Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Lead Detective Yuri Melich Nominated By Americas Most Wanted

Posted by BOC Staff | Adam Walsh,Blink,Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Yuri Melich | Monday 4 April 2011 7:37 pm

Orlando FL- Yuri Melich, the lead investigator tasked with the investigation into the disappearance and subsequent death of 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony, has been nominated as an Americas Most Wanted *ALL STAR*.

Corporal Melich had an impressive resume before taking his first and last missing persons case, in the homicide division of Orange County Sheriffs Office.

In 2007, Yuri was assigned three separate homicide cases within a 12 hour time span, and he was awarded Sheriff’s Certificate for successfully closing all three within two weeks.

One case centered on an execution shooting with no witnesses which Corporal Melich was able to tie to two earlier killings; solving both serial shooting cases through in-depth investigation and monitoring phone calls and jail correspondences.

As Yuri explains, he’s most proud of the work he did as a homicide detective, because he was able to apprehend someone who has taken a life and that making a difference like that is one of the “greatest feelings in the world.”

Vote for Yuri Melich and OCSO by scrolling down to the left and clicking on vote.  Your successful vote will look like this:

Share your support of Yuri Melich by leaving a comment that you voted!

Vote Once Per Day, only one email address please, as multiple votes from different email accounts from the same person could cause disqualification.

www.blinkoncrime would like to congratulate all the very worthy nominees for their service.

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  1. Friend II says:

    My pleasure as I love me some Yuri!

  2. MaidenAmerica says:

    One vote per home huh? Crap. Yesterday my husband voted, I voted, and my daughter voted…separate accounts but all from same connection. So did we mess up bad?

    Nope, as long as it is legit, it’s all good.

  3. chelsea1515 says:

    I had been wondering how this man Yuri could be protected from the abuse that the Defense were likely to hurl at him during the trial but I realise, he just needs to do what I saw him do during the Hearing. Being a truthful, caring, committed human being. It is a real honour to vote for Yuri Melich!!

  4. mary says:

    Lots of luck Yuri. Thank you for all the hard work you & all the other
    detectives did for Caylee. Caylee is voting for you also.

  5. Lyn says:


    21.seemeatthebeach says:

    April 4, 2011 at 11:15 pm
    This is one of those times where you feel Caylee above was watching over that day Yuri arrived on Hopespring Drive. All the stars aligned… appropriate that Yuri is nominated as an All-Star!

    Love your way of thinking, seeme. Getting ready for my daily vote.
    Thank you Blink for making us aware of this.
    Have a blessed day.

  6. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Yuri gets my vote. Any LE person who can do what he did in so short a time, is head and shoulders above the average.

    John Walsh has done so much to help families across the country find the answers for loved ones lost. I am glad to see a place and opportunity to recognize the superior talent and sevice of such people as Yuri.

    Thank you Blink for bringing this to our attention.

    I truly do not think people realize what a sacrifice Yuri, and all the detectives, CST’s, members of OCSO, the FBI, etc, make for these cases. This case, in particular, going into it’s third year, while these professionals have many other cases to work as well.


  7. flutter1 says:

    Voted today; will vote daily in the future.

  8. mimmiesue says:

    Officer Yuri Melich maybe from OCSO but he’s got proud votes from Rockville, Maryland too! The man is brilliant. What better way to deal with a horrid family of liars (to say the least), than to tape and/or record their BS.

    Again, Brilliant

  9. Brandi says:

    Voted for the second day as well.

    Want to remind people the rules state one vote a day.

    Direct link to vote:

    Go Yuri!

  10. chica says:

    I voted today!

  11. ~mjaboston says:

    Brandi, thanks for the link!
    And thanks, Blink, for the article. I really appreciate you keeping us informed and up-to-the-minute.

  12. jane bond says:

    Corporal Yuri Melich has my vote from Ohio!

  13. Bam from Mississippi says:

    Team Yuri!!!!!!!!

    (no disrespect to his wife… but he’s eye candy too!)

  14. Jammsnana says:

    I voted yesterday and I went again and voted today!!! I will vote every day from here in NC!!

  15. chica says:

    yup click on the link because of him caseys in the clink’ wink wink’

  16. Ragdoll says:

    I clicked! For all the unsung heroes of this world <3

  17. annals says:

    My day three vote is in to celebrate Melich, Allen , Bloise & Vincent for sending trunk carpet samples to Vass.

  18. chica says:

    voted for today! almost forgot didnt see a remind at scaredmonkeys lol almost lost it for the day!!

  19. chica says:

    Baez was pen clicking but I didnt see the redbull!

  20. Löni says:

    Mr. Melich is cool and i ‘ll click for him but my heroes are Gerus and Bones:)))

  21. Erin says:

    Voted – love me so Melich!

  22. Erin says:

    *some Melich that is…

  23. annals says:

    My day four vote in honor of the Melich & Edwards interviews of Roy Kronk. I listened to them this past weekend. They susinctly show the sequence of Kronk’s actions, correlating evidence of his actions and his intent in his own believable words.

    By far, my most memorable “Melich Moment” is his interview with Cindy where he is holding her hand, on and off, trying to reason with her. Iirc, he is asking her for the infamous JC Penney bill.

    The patience and compassion he showed, when honestly, at that point, I was ready to shake her until she wised up, was unbelievable.


  24. chica says:

    voted today have been daily!

  25. annals says:

    My day five vote honors the fact that whereas Cindy Anthony went frequently on national media decrying the actions of LE, Yuri Melich stayed on the case and away from the media.

  26. annals says:

    Voted on day six because Melich & OCSO never entertained any Anthony code talk clues.

  27. Blink says:

    Bumping this thread folks, voting ends in 2 days.

    I have voted daily since Cpl. Melich was nominated-

    Have you?


  28. chica says:

    oh my almost forgot to vote 2day!

  29. Dr. Pepper says:

    Voted : )

  30. annals says:

    I voted on day 7 because Melich, Edwards & Allen had to continue on the Anthony case for almost 3 years.

    Woot Woot

    Thank you annals- who else???

  31. ChattyCathy says:

    He is now the week 8 Finalist,yaaaaaaaaaaaa

  32. Bam from Mississippi says:

    Yep!! You go Yuri!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome! Caylee is smiling down on you!!!

  33. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Don’t forget that finalist voting begins April 21. With all the help from everyone, we have the opportunity to make Yuri the grand winner for 2011.

  34. skyangel says:

    He deserves the reward ! He’s hero to all MOTHERS of murdered, and missing children. Thank You, Mr. Melich. God Bless. Keep Faith :)

  35. susanm says:

    i voted today, i knew the case was in great hands ,when cindy’s brother was telling about casey’s notorious lying and cpl melich asked : (paraphrasing)- and what about cindy’s lying.

  36. CHIJOJO says:

    I voted for him again today….wow….he is handsome!

  37. annals says:

    I voted today. Here’s the link:

  38. GasCanGeorge says:


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