Abducted And Endangered In Tennessee: Help Find Holly Bobo

Posted by BOC Staff | Holly Bobo,Kidnapping,Missing and Endangered,Missing Persons | Saturday 16 April 2011 10:09 am

Parsons, Tennessee- After exiting her home on Swan Johnson Road in Parsons, Tennessee, 20 year old Holly Bobo was ambushed in the driveway while she approached her car to head to nursing class.

While there was a furry of erroneous reports early on, Investigators from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have now confirmed that Holly was not "dragged" through the carport, and her brother Clint did NOT see her accosted.

Clint Bobo, 25, heard what he thought was a mild argument outside at approximately 7:30 am on April 13.  By all accounts, big brother Clint kept a watchful eye on his sister, and today was no different.

Clint went to the window, and saw Holly walking away towards the woods with a man dressed in camouflage.  Both Holly and the unidentified suspect were walking away from the property,and were only seen from the rear. The male individual was between 5'10" and 6' tall, approximately 180-200 lbs, dressed in full camo. Clint Bobo erroneously assumed that Holly was in the company of her boyfriend based on his visual observation.

Photo Credit: Personal Image

In approximately 40 minutes, when Clint headed outside to start his day, he noticed Holly's car in the driveway, and immediately called Holly's boyfriend, who is not considered a suspect, to inquire what the two were up to.

Holly's boyfriend, whose name is intentionally being withheld, had no idea what Clint was talking about, and soon afterward, Clint observed blood on the macadam on the carport area of the family’s home. Bobo immediately called 911, as did his Mother Karen, a schoolteacher, after she learned what was suspected to have happened, from her son.  Neither call has been released.

Hundreds of community volunteers from the Decatur County community have been assisting in the ground searches for Holly, despite weather threats in the area.

Yesterday the search grid moved about 8 miles away from Holly Bobo's home when her white lunchbox was found near a creek.  Although there were reports earlier that a car, Holly's cell phone and some camouflage clothes were found as well, at least 2 news outlets have removed that information from their coverage without explanation.

Today, the search area is designated as a 4 mile radius, within 6 miles of the Bobo residence.

There is a $25,000 reward for the SAFE RETURN of Holly Bobo.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI -FIND

Blink Assessment:

This individual is known to Ms. Bobo, her family and friends. There are/were recent indications that this suspect was dangerous following a rejection of sorts, real or perceived .   Holly was ambushed because this suspect knew her routine and that of her family, exactly.  He is an avid woodsman, has  access to an ATV and some sort of shelter or cabin in the area.  He may have access to a two way radio and was immediately aware that 911 had been called, or someone close to the family was aware of "him" and attempted to contact him personally.

I would check the video and purchase records within an 8 mile radius for every department or sporting good store for an individual matching the suspect description the day before, and especially late night of the 12th.

If he is on any social sites and updating at all, he is doing so with a PDA,  if he is not he may be found in the deleted FB or email/texts of Ms. Bobo.  The fact that Holly walked away with him following an act of violence, tells me that at least in her mind, she felt she could control this event with the outcome of her safety.  While that is a good sign, locating her or the suspect is mandatory as I feel there was a trigger to this incident, and the suspect will feel strongly that he cannot "take it back" or that it is "too late."

To that end, I would downplay the connection to her cousin in the country music business as I have, in and effort to allow the suspect to think the case will receive only minimal exposure and returning Holly and surrendering safely can be largely private, and in his best interest to do so immediately.

Holly Bobo, her family and friends are in the hearts and prayers of the www.blinkoncrime.com family.

Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor

Madeline Tanner, contributing editor

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  1. Sunflower32 says:

    Could this abduction have a meth connection?


  2. Edward says:

    Too much time has passed..

    Still, Hope for this scenario. Keep Looking this guy took his victim 200 miles away !! Thank God for the Pizza Guy.


    Then there is this scenario where Kristi even had a cell phone and they found it on a lawn some ways away. She was not so fortunate.


  3. Kim from PA says:

    I find it odd that the abductor would take the chance of being seen by Holly’s family,neighbors, joggers, people driving by, etc. by leading her away into the woods right next to her house. He had to know someone would notice she is missing and her car is still in the drive way. Walking away leaves an easy trail for dogs to follow too.

    I am wondering if perhaps he tried to take Holly away in her car and she fought or something went wrong and the woods escape was plan “B”. I wonder if they found her car keys.

