Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Testifryeing And Rancid Rubbish Recitation Resumes

Again tomorrow, we have the continuation of the continuations from last week of the defense team for Casey Anthony's outstanding motions, with any luck, to fete de compli.

For those whose headache has since left them, a review-  For the full clickety goodness, click the pic of the bic.


Bring Your Own Dryer Sheet.   Seriously, now she put them there, now she didn't.  Depends on the meds that day she says. Cindy Anthony, a surprise witness to us, and likely herself, now says SHE put dryer sheets all over the Pontiac Sunfire after it was returned from the tow yard.  As Jeff Ashton pointed out during cross-examination, this is in stark contrast to her state deposition where she denied putting any dryer sheets in the unlicensed hearse.

She blames this nearly 3-year-in-the-making epiphany on the fact that one night she was sleepwalking while giving a bamboo splitting tutorial with the neighbors shovel and she accidentally fell into the shed, breaking the lock, and all 100 of George's red gas cans not covered with sloppy duct tape hit her in the head.

Ok, that part, I made up.

She also claims to have emptied a can of Febreeze throughout the vehicle, left the vehicle trunk, sunroof, hood and all windows open within the garage and returned to work. That could definitely explain the terpenes found in the air sample of the trunk, but certainly not the chloroform.

As Dr. Vass astutely pointed out during his deposition:

" Well sure, I mean if there was a bottle of chloroform in the trunk and it was half gone, I mean, Duh."

Mrs. Anthony informs us this has been a traumatic experience for her, and that she is still remembering things to this day.  I will just bet she is.  I know of one; for another article, another day.

What I found very interesting, is at no time did the prosecution object to her change in testimony, or question her comments about her claim she was on new medications that affected her memory, although Linda Drane Burdick covered this thoroughly over 2 straight days of the deposition. At no time, although clearly Cindy Anthony gave hearsay testimony regarding the curiously absent George Anthony's activities on July 15, 2008, did the state raise the objection.

I would be concerned about why the state would not be moving to take another deposition based on her comments if I were her and her attorney, but that's just me.  The protections of the subpoena with which she gave her deposition do not extend to one perjuring oneself.

Furton Furrows Feverishly

ValHall of The Hinky Meter has done a marvelous job outlining the breakdown of Dr. Furton's "hypocracies" as she calls them.  What I take issue with, in addition, is the fact that Dr. Furton, in my opinion, was less than forthcoming about when he was contacted by the defense, or when HE contacted the defense with additional discovery for his anticipated testimony.  He refers to an additional dissertation that was conducted by his student, after his deposition on February 19, 2011 and prior to mid-March.  I was forced to watch this multiple times, you cannot make me write about it in detail, now as well.

In summary: Dr. Furton screwed the pooch here.

The reality is, available research grants would probably do better to train their applicants to cage-fight for cash they are so fiercely competitive. Simply put, Furton wants a bigger allowance than Vass based on work preformed by his students, WHICH BY THE WAY feature Dr. Vass's peer reviewed articles Furton is trying to debunk in the first place.  Good Luck with that Fredo.

Jurors will do one of two things, they will either understand and except the Scientific deficits in the area Furton posesses, or they will see him as an opportunist.

How this "expert" claimed to qualify to speak to the handling and training of Cadaver Duo Gerus and Bones, without reading the training and experience hours of handler Jason Forgey, well, let's just say I hope he took his scent out of Orange County or they just may want an introduction.

Let's face it. Vass and his "decay facility" have cornered the market on human decomposition.

How a Scientist that geekified with knowledge so grotesque and macabre to most, can manage to be cool, I have no idea.

This is the poor guy's first rodeo no less. I have already purchased my orange lab coat.  I am already on the do not stalk list.

.." I know I am going to be cremated when I die, that's for sure.  No maggots getting me.."

-Arpad Vass

Had I had a professor like that, I might not have been stealing funnels and beakers from lab for Greek week, and instead would have actually used them to learn something.



O yeah, Judge Perry went there.

Just prior to the lunch break, CJP went for the smack-down.

Jose Flyez as seen at the ATM in his office

He advised both the state and Jose Baez et al, that if there was anymore caterwauling (Editors Note: my word, but can't you just imagine him saying that with that contagious drawl, y'all?) the offenders were going to reach into their pockets to pull out a C note each time, payable to the United Way.

He advised him if they did not put a muzzle on it on their own, he would "go through their number", which loosely translated is like the whole heat/cold miser debacle and calling Mother Nature on them.

Not really, but I liked the visual.  It is him telling them he would file a complaint with The Florida Bar and it would be on their permanent record. The Mr. Hand of the courtroom said his peace.

Sus scrofa domestica Officiando

Dr.Barry Logan testifryeing from the lunch room with the blair witch audio reel should in no way diminish the seriousness of his testimony.  I felt sorry for the gentleman and scholar.

