Abducted And Endangered In Tennessee: Help Find Holly Bobo

Posted by BOC Staff | Holly Bobo,Kidnapping,Missing and Endangered,Missing Persons | Saturday 16 April 2011 10:09 am

Parsons, Tennessee- After exiting her home on Swan Johnson Road in Parsons, Tennessee, 20 year old Holly Bobo was ambushed in the driveway while she approached her car to head to nursing class.

While there was a furry of erroneous reports early on, Investigators from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have now confirmed that Holly was not "dragged" through the carport, and her brother Clint did NOT see her accosted.

Clint Bobo, 25, heard what he thought was a mild argument outside at approximately 7:30 am on April 13.  By all accounts, big brother Clint kept a watchful eye on his sister, and today was no different.

Clint went to the window, and saw Holly walking away towards the woods with a man dressed in camouflage.  Both Holly and the unidentified suspect were walking away from the property,and were only seen from the rear. The male individual was between 5'10" and 6' tall, approximately 180-200 lbs, dressed in full camo. Clint Bobo erroneously assumed that Holly was in the company of her boyfriend based on his visual observation.

Photo Credit: Personal Image

In approximately 40 minutes, when Clint headed outside to start his day, he noticed Holly's car in the driveway, and immediately called Holly's boyfriend, who is not considered a suspect, to inquire what the two were up to.

Holly's boyfriend, whose name is intentionally being withheld, had no idea what Clint was talking about, and soon afterward, Clint observed blood on the macadam on the carport area of the family’s home. Bobo immediately called 911, as did his Mother Karen, a schoolteacher, after she learned what was suspected to have happened, from her son.  Neither call has been released.

Hundreds of community volunteers from the Decatur County community have been assisting in the ground searches for Holly, despite weather threats in the area.

Yesterday the search grid moved about 8 miles away from Holly Bobo's home when her white lunchbox was found near a creek.  Although there were reports earlier that a car, Holly's cell phone and some camouflage clothes were found as well, at least 2 news outlets have removed that information from their coverage without explanation.

Today, the search area is designated as a 4 mile radius, within 6 miles of the Bobo residence.

There is a $25,000 reward for the SAFE RETURN of Holly Bobo.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI -FIND

Blink Assessment:

This individual is known to Ms. Bobo, her family and friends. There are/were recent indications that this suspect was dangerous following a rejection of sorts, real or perceived .   Holly was ambushed because this suspect knew her routine and that of her family, exactly.  He is an avid woodsman, has  access to an ATV and some sort of shelter or cabin in the area.  He may have access to a two way radio and was immediately aware that 911 had been called, or someone close to the family was aware of "him" and attempted to contact him personally.

I would check the video and purchase records within an 8 mile radius for every department or sporting good store for an individual matching the suspect description the day before, and especially late night of the 12th.

If he is on any social sites and updating at all, he is doing so with a PDA,  if he is not he may be found in the deleted FB or email/texts of Ms. Bobo.  The fact that Holly walked away with him following an act of violence, tells me that at least in her mind, she felt she could control this event with the outcome of her safety.  While that is a good sign, locating her or the suspect is mandatory as I feel there was a trigger to this incident, and the suspect will feel strongly that he cannot "take it back" or that it is "too late."

To that end, I would downplay the connection to her cousin in the country music business as I have, in and effort to allow the suspect to think the case will receive only minimal exposure and returning Holly and surrendering safely can be largely private, and in his best interest to do so immediately.

Holly Bobo, her family and friends are in the hearts and prayers of the www.blinkoncrime.com family.

Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor

Madeline Tanner, contributing editor

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  1. kate says:

    This may sound like a silly question but if an abductor were transporting an abductee on an ATV, how would he force her to stay on?? Could it go that fast on a rural back road or in wooded areas? Plus, how could he have held a gun to her while driving an ATV. A car I can see, but one of those??
    Could he have convinced her that someone was hurt in the woods in order to get her to come with him?

  2. s.d. says:

    That was what I wondered .. good question.I’m not sure how you country folk d it but how do they transport deer when hunting on those things? I was thinking maybe he knocked her out just to get threw the woods bu5t I do believe she is alive. I can’t se howanyone could forse someone on a four wheeler without a fight. There would be evidece of a fight.

  3. NaNa says:

    The car found with camo in it…was the car stolen? Or does it belong to the perp?

    The big find for today was somehow “phoned in”. The killer toying with them? A friend or family member of the killer? I hope the call was traced so they can find out.

    There are some colleges in the area. Were any of the students absent the day Holly went missing? Are all accounted for?

  4. s.d. says:

    I read that the volunteers told reporters that he signifigant item was her cell phone.

  5. has says:

    can I leave comment(s) without comment(s) being published?

    Yes, just write private as the first line. Only you and I will see it until I delete it.

  6. Hello123 says:

    Hello blink I just wanted to say that I like the website and it seems like everything is going well
    Thanks hello123

    Welcome Hello123.

    Thank you for the kind words. Let me know if you have any thoughts on Holly’s case.


  7. Jay says:

    So my sources have indicated that a DNA swab was indeed conducted, although I won’t say on who. Wouldn’t there have to be some substantial reason for that to be conducted?

    I am aware and yes there does.

  8. Jay says:

    And to follow, doesn’t that in itself imply a POI?

  9. andy says:

    my thoughts are that he could have shot her with something to sedate her. that could maybe explain the blood.then maybe got her on an atv. i am just reaching because i do not see how he got her thru the deep woods on foot with no struggle.