    Heavy Sigh.

  4. Judi says:

    Praying they find Holly QUICKLY and ALIVE!

    This is a close knit community – that has got to work to the advantage here.

    IMO, she knew the person VERY well not to be yelling, screaming and fighting her way from being taken into the woods.

  5. Edward says:

    Kristi Cornwell from the last link I posted was eventually found by her own brother on new years day, in a area close to where she was kidnapped from.. Her phone was found earlier in the investigation which leads searchers out..

    This has happened many times where searchers move away from the crime scene area and search other places. Keep searching close to where she was last seen as the items found may have been planted by the culprit.

  6. Eloise says:

    Good questions by everybody. I do believe there is a large gap of info that we are not privy too.
    It seems to me, based on the latest info, somebody is less a vehicle or ATV. I have heard reports state a car was found, then retracted. Followed by the request to be looking for peeps with a vehicle loss, washing etc. Maybe the owner of said vehicle claims it to have been stolen? Anyway I think it is something along those lines.
    I am watching an update on Fox, interview with a cousin, and they asked her if she, Holly, had any weird problems, and suddenly she got very uncomfortable. And my ‘blinky meter’ said she was being evasive. He went on ( Sheppard Smith) to ask if she was comfortable with the story that has evolved. And she said that she cannot reveal anything as it might jeopardize the case. She alsoo didn’t do a good job defending her cousin Clint, fwiw. I say there is plenty we don’t know.
    The longer this has gone on, I fear there will be a bad result.

    Eloise, you nailed it and I agree. This is just horrifying.

  7. Kimberly says:


    Have you heard anything about a ransom?

    I have not, nor do I believe that is a possible factor.

    This is beginning to reach what I call the tipping point.

  8. mosaic says:

    Tipping point, as in, someone’s going to spill the beans soon?

    Tipping point as in narrowing down to field tests of evidence and it “tipping” to an absolute suspect, and probable location of Holly.

  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The behavior of the brother regarding this abduction is strange. If Holly had discussed a stalker or spurned boyfriend with him, he should have not allowed any male access to the property without checking it out immediately.

    Unless LE has information to point in a particular direction, I would be checking every house, barn, outbuilding,church,commercial building, abandoned or seemingly abandoned car or truck in a twenty-five mile radius.

    The lunchbox may be a plant to throw of the searchers.

  10. Nashvillian says:



    “Now they are asking the community to stop and think about anything they’ve seen or heard since Holly went missing Wednesday morning. Here’s what they want people to think about, and to report to them:

    Has anyone you know missed an appointment or unexpectedly didn’t show up for work?
    Is anyone you know showing signs of anxiety or stress?
    Do you know anyone who has changed their routine or suddenly left town unexpectedly this past week?
    Did you see or hear anything Wednesday morning that was out of the norm?
    Have you seen anyone excessively cleaning a vehicle, either a car, truck, or 4-wheeler?
    Do you know anyone who has tried to sell a vehicle recently?
    Do you remember someone with unusual behavior involving an ATV or other vehicle since Wednesday morning?
    The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations is asking if residents of Decatur County have seen anyone excessively washing a vehicle, possibly trying to sell a vehicle.
    The number to call with tips is (731) 852-3911.”

    This reminded me so much of Morgan. Reading it gave me chills. I wish this sort of info could have been given out in her case early on, but I understand why it wasn’t because they really had nothing to go on.


    Another great article with photos that will sorta give you an idea of Tennessee.


    Blink, thanks for taking interest in this case. I think I speak for many that hearts are heavy in Tennessee.

    To answer an earlier poster’s question, at 7:30 a.m. in the morning the sun is fully up in Tennessee.

    We are having typical spring weather. It is chilly in the mornings, mainly 50′s and nice in the afternoons, high 60′s and even into the 80′s.

    Some quick personal opinions:
    Holly’s hometown and surrounding area would be considered rural.

    To wear camo is not unusual and very common, almost “hip” per se.

    TN Tech Centers (where Holly attended school) are located throughout Tennessee: http://www.tbr.state.tn.us/schools/default.aspx?id=2654. Her connection to this person could have been through TTC.

    I know a couple of young men (early 20′s) that not only own a truck, but a 4 wheeler as well. They haul their 4 wheeler in the back of their truck and it can easily be unloaded/loaded in five minutes or less. Thus, I wonder if whoever did this had his 4 wheeler already back in the woods and ready to go. That might explain why the lunch bag was several miles away.