That said, co-counsel Dorothy Clay Simms added a light moment when Dr. Logan was not sure he could see into the courtroom and she identified herself:

.." Dr. Logan, can you see me?  I am the one with the bad hair."- Dorothy Simms

Dr. Logan is a brilliant forensic toxicologist in addition to most things with a MedicoLegal consequence, I concur.

However, in human decomposition, not so much.

Jeff Ashton: "Do you consider yourself an expert in the area of the biochemistry of human decomposition?"

Dr. Logan: Big sigh.


" I do not."

Jeff Ashton: "I have no further questions your honor."

While Dorothy Clay Simms tries desperately to turn her Watson into Sherlock Holmes, mercifully, Chief Judge Perry intercedes:

CJ Perry: ." Let me Save Y'all some time."

Dr. Logan: "What have you qualified as an expert witness to testify prior to this case in the area of human decomposition?"

Logan: "I have not previously testified in court with respect to human decomposition."

Judge Perry will be ruling on the admission of Dr. Logan as both an expert witness, and his testimony as it relates to the current motions to exclude and frye hearing.  The fact that Perry stated in open court that had there been a jury present, he would not have permitted him to testify as an expert witness seems ominous for the good Doc, however.

Don't get me wrong, Logan's credentials may qualify him to be the only toxicologist Les Moonves might consider hiring to follow around "The Violent Torpedo of Death" Charlie Sheen, while he is "winning", but I think Judge Perry is going to give him a pass in this case.

The fun starts again tomorrow morning at 9AM, and no, Jose Baez did not get the boot, it was a hoax.

The death of 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony however, is definitely not.

Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor

Madeline Tanner, copy and contributing editor

Images by Klaasend

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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I am still laughing at the pen scene Blink created.

    If you don’t have anything, the only course of action is to try and make a plea deal, if you can, or try and create as much confusion in the court as possible.

    Mr. Baez has chosen the latter. The more he talks, the worse it is going to get for he and his client. I am not too sure that testimony and evidence produced at trial could possibly be used to charge Cindy and George with obstruction of justice.

    In my mind, the chloroform was placed in the trunk by Cindy in an attempt to cover up the smell of decomposition. That alone should be enough to charge her with tampering with a crime scene. Will the State go there? IDK.


    The heart sticker issue I thought had been resolved when they found stickers of the same type at the Anthony home. Are you saying that the court is still considering the inclusion or exclusion of this evidence?

    I believe they are attempting to exclude the observation of the FBI trace tech, that there was residue in the shape of a heart observed prior to swab extraction attempt. There was a red heart sticker on the back of a frame found at the recovery site, and of course the heart stickers found at the Anthony home.

    You will notice that the state did not put up a fuss on the issue, and I think it is because in essence, removing that bit of “humanity”, one is left with duct tape across the face of her baby.

    It also means they cannot bring it into the “mitigation” phase, so in my mind, this was a fat technical error on behalf of the defense. Wouldn’t you want it in the back of your jury’s mind that regardless, your “accused” had a level of compassion for “some reason” as in, my whole “o theory”.

    I do feel it is possible that Judge Perry will exclude that piece of “evidence” only, as sort of a “I granted one of your motions” as opposed to all being denied, on the basis that a juror would never be able to see an image of the “alleged visual observation.”


  2. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink, Funny you should say that about Jose seemed to be arguing the States case-
    My husband was not watching but was nearby and he kept asking me each time- Now Who is this? JB lead council. Isnt he on the Defense? Yes. What? Why is he saying (insert argument that tends to prove States case) then?

    PS Did you take note of JP asking JB about why Nick P wasnt used in answer to JB pointing out The States not utilizing certain witness experts? Be careful of opening doors you cant close….

    The State discovery-
    Discovery Documents Pages 24700-24703 (P & G Material Safety Data Sheet)

