begining to wonder if maybe mason will walk out with casey in his arms.

    The judge speaks alot of mess and makes alot of threats and doesnt come thru! you know like when we were little and we were doing something wrong and our mom’s would say” if you dont stop that know your gonna get it” and never falls through with it!!

    seems like the judges growl is worth than his bite. I especialy didnt like that he says you guys when baez acts up as he is not a man f his word and the judge says you guys knowing full well its baez he means!! He is making it look like its both that are doing wrong and its the defense being sneaky and trying to ambush!! the judge knows it why doesnt he stop it???????

    I cannot bring myself to Listen to the hearings! I am so discouraged and worried that caylee may not get justice. It’s making me sick and sad!!

    please blink weigh in!!!

  32. chica says:

    Like friday linda motioned him over to ask him kindly to please quit clicking his pen and he walked away kept clicking his pen and its annoying even to the t.v viewers that were watching the hearings!! its maddening!!

  33. Ragdoll says:

    I’m interested in everyone’s take on Cindy’s sudden burst of recollection regarding dryer sheets. Has she not set perjured herself? We know she’s more than capable of crossing that line when it suits her purpose.

    ….and why I am surprised by her audacity to lie in a court of law?

  34. Sister says:

    Blink, I would never want to do anything disrespectful to Caylee or her memory. However, to call these players by their names is a sign of respect for them I simply cannot muster. I hope bio-mom and bio-grandmother, bio-mom’s attorney, etc. will fall within the rules. I remember a year or more ago a comment about feeling compassion for the grieving family members. I heard it, I contemplated it, and I simply don’t have it.
    I know what you are saying . . . we must take the high road because of Caylee . . . I will do my best.

    I can live with anything that is not-disparaging.

    You are the barometer for me in the first place, now I am worried !

  35. Löni says:

    Hello Blink and Blinkers. After watching the last deposition of Cindy Anthony where she stated to have spred Febreze in the Trunk of the car, i am really angry! I always try to be as impartial as i can because i don’t want to judge over other people. I have to admit that althought they lied and all what they did, i always felt sorry for them because of their pain loosing Caylee that they both loved. But that what Cindy does now it is in my opinion fooling every one. She really thinks People are idiots. I think she states that because the Defense wants to show the Jury that the chemicals compounds found in the car are those from febreze, sheets and garage. I am not a scientist but did Mr Baez not understand Dr. Vass when Dr Vass explained that the specific combination of the compounds that were found in the trunk of the car shows decompositional event, not the compounds therselves. But the combination of those! So please? Are the combination of the compounds in febreze dryer sheets and benzodyne from Garage all together the same as the one for decomposition event ? The only thing i know for sure is Cindy really tells her Story how it looks of how better for her daughter today and as a prosecutor She would drive me crazy. No No No ! That’s incredible:(

  36. Löni says:

    Or that those compounds overlaped the other ones? It is probable that she spred a can of febreze it is really… But one time she did not and one time she did. And all because of the meds… Oh my oh my

  37. Löni says:

    Sorry i wanted to write” and she doen’t remember because of the meds! “Sorry for my poor english i am training to become better

  38. chica says:

    blink you didnt answer my question?

    My bad chica- I am working on a new piece, if I am covering it, that may be why, was it about the last hearing?


  39. chica says:

    first of all good morning!
    I think cindy has selective memory! and will do anything to help casey. Cindy is taking baez as an expert attorney and in the end she will be curssing him and rerporting him to the bar!

  40. everyone's a suspect says:

    Linda will nail Cindy on the stand. I think Jeff Ashton wanted to confront her in more detail, but decided against it.

    btw: I thought Cindy’s attorney of record was Jennifer Craddock from the Lippman office. If so, why wouldn’t Cindy insist she be there? Hmm.

  41. annals says:

    Thanks, Mom3.0, for bringing over the list of items in the infamous Bag-o-garbage, which we are continuously asked (by the defense) to believe created the most famous stink of our new century.

    The question, so frequently asked by the defense, “Have you ever smelled garbage that’s been in the trunk of a car in the Florida sun for 3 weeks?” is probably the most MADDENING montra of the case, in my opinion. I sure hope the jury agrees with me.

    I wouldn’t even call that collection of empty containers garbage. I call it trash, subtle difference, I know, but I can’t immagine it would smell any different than the odorless papers & tissues in the wastepaper basket here under my computer desk!

    One word:



  42. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Hi Blink,
    Love your one word answer of “Blowfly” I know exactly what that is and what it means and at what stage of decomposition this fly appears. Do you have a link for people who can understand what this blowfly is and why it had nothing to do with garbage. Or, as I recommended a few weeks ago the book by Patricia Cornwell….Blowfly will explain everything.
    Secondly…I read above about someone admitting they and Cindy A. met with Baez the Friday before they just testified and the SA was blindsided by this, why can’t Judge Perry step in and say….this testimony will not come in since it is questionable at best that CA suddenly had a HALLEUIAH moment of remembering. And why does Judge Perry confront Baez on his methods?

    There was no objection by the prosecution- which I believe is a tactical decision on the prosecution’s part.