    Just throwing out info and thoughts here. My prayers are with Holly’s family and friends.

    Blink, I hope you are right and this will solve soon. I hope Holly is found safely as well.

  11. Kimberly says:

    6.mosaic says:
    April 18, 2011 at 3:55 pm
    Tipping point, as in, someone’s going to spill the beans soon?

    Tipping point as in narrowing down to field tests of evidence and it “tipping” to an absolute suspect, and probable location of Holly.

    Good! The sooner the better.

  12. chefjagcc says:

    I have heard two different wordings regarding the brother and bf. 1). No one, including the brother and bf have been cleared. 2) the brother and bf were not considered suspects but that has changed. To me those sentences mean 2 totally different things. The second seems much more telling and ominous. It to me means that one or both of them are most definate suspects.


  13. Ode says:

    I have to wonder about the wording of ATV or a car by LE. This seems to exclude truck. I saw the presser and they say ATV and car. In this case I would think ATV or truck would apply? Also is the location of the find of the lunch box in the same direction you would go to Natchez Park? I saw a brief map on HLN of the place where the lunch box was found and it was in a different direction from Holyy’s home and Darden.

  14. Ode says:

    I’m sorry above post should say Holly’s home.

  15. baadbobby says:

    I can’t fathom a brother doing this to his sister. I just don’t see it. I also don’t see a current b/f doing it. I see a former b/f or an unrequited love doing this. FB rumor of a few minutes ago has her found, let’s hope and pray she’s safe!

    I am aware of the rumors, and they are just that right now. In the rumor mill, it was not a positive outcome.
    To your point, as I profiled, this is indeed a rejection scenario.

  16. baadbobby says:

    Internet RUMOR at this point, has her found in a cabin in Natchez Trace.

    UNconfirmed and yes. There are only 5 camping cabins on that lake.

    I am going to caution everyone, rumors are rumors.

  17. Liam says:

    This is very tragic and I fear the worst for this poor young woman. It`s hard to imagine the brothers attention wasn`t drawn towards the obvious scuffle in the driveway, did she scream or not? Impossible to imagine her brother having any hand in this and surely if the b/f was at work this would`ve been verified by now? Cell phone records will be key to this i feel. Hope she is found soon, safe.

  18. nashvillian says:


    Blink, if the Governor of the State of TN is going to “up the ante” does that possibly mean they suspect she is alive and it is some sort of decoy? I don’t know any other way to ask it without being too blunt.

    I do not think that presumption can be drawn, no.

    I think everyone understands the priority of the situation and has responded accordingly.

  19. Ode says:

    Blink, I have such a bad feeling about rumors that Holly has been found. Also rumors of ex not being seen from work after 4-13…all unconfirmed and discussed at SM. I saw this story today. LInk to follow. Tazwell is 320 miles on US 40 from Parsons. That is about a tank of gas. Man found murdered in carport Saturday. May have been dead 2 to 3 days. Could suspect be on the move. ??Beginning of a crime spree, I pray not.

    The body of Kenny Robertson was found about 1 p.m. Saturday in his home at 376 Carter Lane, which is about three minutes out of Tazewell, according to Claiborne County Sheriff David Ray.

  20. Ragdoll says:

    How ridiculous would it be to consider a jealous friend or acquaintance? The murder of Laurie Show comes to mind.


    Watching Holly’s mother talk about her daughter choked me up, almost unbearably. Her world is an unfamiliar place to her right now. No parent should ever experience this horror. Again, my deepest prayers to Holly and her family <3 <3 <3.

  21. starshadow says:

    Hate to even ask this, but since she’s got the right “look” for it… is there any chance she’s been working webcam and someone she knew took issue with it? Or got stalker-ish from it?

    Is there a bird’s eye view of the home released anywhere?

    Can anyone share a link to the “interview with a cousin” Eloise mentioned?

    I could not find that link either, but it was during Shep Smith show yesterday at 3PM, it did not re-run at 7.

    There is no evidence whatsoever of anything like that in Holly’s world.

  22. Sammy says:

    Found this google map online that shows the conditions/terrain that surround Holly’s home.
    I’ve read elsewhere that the Bobo home is on 10 acres of land – surrounded by hilly wooded land.
    This property is out in the middle of nowhere … few roads, very rural, and any neighbors are quite a distance from the Bobo home.