    I. CD-R – Bank of America – Conway Branch
    2. CD-R – Target – Winter Park, 7-10-08
    3. CD-R – Target – Waterford Lakes & Goldenrod, 7-8-08 & 7-10-08, Entrance Shots
    4. CD-R – Target – Waterford Lakes, 7-10-08
    5. DVD-R – Target Video, 6-30-08 1 :22pm, Pkg Lot, Entrance, Purchase, Exit
    6. DVD-R – Target Video, 6-30-08 1:20pm to 1:24pm, POS-Cash Register # 14
    7. DVD-R – Target Video, 6-30-08 1 pm to 1:30pm
    8. DVD-R – Winn Dixie #2383 Video, 7-6-08 & 7-15-08, Entry/Exit & Cam 4 (Cash reg.)
    9. DVD-R – Winn Dixie #2383 Video, 7-12-08 21:05
    10. DVD-R – Surveillance Video – Blockbuster “16″
    11. DVD-R – Surveillance Video – Blockbuster “15″
    12. CD-R – Target Store Video, 6-30-08 1:22pm
    13 . CD-R – Target Store Video, 7-7-08 & 6-30-08
    14. CD-R – Cheesecake Factory Rest Video, 6-11-08
    15. CD-R – Cheesecake Factory Rest Video, 6-12-08
    16. DVD-R -lkea Store Video, 7-5-08 1400 to J600 (#3A)
    17. DVD-R -Ikea Store Video, 7-5-08 1400 to 1600, Casey & Will (#3B)
    18. DVD-R -lkea Store Video, 7-5-08 14:46 to 14:48 (#3C)
    19. DVD-R -lkea Store Video, 7-5-08 1400 to 1600 (#3D)
    20. DVD-R – lkea Store Video, 7-5-08 1400 to 1600 (#3£)
    21. CD-R – Walmart Video, 7-23-08
    22. CD-R – Photos from Blockbuster Video, 6-16-08
    23 . CD-R – JC Penney· Video, 6-27-08, 6-30-08, 7-1-08
    24. CD-R – Home Depot Video, 5-23-08, 6-29-08, 7-5-08
    25. CD-R – Home Depot Video, 5-29-08
    26. CD-R – OOCEA EPass Photo
    27. CD-R – Suntrust Video of Tony Lazzaro
    28. CD-R – EPass History for Anthony Family
    29. Discovery Documents Pages 24704-24706

    LE sure did its homework.

    —Blink I wonder if the Home Depot videos will show Casey or her family buying the pavers, cement, weed barrier ect (BTW did you know certain types of wb contain wool and are black in color?)- Thought this was interesting because I know black wool fibers were found on the mamma doll ect & I remember you once talked about the WB possibly being used to cover Caylee & could tie the remains site to Casey & the home……

    I wonder what the JCP vids will show? I am heartsick to realize the Cheesecake Factory vids will show little Caylee alive.

    The Walmart vid from 7/23 has me thinking- Casey was in jail- her bond was just set the day before correct? IDK… Who is in this vid? And what is its significance- Does it show the man that thought her saw Casey and Caylee on June 16th?- Is it one of the Anthonys? If so why does LE get WM vid of this date…what could it show?

    Same with TL at Suntrust bank…What is the sig. of that vid?And why doesnt have a date?

    Each video will contain some useful info I would think…what is Casey’s demeanor, what was she wearing what did she buy…

    And is this every S video LE obtained? I noticed there is none for Amscot and the movie theatre ect…

    Interesting stuff


    I think we are ’bout to embark on some debunking exercises this week :)

  3. NancyS says:

    well I bet miss Casey is really trying to convince someone that it was not HER IN HER OWN BODY, how can it be? sorry I just have no more tolerance in this case, it is just a HUGE WASTE! and I cannot believe the state of Florida is not asking for a swift court hearing and hangin on the square!!! ( I know I know he is still clicking the pen).

  4. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink I agree with your entire response to TGF’s question Re Heart sticker.

    You are one smart lady.

    Just want to throw it out there- that even if it does come in- or some bit of info that could be argued that Casey felt some compassion- IMO it would be argued by the State that it was not done out of compassion but malice- and cruelty as if Casey was saying

    something like this:

    here- see I did love u once u little snot…sure wish you didnt make me kill u- You’ve been nothing But trouble for me since the day you were born- Big Trouble- All Responsibility & not enough fun- here have your little horse or glasses or one barrette or pez dispenser (or whatever I am not saying these were found or that they were caylee’s)ect …. But I want MY momma doll back- it used to be mine…see? Its mine again- and now I can have my childhood back …the one that abruptly ended when I had you….

    Yep, exactly, your quite astute yourself there, Mom 3.0-

    On the flip side of this issue, I have to say, the mockery of our justice system that is being “allowed” by this defense team, would be flat out negligence, and I daresay, malpractice, if his client was innocent.

    What you have in this scenario is the fact that reasonable people have a deep grasp of this case, and therefore, you have the level of “look the other way” she is guilty she deserves it.

    I get that, and in some ways and on some days, I am guilty of those feelings.

    That said, I worry very much about a world of first year attorneys making quick bucks on the unfortunate Caylee’s “that are to be.”

    OMG the contrast between legal teams, and the disparity of their acumen, presentation and experience in itself, has got to be considered prejudicial on it’s merit A L O N E .

    When Mason got up and started arguing over Simms because he clearly was not happy with her little “defense sidebar” when she could not come up with the “response” on her own- I was floored.

    That guy is DP qualified and a 30 year criminal defense attorney and he acts like he is in a Ghost Town Cowboy Bar looking for a duel every time he opens his mouth.