  43. chica says:

    I just wanted to know your opinion! Do you think that the judge will allow all these theatrics during the trial. Will he allow baez to run amuck! like he is doing?

    look foward to your next article dear blink :)

    He will not, not in front of a jury.

  44. chica says:

    Baez has obcession with pen clicking and red bull at one point he was pouring red bull into a cup while everyone was standing as court was back in order. You can see the pic at scaredmonkeys forum caylee thread.

    Linda drane burdick kindly asked him to stop it and he continued arrogantly!!
    LOL blink this link does work

    On the PEN CLICKING this is just beyond anything. Well this entire case anyway. LDB asked Jose to stop clicking his pen and look at his reaction
    It is going to annoy the jurors biggtime.
    appears at 14:08

    good morning to you!
    I just love reading your informative comments.
    next hearing resumes on wednesday?
    mom what is your take on the judge letting baez run amuck after being corrected so many times? the prosecution comes in prepared does their homework! they bring copies and the defense does the opposite!
    will baez get disbarred after this? isnt the bar still investigating him? I sure hope that ashton reports him again!! I have never seen anything like it!!have yall?
    does anyone remember the atorney that joran vandersloot had??
    we thought he was bad! Baez takes the cake and now that we have to be aware of name calling I try to not slip and resepct blink because she earns it!!!
    and why does mason just sit there ! I heard he had prostrate cancer so maybe he is ill but not to ill to raise his arm to give ashton an obscene jesture. Is mason just behind the scenes coaching baez?
    hello and goodmorning everyone

    Do yall remember this
    mason and richard hornsby

    side by side on youtube discussing the media!

  45. chica says:

    My heart just wants justice for caylee. It has turned into all about casey! with cindy and also with the defense. I realize that baez has a job to defend casey! but he goes beyond the norm with his insults and arrogance. His disrespect to his co-counsel and the judge numerous times!

    Mason in defense of baez tells the judge …. that baez was young and inexperienced! and it’s realy apparent to even those that dont know anything about this case. Who will open and close arguments in this case come trial time.

    I truly now understand why lyons bailed out!
    he could have gone along ways with her at his side!
    Baez didnt get his way with judge strickland ! so they changed judges and got what they deserved in judge perry. Judge strickland was not for the death penalty! refused to comment on it! Judge perry has sat at executions and has sentenced women to death like the black widow.
    I think there were many disagreements !! with lyons and baez!
    Mr. Baez being one that takes constructive criticism as a personal attacks refused her direction.

  46. justwondering says:

    I am not as concerned about the testimony during these hearings since JP is using the info to form his decision regarding the motions.I think JP is attempting to pre-empt any argument from the defense saying that JP didn’t hear ‘this or that’ and therefore, his decision is biased.JP is smart enough to hear it ‘all’ and still render an impartial decision. JP stated that Barry Logan wouldn’t be allowed to testify if there was a jury present. Does that mean that he won’t be allowed to tesitfy at trial?

  47. Sue says:

    Yes – the State has soooo much evidence against the defendant and that is why we are seeing the shenanigans in the courtroom by the defense attys. They need to throw the usually balanced prosecution off-balance. Believe me when I tell you, the prosecution in this case will be throwing the defense off-balance more than the other way around. Hence the willingness to perjure oneself so easily. (C & G?). As Blink has said – this will backfire. (I can hear the backfire already up here in NYS!) I want to add however, that it will be an ‘edge’ for the defense if they can get at least 1 (one) person on the jury who has been treated badly or wrongfully charged of a crime by LE at some point in their lives. That person will usually identify with the defendant and could possibly be the one holdout. All it takes is one. It is the job of the defense come ‘jury pick time’ to find people who fit that mold or fit into their game-plan. All the ‘testing’ in the courtroom we are seeing now by the defense is to see where the weaknesses are for the prosecution. The prosecution would best continue to play by the book and keep their poker-face on. They DO have the stronger hand – no doubt.

  48. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Looking at the “trash” list, the only thing that could have much odor would be the cheese remains and perhaps the slight odor of beer from the beer bottle. If I were to smell it, the items that would get my attention would be the scented fabric softner
    sheets. The scent that most of them have drives me crazy.

    Tru-TV had a review of a portion of fridays hearing about the validity of dogs. Baez objected several times, but was overruled each time. While the prosecutor was careful with the questions, she really took a long time to make her points. If this happens at trial, she will run the risk of putting the jury to sleep.

    The tie-in with the Material Safety Data Sheets on your proposed new piece should be interesting. Looking forward to that. Having the proper MSDS sheets for a faciltiy keeps the auditors for the EPA happy.

  49. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Could the prosecutions position of not objecting regarding CA’s meeting with Baez be just giving them enough rope to hang themselves?

    Tactical indeed!

  50. chelsea says:

    everyone’s a suspect – I wouldn’t mind betting Jennifer Craddock is attractive! Casey wouldn’t appreciate any ‘competition’ in Court and Cindy would know this.
    I get the feeling Blinksters are getting more nervous by the day- have faith, there will be Justice for Caylee, let’s all have positive thoughts and hang on in there.

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