  23. Susan Sprague says:

    If she had a scuffle with someone in the driveway, enough to cause blood noticable to the brother,,why or how would she still be holding on to her luch bag ..?? That makes no sense, it would have been dropped..

  24. GraceintheHills says:

    “However, the focus of law enforcement developing a suspect is outside immediate friends and family.

    “Both Clint and Drew have been helpful and cooperative throughout the investigation. Clint, is being treated as an eye witness at this time,” she said.


  25. Judi says:

    Praying that they find Holly alive today…..

  26. Boz says:

    I hate to even write this but are searchers these days reminded to look for old hollowed-out trees?

    I am very sad for this family. I hope they find this beautiful young lady alive and OK.

  27. baadbobby says:

    “If she had a scuffle with someone in the driveway, enough to cause blood noticable to the brother,,why or how would she still be holding on to her luch bag ..?? That makes no sense, it would have been dropped”

    It may not have been Holly’s blood; could’ve been the perp’s, this is actually the way I’m leaning. Also, it may actually not have been enough blood loss to impair the bleeder. A little bit of fresh blood is easily noticed.

    I believe there is both of their DNA in that sample, fwiw.

  28. gigi says:

    Wow, Blink, both DNA’s in sample…interesting..do you think this was intentional on the part of the perp….or just how the initial ambush played out?

    Scary how the LE keeps mentioning a cleaned up vehicle or a recently sold vehicle. Also, how they keep saying they believe the perp is acting on nervous desperation at this point.

    They certainly must know more a lot more than they are saying. I just feel so for the family. This has got to be the worst thing a parent ever has to go through.

    I tried to find the link mentioned to the Shepard Smith interview with Whitney Duncan, but it must have not been posted in light of things that were shared.

    Question…when a reward is offered and it spurs someone into being forthcoming…do these rewards usually get paid or do the persons in charge make it hard to collect? Just curious. It does seem that someone that knew anything definite could be more eager to share with a reward being offered.

    Still praying for Holly and the family.

  29. cbickel says:

    So if there is both of their DNA in the sample then that means there was more than a scuffle to me. That sounds like a fight no matter how you slice it up. Physical fights are usually noisey, how very odd.

  30. Vern says:

    Regarding Holly’s “lunchbag” being found. I’ve linked to a more “descriptive” comment made about the lunchbag by Mehr a couple of days ago when it was found …

    Quote from Mehr
    “Investigators said they had found new pieces of evidence, including what Mehr called Bobo’s “lunch purse,” but would not specify where it was found.”

    So, I’m thinking that Holly carries around a larger bag with long strap that doubles as a purse and lunchbag. If she carries it like my daughter does hers, then it (the strap) is draped over the head so that the strap is on one shoulder and the purse hanging on the opposite side. That would explain why she didn’t drop it if/when injured … but later while in the woods (perhaps she removed and dropped it in the woods on purpose to leave a trail??).

    I also immediately thought that the perp had transport avail in the woods. Perhaps he came in earlier on an ATV, watched the house, snatched her, led her into woods to the parked ATV … then beat it out of there … that would also explain how he managed to make it outside of area within such a short time (an hour till 911 was called) with the rough terrain etc.

  31. Barbara says:

    If both of their DNA is in the sample, then it would seem likely LE would be able to eliminate suspects. And also narrow it down if they have a special someone in mind.

  32. Eloise says:


    The interview wasn’t the country singer. It was an older woman w/ brown hair, full figured. She id’d herself as a cousin. I cant recall her name.When the 7pm show came on, they showed a very small excerpt not at all like the 3pm hour show. Sorry I don’t have a link, I did go back and look and watched at 7pm. Let’s hope they get to her or HIM today!

  33. Vern says:

    I’m also thinking too that if there is evidence of the perp coming in through the woods, walking up to the carport to ambush her, leading her into the wooods (& the parked ATV) abducting her, then beating a hastey retreat on the ATV through the woods … that also explains where the LE are leaing to a “stalker” scenario.

    If so, explains why the brother wouldn’t “question and deter” any man coming onto the property – if it was not known she was being stalked – especially given that he at first believed it to be her BF.

  34. Redrock says:

    This general rural area and I mean including Camden and Murray, has a long history of criminal weirdness.

    O there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be one of the creepiest.