    Ms. Simms was directionless and flustered.

    They are like the Bad News Bears of Law, except they are adults, they should know better, and this is not a movie… yet.


  5. chelsea says:

    Blink – thanks for link to George’s searches – think I would rather do the ironing than plow through that sickening history!

    I would willingly do your yours Blink in appreciation of all you are doing for Caylee and all the other lost and forsaken children in this sad, bad world of ours. Shame I am 4000 miles away!

  6. Midwest mom- Your comment of the moving of Caylee brought to mind the message that Cindy left to Law Enforcement Casey had to have help. Could it be that we got bits of info,that is true,from cindy. These are the ones that came to mind: 1)July 3rd,08-My Caylees Missing letter on line 2)911 calls July 15,Cindy says toCasey I have given u 30 days 3)The famous smells like there been a dead body in the damn car. 4)In one of her interviews she said that as a nurse,I have smelled of dead bodies and that the mouth opens after death. ? Ductape on Caylees mouth. Here are two that came from Casey1)Jailhouse visits- They havent even found her clothes yet. 2) Jailhouse visit- I have not said anything,Do not worry. Which leads me to believe the family knew from the begining. From George’s mouth An accident that spun out of control confirmed it. Blink, I have been reading from the begining and you guys and gals TOTALLY ROCK !!! with Wisdom, Humor and HEART which is a winning combination. All your time,energy & heart wll be rewarded with a ‘GUILTY VERDICT”. I hear Caylee saying Heart you and thanks for taking care of MaMa doll.

  7. annals says:

    Snipped from Blink comment:

    “OMG the contrast between legal teams, and the disparity of their acumen, presentation and experience in itself, has got to be considered prejudicial on it’s merit A L O N E .”

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve watched all the hearings and the defense attorneys are irritating. It’s not just that I don’t like their message, it’s also that their message is communicated haltingly repetatively and disjuctively.

    Did anyone else notice that Jose Baez mixed up the terms qualitative and quantitative on Friday? If someone were listening to him on Fri for the 1st time on the topic of Vass’ quantitative statements about chloroform in the trunk, they would have no idea what Baez was trying to assert. Mixing up the terms, he contradicted himself.

    Then Ashton or Burdick would address each issue for less than 5 minutes per topic and make chrystal clear arguments.

    It is no secret where I stand, lol.

    That said, I am the first person to admit that I can look past my personal feelings and appreciate application of law, and it’s mandatory “adversarial positions” and appreciate both sides from that perspective.

    Case in point, when Macaluso signed on, I was appropriately nervous. I was also in awe of his professional accomplishments; I still am, after reviewing some of his case transcripts.

    It is indisputable if it were not for that fact, he would have been disbarred.

    Let’s be honest, Macaluso, Baden, and this WAS a defendable case.

    Say what you want about them, in their own “niches” they are every bit as impressive as what we have seen from Linda Burdick and Jeff Ashton.

    Our system is not a perfect one, but in my heart I believe it is the best there is.

    At no time, have I felt, in any appearance of this defense team, anything other than I was watching BEIGE paint dry, or, that Baez would spin around at any second and inform us that we have been punked.

    In his close on a few motions, he got materially different facts mixed up, and also highly technical methodologies that he was already stipulating to… wrong.

    If this was the gong show….. Jus sayin’

  8. annals says:

    I think that Dorothy Sims is probably a competant, diligent attorney and that her thought processes are clear and lucid. (And I believe that Jose Baez lacks these qualities. I don’t believe that the absence of these can be compensated by passion in the courtroom.)

    Sims has not had enough time to study and prepair for the complex forensic issues in this case. And she has not (as far as I know) ever worked a capital criminal case and doesn’t appear fluent in the many and precise rules in it’s courtroom.

    She gets cudos from me for her courage. It takes a lot of that to continue as she has, given that she’s a neophyte here. She was, however imprudent to enter these waters before assessing the quality of the “lead” attorney. I think Cheney Mason brought her aboard.

    The only Casey attorney that looks like a pro to me is Ann Fanelle. (Not Cheney Mason and I don’t know why, given his reputation.)

  9. Randie says:

    Lest we forget Cindy’s searching rampage for Cayse.

    What did she find? that sent her bent on finding cayse?

    What did she find in the back yard that made her send Lee out to hunt down Cayse??

    Cindy knew.

    O I am going there..

  10. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks Blink for the explanation about the sticker. I thought that the sticker was actually found on the duct tape, but it was only the residue of the glue. I think you are exactly right about it being a potential error to not let it in. However, as you point out, I can see the court’s position of allowing at least one defense motion. The poor guys have lost every time.

    I am not nor will any of us be elgible to serve on the jury. This is the very thing that I worried about when I posted about the jury selection some time ago. This case is going to be full of technical information that a lot of jurors will have little or no knowledge of.