  10. Foxfire says:


    PARSONS, Tennessee (Isabelle Zehnder reporting) — Locals, distraught over the abduction of 20-year-old Holly Bobo from their small community of Decatur County nearly three weeks ago say that in addition to the pain, sorrow, and adversity their community has experienced over the past couple of years, they are now facing the reality that big-city crime has made its way to their small, tight-knit community.

    Some local residents say they’re frightened that Holly’s abductor has not yet been captured and that it’s causing a great deal of unrest.

    In an April 15 live CBS News report it was reported that residents and authorities said nothing like this has ever happened in their small community, and that they were in a state of shock.

    On the day after Holly disappeared Sheriff Roy Wyatt said in a live interview, “We’re tracking down every lead that we’ve got. We’ve called in different agencies. We’ve had tracking dogs, we’ve had helicopters. Everything we could get we’ve had here looking for the young lady.” [View slideshow, left side bar.]

    Wolfscratch “Truth in the Media. What a welcomed change” !!! “Finally, the victims have a voice” !!!.
    Angels Assisted

    Number of posts: 1313
    Reputation: 16
    Registration date: 2008-03-25

  11. Foxfire says:

    .(snipet by me from above link)

    Pornography and drugs – precursors to crime and deviancy

    On Saturday morning an out-of-state volunteer searcher asked, “What would you expect to see as you pulled off the highway and drove into the town of Parsons?”

    My initial response, “A church.”

    The volunteer said that’s exactly what he would have expected, too. “I expected to see a little white church with a very high steeple on every corner,” he said.

    Instead, he said when he took the exit off I-40 at Hwy 69 the first building he observed was a pornography toy and stip club shop – somewhat of a sex emporium in a building that reminded him of a big fireworks warehouse.

    He said he saw about 200 cars in the parking lot – this was just before noon on a Saturday morning. A short drive from there was the University of Tennessee Martin Nursing satelite school that Holly Bobo attended.

    “That was her destination on that tragic morning of April 13,” he said.

    Tennessee has seen a huge increase in the number of meth labs over the past several years. The state ranked the highest in the nation for having the largest number meth lab drug busts in 2010.

    It is well-known that pornography and drugs are often precursors to criminal and deviant activity.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com: Holly Bobo: Big-city crime comes to small tight-knit community; safety tips – National missing persons | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/missing-persons-in-national/holly-bobo-big-city-crime-comes-to-small-tight-knit-community-safety-tips#ixzz1LLvSWXIG


  12. Foxfire says:


    Kinda figured after the scaving article by Isabelle Z., that the National Media would come back to Parsons, TN-two Pastors: Sexual predators, Porn Toy Shop near Holly’s Nursing School, TN #1 Meth capitol of the World – “Public safety” ?? ‘Who Knew’ ??

  13. Foxfire says:


    Methamphetamine (pronounced /ˌmɛθæmˈfɛtəmiːn/ listen), methylamphetamine, N-methylamphetamine, or desoxyephedrine, colloquially known as “meth” or “crystal meth”, is a psychostimulant of the phenethylamine and amphetamine class of drugs. It increases alertness, concentration, energy, and in high doses, can induce euphoria, enhances self-esteem, and increase libido

  14. Foxfire says:

    Bring Home Holly Bobo ♥



  15. Foxfire says:

    The following post from another forum says it best:Pat Brown said…
    We could use a strong accountability system not dependent on appeals, but rather oversight. The public/citizens have a right to know exactly how decisions are made and cases are handled. It does not have to been in the midst of the case but certainly afterward there should be transparency. If there isn’t, how can we address issues of corruption, incompetance, and error? We need to know in order to fix problems and hold people accountable for what is supposed to be work done on behalf of the citizens. Somehow “the interest of the state” seems to preclude the citizenry which is odd considering the state IS the citizenry, well, at least in a democratic republic with a constitution…

    Why are the unsolved Missing Adult Cold Cases in Tennessee not available to the public?

  16. Hello123 says:

    Do you think that the boyfriend could have anything to do with this??? Even though he is not currently not listed as a suspect?
    Thanks …..

    Hello123, I do not think her current boyfriend, Drew Scott, is involved. Good Question

  17. turbothink says:

    I would require her brother to take a lie detector test if I was her parent. There is something that just does not feel right about his story and I felt it the day she was abducted. I have the strangest feeling he knows a lot more than he is telling.

    He has taken one turbo. If he had not, I would agree with you.

  18. Michigan says:

    Blink Assessment:

    This individual is known to Ms. Bobo, her family and friends. There are/were recent indications that this suspect was dangerous following a rejection of sorts, real or perceived . Holly was ambushed because this suspect knew her routine and that of her family, exactly.

    After thinking about, what Clint said about the perp, 6′ 180-200, JD pic on here, shows how tall he is. This led me to the ex-boyfriend. Why has the ex-boyfriend, not been arested? LE says there close to craking the case!! Has JD beed seen? did they question him? Because, if he’s living his life out in the public, then he has killed her and dump the body somewere.

  19. Kaydeekate says:


    It’s been a while since the day Holly was abducted. What are your thoughts on the probability of this case ever being solved – and if not solved, then at the very least, Holly being recovered? It seems this case is as dry with leads as the Jennifer Kesse case. The fact t that these two cases (plus many more such Tara Grinstead, Tracy Oscasio, Michelle Parker, etc. etc.) have not been solved nor have promising leads is very disturbing and heartbreaking. Would love to hear your opinion(s) on these cases.



    On Kesse:


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