  35. baadbobby says:

    It’s one thing to be able to identify two different codes, it’s a whole other ballgame to separate them and identify an unknown sample, but yes, eventually they should have some solid evidence.

    Thank you B for the sample tidbit.

    Correct, because you get get a true quantified until you extract the other, and if necessary, amplify.

  36. Teresa says:

    “The Creepiest” that gives me chills. God bless this poor child and her family.

  37. rollermonkey says:

    O there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be one of the creepiest.

    Family… would be creepy.

    Was DS the current BF (e.g.) that morning?

    Would an argument (even minor) have been normal for family to have heard between Holly and DS?

    Has the order of phone calls placed been traced/tracked… e.g. do you know the timeline and order?

    Did she have a restraining order (past or present) against anyone?

    If CB is 25, why no car?

  38. rollermonkey says:

    Do you think a more than one ghost is watching?

    Not sure I am following

  39. Redrock says:


    “BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Kentucky State police investigator has testified that a woman who is charged with murder and kidnapping used a stun gun to subdue an expectant mother before attacking and killing her with a drywall knife.

    Det. Chad Winn testified Tuesday in Warren County District Court that Kathy Michelle Coy told 21-year old Jamie Stice they were going shopping for baby supplies.

    Winn testified that after attacking Stice with the stun gun, the 33-year-old Coy slit Stice’s throat and wrists, then cut the baby out of her abdomen.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/04/19/police-baby-cut-pregnant-kentucky-woman/#ixzz1K0LC8r00

  40. Liam says:

    Would it be correct to say there was blood found but no blood trail? I`ve not heard any mention of a blood trail, could suggest a minor injury or possibly she entered a vehicle nearby? Obviously the latter would contradict the brothers statement.

  41. cbickel says:

    regarding DNA…it takes more time that what’s occurred to have a DNA analysis report back.


    This article is not current as in 2011 but I would say it’s probably close in regards to TAT (turn around time) for DNA testing.

    Now I’m wondering why Blink made the statement that she thinks DNA would have “both”…is that an educated guess or did someone, a source, give her information that she can’t share with us?
    “I believe there is both of their DNA in that sample, fwiw.

  42. gigi says:

    #33 Eloise

    Thanks for the clarification. I just assumed it was her cousin Whitney.

  43. jeff says:

    my question is simple why would an abuducter have her take her cell phone purse and books with her wouldnt this person tell her to leave it. this is why i think the police think its someone she knows she wouldn;’t feel threated the car they could have found or not found could have been an abandoned one and been there a while plus the evidence couldl have been planted this guy probley got replic cell phone and lunch box and planted it to lead tbi other way then went opposite perp has to get rid of homework and books u cant fake them they have a suspect i bet probley not enough evidence to get him yet

  44. Angel Raye says:

    Im not sure about anyone else but in my heart I believe this: In the picture above of Holly’s and her “brother” Clint he is pretty much dressed in “FULL CAMO” considering he could of put his hood on his hooding this could of very easily of been the man dressed in “FULL CAMO#. I feel in my heart that if the police will check to see #1. If Clint still has the “FULL CAMO” outfit that he is wearing in the picture, if so check for blood, blonde hair any signs of Holly or her struggles,or #2. If he just so happen to “git rid of or no longer have his ‘”FULL CAMO” outfit, then there would be the possible suspect and key to pray fully find Holly,and either bring peace to her parents or at least closure, and justice to the person or persons involved.I’m not a religious person but I feel God brought this too my heart and “most” times..the heart dont lie. I even feel peace writing this, where before just turning this over and over in my head I felt nauseous and unsettled. Please I beg of whoever is searching please checking into this. Holding onto hope.


    That pic is Drew Scott. Half the male and many of the female population in this area are avid outdoorsman and hunters.

    There is a lot of camo in the wardrobes there for everyday. Not an indicator of a perp on it’s own.

  45. ISpy says:

    Trying to think of a scenario that would involve a brother and a boyfriend (or even an ex). I am not saying Holly’s brother or her boyfriend were involved. Given the fact that they have not been definitively cleared though, logic dictates considering them. There are two things I can come up with that would involve both guys: they were involved in growing/dealing drugs and Holly was going to tell/inadvertently saw or found out about what they were doing OR they were involved in a sexual assault/sex crime and Holly found out and was going to report them. Just my opinion on scenarios. I’m not casting stones here and don’t want to start any rumors.