    Unfortunatly for little Caylee, I think that mom3.0′s writing about the possibility of Casey’s thoughts are likly to be very close to the truth. This is the reason imo, that unmarried teenagers should not have children.

    Mason, IMO is the “junk yard dog” type of lawyer. He uses bad behavior to talk over people (although Ms. Simms appears to be very poorly prepared and needs more than a little help) in order to get his points across.

    Blink says he has thirty years experience, but I think he has one years experience thirty times. Can we say “groundhog day” like in the movie.

    I will predict that there will be other benifits from the trial excluding the justice for little Kaylee. Since it will be fully video taped or recorded, the law schools should be able to acquire video and use it as a teaching tool to show their students how ego and inexperience can create a situation such as this.

    How profound. 1 Year of experience x 30. Wow. You nailed that one.

  11. EliGrandma says:

    It’s been a while since I posted but just wanted to make a comment about Cheney Mason. I live in the central Florida area and had NEVER heard of Mr. Mason prior to this case. Perhaps he is a legend in his mind ONLY. I’ve not seen an impressive motion come out of the defense team since he joined. In fact, I’ve seen very little difference in the defense behavior, before versus after, Mr. Cheney’s grand (read that as obnoxious) entrance a year ago. It appears his sole purpose has been to egg Baez on to becoming a bigger joke than he might be capable of on his own. And that’s what I think about that!

  12. JustJill says:

    As I reflect back on the last few weeks of pretrial/Frye hearings, I, too, found Jose Baez’s summarizations, closing arguments, and pretty much everything else he uttered in court to be worse than watching paint dry… was more like undergoing a root canal without benefit of Novocaine or sedation of some sort….and Cheney….well, he just reminds me of an old dry drunk, who is seriously miserable with his sobriety. Judge Perry is going to have his hands full come trial-time, but I think he will run a tight ship with a steady course, and I pray that in the end, sweet little angel, Caylee Marie, will get the justice that she deserves. I find it incredibly sad and pathetic that Casey’s parents and brother seem to be under some kind of Casey-spell, that they would lie and lie repeatedly to protect her. I used to feel sorry for George and Cindy at the beginning, but Cindy lost me with her “Mom of the Year” comment about Casey. I’ve thought about this long and hard, since I have a daughter (my only child as well) the same age as Casey and I can honestly say beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I knew she had murdered my grandchild, I would give 200% support and honesty to the prosecution team and law enforcement. Yes, I would still love her with all my heart, but to take the life of a child can NEVER go unpunished…there are very real and painful consequences to taking the life of a child, imo.

    Just Jill said:
    and Cheney….well, he just reminds me of an old dry drunk, who is seriously miserable with his sobriety.

    Lol, that is a keeper.

  13. Sammy says:

    Randie says:
    April 9, 2011 at 9:56 pm
    Lest we forget Cindy’s searching rampage for Cayse.
    What did she find? that sent her bent on finding cayse?
    What did she find in the back yard that made her send Lee out to hunt down Cayse??
    Cindy knew.
    (Blink reply)

    O I am going there..

    Great point Randie. There’s so many facets and details of this case and trial that are easy to get wrapped up into trying to sort thru.
    But, I’d not yet put a lot of thought into what suddenly, after a month, finally pinged enough for Cindy that sent her on that search hell bent on finding Casey THAT NIGHT ??
    What did Cindy discover that day/evening?
    Wow … mind boggling to think about.

    Really looking forward to a future BOC installment that “goes there”.

  14. Randie says:


    You posted this some time ago. Did this come out in a doc dump yet? I want to see this come into trial!

    “Let’s face it. If the sweepings and the cleaning gadgetry seized from the Anthony’s contain similar chemical/Bio to the trunk liner this is all over.”

    To my knowledge, the analysis of the contents from the appliances outside of looking for visual signs of hairs or anything indicitive of decomposition has not been released. I do not know if tests outside of that were ordered.

  15. NGBoston says:

    Jose Flyeze……LOL……Love you Blink!

    You have continually made us all smile throughout this horrible case, where there truly is very little to smile about. Nice photshop work.

    Keep on keeping On….

    NG Boston

    Ty friend, gonna get worse before this over I am afraid.

  16. Brutus & Daisy says:

    @ kp, who asked, 

    I have a question. Since, The State of Florida only granted the Courts of Orange County enough money to last until the end of May. What will happen if the trial begins and is not over by the end of May?      

    If this is a really stupid question I apologize.


    There is no stupid question! I believe there is some sort of preexisting financial arrangement for June, which puts it into next year’s budget, and then the fiscal year starts again July 1st.

    I’m gonna wager the trial goes on and on….

  17. OhioSheryl says:

    I am going to 2nd the wager that the trial goes on and on.