  46. zeus says:

    Won’t post—-add http in front of link to see news video!

    @ ISpy says:
    April 20, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    I have thought about that angle too, but a little differently.

    What if Holly’s brother knew in advance that a past friend or ex boyfriend of Holly’s was coming over that morning to see Holly. Maybe the person had asked him if he could stop and talk to Holly and Clint said sure-go ahead-I’ll give you guys some privacy.

    So that wouldn’t make Clint guilty of anything but trusting the wrong person and believing that this was going to be an innocent conversation to attempt to get Holly to agree to go out with that person again, or maybe just resolve some disagreement they had.

    That would keep Clint from truly paying attention to whatever was going on outside the house, and it would give the bad guy time to grab Holly and take her into the woods.

    Clint may or may not have actually seen anything-and he may not have heard the screams(as did a neighbor). He may have seen the camo guy with Holly and then headed to the bathroom to jump in the shower.

    He may have not gotten worried until he left the house, saw Holly’s car was still there, and saw the blood-which necessitated the checkup calls to several people, including his mom-then to 911.

    I believe from what I have read that Clint did some calling around to try to find Holly before he finally called 911.

    He would have been hoping against hope that nothing bad had happened-and that he wasn’t inadvertently responsible for his sister being hurt.

    Clint would still be looked at by LE as cooperating with the bad guy-even by simply agreeing to give him and Holly a little space to talk. LE would be checking out if Clint knew, in any way, shape or form-just how bad this bad guy could get.

    If this happened the way I just proposed, then Clint would feel agonized by what he “allowed” to happen-even if there was no way he could have foreseen the end results.

    In this case-LE would know for sure who they were looking for-but would have to tread lightly in what info was given out, to try to keep Holly alive until they could find her and her abductor.

    JAT—-Just another theory….


    Interesting interview with Sheriff Wyatt on April 13, the day Holly was taken. Mentions neighbor hearing Holly’s screams-as in plural. Thanks to Cranky Crankerson again!

    Made me think that Clint may have been in the shower or had the music cranked up as he got ready for his day. When I get ready to go out, I always have the music up loud-I would not hear anything in a situation like this one.

    Also mentions that Holly always left the house between 7am and 7:30 am to head for school.


  47. Lea Conner says:

    sunshine says: April 17, 2011 at 10:07 am

    “i think that whoever abducted holly had a weapon, which is why she went into the woods with him. i think he told her that if she didn’t come with him he would kill her right there in her driveway. this is the only thing that makes any sense. if this is what happened, it underscores a very important point that blink has made many times on this site, never let a perpetrator take you from the point of the abduction to another location no matter what.”


    The corollary to this is don’t ever let a perpetrator get you into a vehicle.

    From the sounds of it, the area was so rural and Holly Bobo so small in stature, she did not have a chance to successfully fight off her abductor.

    Teenagers who are her age do not necessarily have the life experience to act when confronted by danger. She may not have started fighting soon enough to make any difference.

    From the description of the alleged evidence, Ms. Bobo fought off her abductor. I hope this is not her only “testimony” of what happened that day.

    Lea makes a strong point I hope everyone “takes away”.

    Under no set of circumstances does one “leave the scene” when confronted with abduction, etc.

    I know people say that they know that, but one must work on adopting this creedo so in the event they are ever faced with such a safety breach, they can mitigate the adrenaline. This situation is particularly painful because Lea is right, we are dealing with young people, and I can guarantee you at some point “satellites” Holly or other’s were receiving about this suspect were ignored or not taken seriously.


  48. gigi says:

    “Absolutely…Polygraph anybody that was the last person to see the missing person…polygraph anybody that loves them or has any information about them. You have to eliminate the family. The boyfriends, the lovers, the cousins, the uncles, everybody. That is normal procedure, and if someone refuses a polygraph, then they don’t really care or love that person.”

    John Walsh

    Continue reading on Examiner.com: Holly Bobo: John Walsh says, brother should take polygraph – National missing persons | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/missing-persons-in-national/holly-bobo-john-walsh-says-brother-should-take-polygraph#ixzz1KTqGCf15

  49. gigi says:

    RT @willnunley: Source: a ‘significant’ item was recovered by volunteers within the past 12 hours. #hollybobo
    16 minutes ago

    Let’ get going and find Holly!

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