    I believe we are on the cusp of a long delay pending mental health investigations.
    Jury selection is going to be long and painful for both parties.

    I will be pleasantly surprised if this case moves along as HHJP declared.

  18. SOTT says:

    Blink and friends,

    Did you see that the CBS Show ’48 Hours Mystery’ is going to be airing a show next Saturday, April 16th, entitled “The Defense of Casey Anthony”.

  19. Ragdoll says:

    Great posts Blinkers! You all rock for Caylee!!!

    48 Hrs. Mystery is airing the defense w/ the Scamthonys (accessing atm, Blink!) It airs on 1O p.m. April 16.

    I am BEGGING for my BOC family not to tune in, for the sake of our little princess, Caylee. Please, let’s not enable these bottom feeders by buying into their lies. We also need to send a message to CBS that we don’t tolerate anyone profitting from the death of an innocent child, including a large, successful broadcasting station.

    Baez and the rest of the Apple Dumpling gang (yes, that includes the Addams family, Cindy and George Marie) can ride their ailing donkeys into the sunset. I really do hate these people. No, more like HATE. I stand by that statement even if the Lord’s hand comes down to spank my back end.

  20. Sue says:

    Hi Blink and All! Loved the graphics and wit in your latest piece. For some reason I think the image of Baez on the pen will be the lasting image I ever have of the man. I won’t be able to imagine him any other way after this!

    SOTT spoke of the ’48 Hours Mystery’ that will be aired next Saturday evening on “The Defense of Casey Anthony”. I caught a glimpse of the previews and in the previews they spoke of the fact that this is a circumstantial case. I guess the facts and evidence that is known to the public were presented to a panel of people who viewed the case and determined that they could NOT convict Casey of First Degree Murder based on the facts that are known. It was all a very quick ‘spot’ on last night’s ’48 Hours’ show, but it was very telling.

    I understand that we are not privy to much of what the prosecution has but I am reminded too that Casey is charged with 6 other counts of manslaughter and child neglect charges that may just fly better if the prosecution does not present its case and prove intentional murder.

    That is not to say that I doubt the State’s case. But, all the defense has to do is prove reasonable doubt to intentional murder and boom, it’s down to a lesser charge.

  21. OhioSheryl says:

    Casey Anthony: “48 Hours Mystery” looks at defense strategy.

    Defense attorneys Jose Baez and Cheney Mason discuss the Casey Anthony case in a “48 Hours Mystery” to air this coming Saturday on CBS.

    The program, reported by Troy Roberts, also features defense forensic experts and former defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden. George and Cindy Anthony, Casey’ s parents, are interviewed as well.

  22. Sharma (WA) says:

    Randie says:
    April 9, 2011 at 9:56 pm
    But, I’d not yet put a lot of thought into what suddenly, after a month, finally pinged enough for Cindy that sent her on that search hell bent on finding Casey THAT NIGHT ?? What did Cindy discover that day/evening?

    I had assumed what finally climaxed CA’s inner detective was that she was furious over learning KC had stolen from Grandparents. The cherry on top being the smelly car. I hadn’t considered her having sudden revelations.

    I don’t comment often, but I sure really like the commenters here. Everyone behaves like adults, and comments are diverse. Things that make you go “hmmm.”

    Glad to see you’re writing more lately. Thanks

  23. OhioSheryl says:

    How convenient for the defense team for a nationwide, well known tv show to air this segment just a few days away from jury selection.

    I would be interested to know when CBS filmed, and who they informed of the air date.

  24. Randie says:

    Val’s timeline is incredible!

    After I got thru the first page of dates….I said, “Where were your BRAINS Cindy??????”

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Cindy should have been busted with “aiding and abeding” (sp) before Caylee ever died.


  25. chelsea1515 says:

    I have just managed to finish watching the remainder of Friday’s Hearing and wondered if anyone else noticed how Casey seemed to be running the show towards the end! Baez had been pleading that the dogs had unconfirmed alerts, that they were insufficiently trained when Casey suddenly pulled up a large folder and went through it like a legitimate attorney, eventually pulling out a sheet. In the meantime Linda Burdick had taken the podium whilst Casey was scribbling away on her legal pad, only to turn and hand Baez the sheet from the file and her torn off written note. When Linda finished, Baez again took to the podium with what looked like the papers that Casey had given him and proceeded to plead that the cadavor dog had made a supposed hit one day in the back yard of the Anthony’s home but failed to do the same the following day. I believe Casey had checked this out and given him the information to go back to the Judge with. Looks like she is beginning to believe she is as good as her defense attorneys – well she probably is if what I have seen so far is anything to go by! I was glad to see that by the time Judge Perry had given his final talk before calling it a day, Casey was beginning to look anxious and not a little fearful; did you notice how she seemed relieved to leave the Court as the camera followed her through the door and she leant against the wall in the adjoining room. I hope JBP has put the fear of God in her!!!!

  26. Kleat says:

    Hey Blink, have to catch up on the comments later, thought I’d share my first venture into creating a rap and making a quick and crude version of an audio using computerized voices. Main problem was making it clear, don’t pay any attention to the visuals either, no time to do a proper job. The text in it’s pre-audio form is over on the Hinky Meter.

    Baez’s ‘parodi-ized’ opening statement to the jury:

  27. Dierdra says:

    Love the Jill comment also. He (Mason) is the essence of a dried up alchie in the midst of being as arrogant as one can possibly be. Thanks. I love this place. Let us go on to the trial of the Spring/Summer of 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I am about to burst if this thing actually get’s under way as it is supposed to?? Time will tell.

  28. SOTT says:


    I was thinking the same thing in regard to the upcoming 48 Hours Mystery episode. I was also wondering if this is an effort from the defense to make some more money from this case through “licensing fees”, etc. If they do, would the defense be required to use this money to pay back some of the taxpayers money used to date for Casey Anthony’s defense? Or, do they get to pocket it all? Blink, do you know the answer to this?

    BTW, on The Learning Channel this weekend, there was a re-run of the first 48 Hours Mystery Show entitled “The Real Story of Caylee Anthony”. Of course, there was very little discussion of Caylee, but the piece seemed to concentrate on Casey Anthony. Anyway, I don’t remember noticing this the first time I viewed this episode, but towards the end of the program, the interviewer asks the defense something to the effect of (pp) ‘do you think a jury will find your client guilty’…Baez responds “WE believe that she is innocent….”. (he does NOT say that she IS innocent, only that THEY believe she is innocent).


    I, too, just finished watching the rest of Friday’s hearing (what I could tolerate, anyway). I noticed the part that you have referenced and noticed her self appointed “legal prowess” in action….I had to laugh, as it reminded me of the saying “any lawyer who represents himself/herself, has a fool for a client”.

  29. Sparkling says:

    Thank you Blink, Thank You !

    For having this wonderful site. I am literally sickened to watch this pandering buffalo show in live time…

    This is the first Criminal case I have ever seen tried Pro Tem ! ! !

    According to the article linked, one of the existing boobs on the defense team requests an exit ??? Who’s leaving, someone sick (besides mental) or just wants to retire early ??

  30. ArmsoftheAngels says:

    Queen LaTweeta says:
    April 5, 2011 at 3:04 pm
    If there is a god in heaven the Anthony’s will be charged with perjury and obstruction.
    I am sorry, but as a devout Catholic, I have to address this comment made by QLT.
    The Anthony’s have nothing to do with, “if there is a God in heaven”

    IMO-There is no “if” or ultimatum to having faith in God. People of deep faith accept that God is not vindictive, only loving and all powerful. Part of God’s will is good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people and vice versa.
    You can’t seriously expect to pray to God for something and then if you don’t get it, say there is no God.
    I respect that your religious views are personal, as mine are. I did not expect to read blasphemous statements at this blog.
    Again, I am sorry, but that type of religious ignorance, I had to address.

  31. Kleat says:

    Sparkling, no one is leaving the defense team, that was bogus. It was a ‘motion’ from a prisoner who has been trying to insert himself into the case, tried a few times, to get himself called to Florida to help Casey by giving her an alibi. The clerk’s office filed it as a ‘motion from Casey’ which it was not. You can find discussions of that at WESH probably too, if not, it should not be too hard to find.

  32. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I don’t believe that you really hate these people. What you do not like or perhaps hate is the evil they represent.


    Remember my post about Casey being as smart or smarter than Baez? You just observed some of what she can do.

    There is no way for us to know what good Casey could have done if she had made the DECISION to use her brain in the right way rather than to CHOOSE to become what we see. Each of us are what we are by the decisions and choices we make.

  33. Brandi says:

    Congrats to Yuri! He is the weekly winner!

    The Official Nominee who receives the most votes during that weekly voting period will be designated as the Weekly Finalist for that week, receive the Weekly Finalist Prize described below and become eligible to be the 2011 All-Star Winner.

    Weekly Finalist Prize: one (1) AMW duffle bag with AMW merchandise. Approximate retail value: $100 each.

    Let’s all vote for Yuri starting April 21-May 8 daily so he can be the All-Star winner!

    During the All-Star voting period, visitors to will be able to cast one vote, each day of that voting period for one of the eight Weekly Finalists that they believe exemplifies the All-Star qualities. The Weekly Finalist who receives the most votes during the Grand Prize All-Star voting period will be designated as the 2011 AMW All-Star Winner, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. The Grand Prize All-Star voting period starts at 12:00 am (EDT) on April 21, 2011 and ends at 11:59 pm (EDT) on May 8, 2011.


  34. Word Girl says:

    Randie, et al, commenting on Cindy’s backyard discovery–of course she knew. They all know.

    *Backyard pavers to cover their decaying darling and now dined upon by
    dispicably denying grandparents who set that table before a diabolical guest. Their front door was wide open.

    *After washing the clothing of the accused, the Anthony family suddenly needed a new washer–well better make that a set–and dryer.

    *The cleaning, deodorizing, misdirecting, obfuscating, deliberate destruction of evidence, lies of omission and comission:
    They knew. And know it still.

  35. Word Girl says:


  36. chica says:

    do you think judge perry and the state is aware that after all their complaining the defense has done about the media coverage
    !!the defense willstill appear on 48 hrs next weekend???

  37. chica says:

    ~Waving~~ at you
    I wont give 48 hrs my time!!
    I wonder if judge perry is aware that baez and mason the biggest complainers of the media coverage!!
    will star on 48 hrs???

  38. chelsea says:

    ATG – You are so right and may I add, very perceptive. You have the admirable ability to write what you feel and think of the moment. I look forward to your posts once the Trial starts.

  39. Sparkling says:

    Kleat, Thanks for your response. I thought that kooky inmates motion was a week before the article and that a new motion had been filed. My bad. However, this group and their propensity to file motions, and motions, and motions, I would imagine any garbage could slip into the courts records. Sure enjoyed your “RAP”. Hope JB doesn’t plagiarize it ! LOL

  40. kccritic says:

    Hi Blink,
    Did you see Richard Hornsby’s new post on his blog?? VERY,
    VERY interesting… what do you think?

  41. GriffyMom says:

    I’m sorry, I know I’m probably a day late and a dollar short, but what part does the blue dress play in this investigation? I have followed many aspects of this case; however, I’m lost on what this is significant. Can someone take a minute and let me know?

  42. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I have been rereading and thinking about this very amusing writing about this case by Blink and her team.

    What I am realizing is that there is much information conveyed in a way that is not immediately apparent.

    This writing reminds me of articals written by a very astute electrical engineer who wrote for BYTE magazine in the late 1970′s and early 1980′s. He could convey some very subtle information in a way that unless one read it with a lot of care, it was missed on the
    first pass.

    An example in this piece: Headline “ARGUE IN C MAJOR PLEASE”

    Unless one is a musician or has some musical training, you would not know that C major is the simplest key to play in music as it contains no sharps and no flats. All the notes are on the white keys of a piano.

    This, in my mind, ties into the humor of the C-note or $100 bill being removed by Mr. Flyez from the ATM machine. However, it also applies to the fact that the attorneys were argueing in a manner that was not clear and simple and if taken in a musical context, they created much dissonance which is a harsh sound,is disagreeable and creates tension.

    Very subtle application of the musical reference to describe what was going on. I am very impressed. This tells me that one of these writers knows something about music.

    Lol, your such an intellectual, I love that.
    I am very thankful for the research and editorial help from the members of my team, but I am the sole author of original content on this site. I keep begging them to write something so I can breathe, no dice.

    I have a little vocal training, I threaten my family that if I ever hit the lottery, I am going to open a supper club and subject innocent people to my lounge act.

    I don’t know if your an Idol watcher, but Casey’s version last week of Nature Boy was genius.
    My family is appropriately sick of me blasting it all over the house.. sigh.


  43. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Blink, I doubt if your family is sick of your musical activities around the house. Suppose they were subject to not only voice but the practice and playing of brass instruments as well. Or listening to me sound out the parts on a score including sounding the high flute and clarinet parts in falseto.

    Tell your little ones that they are lucky to have a mom that can sing and appreciate music. Tell them that if they want to become smart like mom, they have to spend time learning music.

    The ancient Greeks recognized that one was not fully educated unless one understood music and could teach others about it. This is one of the reasons that I still teach music. Most children today do not get anywhere close to a proper education in music.

    TY kind sir.

    You know that I spotted your clear voice the very first time I listened to you on Dana’s radio show. One does not have that type of clarity of sound unless there has been vocal training and practicing.

    What I wrote about your writing skills is very true. One cannot write at that level unless there is a great amount of knowledge backing it up.

  44. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I didn’t answer your question about “Idol”. Sometimes, but because of other activities it has to take a back seat. However, most of the talent is less than good. And then we all get a great suprise with a voice and talent like Susan Boyle. Now you have raised my curiosity about “Casey”. I will try to watch next week.

  45. [...] reputations were affected by the OJ trial. That is not to say that Baez has already had his share of “blowfly” gaffes and mockeries of the law. Imagine if any attorney had the chance of making a deal for their client [...]

  46. nomama says:

    That’s not a Bic…

    Lol? Really- what gave it away, the ole inscription?

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